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Full text of "Husted's Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley directory"

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Digitized  by  the  Internet  Archive 

in  2010  with  funding  from 

San  Francisco  Public  Library 

3  1223  08679  4592 




F.  G.  RUSS, 



Sec'y  and  Treaf 


Clarsmont  Dlstrlol 

NOT    FAIL    TO    CONSULT    VS. 

3030  Claremont  Ave.,  cor.  of  Prince  St., 
Opposite    North    Gate,    Claremont    Park. 

Phone  Berkeley  5725. 





Civil    and  Consulting    Engineer 

729  First  National  Bank  Bldg. 

Particular  Attention  Given  to  Surveys  and  S 
Special  Landscape  Surveyor. 

Irrigation  Projects. 

R.  B.  BAIRD 


Real  Estate-Insurance 

Rents  Collected 

2136  Center  Street 

Phone  Berkeley  1547 




N.  E.  Corner  Twelfth  and  Broadway 


COMMERCIAL—  „.    ,.       ,       „ 

Has  exceptional  facilities  for  handling  the  accounts  of  individuals,   firms 
and   corporations. 

Interest  bearing  accounts  opened  in  amounts  of  $1.00  and  upwards. 

Safe  Deposit  Boxes  suitable  for  the  safe  keeping  of  valuable  papers  and 
jewelry  rent  for  $4.00  per  year. 

Resources $19,000,000.00 

W    W.    GARTHWAITB,    President. 

W    B.  DUNNING  and  HENRY   ROGERS.  Vice-Presidents. 

J.   Y.   ECOLESTON,   Cashier  and   Secretary. 







Oakland,  California 

Combined  Capital  and  Surplus $   1,750.000.00 

Resources,  over 10.000,000.00 

Accounts   of  Banks.   Firms  and   Individuals  solicited. 
Interest   paid    on   Savings   accounts. 
The  largest   and   finest  Safe   Deposit  Vaults  in   Oakland. 
Poxes  $4.00  per  year  and  up.  14th'  and   Broadway 

Farmers  and  Merchants  Savings  Bank 


4t  A    conservative    savings    bank,     for     prudent 

people.     A  savings  business  only.     Loans  made 
on   real   estate.      Interest   on   all  deposits. 

.....     -I  •     tm  OFFICERS  DIRECTORS 

Edson  F.   Adams  K()son    F    A,,.,,us 

on    tuv/k-II  S-   B.  McKee. 

a     *k     rt    i'     *.  *              ft-    i>.    McKee,                                           L.     ..        .... 

|T    ffi    3S    Si     H:    J,     ^  Vice-President.  Geo.  S    Meredith. 

m    *                   I     —  Geo.    S.    Meredith,  A-   L-   Stone 

I    »    ii     §  Cashier.  A.  W.  Schafer 

'  lli,    J      P  F.   C.   Martens,  Chas.   D.   Bates,   Jr. 

•*^»'„  Asst.   Cashier.  Frank  C.   Martens. 

New  home  of  the  Bank  at  the  Southeast  Corner 
of  13th  and  Franklin  Streets,  Oakland. 




No.  2248. 


Capital,  $500,000.00  Surplus  and  Undivided  Profits,  $170,000  00 

Equipped  with  Every  Modern  Facility,  we  are  in  a  position  to  satisfac- 
torily handle  the  accounts  of  Individuals,  Firms  and  Corporations,  and  invite 
their  business. 

First  Trust  and  Savings   Bank 


(Affiliated   with   The    First   National    Bank    of   Oakland  i 

Fully  equipped  for  handling  savings  accounts  in  any  aim  unit 
from  One  Dollar  upward.  Highest  rate  of  interest  paid  consistent 
with  safe  banking. 

Home  Banks  loaned   free  if  desired. 



The  First  National  Bank  of  Emeryville 

Emeryville,  Calif. 

No.   0410 

General  Banking  Business  Transacted    I  F.  M.   Smith President 

j  E.   F.    Edwards Vice-President 

Four  Per  Cent  Paid  mi  Term  Savings    c.  L.  Earham Cashier 

Deposits.  DIRECTOliS 

„  .     ^      ,  F.  M.  Smith  Dennis  Searles 

Foreign  aii'.l  Domestic  Exchange.  :p    F    Edwards  F    j    stoer 

Collections  Promptly  Made; J.  F.   Perk 

g>?mrtty  lank  Sc  ®ruat  (Ed. 



H    C    OAPYVELL.  Prest.  A.  D.  WILSON.  Vice-Prest. 

('HAS.   A.   SMITH.   Cashier.  C.   F.    RILL1ET.   As<t.   Cashier. 

A  Genera]  Banking  Business  Transacted. 
We    Issue   Drafts   on   All    Parts   of   the    World. 

Four  Per  Cent  Interest  Paid  on  Term  Savings  Deposits 





CAPITAL    $200.00(1. Ofl 

PAID    IP 107.500.00 

SURPLUS    32,500.00 

General  Banking  Business  Transacted. 
Four  Per  Cent   Paid  on  Term  Deposits. 


F.   M.    Smith.    President. 

Dennis   Searles,    Vice-President. 

n     F     Edwards,    Vice-Presidenl    and 

V.   A.   Shoekley,    Cashier. 
YV".    E.    Squires,    Asst.    Cashiei 

F     M.    Smith.  N't    M.    I  Jrosslej 

I  iVnnis  Searles.  R-.Ii>  ml    1.   Oliver. 

Bernard  P.  Miller.       Geo.   P.   M     Gray. 

B.    F. 


of   OAKLAND.    CAL. 

Capital    fully   paid 


Win     G.   Henshaw,    Pres. 
Victor  H.  Metcalf        Chas.  T.  Roclolph     v 
Vice  Pres.  Vice   Pres. 

A.    E.   II    Cramer 
i  ';i  shier 
L.  E.  Boardman  C.   F.   Gorman 

Asst.  Cashier.  Asst.  Cashier. 

General   Banking   Business  Transacted.  I  4   per 

Henshaw  H.    W.    Meek 

Victor  H.  Metcalf  W.    A.    Bissell 

i 'has,  T.    Rodolph  H     .1     Knowles 

p.   C.   Black 

■nt   paid   on   Sa\  ings   l  '•  i" 


HARBOR  BARK  "CoT.Vi°„'.'i and 

CAPITA] $100,000.00 

Every  facility  Courteous  treatment 


H.  C.  Spaulding,  Pres.!  A.  Kendall,  Vice  Pres.;   A.  A.  Busey,  Vice  Pres.;   C.  C. 

Spanieling.  Cashier;   P.  G.  Jacobs,  Jr.,  Asst.  Cashier 


H.   C.   Si  aulding,   A.   Kendall,   A.  A.   Busey,   Emil  Lehnhardt.  A.   G.   Taft.   C.   A. 

Young.  T.  P.  Frost.  A.  J.  Patterson,  F.  E.  Horton,  Ceo.  Samuels.  C.  W.  Haines. 

Your   business  solicited.  Fifth  and  Broadway. 


Gore  Montgomery   Street   ami   Montgomery   Avenue,   San   Francisco,   t'al. 

OFFICERS-J.  F.  FUGAZI,  President  GEO.  M.  PERINE,  Vice-Pres.  F.  N.  BELGRANO.  V.  P.  &  Cashier 

OAKLAND  BRANCH  OFF1CES-878  Broadway,  corner  Eighth  Street,  Oakland,  Cal. 
G.  GH1GLIERI.  Local  Manager  ANT.  FRIANT.  Local  Cashier  Attorney  P.  MORBIO,    Legal  Adviser 


JUSE    30TH.     1907 i $843,266.38 

DECEMBER    31  ST.    1907 SJ995.606.37 

JUNE   30TH.   1908 -_ S1.0  54.409.5O 

DECEMBER  3 1ST.  1908 $1,237,902.89 

JUNE    30TH    1909 $1,522,054.61 

MARCH   1ST.   1910 $1,902,074.90 


W.   B.  THOMAS President 

AL,    t'ANDBH   NAILLEN,   JR Cashier 

49th  and  Telegraph  Avenue 

Savings  and  Commercial 
Safely    Deposit    Boxes    for    Kent 

Batik  of  Germany.  Oakland 

Capital,    paid    up    $108,0: 

surplus  and  Undivided   Profits   7H.2: 

4  per  cent  paid  on  Time  Deposits 

Foreign  and  Domestic  Letters  of  Credit   issued 

Even1  facilitj    for  handling'  the  •licking  accounts  of 
Corporations,   Firms  and   Individuals 
i  tfficers: 
THEO.  GIER,   Pres.  R.  I.  CRIST,  Cas 

ALBERT  KAYSER,   Vice-Pres.  GEO.  E.   De  GOLI4    s 




16th  and  WOOD  STS.,  OAKLAND 

Doors,  Windows  and  Blinds,  Frames,  Mouldings  and 

Finish,  Window  Glass,  Art  and 

Leaded  Glass 



Cashier   and   Manager  l» \\  "      :. '".,.*){ 

236    Moss    Avenue  i"none   -viernn    — ao. 

Phone    Piedmont    S51 


Concrete   and   all   kinds  of  Cement    Work 

Cement   and   Stone    Ornamental    and    Fancy   Work.    Stone     Setting,     Main 
and  Side  Sewer  Work,  Brick  Chimneys  and  Mantels.     Repairs  Made  Promptly. 
All  Work   Guaranteed.      Estimates  Furnished   Free. 
Phone  Piedmont   851 

236  Moss  Avenue  Oakland,  Cat. 






460  THIRTEENTH   ST.  ROOM   28 


PHONES:  OAKLAND  79;  HOME  A-1079. 


Manufacturers  of  Sewer  Pipe 

Pressed  Brick,  Fire  Brick,  Fire  Clay 
Grogr,  Drain  Tile,  Terra    Cotta,    Chim- 
ney Pipe,  Flue  Lining. 

Yard  and  Sales  Office :     Tesla  Coal  Co.  Yards,  Adams  Wharf. 

Estimates  Furnished  and  Plans  Drawn  PHOXE  OAKLAND  3692 

for   all    kinds   of    Buildings 


Qeneral  Contractor  and  guilder 

Office  and  Storerooms,  57  Twelfth  St. 

Residence,   461   E.   28th  St.,   Cor.   9th. 

Ave.    East    Oakland.  OAKLAND,    L.AL. 

Phone   Merritt    2423.  „^^^^_„ 

WARD  &£'3ELr&rfl  MSf-    herbVt  DM<S^^e4. 

Phone  Berkeley  1959. 

Esterly  Construction  Co. 

Cement  Contractors 

Cement  Sidewalks,  Concrete  Foundations,  Walls,  Curbs,  Etc. 

2136  CENTER. 

Phone  Berkeley  57  BERKELEY,  CALIFORNIA 


2801  California  Street,  Berkeley  1725  Carlton  Street,  Berkeley 


Contractors  and  Builders 

Accurate  and  Artistic  Plans  Furnished  Estimates  Given 

Telephone  Berkeley  2351. 


Office  with  BROCK  CO.,  2121  Shattuck  Ave..  Phone  Berkeley  1404 


550  18th  Street,  near  San  Pablo  Ave., 
Phone  Oak.   3(56.   Home  A-4366 

General  Contractor 

CONCRETE      WORK      OF      EVERY 

No  Job  Too  Small 

No   Contract   Too  Large 

Residence      31190      King      St.,      Phone 

Berkeley  5616 

P.  O.  Box   12,  Berkeley,  Cal. 


SHOP:      3909  TELEGRAPH   AVE. 


Contractor.  Builder  and  Designer 


Phone  Piedmont  2509,  Home  A-2745 

583  59th  STREET 


Otyr  Srthtme 

as  a  medium  to  reach  the  pub- 
lic is  the  healthy  appearance  of 
its  advertising  columns     *      V 


Contractor   and  Builder 

Residence,  1409  MILVIA  ST.  NORTH  BERKELEY,  CAL. 

W.  J.  WIGMORE,  Manager.  Telephone  Oakland  3710. 




Installations,  Repairs,  Inspections.     Night    Phone  Oakland  5591. 

Crescent  Cellar  Hoists.       S.  E.  Cor.  8th  and  Webster  Sts.,  Oakland. 




HOME  PHONE  B  1140 

Thomas  Jennings  ^A^T*"" 

Converse  J.  Smith         George  W.  Emmons         P.  Mohrdieck 

Gas  Engine  Company 

Manufacturers  of  tlie  "Standard" 

Gas,  Gasoline  and  Oil  Engines 


.     .     ,   .     „,,„.  .„  »h.  ..„,  private  Railroad  anil  Wharf  on  Deep  Water, 

largest  Exclosive  Gas  Engine  Plant  on  the  Coast. 


23rd  Ave.  Station  OAKLAND,  CAL. 


10   California   Street.  SAN  FRANCISCO^CAL. 











1304  BROADWAY,  Next  to  Post  Office 



WM.  HARFST,   Prop. 

Oakland  4237 
Phones      \     Private  Exc. 
Home  A  2177 

Hotel  Avalom 

European  Plan  All  Modern  Conveniences  Terms  Reasonable 

Excellent  Dining  Room  in  Connection 



Phone  Oakland  2537 

Home  Phone  A  2537 



Holding  Brick  Buildings  a  Specialty 
All   Work  Guaranteed  Rates  Reasonable 

1747  Adeline  Street  Oakland,  California 



Alarm  Clocks— 75c 

AT ~ 

M.  J.  Schoenfeld  &  Co. 

38  San  Pablo  Ave.  Phone  °kld  2381 

C We   Buy   Old   Gold   and   Diamonds J 


Phone  Oakland  3572 

Home  A-3572 

J.  W.   REALY 


Contractor  of 



Agent   for   Heath  &   Milligan   Paints.    Stains.   Etc. 

982  SEVENTH  ST.,  Cor.  Filbert        OAKLAND,    CALIFORNIA 


Polk-Husted  Dlp#@t@ipf  Co. 





Oakland  3684  Oakland  7463 

Robt.  Duncan,  Jr. 

Plumbing  and  Gas  Fitting 

1006  Seventh  Street,  Corner  Filbert. 
Residence,  1020  Magnolia  Street. 

Chas.  Hart,  Pres.     C.  W.  Keith,  Vice-Pres.     P.  L.  Sternberg,  Sec. 

The  Hart  Heater  Company,  inc. 

Manufacturers  of 

The  Hart  Combination  Hot  Water  Boiler 


The  Queen  Independent  Gas  Water  Heater 

*A11  Coils  Three-Ouarter-Inch  No.  17  Gauge  Copper. 

FACTORY :     525  Seventh  St.,  between  Washington  and  Clay  Sts. 

Phone  Oakland  2165. 
OFFICE :   406  Thirteenth  St.    Phones,  Oakland  7921 ;  Home  A-5766 
A.  W.  KENNEDY,  General  Manager. 

Phone  Merritt  913  Patronage  Solicited 



Patent  Chimney  Builder. 
Corner  E.  Fourteenth  St.  and  Oakland  Ave.,  Elmhurst,  Cal. 


Carruth  &  Carruth  Co. 

See  advertisement  opposite 
page  238. 

Peerless  Printing  Co. 

See  advertisement  opposite 
page   692. 

Chicago  Rubber 
Stamp  Co. 

See  advertisement  opposite 
page     147  S. 

Rigney  Printing  Co. 

Johnson  Printing  Co. 

See   advertisement 
page   1463. 

Smith  Bros. 

See  right   bottom   lines. 

See  right  top  lines. 

Jordan  Printing  Co. 

3ee  advertisement  opposite 
page  496. 

Tribune  PublishingCo . 

See  bottom  lines. 


Oakland    Bank  of 


Claremont    Hotel. 

Bacon     Bloci 

Union     Savings     Bank. 

Employing   25 
Competent     Assistants 


New    Bankers'  Hotel. 
Lavmance  Offiee 



ink  Deposits.  Fifty  Million 
Factory  Products.  Seventy  Million 
Farm   Products,    Sixteen    Million 

filiation  of  Oakland,  300,000 
Greater  Oakland.  400,000 
Building  Permits.  Twelve  Million 
Xinll;  Building  Community  in  V.  S. 

\   Railroad  Terminals 

ITv.\  Miles  of  Electric  Roads 

■J'_'.->   Miles  of  Macadamized  Streets 

0  Miles  of  Water  Front 

Where   Rail   and   Water   Meet 

>,.kland  Information  Cheerfully  Given        ^   ^  ^ 

Orpheum    Theatre. 
Taft  -  Pennoyer       Em- 
^irst     National     Bank. 

Established     25    Years. 

tRE/\L  ESTATE  COMPANY   ..&%,$£»■ 


1214  and  1216  BR    ADWAY 

Adjoining  Ye  Liberty  Theater 




Wholesale  or  Retail  Producers  of 

U.  S.  Gold-through 

Profitable  Realty  Investments 

One  of  the  Largest  Ground  Floor  Offices  in  Greater  Oakland 


Appraisals  Loans 

Absent  Owners  Agency  Homes 

Insurance  Country  Lands 

Investments  Rentals 

Subdivisions  Exchanges 



-„,   r-         -r-.   i  ,       a  Phones:     Oakland  550  (Private  Kxchange) 

506  San  Pablo  Avenue  Home  A3553 

Next  to  the   Bank  of  Commerce,  at  17th  and  Clay  Sts. 
J.  H.  STOREY  GEO    A    HAM' 



Choice  Locations  in  Residence  and  Building  Sites 
Representing  Two  of  the  Strongest  Insurance  Companies 


Phone  Merritt  21!> 

5004  E.  14TH   STREET   (Melrose   District) 




^  We  make  a  specialty  of  Designing  your 
home  and  Building  it  just  as  you  want  it 

See  us  and  save  money 


The  Original  Designers  and  Builders 
of  {I$tingaloWs   and  Artistic  Homes 

Real  Estate  Suite  211 

Insurance  Oakland  Bank  of  Savings  Building 

Investments  OAKLAND,  CAL. 

H.  E.  ALDEN  Residence 

Member  Chamber  of  Commerce  HOTEL  CRELLIN 


Real  Estate  and  Mining  Office 


AVith  entrances  1003  K>  Broadway  and  462   10th  St. 

Second  Floor,  Rooms  26  and  27 

Phones :  Okld  5247 ;  Home  A4509        Res.  Phones,  see  Hotel  Crellin 

Telephone  Merritt  10  Branch  Office  Merritt  3481  Residence  Merritt  636 


Established   1SS5 


Exclusive  Agent  of  tho  Boulevard   Park  Tract,   Fruitvale 

East  Oakland  and  Fruitvale  Property  a  Specialty 

Resident  Agent  Liverpool  and  London        and  Globe  Fire  Insurance  Co. 

Resident  Agent  for  the  Continental  Fire  Insurance  Co. 

and  the  London  Assurance  Co. 

1101  23rd  Ave.,  Near  Station  EAST  OAKLAND,  CAL. 



City  and  Country  Fire  and  Life 

Real  Estate  Insurance 


Lots  and  Jlcreage  'Property  for  Sale  and  Exchanged 

Loans  Negotiated  Security  Bonds  Furnished 

P.  O.  BOX  106,  ELMHURST,  CAL. 
O.  F.  PAJ,MER,  Manager  Phone*;:    Sunset,  Oklcl  5038;  Home,  A  4634 

and  LOAN  CO. 

Real  Estate,  Loans  Negotiated,  Rents  Collected,  Contracting 

for    Carpentering,    Plastering,    Brick   and 

Cement  Work  and  Expressing 

8 1  9  i  Chester  Street  Oakland,  Cal. 

Geo.  H.  Murdock  &  Son 




Union  Assurance  Society,  Aetna  Life  Insurance  Company, 
Connecticut  Mutual  Life  Insurance  Co. 

B.  L.  SPENCE  Real  Estate 

I  Am  Prepared  to  Buy,  Sell  or  Exchange 
Real  Properties,  Negotiate  LOANS  for 
Borrower  or  Lender,  Place  INSURANCE 
and  Draw  Papers  for  the  Transfer  of 
Properties.  NOTARY.  I  Always  Have 
Some    New    Homes    on    Easy-to-Pay    Plan 

Oakland  5398    =  272  Bacon  Bldg. 



C|  /  make,  a  specialty  of  close-in 
real  estate,  both  vacant  and  im- 
proved, bargains  in  income  and 
investment  property,  and  exchange 
properties  in  or  near  Oakland, 
any  kind.  Reference  any  bank 
or    business    firm    in     Oakland. 


422  Eleventh  Street,  Oakland 

fust  East  of  Broadway 


Real  Estate,  Insurance 
and  Notary 

620    First   National  Bank   Building 

Telephone  Oakland  440 


PHONES:    OAKLAND   1900,  HOME  A  190G 


When  laid  according  to  the  Watson  Specification 
will  give  you  a  good,  honest  durable  roof  at  a 
reasonable  price— and  worth  twice  every  dollar 
you  pay  for  it.  Never  buckles  or  cracks.  Good 
for  fifteen  years  without  leaks  or  repairs. 





The  Western  Elaterite  Roofing  Co. 


Elaterite  Roofing,  Elaterite  Drill  Tap  Decking,  Elaterite 
Railroad  Car  Roofing,  "Werco"  Liquid  Cement  Roof 
Coating,  "Werco"  Waterproofing  and  Elaterite  Paints. 
General  Offices  and  Factory,  Denver,  Colo. 

A.  J.  LUPTON  &  Pacific  Coast  Manager 

Phones:    Oklcl  2318,  Home  A  2518       Central  Court.  Bacon  Bids'.,  Oakland,  Cal 




*^C*>~  \A-\*  Street.  W //?/-& »a 

5  QJ      ■  ^ctf/c/j/n  oil.  E  JYP2-2&& 

SA// 04610  jfys. 



Suits  Made  to  Order. 

Jefferson  Tailoring  OsH 

Ladies'  and  Gents'  Pressing,  Cleaning,  Dyeing  and  Repairing. 


Goods  Called  for  and  Delivered  to  any  part  of  the  City. 

1107  Jefferson  Street,  Between  12th  and  13th  Streets. 

Phone  Home  A  2313.  Oakland,  Cal. 


Phone  Oakland  1083 

Pumps,     Windmills     and     Tank     Towers, 
Tanks,  Gasoline  Engines,  Repairs. 


™<  "Take  the  Elevator  and  Save  $10"  M-k 

Ready  to  Wear 






What  the  Street  Clothier 
asks   $2500    for,   we  sell   at 



Agents  Alfred  Benjamin  Clothes 


Second  Floor 

Phone  Oakland  2895 

First  National  Bank  Building 

Phone  Home  A  3455 

Twenty -Third  Year 





Comprising   an    Alphabetically    Arranged   List    of    Business   and   Professional 
Men.  Firms.  Corporations  and  Private  Citizens,  with  Completely  Revised 
Street    Guide,   a    Miscellaneous   Directory.    State.    City    and    County 
Officers.  Public  and  Private  Schools.  Churches,  Banks.  Incor- 
porated Institutions,  Secret  and  Benevolent   Societies,  and 
a   Complete  Classified  Business  Directory. 







Publishers  of  the  following  Directories:      Bakersfield  and   Kern  City.   Eureka 

and  Humboldt  County.  Fresno  and  County,  Marysville  and  Yuba  County, 

Xapa,    Oakland.    Alameda    and    Berkeley.    San    Rafael.    San    Jose   and 

Santa   Clara   County,   Santa   Rosa   and   Sonoma    County,    Stockton 

and  San  Joaquin  County,   Vallejo  and   Benicia. 

Copyright  1910  by  Polk-Huited  Directory  Co. 

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OiSLi  — 
R8i73r General  Index 


Abbreviations 123 

Additions,  Removals,  etc.  .  .  .  31-32 

Alphabetical  List  of  Names — 

Oakland    123-   935 

Berkeley   961-11 S2 

Alameda    1195-1313 

Business  Directory,  Oakland, 

Alameda  and  Berkeley.  .  .1315-1504 

Index  to  Advertisers 28-2  9 


Introductory 27 

Miscellaneous  Information — 

Oakland    33-52 

Berkelev    941-   946 

Alameda    1183-11S7 

San  Francisco  Dept 1505-1513 

Street  and  Avenue  Guide — 

Oakland    53-S9 

Berkeley    947-   960 

Alameda    11SS-1194 

Index  to  Miscellaneous  Information 

Asylums   and   Hospitals 36 

Bands  and  Orchestras 36 

Banks  and  Bankers 36-37 

Board  of  Fire  Commissioners.  ...  34 

Board   of  Health 34 

Board  of  Public  "Works 33 

Cemeteries     37 

Churches — 

Adventists     37 

Baptist     3S 

Catholic    39 

Christian     3  8 

Christian    Science 38 

Congregational     38 

Episcopal     38 

Friends     38 

Hebrew    38 

Latter   Day   Saints 38 

Lutheran    3  8 

Methodist     39 

Presbyterian    39 

Spiritualists     39 

Unitarian     3  9 

United   Brethren    39 

United  Presbyterian    39 


Citv   Officers    33-34 

Clubs    40 

Colleges  and  Schools 40-42 

Commercial  Bodies 42 

Common   Council    33 

County    Officers    34-35 

Fire  Department 34 

Grand  Army  of  the  Republic.  ...        42 

Health    Department     34 

Justices'   Courts    3  5 

Libraries    42-43 

Municipal   Court    34 

Newspapers     43 

Parks  and  Squares 43-44 

Police   Department    33 

Postof  f  ice    ' 4  4-4". 

Railroads     4  5 

Schools,    Private    41-42 

Schools.     Public 40-41 

Societies.     Benevolent     and     Reli- 
gious      45-50 

Societies.    Miscellaneous    4.1-4  6 

Streets    and     Avenues 53-89 

Superior   Court    34-35 

Trade  and  Labor  Organizations.  50-5  2 
United    States    Officers 35-36 


If*""  »"M  K  TAKE  pleasure  in  presenting  to  our  patrons  the  twenty- 
IV  -wttt  //third  volume  of  the  Oakland.  Berkeley  and  Alameda 
r\  Vt  ^^Directory  for  the  year  1910.  trusting  that  it  will  meet  the 
\\j  [//approbation  of  a     discriminating  public.     Xo  pains  or  ex- 

C?<G)QjxO  pense  have  been  spared  to  make  the  work  complete. 

ALL  DEPARTMENTS. — The  index  on  page  26  is  a  guide  to  every 
department  of  the  Directory. 

STREET  GUIDE. — A  complete  new  Street  Guide  has  been  pre- 
pared for  this  issue  of  the  Directory,  showing  every  street  in  the  newlv 
annexed  territory,  as  well  as  all  additions,  new  plats,  etc.  This  work 
has  been  compiled  by  thoroughly  competent  authority  and  we  feel 
assured  that  it  will  be  appreciated  by  all  who  find  a  Street  Guide  a 

THE  CLASSIFIED  DEPARTMENT,  pages  1315  to  1504.  contains 
a  list  of  all  individuals,  firms  and  corporations  engaged  in  business  in 
Oakland.  Berkeley  and  Alameda,  arranged  alphabetically  according 
to  the  vocation  in  which  they  are  engaged  and  forms  a  complete 
buyers'  guide,  which  is  consulted  daily  by  thousands  of  people. 

The  cities  represented  in  this  volume  have  shown  a  healthy  growth 
during  the  past  year  and  will  show  a  decided  increase  in  population. 
The  United  States  Census  will  be  taken  this  summer,  and  as  the  figures 
given  in  that  census  will  be  the  authority  for  future  reference  we  do 
not  deem  it  necessary  to  make  an  estimate  of  the  population  at  this 

In  preparing  this  work  care  has  been  taken  to  abbreviate  and  con- 
dense as  much  as  possible  to  make  the  work  less  cumbersome.  We 
desire  criticism  of  our  effort-  and  will  deem  it  a  favor  if  our  attention 
is  called  to  any  errors  or  omissions,  *o  that  it  may  be  rectified  in 
future  editions. 

We  appreciate  the  liberal  patronage  given  this  issue  of  the 
Directory  and  the  assistance  given  in  collecting  the  data. 



Index  to  Advertisements 


Acksang    Co 1418 

Acme  Brewing  Co opp    ]  2  4 

Acropolis    Hospital 

Left  side   lines 

Aerial    Machine    Shop 1429 

Alameda  Rug  Works 

Left   top  lines  and  1194 

Alameda    Steam    Laundry   Assn 1419 

Alameda  Tea  and   Coffee   Co 

Left   bottom   lines 

Alameda   Technical   School 

Right  side   lines  and  14S4 
American  Dyeing  &  Cleaning  Works. 

1346  and  1370 

Alden    Co    The 19 

Anderson     S 

Left  top  lines 

Andker    D 

Ribht  bottom  lines 

Antiseptic    Laundry    Co 

Front  cover  and   right  side  lines 

Austin   S   S 19 

Auto    Ignition    Co 1322 

Automobile    Painting    Co 1321 

Azorean    Construction    Co 8 

Baldwin    Building    &    Investment    Co 
(Bklv)  Left  top  lines  and  1338 

Baldwin    Company    The 1458 

Bank  of  Germany 

Backbone    and         7 

Bav  Cities   Laundry  Co 1419 

Bay   Cities   Water   Co Opp     187 

Bechtle    Otto    (Ala) 1194 

Bekins  Van  &  Storage  Co 

Right  and  left  top  corner  cards 
Berkeley  Bank  Savings  &  Trust  Co..     937 

Berkeley    Cornice    Works 940 

Berkeley  Electric  Co 

Right   top   corner   cards   and  1375 

Berkeley    Natl    Bank 937 

Berkeley  Rug  Works 

Right  side  lines,   right  bottom  lines 

and  147S 

Blums  Advertising  Agency 1316 

Bock    M 

Bottom   line   front  cover 

Bohannon  Dr  J  L 190 

Bolton    W    A    (Bkly) 1426 

Brisley  Geo  D 206 

Britton    &    Rey    (S    F) Opp     202 

Brock   Eugene  L  &  Co   (Bkly) 985 

Busher    H    (Bkly) 1435 

Caig    &    Hutchison 8 

California  Door  Co  The 8 

Capitol    Electric    Co    (Bkly) 1375 

Card    E    F 233 

Carnegie  Brick  &  Pottery  Co 

Right  top  corner  cards  and         9 

Carrutb    &    Carruth Opp     238 

Central   National  Bank 

Front  cover  and        5 
Central    Engineering    Co 142S 


Century  Electric  &  Fixture  Co 

Right   side  lines 

Cheney  Warren  Co  The  (Bkly) 1463 

Chicago    Rubber   Stamp    Co Opp  1478 

Chick  J  T 1331 

Chinn-Beretta    Co 

Left  top  corner  cards 

Claremont    Realty    Co 2 

Clay  I   H   &    Co 

Right   top   lines 

Continental    Hospital    Assn    (Ala).... 

Left  side  lines 

Cook-Morgan    Storage    &    Moving    Co 

Right   top   lines  and       23 
Cooley.      Langworthy      &      McCarthy 
(Bkly)   Right   top  corner  cards  and  1468 

Cornell    Cbas    E 1315 

Cox  W  J. 279 

Cycle   Hatcher  Co 

Right  side  lines  and  1405 

Darrow,   Hughes  Co 

Right  top  corner  cards 

Davis    D    C 1363 

Davis    Wm 9 

Dean  Law  &  Collection  Co 

Right  side  lines 

De   Coursey   Wm 

Right   side    lines   and  1492 

De   Kay  &   Co    (Bkly) 

Front   cover  and     940 

Diamond    Glass    Co 1391 

Dickson  &  Holbrook   (Bkly) 938 

Diehl   H   P 

Left    bottom    lines    and     310 

Downing   G   L 1315 

Dufour   Wm    (Ala) 1224 

Duncan    Robert    Jr 15 

Dwight   Wav   Rug   Works    (Bkly)....   1341 

Emeryville   Hardware   &   Tool   Co 

Right  top  lines 

Empire    Foundry    Co 13S1 

Empire    Pattern    Works 1453 

Enterprise    Brewing    Co    I S    F) 

Left  top  corner  cards 

Enterprise   Machine    Shop 1321 

Entler   C    S 

Right  bottom  lines  and  1348 

Esterly   Construction    Co    (Bkly) 

Left  top  lines  and         9 

Farmers  &  Merchants   Bank 5 

Fenn     Theodore 1352 

Ferrier    Francis    (Bkly) 939 

Finney   E   James 

Top   stencil   edge 

First    National    Bank 5 

First   National   Bank   of   Berkeley 937 

First   National   Bank  of   Emeryville..         6 

First  Trust  &   Savings  Bank 5 

Fletcher    Music    Method 1438 

Flossmann   Eineran    1443 

Franco- American    Wine    Co 

Right  top  lines 



Franklin    Automobile    Co 1322 

Fritsch    Emil 373 

Fruitvale   Hardware   Co 

Left  top  lines  and    374 

Gavin   &   Cole 

Right   side   lines   and  1492 

Gier   Theo   Wine    Co 


Godeau   J    S 

Left  bottom  lines 

Gorham    Engineering    Co    (Ala) 1235 

Graham  W  H 

Right  top  lines 

Gray  S   &  F  R 

Left  top  lines 
Great    Parisian    Dyeing    &    Cleaning 

Works     1371 

Griffin   C   P   (S   F) 1452 

Hallahan    M    C 

Left  top  corner  cards 

Hampel   F   C Opp  1326 

Harbor     Bank 6 

Hart    Heater    Co    The 15 

Healds   Business   College    (S   F) 

Back  cover  and   Opp     438 

Heintz's    24 

Henderson    Mnfg    Co 1417 

Hill     Thomas 1378 

Hirschfiekl     M Opp     452 

Hoffman   Chas   &   Co 

Left  bottom  corner  cards 

Hoffschneider   Bros    (S   F) 

Inside  back  cover 

Holcomb    Realty    Co 

Left  top  corner  cards  and      18 

Home    Investment    Co 

Left  side  lines  and  1466 

Homestead   Savings   Bank   (Bkly) 938 

Hotel     Athens 12 

Hotel     Avalon 13 

Hughson   &  Donnelly  (Bkly) 9 

Hull    A    C 

Right  top  lines 

Humphrey   Water  Heater   Co 

Left  side  lines  and  1501 

Hunter  Lumber  Co  (Bkly) 

Left   top   lines 

Italian   Fugazi    Popular  Bank 7 

Jackson    Furniture    Co 

Right    bottom    lines 

Jefferson    Tailoring    Co 23 

Johnson    H    A    (Bkly) 940 

Johnson   Printing  Co 

Right  bottom  lines 

Jordan    Printing   Co 496 

Juster   &    Baird    ( Bkly) 3 

Kellett   John   L 505 

Kelly    John    R 1462 

Knudsen   Martin   &   Co 

Right  top  lines 

Kohler    &    Chase 

Left  bottom  lines  and  Opp     522 

Kuss   F  N   Co 

Right  side  lines 

Kuss  P  N   &   Co 

Right    side    lines 

Lake  Merritt  Garage 1322 

Lavmance    Realty    Co 

Front  cover,  right  top  corner  cards 

and       17 
Le      Lvonnais     Dyeing     &      Cleaning 

Works     1371 

Leonard   &  Williamson 

Left  top  lines 

Lester's     Carpet    House 

Left  bottom  lines 


Lewis  &  Mitchell  Co 

Left  side   lines 
Log     Cabin     Restaurant     &     Bakery 

( Bkly)      1078 

Long   &    Long 1447 

Loos   W   L    &    Co 

Left  bottom  lines  and  1323 

McCown   J  S 

Right  top  corner  cards 

McDermed     Ed 13S5 

McGeorge    &    Cooper 1389 

McNaughton  W  H  (Ala) 1262 

Mackenzie    Roof    Co 1379  and  1477 

Magill    R    H 

Embossed  line  back  cover 

Magnesson     B 20 

Marcus    Geo    P 

Left  center  cards  and  opp  1502 

Martlar.d   Tires   &   Vulcanizing 

Left  side  lines 

Marvin's     Opp     602 

Mattern    C   W  &   M   L 1465 

Medina    Frank    D    (S    F) 

Left  top  lines  and  1452 

Menser   J   T    &    Co 1491 

Merchants    Collection    Agency. ..  .Opp  1348 

Mills    College 

Opp   Miscellaneous  Colleges 

Mills  Co   (Inc)    (Bkly) 939 

Minney  D  F 21 

Monterey  Real  Estate  &  Loan  Co...       20 

Morse    C   C    &    Co 1443 

Murdock   Geo  H  &   Son 20 

Nelson    F    E 

Left    top    corner    cards    and       10 

Neuman  Machine  Works 1429 

New  York  Life  Ins  Co 653 

Newman    J 1453 

Nickel    Karl    H 

Right  top  lines  and       19 

Oakland    Auto    Painting   Co 1323 

Oakland  Bank  of  Savings 4 

Oakland  Brewing  &  Malting  Co.. Opp     662 

Oakland    Builders    Supply    Co 

Back  cover  and  1338 

Oakland  Calif  Towel  Supply  Co 

664  and  14'.<7 

Oakland  Conservatory  of  Music 

Left    top   corner    cards    and  1440 

Oakland    Cremation    Assn Opp     664 

Oakland  Electrical  Co 

Right  top  lines 

Oakland    Elevator    Co 

Right  top  corner  cards  and       11 

Oakland    Enquirer 1314 

Oakland    Furniture    Co 

Right   center   cards 
Oakland    Mirror    and    Glass    Beveling 

Works     1 

Oakland    Phonograph    Co 1454 

Oakland   Title  &   Abstract  Co Opp     666 

Oakland     Wire     Works 1503 

Oakland     &    Hupmobile    Motor    Cars 
Right  bottom  lines 

Oceanic   Steamship   Co    (S    F> 

See    back    flv   leaf 

Olson  O  F  Lithograph   Co   (S  Fi 1424 

Osen  &  Hunter  Auto  Co 

Left  top   lines 

Osgood    C    H 10 

Otis   Elevator  Co    (S   Fl 

Front  cover  and  Opp  1374 

I', n  ili.'    I'ani'iT    &    Tumor    Inst 

Front    .over    and    Opp     6S0 

r  iclfli     Mnfg    Co 

Right  side  lines 




Parrish    W    H 5S1 

Peart    &     Elkington 13"8 

Peerless   Printing   Co Opp     692 

Peoples   Express   Co 1498 

Phoenix    Automobile    Exchange 1325 

Phoenix    Iron    Works 705 

Phoenix    Mailing    Co 

Right    top   lines 
Pinkerton's     Natl     Detective     Agency 

(S     F) Opp  1366 

Pioneer    Automobile    Co 

Left   top   lines   and   1324 

Pioneer    Bottle    Yard 1335 

Plourde    &    English 1399 

Polytechnic     Business     College.  .  .Opp  1482 

Porter    F    F 

Lett  side   lines 

Ramos   J   J    (Bkly) 938 

Randall.    Trowbridge   &   Wright 

Back    cover 

Real  Estate  &  Brokerage  Co  The 

Left    top    lines 

Realy    J    W 14 

Red    Line    Messenger    &    Parcel    De- 
livery   Co 1434 

Reiber  A  W  Co 1415 

Reliable    Rug   Factory 1478 

Reyntiens    &    Meertens    (Ala) 

Left  top  lines 
Rhodes-Jamieson    &    Co    (Ala) ..  .Opp  1194 

Rice    Geo    F    (Bklv) 11 

Richardson    Helen    E    (Bklv) 1465 

Rigney    Printing    Co 1463 

Roeber    F    H 15 

Rogers    Josiah    B 1502 

Rogue  River  Valley  Orchards  Co 

Left  top  lines 

Ronayne     Sisters 

Right   side  lines 

Rutley     Byron 

Right  top  corner  cards 

Saake   E   J 

Left    top  lines 

Sacred    Heart     School 1484 

San    Francisco    Art    Glass    Works....    1318 

Savage    A    R 1391 

Schmidt   Lithograph    Co    IS   F)...Opp     774 
Schmitt     Geo     W     Heating     &     Ven- 
tilating  Co Left   bottom  lines 

Schoenfeld    M    J    &    Co 14 

Schroeder  H   C 

Right  side  lines 

Scott-Thieben    Gas    Appliance    Co 

Left   side   lines   and  1501 

Scott  &  Farley 

Right  side  lines 

Scoville    Ii  on    Works 1429 

Security  Bank  &  Trust  Co 6 

Security    Syndicate 

Left    side   lines 

Shannon   Dr  J  M 

Left  side  lines 

Sharp  F  Willis 

Left  bottom  lines 

Shasta  Water  Co  (S  Fi 

Front  steincil  edge 

Sherwood  Dr  A  T 1 49S 

Sluus    Sam    H 

Left  side  lines 

Smith    A    T 

Left    side    lines 

Smith     Bros 

Right  top  lines 
Smith.  Emery  &  Co  (S  FU..1319  and  1343 

Snow  John   F  Dye  Works 

Front    cover    and    1347-1348-1372-  1373 

Sohst     Carriage    Co 1342 

South    Berkeley    Bank    (Bklvi 937 



Southern    Pacific    Co    

Bookmark    and    opp     inside     back 

Spence   B  L 20 

Squires    R    J 2 

Standard  Gas  Engine  Co '. 

Left  top  corner  cards  and       12 

Star  Electric  &  Engineering  Co 

Left  side   lines 

Storey    &    Hall 18 

Strable   Mnfg   Co 

Right    side    lines 

Studebaker  Bros  Co 

Left  side  lines 

Sturgeon     &     White 

Right    side    lines 

Sueell    Walter    &    Son 

Right  top  corner  cards  and       13 

Sunset   Lumber  Co 

Left   top   lines 

Syndicate   Bank   The 6 

Tacoma  Beer  Co  (Ala) 

Left  bottom  lines 
Telegraph   Avenue    Savings    Bank....         7 

Temple,    Webb    &    Co 

St    Paul    and    Minneapolis  1316 

Thiel    Detective    Service    (S    F) 1366 

Tingley    &    Joy 1362 

Tokio    Dye    Works 1372 

Tribune   Publishing   Co 

Right  and  left  bottom  coiner  cards 

Turner    Mme  .  M 8G7 

Union    Lumber    Co 1427 

ITnion    Savings   Bank 6 

University    Apparatus    Co    (Bkly)....   1162 
University    Savings    Bank    (Bkly)....     937 

Van    Demark    Wm     N S73 

Vose  Geo  H 

Front  cover,  left  side  lines  and  1467 

Waddell    R    P. 

Left  center  cards  and       23 

Warren    Cheney    Co    The    (Bkly) 1468 

Watson  Roof  Co  The : 22 

Weaver    T     A Opp     S92 

Weigle    Fred    R 1501 

Western   Building   Material   Co 1339 

Western   Electric  Vehicle  Co 

Back   cover  and  1324 

Western    Elaterite    Roofing    Co 

Left  side  lines  and       22 

Western    Fuel    Co,    

Back  cover 
Western  Heavy  Hardware  &  Iron  Co 

Right    bottom    lines    and  1400 

Western  Motor  Car  Co 

Right   bottom  lines 

Wheelock   Mrs  L  J 1399 

Whelton     Andrew 

Right    bottom    lines 

White    Cross   Hospital    (Ala) 

Left   side  lines 

White     Star    Laundry 

Bottom   stencil   edge 

White- Wallace    Co 

Right    bottom    lines 

Will     F    A 1467 

Wilson    s    F 13°4 

Wilson  W  R    1503 

Winegar's   Wayfarers'    Inn 

Right   side  lines   and     980 

Wohlhuter    J    F 1425 

Wood   E  K  Lumber  Co 

Line  on  back  cover 

Wood    &    Tatum    (Rklv) ltfis 

Yager  Sheet  Metal  S-  Plumbing  Co... 
Inside  back  cover 

Zellerbach    Paper    Co 

Back    cover   and     934 

Oakland  Alterations,  Removals,  Etc. 


South  end  Webster  st  wharf.      (See  opp 
p  124.1 
Allen    F    E.    bicycle    repairer    97S       7th,    r 
1307   E  14th 


J    S    Thomas    Supt,    94-95    Bacon    Bldg, 
Phone    Okld   1430. 
Arlett  Arthur,  genl  contr  269  Bacon  Bldg, 
res  Bklv 


First    Natl    Bank    Bldg.       (See    opp    p 

Biggerstaff    M    C,    trav    agt    McLaughlin 

Bros    47th    and    Salem 
Bloom    David    (Jefferson    Tailoring   Co),    r 

267  4th. 
Boggs   Dave,   emp   McLaughlin   Bros   47th 

and   Salem 


(Issued  Daily.)  All  the  Building  News 
of  Alameda  County.  Advance  Informa- 
tion Covering  the  Entire  Coast.  Sub- 
scriptions Received  at  550  18th,  Oakland. 
Main  Office  1325  Mission  St,    S  F. 

Burgess  Robt  N,  pres  Rancho  San  Mig- 
uel Creamery,  r  2325  Piedmont  av, 

Busch  John,  cigars  904  Bway,  r  66  7th 

Chattel  Leon,  emp  McLaughlin  Bros,  47th 
and   Salem 

Chisholm  Wm.  emp  McLaughlin  Bros 
47th  and   Salem 


Physician  Canning  Blk  1115  Broadway, 
r  Alameda 


Albert  H  Merritt  Pres  and  Mngr,  Lud- 
wig  Schawbacker  Sec.  Mnfrs  of  Safety 
Fuse.    Damon   av   s   of  E   14th 


Proprs  White  Cross  Hospital  2260  Santa 
Clara  av.  Alameda,  Phone  Ala  361. 
(See   left   side  lines) 


Collections    224    Bacon    Bldg,    rms    1309 
Craig  Chas   F   (Craig   &   Le   Blond    Co),    r 

Craig  Geo  \V  (Craig  &  Le  Blond  Co),  r 
59th    cor   Ross 


(G  W  and  C  F  Craig,  F  C  Le  Blond), 
Real  Estate,  Insurance.  Loans,  Clare- 
mont  at  College  av.  Phone  Piedmont 
Crowder  W  E.  trav  agt  McLaughlin  Bros 
4  7th    and    Salem 


(Issued  Daily.)  All  the  Building  News 
of  Alameda  County.  Advance  Informa- 
tion Covering  the  Entire  Coast.  Sub- 
scriptions  !;..>.!  i  ,u  18th,  Oakland. 
Main  Office  1325   Mission   St.    S   F. 

Diamond  Glass  Co  1012  Franklin 


Asst  Mngr  Bav  Cities  Water  Co,   First 
Natl  Bank  Bldg,   r  Ala 
Dodge   H    C,    trav    agt    McLaughlin    Bros 
47th  and  Salem 


Painting   and    Paperhanging    in    All    Its 

Branches      1306     Fruitvale     av.     Phone 

Merritt   828 
Edwards    Grace      A,     copy      holder    Polk- 

Husted  Directory   Co,   b   905   Filbert 
Edwards  Mrs  Julia  R,  r  905  Filbert 
Exchange  Realty  Co,  G  A  Lavender  mngr, 

1070   Bway 
Farley  E  O,   mngr  Greater  Okld  Adv  Co, 

r865%   Madison. 


(Scott  &  Farley,   r  82  Hillcrest  rd 
Farnum  Goss,  trav  agt  McLaughlin  Bros, 

47th    and    Salem 
Gabier   Ferdinand,    emp  McLaughlin   Bros 


Mngr  Bav  Cities  Water  Co,  First  Natl 
Bank  Bldg,  r  6426  Duncan 

Gilstrap  Frank  M.   salsn  Western  Elater- 
ite  Roofing  Co.  b  1916  Chestnut. 
toldberg  H  ijefferson  Tailoring  Co),  r  267 

Grauss  Benj  F,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  b  905  Fil- 

Greater  Oakland  Advertising  Co,  E.  O. 
Farley    mngr   1016    Bway. 


District    Agents    Western    States    Life 
Insurance      Co,      Bacon      Bldg     Arcade, 
Phones    Oakland    2318.    Home  A2518 
Grubb   Ella  Mrs,    r  222   9th 


Frederick  C  Hampel  Propr,  All  Kinds 
of  Bread.  Pies  and  Cake.  Rye.  Milk  and 
Whole  Wheat  Bread  a  Specialty.  761  E 
12th,     Phone     Merritt     2635.      (See     opp 

j:  1326    1 

Harris  Jas.  emp  McLaughlin  Bros  47th 
and  Salem 

Herring-Hall-Marvin  Safe  Co.  J  F  and  F 
i:  Waterhouse,  Alameda  county  sales- 
men,   425   13th 

Index   Liquor   Co    (Inc),   915   Bway 

Ism.  it  C  P.  bkpr  Okld  Bldrs  Supplj  Co, 
r    767    17th. 

ill  Bloom,  H  Goldberg),  Ladies'  and 
Genl        Pressing,    I  Ileaning,     Dy<  Ing    and 

R    ■   dring       Ul  Work  Guarar I    Goods 

i  '.,  ii,   i     oi   and   I  '•■■in  er  ,1  to  anj   Part  of 

.'p.      L107  Jefferson  st  bet  121 
13th    sts,    Phone    Home   A2313.   Oakland, 

Johnson     Ellen     C.     stenogr     McLaughlin 

Bros,    r    ll-".i    Franklin 
Ki  nt     IT    W,    trav    agt    McLaughlin    Bros 

47th  and   Salem 


Mngr  I  lakland   &    Hupmobile   Mol 

174-176    12th,    r    Madison    Apts 


Le  Blond  F  C   (Craig  &  Le  Blond  Co),  r 

S  F 
Love  Floyd,  elk.  b  905  Filbert 
Lucore    Piano   Co..    530   12th. 

Mclaughlin  bros, 

Importers  of  Stallions,   47th  and   Salem 
McLaughlin   Thos   D    (McLaughlin   Bros), 

47th  and   Salem 
Mays     Emerson,      trav     agt     McLaughlin 

Bros  47th  and  Salem 
Monroe    C    E,    foreman    McLaughlin    Bros 

47th   and   Salem 


E   S   Baldwin  Mngr,    003    Tel  av 


J  P  Edoff  Pres.  Win  Cavalier  Vice- 
Pres,  A  H  Breed  Treas,  G  H  Jessen 
Sec  and  Mngr,  G  J  Rice  Sec  and  Mngr, 
1060   Broadway.      (See   opp  p   666.) 

Papina  Vincent,  notary  and  ins  agt  918 
Bway,   r  1120  E   20th 

Pearson  C  B,  lumber  grader,  b  Hotel 

Samson  A  E,  emp  McLaughlin  Bros  47th 
and    Salem. 

Schaefers  Theo.  emp  McLaughlin  Bros 
47th    and    Salem 

Tevis  Win  S,  pres  Bay  Cities  Water  Co, 
r   S   F 

Waterhouse  F  E,  salsn  Herring-Hall- 
Marvin  Safe  Co.  r  Madison  Park  Apts 

Waterhouse  J  F,  salsn  Herring-Hall- 
Marvin  Safe  Co,  r  Madison  Park  Apts 


Capitals  and  Brackets,  Carvings, 
Grilles.  Ornamental  Mouldings.  Paper 
Roofing.  Tile.  Metal  Wainscoting 
Joist  Hangers,  Metal  Ceilings.  6S0  Mis- 
sion, San  Francisco,  Phone  Kearnv  1991 


Grigsby,  Andrews  Co  District  Agents, 
Bacon  Bldg  Arcade,  Phones  Oakland 
2318,  Home  A2518 


Maud  Stedman  Sec,  Medical,  Surgical 
and  Obstetrical  Cases.  2260  Santa  Clara 
av,  Alameda,  Phone  Ala  361.  (See  left 
side  lines) 


Saloon.  901  Broadway,  r  1403  9th 
Woods    R   E,    trav   agt   McLaughlin   Bros 

47th  and  Salem 
Woods   Ray,    emp   McLaughlin   Bros   47tli 

and    Salem 
Gates    Ira.    emp    McLaughlin    Bros    47th 

and  Salem 


Greene   Marie,    stenogr,    b    1999   Stuart 


State  Mngr  Germania  Life  Ins  Co  of 
N  Y,  Mills  Bldg,  S  F,  Phone  Douglas 
14S0,    r  1999   Stuart 


George  N  Wilcox  Pres,  DPR  Isen- 
berg  Vice-Pres,  F  Klamp  Sec,  W  Pfo- 
tenhauer  Treas.  I  F  C  Hagens  Gen 
Mngr,  Wm  J  Horstmann  Genl  Supt; 
Factories  Honolulu  and  2d  and  Bristol, 
W   Berkeley,   Phone   Berkeley   435 


McGarvie  R  W,  supt  agts  Phoenix  Mutual 
Life  Insurance  Co,    r  1529  Lafavette. 

Phoenix  Mutual  Lit'.-  Ins  Co  of  Hartford, 
Conn,  R  W  McGarvie  supt  of  agts,  1529 



Miscellaneous  Information 



Mavor— Frank  K  Mott. 

Mayor's   Clerk   and   Secretary— Edward   J 

Citv   Clerk— Frank  R   Thompson. 
Deputy  City  Clerk— Edward  F  Holland. 
City     Auditor     and     Assessor — George     E 

Deputy'  Auditors— George    E   "Wade,    A   V 

B  Davis  and  H  C  Henken. 
Deputy    Assessors — Eugene     F     Garrison, 

Sidney   H   Wilson,    Wm   H   Dwyer,    S    V 

DuBois.    Victor    Ghirardelli,    J    A    Kirk, 

L   J   Kennedy  and   Wm  P   Ainsworth. 
Citv  Attorney— John  W  Stetson. 
Assistant  Citv  Attorneys— Wm  H  O'Brien 

and  J  S  Koford. 
Citv   Engineer — Frederick   C    Turner. 
Deputy    Citv    Engineer— John    B   McMath. 
City  Treasurer  and  Tax  Collector— Edwin 

Deputies — Wm    M    Fitzmaurice,    Earle    S 

Beatie.    James    W    Rooney,    Edwin    H 

License     Inspectors — Wm     A     J     Franke, 

Frank    Galmarino,    Matthew   McGuiness, 

Walter  Taylor. 
City   Health    Officer— Edward   N  Ewer. 
City  Chief  of  Police — Adelbert   Wilson. 
Citv  Chief  of  Fire  Dept— Nicholas  A  Hall. 
Citv  Supt  of  Schools  and  Directors  Chabot 

Observatory — John   W  McClymonds. 
Deputv  Supt  of  Schools— Robt  B   S  York. 
City   Prosecuting   Attorney — Ezra  W  De- 

cbto.  Court  No  1. 
City   Prosecuting   Attorney — Wm   J   Hen- 
nessey, Court  No  2. 
Citv  Supt  of  Streets— Walter  C  Howe. 
Citv       Wharfinger  —  Jerome       B       Greer, 

Franklin  st  Wharf. 
Citv   Poundmaster— Julius   Zabel,    Peralta 

cor  26th. 


President — Benj  H  Pendleton. 
First  Ward — Harold  Everhart. 
Second   Ward— Albert    H   Elliott. 

Third  Ward— A   P  Stiefvater. 

Fourth    Ward— Matthew    R   Bronner. 

Fifth   Ward— Benj   H   Pendleton. 

Sixth  Ward— Wm  J  Baccus. 

Seventh   Ward— L  N   Cobbledick. 
t     Large— Oliver    Ellsworth,     J     R     Mc- 
Gregor,   Eugene    Stachler.   R  C  Vose. 

Clerk— Frank  R  Thompson. 


Auditing  and  Finance — Ellsworth,  Ever- 
hart.   Elliott.    Stachler,    Bronner. 

Ordinance  and  Judiciary— Elliott, .  Baccus. 
Ellsworth.    Stiefvater,    Cobbledick. 

Street  —  Baccus,  Stachler,  Vose,  Mc- 
Gregor,  Everhart. 

Drainage  and  Sanitary  —  Cobbledick. 
Elliott,    Bronner,    Stiefvater,    Vose. 

License  —  Stiefvater.  Ellsworth,  Ever- 
hart,  Stachler,   Baccus. 

Public  Improvements  —  Vose,  McGregor. 
Everhart,    Baccus.   Elliott. 

Wharves  and  Water  Front — McGregor, 
Vose,    Cobbledick,    Bronner,    Baccus. 

Public  Service  —  Everhart,  Stiefvater. 
Bronner.   Ellsworth.   Vose. 

Fire  and  Water  —  Bronner,  Stachler, 
McGregor,    Cobbledick,    Ellsworth. 


Frank  K  Mott,  President;  John  W  Stet- 
son, F  C  Turner;  Walter  B  Fawcett, 
Secretary;  F  L  M  Hus,  Assistant  Sec- 

Clerks — Frank  Colbourn.  James  H  Mahan. 
H  C  Crittenden,  C  H  Shepardson,  J  W 

Cashier — Max  Mantel. 

Chas  Lochran.  Inspector. 

John   F   Towle,   Building   Inspector. 

H  J  Bell  and  Thomas  W  Ryan,  Deputy 
Building  Inspectors. 


Room  X"  9,  City  Hall. 

Walter  C   Howe.    Supt. 

Wm   W   Blair,   c-has  F  Ott.  Wm  J  Dolan. 

Henry    J   Tresselt,    Joseph   L   Coughlin. 


Charles  H  Frost.  Chief  Clerk  and  Cashier. 



Board  of  Health— 14th  opp  Washington, 
C  A  Dukes,  M  D,  President;  A  S  Lar- 
key, M  D,;  O  D  Hamlin,  M  D;  D  P 
Adams,  M  D;  W  K  Sanborn,  M  D;  Ed- 
ward N  Ewer,  M  D,  Health  Officer; 
George  A  Parker,  Secretary;  Pauline  S 
Nusbaumer,  M  D,  Bacteriologist;  Jessie 
V  Berry,  Chemist;  S  F  Gemmell,  Sani- 
tary Inspector;  Edward  J  Smith,  As- 
sistant Sanitary  Inspector;  R  A  Archi- 
bald, D  V  S,  Markets,  Meat  and  Milk 
Inspector  and  Veterinary  Surgeon;  Wm 
J  Downie,   Assistant  Milk  Inspector. 


Air,  Water,  Light,  Food  and  House  Drain- 
age— Drs    Adams,    Larkey   and   Hamlin. 

Streets,  Main  Sewer,  Garbage  and  Plumb- 
ing— Drs  Hamlin.    Adams   and    Sanborn. 

Prevailing  Diseases.  Their  Causes  and 
Yard  Sanitation — Drs  Sanborn,  Hamlin, 

Hospitals — Drs    Larkey.    Sanborn,    Adams. 

Regular  meetings  second  Wednesday  in 
each  month  at  8:15  p  m. 

W  G  Manuel.   Pres;   James    P    Edoff.    W 
S    Gould;    Henry    F  Voght.    Clerk;    Mal- 
colm Lamond,  Supt;  O  A  Prager,  Land- 
scape Architect. 

City  Hall. 
A    S    MacDonald.    Pres;    Mrs    G    W    Bun- 
nell.   Vice-Pres;    Mrs    Cora   E   Jones,    C 
E   Hudspeth;   George  E  Dickie,    Supt. 

Frank    K    Mott,    President;    J   W    Stetson 
and   F   C   Turner,    Commissioners;   Wal- 
ter B  Fawcett,    Secretary. 

519  15th  St. 
George  R  Babcock.  City  Electrician  and 
Supt  City  Fire  Alarm  and  Police  Tele- 
graph; James  J  McKee,  Clerk;  H  M 
White.  George  M  Hodgkins  and  Peter 
Anderson,  Inspectors;  Frank  C  Price, 
Battery  man;  D  L  Hopkins,  Ed  Ball, 

Dept  1 
Judge — Mortimer   Smith. 
Prosecuting   Attorney — Ezra   W   Decoto. 
Clerk — Fred  D  Donahue. 
Court  Officer — John  Murray. 
Bailiff— C  F  McCarthy. 
Official      Court      Reporter — Eugene      Van 

Dept  2 
Judge — George   Samuels. 
Prosecuting  Attorney — Wm   J  Hennessey. 
Clerk— Edw  P  Talbott. 
Bailiff — J   F  Flynn. 
Official    Court    Reporter — Irving    Magnes. 

Chief  Engineer— N  A  Ball. 
Assistant    Engineer — George   B  McDonald. 
District  Engineer— S  H  Short. 
Superintendent     Fire     Alarm     and     Police 

Telegraph — George  R   Babcock. 
Engine  Co  No  1 — South  side  Fifteenth  nr 

Clay;   M  J  Hanley,   foreman. 

Engine  Co  No  2—468  Sixth;   Martin  Car- 
roll, foreman. 
Engine  Co  No  3—1671  Eighth;  T  E  Stach- 

ler,   foreman. 
Engine    Co    No    4—621    East    Fourteenth; 

W   G   Logan,    foreman. 
Engine   Co  No  5 — Market  ne   cor  Milton; 

Wm  N  Price,  foreman. 
Engine   Co  No   6— East   Fifteenth   bet  22d 

and  23d  avs;  Wm  H  McGrath,  foreman. 
Engine   Co   No   7— 59th   nr  San  Pablo  av; 

Wm  A  Ronaldson,  foreman. 
Engine   Co   No   8— 51st   nr  Telegraph   av; 

P  J  Mullen,   foreman. 
Engine   Co  No  9 — w   s  Magnolia  nr  14th; 

Geo  Yager,  foreman. 
Engine    Co    No    10— Santa    Clara    av    nr 

Oakland  av;  E  P  Cook,  foreman. 
Engine  Co  No   11— w  s  Alice  bet  8th  and 

9th;   Wm   Lutkey,    foreman. 
Fruitvale  Engine   Co  No  3— s  s  E  12th  6 

of  High. 
Melrose   Fire   Co   No   1—1406   50th   av;   W 

A  Durrer,  engineer. 
Chemical    Engine    No    2 — 2050    Magnolia; 

John  Specula,  steward. 
Hook    and    Ladder    Co    No    1 — 470    Sixth; 

Elliott  Whitehead,   foreman. 
Hook    and   Ladder   Co   No    2—619    E   14th; 

J  J  Mulgrew,  foreman. 
Hook   and   Ladder   Co   No   3—1671   8th;    H 

Bullock,  foreman. 
Hook  and    Ladder   Co   No   5— 59th   nr  San 

Pablo  av;   Lawrence  Delucchi,   foreman. 
Hose   Co   No    2—619    E   14th;    J  J   Meyers, 

Truck  Co  No  4— s  s  25th  nr  Bway;  Law- 
rence O'Rourke,   foreman. 


Chairman   of  the   Board   of   Supervisors — 
C  F  Horner. 


District  No  1— C  Fred  Horner. 

District   No   2 — Wm   B   Bridge. 

District  No   3 — Joseph  M  Kelley. 

District  No  4 — F  W  Foss. 

I  listrict   No  5 — John  F  Mullins. 

Clerk  of  the  Board— John  P  Cook. 

Bailiff— C    C   Carpenter. 

Regular  meetings,  first  Mondav  in  each 
month  at  Hall  of  Records  Bldg. 

County  Expert — John  M  Sabin  Jr. 

Assistants — R  A  Blacow  and  G  I  Emer- 

Clerks— Melville  Tobriner,  C  C  Carpenter 
and  L  G  Parker. 


Dept  No  1— T  AV  Harris,  Judge 

Dept  No  2— Wm  H  Waste,  Judge. 

Dept  No  3 — John  Ellsworth,  Judge. 

Dept  No  4— Wm  S  Wells,   Judge. 

Dept  5 — Everett  J  Brown.   Judge. 

Dept  No   6— F  B   Ogden,   Judge. 

Official  Reporters  Superior  Courts — 
Charles  F  Whitton,  J  H  W  Rilev,  T 
Spencer  Riley,  Hervev  Darnell,  Richard 
T  Stockton. 

Juvenile  Court,  Court  House — Christopher 
Ruess,   Chief  Probation  Officer. 

Alameda  County  Law  Library,  Court 
House — Miss  Clare  Cushing,  Secretary 
and  Librarian. 

County  Clerk— John  P  Cook.  Hall  of  Rec- 



E      John- 

Chief    Deputy    Clerk — Andrew 

District  Attorney — W  H  Donahue. 
Assistant      District     Attorney — W      ] 

Chief   Deputy — Philip   M   Carey. 

Detectiye — Gavlord    B   Ingersoll. 

Clerk— W  H  Ellison. 

County  Auditor — George  S  Pierce. 

Chief  Deputy— II  J  Rogers. 

Recorder — John  W  Mott. 

Chief  Deputy — D  A  Sinclair. 

County  Assessor — Henry  P  Dalton. 

Chief    Deputv— Thomas    M    Robinson 

County    Sheriff — Frank    Barnet. 

Under  Sheriff— J  J  Hanifin  Jr. 

Chief   Deputv — Frank    D   Adams. 

Chief   Jailer— Peter  L   White. 

Assistant  Jailers — Charles  K  Clark,  Jo- 
seph D  Moffitt.     . 

Tax  Collector — James  B  Barber. 

Chief  Deputv— Wm   B   Hodges. 

Countv  Surveyor's  Office — Court  House. 

Countv    Surveyor — Perry    A    Haviland. 

Chief    Deputv — Frederick    R    Hamilton. 

Countv  Coroner's  Office— 528  18th. 

County  Coroner— Charles  L  Tisdale;  Chief 
Dep.    Bert   H    Sargent. 

Court  Commissioner  —  Clarence  Crowell, 
1101-1102  Un  Sav  Bank  Bldg. 

Public     Administrator — H     B     Meh 
1113   Un    Sav   Bank   Bldg. 

Storekeeper — Frank  Peratl. 



Hall  of  Records 

C  L  Biedenbach,  President;  P  M  Fisher, 
F  S  Rosseter,  Wm  McDonald,  Mem- 
bers; George  W  Frick.  Secretary. 

County  Supt  of  Schools — Geo  W  Frick, 
Office   Hall   of  Records. 

Chief  Deputy — Arthur  Mock. 

Deputv— Alva  Opie. 

Countv   Health    Officer— C   H  McCowan. 

Game  Warden — D  J  Murphy,   Pleasanton. 

Alameda  City— R  B  Tappan,  Justice,  City 

Hall.  Alameda. 
Alameda    Township — Elmer      E     Johnson 
Justice.    Water   Works    Bldg.    Alameda; 
Albert  C  Kihn,  Constable. 
Berkeley      City — Robert     Edgar.      Justice, 

Citv    Hall. 
Brooklyn   Township— 307   East   12th;   W  R 
Geary,    Justice;    Thos    D    Carroll,    Con- 
Eden   Township — Charles   Prowse.   Justice, 
Hay  ward;    John    N    Frank.    Justice.    442 
Estudille    av.    San    Deandro;    Joseph    M 
Olimpia,   Constable,   San   Leandro;   W  J 
Ramge.    Constable.   Hayward. 
Murray    Township — Wm    H    Wright.    Jus- 
tice,   Livermore ;    George    S    Fitzgerald. 
Oakland  Township— 876  Broadway;  James 
G   Quinn.   Justice:    Morris   H   Lane   and 
H   T  Hemstead,    Constables. 
Pleasanton    Township — P    C   Quinn,      Jus- 
tice: Larkin  M  Locke,  Constable,  Pleas- 
Washington    Township    —    Samuel    Sand- 
holdt.    Justice,    Centerville —   Thomas    J 
Powers,    Justice:      Samuel     B     Vander 
Voort  and  Joseph  Roderick,  Constables, 

Jesse   Young,    Altamout:   F   B   Granger, 

Alvarado;  Anton  George,  Alvarado;  Al- 
bert T  Newth.  Brooklyn;  A  J  Gomes. 
Castro  Valley;  J  J  Santes,  Centerville: 
Martin  L  Gray,  Claremont;  Fred  W 
Meyer.  Decoto;  J  J  Hansen,  Pleasan- 
ton; L  C  Carden,  Fruit  vale;  James  M 
Brewer.  Irvington;  Carl  Holm,  Liver- 
more;  I  H  Whitefield.  Mission;  Henry 
Gansberger,  Mt  Eden;  D  McDonald. 
Murray;  Frank  H  Sayles,  Newark:  C 
B  Overacker,  Niles;  C  H  Miller. 
Ocean  View;  E  R  Jensen.  Palomares; 
S  F  Morrill,  Piedmont:  C  H  Schween. 
Pleasanton:  Thomas  Clines,  San  Lo- 
renzo; Wm  Day,  Vallecitos;  Manuel 
Brown,  Warm  Springs. 

Chief  of  Police — Adelbert  Wilson. 

Clerks  to  Chief  of  Police — G  D  Powers, 
W  A  Moore. 

Captain  of  Detectives— W  J  Petersen. 

Captains  of  Police  —  J  F  Lynch,  C  H 

Detectives — D  Holland.  W  B  Quigley,  S 
C  Hodgkins.  H  E  Green.  T  J  Flynn. 
R  V  McSorley,  W  F  Kyle.  H  H  Cald- 
well, P  J  Drew:  Clerk,  L  T  Agnew. 

Sergeants— B  L  Curtis.  M  A  Byrne.  J  H 
Walters,  W  M  McCloud.  Robt  Forgie. 
W  F  Woods,  T  Brown.  D  H  Walters, 
F  Schroeder. 

Court   Officer — John   Murray. 

Jailers— F  Schroeder,  H  L  Gilbert,  R  F 

Eighty    Patrolman. 

Town   Board   of   Trustees — W  H   Christie. 

President;    J    T    Doyle.    F   J    Stoer,    J   J 

Grane,    John    C    Coburn.    Trustees. 
Clerk   and   Assessor — F  H  Farr. 
Marshal  and  Tax  Collector — E  J  Carey. 
Frank    Poulter.    Treasurer;    R    S    Hawley. 

Engineer;   T  C  Judkins.   Attorney. 
Emeryville    Town    Hall,    Park    av    se    cor 



Sanitary  Board  of  Fruitvale  Sanitary  Dis- 
trict—C  D  Bennett.  Dep  Sec. 

Fruitvale  Fire  Dept — 1305  Bassett:  A  C 
Jacobson,  Chief:  Paul  R  Hoffmann, 
Foreman;    John   Quigley.    Engineer. 


Board  of  Trustees — Hugh  Craig,  presi- 
dent; Harry  St  L  Farr,  Geo  W  McNear 
Jr.   Wm    K  Vickery. 

Clerk — Frank  J   Steiger. 

Citv  Attorney — James  A  Ballentine. 

Marshal— S   A   Kendall. 

Treasurer — J   B   Richardson. 

Fire   Chief — E  K   Sprague. 


U  S  Appraisers— 417  9th;  T  E  Hearty, 

U  S  Collector  of  Customs — 814  Union  Sav- 
ings Bank  Bldg;  Frank  W  Cushing. 
Deputy    Collector. 

U  S  Internal  Revenue  Office — 2nd  floor 
Tribune    Bldg. 

Samuel  F  Rutter.  District  Deputy  Collec- 
tor; D  E  Chenoweth.  Deputy  Stamp 


U    S    Land    Office— Room    25,    P   O    Bldg; 

Truman    G    Daniells,    Register;    George 

Stone,   Receiver. 
U  S  Naval  Officer,  Port  of  San  Francisco 

—Geo  Stone,   U  S  Customs  Office,   S  F; 

H      B     Needham,      Representative,      814 

Union   Savings  Bank  Bldg. 
U    S    Examining   Board    for   Pensions — 521 

12th;  Henry  M  Fine,  M  D.  Examiner. 

U  S  District  Court  for  the  Northern  Dis- 
trict  of   California — SOS    Broadway;    Ar- 
thur P  Holland,  Referee  for  the  District 
of   Alameda    County. 

USA    Recruiting    Office — Room    1,    S5C 

U   S  Marine   Corps  Recruiting  Office — 472 

Tth;    Geo   T   Miller  in   charge. 


ACROPOLIS      HOSPITAL— 26th     av     and 

26th  st;  Jas  M  Shannon  Mngr  and  Resi- 
dent  Physician. 

Alameda  County  Infirmary — se  of  San 
Leandro,  nr  San  Lorenzo  Junction;  Wm 
A  Clark,  M  D,  Supt  and  Physican  in 

Alameda  County  Emergency  Hospital — w 
s  Franklin  bet  4th  and  5th;  Dr  O  D 
Hamlin,   Chief  Surgeon. 

Alameda  County  Receiving  Hospital,  In- 
sane Dept — w  s  Franklin  bet  4th  and 
5th;    Chas   A  Emlay.    Warden. 

Altenheim  (German  Old  People's  Home) 
— n  s  Hopkins  nr  Stevens  w  of  Fruit- 
vale  av;   Mrs   Eva  A  Behnken,   Matron. 

Babies'  Nursery  (Ladies'  Relief  Society) 
— 393   45th;  Annie  Dashwood,    Matron. 

Barbour's  Maternity  Home  and  Infants' 
Sanitarium — 604  5Sth;  Mary  E  Barbour, 

Beulah  Aged  Colored  Home  —  Leona 
Heights  nr  Mills  College;  Harriet  Da- 
vis, Matron. 

Beulah  Rescue  Home  (Salvation  Army) — 
Alice  nr  Mills  College;  Capt  Elizabeth 
Tanner,  Matron. 

Case  Sanatorium — 2249  Webster;  Dr  C  L 
Case,   Phys  in  Charge. 

Children's  Home— 393  55th;  conducted  by 
Ladies'  Relief  Society  of  Oakland;  Car- 
lie   G  Patterson,    Matron. 

Church  of  God  Missionary  Home — 719 
54th;   Rev  J  W  Byers   in  charge. 

East  Bay  Sanatorium — 1505  Telegraph 
av;    Gertrude    S   Courtright,    Supt. 

Fabiola  Hospital — Moss  av  ne  cor  Broad- 
way; Hester  M  Sutherland,  M  D,  Resi- 
dent Physician. 

Fred  Finch  Orphanage — e  s  Peralta  av  nr 
Hopkins;  Mrs  A  C  Damon,  Matron;  W 
C  Damon,  Supt. 

Hebron  Home — 644  Merrimac;  Mrs  M  Col- 
lins Jones   in  charge. 

Home  for  Aged  Women  (Ladies'  Relief 
Society)— 393  45th;  Mrs  Mary  D  Curtis, 

Home  of  Peace — Alice  ne  cor  Orchard, 
Beulah   Heights. 

Industrial  Home  for  the  Adult  Blind — 
3601  Telegraph  av;  Joseph  Sanders, 

Juvenile  Detention  Home  of  Alameda 
County— 413  19th;  James  M  Page, 
Supt;  Mrs  Agnes  Carlen,  Matron. 
King's  Daughters  Home  The — 3900  Broad- 
way; Mrs  Matilda  Brown,  Pres;  Helen 
M.  Henning,  Supt. 
Lowell     Sanatorium — 3215     Fruitvale     av; 

Dr  Frank  S  Lowell,  Medical  Director. 
Maternity  Home— 469    E    17th;    Pauline    M 

Vanderstraten,    Supt. 
Merrill  Institute— 673  36th. 
Missionary    Home— 719    54th;    Rev.    Jacob 

W  Byers  in  Charge. 
NAUHEIM    SANITARIUM — 470    28th;    Dr. 

W  H  Maxon,   Propr. 
Oakland    Central    Hospital— 51S-534    Wil- 
liam;  Gertrude  Montfort,   Supt. 
Oakland   Home    for   the   Aged— 166S    Web- 
ster.    Conducted   by  The   Little    Sisters 
of  the  Poor. 
Okabi   Hospital— 729-731  Alice;   Dr  Takuji 

Okabi,   Supt. 
Our   Lady's   Home    (for   aged    and    infirm 
females — 1810    34th    av.      In    charge    of 
Sisters  of  Mercy. 
TUTE—140  Claremont  av;  Dr.  J  L  Bo- 
hannon    in    charge.       (See    front    cover 
and  opp  6S0.) 
Pacific    Coast    Hospital    Association — 801- 
S04    Union    Savings    Bank    Bldg;    G    W 
Graydon,  Local  Manager. 
Pfund-Dietz  Orthopedic  Sanitarium,  Pfund 

&  Dietz  proprs — 1954  Webster. 
Providence     Hospital — Broadway     ne     cor 
26th.        Conducted    by     the     Sisters     of 
Rescue     Home     for     Girls — Undenomina- 
tional— Beulah  Park;  Mrs  S  M  Weather- 
wax,  Matron. 
St   Anthony's  Hospital— 919   Brush;   Dr  M 

M  Enos,   Pres. 

St    Joseph's    Home    for    Deaf    Mutes — 4002 

Telegraph  av.     Conducted  by  the  Sisters 

of  St  Joseph;  Sister  Valeria.  Superior. 

Smith   Cottages — 4th   av,    cor   Peralta   av, 

or  Cleveland  av. 
Tay  Memorial  Children's  Home — Jones  av 

nr  Hillside;   Mrs  Jennie   Stone,    Supt. 
Temporary  Home  for  Children — 662  Alice; 

Mrs  W  A  Mason,   Supt. 
United    States    Public    Health    and    Hos- 
pital Service— 221  8th;  Capt  W  C  Ruck- 
er,    Passed    Asst    Surgeon    in    Charge. 
West    Oakland   Home— 973    Campbell.      To 
administer     relief     to     foundlings,      or- 
phans    and     abandoned     children;    Mrs 
Geo  C  Ryno.  Sec;   Belle  Piller,  Matron. 
Young    Women's    Christian    Assn.    Board- 
ing Home — 1424   Franklin. 


Combs  John  Orchestra — 1264  6th  av. 
Conway's   Band — Idora  Park. 
Lyric     Orchestra — Hamilton     Hall;     H    iG 
Roleker,   Cond. 


Bank  of  Commerce  The — San  Pablo  av 
ne  cor  17th;  Pres,  E  M  Gibson; 
Vice-Pres  and  Mngr,  C  W  Fore;  2d 
Vice-Pres,  A  H  Hawley;  Cashier,  George 
H  Jessen. 

Bank  of  Elmhurst — s  s  E  14th  nr  Bay 
View  av — Pres,  L  M  Murdoch;  Vice- 
Pres  and  Mngr,  C  A  Phenegar;  Sec  and 
Cashier,  A  F  Horstman. 


Bank  of  Fruitvale— 3120  E  14th;  Capital, 
$25, COO;  Pres,  Delbert  L  Westover;  Vice- 
Fres  and  Cashier.  Roscoe  W  Westover; 
Branch  4612  E  14th.  Melrose. 

BANK  OF  GERMANY— 1225  Broadway; 
Incorporated  Julv  T.  1907;  Capital  paid 
in.  $106,020;  Surplus.  $79,000;  Pres,  Theo 
Gier-  Vice-Pres,  A  Kayser;  Sec,  G  E  De 
Golia;  Cashier.  R  F  Crist.  (See  back- 
bone and  p  7.)  _ 

Bankers  Trust  Company  of  Oakland, 
Cal  422  12th.  ne  cor  Broadway — Capi- 
tal paid  up.  $300,000;  Pres.  W  W  Garth- 
waite;  Vice-Pres,  Henry  Rogers;  Vice- 
Pres  J  Y  Eccleston;  Sec  and  Treas. 
James  A  Thomson;  Asst  Sec  and  Asst 
Treas,  D  A  Bulmore;  Trust  Officer,  W 
B   Dunning;   Attorney,   Arthur  G  Tash- 

California  Bank— 506  Oakland  Bank  of 
Savings  Bldg;  Receiver,  James  P  Edoft. 

tov  ne  cor  14th;  Capital.  $1,000,000; 
surplus.  $134,585;  Pres,  J  F  Carls  ton; 
Vice-Pres,  R  M  Fitzgerald;  Cashier,  H 
A   Mosher.      (See    front   cover). 

CENTRAL     BANK     (SAVINGS)— Capital. 
$300,000;     surplus.     $3590.08;     Pre~ 
Carlston;    Vice-Pres,    R     IV 
Cashier,  A  L  Harris.     (See  '"'■"■" '»■:''.■ 

Citizens'  Bank  of  Fruitvale— 3100  E  14th, 
Pr°s.  John  R  Hodge;  Vice-Pres,  L •  \\ 
Forsting;  Cashier  and  Ma-.iag?'.',  L  R05 

Elmhurst  Branch  Bank 
s  s  E  14th  nr  Wall. 

INGS BANK— Franklin  se  cor  13th. 
Capita]  $500  000;  Pres.  Edson  F  Adams; 
Vice-Pres,  Sam  Bell  McKee:  Secretary 
and  Cashier.  Geo  S  Meredith;  Asst 
Cashier.  F  C  Mai  tens.       See  p '  ».) 

LAN  D— Broadway.  San  Pablo  av  and 
14th;  Incorporated  May  15,  1876;  cap- 
ital p^id  up   5:3:  :oc   ?Tsa  p|:.^=?it° 

Vice-Pres.  L  C  Morehouse,  \ice-Pres 
L  G  Burpee;  Cashier,  E  N  Walter,  Asst 
Cashier    S  H  Kitto;  Asst  Cashier,   C   N 

First  National  Bank  Bldg  Broadway. 
San  Pablo  av  and  14th;  Incorporated 
1908'  Capital,  $300,000;  Pres,  P  E 
Bowlesf  Vice-Pres,  G  p  Metcalf;  Sec 
and   Cashier,   O   D   Jacob y.     (See  p   5) 

HARBOR  BANK— Broadway,  ne  cor  5th, 
Cash  capital.  $100,000.  Pres  F  W  Bih- 
ger;  Vice-Pres.  E  R  Tutt;  Vice-Pres,  . A 
Kendall;  Cashier.  C  B  Mersereau;  Asst 
Cashier    P  J  Jacobus  Jr.     (See  p  b.) 

Italfan Fugazi  Popular  Bank— Bradway 
tanan  „,_&1r  7^it„i  s%o  000.  Pres. 
N    Bel- 


San  Leandro — 

and    Eighth.      Capital,    $2^.0011 
Chev    J    F    Fugazi;    Cashier,    F 
grano;    Asst   Cashier,    A    Friant;    Local 
Mngr,    Guglielmo    Ghiglien.      (See _p   7.) 

wav  ne  cor  12th.  Incorporated  Aug  13. 
1867.  Capital  paid  up.  $1,000,000.  Pres, 
W  W  Garthwaite;  Cashier  and  Secre- 
tary, J  Y  Eccleston:  Asst  Cashier  Sam- 
uel' Breck:  Asst  Cashier,  F  A  Allardt; 
Asst  Sec.  J  A  Thompson.   (See  p  4.) 

Oakland  Clearing  House— 512   12th. 

Oakland  Japanese  Bank— 800  Branklin. 
Pres.  T  Masuda;  Vice-Pres,  T  Mitoma; 
Cashier,   T  Yamashita.         __,,„_.     ._ 

1022   Broadway.     Incorporated   March   0, 

1903.  Capital  paid  up,  $140,000.  Pres, 
H  C  Capwell:  Vice-Pres,  A  D  Wilson; 
Sec  and  Cashier,  C  A  Smith.  (See  p  6.) 

Slate  Savings  Bank — Thirteenth  nw  cor 
Franklin.  Capital  and  surplus,  $220,000. 
Pres,  J  C  McMullen;  Vice-Pres,  Dudley 
Kinsell;  Cashier,  R  J  McMullen;  Asst 
Cashier,  S  C  Bennetts. 

SYNDICATE  BANK  THE— 4S5  14th.  Cap- 
ital, $200,000;  paid  up  capital.  $107,500; 
Surplus,  $32,500.  Pres,  F  M  Smith; 
Vice-Pres,  Dennis  Searles:  Vice-Pres, 
and  Mngr,  B  F  Edwards;  Cashier. 
W  A  Shockley;  Asst  Cashier,  W  E 
Squires.      (See    p    6.) 

Tel  av  ne  cor  49th.  Pres,  W  B  Thomas; 
Vice-Pres,  Dr  Chas  A  Dukes;  Cashier, 
A  Van  der  Naillen  Jr;  Secretary  and 
Asst  Cashier,  W  S  Robinson.   (See  p  7.) 

Twentv-third  Avenue  Bank — Pres,  F  M 
Smith;  Vice-Pres,  Dennis  Searles; 
Mngr,  Benj  F  Edwards;  Cashier,  R  H 
Washington.     E  14th  se  cor  23d  av. 

UNION  SAVINGS  BANK — Broadway  ne 
cor  13th.  Pres,  Wm  G  Henshaw;  Vice- 
Pres.Charles  T  Rodolph;  Vice-Pres,  V  A 
Metcalf;  Cashier,  A  E  H  Cramer;  Asst 
Cashier,  L  E  Boardman:  Asst  Cashier. 
C  F  Gorman.     (See  p  6.) 

West  Oakland  Bank  and  Trust  Co— 178S 
7th.  Pies.  Oscar  F  Breiling:  Vice-Pres, 
Wm  Long:  Cashier.  J  S  Burpee;  Asst 
Cashier.   E  J  Breiling. 



See  Alphabetical  Department 


Evergreen  Cemetery  Assn,  Clarence  E 
Ross,  sec  and  supt,  Gibson  nr  Seminary 

Home  of  Peace  Cemetery  (Jewish) — North 
■  1  Bellevue  av  east  of  High,  Melrose 
Heights.  G  T  Hines,  custodian. 

Jewish  (First  Hebrew  Congregation  of 
Oakland)  —  Adjoining  Mountain  View 
Cemetery,  terminus  Piedmont  av. 

Mountain  View — Terminus  Piedmont  av. 
Andrew  D  Smith,  supt;  Chas  S  Mel- 
vin,  sec. 

— Mather  cor  Howe.  Pres,  Geo  W  Reed; 
Vice-Pres.  F  R  Jordan;  Sec,  Miss  Laura 
McDowell;   Supt.   F   R  Crawford. 

St  Mary's  (Roman  Catholic) — Adjoining 
Mountain  View  Cemetery  on  the  west, 
terminus  Howe.  Supt.  T  W  Kelly;  pres. 
Rev  T  MCcSweeney;  sec  and  treas,  Rev 
J  B  McNally. 

Sunset  View  Cemetery  Assn — 510  Union 
Savings  Bang  bldg. 


churches  are 

Pilgrim  Advent  Christian  Church— 33d  nr 

West.     Rev  M  MacFadyen  and  Mrs  N  L 

MacFadyen,  pastors;  r  696  32d. 
Twenty-fifth    Street    Adventist    Church — 

2!:th    st    nr    Telegraph    av.      Elder    G    A 

Snvder,  pastor;  r  2051  West. 



Beth  E.len  ( colored i — W  s  Filbert,  bet 
7th  and  Bth.  Rev  S  W  Hawkins,  pas- 
tor:  r  813  Marshall. 

Calvarv  Baptist  Church— 'West  nr  12th. 
Rev  Wm  Thomas,  pastor:  r  820  13th. 

Chinese  Baptist  Church— 915  Webster. 
Rev  Lee  Tsai  Leong.  pastor:  r  S45  Har- 

Claremont  Baptist — Alcatraz  av  nw  cor 
Benvenue  av. 

Danish  Baptist  Church — E  14th  cor  25th 
av.  Rev  Nels  Nielsen,  pastor:  r  1128  E 

First — TelegTaph  av  nw  cor  Jones.  Rev 
H  J  Vosburgh.  pastor:   r  474  26th. 

First  Free — 681  21st.  Rev  Jas  S  Cato. 
pastor;  r  562  Athens  av. 

First  Danish  Norwegian — Twenty-fifth  av 
nr  E  14th.  Rev  Xels  Neilsen.  pastor: 
r  1122  E  20th. 

First  Swedish — Magnolia  se  cor  10th.  Rev 
J  Alfred  Erikson.  pastor:  r  1129  Mag- 

Golden  Gate — Park  sw  cor  54th.  Rev  A  C 
Austin,  pastor:  r  108 

Melrose — Brvant  av  cor  Bond. 

Xorth  Oakland— s  s  29th  nr  San  Pablo  av. 

North  Oakland — S  s  29th  nr  San  Pablo. 

Plymouth — 1462  Grove. 

South  Berkeley — 653  65th.  Rev  Lewis  J 
Baker,  pastor:   r  655  55th. 

Tenth  Avenue — Tenth  av  ne  cor  E  14th. 
Rev  Charles  H  Irving,  pastor:  r  275  E 

Twentv-third  Avenue — Twenty-third  av 
nw  cor  E  17th.  Rev  Clarence  E  Max- 
field,  pastor:  r  1371  Irving  av. 


First — 13th  se  cor  Jefferson.  Rev  Thos  A 
Boyer.  pastor:  r  1697  Broadway. 

Fruitvale  Christian  Church — Fruitvale  av 
and  E  23d.  Robt  L  McHatton.  minis- 
ter:  r  3054  E  23d. 


First  Church  of  Christ.  Scientist — Frank- 
lin nw  cor  17th.  L  T  Haskell,  first 

Second  Church  of  Christ.  Scientist — 407 

Third  Church  of  Christ.  Scientist  (Fruit- 
vale i — E  14th  sw  cor  34th  av. 


First — Clay  nw  cor  12th.  Rev  Charies  R 
Brown,  pastor,  r  322  22d:  Rev  Loyal  L 
Wirt,   asst  pastor,  r  479  Orchard. 

Fitchburg — Henrv  ne  cor  Rudsdale. 

Fourth — 36th  and  Grove.  Rev  F  H  Maar. 
pastor:   r  3611  "West. 

Fruitvale  Congregational — Fruitvale  av 
cor  E  16th.  Rev  Burton  M  Palmer, 
pastor:   r  1519  Fruitvale  av. 

Japanese — 552  Sycamore.  Rev  S  Okubo. 
pa  stor. 

Market  Street — Market  nw  cor  ISth.  Rev 
Griffith    Griffiths,   pastor:   r   1426  Myrtle. 

Mission — Chinese.  359  9th. 

Pilgrim— 8th  av  bet  E  15th  and  E  16th. 
Rev  W  Ellsworth  Law  ton.  pastor:  r  1652 
11th  av. 

Plymouth — Howe  nr  Moss  av.  Rev  Al- 
bert W  Palmer,  pastor:   r  4160  Terrace. 

Second — Peralta  cor  10th.  Rev  Leslie  B 
Briggs.   pastor. 

Swedish  Mission — 1111  Filbert.  Rev  C  F 
Sar.dstrom.  pastor:  r  1429  Chestnut. 


Chapel  of  the  Good  Samaritan — 9th  ne  cot- 
Oak:  Rev  Alex  Allen,  rector;  r  314 
Grand   av. 

Church  of  the  Advent— 12th  av  se  cor  E 
16th.     J  F  Trivett.  pastor:  r  574  E  16th. 

Holy  Innocents  Chapel— Shattuek  av  bet 
Mth  and  55th.  Rev  Clifton  Macon,  pas- 
tor: r  497  29th.  Rev  X  Saunders,  vicar: 
r  570  27th. 

Mission  of  the  Good  Samaritan— Alice  nr 
od.  Rev  Alex  Allen  in  charge:  r  314 
Grand  av. 

St  Andrews  Parish  Church— 12th  ne  cor 
Magnolia.  Rev  O  St  John  Scott,  rector; 
r  11 4 1   Poplar. 

St  John's— Sth  sw  cor  Grove.     Rev  Edgar 

^  F  Gee.  rector:  r  663  Sth. 

St  Pauls — Grand  av  cor  Webster.  Rev 
Alex  Allen,  rector:   r  314  Grand  av. 

St  Philip's  Mission — Nicol  av  se  cor  Capp 
Rev  M  T>  Wilson,  rector:  r  2514  Peralta 

Trinity_" Tel<?SraPh  av  sw  cor  29th.  Rev 
t  hflon  Macon,  rector:  r  4»7  29th.  Rev 
F  A  Martyr,  curator:  r  497  29th. 


Friends    Church — Fifty-second    cor.    We=t 

Rev  Levi  Gregory,   pastor:  r  S31  54th. 


Beth  Abraham  Congregation — e  s  Harri- 
son 3  s  of  Sth.  Rev  B  Garfinkle,  rabbi- 
r    1136    Chestnut. 

Beth  Jacob  Congregation — Castro  ne  cor 
Sth.  Rev  Dr  Brachia  Maverocovitz 
rabbi:    r   1054   10th. 

First  Hel-rew  Congregation  of  Oakland— 
12th  nw  cor  Castro.  Rev  M  Fried- 
lander,   rabbi:   r  29  Moss  av. 


Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter  Dav 
Saints— 11th  cor  Clay.  Alvin  Kedding- 
ton.   presiding   elder:   r  363   29th. 

Reorganized  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of 
Latter  Day  Saints — Magnolia  cor  16th 
J  M  Terry,  pastor;   r  1230  Moss  av. 


First  English  Evangelical— Grove  sw  cor 
16th.  Rev  Oscar  H  Gruver.  pastor-  r 

Our  Savior's  Danish  Norwegian  Luther- 
an Church — E  15th  nw-  cor  2d  av.  Rev 
Peter    J    Ostergard    pastor,    r    same. 

St  Mark's  German  Evangelical — S64  Fil- 
bert. Rev  Karl  C  Struckmeier.  pas- 
tor:   r   1506    26th   av. 

St  Paul's  English  Evangelical— 32d  nw 
cor  Linden.  Siguid  B  Hustvedt.  pas- 
tor:   r   1007    32d. 

St  Paul's  Swedish  Evangelical — 10th  nw 
cor  Grove.  Rev  X  P  Anseen.  pastor:  r 
rear  of  church. 

Trinity  German  Evangelical — East  Fif- 
teenth sw-  cor  Seventeenth  av:  Rev 
Henry  E  Haserodt.  pastor:  r  815  E  15th. 

Trinity  Norwegian  Lutheran — Athens  av 
nr  San  Pablo  av  and  25th.  Rev  M  A 
Christensen.    pastor:    r    S72    Milton. 

Zion's  German  Evangelical — Twelfth  sw 
cor  Myrtle.  Rev  J  H  Theiss.  pastor; 
r  959   12th. 




Allendale  M  E-Allendale  av  cor  Over. 
Rev  Hugh  Baker,  pastor;  r  3037  38th  av. 

Centennial  M  E— 9th  sw  eor  Chester. 
Rev  Alfred  J  Caser,  pastor;   r  1462  8th. 

Cooper's  African  M  E  Zion— 955  Camp- 
bell. Rev  Wm  J  J  Byers,  pastor;  r 
1158   Campbell. 

Eighth  Avenue— Sth  av  sw  cor  E  17th. 
Rev  L  L  Loofbourow,  pastor;  r  1319 
8th   av.  _        T  , 

Elmhurst— 1569  Saratoga  av.  Rev  John 
A    Elkins,    pastor;    r    same. 

First— 14th  se  cor  Clay.  Rev  Geo  TV 
White,  pastor;  r  215  Athol  av;  Rev  Wm 
C    Poole,    asst    pastor;    r    226    Brooklyn 

First    African   M   E— 15th   nr  West.     Rev 

A  O  D  Steele,  pastor;   r  2020  Adeline. 
First   .German    M    E    Church— Cor    Tel    av 

and    3Sth.     Henry   J    Hobert,    pastor;    r 

494    38th.  _,. 

First    M    E    (South)— 34th      ne    cor      Elm. 

Rev   C    P  Moore,   pastor;   r   472    34th 
First      Norwegian    and      Danish— 20th    bet 

San    Pablo    and      Telegraph      ays       Rev 

Frank   A   Scarvis,    pastor;    r   5i4    20th. 
Fruitvale    M    E— School    nw     cor    Boston 

av.      Rev    Francis    W    Lloyd,    pastor;    r 

3020  Champion. 
Golden  Gate— Park  ne  cor  5Sth.     Rev  b  E 

Crowe,    pastor;    r    5S02    Park. 
Grace    M    E— Market    nw    cor    34th.      J    M 

Barnhardt,    pastor;    r   S20    36th. 
Japanese   M   E   Mission— 970   West.      Sue- 

noshin   Kawashima,    pastor 
Japanese  M  E  Mission   (South)— 765  15th. 

Rev   Clarence    E   Reid.    Supt. 
Melrose    M    E      Church-Bay      av    se    cor 

Bond.     Rev   Francis  M  Archer,   pastor; 

r   1937    Steinway   av. 
Salems    German— 23d    av    se    cor    E    17th. 

Rev  Reinhard   Steinhach,   pastor,   l    llbl 

SlSttuck      Avenue-Shattuck      av    ne    cor 

63d.     Rev  W  W  Case,  pastor;  r  664  60th. 

Swedish— Market      and  n  13th.      Rev    A    E 

Twenty-fourth1  Avenue— Ekst  15th  ne  cor 
24th i  av.  Rev  John  E  Wright,  pastor; 
r   1210   E   15th. 


Brooklyn-East  15th  sw  cor  12th  av  Rex 
Henry  K   Sanborne.   pastor;   r  1426   10th 

CeanVtennial-24th  av  ne  cor  E I  17  th.  Rev 
O  E  Hart,   pastor;    r  1372    24th av. 

Chinese  Presbyterian  Church  and  Chiis- 
t  an  Association-835  Harrison.  Rev 
Ira    Condit     pastor;    r   1300   Alice 

Dirnond-n  s  Palmetto  3  w  of  Boston  av. 

EmmanueI-Alden-49th    nw   cor   Cherry. 

First— 14th  ne  cor  Franklin.  Rev  Frank 
L    Goodspeed,    pastor;    r    Hotel    Metro- 

Frr'st-Elmhurst,  e  s  Jones  av  nr  E  14th. 
Rev    J    P    Gerrior,    pastor;      r    opp    the 

First  United  Presbyterian  Church— Cas- 
tro and  18th.  Rev  Paul  Stewart,  pas- 
tor-  r   1366   Castro. 

Fruitvale— Palmetto  nr  Boston  av.  Ke\ 
Franklin    Rhoda,    pastor;    r    Lincoln    av 

Go1aen°Ga^Bth  sw  cor  Park.  Rev 
Edw  Eccleston.  pastor;  r  20o5  Kicn 
mond    av. 

Grace  Presbyterian  Church— 62d  st,  bet 
Grove  and  Dover. 

High  Street  Presbyterian  Church — 1525 
High.  Rev  C  C  Herriott,  pastor;  r 

Telegraph  Avenue  Mission  Sunday  School 
of  First  Presbyterian  Church — 1002  Tel- 
egraph  av. 

Union   Street— Union   bet   8th   and    10th. 

■Welsh— Harrison  bet  13th  and  14th.  Rev 
Josiah    Daniels,    pastor;    r   1015   7th   av. 

Church    of   the    Immaculate    Conception- 
Jefferson  sw  cor  8th.     Rev  E  P  Demp- 

sey,    pastor;    r    851    Jefferson. 
Church    of    the    Sacred    Heart— Grove    cor 

40th.      Rev    Lawrence    Serda,    pastor;    r 

684   40th. 
Franciscan  Monastery— 1534  34th  av.  Very 

Rev    Engelbert   Gey,    O   F  M,    Superior. 
St    Andrew's — 36th    se    cor    Adeline.      Rev 

P    J    Quinn,    pastor. 
St    Anthony's— E    15th    cor   16th    av.      Rev 

Peter   C   Yorke,    pastor;    r  1267   16th   av. 
St    Augustines— Dana      cor      Alcatraz    av. 

Rev    B    J      McKinnon,      pastor;      r    6441 

Regent,   Berkeley. 
St  Bernards— Orion  ne  cor  Baker  av.  Rev 

Jos    Kiley.    rector. 
St    Colomba's— 6401    San    Pablo    av.      Rev 

J  A  Butler,  pastor;  r  6401  San  Pablo  av. 
St    Elizabeth's— 34th    av    nr   E    14th.      Rev 

Victor   Aertker,    O    F   M,    pastor;    r   at 

St    Francis    de    Sales— Grove    nw    cor  Ho- 

bart       Rev   Thomas    McSweeny.    pastor; 

Revs  Chas  Baschab,  W  J  Cantwell  and 

p   J   O'Connor,    assistants. 
St  Joseph's  Portuguese— Chestnut  bet    ,th 

and    Sth.      Rev    Joseph      Galli,      pastor; 

Rev    Henrique      Ferreira,      assistant;    r 

1102   7th. 
St    Mary's— Jefferson    sw    cor    8th       Rev 

E  P   Dempsey.   pastor;   r  851   Jefferson  - 

Rev  J  J  Burri.   Rev  Thos  Kennedy  and 

Rev    Thns   Hill,    assistants. 
St     Patrick's— 10th     nr     Peralta.       Rev     ./ 

B.  McNally,    pastor;    r   1015    Peralta. 


First    Spiritual    Church— S19    Athens   ay. 
Trinity   Spiritual   Church— Woodmen  Hall. 
521     12th. 

First— Castro  se  cor  14th.     Rev  Wm  Day 
Simonds,    pastor;    r   1233   1st   av. 


United    Brethren— 34th    cor    Adeline       Rev 

Marion   R   Drury,   pastor;   r  1116   34th. 

First— Castro      se      cor     18th.      Rev    Paul 
Stewart,  pastor;   r  1366  Castro. 

American   Baptist   Missionary  Union— Rev 

A    W    Rider,    Pacific     Coast     see.    906 

Apostolic    Faith    Mission— 2»6    Sth. 
Bethel    -Mission— 301    9th. 
Chinese   Free   Mission— 370  6th. 
Congregational   Chinese   Mission— 359 A   '.Mb 
Christian    Men's    Home— 360   6th. 



Christian  Missionary1  Alliance — 128  Tel  av 
Church  of  Christ— 3906  San   Pablo  av. 
Church    of    Christ    Mission— Lincoln    Hall. 
Church    of    the    Nazarene — West    se      cor 

9th.      Rev    P    G    Linaweaver,    pastor:    r 

7S1    8th. 
Cosmic    Assembly— Maple    Hall,    cor    14th 

and  Webster.     Services  Sunday,  8  p.  m. 
Gospel    Hall— 1013    Sail    Pab    av. 
Helping   Hand    Mission— 315    9th. 
Japanese    Buddhist    Mission — 63    6th. 
Missionary    Home— 719    54th.      Rev    Jacob 

W    Byers    in    charge. 
Reformed   Presbyterian  Mission — 914  Har- 
Salvation   Army — 523   Ninth. 
Seaman's    Mission — West    nr    12th.      Louis 

Thompson,    supt. 
Seaman's  Rest— 709   Broadway.   Rev  Jesse 

Smith,  pastor;  r  1600  Scenic  av,   Berke 

Theosophical   Society — 575   13th. 
Union    City    Mission — 665    Alice.      Wm    A 

Mason,    supt. 
Union    Mission    Army — 688^4    25th. 
Volunteers       of       America — Headquarters, 

594  Jones. 
Whosoever  Will   Rescue  Mission — 366   9th. 
Young      Women's      Christian      Assn — 1424 



Alameda    County    Progress    Club — 318    San 

Pablo    av.      I    Lees,    Sec. 
Allendale  Improvement  Club — Meets  every 

Tuesday   evening    at   Allendale   Hall.      E 

D    Scuthwick,    Sec. 
Athenian   Club — Athenian  Club   BUIk.    14th 

nw    cor   Franklin       G    C    Davis,    Sec. 
Carlyle   Club— S34  Wood.   Harry   Lee,    Sec. 
Carpenter's      Headquarters      Club  ■ —  1015 

Clay.      C    E    Blake.    Mngr. 
Century    Atnletic    Club— Dennison    Settle- 
ment Hall. 
Charros   Club— 418   11th.      C   R  Kelly.    Sec. 

Meets  2d  and  4th  Tuesdays  each  month 
house,   Clifton    e    of    Broadway,    Clare- 

raont.     J  H  Ames,  Sec. 
Columbia    Boat    Club — Clubhouse,    foot    of 

6th   av. 
Crescent   Canoe    Club — Clubhouse,    foot    o' 

6th   av. 
Deutseher    Club — 410      13th.      John    Gripn 

Ebell   Society— 1230  Harrison.     Mrs  Frank 

M  Hurd,   Sec. 
Elks*   Club— 416   Fourteenth.     M  A  Whid- 

den.    Sec. 
Fruitvale    Forum — Meets      Congregational 

Armory.     Mrs  W  D  Pinkston.  Sec. 
Greater      Oakland      Harbor     League — 1016 

Broadway.     Naph  B  Greensfelder,   Fres. 
Home    Club — Mrs      James      Tallman,    bus 

sec.       Meets     first     Thursday     of      each 

month    at    4th    av    cor    Peralta    av. 
Lumbermen's   Club — 507  Oakland   Bank  of 

Savings    Bldg. 
New  California  Jockey  Club — Race  Track, 

Emeryville.      S    F   Office.    212    Stockton. 

Thomas  H  Williams.   Pres:   D  M  Burns. 

Vice-Pres;    Percy   W   Treat,    Sec. 
Nile    Club— 670    13th.      Emil    Fritsch,    Sec. 
Oakland    Baseball      Club       (Pacific    Coast 

.League) — Oakland    Association,      Mngrs. 

727  First  National  Bank  Bldg.     Herbert 

S   McFarlin,    Sec. 

Oakland"  Club— Meets  every  Wednesday 
»?CpJH°nth  "^.Pting  July  and  August 
at  Pythian  Castle,  229  12th  cor  Alice. 
Or   C    S   Aldrich,    Sec. 

Oakland  New  Century  Club— 801  Peralta 
nw  cor  Atlantic.     Mrs  R  Watt,  Pres. 

Oakland  Orpheus  Male  Voice  Chorus— 
Mttts  aav  Mnntlay  8  p  m  at  St  1  ml  •• 
Church,  Grand  av  and  Webster  P  J 
Mohr,    Sec. 

Oakland  Turn  Verein  (German  School)— 
Meets  every  Saturday,  9  a  m,  S24  Web- 

Oakland  Waiters'  Social  Club— 868  Broad- 
way.    Andr   Le    Beuf,    mngr. 

Plymouth  Athletic  Club— Howe  nr  Moss 
av.  Everett  Weislander,  Sec;  r  4102 

Pi  ogress  Club— S65  Bway.  Meets  every 
Thursday   night.      J    Less,    sec. 

Railroad  Men's  Club— 606  E  11th.  John 
B    Jones,    Sec. 

Railway  Mail  Service  Club— 1345  8th  av 
G  A   Tyler,   Pres. 

Reliance  Athletic  Club— Harrison  se  cor 
13th.      W    J    Steward,    Supt. 

Santa  Fe  Improvement  Club— 807  55th. 

Seminole  Club— 320  14th.  Chas  H  Harvey 

Swedish  Political  Club— Meets  the  first 
Tuesday  of  each  month,   I  O  O  F  Hall 

Swiss  American  Athletic  and  Social  Club 
— 572    7th.      Jos    Pepino.    Sec. 

Union  League  Club— 107  Bacon  Bldg 
George    C    Perkins.    Pres. 

Unitarian  Club — H  D  Cushing.  Sec 

West  Oakland  Athletic  Club— Pine  se  cor 

Workingmen's   Club — 1707   Pacific. 


Room  420  Central  Bank  Bldg. 

Regular  meetings  second  and  fourth 
Tuesdays    of    each    month. 

A   L  Hannaford,    President. 

John  W  McClymonds.  Supt  and  Secretary. 

Win    M    Greenwell,    Asst    Supt. 

R  B  S  York,   Dept  Supt  and   Secretary. 

Frank  B  Cook.  Edward  E  Crandall.  *  Dr 
A  S  Kelly,  Charles  H  O'Connor.  Calvin 
M  Orr,  Dr  James  B  Wood,  J  W  Evans 
Dr  M  L  Emerson.  Samuel  A  Went- 
worth,    Leo    R   Weil. 

Dept  Mechanic— F  C   Bignami. 


Bay  School — San  Pablo  av  and  Crawford 
Thos    O    Crawford,    prin. 

Campbell  School— Grove  bet  4th  and  5th 
Mary  M   Campbell,    prin. 

Clawson  School— Magnolia  bet  Thirty- 
second  and  Thirty-fourth.  Julia  'e 
Colby,    prin. 

Cole  School — Tenth  and  Union  sts.  S  P 
Meads,    prin. 

Durant  School — Twenty-eighth  nr  Grove. 
S   G    S   Dunbar,    prin. 

Emerson  School — Forty-eighth  and  Web- 
ster.    J  A  Vergon,  prin. 

Franklin  School — Tenth  av  and  E  15th. 
J   F   Chandler,   prin. 

(Garfield  School — East  Seventeenth  sw 
cor  Twentylthird  av.  Ellen  Gibbs, 



Garfield    Evening      School— J    A      Brenan. 

Grant      School — Broadway      cor      Twenty- 
ninth   sts.     H  C   Petray,   prin. 
Grant    Annex — Perry    cor   Van    Buren    ay. 

Anna   M    Richardson,    vice   prin. 
Harrison  School — 14th  sw  cor  Harrison.    H 

M    Mullen,    prin. 
Highland    School    (EIrnhurst)— Ss    1st    be' 

Highland    and      Oakland    ays.      John    F 

Seamon,  prin. 
Lafayette   School — West   bet     Seventeenth 

and    Eighteenth.     C   F   Gulick.   prin. 
Lincoln     School — Alice     bet       Tenth       and 

Eleventh.     J  P  Garlick.  prin. 
Longfellow  School— Market  bet  Apgar  and 

39th.     J  C  Gilson.  prin. 
Manual    Training    and    Commercial    High 

School— Market     nw     cor     12th.      P     M 

Fisher,  prin. 
Oakland    High    School— Twelfth    and    Jef- 
ferson   sts.      Chas   E  Keyes,    prin. 
Peralta   School — Alcatraz  av  nr  Telegraph 

av.     E  A  Wilson,   prin. 
Piedmont    School— Piedmont    av    cor   Echo 

ay.      R   S   Wheeler,    prin. 
Prescott    School — Campbell   and   Tenth.      J 

E  Addicott.   prin. 
Prescott    Evening    School — Campbell    and 

Tenth.     Lovell  K  Fraser,   tchr. 
Swett      School— Twelfth      av      and      East 

Twentieth   st.     Irvin   D  Martin,    prin. 
Swett   School  Annex— 13th  av  cor  E  3Sth. 

Francis    Miotke.    prin. 
Tompkins    School — Fifth    and    Linden    sts. 

Adeline    E    Walton,    prin. 
Washington    School — Shattuck    av    se    cor 
Sixty-first.      C    Ernst    Hudspeth,     prin 


BEULAH  SCHOOL— Tompkins  av  e  of 
Huntington,  Beulah  Heights. 

ELMHURST— W   D  Spencer,  prin. 

EMERYVILLE— Forty-first  nr  San  Pablo 
av.     Daniel   F   Lacy,  prin. 

Foothill  boulevard  bet  45th  and  47th 
avs.     Frank  S  Rossiter,  prin. 

FRICK  SCHOOI Boulevard  av,  Fitch- 
burg.      Sarah    Young,    prin. 

FRUITVALE— Dewey  School.  Washing- 
ton  cor  Merrill  av.     Julius   C   Haramel, 

Boston  av  cor  School.     Alice  J   Swasey, 

FRUITVALE      SCHOOL     NO      2— Tallant 

and   Fruitvale  av.     Paul  Martin,   prm. 
FRUITVALE    SCHOOL    NO    3— Penniman 

av   nr   Short.      Alice   V   Baxley.    prm. 
LOCKWOOD    SCHOOL— 1227    44th    av.      C 

H  Greenrnan.   prin. 
MELROSE — East    Fourteenth      cor   Blaine 

av    Melrose.      David    Williams,    prin. 
MELROSE        HEIGHTS        SCHOOL— 211", 

Bryant    av,    Melrose. 
PIEDMONT   SCHOOL — N  s   Bonita    av    nr 

Oakland    av.      Clara   Crumpton.    prm. 
REDWOOD     SCHOOL      ( Pimond)  —  James 

R   Dodson,    clerk. 


Academy  of  Our  Lady  of  Lourdes  (school 
for    girls)— Cor    E    Fifteenth    and     Fif- 

teenth   av.    conducted   by   the    Sisters   of 
Baptist    Mission   School— 358   Fifth. 
California     College — East      Twenty-eighth 
bet  Thirteenth   and  Fourteenth  avs.     A 
A   Macurda,    pres. 
California    Concordia    College    (school    for 
Boys)— 876    E      Fifteenth.      Rev      Theo 
Brohm,    prin. 
Chabot    School— 66    Sixth.      School    of    do- 
mestic   science.      Mabel    Burke      Jones 
Convent     of     Our     Lady     of     the     Sacred 
Heart      ( boarding      school      for      young 
ladies)— 1534    Webster    st. 
East    Bay    Training    School    for    Nurses— 
1505    Telegraph    av.    Gertrude    S    Court- 
right,    supt. 
English-Japanese    School — 555    Hobart. 
Fabiola   Hospital   and   Training  School  for 

Nurses — Moss    av    cor    Broadway. 
Hambleton    Mrs   M    S,    963    Oak. 
San    Pablo   av  ne   cor  16th.      (See   back- 
bone  and  opp   p   438.) 
Horton    School    The — Twelfth    ne    cor   Fil- 
bert   st.      Miss   S   W  Horton.    prin. 
International     Corres     Schools — 475     Elev- 
enth.     John    R   Talt.    div    supt. 
MILLS   COLLEGE— Fifty-ninth   av  1  mile 
ne    of    San    Leandro      rd.      Miss      Luella 
Clay    Carson,    L    L    D,    pres.      tSee    adv 
Mission  School  of  True  Sunshine— 256  6th. 
SIC—203-205     Twelfth.       Adolf    (Gregory, 
director.      (See    left    top   corner   cards.) 
Oakland    School    of      Medicine — Grove    nw 

cor   31st.      Dr   C   Wellman,    sec. 
Oakland  Shorthand   Institute— 1065  Wash- 
ington.    F  G  Ilsen,  prin. 
ra.-ifi.-    States   Auto    School— 670    39th. 
Parsons    Miss    Anna    J.    S64    34th. 
Fercival  Dressmaking  School — 1065  Wash- 
306    Twelfth    cor    Harrison.       (See     opp 
classified  colleges.) 
Ransom-Bridges  School — 321  Highland  av. 
St    Anthony's     School     ( for      boys) — East 
Sixteenth  and  Sixteenth  av.     Conducted 
by    the    Christian    Brothers. 
St  Elizabeth's  School   (for  boys  and  girls) 
—1538    34th    av.        Conducted      by      the 
Dominican    Sisters. 
St    Frances    de    Sales    School — Jones    cor 
Grove;   school   conducted    by   the    Sisters 
of    the    Holy    Names. 
St  Joseph's  Institute — Eleventh  nr  Camp- 
bell;    convent     and     girls'     school     con- 
ducted    by     the     Sisters    of    St    Joseph: 
boys'   school  conducted  by  the  Christian 
St    Mary's    College — Broadway    cor    Haw- 
thorne av.     Conducted   by  the   Brothers 
of  the  Christian    Schools. 
St    Mary's    School    (for      boys)— Jefferson 
cor  Seventh.     Conducted  by  the   Sisters 
of    the    Holy    Names. 

St    Mary's    School    dor    girls) — Grovi 

Seventh.  Conducted  by  the  Sisters  of 
the  Holy  Names. 
Sacred  Heart  School  (for  girls  and  boys) 
— Forty-first  nr  Grove.  Conducted  by 
the  Sisters  oJt  the  Holv  Names.  Resi- 
dence   of    the    Sisters    G64    Forty-first. 



GINEERING     THE— Telegraph     av    cor 

Whitglft    Hall— n    s    Fifty-ninth    nr    Ross, 
zion'f      German      and    English      School 

Twelfth  sw  cor  Myrtle.     John  G   lneiss, 


Fast    Oakland   Free    Kindergarten— n    s    h, 

16th    bet    15th    and    16th    avs.      Mary    E 

Cental    Free      Kindergarten-740    Harri- 
son.     Adeline    Mincher.    tcnr. 
North    Oakland    Kindergarten    (free)-102 

We^0aakland      Free      Kindergarten-801 
Peralta        Winnie    M    McParland,     prm. 
Wilev     Beth    B— 1125    Adeline. 
Y    W    C    A    Kindergarten-1064    Dennison. 


Alameda   County   Planing  Mills   Assn-209 

Albany    blk.      F    H    Oates,    sec. 
Altmedl     County      Po«"ry      Assn-Meetj 

annually   at   Mora   Park    in   Dec.      C    u 
Xme'rican'Ynstitution    of    Banking    (Oak- 

"and    Chapter)-512    Twelfth.      Golden    L 

BoWerns-lgProtective    Assn    (Ins)-50S    6th 
Bu^dtrsBErSn|^0  EigMeenth.     J  H 

Co3S»at    Protect^  Assn 
Fr^k{inBaAs°snocSmn   &  ^»a   County 

T^ursIaT^-h  Sf  Waited  <Har- 

S°on     ores     F   W    Richardson     vice- 

™PfctaresW  Carruth.  treas;  Charles 

P^cL™,  sec;  6WB.£.ud^r. 

Grocers'    Association— 419    Twelfth. 

Material'DeTlers'  Association-209  Albany 

MERCHAN^^HANGE-f^       UU, 

O^U^B^ror^e    ^erwriters- 

0^ndBrBaeaerBottreres?  S$£ '  of  Trade. 


°^2"th    cof     Franklin.      W      S    Mackay. 

r^es ■    H    C      Capwell,      vice-pres;      C    J 

Hees'eman,  treas;  Adna  A  Demson,  sec. 


Netherlands  The— 1392  Harrison.  Geo  J  G 
Morsily.    consul. 


Admiral  D  D  Porter  Post.  No  169— Meets 
first  Monday  evening  of  each  month, 
1124  Clav.  Hall  No  2,  Foresters  Hall. 
J  S  Dumsen.  Commander. 

Appomattox  Post.  No  50— Meets  first  and 
third  Saturdays,  at  407  13th.  W  R 
Thomas.  Commander. 

Appomattox  Relief  Corps.  No  5 — Meets 
every  Thursday  afternoon.  2  o'clock,  at 
I  OO  F  Hall.  Mrs  Sarah  J  Farwell. 
pres;  Mrs  Ada  M  Brown,  treas. 


Lyon  Post,  No  S — Meets  every  first  and 
third  Tuesday  evenings,  at  Castle  Hall. 
Jos  A  Colquhoun,   Post  Commander. 

Lyon  Relief  Corps.  No  6 — Meets  every 
Tuesdav  afternoon,  2  o'clock,  at  414 


Col  John  B  Wyman   Circle,  No  22 — Meets- 
every  Thursday,  2  p  m,  at  414  11th. 

Col  E  D  Baker  Camp.  No  1— Meets  first 
and  third  Thursday  evenings  at  Wood- 
men Hall,  414  lLth. 

Col  E  D  Baker  Auxiliary.  No  1 — Meets 
second  and  fourth  Thursday  evenings 
at  Woodmen  Hall. 


Alameda    County    Daw    Library  —  Court 
House.     Miss   Claire   C   Cushing,   secre- 
tary and  librarian. 
Blake  &  Moffitt  Law  Library— 906  Broad- 
Book    Lovers   Library— 1110   Clay.     Oliver 

G  Beardslee,   librarian. 
Christian     Science     Free     Reading     Room. 
(First   Church    of   Christ)— Franklin    nw 
cor    Seventeenth.      Miss    C    A   Wheaton, 
Countv  Board  of  Education,  Teachers    Li- 
brary—Hall  of  Records  Bldg. 
ted  Directory  Co,  room  7,  906  Broadway. 
Metaphysical      Circulating     Library     and 
Free    Reading   Rooms— 719    14th.      Meet- 
ings,   Sundays,   11  a  m.     Helen  E  Close, 
Ida  B  Elliott,   teachers. 



Jas  A  Morrow,  Pres;  John  A  Brewer, 
Sec;  Dr  Oliver  T  Wilson,  Frank  M  Par- 
cells,  Chas  Quayle. 

Oakland  Free  Library — Fourteenth  sw  cor 
Grove.  Charles  S  Greene,  librarian; 
Frederick  Irons  Bamford,  associate  li- 
brarian; Mrs  Carrie  Knapp  Louderback, 
chief  of  the  circulation  department; 
Miss  Edith  Stetson,  first  assistant;  Miss 
Katherine  D  Jones,  Miss  Linda  A 
Kemp,  Mrs  Harriet  M  Hill,  assistants; 
Miss  Jennie  M  Fenton,  cataloguer;  Miss 
Martha  E  Haven,  branch  and  document 
department;  Miss  Mabel  W  Thomas, 
Miss  Kate  L  Whitten,  assitsants  in  ref- 
erence department;  Miss  Florence  E 
Browne,  Miss  Irene  V  D  Bangs,  cura- 
tors of  children's  room;  Miss  Edith  A 
Hibberd,  curator  of  reading  room;  J  C 
Epperson,  evening  curator  of  reading 
room:  Mrs  Lizzie  Slattery,  book  mend- 
er; E  A  Perrin,  janitor;  John  C  Ells- 
worth. William  L  Shelley,  assistants 
Mrs  I  G  McConne.ll,  Miss  Ruth  Terpen- 
ing,  Miss  Isabel  Curtis,  Miss  Margaret 
W~  Baird,  Miss  Mary  E  Perry,  Miss 
Minnie  C  Shreve;  Charles  P  Wil- 
comb,  curator  of  museum.  Open  from 
9  a  m  to  9  p  m.  except  Children's  Room. 
which  closes  at  8  p  m.  Sundays.  Read- 
ing Room  only  from  10  a  m  to  2  p  m. 
Closed   legal    holidays. 


Branch  Reading  Rooms — 

Alden— 4751  Telegraph  av.  Miss  M  E  Bur- 
dick,   curator. 

East  Oakland— 580  E  Twelfth.  Mrs  Eliza- 
beth  Ross,   curator. 

Golden  Gate — 3796  San  Pablo  av.  Miss 
Kstella  P  Mincher.  curator. 

North  Oakland — 2202  San  Pablo  av.  Mrs 
Gertrude  Hill,  curator. 

Twenty-third  Avenue — 12S7  Twenty-third 
av.     Mrs  Ida  M  Sterling,  curator. 

West  Oakland— 862  Peralta.  Miss  Clara 
Osborn,   curator. 

All  branch  rooms  open  week  days.  9am 
to  9  p  m;  Sundays,  2  to  5  p  m;  closed 
legal   holidays. 

Fruitvale  Library— S  s  E  14th  bet  Fruit- 
vale  and  29th  avs. 

Tabbard  Inn — 23  Telegraph  av. 

Theosophical  Free  Library — 575  Thir- 


A   Uno   i  Portuguese  weekly) — 815  Adeline. 

M  F  M    Trigueiro.   publisher. 
Alameda     Citizen     (monthly) — 710     Broad- 
way.     West    Coast    Printing    Co,    pub- 
Bulletin  The   (S  F)— 1172  Broadway. 
California      Zeitung      (weekly) — Wolfgang 

Baumgart,  editor  and  propr,   62S   13th. 
Central    Oakland    Topics— 540    53d.      F    A 

Pritchard.   publisher. 
Chronicle  The  (S  Fl— 1236  Bway. 

(Issued  daily).  All  the  Building  News  of 
Alameda    County;    Advance    Information 
Covering    the    Entire    Coast:     Subscrip- 
tions   Received    at    550    18th.    Oakland: 
Main  Office  1325  Mission.   S  F. 
Daily  New  World   (Japanese)— 360  8th. 
Duffy's  Magazine  and  Pacific  Coast  Guide 
(monthly  i— 13S7    Franklin.      C    O    Duffy, 
Elmhurst     Review     (weekly)— E     14th     nr 

Bav  View  av.     Frank   Storer.  editor. 
Evening  Mail— 1464  Grove.     G  W  McKim, 

bus   mngr. 
EXAMINER    THE    (S    F)— 1070    Bway. 
Fruitvale  Progress  (weekly) — 1411  36th  av. 

C  Leidecker,  publisher. 
Institute  Journal    (monthly) — 261   Twelfth. 

T  M  I.  publishers. 
Japanese    American — 2S2    Sth.      Takeshi ta 

Shizuma,  propr. 
Last    Days    The    (monthly)— Rear    S56    E 
Twentieth.      Thomas    Wilson,    publisher. 
Living   Way    The— 644    Merrimac.      Rev   J 

A  Fraser,  editor. 
Maple      Leaf     The      (monthlvi    —    261 -2t;." 

Twelfth.     M  A  Mclnnis,   mngr. 
Melrose  Messenger  (weekly) — 4724  E  14th. 

W  P  TruesdeTl,  editor. 
Messiah's     Advocate     (weekly)— 712     Sev- 
enth.    W  R  Young,   editor. 
Neighbor     The     I  weekly)— 3037     SSth     av. 

Rev  Hugh  Baker,  publisher. 
Nurses    Journal    of    the    Pacific    Coast — 14 
Bacon     bldg.       Elsie     Courrier     Phillips. 
OAKLAND   ENQUIRER   (daily  and  week- 
ly)— 416-418    Tenth.      Oakland    Enquirer 
Publishing  Co,  pubs.     G  B  Daniels,  pres 
and  mngr. 
OAKLAND      EXAMINER       (daily)  — 1070 

OAKLAND  JOURNAL  (German  weekly) 
—1213  Alice  nr  14th.  Albert  Currlin  & 
Sons.  Proprs.  Issued  even'  Saturday; 
25c  per  month  or  $2.50  per  annum. 

Oakland  Sunshine  (weekly) — 855  Broad- 

OAKLAND  TIMES  (daily,  except  Sun- 
days)— 1083  Clay.  Subscription,  $3  per 
annum:   25c  per  month. 

OAKLAND  TRIBUNE  —  Eighth  cor 
Franklin.  Tribune  Publishing  Co.  Pub- 
lishers. Issued  every  evening  and  Sun- 
day morning:  daily,  65c  per  month; 
weekly.  $1  per  annum. 

O  Amigo  dos  (Portuguese  weeklv) — 712 
7th.     M  C  Simas.  editor. 

O  Arauto  (Portuguese  weekly  I  —  1213 
Alice.     J  B  de  Menezes.  editor. 

O  Reporter  (Portuguese  illustrated  Jour- 
nal)—C08  Sth.     C  C  L  Scares,  editor. 

Rcyal  Arch  Journal— 261  12th.  Chas  T 
Hodgman.  publisher. 

San  Francisco  Call — 168  11th.  T  C  Con- 
nell,   bus   mngr. 

San    Francisco   Chronicle — 1236    Bwav. 

San  FTancisco  Evening  Post — 952  Bwav. 

Transcript  of  Records  (dailv)— 952  Bwav 
Fredk  Boegle.  publisher. 

Uniao  Pcrtugueza  (weeklv) — 813  Adeline. 
M  F  M  Trigueiro.  orop'r:  Mario  B  da 
Camara.  editor. 

Western   Outlook    i  weeklv) — 1171    7th 

Wc-rld— The   i  Socialist  weekly)— 591  22d. 


Chabot  Observatory  The  —  Lafavette 
Square.  Tenth.  Eleventh.  Jefferson  and 
Grove:  J  W  McClymonds.  director; 
Charles  Burckhalter.  asst  in  charge 
Gift  of  the  late  Anthony  Chabot.  Esq, 
to  the  Board  of  Education. 


Hopkins  cor  Fourteenth  av. 
Shattuck   av    n    of 

Budah  Park 

Bushrod    Park — East 

California  State  League  Baseball  Park — 
Grove  bet  Aileen  and  58th. 

City  Hall  Park— Fourteenth  and  San  Pab- 
lo av. 

Clinton  Park— Between  Sixth  and  Seventh 
avs.  E  Twelfth  and  E  Fourteenth 

Harrison  Park— Between  Sixth  and  Sev- 
enth, Harrison  and  Alice. 

Highland  Park — Between  E  Twentv-third 
and  E  Thirtieth.  Fourteenth  and 'Twen- 
ty-third avs. 

Highland  Recreation  Park  (Elmhurst)— E 
Fourteenth  ne  cor  Oakland  av. 

Idora  Park— Fifty-si.xth  and  Fiftv-eighth 
Telegraph  and  Shattuck  avs. 

Independence  Square  —  Between  E  Six- 
teenth and  E  Nineteenth.  Sixteenth  and 
Eighteenth  avs. 

Jefferson  Park— Between  Sixth  and  Sev- 
enth.   Jefferson   and    Grove. 

Lafayette  Square — Between  Tenth  and 
Eleventh.    Jefferson   and   Grove. 

Lincoln    Park— Between    Tenth   and    Elev- 
enth. Harrison  and  Alice. 
Madison    Square— Between    Madison    and 

Oak.   Eighth  and  Ninth. 
Piedmont     Springs     Park— Entrance     Ver- 
nal av  cor  Highland  av. 
Shell    M, .uii.l    Park— Shell    Mound    Station. 
I.  Siebe  *  Sons,  proprs. 


Trestle  Glen  Park — Terminus  Fourth  av 
street  ear  line. 

West  Oakland  Park — Between  Peralta 
and  Wood,  Eighteenth  and  Twenty- 


Oakland.    Cal. 
U  S  Postoffice  Building — Broadway  se  cor 



Open       Close 
General    Delivery    Window.."  am       8pm 

Carriers'    Window    7am       5pm 

Stamp   and  Box   Windows.  .  .S  a  m       6  pm 
Money   Order   Department. .  .9  a  m       5pm 

Registry  Department    S:30am       6pm 

Special    Delivery    Dept "am     11pm 

General    delivery    and      carriers'      window 

(Main   Office   and   Stations)    10   a   in   to 

11    a   m. 
Money    Order    and    Registry    Department 

closed  all  day. 
Stamps    on    sale    at    all    hours    at    main 


One    delivery    by    carriers. 
General    delivery    (main    office    and      sta- 
tions I    7    to   11   a   m. 
Money    Order    and    Registry    Department 

closed  all  day. 
Stamps   on    sale     at   all   hours      at   mam 



Postmaster — Paul   J    Schafer. 

Assistant  Postmaster — William  W  Rob- 

Superintendent  of  Delivery— Simon  P 

Superintendent  of  Mails— Ralph  J   Faneuf 

Cashier — Arthur   L   Martin. 

Finance   Clerk— Wm   S   J    Stephens. 

Foreman  Registry  Division  —  Genevieve 

Suprenintendent  of  Money  Order  Division 
— Mottke    A    Schafer. 

Emeryville    Branch— 3820    San    Pablo    av; 

Jas    J   Gobeil,    clerk   in   charge. 
Station  A— 1109   Seventh;   Jas  E  Frescoln, 

clerk    in    charge. 
Station    B— 5SS    East      Twelfth;      Eugene 

Colby,    supt. 
Station  D— 410   8th;  J  A  Colquhoun.   supt. 
Station    E — 4906      Telegraph     av;      Jas     T 

Killian.    clerk    in    charge. 
Station     Fruitvale — East     Fourteenth       nr 

Fruitvale  av;  Edward  L  Berry,  clerk  in 

Piedmont    Station — Piedmont    avenue    and 

Glenn    avenue;    Harold      F    Kenworthy, 

clerk   in    charge. 
Station    No    1 — Fruitvale    av    above    Hop- 
kins; Mrs  Hattie  C  Thompson,   clerk  in 

Station    No    2—1154    East    Fourteenth    cor 

Twenty-third  av;   Frank   B   Ladd,    clerk 

in   charge. 
Station    No    3— Seventh    cor   Myrtle;    A    L 

Leber,   clerk   in   charge. 

Station   No  4— Fourteenth  and  Clay   (Taft 

&   Pennoyer) ;   Charles  (G  Monroe,   clerk 

in   charge. 
Station  No  5—335  East  Twelfth  st;   Oscar 

Rash,     clerk    in     charge. 
Station    No    6 — Fourteenth    cor    Franklin; 

Wm    H    Johnson,    clerk    in    charge. 
Station    No    7 — 460    Seventh;    Warren      P 

Wheeler,    clerk   in   charge.   - 
Station   No   8—1450   Seventh;   H  A  Glines, 

clerk   in    charge. 
Station  No  9—1609  Seventh;  Mrs  Augusta 

Hoist,   clerk  in  charge. 
Station      No       10 — Bacon      Block;       Retta 

Bishop,    clerk    in    charge. 
Station  No  11—1101  San  Pablo  av;  Robert 

J   Craker,    clerk   in    charge. 
Station    No    12—1856    Telegraph    av;    H    S 

Forman,    clerk    in    charge. 
Station  No  13 — 1400  Fourteenth;  R  E  Me- 

Cracken,    clerk    in    charge. 
Station    No    14—5902    San    Pablo    av;    F    S 

Klinkner,    clerk    in    charge. 
Station  No  15—593  San  Pablo  av;  J  Henry 

Wolbold,    clerk   in   charge. 
Station    No    16—1286    47th    av    (Melrose) ; 

Joseph   R  AVolfe.    clerk  in   charge. 
Station    No    17 — Over   st   nr  Allendale    av; 

Mrs    Hulda    Mallett.    clerk    in    charge. 
Station    No    18—651    E    28th   st;    James   W 

Lord,     clerk    in     charge. 
Station   No   19—840  14th;    J  H   Cheatham. 

clerk   in   charge. 
Station    No    20— S    P    Depot.      First      and 

Broadway;  L  A  Mervy,  clerk  in  charge. 
Stations     transact     only      stamp,       money 

order    and    registry    business. 


Domestic  mail  matter,  that  is.  mair 
matter  sent  in  the  mails  from  some  post- 
office  within  the  United  States  to  some 
other  postoffice  within  the  same,  is  di- 
vided into  four  classes,  as  follows: 
First-Class    Matter. 

Rate  of  postage:  Two  cents  for  each 
ounce   or    fraction    thereof. 

Second-Class    Matter. 

Second-class  matter  is  of  two  kinds. 
First  that  sent  by  publishers  or  news 
agents;  second,  that  sent  by  other  than 
publishers   or   news   agents. 

Rate  of  postage  to  publishers  and  news 
agents:  One  cent  per  pound  or  fraction 
thereof;  to  individuals,  one  cent  for  each 
four  ounces  or  fraction.  Second-class 
publications  mailed  by  publishers  or 
news  agents  to  Canada  must  be  prepaid 
at  the  transient  rate  of  le  for  each  4 
ounces  with  stamps  affixed,  except  that 
daily  publications  may  be  mailed  at  1 
cent  a  pound  paid  at  the  office  of  mailing. 
Third    Class — Printed    Matter. 

Rate  of  postage:  One  cent  for  each 
two  ounces  or  fractional  part  thereof,  and 
must  be  fully  prepaid  by  stamps  affixed. 

Fourth     Class — Miscellaneous      Matter. 

Rate  of  postage:  One  cent  for  each 
ounce    or   fractional   part   thereof. 

Mailable  matter  of  the  fourth  class  em- 
braces all  matter  not  embraced  in  the 
first,  second  and  third  class,  which  is  not 
in  its  form  or  nature  liable  to  destroy  r 
deface  or  otherwise  damage  the  contents 
of  the    mail   bag  or   harm   the   persons   of 



any  one  engaged  in  the  postal  service,  and 
is  not  above  four  pounds  in  weight  for 
each  package  thereof,  except  in  case  of 
single  books  weighing  in  excess  of  that 


Atchison.  Topeka  &  Santa  Fe  Railway 
Svstem — J  J  Warner,  genl  agt;  T  A 
Kigdon,  city  pass  agt;  1112  Broadway. 
Oakland  station  and  freight  depot,  San 
Pablo  av  nw  cor  Yerba  Buena  av;  L  W 
Potter,  agt. 

Denver  &  Rio  Grande  System  and  Gould 
Lines — 1070  Broadway.  John  A  Beck- 
with,  dist  pass  and  frt  agt. 

Missouri  Pacific  Railway — 1070  Broadway. 
John  A  Beckwith,  agt. 

Rock  Island-Frisco  System— 1120  Broad- 
way.    M  W  Fitzgibbon.  city  pass  agt. 

SOUTHERN  PACIFIC  CO— Offices  Broad- 
way se  cor  13th.  Warren  F  Holton. 
Citv  Passenger  Agent;  C  J  Malley,  City 
Ticket  Agent;  F  G  Ruthrtiff.  Traveling 
Freight  Agent.  Depots.  16th  Street. 
W  H  Mahonev.  Ticket  Agt;  7th  and 
Broadway  Depot.  M  E  DeCora,  Ticket 
Agt;  1st  and  Broadway.  W  H  Quivey. 
Ticket  Agt.  Freight  Depot.  5th  and 
Kirkham.  A  W  Dickinson,  Freight  Agt. 
(See  bookmark  and  opp  inside  back 

Texas  &  Pacific  Railway — 1070  Broad- 
way.    John  A  Beckwith.  agt. 

Union  Pacific  Freight  and  Ticket  Office — 
1122  Broadway.     H  V  Blaisdel.  pass  agt. 

Western  Pacific  Railway  Co — 1070  Broad- 
way; Depot,  3d  ne  cor  Washington. 




Anti-Saloon  League.  State — 94-95  Bacon 
Bldg.  Rev  J  A  Thomas,  supt  Oakland 
Dist;  Rev  T  H  Lawson,  supt  N  W  Dist. 

American  Baptist  Missionary  Union — 906 
Broadway.  Rev  A  W  Rider,  Pacific 
Coast  sec. 

Associated  Charities  of  Oakland — SOS 
Broadway.  B  H  Pendleton,  pres;  C  S 
Greene,  viee-pres;  Jas  P  Taylor,  treas; 
Mrs  F  B  Lemon,  sec. 

Boys'  Retreat  (Undenominational)  —  910 


Oakland  Branch,  No  1 — Meets  Monday 
evening,  cor  8th  and  Grove. 

East  Oakland  Branch.  No  27 — Meets  Tues- 
day afternoons  at  Fraternal  Hall.  E 
14th.  Mrs  Harry  E  Knapp,  pres;  Mrs 
Elizabeth  McCoy,  sec. 

Catholic  Humane  Bureau,  under  auspice: 
of  Catholic  Ladies'  Aid  Society  —  906 
Broadway,  room  42.  Miss  Kate  F 
Bvrne,  mngr. 

Clergv  of  St  Francis  de  Sales— 590  Ho- 

Danish  -  American  League  —  Fruitvale. 
Pres,  Dr  Henning  Koford. 

Daughters  of  Israel  Relief  Society— SOS 
Broadway.  Pres,  Mrs  M  H  Coffee;  sec, 
Mrs  Berthold  Altmeyer. 

Dominican   Sisters— 1538  34th  av. 

Ladies'  Relief  Society— 393  45th.  Matilda 
E  Brown,  pres;  Mrs  Spencer  Brown, 

Oakland  Society  for  the  Prevention  of 
Cruelty  to  Animals  in  Alameda  County 
—Room  1,  808  Broadway.  T  C  Judkins, 
pres;  Mrs  B  A  Gronlund.  sec. 

Pacific  Advent  Christian  Publication  and 
Mission  Society— 712  Seventh.  W  R 
Young,  editor,  bus  agt  and  treas. 

Widows'  and  Orphans'  Aid  Society — Wm 
F  Woods,  rec  sec,  City  Hall. 

Woman's  Christian  Temperance  Union — 
Meets  every  Friday  at  2  p  m,  1119  Jef- 
ferson.    Mrs  Sarah  C  Borland,  sec. 

Young  Men's  Christian  Association — 320 
14th.     F  L  Starrett,  sec. 

Young  Men's  Institute— 320  14th.  Meets 
first  and  third  Fridays. 

Young  Women's  Christian  Association — 
1167  Castro.     Mrs  Isabella  Smith,  sec. 


Alameda  County  Dental  Society  —  M  J 
Congdon,  rec  sec. 

Alameda  County  Medical  Association — 22 
Delger  bldg.  M  Lewis  Emerson,  M  D, 

Alameda  County  Society  for  the  Preven- 
tion of  Tuberculosis— 320  First  Natl 
Bank  bldg.     Bertha   Knox.   sec. 

American  Institute  of  Banking — 512  12th. 
G  L  Downing,   sec.  ■ 

Danish  Brotherhood — Meets  every  Wed- 
nesday evening  at  Gier's  Hall. 

Danish  Brotherhood.  Pacific  Lodge  No.  39 
— Meets  everv  Thursday  evening  at 
Gier's  Hall.  511   14th. 

Fabiola  Hospital  Association — Moss  av  ne 
cor  Broadway.     Mrs  Lila  Shuey,   sec. 

Illinois  Society — 407  13th.  Meets  first  and 
third  Tuesdays. 

Juslaeans  The — 9th  cor  Castro.  Meets 
Wednesday  evenings.     J  O  Levey,  sec. 

Keystone  Guards — Redmen's  Hall.  Meets 
second  and  fourth  Tuesdays. 

Ladies'  Verein  Eintraeht — Meets  first  and 
third  Thursdays  each  month,  511  Four- 

National  Association  of  Letter  Carriers, 
Oakland  Branch,  No  76 — Meets  second 
Friday  evening  of  each  month  in  Mac- 
cabee  Temple,  559  Eleventh.  Chas  L 
Spaulding,  rec  sec. 

Ladies'  Auxiliary  National  Association  of 
Letter  Carriers,  Oakland  Branch,  No  76 
— Meets  fourth  Friday  evening  of  each 
month  at  Maccabee  Temple. 

Oakland  Association  (Inc) — 727  First  Natl 
Bank  bldg.     H  S  McFarling.  sec. 

— Howe  cor  Mather.  Geo  W  Reed,  pres: 
Laura  McDowell,   sec.     (See  opp  p  664.) 

Oakland  Library  and  Aid  Societv — 13th 
cor  Clay.  F  W  Moore,  fin  sec,  1358  11th 

Oakland  Maennerchor — 407  13th.  Meets 
Tuesday  evenings. 

Oakland  Social  Settlement — 709  Linden. 
Miss  Ethel  Moore,   pres. 

Oakland  Turn  Verein  (Singing  Section) — 
Meets  every  Monday  evening,  834  Web- 

Oakland  Turn  Verein  Sisters — Meets  first 
Wednesday  evening  each  month,  834 

Oakland  Verein  Eintraeht — Meets  every 
Monday  evening.  838  Webster. 




Oakland  Verein  Eintracht  (Singing  Sec- 
tion)—Meets    every    Thursday    evening. 

O^^oTWiia-Meets  every  Friday 
evening  at  Lonng  Hall,   531  11th.     JN 

PaNcmee Advfnt  Christian  PubHcaUor ^  and 
Mission    Society— 712    7th.      E   W    Dieia, 

Republican  County  Central  Committee— 
MS    >r  aawav.     H  M  Wilson,  sec. 

St'in^rewsVsociety  of  Oakland-Meets 
Thursday  evening.  Blake  blk,  12th  coi 
Washington      Geo  S  Naismith.   sec. 

Socialist  PartV  of  California-Headquar- 
ters   591  22d".     H  C  Tuck,  sec-treas 

State  'of  Maine  Society-320  14th.  Meets 
third  Friday  each  month. 

United  Spanish  War  Veterans  EH  Li* 
cum  Camp  No  7— Meets  12th  cor  Alice, 
Thursday  evenings.  Oakland 

Council  No  6-Harry  J  Fazakerley,  Sec. 

SONS      AND      DAUGHTERS      OF      THE 

Oakland  Society-Meets  second  Friday  of 

each  month  at  Woodmen  Hall,  414  11th. 

Mrs  J  C  Archibald,   sec. 



Oakland     Assembly.     No     2-Mfts     every 

Wednesdav  evening  at  Castle  Hall,    m 

a'nWntVrder  of  foresters. 

CotS  Advocate.  No  7378-Meets  every 
Fridav  evening;  at  Pythian  Castle,  las 
Twelfth  cor  Alice.     E  M  Blaess.  fin  sec. 

Court   Advocate-407    13th.     Meets   Friday 

CourtniAthens,  No  SS57 - Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening,  Fidelity  Hall.     X    f 

Cotrt^KnaresboVough.  No  8609  -Meets 
first  and  third  Tuesday  evenings  in  Am 
Foresters'  Hall,  1124  Clay.    F  W  Moore, 

Court  Piedmont.  No  7808— Meets  second 
and  fourth  Thursday  evenings,  Charity 
Hall.    Pythian    Castle.      F    Schultze,    rec 

Co^urt  St  Gottardo,  No  8865— Meets  first 
and  third  Wednesdays  each  month  in 
California  Hall,  1015  Clay. 

Court  Piedmont  Juvenile  Branch,  No_  5— 
Meets  first  and  third  Monday  evenings 
in  California   Hall,    1015   Clay. 


A.   O.  F. 

Athens    Circle.    No    206— Meets    first    and 

third      Wednesday      evenings,      Fidelity 

Knaresborough  Circle.  No  189  —  Meets 
second  and  fourtli  Tuesdays  at  Forest- 
ers' Hall,   1124  Clay.     M  McKinney.   sec. 

Piedmont  Circle.  No  164— Meets  first  and 
third  Thursday  evenings,  Pythian  Cas- 
tle. 229  Twelfth  cor  Alice. 

Pride  of  the  Forest  Circle.  No  122— Meets 
second  and  fourth  Friday  evenings  at 
Foresters'  Hall,  1124  Clay.  W  Blake- 
ley,  sec. 

San  Gottardo  Circle,  No  242— Meets  sec- 
ond and  fourth  Tuesday  each  month  at 
California  Hall,  1015  Clay. 


Brooklyn  Lodge,  No  3 — Meets  every  sec- 
and  fourth  Friday  evenings,  557  E  12th. 

Oakland  Lodge.  No  2 — Meets  second  and 
fourth  Saturday  evenings,  1056  Wash- 

Occidental  Lodge,  No  6  —  Meets  every 
Thursday  evening  at  Woodmen's  Hall. 
West  Oakland. 

Pacific  Lodge,  No  7 — Meets  every  Thurs- 
day evening  at  521  12th. 

DER   OF    ELKS. 

Oakland  Lodge.  No  171 — Meets  everv 
Thursday  evening  at  Elks'  Hall,  416 
Fourteenth;    M    A    Whidden,    sec. 


California  State  Council,  C  K  of  A — Rev 
L  Serada,  S  S  D,  Oakland,  Cal;  Thomas 
J  Gallagher,  S  P.  office  1257  Ninth  av. 
Oakland.    Cal. 

Sacred  Heart  Branch.  No  397 — Meets  in 
Sacred  Heart  Hall.  Forty-first  and 
Grove,  on  the  second  and  fourth  Tues- 

St  Francis  de  Sales  Branch — Meets  in  St 
Francis  de  Sales  Hall,  Twenty-first  and 
Grove,   on   the   first  and   third  Mondavs. 

St  Mary's  Branch,  No  504 — Meets  in  St 
Mary's  Hall,  Seventh  and  Grove,  on  the 
first    and    third    Wednesdays. 

<Jrand    Recorder's   Office — 68    Macdonough 

Bldg.     Mrs  Ida  Brooke,  Grand  Recorder. 
Ivy   Lodge,    No    4 — Meets    every     Tuesday 

evening.   Gier's  Hall.    511  Fourteenth. 
Silver    Star    Lodge,    No      2 — Meets      every 

Friday      evening,       Maccabee        Temp!  \ 

Eleventh    cor   Clay. 


Court  Elmhurst,  No  174 — Meets  Red- 
men's   Hall   Friday   evenings. 

Court  Harmonie,  No  25  (German) — Meets 
everv  Tuesday  evening  at  Germania 
Hall,    S3S    Webster. 

Court  Imperial.  No  209 — Meets  Tuesday 
evening  in  Fraternal  Hall,  1056  Wash- 

Court  Merritt,  No  233 — Meets  Monday 
evenings   557   East   12th. 

Court  New  Era,  No  165 — Meets  second 
and  fourth  Thursday  evening  in  Am 
Foresters'    Hall,    1124    Clay. 

Court  Oakland.  No  46— Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  Foresters'  Hall.  1124 

Court  Sadi  Carnot,  No  19S  (French)  — 
Meets  first  and  third  Tuesday  evenings 
in   Am    Foresters'    Hall.    1124    Clay. 

Court  Shell  Mound  No  17— Meets  every 
Thursday  evening  at  Klinkner  Hall, 
5906   San   Pablo  av. 

Court  U  S  of  America,  No  38 — Meets 
every  Thursday  evening  at  Castle  Hah 

Court  Verbano.  No  16S  (Italian*— Meets 
everv  Monday  evening  in  Am  Forest- 
ers'   Hall,.  1124   Clay. 

Elmhurst      Circle,      No      460 — Meets    Red- 
men's  Hall   Wednesday   evenings. 



Executive  Council  Chamber  and  Office 
of  Grand  Financial  Secretary,  Agnes  D 
Bremer — 823   Central  av,  Alameda. 

Imperial  Cir;le,  No  620— Meets  at  Cal- 
ifornia Hall.     W  L  Burtehaell.   rec  sec. 

Oakland  Circle,  No  3 — Meets  first  and 
third   Mondays    in   Castle   Hall. 

Piedmont  Circle.  No  64— Meets  Thursday 
evening  at  Pythian  Castle,  Twelfth  cor 

Sadi  Carnot  Circle,  No  611— Meets  first 
and  third  Tuesday  evenings  each  month 
at  Foresters'    Bldg,   1124  Clay. 

Verbano  Circle,  No  458 — Meets  first  and 
third  Thursday  evenings  each  month  at 
Hamilton    Hall,    575    Thirteenth. 

Oakland    Lodge,      No      123— Meets      every 
Friday    evening    at      Friendship      Hall, 
Pythian    Castle,    229    Twelfth. 


Oakland  Aerie,  No  7 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening,  407  13th;  M  A  Fitzpatrick, 

Fruitvale  Aerie.  No  1375 — Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  at  Blackman  Hall; 
John    McDonald,    sec. 


Ah  Wah  Nee  Tribe,  No  86 — Meets  every 
Friday  evening;  Masonic  Temple, 
Fruitvale.     G   J  Krattiger,   prophet. 

Commanche  Tribe,  No  79 — Meets  Red- 
men's  Hall,  Elmhurst,  Tuesday  even- 

Minnie  Conjou  Tribe.  No  204 — Meets  at 
Redmen's   Hall    Thursday    evenings. 

Pontiac  Tribe,  No  190 — Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  at  Castle  Hall,  377 

Tecumseh  Tribe,  Nj  62 — Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening.  Redmen's  Hall. 

Uncas  Tribe,  No  137 — Meets  every  Fri- 
day  evening.    Castle    Hall.    377    Twelfth. 

Umatilla  Council.  No  101 — Meets  Monday 
evenings   at   Redmen's   Hall. 

Laruka    Council.      No      46 — Meets      every 
Monday   evening  at   3223   E   Fourteenth. 
May  Jordan,  sec. 

Court    Oakland.    No    1237— Meets      second 

and   fourth    Fridays   of   each    month    at 

Castle    Hall.    Twelfth    and    Alice.      S    A 

Willard,   sec. 
Court  Piedmont.  No  3^Meets  second  and 

fourth    Monday,  ,Gier's   Hall. 
Court      Ramona,      No      3854 — Meets      first 

Friday    each    month.    Washington    Hall. 

Oakland    Lodge.    No    162 — Meets     Monday 
evenings    at    Castle    Hall.    Twelfth    cor 
Franklin.      Lavina   M    Stone,    sec. 


Amram    Encampment,    N.i    !'        Hi 
ond    and    fourth    Thursday    ev<  ni 
Orion    Hall.      557      E    Twelfth.      A    Mc- 
Elhatttm.    Scribe. 

E'mliurst  Lodge,  No  384— Meets  Redmen's 

Hall.   Thursday  evenings. 
Enterprise     Lodge,      No     298— Meets     on 
Wednesday    evening    in    I    O    O    F    Hall 
11th    and      Franklin.      D    F      Williams' 
F   S. 
Evening      Star      Lodge.      No      263— Meets 
every  Friday  evening  at  Fraternal  Hall 
1156V£    E   Fourteenth. 
Fountain    Lodge,    No   198— Meets   on  Mon- 
day evening  in  I  O  O  F  Hall,   Eleventh 
and    Franklin.      W    T    Bellars.    R    S 
Fruitvale      Lodge.      No     69— Meets     every 
Tuesday   evening   at    Blackman   Hall     E 
Fourteenth  near  43d  av.     August  Wollf 
rec   sec. 
Golden    Rule    Encampment.    No    34 — Meets 
first    and    third    Friday    evenings     Odd 
Fellows'    Hall.      J    L    McVey,    Scribe. 
Harbor      Lodge.      No      253— Meets      every 
Wednesday    evening    at    Alcatraz    Hall 
861    Peralta. 
'OOF   Hall    Association— Meets    first 
Monday   evening   each   month.    Odd   Fel- 
lows'  Hall.     J  L.  McVey,   sec. 
I   O   O   F   Relief  Committee— Meets    every 
Friday    evening.    Odd    Fellows'    Hall.     J 
P   Foebling,    sec. 
North      Oakland      Lodge,      No    401 — Meets 
every    Wednesday    evening     at     Golden 
Gate  Hall,    5762    San   Pablo   av.      J   R   D 
Mackenzie,    R    S. 
Oakland  Canton.   No  11 — P  M  meets  sec- 
ond   and    fourth    Friday    evenings.    1462 
Grove.      D   Cornelius.    Acct. 
Oakland      Lodge.      No    US — Meets      every 
Tuesday    evening.    Odd      Fellows'    Halj. 
Franklin    cor    Eleventh.      J    L    McVey, 
rec    sec. 
Orion    I    O    O    F   Hall    Association — Meets 
second    Monday    evening      each    month 
557    E    Twelfth.      E    Bangle,    sec. 
Orion    Lodge.    No    189 — Meets    every    Sat- 
urday evening  at  I  O  O   F  Hall,"  557   E 
Twelfth.      E    Balch.    sec. 
Past  Grand  Association — Meets  last  Mon- 
day  of    each   quarter   at   stated   places. 
F  E  Burger,    sec. 
Porter      Lodge.       No      272 — Meets      every 
Wednesday    evening,    1462    Groye.      J    P 
Fiberling,    rec    sec. 
L'niversity    Lodge,    No    144 — Meets      every 
Thursday   evening.    Odd    Fellows'      Hall. 
C    F    Carl,    fin    sec. 
Vorwarts    Lodge.     No    313 — Meets      every 
Wednesday    evening,      Gier's     Hall,    511 
Fourteenth.      Lorenz    Lorenzen,    sec. 
Absit    Invidia    Rebekah    Lodge,    No    11 — 
Meets      Thursday      evenings      in    Porter 
Hall.    1462    Grove. 
Brooklyn    Rebekah      Lodge.    No   12 — Meets 
Monday  evening  557  E  Twelfth.  Isabelle 
Buchanan,    rec    sec. 
Coreordia      Rebekah      Lodge,      No      152 — 
Meets  in  Gier's  Hall.   Margaretha  Rohr- 
bacher.    rec    sec. 
Golden     Link-    Rebekah    Lodge,    No    105 — 
Meets  every  Wednesday  evening  at  Ma- 
sonic   Hall,    3223    E    14th.      Miss    Lillien- 
thal,  sec. 
Good  Will   Rebekah  Lodge.  No  169 — Meets 
Wednesday  evening  at  Souza  Hall.  Mel- 
rose.   Mrs  J  Van  Gundy,  sec. 
Oakland     Rebekah    Lodge,    No    16— Meets 
every    Saturday   evening  at   1462    Grove. 
i  se   Jacobson,   fin  sec. 


Sunset  Eebekah  Lodge,  No  109— Meets 
every  Friday  evening.  Fraternity  Hall, 
West  Oakland.     Katie  Talbot,  rec  sec. 

Manchester  Unity  (I  O  O  F)— Meets 
every  Monday  at  Klinker  Hall,  Fifty- 
ninth  and  San  Pablo  av. 


State  Council  of  California  —  Headquar- 
ters, 414  Eleventh.     Herman  Paine,   sec. 

Gen  Geo  A  Custer  Council,  No  22— Meets 
every  Mondav  evening  at  Woodmen 
Hall,  414  Eleventh. 

Temple  Lodge.  No  11— Meets  Woodmen 
Hall,  414  Eleventh. 


Oakland  Council — Meets  second  and  fourth 

Wednesday  evenings,  at  559  Eleventh. 

Clinton     Lodge,     No     2019 — Meets     second 
and    last    Saturday    evenings,    557    East 

Oakland  Lodge,  No  935 — Meets  second  and 
fourth  Monday  evenings  at  St  An- 
drew's Society  rooms,  45-46  Blake  blk. 
1065  Washington.  Jos  A  Colquhoun, 


Argonaut  Tent.  No  33 — Meets  every  Fri- 
day evening  at  521   Twelfth. 

Bayo  Vista  Tent.  No  91 — Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  at  Maccabee  Tem- 
ple, Eleventh  cor  Clay. 

Oakland  Tent,  No  17 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day, Maccabee  Temple.  J  L  Fine,  rec- 


State  Commander — Minnie  W  Aydelotte. 
463  E  Eleventh. 

Argonaut  Hive,  No  59 — Meets  every  Fri- 
day evening,  521  Twelfth.  Mrs  Buch- 
man,  R  K. 

Oakland  Hive.  No  14 — Meets  every  Thurs- 
day evening,  Maccabee  Temple.  M  Me- 
c\<iu,  R  K. 


Amazon  Lodge,  No  1S1 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening  at  1156%  E  Fourteenth. 
G  D  Miller.  K  of  R  and  S. 

Athens  Lodge,  No  141 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening.  Friendship  Hall,  Pythian 
Castle.  229  Twelfth.  S  H  Aboucaya, 
K  of  R  and  S. 

Dirigo  Lodge.  No  224 — Meets  every  Tues- 
day evening.  Friendship  Hall,  Pv.thian 
Castle,  229  Twelfth.  C  F  Wood,  K  of  R 
and  S. 

Fruitvale  Lodge,  No  56 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening  at  Blackman  Hall. 

Liberty  Lodge,  No  35 — Meets  every  Thurs- 
day evening,  Fraternity  Hall,  Seventh 
and  Peralta.  West  Oakland.  L  S  Sim- 
mons, K  of  R  and  S. 

Live  Oak  Lodge,  No  17  —  Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  at  Friendship  Hall. 
Pythian  Castle,  229  Twelfth.  C  B  Hood, 
K  of  R  and  S. 

Oakland  Lodge,  No  103  —  Meets  every 
Thursday  evening  at  Friendship  Hall, 
Pythian  Castle.  229  Twelfth.  Frank 
Curzon,  K  of  R  and  S. 


Piedmont  Lodge,  No  172  —  Meets  every 
Monday  evening  at  Charity  Hall,  Pyth- 
ian Castle.  E  Schwarzbaum,  K  of  R 
and  S. 

Pride  of  the  West  Lodge,  No  7 — Meets 
first  and  third  Fridays  at  Foresters' 
Hall.     W  W  Dawson,  K  of'  R  and  S. 

Pythian  Hall  Association — Pythian  Castle. 
229  Twelfth,  cor  Alice.     George  Samuels. 


Calanthe  Temple,  No  6,  Pythian  Sisters — 
Meets  every  Tuesday  evening  in  Charity 
Hall,  Pythian  Castle,  229  Twelfth,  cor 

Loyal  Temple.  No  7,  Pythian  Sisters — 
Meets  first  and  third  Tuesday  evenings 
of  each  month  at  Benevolence  Hall, 
Pythian  Castle.   Twelfth,  cor  Alice. 

Loyal  Temple,  No  47  —  Meets  e^ery 
Wednesday  evening,  Benevolence  Hall, 
Pythian  Castle. 

Ladies'  Order  Relief  Guides  of  America, 
No  1 — Meets  second  and  fourth  Monday 
evenings  each  month  at  Castle  Hall,  377 


Allendale  Assemblv.  No  66 — Meets  every 
Thursday  evening  at  Allendale  Hall. 
R  W  Chapman,  elk. 

Sentinel  Assembly,  No  31 — Meets  first 
Saturday  evening  each  month  at  For- 
esters' Hall,  1124  Clay. 


Grand  Lodge,  Free  and  Accepted  Masons 
— John  Whicher  (San  Luis  Obispo), 
Grand  Sec. 

Live  Oak  Lodge,  No  61 — Meets  every  Fri- 
day evening  at  Masonic  Temple.  J  J 
Warner,   sec. 

Oakland  Lodge,  No  1SS,  F  &  A  M— Meets 
Saturdays  at  Masonic  Temple.  C  N 
Walter,  sec. 

Brooklyn  Lodge.  No  225,  F  &  A  M— Meets 
every  Tuesday  evening  at  Masonic  Tem- 
ple.    J  C  Foster,  sec. 

Fruitvale  Lodge.  No  336,  F  &  A  M— 
Meets  every  Saturday  at  3123  E  Four- 
teenth.    F  C  Clark,  sec. 

Sequoia  Lodge,  No  349,  F  &  A  M— Meets 
Monday  evening  at  Masonic  Temple. 
J  W  Gwilt,  sec. 

Bay  View  Lodge,  No  401.  F  &  A  M— Meets 
San  Pablo  av  cor  58th.  Geo  H  Baker, 

Bay  View  Lodge  (U  D).  F  &  A  M— Meets 
Thursday  at  Masonic  Temple.  H  C 
Baker,   sec. 

Yerba  Buena  Lodge  (U  D).  No  403,  F  & 
A  M — Meets  every  Thursday  evening  at 
Masonic   Temple.     Frank  D  Moyer,   sec. 

Gethsemane  Chapter.  No  2,  Rose  Croix — 
Meets  second  Monday  in  each  month  at 
305  Fourteenth.     J  B  Merritt,  sec. 

Oakland  Chapter,  No  36 — Royal  Arch  Ma- 
sons— Meets  first  and  third  Wednesday 
of  each  month  in  Masonic  Temple.  G  H 
Smith,  sec. 

Alcatraz  Chapter,  No  S2,  Royal  Arch  Ma- 
sons— Meets  every  Thursday  evening  at 
Masonic   Temple.     H  A   Glines,   sec. 

Oakland  Commandery.  No  11 — Stated  con- 
clave on  the  first  Tuesday  in  each 
month  in  the  Masonic  Temple.  Ralph  E 
Cotton,  rec. 


Oakland  Council.  No  12— Meetings  occur 
on  fifth  Thursdays  of  the  month  at  Ma- 
sonic  Temple.     George   H    Smith,    rec. 

De  Molav  Council,  Knights  of  Kadosh. 
No  2.  A  &  A  Scottish  Rite— Meets  on 
the  fourth  Monday  in  each  month  at  305 
Fourteenth.     J  B  Merritt.  sec. 

Masonic  Board  of  Relief— Office  SOS  12th. 
J  J  Warner,  sec.  Stated  meetings  first 
"Wednesday  evening  in  each  month. 

Masonic  Cathedral  Association— 1233  Mad- 
ison. B  O  Johnson,  pres;  E  H  Morgan, 
sec;  J  B  Merritt.  treas. 

Oakland  Consistory.  No  2.  A  &  A.  Scot- 
tish Rite — Meets  on  call  at  305  Four- 
teenth.    J  B  Merritt,    sec. 

Oakland  Lodge  of  Perfection,  No  2.  A  & 
A,  Scottish  Rite — Meets  on  the  first  and 
third  Mondays  in  each  month  at  305 
Fourteenth.     J  B  Merritt,  sec. 

Oakland  Masonic  Temple  Association- 
Twelfth  nw  cor  Washington.  Incorpor- 
ated June  25,  1878.  Capital  stock.  $100,- 
000.     J  J  Warner,  sec. 

Masonic  Temple  Association  of  Fruitvale 
— E  Fourteenth  cor  34th  av.  J  C  Mc- 
Ewan,  sec. 

Order  of  the  Eastern  Star — Grand  Chap- 
ter of  the  Order  of  the  Eastern  Star. 
Kate  J  Willotts,  Grand  Sec,  San  Fran- 

Marietta  Chapter.  No  256 — Meets  second 
and  fourth  Tuesday  evenings,  Masonic- 
Hall.  3123  E  Fourteenth.  Fruitvale 
Myrtle  B  Rosseter,  sec. 

Oak  Leaf  Chapter.  No  S.  O  E  S— Meets 
second  and  fourth  Thursday  evenings, 
at  Masonic  Temple.    Mrs  C  C  N  Walter, 

Oakland  Chapter,  No  140.  O  E  S— Meets 
first  and  third  Thursday  evenings  at 
Masonic  Temple.  Mrs  Venice  F  dish- 
ing,  sec. 

Unity  Chapter.  No  65.  O  E  S — Meets  sec- 
ond and  fourth  Tuesday  evenings  at 
Alcatraz  Hall.     Maud  M  Smav.   sec. 

Athens  Chapter,  No  277.  O  E  S— Meets 
second  and  fourth  Wednesdays  in  Ma- 
sonic Temple.     E  H  Page.  sec. 

Modern    Brotherhood    of    America — Meets 

second    and    fourth    Thursdays   at    Orion 

Hall,   557  E   12th. 

Fraternity    Catnn,    No    11422— C    S    Smith. 

consul;   HAS    Cooly.   elk;    G  Vagnozzi. 

Golden  Gate  Camp.  No  7236 — Meets  every 

Thursday  evening  at  1462   Grove. 

Golden  Gate  Camp.  No  392S— Meets  every 

Thursday  evening  at   1462  Grove. 
Pacific    Gate    Camp.    No    2281— Meets   first 

and  third  Fridays  at  1462  Grove. 

National     Protective     Legion.     No     1905 — 
Meets  first  and  third  Thursday  evenings 
each  month  at  407  13th. 

Live    Oak    Council,   No    1102— Meets    Wed- 
nesday    evenings    at     407     13th.      W     E 
Adams,  pres;    W  B  Smith,  sec. 


Oakland  Council,  No  973— Meets  first  and 
third  Wednesdays  at  Lincoln  Hall,  40 1 
13th.     E  W  Abbey,  rec  sec. 

Aloha  Parlor.  No  106— Meets  every  Tues- 
day   evening.      Eleanor    Hammonds,    rec 

Argonaut   Parlor,   No  166— Meets  Tuesday 

at     Klinkner's    Hall,     at     Golden     Gate. 

Anna  McOartv.    ll'-'S   P.. well   st,   rec  sec. 
Piedmont     Parlor.     No     87— Meets     every 

Thursday  evening  at  305   San  Pablo  av. 

Alice  Miner,  sec. 


Athens  Parlor.  No  195— Meets  every  Tues- 
day evening  at  521   Twelfth. 

Bayview  Parlor.  No  238  —  Meets  every 
Monday  evening  at  Sunset  Hall,  16S4 

Erooklvn  Parlor,  No  151— Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening  at  557  E  Twelfth. 

Claremont  Parlor,  No  240— Meets  Tuesday 
evenings  at  Kleinkner's  Hall.  Chas 
('lark,   rec  sec.  10S0  56th  st. 

Native  Sons'  Hall  Associations  of  Oak- 
land (  a  corporation).  915  Peralta.  J  J 
McElroy,  pres;  B  H  Dean,  vice-pres; 
Frank  fcinsev,  see;  E  F  Garrison,  treas. 

Oakland  Parlor.  No  50  —  Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening,  Franklin  Hall,  410 
Thirteenth'.     T  N  Norris.  sec. 

California     Lodge,     No     2.—  Meets     every 
Thursday  evening.  S3S  Webster. 

Edelweiss.     No     2— Meets     every     Friday 
evening.  S3S  Webster. 

Order  of  Owls.  Nest   No  1007— Meets   sec- 
ond and  fourth  Fridays,   407  Thirteenth. 
Simon  Beckrach,  sec. 

Oakland  Council.   No  254— Meets  first   and 
third  Friday  evenings  of  each  month  at 
Foresters"  Hall,   1124  Clay. 

Tigner,   No   149— Meets  Wednesday   even- 
ings at  Rice's  Hall. 

Oakland    Grange.    No    35 — Meets    first    and 
third  Saturdays  at  2  p  m.   Odd  Fellows' 
Hall,  Franklin  cor  Eleventh. 


IDE  S — Da  Irmandade  do  Divine  Es- 
pirito  Santo  do  Estado  California  So- 
ciety, founded  at  Mission  San  Jose. 
July  1.  1*N'<. 

Supreme  Council— F  J  Rose,  906  Broad- 
way, sec, 

Alva  Pomba,  No  9 — Meets  second  and 
fourth  Sunday.  16th  av  and  E  18th. 
F   M    Avilla.    sec. 

Da  Ordem.  No  16  —  Meets  second  and 
fourth  Tuesdays  in  I  D  E  S  Hall,  West 
■  lakland.     F  J  Cunha,  sec. 


Thomas  F  Antonio.  No  56— Meets  first  and 
third  Sunday.  36th  and  San  Pablo  av. 
J  de  Menezes,   sec. 

D  Luiz.  No  60— Meets  first  and  third  Sun- 
day in  I  D  S  T  Hall.  Hollis  St.  A  D 
Macedo,  sec. 

Palma  Verde,  No  73 — Meets  in  I  D  E  S 
Hall,  18th  av  cor  E  16th.  M  C  Simar, 

U  P  EC. 
Supreme  Council— L  J  Martins,  San  Lean- 

dro,  sec. 
Flor    da    Uniao,    No    7 — Meets    first    and 

third  Sunday  of  month  in  I  D  E  S  Hall. 

East  Oakland.     A  J  Lcmos,  sec. 
Irmandade  do  Divins  Espirito — F  J  Rose. 

sec,  906  Broadway. 
West   Oakland,    No   13 — Meets   second  and 

fourth    Sundays,    Peralta    cor    Seventh. 

G  F  Pierra,   sec. 
Oakland     No     25— Meets     first     and    third 

Wednesdays.   11th  cor  Clay.     A  Reulino, 

Liberdade,     No     56  —  Meets     second     and 

fourth    Saturdays,    E    16th    cor   18th    av. 

A  J  Silva,  sec. 
Luza    da    Uniao.    No    63 — Meets    first    and 

third   Fridays,    16th   cor   18th  av.     F  M 

Avila,  sec. 
Portugal,    No    S2— Meets    in    Castle    Hall, 

12th  cor  Franklin.     E  F  Trigueiro,    sec. 

U  P  P  E  C. 

Supreme  Council-^Supreme  Sec,  Miss  T  R 

Oakland  Council,  No  1 — Meets  .third  Sun- 
days in  Castle  Hall.  12th  and  Franklin. 
M  C  L  Scares,  sec. 

Maria  Amelia  Council.  No  2 — Meets  first 
Sunday  of  month.  I  D  S  T  Hall.  North 
Oakland.     Adelaide  Fonseca,   sec. 

Flor  da  Infancia,  No  14 — Meets  first  and 
third  Sundays  in  Magnolia  Hall.  .Mrs 
Maria  Nicholas,   sec. 

Santo  Antonio  Council.  No  24 — Meets  sec- 
ond Sunday  at  hall  25th  av  cor  E  14th. 
M  T  Rodrigues,  sec. 

S   P  R  S  I. 

Supreme  Council — Maria   A   S  Lemos,   sec. 

Santa  Isabel.  No  1 — Meets  first  and  third 
Sundays.  2  p  m.  at  Fraternity  Hall. 
Anna  S  Lemos,  sec. 

Flor  da  Patria,  No  6— Meets  fourth  Sun- 
day of  the  month  at  Fraternity  Hall. 
Julia  C  Siveira,  sec. 

Flor  Acorena,  No  11 — Meets  second  Sun- 
day of  month.     Portuguese  Hall. 

Progresso  da  Colonia.  No  35 — Meets  sec- 
ond Sundays  at  Fraternity  Hall.  Anna 
Figrouid,   sec. 

Maria  Alves,  No  69— Meets  second  Sun- 
days at  Turker  Hall.  Maria  Baptiste, 

Maria  da  Gloria.  No  73 — Meets  second 
Sunday   of  month   at   School   Hall,   Mel- 


Sierra  Council,  No  1642— Meets  first  and 
third  Mondays  at  Benevolence  Hall. 
Pythian   Castle.   223    Twelfth. 

Albion     Lodge.     No     206  —  Meets     every 
Wednesday  evening.    12th  and  Alice.  J  J 
Roberts,  sec. 

Golden    Gate    Lodge,    No    78 — Meets    every 
Tuesday      evening     at      Klinkner     Hall, 
Fifty-ninth  and  San  Pablo  av. 


Oakland  Court,  No  6 — Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening  at  Hall  No  1,  Franklin 
Hall.   410   Thirteenth. 

Oakland  Court,  No  12 — Meets  Friday  even- 
ings at  Loring  Hall. 


Live  Oak  Circle,  No  57 — Meets  second  and 
fourth  Thursday  evenings  each  month 
at  Hamilton   Hall.    575   Thirteenth. 

Live  Oak  Grove.  No  160 — Meets  every 
Tuesday  evening  at  Hamilton  Hall,  575 

Roma  Grove.  No  24 — Meets  every  Thurs- 
day evening.  California  Hall,  1015   Clay. 

Serpa  Pinto  Grove.  No  133 — Meets  second 
and  fourth  Sundays  each  month  at  Fra- 
ternity Hall,   Peralta  cor  Seventh. 


Alpha  Camp.  No  101 — Meets  every  Tues- 
day in  I  O  O  F  Hall,  557  E  12th.  R  C 
Vose,  clerk. 

Athens  Camp,  No  457  —  Meets  every 
Wednesday  evening.  305  San  Pablo  av. 
David  A  Sinclair,  clerk. 

Bay  Tree  Camp.  No  640 — Meets  every 
Tuesday  evening,  5762  San  Pablo  av. 
R  S  Wixson,  clerk. 

Elmhurst  Camp.  No  361 — Meets  Monday 
evenings  in  Redmen's  Hall. 

Forest  Camp.  No  102— Meets  every  Mon- 
day evening  in  Alcatiaz  Hall.  A  A 
Werde,   clerk. 

Oakland  Camp,  No  94 — Meets  every  Tues- 
day evening  in  Woodmen's  Hall,  414 
Eleventh.      Thomas    M    Robinson,    clerk. 


Foresta  Circle,  No  515 — Meets  first  and 
third  Tuesday  evenings  at  Alcatraz 
Hall.     Mrs  Maude  Hendrick,   clerk. 

Fruitvale  Circle.  No  5S5 — Meets  first  and 
third  Tuesday  evenings  at  Masonic  Hall, 
Fruitvale.     Mrs  A  B  Tomlinson,  clerk. 

Young    Ladies'     Institute.     No     15 — Meets 
first    and    third    Fridays    in    Maple    Hall. 
Miss  Mary  Rhodes,  rec  sec. 


American  Council.  No  s — Meets  first  and 
third  Monday  evenings  each  month  at 
Fraternity  Hall.  Seventh  cor  Peralta. 
H    R  McGuinn    (812   Aileen),    sec. 

Oakland  Council.  No  6— Meets  first  and 
third  Thursdays  each  month  in  St 
Mary's  Hall,  n  s  Seventh  bet  Jefferson 
and  Grove. 


Building  Trades  Headquarters — 763  12th. 
F    H    Pratt,    sec. 

State  Building  Trades  Council  of  Cal- 
ifornia—O  A  Tveitmoe.  Grand  Secre- 
tarj  Office  Building  Trades  Temple, 
200    Guerrero,    San    Francisco. 


Building-     Tra.les     Council     of     Alameda 
Countv.     F  H   Pratt,   sec.     Meets  Tues- 
days.   "63    12th.      R    M    Hamb,    business 
agent;   r  S49   35th. 
Alameda  County  Pressmen's  Assn — Meets 

second    Tuesdays   at   Redmen's    Hall. 
America    Railway    Employes    and    Invest- 
ment   Assn — Meets    second    and    fourth 
Mondays.    Fraternity    Hall. 

Central  Labor  Council — A  M  Thompson, 
business   agent,    453   Sth. 

Bakers  and  Confectionery  Workers'  In- 
ternational Union,  Local  No  119— Meets 
first  and  third  Saturdays  at  453  Sth. 
Cyrus  Cooey,  business  agent,  1355 

Barbers'  Union.  Local  No  134— Meets  first 
and  third  Mondays  at  1015  Clay.  Ben 
Litzenstein,  sec.  453  Sth. 

Bartenders'  Union.  Local  No  525 — Meets 
first  and  third  Fridays  at  86S  Webster. 
F  C  Joslvn.  sec,  913  Broadway. 

Beer  Bottlers'  Un'on,  No  293,  Branch  6 
—Meets  last  Wednesday  at  Germania 
Hall.  Jos  Guinee,  business  agent,  177 
Clapp.    San   Francisco. 

Blacksmiths  and  Helpers.  Local  No  100— 
Meets  first  and  third  Tuesdays  at  8 
p    m    in    California    Hall,    1015    Clay. 

Boilermaker?  and  Iron  Ship  Builders  of 
America.  Local  No  233— Meets  second 
and  fourth  Mondays  at  S  p  m  in  Fidel- 
ity Hall.  .   .         „      „_, 

Boot  and  Shoe  Workers'  I  nion,  No  324 
— Meets  first  and  third  Tuesdays  at 
Eighth  sw  cor  Broadway.  A  F  Good- 
win,   sec.    830   Broadway. 

Boxmakers  and  Sawyers  Union,  No  22a— 
Meets  first  and  third  Tuesdays  at  4o.j 
Sth.     Geo  V  Manning,  sec,   711  Sth. 

Bricklayers'  International  Union  of  Cal- 
ifornia, No  S— Meets  Fridays  at  1015 
Clav.      This    Ryan.    sec. 

Bridge  Structural  and  Ornamental  Iron- 
workers' Union,  No  117— Meets  first 
and  third  Mondays  at  14th  cur  Harri- 
son. _, 

Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Engineers, 
Leland  Stanford  Division.  No  283— 
Meets  .very  Wednesday  at  8  p  m  in 
Alcatraz  Hall.  , 

Brotherhood  of  Material  Teamsters.  Local 
K;0  577 — Meets  Thursdays  at  763  12th. 
Wm  Warrener.  business  agent. 

Grand  International  Auxiliary.  Brother- 
hood of  Locomotive  Engineers.  Oak- 
land Division,  No  156— Meets  first  and 
third  Wednesdays  at  2:30  p  m  in  Fra- 
ternity  Hall,    corner   7th   and    Peralta. 

Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Firemen  and 
Enginemen.  E  C  Fellows  Lodge.  No 
143— Meets  every  Wednesday  at  8  p  m 
in  Fraternity  Hall,  corner  Seventh  and 
Peralta.  .  ™-„_t 

Brotherhood  of  Railroad  Trainmen,  \\  est- 
ern  Shore  Lodge.  No  71— Meets  first 
and  third  Tuesday  evenings  and  second 
and   fourth  Tuesday   afternoons   in    Fra- 

Ladie's'  Auxiliary.  Brotherhood  of  Rail- 
road Trainmen.  Oakland  Lodge.  No  b3 
—Meets  first  and  third  Fridays  at  8 
p   m    in    Alcatraz   Hall,    corner   7th    and 

Butchers''  Union,  No  120— Meets  ai  325 
r'th  first  and  second  Wednesdays  S 
,,"m.  W  R  Nelson,  fiii  sec,  r  Elmhurst; 
phone    Merritt    126. 

Carmen's  Union,  Local  No  192— Meets 
at  Castle  Hall.  377  Twelfth,  every 
Tuesday,  8  p.  m.     TO  Davis,  sec-treas. 

Amalgamated  Society  of  Carpenters  and 
Joiners.  Branch  No  1— Meets  alternate 
Tuesdays    at   763    12th. 

Amalgamated  Society  of  Carpenters  and 
Joiners,  Branch  No  2— Meets  alternate 
Tuesdays    at    763    12th.      Thos   Westoby. 

United  Brotherhood  of  Carpenters  and 
Joiners  of  America.  No  36— Meets  at 
763  12th.  P  T  Taylor,  rec  sec. 
United  Brotherhood  of  Carpenters  and 
Joiners  of  America,  No  550-Meets  Fri- 
days at  763  12th. 
United  Brotherhood  of  Carpenters  and 
Joiners  of  America.   No   1473.   Fruityale. 

Cal Meets    at     New    Masonic    Hall,     h- 

14th  cor  34th  av.  7:30  P  m.     O  L  Sparks, 
rec  sec,  r  D  street,  Allendale. 
United    Brotherhood    of    Carpenters      and 
loiners    of    America.      No      166. —  Meets 
Fridays    at    763    12th. 
Amalgamated    Society    of    Carpenters    and 
Joiners.     East     Oakland    Branch-Meets 
alternate    Wednesdays.    8    p    m,    at    Ma- 
sonic Hall,  1  14th.  cor  34th  ay      1  Wes- 
toby, business  agent,  r  330  lZtn. 
Cement  Workers'  Union.   Local  A  B  C  AJ 
—Meets  alternate  Tuesdays  at    (63  12th. 
Peter   Bennett,   business   agent. 
Cigarmakers'      International       Union— 4o3 

Sth.     G  F  Permian,   sec-treas. 
Cooks    and    Waiters'    Alliance,      No    31— 
Meets   at   509   16th.    2:30   and   8  p  m.    al- 
ternate    Thursdays.       Wm     A     Spooner. 
business    agent. 
Union    No    283.    I    B    E    W— Meets    at    Sth 
sw     cor    Broadway.     Wednesdays,     at     S 
p  m.     Wm  Heyne.  business  agent,   r  449 
Moss   av. 
Electrical  Workers'   Union.  No  595— Me<  ts 
a1    305    San    Pablo    av    Fridays.    S    p    m. 
Walter   Brane,    sec. 
Felt    and    Composition      Roofers'      Union. 

Local   No   15— Meets   at   763    12th. 
Gas    Workers'     Union — Meets     first       ami 
third   Tuesdays   at   Foresters'    Hall,    7:45 
p    in.      Walter    Blakely.    rec    sec. 
Housemovers'      Union.       No    1 — Meets    at 
Redmen's      Hall,      second      and      fourth 
Thursdays    in    the   month. 
Ice    Wagon    Drivers    and    Helpers'    Union. 
Local    No    610— Meets    at    453    Sth.      J    .1 
Hoffman,  fin  sec.  r  755  Brush. 
Laborers'    Protective    Association    of    Ala- 
meda  County— Meets   at    Redmen's   Hall 
fourth     Wednesday      of    every      month. 
D  S  Mahonev,  fin  sec,  r  1540  Brush. 
Oakland    Typographical    Union,     Local    No 
36— Meets   in   California   Hall,    1015   Claj 
last   Tuesdaj    in    month.      D   L   Beatty. 
sec-treas,   r  5S72  Gro\ 
Lathers'     International    Union,    Local     88. 
Oakland,    Cal— Meets    first      and      third 
Mondays   at   763   12th. 
Oakland    Lumber      Handlers'      Union.    No 
225— Meets   at    1015    Clay    first    and    third 
Tuesdays.      John    i ',    O'Farrell,    business 
agent,  r  1231  San  Pablo  av. 
\i ids     County    Lumber    Clerks'    Asso- 
ciation.  No   2— Meets  at  Redmen's    H 
first    and    third    Wednesdays    of     each 


Merchant  Plumbers  Assn  of  Alameda 
County— 418  11th.  G  W  Hughes,  asst 

Oakland  Union.  No  266.  Journeymen 
Tailors— Meets  at  1015  Clay.  Geo  Nis- 
bet,    sec. 

Oakland  Lodge  No  2S4.  International  As- 
sociation of  Machinists — Meets  at  1015 
Clay,  Oakland,  S  p  m.  P  W  Buckley, 
business  agent,  r  S56  Broadway. 

International  Association  of  Machinists. 
Industrial  Lodge,  No  610 — Meets  second 
and  fourth  Tuesdays  at  8  p  m  in  Fra- 
ternity  Hall. 

Milk  Wagon  Drivers'  Union,  Local  No 
298— Meets  at  Webster  se  cor  8th,  8:15 
p   m. 

Musicians'  Union,  Oakland  Branch,  Local 
No  6 — Meets  at  1055  Broadway,  Oak- 
land, first  Thursday.  11  a  m.  Business 
Agent  and  See,  C  Porep,  1055  Broad- 
way,  Room   9. 

Painters'  Union,  No  127 — Meets  Thurs- 
days 763  12th.  C  D  Lavin,  business 
agent,  r  1269  Clay. 

Plasterers'  Union.  No  112 — Meets  at  Red- 
men's  Hall  every  Thursday  at  8  p  m. 
C  J  Selby.  rec  sec,  r  2160  Market;  J  A 
Lloyd,  business  agent,  r  459  Rose. 

Plumbers'  Union  No  444 — Meets  Wednes- 
days at  763  12th.  S  J  Donohue,  fin 
sec,   r   811   Magnolia. 

Retail  Clerks'  Union.  Local  No  47 — Meets 
at  521  12th.  C  J  Curran,  business 
agent,   r  153  E  10th. 

Shinglers'  Union  No  1  of  Alameda 
County — Meets  every  Wednesday  at  763 

Sheet  Metal  Workers'  Union,  Local  216— 
Meets  second  and  fourth  Mondays  at 
Redmen's    Hall. 

Stationary  and  Hoisting  Engineers' 
Union.  No  67 — Meets  at  California  Hall, 
1015    Clay,    Thursday    evenings. 

Tailors'  Union.  Local  No  266 — Meets  first 
and   third    Tuesdays   at   763   12th. 

International  Brotherhood  of  Stationary 
Firemen,  Local  No  147 — Meets  at  Cen- 
tral Labor  Council,  second  and  last 
Mondays  in  month.  G  S  Falconer,  rec 
sec,    r    562    Sth. 

Switchmen's  Union  of  North  America, 
golden  Gate  Lodge,  No  158 — Meets 
second  and  fourth  Tuesdays  at  8  p  m 
in    Fidelity  Hall,    7th   cor   Peralta. 

Brotherhood  of  Teamsters.  Local  No  70 
— Meets  at  868  Webster  every  Tuesdav. 
W  E  Castro,  business  agent,  868  Web- 

United  Artisans,  Elmhurst  Assembly,  No 
171 — Meets  first  and  third  Saturdays 
in    Redmen's    Hall. 



Giving  name,  description  and  numbering  of  Streets,  Avenues,  Lanes,  etc.,  in 
City  of  Oakland  in  accordance  with  the  City  Ordinances  up  to  date.  Also 
the  names  and  descriptions  of  Districts,  Localities,  Streets,  Avenues,  etc., 
adjacent,  embracing'  Emeryville,  Claremont,  Piedmont. 

*  in  front  of  street  number  denotes  a  crossing. 
E  in  front  of  street  number  denotes  East  intersection. 
N  in  front  of  street  number  denotes  North  intersection. 
S  in  front  of  street  number  denotes  South  intersection. 
W  in  front  of  street  number  denotes  West  intersection. 
x  denotes  a  street  crossing. 


ALDEN    or    TEMESC  VL.    N    of    36th    to 
Temescal  Creek  bet  Bway  and  Adeline 
ALLENDALE,   N  of  Glen  av   bet  Peralta 
av  and  High  st 

ALTA  VISTA,  Bklyn  Twp.  N  of  Semi- 
nary   Park 

ALTENHEIM,  E  of  14th  av,  N  of  Hop- 

BELLA  VISTA  PARK,  N  of  28th  W  ol 
13th  av 

BEULAH  HEIGHTS,  Bklyn  Twp,  E  of 
High  st  N  of  Melrose  Heights  nr 
Mills    College 

PEULAH  PARK,  E  of  14th  av  S  of 

BLAIR  PARK,  Piedmont  (including 
Oakland  Park)  N  of  Vernal  av  on 
Moraga  rd  E  of  M  V  Cem 

lyn av  W  of  4th  av 

BROADWAY  TERRACE.  Piedmont  on 
Broadway  N  of  Clifton 

CLAREMONT.  N  of  Claremont  av  E  of 
College  av 

N  of  Allendale  W  of  Maple  av. 

Twp,  N  of  E  27th  and  Davis  sts  bet 
Sausal   Creek    and   Redwood   av 

EAST   LAWN,    S    of   Seminary   Park 

av   N   of   Hopkins 

EDEN  DALE,  N  of  E  27th  w  s  of  Fruit- 
vale  av 

EDEN   PARK.    E  of  25th   av   s  of  E   14th 

ELECTRIC  HEIGHTS.  Fruitvale,  E  of 
Bellevue  bet   Peralta  and   Fruitvale  av 

ELMHURST,  bet  Moss  av  and  San  Lean- 

dro   E  of  Stonehurst 
EMERYVILLE,    bet    Adeline     and      S     F 
Bay  N  of  36th  to  Temescal  Creek  and 
bet   Ninth    and    S    F   Bay    N   of   Tem- 
escal Creek   to  south  line  ot  Berkeley 

FAIRVIEW  HEIGHTS.  Allendale.  N  of 
Penniman  and  E  of  Redwood  av. 

FITCHBURG.   bet  Damon  and  Moss  avs 

FREEMAN'S  PARK.  Golden  Gate,  San 
Pablo  av   NW  cor  Folsom   or  59th 

FRLTITVALE,    bet   26th   av   and    High 

mond,  Bklyn  Twp,  N  of  Hopkins  bet 
Lincoln   and  Laguna  avs. 

GALINDO  TRACT,  Fruitvale,  bet  Per- 
alta av  and  Redwood  av  fm  Bellevua 
N   to  Davis 

GLEN  ECHO  CREEK  (formerly  Ceme- 
tery Creek).  E  of  Piedmont  av  fm 
Glen  Echo  Tract  S  to  W  arm  of  Laka 

GLEN  ECHO  TRACT.  Piedmont,  K  sla« 
Piedmont  av  bet  Monte  Vista  av  ana 
Pleasant   Valley   av 

GOLDEN  GATE.  W  of  Lowell  fm  Tem- 
escal Creek  N  to  Ocean  av  and  Al- 
catraz  av,  including  Emeryville  to 
Stock   Yards 

av  N  of  Cottage,   Piedmont. 

HIGHLAND,    bet   Moss   and    Grand    avs 

HIGHLAND  PARK,  E  Okld  and  Fruit- 
vale. E  of  13th  av  N  of  E  2Sth 

bet  16th  and  18th  avs  fm  E  16th  to  B 

LATHAM  TERRACE,  E  Okld,  on  E  22d 
and  E  24th   sts.   24th   and  26th  avs 

LAUREL  GROVE,  Bklyn  Twp.  N  of 
School.  %  mile  E  of  Fruitvale  av 

I.EONA.  Bklyn  Twp.  N  of  Mills  Collega 
NE  of  Park  Place 

LINDA  PARK,  Bklyn  Twp.  (including 
Melrose  Station)  E  of  Bay  av  bet 
Bay  av  and  Seminary  av,  S  of  E  14th 

of  Fairmount  av  fm  E  Moss  av  N  to 
Linda   av   on   Oakland  av 

LOCKWOOD    DISTRICT,    SE    of    Melrose. 

MADISON  SQUARE,  bet  Madison  and 
Oak  fm  8th  to  9th 


MELROSE,    bet    High    st    and    Central    av 

S  of  Foothill  boul 
MELROSE  HEIGHTS,  N  of  Foothill  boul 

bet   High   and   Central  av 
OAKLAND    HEIGHTS,    E    of    Fairraount 

av   S   of   E   Moss   av    on   Vernon    and 

OAKLAND     PARK,     see    West  Oakland 
OAKLAND     PARK.     Piedmont,      (former 

Blair  Park)  N  of  Vernal  av  at  nortn- 

ern   teririnus   of   Blair   av 
PARK    PLACE.    Bklyn    Twp,    on    and    N 

of    Rose   av    bet     Seminary     av     and 

PERALTA,    N    of    Temescal    Creek    and 

61st   bet   Claremont   av    and    Adeline 
PERALTA   HEIGHTS,    E    Okld,    N    of    E 

18tr    ,    TV    of   4th    av 
PERALTA    PARK.    Okld    Twp    and    Ber- 
keley    on     Cordornices     Creek     N     of 
Hopkins    bet    Santa      Fe      RR      and 

PIEDMONT,   E  of  Broadway  N  of  Moss 

PIEDMONT  HEIGHTS,  N  of  Blair  Park 

Wot  Moraea  or  Thorn  rd 
PIEDMONT    PARK,    N    of    Dale    av    and 

Pleasant  Valley  av  E   of  Oakland  av 

to  Wildwood  av 
PIEDMONT  TERRACE,   Piedmont   Park, 

N  of  Bushy  Dell  av  fm   Magnolia  av 

N  to  E  of  Piedmont  av 
PLEASANT    VALLEY,    W    of    Wildwood 

av  N  of  Santa  Rosa  av  bet  Piedmont 

Park   and   Linda  Vista   Terrace 
PROSPECT   HILL,   Fruitvale,    S  of  Hop- 
kins bet  Boston  av  and  Peralta  av 
ROBLEY     TERRACE,      Piedmont.     E     of 
Piedmont  av   fm  Montell  N  to  Monte 
Vista  av. 

ROCKRIDGE    PARK.     Piedmont,    W    of 

McAdam,    N   of    Union   and   Prospect 

SATHER,    Fruitvale,    S    of    E    14th    bet 

Wheeler  av  and  High 
SEMINARY    PARK,    bet    Central    av    and 

Palo  Vista  av  N  of  E-14th 
STEINWAY    TERRACE.    Fruitvale,   W   of 

High,    N   of   Talcott   av 
STOCK  YARDS,  Emeryville,  N  of  Ocean 

TEMESCAL    sea   Alden 
TOLER  HEIGHTS,  n  of  Foothill  boul  bet 

Moss  and  Wise  avs. 
TOMPKINS   TERRACE,    Piedmont,    E   of 

Bway   bet   Frederick    and   Mather 
TRESTLE  GLEN,  Indian  Gulch,   E  Okld, 

N  of  East  Okld  Heights  on   Mathews 

or  4th  av 
UNIVERSITY    TERRACE,    .Berkeley,     E 

of    Prospect    av    N    of    Dwight    way. 

Hillside  and  Fernwald  avs 
VERNON       HEIGHTS       see         Oakland 

VERNON    PARK,    N    of    51st    or    Vernon 

bet   Bwav    and    Claremont  av 
WASHINGTON    SQUARE,    E    Okld.    bet 

6th  av  and  7th  av  fm  E  12th  to  E  14th 
WATTS   TRACT.   W   of  Peralta   fm   28th 

to  Yerba  Buena  av 
WESTALL.    Bklyn    Twp.    N    of    Allendale 

bet  Redwood  av  and  High  st 
WESTERN    HEIGHTS,    Fruitvale,    E    of 

Beulah  Park,  nr  Altenheim 
WEST   OAKLAND,    W   of   Adeline   S   ol 

WEST   OAKLAND   PARK,    bet   18th    and 

20th    fm    Campbell    to   Wood 
YOAKUM   TRACT,    Bklyn   Twp,    N    of   B 
14th,  SE  of  Church 


e  to  23d  av 

A,  Fruitvale,   see  Salisbury 

A,   Melrose,   fm-  Commerce  n   to   SPRR   se 
of   Sather  Station 

A,  Watts  Tract,  see  32d 

ABBEY.  Allendale,  2  e  of  Redwood  rd  fm 

Glen  av  n  to  Penniman  av  x  Allendale 

av  and  fm  Suter  to  Porter 
ACACIA,    High    St    Terr  1    e    of   High   fm 

Hopkins  n  to  Pampas  av 
ACACIA,    Piedmont,    nw    of    McAdam    fin 

Warren  and  Prospect  av  ne  to  Maple 
ACTON-PLACE.      Peralta      Heights,      fm 
Athol  av  and  E  19th  nw  to  Lester  av 

102  at  Athol  av 
ADAMS.    Oakland    Heights,    e    of   Vernon 

fm  252  Lee  ne  to  Euclid  av 
82  Lee  152    Perkins 

ADELAIDE,    High    Street   Terr,    fm   High 
e  xHuntington  av  7  n  or  Rose  av 

ADELINE.   5  w  of  Market  fm  1150  1st  n 
to  north  city  line 

701  3d 

801   5th 

Sal  7th 

901  8th 
1001  10th 
1101  12th 
1201  14th 
1301  16th 
1401  18th 
1451  19th 
1501  21st 
1601  22d 
1701  24th 
1801  26th 
1901  28th 
2001  30th 
2101  32d 
2201  34th 
3600  36th 

3S01  San  Pablo  av 
3S00  38th 
3S0(i  Apgar 
3900   Summer 
3950  Spring 

4000  40th 
4101  41st 
4201  42d 
4301  43d 
4401  44th 
4501  45th 
4601  46th 
4701   47th 
4S01  48th 
5301    53d 
5301   Lowell 
5401  54th 

5501  55th 
5601  56th 
5701   Aileen 
."i702  Market 

5502  57th 
5852  Arlington 
5900   58th 
5950   59th 

6001  60th 

6002  Genoa 
6100  61f?t 


ADELINE,     E     Okld,     see     26th     av     fm 

E-14th  to  E-19th. 
AGUA-VTSTA,    Fruitvale,   5   n  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Liese  av  e  to  High  x  Rosedale 
av  Hastings  av  and   Steinway  av 
AILEEN,    1    n    of    56th    fm    Shattuck    av 
opp   Idora     Park    entrance     w   to     San 
Pablo   av 
«ni  Shattuck  av  921   Adeline 

701  Dover  951  Lowell 

801   Grove  1001  Los  Angeles 

851  Genoa  1051  Park 

901  Market 

ALBERT,   High   Street  Terr,   1  n  of  Rose 
av  fm  High  e  to  Huntington  av  x  Mar- 
ALBION,    see    2Sth    fm    Telegraph    av    to 

ALCATRAZ    Av.    1    n    of    63d    fm    College 
av  w  through  Berkeley  to  San  Pablo  av 
x*100  College    av  *501    Telegraph  av 

nl52  Benvenue  n550  Raymond 

n200  Hillegass   av      sS51  Racine 
s251  Moulton  av         "602  Shattuck  av 
n300  Regent  (Berkeley   City) 

ii         Duncan  nl026  Idaho 

s351  Colby  nlOSO  Essex 

n402  Dana  "1076  Herzog 

s403  'School  nl090  Salem 

•1098  San   Pablo  av 
ALDEN   FARM,    w    S-   Redwood   rd    1    mile 

n  of  School 
ALICE,   4  e  of  Broadway  fm  252  1st  n  to 

19th   x 
€01  1st  825  6th  1051  11th 

B51  2d  851   7th  1101   12th 

701  3d  901  8th  1151   13th 

751  4th  951  9th  1201   14th 

S01  5th  1001  10th 

ALICE  AV,  Fitchburg,  3  e  of  Yoakum  av 

fm  n  of  Halliday  av  ne  x  Railroad  av 
ALICIA.   1   w  of  San  Pablo  av  fm   27th   n 

to  Market 
ALLENDALE   AV,    1    s    of    Penniman    av 

fm   Redwood   rd   e   to  Bargain   x 
•Jones  •Short  "Liese    av 

•Abbey  "Viola  "Over 

ALLEY   A,    bet    E-12th    and    E-14th 
ALLEY    B.    bet    E-14th   and    E-15th 
ALLEY  C,   bet  Eloth  and   E-16th 
ALLEY  D,  bet  E-16th  and  E-17th 
ALLEY    E.    bet    E-17th    and    E-19th 
ALLEY    F,    bet    E-19tli    and    E-20th 
ALLEY  G,  bet  E-20th  and  E-2ls1 
ALLSTON  AV.   Rock   Ridge   Park.    2   e  of 
Broadway  fm  Acacia  av  n   to  American 
View   av 
ALMA   AV,    E   Okld,    fm    1801    4th    av  and 

Brooklyn   ay   n   to  Indian   Gulch   x 
201  Brooklyn  av  351  McKinley   av 

251  Cleveland  4nl  Excelsior  av 

251    Capell  ."'11   Hopkins 

301  Prospect   av 

ALMA  AV.  Fruitvale,  2  e  of  Liese  av 
fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Santa  Rita  x  San 
Juan,  Mera  and  Carrington 
ALMOND,  nr  Toler  Heights.  Elmhurst. 
8  ne  of  E-14th  x  Mountain  View  av 
se  to  Bav  View  av 
ALTA    VISTA    AV.    Okld    Heights,    n    Of 

El  wood  av  fm  Jean  e  to  Mil  a    Vista 
ALVARADO   ROAD,   se   Hotel   Claremom 
off   e   s   Tunnel    rd   a   long   angular   and 
curvalinear    road    x    and    re    x 

The  Short  Cut  The    Bridge   Road 

Eucalyptus-   Path         Willow  Walk 
Hotel    Place  Vicente    Road 

AMELIA.    Elmhurst.    6    s    of    E-14th    fm 

Walter  av  se  x  Highland  av 
AMITY   AV,    Piedmont   Park    w    of   Pied- 
mont av  fm  Vernal  av  n  to  Wita  av 
ANDERSON,   Piedmont,  1  e  of  Broadway 

fm   Sumter  to  Clifton 
ANDOVBR.   2  e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  34th 

n  to  Edwards 
ANGELO    AV.    Allendale.    1    n    of    Penni- 
man av  fm  Minna  av  w  x  Liese  av 
ANITA    AV,    Fitchburg,    4    e    of    Yoakum 
av  fm    n   of   Halliday  av  ne   x   Railroad 

APGAR.  1  n  of  38th,  fm  Grove  w  to  Ade- 
line.  San  Pablo  av  and  38th  st  junction 

650  Grove  800  West  900   Market 

APPLE,  Stonehurst,  5  se  of  Elmhurst 
Depot  fm  S  P  R  R  n  to  E-14th  at  2d 
st  w  of  S  P  Stonehurst  Depot  on  Bart- 
lett   av 

xPearmain        W  P  R   R        Graffian 
Pippin  Biggarau  Pontiac 

Russet  Royal  Ann 

APRICOT,    Stonehurst,     n    of   W    P   R    R 
and   Hortense  av  fm  Plum  s<e  x 
Blenheim       Moor  Park        Royal 

ARDLEY.  Fourth  av  Terr,  2  e  of  14th 
av  fm  Hopkins  n  to  Hampel  x  E-37tn 
and   E-38th 

ARIMO  AV,  E-Piedmont,  1  e  of  Lake 
Shore  av  fm  Wala  Vista  av  ne 

ARIZONA,  nr  Allendale  11  n  of  School 
fm  Maple  av  e  to  Redwood  rd  x  Mid- 
vale   av 

ARLINGTON  AV.  N  Okld,  n  of  57th  fm 
Grove   w   to   Park  x   S00   Grove 

850  Genoa  950  Lowell 

900  Adeline  l'"1"    Los    Angeles 

ARNOLD,  Seminary  Park  2  n  of  Trask 
fm   Nutley  av  e   to  Seminary  av 

ARROYO  AV,  Piedmont,  s  s  O  T  R  Con 
Ry  fm  Ricardo  av  e  to  Park  Way  av 

ARTHL'R.  Fitchburg,  6  n  of  E  14th  fm 
Church   e   to   Yoakum  av  x  Grant  av 

A.RTTJNA    AV,    Piedmont,    n    of   Blair   av 
and  Montecito  av  e  trds  proposed  Park 
\THLNS  AV.   fm  951  San  Pablo  av  w  to 
1624   Market 

ATHERTON,  Fitchburg,  5  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Church   e  .to   Yoakum   av   7   Grant   av 

-VTHOL  AV,  Peralta  Hts.  fm  Lake  Shore 
boul    and   E-lstli    n   to   Clinton   and   Ex- 
celsior  avs 
52  E-18th  Chicago  av 

L02  Wayne  av  Brooklyn 

1 21    .v  tun   pi  C\e\       rid 

151   B-19th  Prospei  • 

202  New  tun  av  McKinli 

ATLANTIC,    West    Okld,    2    -   oi    7th    fm 

801    Peralta  w  to   Bay 
0   Peralta  175.0  w 

L650  Campbell  L800   Pine 

1  roo   Willow  1850    C 

ATWELL     AV      i   ppei      Fruitvale,     e     of 

i  'ri  1 1 1  vale  av  fm  Lynde  n 
\  i   r.i   i:n     \  \       I  imerj  \  ill-,    see    Ktli    fm 

Adeline   w 
m'stix    vv  oi    iTiii  av    Melrose,    i  e  of 
High     I'm     S     P    R    R    Main    Lim 
E-14th    x   Tenth    and    Twelfth   sts 


ATALiA  AV,    w   of   Claremont   av   fm   Vi- 
cente and  56th  n  to  Forest  and  59th  x 
150  56th  251   Herman 

200  Miranda  276  Martin 

B.    Fruitvale,    4    n    of    Foothill    boul    fm 
Redwood  rd  opp  Pearl  e  to  Harrington 
B,   Melrose,    se   of   S  P  Co   Sather   Sta   2 
e  of  High  fm  Commerce  n  to  ,S  P  R  R 
main  line  x  Clarke 
B,  Watts  Tr,  see  34th 
B  Alley,   bet  E-14th  and  E-15th 
BAKER,  Golden  Gate,  2  w  of  Adeline  fm 
1000  61st  n  to  Bkly  City  line  x  62d  and 
63  d 
BAKER  AV,   Seminary  Park,  2  e  of  Sem- 
inary   av    fm    5902    E-14th    n    to    n    of 
Foothill    boul    x 
wOrion  eMaple 

wNoble  wMills 

wVirginia  *Fairview  way 

wLawrence  Fortune  Way 

BANCROFT,     Melrose,    n    of    E-14th    fm 

High  e  to  Patterson  av  x  Poe 
BARGAIN,     Allendale,     6    e    of    Redwood 
rd   fm    Glen   av  n   to  Allendale   av  and 
fm  Surer  n  to  Porter 
BARKER.   Fruitvale,   3  n  of  Foothill  boul 

fm  Fruitvale  av  w  trds  Sausal  Creek 
BARTLETT  AV,  Stonehurst,  S  blocks  e 
of  Jones  av  at  S  P  Stonehurst  R  R 
Station  fr  W  P  R  R  and  Hortense  av  ne 
to  E-14th  x  Biggareau,  Royal  Ann, 
Graffian  and  Pontiac 
BASSETT,    or   33rd    av,    1    e    of   Fruitvale 

av  fm  Lloyd  n  to  E-14th  x 
1000  Lloyd  1200  Putnam 

1100  Warren  1300  Washington 

BAT,   West   Okld,    1   se   of   S   F   Bay   fm 

Atlantic  n   to   8th  x 
*S01  Atlantic  *871  Goss 

•827  5th  *891  Shorey 

*S51  7th  »901  8th 

BAY  AV  or  50th  Av,  Melrose,  3  e  of  S  P 
Co  Melrose  Depot  fm  Clarke  s  of  S  P 
R   R  Main  Line  n  to  Vicksburg  x 

•Ninth  *Bond 

•Tenth  *Foothill   boul 

•Twelfth  *Ygnacio 

*E-14th  *Melrose 

BAY  PLACE,  fm  junction  of  Vernon  and 
24th  to  junction  of  Broadway  and  Web- 
ster x  302  Valdez 

BAY  VIEW,  Alta  Vista,  n  of  Melrose 
Hts  w  of  Birdsall  av  fm  Stewart  n 

BAY  VIEW  AV,  Bella  Vista  Park,  E 
Okld,  fm  E-28th  opp  9th  av  ne  to  13th 
•      av  opp  E-32d  x  Elliott  and  11th  av 

BAY  VIEW  AV,  Claremont,  n  of  Lawton 
av   fm   College   av   e   to   Broadway 

BAY"  VIEW  AV.  Elm  hurst,  2  w  of  Jones 
av  at  7400  E-14th  fm  Second  s  of 
E-14th  ne  to  Foothill  boul  x 

First  Orange 

E-14th  Olive 

Hawthorne  Sunnyside 

"Walnut  Almond 

Chestnut  Peach 

Cherry  Hillside 

BAYO.  Allendale,  n  of  Hopkins  fm  High 
w  trds  Maybelle  x  Vale  av 

BAYO  VISTA  AV,  Piedmont  s  of  Monte 
Vista  av  fm  Fairmount  av  e  to  Oak- 
land av  x  Eldorado  av  and  Walsworth 

BEACH,  Watts  Tr,  w  of  Peralta  fm  1652 
2Sth  n  x  32d,  34th  and  Yerba  Buena 
and  making  right  angle  n  of  Yerba 
Buena  e  to  Halleck 

BEACON,  Melrose  Heights,  e  of  Bellevue 
av  fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Trask  x 

BEACON,  Peralta  Heights,  1  s  of  Excel- 
sior av  fm  Wesley  e  to  Excelsior  av 
nr  Athol  av  x  Chicago  av 

BEAUDRY  AV.  Emeryville,  4  w  of  San 
Pablo  av  fm  55th  n  to  Stanford  av 

BEAUMONT  AV,  Fourth  av  Ter,  2  e  of 
13th  av  fim  E-38th  n  to  13th  av 

BECK,  Fitchburg,  1  s  of  Foothill  boul  fm 
Church  e  to  Y'oakum 

BELLA  VISTA  AV,  E  Okld  fm  E-2Sth 
opp  10th  av  ne  to  13th  av  x  11th  av 

BELLA  VISTA  AV,  Okld  Hts,  see  El- 
wood  av 

BELLEVUE,  Fruitvale,  n  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Fruitvale  av  e  to  Peralta  av 

BELLEVUE  AV,  Adams  Point,  fm  s:  end 
e  side  Adams  Point  n   to  Palm  av  x 

Perkins  Grand   av 

Ellita  av  Van   Buren   av 

Staten  av 

BELLEVUE  AV,  Melrose  Heights,  4  n 
of  E-14th  fm  Central  av  opp  Vesta 
B-17th    n    to    High 

xWentworth  av 
Essex  Monticello   av 

Bond   at   S   P  Sta      Isabella 
Foothill   boul  Frances 

Ygnacio  Courtland  av 

BELMONT,  Adams  Point,  n  of  Grand  av 
fm  Perkins  e  to  Staten  av 

BELMONT.  Fruitvale,  5  n  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Peralta  av  w  trds  Fruitvale  av 

BELVEDERE  AV,  East  Lawn,  fm  W  P 
R  R  n  to  E-14th  x  Tevis  and  Taylor 

BENTON,  Fourth  av  Ter,  south  side 
Key  Route  Ext.  Right  of  Way  fm  Ran- 
dolph av  e  to  Woodruff  av 

BENVENUE  AV,  w  of  College  av  fm 
Alcatraz  av  n  to  city  limits 

BERLIN,  Elmhurst,  3  w  of  Jones  av  fm 
Railroad  av  s  to  Jones  av  x  Walter  av 
and  Oscar  av 

BERLIN,  Upper  Fruitvale,  e  of  Dell, 
View  av  fm  School  s  to  Creek 

BERTHIER  AV,  Elmhurst,  2  e  of  Oak- 
land av  fm  Peralta  n  to  Fifth 

BEVERLY  AV.  Melrose  Heights,  2  e  of 
High  n  fm  Virginia  av 

BIRDSALL  AV,  Alta  Vista,  Smny  Park, 
w  of  Central  av  fm  Stewart  av  nw  x 
Pleasant  av,  Nursery  av,  Kingslan  av  to 
Monticello    av 

BISSELL,  Fitchburg.  3  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Y'oakum  av  w  to  line  of  Renwick  av 

BLAINE  AV  or  44th  AV,  Melrose,  1  e  of 
High  fm  S  P  R  R  n  to  E-14th  x  Tenth 
and   Twelfth 

BLAIR  AV,  Piedmont,  1  w  of  Oakland 
fm  Oakland  av  opp  Vallecito  av  nw  to 
Vernal  av  and  Oakland  Park 

xRicardo  av  Dracena  av 

San    Carlos  av  Hillside   av 

Montecito  av  Bonita  av 

Carmel    av  Vernal  av 


BLANCHE,    Highland,    5   n   of  E-14th   fm 

Moss  av  se  to  Oakland  av  x 
Saratoga  av  Highland  av 

Walter   av 
BLENHEIM,   Stonehurst,   3  e  of  Bartlett 

av  fm  Hortense  ne  to  Apricot 
BLOSSOM,    Fruitvale   1   s    of   E-27th   fm 

Sausal  Creek  e  to  2601  Fruitvale  av 
BOEHMER,    Fruitvale,   3   s   of  E-14th   fm 

28th  av  e  to  Fruitvale  av 
Park  Peterson         Derby      Lancaster 

BONA.   Fruitvale,   3   s  of  School  fm  1951 

Peralta  av  w  to  Sunset  av 
BOND.    Melrose    Heights,    2    n    of    E-14th 

fm  High  e  to  Central  av  and  fm  Nut- 
ley  av  e  to  Seminarv  av  x 
*101  High  'Olive   av 

*201  Patterson    av  or   52d   av 

or  45th   av       sWentworth   av 
*301  Deering  av  "Vicksburg 

or  46th  av         *Bellevue    av 

*  Bryant  av  S  P  Co  Depot 

or    47th    av        *Cole 

*  Whittier    av        'Central   av 

or  48th  av         »Nutley  av 
*Bay  or  50th  av  *Fairview  way 

*  Marion   av  "Seminary  av 

or  51st  av 

BONITA  AV,  fm  Piedmont  av  Piedmont 
Park  ne  of  Hillside  av  nw  to  Park 
way  x  Vista  av,  Oakland  av,  Blair  av 
and  fm  Park  way  av  to  Estrella  av  x 
Ramona  av 

BOSTON  AV,  Dimond,  2  e  of  Fruitvale 
av  fm   School  n  to  Honkins  x 

Pleasant  ^Chicago  av 

Harrold  Palmetto 

BOULVEARD  WAT,  Grand  av  Heights, 
3  n  of  Mandana  boul  fm  Grand  av  e  to 
Lake  Shore  av  x  Girard  av  and  Ken- 
more  av 

BOWDITCH,  1  w  of  College  av  fm  202 
Alcatraz  av  n  to  city  limits 

6401  Alcatraz   av         6601  Fairview 

BOWIE  AV,  Piedmont,  w  of  Oakland  av 
fm  Howard  n  to  Grand  av 

BOYD  AV.  Alden,  bet  Shafter  av  and 
Lawtoh  av  fm  Cavour  n  to  Hudson  x 

BRANDON  or  34th  AV,   2  e  of  Fruitvale 

av  fm  Lane  n  to  E-14th  x 
900  Lane  1200  Putnam 

1000  Lloyd  1300  Wash- 

1100  Warren  ington 

BRAY  AV  or  34th  av,  Fruitvale,  fm  3402 
E-14th   n  to   Davis  x 

Elm  or  E-17th  2300  Galindo 

Tobler  2400  Salisbury 

Foothill  boul  2500  Pearl 

BRIDGE.  4  n  of  Foothill  boul  fm  Fruit- 
vale av  w  to  Sausal  Creek 

BRIDGE  AV,  Fruitvale,  2  e  of  Redwood 
av  bet  36th  and  37th  avs  n  of  E-14th 
fm  Hyde  n  to  Foothill  boul 

BRIGHTON  AV,  Fourth  av  Ter,  w  of 
14th  av  fm  E-3Sth  n  to  13th  av  and 
fm  13th  av  to  Greenwood  av 

BROADWAY,  9th  e  of  Bstuarv  fm  Har- 
bor Water  Front  No  450  Water  n  to 
Ross  st  Claremont  x 

e  552  Water  *  825  6th 

*  601  1st  *    851  7th 

*  651  2d  *  901  8th 

*  701  3d  *  951  9th 

*  751  4th  nooi  10th 

*  801  5th  »1051  11th 

»1101  12th  W2301  34th 

•1151  13th  *37ol  Moss  av 

•1201  14th  *3S01  38th 

wl202  San  Pablo  av   *4001  40th 
el252  15th  *4101  41st 

W1301  16th  e4108    Ridge 

w        Telegraph  av      w4175  Carnet 
•1351  17th  W4202  42d 

•1401  19th  e4302  Mather 

*1501  20th  W4501  45th 

"1551  21st  e4502  Whitmore 

"1601  22d  W4901  49th 

W1615  Key  Route  Inn  w5101  51st 
*1651  23d  e5202  McAdam 

•1701  24th  w  Butler 

wl751  25th  w  College  av 

*1800  Bay   PI  *  Clifton 

wl801     26th  Grand  Av 

•1901  Webster  Florence 

s1901  28th  Edith 

*1951  29th  4th  av 

•2001  Orchard  Prospect  av 

e2060  Brook  Warren 

e2100  Piedmont  av  Third   av 

w2201  Hawthorne  av  Ross 

BROCKHURST,     bet     32d     and     33d     fm 

Grove  w  to  1852  San  Pablo  av  x 
652  Grove         800  West  900  Market 

BROOK,  1  e  of  Broadway  fm  Orchard  n 

to  2062  Broadway  opp  Hawthorne  av 
BROOK,     Dimond     3    n    of   Hopkins     fm 

Fruitvale  av  e  to  Lincoln  av 
BROOKLYN   AV,    Brooklyn    Park   Home- 
stead continuation  of  Franklin  av  n  to 
Redwood  County  Road 
BROOKLYN  AV,   Highland   4   e   of   Sara- 
toga av  fm  Peralta  ne  to  6051  E-14th  x 
Fifth,   Third,    Second  and   First 
BROOKLYN    AV,     Peralta    Heights,     fm 
Lake  Shore  boul  e  to  June  of  Alma  av 
and  Fourth  av  x     202  Chicago   av 
2  Lake  Shore  boul  252  Athol  av 
52   Newton  av  301  Vandyke    av 

52  Wesley  av  Alma  av 

151  Lester  av 

BRUCE,   E   Okld  Heights   fm   junction    of 

14th     av    and    E-30th    n    to     E-38th     x 

E-31st,    E-32d,    E-33d,    E-34th,    Hopkins, 

E-36th  and  E-37th 

BRUSH,  6  w  of  Broadway  fm  751  1st  n  to 

22d  and  S01  San  Pablo  av 
601  1st  901  8th  1251  15th 

651  2d  951  9th  1301  16th 

701  3d  1001  10th  1351  17th 

751  4th  1051  11th  1401  18th 

801  5th  1101  12th  1451    19th 

S25  6th  1151  13th  1501  Lydia 

S51  7th  1201  14th 

BRYANT,    e   of  Mills   College  s   of  4th   se 
to  Gibson  av  x  Summit  av  and  College 
BRYANT  AV.  Claremont,  1  w  of  Broad- 
way  fm   College   av   n   to   Manila  av   x 
BRYANT  AV  or  47th  AV,  Melrose.  4  e  of 

High  fm  E-llth  n   to  Congress  av  x 
Bond  Melrose  Charles 

Foothill  boul    Ellen  Georgia 

Ygnacio  Henry 

BUCKEYE    AV,    Piedmont     Heights     fm 
McAdam  to  Reservoir 

BUSHY  DELL  AV.  Piedmont  Park  11  of 
Highland  av  fm  Piedmont  av  ne 

BUTLER.  Alden,  1  n  of  51st  fm  Ander- 
son w  to  Desmond  x  Broadway 



BUTTERCUP   AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of 
Dandelion    av    fm    Wildwood    av    nw    to 
Highland  av  x  Spring-  av 
BYRON   AV,    Toler  Heights,    e  of  Ivy  av 

fm  Foothill  boul  se  x  Virgil  av 
C  ALLEY,   bet  E-15th  and  E-16th 
C,    Fruitvale,    5    n    of    Foothill    boul    fm 
Redwood  rd  opD  Davis  e  to  Harrington 
C  or  48th  AV,   Melrose,   3  e   of  High   fm 

Clarke  n  to  S  P  R  R  Main  Line 
CALAVERAS  AV,  Elmhurst,  3  e  of  Jones 

av  fm  E-14th  n  to  Harriman  av 
x'Walnut  "Orange 

"Chestnut..  *Sunnyside 

CALHOUN  AV  or  49th  AV,  Melrose,  3d  e 

of   Melrose    S    P   Co    Depot    fm    S    P    Co 

main  line  n  to  E-14th  x  10th  and  12th 

CALIFORNIA,    Allendale    10    n    of    School 

fm  Maple  av  e  to  Charles  av 
xLaurel  av         Magee  av        Edison   av 
Midvale  av    Lenox   av 
Redwood    rd  Shafter  av 
CALMAR  AV,   E  Piedmont  Heights:,   e  of 
Lake    Shore    av   fm   Mandana    boul    n    x 
Santa    Ray   av,    Viona   av    and    Paloma 
av  2  n  of  Mandana  boul 
CAMBRIDGE,    E    Okld    Heights    now    E- 

CAMERON,   E   Okld  Heights  now  E-37th 
CAMERON,    Fruitvale,    see    25th    av    fm 

Foothill   boul   n 
CAMPBELL,  W  Okld,  3  e  of  S  P  Sta  fm 

1651  3d  n  to  28th 
s647   3d  '1001  10th         *1401  18th 

•751  Pacific      *1051  11th         *1452  19th 
•801  Atlantic   *1101  12th  *1501  20th 

•827  5th  »1151  13th         *1601  22d 

"851  7th  *1201  14th  *1701  24th 

•901  8th  *1251  15th  *1S01  26th 

"935  Chase        *1301  16th 
*963  9th  *1331  17th 

CANAL,  E  Okld,   2   n  of  Alameda  Bridge 
fm  Park  av  sw  to  Water  Front  x  Ken- 
CANNING,   e   of  Telegraph  av  fm  58th  n 

to  63d  x  59th.  60th,  61st  and  62d 
CANON,   E  Okld  Heights,   1  w  of  Sausal 

Creek  and  fm  Hopkins  e  of  Everett  n 
CAPELL.     Peralta    Heights,    w    of    Alma 
av  fm   352   Cleveland   n   to  Excelsior  av 
x252  Cleveland  352  McKinley   av 

302  Prospect   av 
CAPERTON    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of 
Grand  av  fm  Highland  av  ne  to  Sher- 
idan av 
CAPITAL,    Peralta  Heights    2    e    of   Lake 
Shore  boul  fm  102  Cleveland  n  to  Pros- 
pect  av 
252  Cleveland  302  Prospect    av 

CARLTON  AV.  Fitchburg,  12  n  of  E-14th 

fm   Yoakum   av   se   crossing  Harriet   av 

and  Van  Alstine  av 
CARMEL,    Dimond    2    n    of    Hopkins    fm 

Laguna  av  e  to  Peralta  av 
CARMEL    AV,    Piedmont    ne    of    Monte- 

cito  av  fm  Oakland  av  nw  to  Blair  av 
CARRINGTON,  Fruitvale,  3  n  of  Foothill 

boul  fm  Ransom  av  e  to  High  x 
Liese   av  Griffith  av         Alma   av 

Rosedale  av     Hastings   av    Steinway  av 

CARRINGTON  AV,  Piedmont  Hts,  e  of 
Sea  View  av  fm  LaSalle  av  n  to  Union 
CARROL  or  26th  AV,  3  e  of  23d  av  fm 
Foothill  boul  n  to  E-22d  x  E-20th  and 
CASTRO,  5  w  of  Broadway  fm  701  1st  n 

to  20th 
001  1st  901  8th  1251  15th 

651  2d  951  9th  1301  16th 

701  3d  1001  10th  1351  17th 

751  4th  1051  11th  1401  ISth 

SOI  5th  1101  12th  1451  19th 

S25  6th  1151  13th  1501  20th 

851  7th  1201  14th 

CATHERINE,     Melrose    Heights     3    e    of 

High   fm   Bellvue   av   n   to   Glen   av 
CAVOUR,  1  n  of  51st  fm  Manila  av  w  to 

Claremont  av  x 
352  Manila    av  452  Locksley  av 

402  Lawton    av  476  Miles  av 

426  Shafter   av 
CEDAR,    2   w  of   S   P   Co  West   Okld   Sta 

fm  1851  Atlantic  n  to  10th  st  x 
sill  Atlantic      873  Goss  930  Chase 

S27  5th  901  Shorey        950  9th 

851  7th  905  8th 

CENTER,    e    of    S    P   Co    Center    Sta    fm 

1451  1st  st  n  to  17th  and  Peralta 
601  1st  951  9th  1201  14th 

701  3d  1001  10th  1251  15th 

801  5th  1051  11th  1301  6th 

851  7th  1101  12th  1351  17th 

901  8th  1151     13th 

CENTRAL    AV,    n    of    Orchard    fm    2051 

Webster,   w  to   Summit 
CENTRAL    AV,     E    Okld,     w    of    Sausal 
Creek    fm    B-27th    opp    26th    av    n    to 
CENTRAL    AV     or    55th    AV,     Seminary 
Park,    8   e   of   S  P  Co   Melrose   Sta   fm 
E-14th  n  to  Park  Place  x 
E-15th  Wentworth  av  Foothill  boul 

E-16th  Essex  Walnut  av 

E-17th  Cole  Trumbull    av 

Vesta  Bond  Stuart   av 

Hdgerly  Trask  Willow 

Portland  Fairview  way 

Bellevue  av      Fortune  way 
CENTRAL    AV,    Boehmer    Ranch.    Bklvn 
Twp,    2  n  of  County   Road   No   1305   fm 
Mariposa  av   se  crossing  High   st 
CERRITO,    1    e    of    Broadway    fm   3Sth    n 

to    40th 
CHAMBER,  n  of  Cottage  fm  Wildwood  av 

nw  to  Vermont  x 
Ohio  Erie  York  Jersey 

CHAMPION,  Dimond  1  e  of  Fruitvale  av 

fm  Nicol  av  n  to  Hopkins  x 
School  Pleasant  Harrold 

CHAPMAN,    E    Okld.      4    n    of     Alameda 
Bridge    fm   152   Park   av  e   to   Fruitvale 

Park  or  28th  av  Derby 

Peterson  Lancaster 

CHARLES,  Allendale,   6  e  of  Redwood  rd 

fm    Suter    n    to    Redding    x    Fullington, 

Porter  and  Quigley 
CHARLES.    Fitchburg.    2    w    of   Fitch    av 

fm  Stanton  n  to  E-14th 
CHARLES,     High     Street    Ter,     3     n     of 

Rose  av  fm  High   se   to  Huntington  av 

x  Martin 
CHARLES.  Piedmont,  n  of  Mills  fm  Pine 

Ridge    av    nw    to    Grand    av    Broadway 

Terr  x  Edith  and  MeAdam 


CHARLES  and  CHARLES  AV,  Allendale, 
fm   Suter  n   to  California  1  w  of  High 
xPorter  Fruitvale    boul 

Qiiigley  Hopkins 

Redding  Kansas 

CASE,  West  Okld,   fm  935  Campbell  and 
Eighth   w   to    Cedar  x 
2  Campbell  200  Wood 

100  Willow  300  Pine 
CHENEY  AV,  Piedmont,  n  of  Lake  Park 

av  fm  Read  av  w  to  Walker  av 
CHERRY,   Alden,  see  Webster 
CHERRY,    Elmhurst,    4   ne   of   E-14th    fm 

Grand   av   se   x   Orchard   av,    Mountain 

View  av,  Bay  View  av,  Jones  av,  War- 
ren av  and  Hiller  av  to  Ivy  av 
CHERRY.  Melrose,  see  53d  av 
CHERRY,  <Stonehtirst,    1  nw  of  S  P  R  R 

Sta   Bartlett   av    fm   E-14th   sw   x   Pon- 

tiac,     Graffian,    Royal    Ann    and    Big- 

gareau  sts 
CHERRY  AV.  Fruitvale,  2  w  of  Fruitvale 

av  fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Saunders 
CHERRY  AV.  Piedmont,  n  of  Lake  Park 

av    fm    Rand    av    w    to    Walker    av    to 

Monte  Vista  av 
CHESTER,  1  w  of  Center  and  at  S  P  Co 

Sta.  fm  1501  3d  n  to  12th  x 
701  3d  851  7th  951  9th 

S01  5th  901  Sth  1001  10th 

CHESTNUT,    1   e  of  Adeline   fm   1101   1st 

n  to  36th  and  San  Pablo  av 
601  1st  1201  14th  1801  26th 

701  3d  1301  16th  1901  28th 

801  5th  1401  18th  2001  30th 

851  7th  1451  19th  2101  32d 

901  8th  1501  21st  2201  34th 

1001  10th  1601  22d 

1101  12th  1701  24th 

CHESTNUT,  Elmhurst,  3  n  of  E-14th  fm 

Grand  av  se  to  Kipling  av  x 
*Orchard  av  *Ivy  av 

-"Mountain  View  av   'Homer  av 
*Bay   View    av  'Calaveras   av 

•Jones  av  'Virgil  av 

•Hiller  av  'Kipling  av 

CHETWOOD,   2   e  of  Oakland  av  fm  252 

Perry  n   to   Short  x 
Santa  Clara  av  Santa   Rosa  av 

CHICAGO    AV.    Peralta    Heights,    ne    of 

E-21st  fm  1575   4th  av  n  to  Beacon 
xAthol   av         Cleveland  McKinley  av 

Brooklyn  av   Prospect  av 
CHICAGO    AV,    Upper    Fruitvale    3    n    of 

'School  fm  Fruitvale  av  e  to  Peralta  av 
Champion         Wilson  av  Nevada 

Boston  av  Prospect  Peralta  av 

CHURCH.   Fitchburg,   2  w  of  Yoakum  av 

fm  Arthur  n  to  Foothill  boul  x 
Thomas  Herbert  Beck 

Vincent  Todd 

CLAREMONT  AV,   n   of  Temescal  Creek 

fm    5202    Telegraph     av    to    Russel     st 

Bkly    w   of   Key   Route    Claremont    Sta 


1  Telegraph  300  Forest         Eton  av 
av  301  Colby  Woolsev 

Maple  352  59th  Prince 

101  Vicente       401  60th  Webster 

102  Cavour       401  Moulton     Elmwood  av 
151  56th  501  62d  Brookside 
176  Clifton        592  College  av  Uplands 

201  Mirand  a  502  Florida        Hillcrest    rcl 
226  Hardy         602  Ross  Oak  Vale  av 

250  Hudson      Alcatraz    av, 
275  Martin  Bkly 

CLARK,    Elmhurst.    4   w   of  Jones    av   fm 

Railroad  av  s  x 
Walter  av  Oscar  av 

CLARKE,  Alden,  1  e  of  Telegraph  av  fm 

3Sth   n   to   40th 
CLARKE,   Fourth  av  Park,   w  of  13th  av 

fm    intersection    of    Wellington    ne    to 

CLARKE,  Melrose  s  of  S  P  Co  main  line 

se  to  Bay  av  x  A  B  C  D 
CLAY,   2  w  of  Broadway  fm  1st  to  17th 

and  San  Pablo  av  x 
601  1st  Sol  7th  1151  13th 

651  2d  901  8th  1201  14th 

701  3d  951  9th  1251  15th 

751  4th  1001  10th  1301  16th 

SOI  5th  1051  11th 

825  6th  1101  12th 

CLAY',    Fitchburg,    at  W  P   R  R,    5    s   of 

E-14th  fm  Marv  e  to  Fitch  av  x  Rose. 

Henry,    Cora,    George,    Jessie,    Charles 

and  Mina 
CLEVELAND.     Peralta    Heights    1     n    of 

Brooklyn   av   fm   Lake   Shore   boul  e   to 

\Ima  av  and  Fourth  av  x 

1  Lake  Shore  boul  202  Chicago  av 
152  Newton  av  East  Oak 

102  Capital  302  Spruce 

121  Westlev  av  352  Capel 

402  Alma  av 
CLEVELAND   AV.    or    46th    AV.    Melrose. 

1   w  of   S  P  Co  Melrose   Depot   fm   S   P 

Co   main  line  n   to   E-14th  x  Tenth  and 

CLIFTON.  2  n  of  51st  fm  Pine  Ridge  and 

R  C  Cemetery  w  to  Claremont   av 
x202  Pine  ridge  av 
°15  Edith  402  Lawton  av 

225  McAdam  Boyd  av 

275  Anderson  426  Shafter  av 

301  Broadway  452  Locksley  av 

302  College  av  476  Miles  av 
352  Manila  av 

CLINTON,  E  Okld,  see  E-34th  e  of  4th  av 
CLINTON,  Peralta  Heights,  4  n  of  Brook- 
lyn   av.     fm    junction    of    Excelsior    av 
Athol  av  and  Beacon  e  to  Fourth  av  opp 
E-34th    x    East     Oak,     Spruce,     Capell, 
Alma  av,  Jones 
COLBY    Claremont,  fm  301  Claremont  av 
and    Forest    n    to    Alcatraz    av    x    Rose. 
60th.  61st.  62d,  63d  and  North 
COLE     Melrose    Heights.    2    e   of  Bellevue 
av  fm  Central  av  and  Essex  n  to    frask 
x  Bond.  Foothill  boul  and  Ygnacw 
COLLEGE    E  of  Mills  College  se  of  Sum- 
'  mit  av  and  Fourth  fm  Simpson  av  ne  to 

Bryant  and  Gibson  av 
COLLEGE  AV,  n  of  McAdam  and   Butler 

fm  Clifton  n  to  Ekly  city  line  x 
175  Broadway  375  Oak  Grove  av 

175  Clifton  376  Pagoda 

202  Bryant  av  401  59th 

"51  Manila  av  4"!  Vernon 

"51  Hudson  425  Harwood   av 

265  Kales  av  451  62d 

2S5  Taft  av  152  Florida 

301  Forest  501  Claremont   av 

302  Lawton   av  63d 

351  Shafter   av  Alcatraz    av 

355  Miles  av  Woolsev.   Bkly 

COMMERCE.   Melrose,  2  n  of  Tidal  Canal 

fm  High  e  to  line  of  A  st 
COMSTOCK   AV.    Fruitvale.    2    e   of   Liese 

av  fm  Foothill  boul  s 



CONGRESS  AV.  Fruitvale.  1  sw  of  Belle- 

vue  av  fm  High  se  to  Foothill  boul 
xCourtland  av  Vicksburg 

Bryant   av  Ygnacio 

CORA,  n  of  Allendale  3d  n  of  Hopkins  at 

terminus  of  Vale  av 
CORA,  Fitchburg,  4  e  of  Lockwood  School 

bldg  fm   Stanton   to  E-14th 
xS    P  R   R  Spencer 

Clay  .  Warren 

Webster  Rudsdale 

CORONADO    AV,    2    w    of    Broadway    fm 

347   49th   se   ne   to  Intersection   of   Des- 
mond and  Butler 
COTTAGE,  fm   Grand   av  n  of  Perry  opp 

Elwood  av  e  to  Lake  Shore  av  opp  Man- 

dana    boul  .x 
*Walker  av  nYork 

nVermont  nErie 

n.Iersey  sRand   av 

sWarfield  nOhio 

COTTAGE    AV,     Peralta     Heights     n     of 

Cleveland,   fm  Alma  av   e  to   4th  a   v 
COUNTY  ROAD  No  1385,   Bklvn  Twp.  fm 

High   s   of   Lion    Creek    nw    to   Redwood 


COURT,  E  okld,  1  w  of  Sausal  Creek  fm 

Foothill  boul  opp  27th  av  n  1601  Foothill 

boul  or  Talcott  av. 
COURTLAND  AV,  Melrose  Heights.  1  e  of 

High    fm    Melrose    n    to    Bellevue    av    to 

Glen  av  x 

fS6^1?    .  'Congress  av 

*St  Charles  "Bellevue  av 

e,Georgia  »Glen  av 

C9VE  AV'  n  of  east  arm  °f  Lake  Merritt 
fm  Grand  av  nr  Euclid  av  e  to  junc- 
tion of  Lake  Shore  av,  Lake  Shore  boul 
and  Prospect  av 

CRESCENT,  Okld  Heights.  4  e  of  Okld  av 
fm  Perry  n  to  Santa  Clara  av 

CRITTENDEN,  Melrose,  2  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Dieves  Lane  e 

C^?Cf^ER!,AT,'   Piedmont.   e   of   Sheridan 

av   fm   Lasalle   av  nw   to   Lincoln   av   x 
Farragut  av,   Grand  av,   Union  av 
CROFTON    AV,    Grand    av    Heights     bet 

Fairbanks    av    and    Boulevard    way    fm 

Boulevard   way  ne 
CROSBY   AV,    Fruitvale,    1   e   of   Redwood 

rd  fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Helen  Keawooa 

CR?«T?N  A7'  fm  2400  Piedmont  av  e 
to  Richmond  av 

CUNNINGHAM,  Park  Place  s  of  Glen  Rd 

fm  Fairview  av  e  to  Summit  Drive 
CURRAN  AV,  nr  Allendale,  fm  Ward  2  e 

of  Peralta  av  n  x 
School  Maine  Jersey- 

Texas  Vermont  Delaware 

CURTIS,  1  e  of  Market  fm  17th  n  to  22d 
1351  17th  1451  19th  1551  21st 

1401  18th  1501  20th  1575  Lydia 

CUTHBERT  AV,   3  e  of  Fruitvale  av  fm 

Nicol  av  n  to  School  x  wSchuyler  place 
CYPRESS.    1   e   of   Center   fm   1401   3d   to 

22d  and  Peralta  x 
701  3d  951  9th        1251  15th    1401  18th 

801  5th  1001  10th  1301  16th 
901  8th  1201  14th  1351  17th 
CYPRESS.    Fruitvale,    2    n    of    E-27th    fm 

Fruitvale  av  e 

D,    Fruitvale,    s   of   Glen   av   fm   Redwood 

rd  e  see  Meadow 
D,   Melrose,   se  of  Sather  S  P  Sta  4  e  of 

High  fm  Clarke  n  in  line  of  Calhoun  av 

or  49th  av 
D  Alley  bet  E-16th  and  E-17th  sts 
DAISY,    Park    Place,    n    of    Rose    av    fm 

Orchard   e   to   Fairview   av  x  Alice   and 

Tompkins  av 
DAISY    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of    High- 
land av  fm  Mountain  av  n 
DALE,  Piedmont  e  of  Broadway  and  s  of 

Clifton  fm  Sumter  se  x  McAdam 
DALE  AV,  n  of  Cottage  fm  Grand  av  opp 

Sunnyslope  e  to  Dandelion  av 
DALE   PLACE,    Allendale,   n   of  Allendale 

av  fm  Liese  av  e 
DALTON  AV,  Emeryville,  see  65th  st 
DALY  AV,  Fruitvale  3  w  of  High  fm  3839 

Foothill  boul  s  trds  E-14th 
DAMON    AV,     5    e    of    Seminary    av    fm 

E-14th  s  to  S  P  R  R 
DAMUTH,    Dimond.    2    n    of    Hopkins    fm 

Fruitvale  av  e  to  Lincoln  av 
DANA,   e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  Alcatraz   n 

to  Berkeley  city  line 
6400  Alcatraz  6500  Harmon 

6600  Fairview 
DANDELION  AV,    Piedmont   n   of  Prince 

fm  Wildwood  av  nw  to  Highland  av  x 

Dale  av 
DANTE  AV,  nr  Toler  Heights,  Elmhurst. 

fm    Hilton    av    3    s    of    Foothill    boul,    se 

x  Ivy  av  and  Virgil  av 
DATE   or   51st   AV,    Melrose.    1    e   of   Bay 

av  fm  Elm  or  9th  n  to  10th 
DAVIS,  Fruitvale.  1  s  of  E-27th  fm  Fruit- 
vale av  e  to  Redwood  rd  x 
♦Peralta  av  nPersimmon  av 

sBray  av  n  Lemon  av 

*Peralta  Creek  C  street 

DEAKIN,  1  w  of  Telegraph  av  fm  526  66th 

n  to  city  line 
DEERING  AV  or  46th  AV,  Melrose,  fm  E- 

14th   opp   Melrose    S    P   Co   Depot   n   to 

Foothill  boul  x  'Bond 
DELAWARE,  nr  Allendale,  fm  Peralta  av 
1  s  of  Hopkins  e  to  Redwood  rd  x  Curran 

av  Maple  av  Laurel  av 
DELLVIEW.  Upr  Fruitvale,  1  e  of  Peralta 

av  fm  Olive  n  to  School  opp  Maple  av 
DELMER,    Dimond,    6    n    of    Hopkins    fm 

Lincoln  av  e  to  Laguna  av 
DENNISON.  E  Okld.   1  se  of  S  P  Co  23d 

av    Sta    fm    Harbor  Water   Front    ne    to 

501  Park  av  x 
*950  Mound  "1050  E  Valdez 

"1000  King  *1100  Kennedy 

DERBY,  Fruitvale,  2  w  of  Fruitvale  av  fm 

Stewart  at  Tidal   Canal  n   to  Division  x 
•Glascock  "Valdez 

♦Chapman  "Boehmer 

DERBY.  Toler  Heights,  ne  of  Foothill  boul 

fm    Grand   av    e   of   Mtn   View   av   se    to 

Wise  av  x 
"Jones  av  "Taylor  av 

DESMOND,   1   w  of  Broadway  fm   49th    n 

to  Butler  x  *51st 
DEWSON,    Seminary  Park.    1   n   of   Trask 

fm  Nutley  av  e  to  Seminary  av 


DIAMOND.  1  w  of  Broadway  fm  Moss  av 

n  to  42d  x 
3751  Moss  av  4001  40th 

3891  38th  4101  41st 

DIANA  AV.  N  Fitehburg,  2  n  of  Foothill 
houl  fm  Yoakum  av  to  Fitch  av  x  Mars 
and  Juno 
DIEVES  LANE.  Melrose.  S  e  of  S  P  Sta 
fm  E-14th  n  to  of  Wentworth  av 
Essex  and  Vicksburg  x 
eMerchant  eCrittenden 

DIVISION,  Fruitvale.  s  of  S  P  R  R 
of  Millbury),  E  Okld  Heights,  w  of 
Sausal  Creek  fm  the  junction  of  Hop- 
kins Canon  and  E-37th  (former  Cam- 
eron*) n  x  Everett  av  to  Hampel  and  fm 
Wellington  to  Townsend  av  and  Everett 
DIVISION.  Fruitvale.  s  of  S  P  Co  R  R 
fm  Park  or  28th  av  e  to  Fruitvale  av  x 
2801   Petersen 

2901  Derby  3001  Lancaster 

DOVER.    1    e    of    Grove   fm    702    51st   n    to 
Bkly  Citv  line  s  of  Alcatraz  av,  52d,  53d. 
54th,    55th,    56th.    57th,    58th,    59th,    60th. 
61st,  Poirier,  62d,  63d 
DOWLING,   Fitehburg,    4   n   of  E-14th   fm 
Fitch  av   se   to  Moss   av  x  Hawley  av, 
Snell  av,  Ritchie,  Thermal  and  Farnam 
DOYLE  AV,  Emeryville.  4  w  of  San  Pablo 
av  fm  Stanford  av  and  Powell  n  to  63d 
x  59th,   60th,   61st  and  62d 
DRACENA,  Piedmont,  w  of  Hillside  av  fm 
Blair  av  n  to  Park  way  on  O  T  Con  ry 
DUNCAN.   2  e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  Alca- 
traz av  n  to  Bkly  City  line 
DUNCAN,  E  Okld  Heights  see  E-36th 
PWINELL,  see  Webster 
E   Alley.    E    Okld.   bet   E-17th    and    E-19th 
EAST,  E  Okld,  w    of    Sausal     Creek     fm 

E-29th  n 
EAST    EIGHTEENTH,     fm    Lake     Shore 

boul   Athol   av    junc 
xlOl  2d  av  001  6th  av       501  10th  av 

151  3d  av  351  7th  av       551  11th  av 

201  4th  av         401  8th  av       601  12th  av 
251  5th  av         451  9th  av       651  13th  av 
1402  2d  av        e  to  14th  av 
EAST  EIGHTH,  n  of  S  P    R    R    fm    902 

4th  av  e  to   6th 
202  4th  av  250  5th  av 

EAST   ELEVENTH,    s  of   E-12th   fm   1051 
1st  av  e  to  13th  av  and  fm  Park  av  and 
25th  av  s  of  S  P  R  R  e  to  28th  av 
51  1st   av        301  6th  av  551  11th  av 

101  2d   av  351  7th  av  601  12th  av 

151  3d  av  401  Sth  av         1251  25th  av 

201  4th  av         451  9th  av         1301  26th  av 
251  5th  av         501  10th  av       1351  27th  av 
EAST  FIFTEENTH,   fm   1251   1st  av  e  to 
25th   av   x  streets   and   nos   same   as   E- 
14  th 
EAST   FIFTEENTH.    Seminary  Park.   1  n 

of  E-14th  fm  Central  av  to  Nutley  av 
EAST  FOURTEENTH,  fm  1201  First  av  e 
of  Lake  Shore  boul  east  to  Oakland  City 
boundary  line  x 

East   Oakland 
51  1st  av  301  6th  av  551  11th  av 

101  2d  av  351  7th  av  601  12th  av 

151  3d  av  401  Stji  av  651  13th  a.\ 

201  4th  av         451  9th  av  701  14th    av 

251  5th  av         501  10th  av         751  15th  av 

Sul  16th  av     1051  21st  av  1251  25th  av 

851  17th  av     1101  22d  av  1301  26th  av 

901  18th  av     1151  23d  av  1351  27th  av 

951  19th  av     1201  24th  av  1401  2Sth  av 

1001  20th  av 


•3202  Fruitvale  av       s3701  Merrill  av 

s33ol  Bassett 
S3401  Brandon 
n3402  Bray  av 
n3502  Redwood 
S3501  Tevis 
n36ii2  36th  av 
S3601  Wheeler 
n3702  37th  av 

•4301  High 
S4401  Blaine  av 
n4402  Poe 
s4501  Harrison  av 
n4502  Patterson  av 
S4601  Cleveland     a^ 
n4602  Deering  av 
s4701  Austin  av 
ii4702  Bryant  av 
s4801  Jackson  av 
114802  Whittier  av 
s4901  Calhoun  av 
•5001  Bay  av 
S5101  Stanley 
ii5102  Marion  av 
s5201  Stuart  av 
n5202  Olive  av 
sS.tOl  Tyler 
n5402  Dieves  Lane 
n5402  Vicksburg 
n5502  Central  av 

3801  Liese 
•3901  Fremont  av 
*4001  Pomona  av 
V      n4102  Prospect  av 
s4101  Temple  av 
•4201  Fulton   av 
_  *4301  High 


or  43d  av 
or  44th  av 
or  44th  av 
or  45th  av 
or  45th  av 
or  46th  av 
or  46th  av 
or  47th  av 
0'.'  47th  av 
or  48th  av 
or  48th  av 
or  49th  av 
or  50th  av 
or  51st  av 
or  51st  av 
or  52d  av 
or  52d  av 

53d  av 
or  54th  av 
or  54th  av 
or  55th  av 

Seminary  Park 
n5500  Central  av  n5802  Stanley  av 

n5550  Loretz  av 
s5601  Belvedere  av 
n5602  Nutley  av 
*5702  Seminary  av 
S5751  Richfield  av 
sE801  Oliver  av 


5902  Baker  av 
s5951  Jackson  av 
s6001  Palo  Vista  av 
116102  Loma  Vista  av 
s6201  Damon  av 

s630l   Mary 
n6302  Grant  av 
s  Rose  Alley 

n  Renwick  av 

s  Henry 

n  Gordon  av 

s  Cora  Alley 

s6401  George 
n6402  Yoakum  av 
s  Jessie  Alley 

n6452  Orchard  av 
S6451  Charles 
s  Mina  Alley 

"6501  Fitch  av 
s  Lucas  av 

•6551  Murray  av 
*6601  Hawley  av 
•6651  Snell  av 
*  Moss  av 

•6701  Moss  av 
6751  Saratoga  av 

"6801  Walter  av 
(jS51   Highland  av 

>6901  Oakland  av 

•7102  Grand  av 


s6951  Brooklyn  av 
n7002  Fifth  av 
r.7052  Michigan  av 
s7101  Walnut  av 
H7102  Grand  av 


nVirgil  av 

s7301  Mountain  View  r.Kipling 

s7351  Wall  sApple 

•7401  Bay  View  av      sCherry 

S7451  Merchant  sBartlett 

•7501  Jones  av  nElmside 

n7555  Hilton  av  sElton 

n7602  Ivey  av  sPlum 

n7652  Homer  av 

EAST  NINETEENTH,  fm  Athol  av  1  n 
of  E-lSth  to  24th  av  and  fm  TalOOtl  :i\ 
and  fm  25th  av  e  to  27th  av  x  streets 
same  as  E-lSth 


EAST  NINTH,  fm  952  3d  av  and  east  end 
eighth  st  bridge  e  to  Sth  av  and  Park 
av  and  26th  av  e  to  28th  av 

EAST  OAK,  Peralta  Heights,  1  e  of  Athol 

av  fm  Cleveland  n  to  Clinton 
252  Cleveland 
302  Prospect  av 
352  McKinley  av 

EAST  SEVENTEENTH,  fm  1352  4th  av  to 
16th  av  (Independence  Square)  and  fm 
18th   av  to   24th   av 

EAST  SEVENTEENTH,  Seminary  Park, 
3  n  of  E-14th  fm  Central  av  e  to  Nutley 

EAST   SIXTEENTH,    fm   1302   2d   av   e   to 

Fruitvale  av 
101  2d  av 
151  3d  av 
201  4th  av 
251  5th  av 
301  6th  av 
351  7th  av 
401  8th  av 
51  9th  av 

551  11th  av 
601  12th  av 
651  13th  av 
701  14th  av 
751  15th  av 
801  16th  av 
851  17th  av 
901  18th  av 
501  10th  av       951  19th  av 

EAST  'SIXTEENTH,  Seminary  Park,  2  n 
of  E-14th  fm  Central  av  e  to  Nutley  av 

1001  20th  av 

1051  21st  av 

1101  22d  av 

1151  23d  av 

1201  24th  av 

1251  25th  av 

1301  26th  av 

1351  27th  av 

1401  28th   av 


100  2d  av  301  6th  av  1251  Park  av 

150  3d  av  351  7th  av  1252  25th  av 

201  4th  av  401  Sth  av  1302  26th  av 

251  5th  av  451  9th  av  1352  27th  av 

EAST    THIRTIETH,    sw   of  Beulah   Park 
fm  2002  14th  av  and  19th  av  e  x 
952  19th  av  Knox  av 

1051  21st  av  Highland  av 

EAST  THIRTY-EI.GHTH.  E  Okld  Heights, 
2  n  of  Hopkins   fm   13th   av   and   4th  av 

0  T  car  line  e  to  Division  x 
sBruce  *Ardley 
nBeaumont  av             'Woodruff  av 
nBrighton   av  *Elston  av 
*14th  av                         'Linwood  av 
'Randolph  av               'Division 

EAST  THIRTY-FIRST,  E  Okld,  4  s  of 
Hopkins  e  fm  13th  av  e 

xsVallecito  pi  *14th   av 


EAST    THIRTY-FOURTH    Hate   Clinton), 
fm  4th  av  opp  Clinton  e  to  14th  av 
Buelah      Park     x     'Elliott,      «13th      av, 
'Stuart  and  'Bruce 

EAST  THIRTY-SECOND  (late  Vay  View 
av)  (former  Montgomery),  fm  13th  av 
opp  Bay  View  av  e  to  Beulah  Park  x 

'Stuart  'Bruce  *14th  av 

Heights,  1  n  of  Hopkins  fm  4th  av  e  to 
.iunc  Division  and  Hopkins  nr  Sausal 

x'Kingsley        'Bruce  av         *Ardley 
'Emerson        *14th  av  'Elston   av 

*13th  av  'Randolph  av  rLinwood  av 

EAST   THIRTY-SIXTH,   E   Okld  Heights, 

1  n  of  Hopkins  fm  13th  av  e  to  Bruce 
EAST    THIRTY-THIRD.    E    Okld,    2    s    of 

Hopkins    fm    2152    13th    av    e    to    Beulah 
Park  x 
♦Stuart  'Bruce  »14th  av 

EAST    TWELFTH.    E    Okld,    fm    June    of 
Lake    Shore    boul    at    east    end   of    Lake 
Merritt  southern  embankment  e  to  25th 
n     1  Lake  Shore   boul 

*  51  1st  av        *451  9th    av         851  17th  av 
*101  2d  av  '501  10th   av        901  18th  av 

'151  3d  av  *551  11th  av  "  951  19th  av 
•201  4th  av  '601  12th  av  1001  20th  av 
•251  5th  av  '1151  13th  av  1051  21st  av 
*301  6th  av  '701  14th  av  sllOl  Park  av 
*351  7th  av  '751  15th  av  *1151  23d  av 
•401  8th  av       nSOl  16th  av      1201  24th  av 

*201  4th  av 

*251  5th  av 

s301  6th  av 

•351  7th  av 

'401  Sth  av 

'451  9th  av 

•501  10th  av 

'551  11th  a 

•601  12th  av 

'651  13th  av 

•701  14th  av 

*  801  16th  av 

*  851  17th  av 

*  901  18th  av 

*  951  19th  av 
'1001  20th  av 
•1051  21st  av 
•1101  22d  av 
'1151  23d  av 
'1201  24th  av 

s  Irving  av 

'1251  25th  av 

EAST    TWENTY-EIGHTH.     E    Okld.    in- 
cluding   Silver    av    and    Vallecito    pi    fm 
4th   av   opp   Prospect   e   to   14th  av  and 
fm   19th  av  to  24th  av 
*4th  av  *  601  12th  av 

s8th  av  *  651  13th  av 

nLake  View  av  *  701  14th  av 

nBay  View  av  *  951  19th  av 

inBella  Vista  av  '1051  21st  av 

s9th  av  «  Knox  av 

slOth  av  *  Highland  av 

•11th  av 

EAST  TWENTY-FIFTH,  E  Okld,  fm  1749 
7th  av  e  to   9th  av  and  fm  13th   av  inc 
to  21st  av 
s351  7th  av  *  901  Wallace 

s401  Sth  av  *  950  19th  av 

•651  13th  av  '1051  21st  av 

'701  14th  av 

EAST  TWENTY-FIRST,  E  Okld,  fm  1551 
4th  av  e  to  27th  av  sts  same  as  E-20th 
omitting  Sth  av  and  Irving  av 

EAST    TWENTY-FOURTH,    E    Okld,    fm 

1702  4th  av  e  to  26th  av  x 
•351  7th  av  •  701  14th  av 

*401  Sth  av  n  852  Wallace 

'451  Sth  av  s  851  17th  av 

•501  10th  av  *  951  19th  av 

"551  11th  av  *1051  21st  av 

'601  12th  av  '1151  23d  av 

•651  13th  av 

EAST  TWENTY-NINTH,  E  Okld,  fm  1951 

19th  av  junc  14th  av  x 
s  951  19th  av  Knox  av 

•1051  21st  av  Highland  av 

19t  hav  e  to  E-21st  av  and  E-23d 

1852  19th  av  opp  Wallace  e  to  Fruitvale 
av  x 

*  952  19th  av  sOrange  av 

"1C52  21st  av  s24th  av 

•1102  Knox  av  nCentral  av 

S1151  23d  av  s25th  av 

nll52  Highland  av       s26th  av 

sSunnyside  av  'Fruitvale  av 


EAST  TWENTY-SIXTH.  E  Okld,  fm  1801 

19th   av  e   to   e  of  E-21st  av   and   E-23d 

av  e  to   25th   av  x 
*  951  19th  av  "1175  Sunnyside  av       | 

*1051  21st  av  *  Orange  av 

•1151  23d  av  *1201  24th  av 

EAST  TWENTY-THIRD,  E  Okld.  fm  lG5-> 

45th  av  and  7th  av  June  e  to  26th  av  x 

sts  same  as  E-21st 
EAST  YALDEZ.  E  Okld,  3  w  of  Park  av 

fm  1052  Shasta  av  nw  to  Railroad  av 
x301  Shasta  av  501  Dennison 

401  Frederick  Livingston 

ECHO  AV.  fm  4302  Piedmont  av  e  to  Rose 
av  x  Glen  Echo  Creek 

EDDY,  Up  Fruitvale,  1  n  of  Olive  fm  Dell- 
view  av  e  to  Berlin  and  Peralta  Creek 

EDGERLY.  Seminary  Park  5  n  of  E-14th 
fm  Central  av  e  trds  Nutley  av 

EDITH,  Broadway  Ter,  n  of  College  av 
fm  Broadway  w  to  Bryant  av 

EDITH,   Piedmont,   e   of  McAdam  fm  215 

Clifton  ne  x  Charles 
EDSON,  Allendale.   3  w  of  High  fm  Suter 

n  to  Redding  x  Porter  and  Quigley 
EDSON    AV,    continuation    of    Edson    fm 
Redding  n  to  Harbor  View  x   Fruitvale 
boul,    Kansas.    California    and    Wiscon- 
EDWARDS.    2    n    of   Hawthorne     av     fm 

Webster  w  to  1902  Telegraph  av  x 
401  Webster       451  Andover      475  Elm 
EIGHTEENTH  fm  203  Telegraph  av  w  to 
Wood,   West   Okld,   x 
651  .Grove  1251  Union 

701  Castro  1301  Poplar 

751  Brush  1351  Kirkham 

801  West  1401  Cypress 

901  Market  1451  Center 

951  Myrtle  1502  Chester 

1001  Filbert  1551  Henry 

1051  Linden  1601  Peralta 

1101  Chestnut  1651  Campbell 

1151  Adeline  1701  Willow 

3202  Magnolia  1751  Wood 

EIGHTEENTH  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  902  E-12th 

n  to  E-21st,  Independence  Square  x 
1101  E-12th  1301  E-16th  1451  E-19th 
1201  E-14th  1351  E-17th  1501  E-20th 
1251  E-15th 

EIGHTH.   1  n  of   7th  fm   901   Fallon   w   to 
S  F  Bay  WOkld  x 

1551  E-21st 
1601  E-22d 
1651  E-23d 
J701  E-24th 
1751  E-25th 

EIGHTH  AV,   E  Okld,  fm  401  E-9th   n  to 

901  E-9th  1301  E-16th 
1001  E-lOtll  1351  E-17th 
1051  E-llth  1401  E-18th 
1101  E-12th  1451  E-19th 
L201  E-14th  1501  E-20th 
1251  E-15th 
ELDORADO  AV,    Linda    Vista    Ter,    2  w 

of    Oakland   av    fm   Fairmount   av   ne    to 

Bayo  Vista  av 
ELETH  AV,  Piedmont,  fm  4102  Piedmont 

av  e  to  Glen  av 
ELEVENTH,    fm   1051   Fallon   w   side    the 

Estuary  w  to  Market  and  fm  Kirkham 

to  Center  and  fm  Center  and  fm  Peralta 

to  Pine 

50  Fallon 
101  Oak 
151  Madison 
201  Jackson 
251  Alice 
301   Harrison 
351  Webster 
401  Franklin 
451  Broadway 
501  Washington 
551  Clay 

50  Fallon 
101  Oak 
151  Madison 
201  Jackson 
251  Alice 
301  Harrison 
351  Webster 
401  Franklin 
451  Broadway 
501  Washington 
551  Clay 
601  Jefferspn 
651  Grove 
701  Castrv 
751  Brush 
801  West 
901  Market 
951  Mvrtle 
1001  Filbert 

1051  Linden 
1101  Chestnut 
1151  Adeline 
1202  Magnolia 
1251  Union 
1301  Poplar 
1351  Kirkham 
1401  Cvpress 
1451  Center 
1502  Chester 
1551  Henry 
1601  Peralta 
1651  Campbell 
1701  Willow 
1751  Wood 
1801  Pin,? 

1S51  Cedar 

601  Jefferson 
651  Grove 
701  Castro 
751  Brush 
801  West 
1351  Kirkham 
1401  Cvpress 
1601  Peralta 
1651  Campbell 
1701  Willow 
1751  Wood 
ELEVENTH  AV.  E  Okld,  fm  552  E-llth  n 

to  Bay  View  av  1  w  of  13th  av 
1101  E-12th  1551  E-21st 

1"01   E-14th  1«01   E-22d 

1251   E-15th  1651  E-23d 

1301  E-16th  1701  E-24th 

1401  E-18th  1801  E-28th 

1451  E-19th  2001  Bella  Vista  av 

1501  E-20th 
ELLEN.  Melrose  Heights,  n  of  Melrose  fm 

Patterson  av  to  Bryant  av 
ELLIOT,  Bella  Vista  Park,  1  w  of  13th  av 
fm    Bay   View    av   n    to    E-34th   x    Lake 
View  av 
ELLITA   AV.   Adams  Point,    e   of  Perkins 

fm  Bellevue  av  n  to  Grand  av 
ELM.    e    of    Telegraph    av    fm    476     Haw- 
thorne av  n  to  Edwards  x  34th 
ELM    or    E-16th.    Fruitvale.    n    of    E-14th 

fm  Bray  av  e  to  Redwood  av 
ELM  or  Ninth.  Melrose,  n  of  S  P  Co  R  R 
fm   Bay  av  e  to  Vine  x  nDade.   nOlive, 
n  Cherry 
ELM.    Highland.    4    n    of   E-14th   fm   Moss 

av  se  to  Grand  av  x 
Saratoga  av     Oakland  av      Fifth  av 
Walter  av         Seventh  av       Michigan  av 
1  tighland  av    Sixth  av 

ELMAR  AV.  Toler  Heights,  s  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Jones  av  se  to  Hilton  av  x 
Warner  av 
ELMHURST  AV,  Elmhurst.  1  w  of  Jones 
av  fm  Fifth  st  ne  to  Second  st  x  Fourth 
and  Third  sts 
ELMSIDE  AV,  Elmhurst,  opp  Bartlett  av 

Stonehurst   fm  E-14th  n 
ELMWOOD.  fm  920  Fruitvale  av  e 
ELSTON  AV.  E  Okld  Heights,  3  e  of  14th 
av   fm  Hopkins   n   to  E-37th 
Court  and  fm  E-37th  4 
Hampel  x  E-38th 
ELTON,    Stonehurst.    1    se    of    Bartl.t    a\ 
and   the   S  P  Stonehurst   R  R   track   fm 
Hortense  av  ne  to  E-l4th  x  Blggareau, 
Rival  Ann,  Graffian  and  Fnntiac  sts 


ELWOOD  AV,    Piedmont    fm     Jean     and 

Santa  Clara  av  junc  se  to  Grand  av 
EMERSON,    E   Okld  Heights   1  w   of   13th 

av  n  to  4th  av  x  E-37th 
EMERY,   1   w   of  San   Pablo  av  fm   Santa 

Fe  Ry  Depot  n   to   Park  av  and  x  45th 

and  47th 
ERIE,  Pleasant  Valley,  2  w  of  Lake  Shore 

av  fm  Cottage  n  to  Prince 
ESSEX,   Emeryville   2  e   of  San  Pablo  av 

fm  43d  n 
ESSEX,  .Golden  Gate,  3  e  of  San  Pablo  av 

fm  1052  Alcatraz  av  n 
ESSEX,    Melrose    Heights,    1    n    of   E-14th 

fm  intersection  of  Vicksburg  and  Went- 

worth  av  e  x  Bellevue  av  to  Cole  st  and 

Central  av 
ESTRELLA  AV,  Piedmont,  bet  Okld  Con 

Ry  and  Montecito  av  fm  Ramona  av  n 

to   Bonita   av 
ETTIE,  Watts  Tr,  fm  1600  28th  w  of  Per- 

alta  n  x  101  32d,  201  34th 
EUCLID  AV,  s  of  Perry  fm  Adams  se  to 

Grand  av  x 
251  Adams  301  Warwick 

275  Jayne  351  Palm 

EUREKA    AV,    2    e    of    Seminary    av    fm 

Fairview  Way  ne  x  Fortune  Way  Foot- 
hill boul  and  Scenic  Way 
EVANS  AV,  Fourth  av  Ter,  e  of  13th  av 

fm  Wellington  ne  to  Everett  av 
EVELYN,  High   Street  Ter,   6  n  of  Rose 

av  x  Huntington 
EVERETT      AV,      E    Okld     Heights,    bet 

E-37th  and  E-3Sth  fm  Linwood  av  e  to 

E-2Sth,  thence  n  bet  Canon  and  Division 
to  Hampel  and  fm  Wellington  nw  to  13th 

EXCELSIOR    AV,    Boulevard    Heights,    n 

of  Prospect  av  fm  Lake   Shore  av  e   to 

Athol  av  and  Clinton  st  x 

1  Lake  Shore  av      101  Wesley  av 
151  Kelley  av  201  Beacon 

F  Alley,  E  Okld,  bet  E-19th  and  E-2'0th 
FAIRBAIRN,    Melrose   Heights,   n   of  Vir- 
ginia fm  Beverly  to  Randolph  av 
FAIRBANKS  AV,  Grand  Av  Hts  fm  junc 

Walker   av    Crofton    av    and    Boulevard 

Way  1  e  of  Grand  av  e  to  Kenmore  av  x 

sVermont,    sScott   and   *Girard   av 
FAIRMOUNT,  n  of  29th  fm  Walsworth  av 

w  to  Fairmount  av 
FAIRMOUNT    AV,    w    of    Walsworth    and 

fm  nr  junction  Harrison  and  Oakland  av 

opp  Orange  av  n  to  Monte  Vista  av  x 
*29th  eSanta  Rosa  av 

eFairmount  eEldorado   av 

wKempton  av  wLaurel   av 

ePearl  wRio  Vista  av 

eStanley  PI  eBayo  Vista  av 

eSanta  Clara  av 
*Moss  av 
FAIRVIEW,    Piedmont  Park,    e   of   Grand 

av  fm  Piedmont  av  ne  to  Peralta  av 
FAIRVIEW   AV,    Leona    Heights,     ne    of 

Tompkins  av  fm  Daisy  nw  to  Glen  road 
FAIRVIEW    WAY,     Seminary    Park,     fm 

Foothill  boul  and  Nutley  av  n  of  Trask 

e  to  Hillsdale  av  x 
Seminary  av  Eureka  av 

Humboldt  av  Baker  av 

FALLON,  1st  w  of  the  Estuary  fm  5th  n 

to  13th  x 
S01  5th  901  8th  1051  11th 

825  6th  951  9th  1101  12th 

851  7th  •  1001  10th 

FARNAM.  Fruitvale,  1  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Fruitvale  av  e  to  Bray  av  . 

FARNAM,  Highland,  Elmhurst,  w  of  Moss 
av  fm  Dowling  n  x  Atherton 

FARRAGUT  AV,  Crocker  Ter  Piedmont, 
n  of  Lasalle  av  e  to  Sea  View  av  x 
King  av 

FIFTEENTH,  1   n  of  14th  fm  1251  Oak  w 

to  Jackson,  fm  Franklin  to  Bway,  fm 
San  Pablo  to  Market  and  fm  Kirkham 
to  Wood  x 

100  Oak  801  West 

151  Madison  1351  Kirkham 

401  Franklin  1401  Cypress 

501  San  Pablo  av         1451  Center 

551  Clay  1501  Chester 

601  Jefferson  1551  Henry 

651  Grove  1601  Peralta 

701  Castro  ,1651  Campbell 

751  Brush  1701  Willow 

FIFTEENTH  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  751  E-12th 

n  to  E-17th  and  11th  av  x 
1101  E-12th  1251  E-15th 

1201  E-14th  1301  E-16th 

FIFTH,  fm  the  Estuarv  and  S01  Fallon  e 
to  S  F  Bay  x 

RO  Fallon  1051  Linden 

101  Oak  11101  Chestnut 

151  Madison  1151  Adeline 

201  Jackson  1201  Magnolia 

251  Alice  1251  Union 

301  Harrison  1301  Poplar 

351  Webster  1351  Kirkham 

401  Franklin  1401  Cypress 

451  Broadway  1451  Center 

501  Washington  1501  Chester 

551  Clav  1551  Henry 

601  Jefferson  1601  Peralta 

651  Grove  1601  Lewis 

701  Castro  1651  Campbell 

751  Brush  1702  Willow 

801  West  1751  Wood 

901  Market  1801  Pine 

951  Mvrtle  1851  Cedar 

1001  Filbert  1901  Bay 

FIFTH,  Elmhurst.  5  s  of  E-14th  fm  Sara- 
toga av  se  to  Berthier  av  x  Walter  av 
Highland  av  Oakland  av  and  Brooklyn 
av  and  fm  Kinsell  av  to  Jones  av  x 
Elmhurst  av 

FIFTH,  Emeryville,  see  Peladeau  av 
FIFTH  AV.  E  Okld,   5  e  Lake  Shore  boul 

fm    252   E-8th   n   to   E-23d   and   1610    4th 

av  x 
901  E-8th  1201  E-14th  1451  E-19th 
951  E-9th  1251  E-15th  1501  E-20th 
1001  E-lOth  1301  E-16th  1551  E-21st 
1051  E-llth  1351  E-17th  1601  E-22d 
1101  E-12th  1401  E-lSth 
FIFTH  AV,   Elmhurst,   6  nw  of  Jones   av 

fm    Peralta    st    ne    x    E-14th,     Orchard, 

Plymouth,  Laurel  and  Elm  to  Sunnyside 


FIFTIETH.  Alden.  fm  Telegraph  av  w  to 
Temescal  Creek 

FIFTIETH  AV  or  BAY  AV,  Melrose,  4  e 
of  S  P  Co  Depot  fm  Clarke  n  to  Vieks- 
burg  x  Ninth.  Tenth.  Twelfth.  E-14th. 
Band,  Foothill  houl,  Ygnaeio  and  Mel- 

FIFTY-EIGHTH.  N  Okld,  n  s  Idora  Park 
fm  Canning  and  Herman  nr  Ayala  av 
w  to  Adeline  x 

Canning  066  McCall 

551  Telegraph  av         702  Dover 

552  Racine  802  Grove 
602  Shattuck  av  S52  Genoa 
FIFTY-FIFTH,   2  s  of  Idora  Park  fm  125 

Vicente  w  to  Beaudry  av,  Emeryville,  x 
452  Vicente  922  Adeline 

502  Telegraph  av  952  Lowell 

602  Shattuck  av  1052  Park 

702  Dover  1102  San  Pab  av 

S02  Grove  1152  Marshall 

S52  Genoa  1202  Fremont 

902  Market  1252  Vallejo 

FIFTY-FIFTH    AV,    Seminary    Park,    see 

Central  av 
FIFTY-FIRST,    fm    5101     Broadway     opp 

McAdam  w  to  Dover  and  Grove  Walk  x 
302  Broadway  426  Shatter  av 

326  Dimond  476  Miles  av 

n      Coronado  av  476  Maple  av 

352  Manila  av  502  Telegraph  av 

402  Lawton  av  702  Dover 

FIFTY-FIRST   AV,    Melrose    (see    Stanley 

st  and   Marion   av),   fm   5   e   of  Melrose 

S  P  Co  Sta  st  crossings  see  Stanley  and 

Marion  av 
FIFTY-FOURTH,    1    s    of    55th    and    The 

Claremont    Key    Route    Line    fm    w    of 

Broadway  w  to  San  Pablo  av  x 
602  Shattuck  av  902  Market 

702  Dover  924  Adeline 

S02'  Grove  952  Lowell 

852  Genoa  1052  Park 

FIFTY-FOURTH    AV,    Melrose,    including 
(Dieves    Lane    and   Vicksburg),    8th   e   of 

Melrose  S  P  Sta 
FIFTY-NINTH,  fm  Ross,  Claremont,  w  to 

Claremont  av  and  fm  Ayala  and  Howell 

w   s   s   Bushrod   Park   to   Landregan   av 

S  F  Bay 
Ross  952  Lowell 

College  av  1000  Stanford  av 

Claremont  av         1026  Idaho 
402  Howell  1076  Herzog 

452  Canning  1101  San  Pablo  av 

551  Telegraph  av  1152  Marshall 

552  Racine  1202  Fremont 
602  Shattuck  av  1252  Vallejo 
626  Brown                       1302  Beaudry 
666  McCall  1352  Doyle  av 

701  Dover  1402  Hollis 
802  Grove                       1452  Green  av 
852  Genoa                      1501  Faladeau  av 
862  Adeline                      1551  Landregan   av 
902  Occidental  S  F  Bay 
FIFTY-SECOND,    fm    Telegraph    av    opp 

Claremont  av  w  to  Linden  at  Temescal 

502  Telegraph  av         802  West 
602  Shattuck  av  S52  Genoa 

702  Dover  902  Market 

752  Grove  Temescal  Creek 

FIFTY-SECOND  AV,  Melrose  (including 
Olive,  Stuart  and  Olive  av\  6  e  of  Mel- 
rose   S    P   Co    Depot   fm    Elm    or   9th    to 

Bond     and     Wentworth     av    x    Tenth, 
Twelfth  and  E-14th 
FIFTY-SEVENTH,    fm    Shattuck    av    opp 
Idora  Park  w  to  Dover  and  fm  Grove  w 
to  San  Pablo  av  x 
602  Shattuck  av  902  Adeline 

666  McCall  952  Lowell 

802  Grove  1002  Los  Angeles 

852  Genoa  1052  Park 

FIFTY-SIXTH,    s    s    Idora    Park    fm    151 

Claremont  av  w  to  San  Pablo  av  x 
401  Claremont  802  Grove 

452  Ayala  852     Genoa 

452  Vicente  902  Market 

502  Telegraph  av  910  Adeline 

602  Shattuck  av  952  Lowell 

702  Dover  1052  Park 

FIFTY-THIRD,     2    s    of    Key    Route    Ry 
Claremont  line  fm  w  of  Telegraph  av  to 
San  Pablo  av  x 
602  Shattuck  av  901  Market 

702  Dover  I'51  Adeline 

S02  Grove  952  Lowell 

S52  Genoa  1052'  Park 

FIFTY-THIRD   AV,    Melrose,   or   TYLER, 
7    e    of    S    P    Co     Melrose     Depot     fm 
Twelfth  n  to  E-14th 
FILBERT,    2  w   of  Market  fm   1002   1st    n 
to  32d  and  San  Pablo  av  x 
601  1st  1101  12th  1601  22d 

701  3d  1201  14th  1701  24th 

S01  5th  1301  16th  1801  26th 

851  7th  1401  ISth  1901  28th 

901  Sth  1451  19th  2001  30th 

1001  10th  1501  21st 

FIRST,  fm  601  Madison  w  to  Adeline  x 
201  Jackson  651  Grove 

251  Alice  701  Castro 

301  Harrison  751  Brush 

351  Webster  901  Market 

401  Franklin  951  Myrtle 

451  Broadway  1001  Filbert 

501  Washington  1051  Linden 

551  Clay  1101  Chestnut 

601  Jefferson  1151  Adeline 

FIRST,  Elmhurst,  1  s  of  E-14th  fm  Sara- 
toga av  se  to  Brooklyn  av  x  Walter  av. 
Highland  av  and  Oakland  av,  also  fm 
Mountain  View  av  to  Jones  av  x  Wall 
st,  Bay  View  av  and  Merchant  st 
FIRST  AV,  E  Okld,  1  e  of  Lakeshore  boul 

fm  52  E-llth  n  to  E-16th 
1051  E-llth  1201  E-14th 

1101  E-12th  1251  E-15th 

FITCH    AV,    Fitchburg,    4    e    of    S    P    Co 

Depot  fm  Stanton  n  to  Foothill  boul  x 
•S  P  R  R  wWeld 

*W  P  Ry  wLockwood  av 

*Clay  wKrause 

•Webster  eDowling 

•Spencer  wRailroad  av 

•Warren  wCarlton  av 

•Rudsdale  eKleber 

•E-14th  *Foothill  boul 

FLEET   ROAD,    Fourth   av   Terr,    west   of 
Greenwood   av   fm   Hampel     n    to     Key 
Route  Ext  Right  of  Way  th  e  to  Green- 
wood av 
FLORA,     Fitchburg,     4    n    of    E-14th     fm 

Grant  av  to  Yoakum  av 
FLORA,    Fruitvale,    6    n    of    Foothill    boul 
fm  Harrington  av  e  to  Lyon  av  x  Ran- 
som av  and  Llese  av 
FLORENCE    AV,    Allendale,    w    of   Minna 
fm  Liese  av  and  Marion  av  n  to  Suter 


FLORIDA,  Fruitvale  Hts,   2  n  of  Hopkins 
fm    Maple    av    e    x    Laurel    av,    Peralta 
Creek,  Midvale  av 
FLORIO,   Claremont,  fm  College  av  se  of 

Claremont  junc  e  to  Ross 
FOLKERS,    Pleasant   Valley  s   of  Cottage 

fm  Rand  av  w  to  Warfield  av 
FOOTHILL  BOULEVARD,  3  n  of  E-14th 
fm  termination  of  Taleot  av  at  25th  av 
e  to  San  Leandro  thence  to  Hayward  x 
-Talcott  av  sRedwood   av 

sl251  25th  av  n3450  Crosby  av 

nl256  Cameron  n3500  Minnesota  av 

nl276  Carrol  s.3501  Goldman  av 

S1301  Adeline  s3551  Bridge  av 

nl302  Lawrence  n3600  Harrington  av 

•1300  26th  av  *3615  Liese  av 

nl340  Mitchell  S3701  Fremont  av 

nl350  Court  n3S00  Alma  av 

K1351  Julia  S3S01  Comstock  av 

•1352  27th  av  S3839  Daly  av 

n2902  Cherry  av  n  Rosedale  av 

n3002  Rutherford  av  r.?900  Hastings  av 
•3100  Fruitvale  av  S3901  Prospect  av 
S3201  King  av  n3920  Steinway 

n3202  Peralta  av  P3933  Fulton  av 

*3300  Bray  av  *  High 

s         Redwood  av 

Melrose  Heights 
*High  'Marion   or   51st   av 

♦Patterson  *Vicksburg 

sDeering  nCongress  av 

'Brvant  *Bellevue  av 

'Whittier  nBeacon 

*Bay  nCole 

Seminary  Park  and   Fitchburg 
'Central    or    5th  nGibson  av 

*Trask  sChurch 

sNutley  av  nCounty  rd 

sFairview  Wav  *Toakum  av 

nWalnut  av  r.Mars 

'Seminary  av  nJuno 

•Humboldt  av  sFitch  av 

•Eureka  av  sKleber  av 

'Hillsdale  av  nTaylor  av 

sMoss  av  sHilton  av 

r.Marlin  nWise  av 

•Grand  av  slvy  av 

'Mountain  View  av      sBvron  av 
sBav  View  av  sVirgil  av 

'Jones  av  *  Stanley  Road 

sWarner  av 
FOREST,    Claremont,    fm    301    College    av 

w  to  Ayala  and  59th  x 
sLawton  av  nOak  Grove  av 

•Shatter  av  'Claremont   av 

'Miles  av  nColby  av 

FOREST,  Upr  Fruitvale.  2  s  of  School  fm 
nr  Fruitvale  av  e  to  Peralta  Creek  and 
fm   Persimmon  av  to   Redwood  rd  x  n 
Capp   and   Lemon 
FORTIETH,    fm    Piedmont    av    1st    s    of 

Key  Route  Depot  w  to  Adeline  x 
152  Piedmont  av  475  'Clarke 

251  Cerrito  502  Telegraph  av 

302  Broadway  052  Grove 

352  Diamond  802  West 

376  Opal  842  Lusk 

402  Shafter  av  902  Market 

425  Webster  952  Linden 

450  Ruby 

FORTIETH  AV,  Fruitvale,  8th  e  of 
Fruitvale  av  (including  Pomona  av  and 
Comstock  av)  fm  Warren  n  to  Foothill 

1101   Warren  1401     E-14th 

1201  Putnam  1S01  E-lSth 

1301  Arlington 

FORTUNE  WAY,  Seminary  Park,  s  of 
Foothill  boul  fm  Seminary  av  e  to 
Hillside  av  x  Humboldt,  Eureka  and 
Baker  avs; 
FORTY-EIGHTH,  Alden,  fm  Lawton  av 
1  n  of  45th  w  to  Shattuck  av  and  fm 
Adeline  s  s  Temescal  Creek  to  San  Pab 
av  Emeryville  x 
•402  Lawton  av  *  502  Telegraph  av 

'426  Shafter  av  *  602  Shattuck   av 

'452  Webster  1002  Temescal  Creek 

n476  Maple  w  of  Adeline 

FORTY-EIGHTH  AV,  Melrose  (inc  Jack- 
son av  and  Whittier  av),  fm  9th  st  n  to 
Vicksburg  x 
'Tenth  'Foothill  boul 

•Twelfth  'Ygnacio 

*E-14th  'Melrose 

'Bond  -Vicksburg 

FORTY-FIFTH,  fm  Broadway  opp  Whit- 
more  1  s  of  49th  w  to  Race  Track  Em- 
n  350  Manilla  av  *  902  Market 

n  401   Lawton   av         *  952  Linden 

*  426  Shafter  av  *  972  Adeline 

*  450  Webster  Essex 
»  501  Telegraph   av       1092  Salem 

n  502  Shattuck   av       *11<>2  San  Pablo  av 

*  652  Grove  HI  1152  Emery 

*  802  West  1202  Watts 
FORTY-FIFTH   AV,   Melrose    (inc   Harri- 
son av  and  Patterson   av).    2  w  of   S  P 
Co    Depot    x    Tenth,     Twelfth,     E-14th, 
Bond   a"nd   Foothill   boul 

FORTY-FIRST,   fm  Piedmont  av  n  s  Key 

Route  Depot  w  to  San  Pablo  av  x 
-152  Piedmont  av        *  402  Shafter  av 
nl76  Howe  *  452  Webster 

n202  Montgomery         *   502  Telegraph   av 
n252  Gilbert  *  652  Grove 

n276  Terrace  *  802  West 

»3H2  Broadway  *  802  Lusk 

n326  Emerald  *  902  Market 

•352  Diamond  *  952  Linden 

'376  Opal  '1002  Adeline 

FORTY-FIRST   AV,    Fruitvale    (inc   Tem- 
ple and   Prospect   av),    2   w  of  High   fm 
Putnam     n     x    Washington,     E-14th    to 
Foothill  boul 
FORTY- FOURTH.  4  n  of  Key  Route  40th 
street  line  fm  Shafter  av  w  to  Adeline 
x   street   same  as   45th 
FORTY-FOURTH      AV,      Melrose         (inc 
Blaine    av    and    Poe),    3    w    of    S    P    Co 
Depot  fm   S  P  Co   main  line  n   to   Ban- 
croft  x  Tenth,    Twelfth   and  E-14th 
FORTY-NINTH.    1    n   of    45th   fm    Broad- 
way opp  Whitmore  w   to   Shatuck  av  x 
n  Desmond 
'302  Broadway  '426  Shafter    av 

n326  Desmond  "452  Webster 

'352  Manilla  av  '476  Maple 

'402  Lawton    av  '502  Telegraph    av 

FORTY-NINTH    AV.    Melrose     (inc     Cal- 
houn av),  3  e  of  S  P  Co  Depot  fm  S  P 
Co  main  line  n  to  E-14th  x  Tenth  and 
FORTY-SECOND,   2   n  of  40th  fm  Broad- 
way opp  Mather  w  to  Adeline  x  streets 
same   as   41st 
FORTY- SECOND      AV.      Fruitvale       (inc 
Fulton  av).  1  w  of  High  fm  Sather  sta 
n  to  Foothill  boul 
1002  Tenth  1402  E-14th 

1202  Twelfth 


FORTY-SEVENTH.    7  n    of     40th    st    fm 

Telegraph  av    w   to    Okld    Race  Track 
*502  Telegraph    av       11102  Adeline 

510  Shattuck   av        1102  San  Pablo  av 

652  Grove  Emery 

802  West  Watts 

902  Market 

FORTY-SEVENTH  AV,  Melrose  (inc 
Austin  av  and  Bryant),  e  s  S  P  Co 
Depot  fm  S  P  Co  main  line  n  to  Con- 
gress av  x  Tenth,  Twelfth,  E-14th, 
Bond,  Foothill  boul,  Ygnacio,  Melrose, 
Ellen.    Henry,    St   Charles,    Georgia 

FORTY-SIXTH,    fm   Shattuck   av  at  June 

of  Telegraph  av  w  to  Adeline 
502  Shattuck    av  S02  West 

652  Grove  902  Market 

FORTY-SIXTH  av,  Melrose  (inc  Cleve- 
land av  and  Deering  av),  fm  S  P  Co 
main  line  n  to  Melrose  st  x  Tenth. 
Twelfth,  E-14th,  Bond,  Foothill  boul 
and  Ygnacio 
FORTY-THIRD,  fm  Shatter  av  w  to  San 

Pablo  av  x 
•426  Shatter      av         *  802  West 
*450  Webster  av  *  002  Market 

"501  Tel  av  *  952  Linden 

*632    Grove  »1002  Adeline 

FORTY-THIRD    AV.    see   High    fm    Tidal 

Canal   and  Stewart  st  n   to  Leona   and 

High  st  Terrace 
FOURTEENTH,   fm  1201   Oak  to   Jackson 

and   fm  Harrison  w  to  Wood 
100  Oak  950  Myrtle 

150  Madison  1000  Filbert 

200  Jackson  1050  Linden 

250  Alice  1100  Chestnut 

300  Harrison  1150  Adeline 

350  Webster  1200  Magnolia 

400  Franklin  1250  Union 

450  Broadwav  1300  Poplar 

450  San   Pablo   av        1350  Kirkham 
500  Washn  1400  Cypress 

550  Clav  1450  Center 

600  Jefferson  1500  Chester 

650  Grove  1550  Henry 

700  Castro  1600  Peralta 

750  Brush  1650  Campbell 

800  West  1700  Willow 

900  Market  1750  Wood 

FOURTEENTH    AV,      E    Okld,      fm     701 

E-12th   n   to   E-38th  former  Millbury 
1101  E-12th  1752  E-25th 

1201  E-14th  1802'  E-26th 

1251  E-15th  1852  E-27th 

1301  E-16th  1952  E-29th 

1351  E-17th  2002  E-30th 

1401  E-18th  2051  Bruce 

1451  E-19th  2052  E-31st 

1501  E-20th  2102  E-32d 

1551  E-21st  2152  E-33d 

1601  E-22d  2202  E-34th 

1651  E-23d  Hopkins 

1701   E-24th  E-37th 

FOURTH,  fm  751  Oak  w  to  Market  x 
100  Oak  450  Broadway 

150  Madison  500  Washn 

200  Jackson  550  Clay 

250  Alice  600  Jefferson 

300  Harrison  650  Grove 

350  Webster  700  Castro 

400  Franklin  750  Brush 

FOURTH.    Elmhurst.    4    s    of    E-14th    fm 

Kinsell  av  se  x  Elmhurst  av  and  Jones 

FOURTH,   Mills  College,   n  of   Summit  av 
and  Bryant  fm   Seminary  av  to  Gibson 
FOURTH.    Emeryville,    see    Landregan    av 
FOURTH  AAT.   E  Okld,   fm  202  E-8th  2  w 
of   Clinton   S   P   Co    Sta   n   to   intersec- 
tion  of   E-36th   and   13th   av   at   4th   av 
Terrace  x 
901  E-8th  el610  5th  av 

951  E-9th  wl620  Portland  av 

1001  E-lOth  el652  E-23d 

1051  E-llth  \vl675  Van  Dyke  av 

1101  E-12th  el702  E-24th 

1201  E-14th  W1751  Brooklyn  av 

1251  E-15th  wl755  Alma  av 

1301  E-16th  wl801  Cleveland 

1351  E-17th  W1851  Cottage 

1401  E-18th  el902  E-28th 

1451  E-19th  w  Clinton 

1501  E-20th  E-34th 

W1525  Newton  av         *  Hopkins 

el552  E-21st  *  E-36th 

wl575  Chicago  av        e  Kingsley 

el602  E-22d  e  Emerson 

FOURTH  AV.  Woodlawn  Park,  continu- 
ation of  Manila  av  fm  College  av  ne  to 
Ross  x  Bryant,  Broadway  and  Pros- 
pect av 
Hopkins  bet  Fourth  av  and  Sausal 
FRANCES.    Melrose    Hts    e    of    Courtland 

av    fm    Bellevue   av   n   to   Glen    av 
FRANCIS.  Hight  Street  Ter,  5  n  of  Rose 

av   x  Huntington  av 
FRANKLIN.    1    e    of    Broadway    fm    401 
Water  n  to   22d 
r,5l  Water  *651  2d 

•601  1st  *7M   3.1 

FRANKLIN.     1    e    of '  Broadway    fm    401 

Water  n  to  22d  x 
*551  Water  '1001  10th 

•601  1st  *1051  11th 

*651  2d  »1101  12th 

»,01  3d  *1151  13th 

*751  4th  *1201  14th 

*801  5th  «1251  15th 

*S25  6th  wl351  17th 

*S51  7th  »1401  19th 

*901  Sth  *1501  20th 

*951   9th 

FRANKLIN.     Highland.     6     n     of     E-14th 
fm  Moss  av  se  to  Grand  av  x 
laratoga  av  sSeventh  av 

sWalter  av  sSlxth  av 

sHighland  av  sFifth  av 

sOakland  av  sMi<  hlgan  av 

FRANKLIN  AV,   n   of  Fruitvale  Hts   2  w 
of  High  fm  Hopkins  n   to   Brooklyn  av, 
Brooklyn  Park  Homestead 
FREMONT,    Golden     Gate,     2     w    of    San 

Pablo  av  fm  1052  66th  n 
•5S01  Stanford  av        *5902  59th 
•5S02  Powell  *6102  61st 

FREMONT  AV.   or  39th   AV,   Fruitvale,   1 
e   of   Liese   av   fm   Lane   fm   Warren   n 
to    Foothill    boul    x 
•1202  Putnam  1501  E-lBth 

•1300  Washington        1601  E-16th 
♦1400  E-14th  1701  E-17th 

FRIEDA  LANE,   Golden  Gate,   2  e  of  San 

Pablo  av  fm   1052  66th  n 
FRISBIE   PLACE.    Oak   Park  Ter,   1  n  of 
Fail  mount  fm  Walsworth  av  w  to  Fair- 
mount  av 


FRUITVALE  AV,  32  e  of  Lake  Shore 
boul  fm  U  S  Tidal  Canal  and  Stewart 
st    n    to    Dimond    x 

301  E-23d 
e2302  Orchard 
•2402  Bellevue 
w2415  Bridge 
e2500  Belmond 
w2601  Blossom 
e2700  Davis 
*2101  E-27th 
e2S00  Lynde 
e2824  Cypress 
e2900  Forest 
e3000  Nicol  av 
w3051  Laurel  PI 
e3100  School 
e3200  Pleasant 
e3300  Harrold 
e3400  Chicago  av 
•3600  Hopkins 

w751  Stewart 
w-SOl  Glascock 
w851  Valdez 
w901  Chapman 
e902  Lane 
e920  Elmwood 
w921    Boehmer 
w951  Division 
el002  Lloyd 
ell02  Warren 
el202  Putnam 
el302  Wash 
"1401  E-14th 
el410  Farnam 
W1501  E-15th 
W1601  E-16th 
wl701  Evergreen 
■w  Tallant 

wlSOl  E-lSth 
*2001  Foothill  boul 
\v2201  Saunders 
FRUITVALE   BOULEVARD,   Allendale,    5 
n  of  Penniman  av.  fm  Redwood  rd  e  to 
Charles     av     x    Magee     av,     Lenox     av, 
Shatter  av,   Edson  av 
FULLINGTON,    Allendale,    1    n    of    Suter 

fm   Charles  e 
FULTON  AV,  or  42d  AV,  Fruitvale,  1  w 
of   High   st   fm    Sather    S    P   Co    Sta   nr 
Warren  n  to  Foothill  boul 
xllOl  Warren  *1301  Washington 

•1201  Putnam  *1402  E-14th 

G  ALLEY,  bet  E-20h  and  E-21  sts. 
GALINDO.  Fruitvale,  3  n  of  Foothill  boul 
fm   2302  Peralta  av  e  to  Harrington  av 
x  Bray  av  n  Lemon  av 
•Redwood  rd  nHenry 

GARDEN,    E-Okld,    bet   25th  av    and  26th 

or   Shuey  av  fm  E-27th  n 
GARDEN.Fitchburg,    2    s    of    E-14th    x    n 

Hawley  av  n  Snell  av 
GARNET,  fm  4201  Broadway  w  to  Emer- 
302  Broadway 
GENOA,  1  w  of  Grove  fm  52d  to  Adeline 

and  60th  x 
•5201  52d  *5701  Aileen 

•5301  53d  *5S01  57th 

•5401  54th  "58th 

*5501  55th  *59th 

•5601  56th  *60th 

GEORGE,   Fitchburg,   w  s   S  P  Co  Depot 

fm   Stanton   n   to    E-14th   x 
»S  P  Co  rr  * Spencer 

•Clay  *Warren 

•Webster  *Rudsdale 

GEORGIA,     Fruitvale     Heights,     6     n     of 
School    fm    Maple    av    e    x    Laurel    av, 
Peralta  Creek  and  Midvale  av 
GEORGIA,    Melrose   Heights,    1   s  of  Con- 
gress av  fm  Courtland  av  to  Bryant  av 
GIBSON    AV,    5    e    of    Seminary    av    fm 
Foothill    boul   n    to    Fourth    st   x   First, 
Second,  Third  and  College  st 
GILBERT,  2  e  of  Broadway  fm  41st  n  to 

Mather  x 
*4202    Ridgeway   av    *4302  John 
GIRARD    AV,    Grand    av    Heights,    w    of 
Lake   Shore   av   fm  Weldon   n   to   High- 
land av  nr  Winsor  av  x   Fairbanks  av 
and  Boulevard  Way 

GLADDING,   Watts  Tr,   6  w  of  Hollis  fm 

32d  to  34th 
GLASCOCK,    Fruitvale,    1    n    of    Stewart 

and    U    S    Tidal    Canal    fm    Park   st   or 

28th  av  e  to  Fruitvale  av  x 
•Petersen  *Derby  *Lancaster 

GLENN   AV,   Allendale,    2    s  of  Penniman 

av  fm  Redwood  av  e  to  Monticello  av 
GLEN  AV,  Allendale,  2  s  of  Penniman  av 

fm  Persimmon  av  e  to  Redwood  rd  and 

fm  Redwood  rd  e   to   Monticello  av  x 
•Lemon  nBargain 

•Redwood  rd  'High 

njones  *Vernon  Way 

nShort  sFrances 

nViola  slsabella 

•Liese   av  ^Monticello 

GLENN  AV,  Piedmont,  fm  4102  Piedmont 

av    opp    Key    Route    Ry    Depot    ne    to 

Linda  av  x  4125  Eleth  av 
GLEN-ROAD,  Park  Place,  Leona  Heights 
GOLD,   Alden,   see  Webster 
GOLDMAN  AV,  1  e  of  Redwood  av  con- 
tinuation of  36th  av  n   to   Foothill  boul 

x  Hyde 
GORDON  AV,  Fitchburg,  1  w  of  Yoakum 

av  fm  E-14th  n  to  Orral 
GOSS,   W  Okld,   bet   7th   and   8th   fm  871 

Willow  w  to  Bav  x 
•1701  Willow  *1S01  Pine 

•1750  Wood  *1851  Cedar  ■ 

GRACE,    Diamond,     n     of     Hopkins     fm 

Fruitvale  av  e  to  Lincoln  av 
GRACE   AV,    Golden    Gate,    s   of   Stanford 

av    fm    Lowell   w    to    Los    Angeles    and 

Stanford  av 
GRAND    AV,    fm    1640    Webster    bet    22d 

and    23d    to    Piedmont    av    via    Pleasant 

Valley  x 

nMontecito  av 

nBay   Place 

nPark  View  Ter 




sEllita  av 

•Staten  av 

•Bellevue  av 

nEuclid   av 

eCove  av 


eLake    Park    av 

wSata  Clara  av 

wElwood  av 

GRAND    AV,    Broad 

e Walker  av 
eWeldon    av 
eBoulevard  Way 
eHighland   av 
ePdmt  av,  Pdt  Park 
wSunnyside  av 
wHoward  av 
•Oakland  av 
wBowie  av 
"Greenbank   av 
eWalter  av 
•Rose  av 
eRonada  av 
•Pleasant  Valley  av 
Ter    fm    Clifton 

and   Broadway   ne   to   prospect   av  x   w 

Thomas  av  and  w  Ocean  View  av 
GRAND    AV,     Elmhurst,     4    w    of    Jones 

av   fm   7100  E-14th  ne    to    Foothill  boul, 

thence  se  to  Jones  av  nr  Stern  av  x 
eHawthorne  eOlive 

wOrchard  wElm 

eWalnut  eSunnyside 

eChestnut  'Hillside 

wPlymouth  •Foothill   boul 

eCherry  wHillcrest 

wLaurel  *Scott 

eOrange  *William 

GRAND   AV,   Park   Place,   fm   Glen  Road 

GRAND  AV,   Piedmont  Park,  s  of  Terre- 

bone  av   fm   Highland  av   e   to   Crocker 

av  x  Sheridan  av 


GRANT,   e   of   Mills   College   s   of   4th   fm 

Summit   av   e   to   Gibson   av 
GRANT    AV.    Fitehburg,    fm    E-14th    opp 

Loekwood  School  bldg  n 
xFlora  wLockwood   PI 

GREEN,    Stock   Yards    (inc   former    6th), 

fm   1452   Powell  6  w  of  San   Pablo  av   n 

to   67th  x   *5801   Powell,    69th,    61st,    62d, 

63d,   64th,   645  Ocean  av,  6475  Peabody's 

Lane.   65th  and  66th 
GREENBANK,      Pleasant       Valley,        fm 

Grand  av  ne  to  Oakland  av 
GREENWOOD  AV.    E   Okld   Heights,    nw 

of   13th    av    fm   junc   12th   and   13th   av 

ne  to  Fleet  Road  x 
eBeaumont  av  *Hampel 

GRIFFITH    AV,    Fruitvale,    1    e    of    Liese 

av   fm   Mera  n   Santa  Rita  x  and   Car- 

GROVE,    4   w  of   Broadway   fm  652   1st   n 

to  city  limits  x 

"'601  1st 
*651  2d 
*701  3d 
*751  4th 
•801  5th 
*S25  6th 
•851  7th 
*901  8th 
•951  9th 
•1001  10th 
•1051  11th 
*1101  12th 
•1151  13th 
"1201  14th 
•1251  15th 
"1301  16th 
"1351  17th 
•1401  18th 
•1451  19th 
•1501  20th 

*1601  22d 
•1651  23d 
•1701  24th 
•1751  25th 
•1775  Syca- 
•1801  26th 
•1851  27th 
elS3S  Merri- 

*1901  2Sth 

•1951  29th 

•2001  30th 

•2051  31st 

•2101  32d 

*2151  33d 

•2201  34th 

*2251  35th 

•2299  36th 

♦3601  36th 
•1551  San  Pab*3701  37th 
lo  av    *3S01  38th 
el552  21st  *3S51  Apgar 

*1576   Jones      *3901  39th 
HAGEMAN.  Allendale,  n  of  Penniman  av 

fm  Redwood  rd  e  trds  Angelo  av 
HALEY   AV.   Webster   Hts,    w   of   Sausal 
fm   Hopkins   s 

HALLECK,  Emeryville,  1  e  of  S  P  Co 
Sta  fm  1552  Park  av  s  to  junc  of 
Beach  s  of  Yerba  Buena  av 

HAMILTON  PLACE,  n  of  Bay  Place  and 
24th  fm  Harrison  nr  Oakland  av 

•4001  40th 
•4101  41st 
•4201  42d 
•4301  43d 
•4401  44th 
•4501  45th 
•4601  46th 
•4701  47th 
•5101  51st 
•5201  52d 
•5301  53d 
•5401  54th 
•5501  55th 
•5601  56th 
•5701  Aileen 
•5S01  57th 
w5S01  Arling- 
•5851  58th 
•5901  59th 
•6001  60th 
•6101  61st 
•6151  City 



Beulah      Park, 
av    fm    Hopkins    s    U 



HAMPELL,      E    Okld      Heights 

E-38th  fm  Fleet  Road  x  Greenwood  to 
13th  av  and  fm  junc  of  13th  and  14th 
avs  e  to  Sausal  Creek  x 

•Randolph  av  sLinwood  av 

sArdley  sDlvIsion 

•Woodruff  av  sEverett 

sElston  av  sCanon 

HANNAH.    Watts 
x  101   32d   and   i 

HANOVER    AV,    Peralta    Heights    3    nw 
of    4th    av    fm    Lake    Shore    boul    and 
Wayne  av  ne  to  Newton  av  x 
•52  Lake  Shore  boul  el02  Lester  av 
*75  Wayne  av  *202  Newton  av 

HARBOR  VIEW.  Allendale,  4  n  of  Fruit- 
vale  boul  fm  Redwood  rd  to  Edson  av  x 
Magee  av  Shaffer  av 

Lenox  av  Edson  av 

HARDWICK.    Piedmont,   ne   of  Vernal  av 

fm  Worcester  av  se 
HARDY,  1  n  of  Clifton  fm  226  Claremont 

av  se   to  Miles  av 
HARLAN,    Watts    Tr,    fm     2201     Peralta 

and  1300  34th  n  201  at  34th 
HARLAN.    Emeryville,    1251    Park    av    2    e 
of   Town    Hall    fm    Santa   Fe   Ry    n    to 
Park  av 
HARMON,    Seminary   Park,    n    of   E-14th 
fm    Central    av    to    Nutley    av    and    fm 
Nutley  av  e  to  Seminary  av 
HARRIET    AV,    Fitehburg,    fm    Halliday 
av  1  e  of  Yoakum  av  ne  x  Railroad  av 
and  Carlton  av 
HARRIMAN  AV.   nr  Toler  Heights,   fm   4 

s   of   Foothill   boul 
xHilton  av  Calaveras  av 

Ivy  av  Virgil  av 

Homer  av 

HARRINGTON    AV.    Fruitvale,    1    w    of 
Liese    av    fm    Foothill    boul    n    x    San 
Juan,    Santa   Rita,    Flora,   Nevil 
HARRISON,  3  e  of  Broadway  fm  301  1st 

n  to  Walsworth  and  Oakland  avs  x 
601  1st  1151  13th 

651  2d  1201  14th 

701  3d  1401  19th 

751  4th  1501  20th 

S01  5th  1351  21st 

825  6th  1601  22d 

851  7th  1640  .Grand  av 

901  Sth  1655  23d 

951  9th  1701  24th 

1001  10th  1702  Bay  Place 

1051  11th  1710  Vernon  Ter 

1101  12th  1810  Hamilton   PI 

HARRISON    AV    or    43th    AV,    Melrose,    2 
w   of   S   P   Co   Depot   fm   S   P  Co   main 
line   n    to   E-14th   x   Tenth   and    Twelfth 
HARRISON    AV,    nr    Mills    College,    n    of 

Maiden  Lane  fm  Rose  av  se 
HARROLD,    Dimond,    3    s   of   Hopkins    fm 
Fruitvale    av    to    Boston    av    x    'Cham- 
HARWOOD    AV,     Claremont,     n     of    69th 

fm  College  av  ne 
HASTINGS  AV.   2  w  of  High  fm  Foothill 
boul    n    to    Santa     Rita    x    *Mera     and 

HAVEN,  Watts  Tr.  fm  2151  Peralta  and 
1350  32d  n  101  Peralta  and  32d,  201  P.  1th 

HAVEN.  Emeryville.  1302  Park  av  1  e 
of  Town  Hall  fm  Santa  Fe  Rv  n  to 
Park  av 

Tr.   fm   1901   Peralta  n 
01   34th 

HAWLEY  AV.  Fitehburg.  at  6601  E-14'h 
2  w  of  Moss  nv  fm  Garden  n  to  Dow- 
ling  x  eBuena  Ventura,  *E-14th,  •Or- 
chard.   •Plymouth,    "Laurel 


HAWTHORNE.  Elmhurst.  1  ne  of  E-llth 
fm  Grand  av  se  x  Orchard  av.  Moun- 
tain View  av.  Bay  View  av.  Jones  av 
and  Hilton  av  to  Ivy  av 

HAWTHORNE  AV,  n  s  St  Mary's  Col- 
lege opp  Piedmont  av  fm  2101  Broad- 
way w  to  Telegraph  av  x 

•401  Broadway  n476  Elm 

"425  Webster  "49S  Telegraph  av 

HATS  AV,  Roekridge  Park,  a  long 
Curvelinear  av  fm  McAdam  st  x  to 
Vernon  av 

Ocean  View  av  Brookside   av 

HAZEL  AV,  Piedmont  Park,  n  of  High- 
land av  and  Hazel  Hill  fm  Highland 
av  w  to  nr   Sulphur  Springs 

HEARST  AV,  Dimond.  3  n  of  Hopkins 
fm  Lincoln  av  e  to  Laguna  av 

HELEN,  Fruitvale,  1  n  of  Foothill  boul, 
fm  Redwood  rd  e  to  Minnesota  av  x 
Crosby  av 

HELEN  COURT,  Golden  Gate,  1  e  of  San 
Pablo  av  fm  1092  66h  n 

HELLEN,  Watts  Tr,  fm  1951  Peralta  n 
1   Peralta,    101   32d,    201   34th 

HENRY,  2  w  of  Center  fm  1551  3d  n  to 
9th  x 

*701  3d        "801  5th      *851  7th      "901  9th 

HENRV,  Fitchburg,  3  e  of  Lockwood 
School  hldg  fm  Stanton  n  to  E-14th  x 

*S  P  CO  R  R  'Webster  "Warren 

"Clay  "Spencer  "Rudsdale 

HENRY,  Melrose  Heights,  4  n  of  Foot- 
hill boul  fm  Courtland  av  e  to   Bryant 

HERBERT,  Fitchburg.  9  n  of  E-14th,  fm 
Yoakum  av  w  to  Church 

HERMANN,  Claremont,  fm  251  Ayala  n 
to    oSth   and    Canning 

HERZOG,  Golden  Gate,  1  e  of  San  Pablo 
av  fm  59th  to  61st  and  fm  62d  n  to 
66th  x  60th,  61st,  62d,  63d,  Alcatraz  av, 
65th,    66th 

HIGH,   Alden,  bet  41st  and  42d  fm  Web- 
ster w  to  ss  42d  e  of  Telegraph  av. 
HIGH,    or   43d   av,    Fruitvale,    1    e   of   S   P 
Co,   Sather  Depot  fm   Tidal  Canal  n  to 
Leona  Heights  x 
eHoward  wSanta  Rita 

eCommerce  eCongress  av 

eClarke  wAqua  Vista  av 

"Harrison  av  eBellevue  av 

*S   P  Co   main   line    wClayton 
wWarren  wLyon 

wPutnam  *Glen  av 

eTenth  eWalnut 

»W  P  R  R  wAUendale    av 

wWashington  eStuart 

eTwelfth  wPenniman  av 

*E-14th  eVirginia  av 

eBancroft  eRose   av 

wFlores  "Hopkins 

eBond  ePampas  av 

•Foothill  boul  wBayo 

eCourtland  av  wLeona 

eSt  Charles 

HIGHLAND  AV,  E  Okld,  bet  21st  and 
23d  avs  fm  E-24th  nw  to  E-27th  and 
21st   av  x  E-25th   also 

HIGHLAND   AV,   Elmhurst  £   e  of  Sara- 
toga  av    6850    E-14th    fm    Raymond    av 
to  Franklin  x 
Amelia  Second  Plymouth 

Peralta  First  Laurel 

Fifth  East-14th  Elm 

Third  Orchard  Blanche 

HIGHLAND    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of 
Dale   av   fm   Piedmont   av   to   Wita   av 
and  Piedmont  av  x 
Dandelion  av  Grand   av 

Buttercup   av  Hazel  av 

Busby  Dell  av  Terra  Bonne  av 

HILL  LANE,   Adams   Point,   n   of  Grand 

av  fm  Euclid  av  e 
HILLCREST     AV,     Toler     Heights     Elm- 
hurst,   e   of   Foothill    boul   fm   Marlin    nr 
Grand  av  June  nw  to  n  of  William  thence 
making  an  acute  angle  se 
HILLEGASS    AV,    4    e    of    Telegraph    av 

fm  Alcatraz   av   n    to   Woolsey 
HILLSBOROUGH,     Peralta    Heights,    bet 
Brooklny   av  and   Cleveland   fm   Wesley 
av  e  trds  Chicago  av 
HILLSDALE  AV,  4  e  of  Seminary  av  fm 
Fairview     Way      ne     crossing      Fortune 
Way  and  Foothill   boul 
HILLSIDE   AV,    2   e    of   Piedmont   av   fm 

Linda  av  se   to  Kingston   av. 
HILLSIDE  AV,   Piedmont  Park,  s  of  Bo- 
nita    av    fm    Piedmont    av    w    to    Park 
Way   x   Vista   av 
HILLSIDE,    Toler  Heights   Elmhurst,   1   s 
of  Foothill  boul,   fm  nr  northern  termi- 
nus of  Oakland   av  se  to  Bay  View  av 
x  Grand  av  and  Mountain  View  av 
HILTON  AV,  Elmhurst,  1  se  Jones  av  fm 

7550  E-14th  ne  to  Foothill  boul  x 
"Hawthorne  *Harriman    av 

"Walnut  eDante  av 

"Chestnut  wToler  av 

''Cherry  eLongfellow  av 

"Orange  wElmar  av 

"Olive  eVoltaire  av 

"Sunnyside  "Foothill  boul 

HOBART  fm  1551  Broadway  w  to  Grove 

and   San  Pablo  av  x 
"452  Broadway  502  Telegraph    av 

HOLDEN,  Emeryville,  1402  Park  av  1  w 
of  Town  Hall  fm  Santa  Fe  Ry  n  to 
Race  Track  x  Park  av 
HOLLIS,  Watts  Tr  and  Emeryville,  fm 
2101  Peralta  and  1400  32d  n  to  1351 
Park  av  Emeryville  x 
"101  32d  "Yerba  Buena  av 

"201  34th  "Santa  Fe  Ry 

HOLLIS     (late    7th     st),     Emeryville,     fm 

Powell  n  to  62d  x  61st 
HOMER   AV,    Elmhurst,    2   e   of  Jones   av 
fm  E-14th  e  s  St  Louis  Catholic  Church 
n  to  Harriman  av  x 
"Walnut  "Orange 

"Chestnut  "Sunnyside 

HOPKINS,    E    Okld,    1    n    of    E-35th    fm 

Alma  av   e   to  Leona  Heights  x 
"Alma  av  sHamline  av 

"Jones  nRandolph  av 

*4th   av  nArdley 

nKingsley  nElston   av 

nEmerson  sHaley  av 

*13th  av  nCameron  or  E-37 

sE    Summit  nDivision 

"Bruce  nCanon 

*14th  av  Sausal 

sPalmer    av  nDiamond   av 


•Fiuitvale  av  *Maple   av 

sLincoln  av  *Georgia  av 

sBoston  av  nFranklin    av 

sWilson  av  nMaybelle  av 

nLaguna   av  "High 

sProspect  nLilly 

nRhoda  av  -Rose   av 

•Peralta   av 
HORTENSE  AV,  Stonehurst.  Elmhurst,  n 

of  W  P  R  R  track   fm   Bartlett  av   se 

to    Royal    st    x   Elton,    Plum   and   Blen- 
heim   sts 
HORTON.   Emeryville,    1451  Park  av   2  w 

of    Town    Hall    fm    Santa   Fe    Ry   n   to 

Race   Track  x  Park  av 
HOWARD  or  28th  AV.   fm   1402  E-14th  n 

to    E-17th,    continuation    of    Park 
HOWARD.    Melrose,    3   se   of   S  P  Co   Sa- 
ltier Sta  fm  High   e 
HOWARD    AV,    Piedmont,    1    n    of    Linda 

av    fm    Lake    av    e    to    Oakland    av    nr 

Grand    av 
n302  Nace  *340  Oakland  av 

n326  Bowie 
HOWE,  1  w  of  Piedmont  av  fm  Moss  av 

n   to  St  Mary's  Cemetery 
•3751  Moss  av  *4201  Ridgeway  av 

•4001  40th  *4301  John 

*4101  41st  *4401  Mather 

HOWELL,    2   e   of  Telegraph  av  fm   59th 

to  60th  x 
eYolo  wRose 

HUBBARD,    Emeryville.    1502    Park    av    3 

w  of  Town  Hall  fm  Santa  Fe  Ry  n   to 

Race   Track  x  Park  av 
HUDSON,   fm  251  College  av  and  Manila 

av  v  to   Claremont  av  x 
*351  Manila  av  *425  Shafter  av 

s375  James  s451  Locksley  av 

•401  Lawton  av  *475  Miles  av 

s415  Boyd  av  *        Claremont  av 

HUFF    AV,    see    E-27th    fm    14th     av     to 

Fruitvale  av. 
HUMBOLDT    AV.    1    e    of    Seminary    av. 

Bklvn    Twp.    fm    Fairview    Way    n    to 

Scenic  Way  x  Fortune  Way  and   Foot- 
hill   boul 
HUNTINGTON   AV,    High    Street    Terr,    2 

e  of  High  fm  Rose  av  n  to  Adelaide   x 
Albert  High 

Rubv  Francis 

CHARLES  Evelyn 

HYDE,    n    of   Foothill    boul    fm    2601    Per- 

alta  av  w 
HYDE,  s  of  Foothill  boul  fm  Redwood  av 

to  Bridge  av  x  36th  av 
IDAHO,    Golden    Gate,    2   e   of   San   Pablo 

av  fm  59th  to  61st  x  60th  and  fm  63d  n 
IDAHO,    Laurel   Grove,    7    n    of   School   fm 

Maple  e  to  Midvale  av  x  "Laurel  av 
IRVING  AV.   E  Okld,    fm   1225  Talcott  av 

n  to  E-20th 
ISABELLA,    fm    901    San    Pablo    av   w    to 

22d  e  of  Market  and  Key  Route  Ry 
ISABELLA,  Melrose  Heights  4  e  Of   High 

fm  Bellevue  av  n  to  Glen  av 
IVY   AV,    Elmhurst,    fm    7600    E-14th    1    c 

of  Jones  av  ne   to  Foothill  boul 
xHawthorne  'Orange 

•Walnut  wOlive 

•Chestnut  "Sunnyslde 

wCherry  "Harriman  av 

eDante  av  eVoltaire  av 

eLongfellow  av 

JACKSON,  5  e  of  Broadway  fm  202  1st  n 

to   Lake   Merritt  x 
•601  1st  *  851  7th  *1151  13th 

•651  2d  •  901  8th  *1202  14th 

•701  3d  *  951  9th  el202  15th 

•751  4th  *1001   10th         el250  Lake 

•SOI  5th  *1051  11th  w-1251  19th 

•825  6th  niOl  12th 

JACKSON  AV  or  48th  AV,  2  e  of  S  P  Co 

Depot  fm  S  P  Co  main  line  n  to  E-14th 

x  Tenth  and  Twelfth  sts 
JACKSON  AV.   East  Lawn,  4  e  of  Semi- 
nary av  fm  Taylor  n   to  E-14th 
JAMES    AV,    Claremont,    1    w    of   College 

av   bet    Manila   av   and   Lawton   av   fm 

Hudson   s 
JAYNE  AV,  1  e  of  Adams  fm   276  Lee   n 

to   Euclid   av  x  Perkins 
JEAN.   Okld   Heights.   3   e  of  Oakland   av 

fm  Perry  n  to  Sunnyslope  x 
•Perry  e*Alta  Vista  av 

•Santa  Clara  av  wSanta  Rosa  av 

eElwood  av  eSunnyslope 

JEFFERSON.    3    e    of    Broadway    fm    C02 

1st  n  to  17th  x  »601  1st 
•651  2d  *  Sol  7th  *1101  12th 

•701  3d  •  901  8th  *1151  13th 

•751  4th  *  951  9th  *1201  14th 

•801  5th  *1001  10th  '1251  15th 

•S25  6th  *1051  11th  *1301  16th 

JEROME    AV,    Piedmont,    fm    Walter   av 

ne   to   Oakland   av 
JERSEY,  nr  Allendale  fm  Peralta  av  opp 

Chicago    av    e    to    Redwood    av    3    n    of 

School  x 
Curran  av         Maple  av  Laurel  av 

JERSEY,    Pleasant   Valley,    3   e   of   Grand 

av  fm  Cottage  n  to  Prince 

Piedmont  av 

JESSIE  ALLEY,  Fitchburg.  bet  George 
and    Charles   fm   Stanton   n   to   E-14th   x 

*S   P  Co  R  R*Clay  »Webster 

•Spencer  *Warren  'Rudsdale 

JOHN,  fm  4301  Piedmont  av  w  to  Gil- 

•152  Piedmont  av        *176  Howe 

•202  Montgomery         n226  View 

JONES,  fm  551  Telegraph  av  w  to  San 
Pablo   av   x 

•502  Telegraph  av       *602  Grove 

JONES.  E  Okld  Heights  fm  June  of  Itli 
av,  Prospect  av  and  E-28th  n  to  n  of 

•352  McKinl.  y  av        *401  Clinton 

•451  Hopkins 

JONES  AV.  Elmhurst,  7501  E-14th  fm 
Berlin  sw  of  S  P  Depot  ne  to  Grand 
av   Toler  Heights    x 



•(  (range 




nwWalter  av 



•S  PRR 





oElmar  av 


•E-1  !th 

•Foothill  boul 



I  lertry 

•W  P  R  R 








nwGrand  av 



JULIA   or  27th   AV,    fm   1340   E-14th  n   to 

Foothill  boul  e  of  Talcot  av  x 
•1201  E-14th  el351  E-17th 

•1301  E-16th  W1451  E-19th 

KALES     AV,     fra     265    College    av    n    of 

Manila  av  ne  to  Broadway 
KANSAS,    n   of   Allendale    9    n    of    School 

fm  Maple   av  e   to     x 
'Laurel  av  'Peralta  Creek 

'Midvale  av  "Redwood  rd 

*Magee  av  *  Lenox  av 

sShafter  av  *Edson  av 

KEITH    AV,    bet    2d    av,    Claremont    and 

Broadway  fm  Broadway  sw 
KEMPTON   AV,    w   of   Fairmount   av  fm 

nr   Pearl    curving   round   northerly   and 

to  Fairmount  at  Santa  Clara  av 
KENMORE  AV,    Grand   av   Heights,    2    n 

of  Mandana  boul  fm  Lake  Shore  av  nw 

to  Boulevard  Way  x  Fairbanks  av  and 

Walla  Vista  av 
KENNEDY,   E  Okld,   1  w  of  Park  av  fm 

Ford  nw  to  Railroad  av  x 
•101  Ford  *40l  Frederick 

•201  Canal  '501  Dennison 

*301  Shasta   av  *601  Railroad   av 

KING,  E  Okld.  3  w  of  Park  av  fm  Shasta 

n   to  Livingston  x 
•301  Shasta  av  *501  Dennison 

♦401  Frederick 
KING  AV,  1  e  of  Fruitvale  av  fm  E-16th 

n  to  Foothill  boul  x  E-17th,  E-18th  and 

KINGSLEY,   E  Okld  Heights,   1  e  of  4th 

av  fm  Hopkins  n 
KINGSTON  AV,   3  e  of  Piedmont  av  fm 

Linda  av  s   to  Monte  Vista  av 
KINSELL    AV,    Elmhurst,    6    w    of    Jones 

av    fm    Peralta    ne    x    Seventh,     Sixth, 

Fifth,   Fourth,     Third     and     Second     to 

E-14th  east  of  7101 
KIPLING   AV    nr    Toler    Heights.    7    e    of 

Jones  av  fm   Sunnyside  n  to  Harriman 

KIRKHAM,  2  e  of  Center  fm  1352  3d  n  to 

2Sth  and  Peralta  x 

*  701  3d  *1101  12th  *1501  21st 

*  801  5th  *1201  14th  *1601  22d 

*  851  7th  *1301  16th  '1701  24th 

*  901  8tn  *1401  18th         '1801  26th 
*1001  10th  '1451  19th 

KLEBER,   w  of  Toler  Heights,   fm   Fitch 

junc  with  Foothill  boul  se  to  Moss  av 
KNOX  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  23d  av  s  of  E-27tb 

n  to  E  31st 
1851  E-27th  1951  E-29th 

1901  E-28th  2001  E-30th 

KRAUSE   AV,   Fitchburg,    8   n   of   E-14th 

fm  Yoakum  av   e  to  Fitch 
LAGUNA   AV,    Adams   Point,    bet    Grand 

av  and  Van  Buren  av  fm  Euclid  av  to 


LAGUNA  AV,  Diamond,  2  e  of  Fruitvale 

av  fm  Hopkins  n  to  Carmel  x 
Milton  Hearst    av        Wilbur 

Scenic   av         Madeline  Delmer 

LAKE  AV,  4  e  of  Piedmont  av  fm  Olive 

av  n  to  Greenbank  x 
*  Sunnyside   av  eHoward  av 

•Linda   av  eNace 

LAKE    PARK    AV,      fm      Grand      sw      of 
Cheney  av  and  Walker  av  e  to  Wesley 
av  n  of  Excelsior  av  x 
sPerry  'Lakeshore    av 

LAKE  SHORE  AV,  fm  head  east  arm  of 
Lake  Merritt,  Cove  av  and  Prospect  av 
eProspect    av  wPrince 

wCove  av  eViona  av 

eExcelsior  av  eRosal  av 

"Lake   Park  av  wKenmore   av 

wRand  av  *Wala  Vista  av 

eWesley  ay  wBouIevard  Way 

wCottage  wWinsor  av 

eMandana  boul  eWildwood   av 

LAKE   SHORE    BOULEVARD,    e    s   Lake 
Merritt  fm   2   E-12th  n  to   Prospect   av 
and  Lake  Shore  av  x 
•1102  E-12th  eHanover    av 

el302  E-16th  eWesley   av 

el402  E-18th  eBrooklyn  av 

el402  Athol   av  'Cleveland 

e  Wayne   av  'Prospect  av 

LAKE  VIEW  AV,   E  Okld,   1  e  of  4th  av 

fm  E-28th  ne  to  13th  av  x  Elliott 
LANCASTER,    1   w  of  Frtvl   av  fm   Tidal 
Canal    and    Stewart    n    to    Division    x 
Glascock,  Valdez,   Chapman.  Boehmer 
LANDREGAN  AV    (late   4th   st),   Emery- 
ville, 1  e  of  S  P  Co  R  R  fm  Shell  Mound 
Station   and   Powell   st   n   to   Ocean   av 
x   60th,   61st,   62d,    63d  and  64th 
LANE,    fm   102   Fruitvale   av  e   to   Merrill 
av  or  37th  x  Brandon,   Tevis,   Wheeler 
LA    SALLE    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    s    of 
Farragut    av    fm    Crocker    av    to    Car- 
rington  av  x  King  av  and  Sea  View  av 
LATIMER   PLACE,    1   e  of   Telegraph  av 

fm  Moss  av  n 
LAUREL   AV,   1   n   of   Moss   av   fm   3776 

Piedmont  av  e  to  Fairmount  av 
LAUREL  AV,   nr  Allendale,   1  w  of  Red- 
wood rd  fm  School  n  to  x 
Maine  Kansas 

Vermont  Georgia 

Jersey  Idaho 

Delaware  Florida 

LAUREL  PLACE,    Diamond,    fm    Sausal 

Creek  e  to  Fruitvale  av 
LAWRENCE  or  26th  av  fm  1302  Foothill 
boul  n  to  E-22d 

LAWTON   av,  4    e   of   Claremont   av    fm 

45th  1  w  of  Broadway  n 

•4801  45th  '251  Hudson 

*4S01   48th  w301  Forest 

•5101  51st  '302  College   av 

*  125  Cavour  *        Broadway 

*  175  Clifton 

LEACH    AV,    Fourth    av    Park,    2d    w    of 
13th  av  fm  Wellington  n  to  Everett 

LEE,  Okld  Heights,  fm  102  Vernon  se  to 

s  of  Grand  av  x 
•201  Vernon  n275  Jayne 

n251  Adams  'Van  Buren  av 

s<        Monticello   av      'Grand  av 

LEE  AV,  Leona  Heights,  1  n  of  Rose  av 
fm  Tompkins  nw 

LEIGHTON,  1  e  of  Piedmont  av  fm  Moss 

av  n 
3703  Moss  av  3722  Terminus 


LEMON,  nr  Allendale,  1  w  of  Redwood  av 

fm   Davis   n   to  School   x  Lynde,   Glenn 

av  and  Forest 
LENOX   and    LENOX   AV,   Allendale,    fm 

Suter  n  to  Harbor  View  e  of  Redwood 

av  x 
Porter  Kansas 

Quigley  Wisconsin 

Redding  California 

Fruitvale  boul 
LEONA,   Westall   Tract,    Bklyn    Twp,    2   n 

of  Hopkins  fm  High  w  x  Vale  av 
LEONA  AV,  Boehmer  Ranch,  Bklyn  Twp 

e  of  High  fm  Central  av  n  to  Redwood 

LEPORI   COURT,    off   E-27th 
LERIDA    AV,    E-Piedmont    Heights    1    e 

of  Lake  Shore  av  fm  Rosal  n  x  Calma 

LEWIS,   3  w  of  Center  fm  1574  3d  to  7th 

and   Peralta  x 
701  3d  802  5th 

LEWISTON  AV.    e   of  College  av   fm   Al- 

eatraz  av  n  to  Woolsey 
LIESE  AV  (38th  av),  fm  S  P  Co  R  R  3  w 

of  Sather  Sta,  Fruitvale,  n  to  Suter.  Al- 
lendale   x 
*Warren  *Flora 

'Putnam  *Nevil 

♦Washington  'Glen  av 

*E-14th  'Allendale  av 

•Foothill  boul  eDale 

eSan   Juan  *Penniman  av 

eMera  'Angelo  av 

*Carrington  wFlorence  av 

'Santa   Rita  eMina  av 

eAgua   Vista  wSuter 

LILT,    2    e    of    High     fm    Hopkins     n    to 

Pampas  av  x  Tulip  av 
LINCOLN   AV,   Dimond,   1   e  of  Fruitvale 

av  fm  Hopkins  n  to  Hearst  av  x 
Milton  Wilbur 

Scenic  av  Delmer 

LINCOLN      AV.      Piedmont      Park,     n    of 

Union  av  fm  Sheridan  av  e  to  Sea  View 

av  x  King  av 

LINDA    AV,    fm    4176    Piedmont    av    e    to 

Grand  av  x  Glen  Echo  Creek 
sGlen  av  sLake  av 

sHillside  av  'Oakland  av 

sKingston  av 

LINDEN,  3  w  of  Market  fm  1050  1st  n  to 
34th  and  San  Pablo  av  and  fm  36th  n 
to    52d 

601  1st  1451  19th  3701  37th 

701  3d  1501  21st  3S01  3Sth 

801  5th  1601  22d  4001  40th 

851   7th  1701  24th  4101  41st 

901  8th  1801  26th  4201  42d 

1001  10th  1901   2Sth  4301  43d 

1101  12th  2001  30th  4401  44th 

1201  14th  2101  32d  4501  45th 

1301  16th  2201  34th  4601  46th 

1401  ISth  3601  36th  4701    47th 

LINWOOD  AV.  Fourth  av  Ter  5th  e  of 
14th   av   fm    Cameron    n    to    Hampel 

LIVINGSTON.  E  Okld,  1  nw  of  Dennison 
fm  Water  Front  ne  to  East  Valdez  x 
Shell   Mound   and   King 

LLOYD  AV,  4  s  of  E-14th  fm  1002  Fruit- 
vale av  e   to  Fulton  av  x 
Bassett  Tevis  Merrill  av 

Brandon  Wheeler  Fulton  av 

LOCKSLEY  AV,   2  e  of  Claremont  av  fm 

452   Cavour  av  n  to   Hudson   x  'Clifton 

Fitchburg,    1   n   of  E-14th   fm   Grant   av 

w  and  n  to  Grant  av 
LOCKWOOD     AV,      Fitchburg,      5     n     of 

E-14th  fm  Yoakum  av  e  to  Fitch  av 
LOMA  VISTA  AV,  4  e  of  Seminary  av  fm 

6100   E-14th   n 
LONGFELLOW  AV,  nr  Toler  Heights  fm 

Hilton    av    2    s    of    Foothill    boul    se    x 

Ivy  av  and  Virgil  av 
LORENZO    AV,   Allendale,    2   w   of   Liese 

av  fm  Marion  av  n  to  Suter 
LORETTA  AV,  Piedmont,  e  of  Park  Way 

and    Arroya    av    fm    O    T    Con    Ry   s    to 

Park  Way 
LORETZ  AV,  Seminary  Park.  1  e  of  Cen- 
tral av  fm  E-14th  n  to  E-16th  x  E-15th 
LOS  ANGELES,  Golden  Gate,  2  e  of  San 

Pablo    av    fm    1002    57th    n    to    Stanford 

av  and  Grace  av 
LOUISE,    Fitchburg,    5    n    of    E-14th    fm 

Grant  av  e  to  Yoakum  av 
LOUISE,   Watts   Tr.   fm   2051   Peralta  n   x 

101    32d    and    201    34th 
LOUISA  ANN,  Elmhurst,  5  w  of  Jones  av 

fm  Railroad  av  s  x  Walter  av  to  Oscar 


LOWELL,  Golden   Gate,    fm   5301   Adeline 

n  to  Alcatraz  av  x 
'53d  *57th  *61st 

'54th  'Arlington         *62d 

*55th  wGrace  av        *63d 

*56th  'Stanford  av 

'Aileen  *60th 

LUSK,    e    of    Market   fm    S42    Apgar  n   to 

43d   x  39th,    40th,    41st    and   42d 
LYDIA,    s  of  22d   fm   Brush   w   to  Market 
*752  Brush        *S02  West         852'  Curtis 
LYNDE,   fm  2S02   Fruitvale  av  e  to  Per- 
alta av 
1  Fruitvale  av  100  Spencer  av 

39  Opp  Spencer  av      124  Opp  Atwell  av 
LYON  AV,  Fruitvale,  6  n  of  Foothill  boul 

continuation  of  Flora  e  to  High 
MABEL  AV,  Park  Place,  w  of  Mills  Col- 
lege n  of  Harrison  av  fm  College  av  e 
MADELINE,    Dimond,    n    of   Hopkins    fm 

Laguna  av  to  Peralta  av  x  Rhoda  av 
MADISON,  6  e  of  Broadway  fm  152  1st  a 

to  Lake  x 
601  1st  851  7th  1151  13th 

651  2d  901  8th  1201  14th 

701  3d  951   9th  1305  15th 

751   4th  1001  10th  1387  Lake 

SOI  5th  1051  11th 

825  6th  1101  12th 

MAGEE     AV,     Allendale,     fm     Fruitvale 
boul    1    e    of    Redwood    av    n    to    Harbor 
View  x 
Kansas  California  Wisconsin 

MAGNOLIA,   1   w   of  Adeline  fm   1202   1st 
n  to  18th  and  fm  21st  n  to  Peralta  and 
601  1st  1101  12th  1801  26th 

701  3d  1201  14th  1901  28th 

S01   5th  1301  16th  2001  30th 

901  8th  1601  22d  2101  32d 

1001  10th  1701  24th  2201  34th 



MAGNOLIA    AV,     Piedmont     Park    e    of 

Vallecito  av  fm  Bushydell  nw   to  Mon- 

tecito   av 
MAIDEN    LANE,    Park   Place   w    of    Mills 

College    s    of    Harrison    av    fm    se    trds 

Mills   College 
MAINE,     Allendale,     fm     Peralta    av     to 

Redwood  rd  at  1  n  of  School 
xPleitner  av 

Curran  av       Maple  av  Laurel  av 

MALDON,    East  Lawn,    4   s   of   E-14th  fm 

Baker  av  e 
MANDANA       BOULEVARD,       fm      Lake 

Shore  av  opp  Cottage  ne  x  nCalmar  av, 

Paloma  av 
MANGELS   AV,    Allendale,    2   n   of   Penni- 

man  av  fm  Redwood  av  e 
MANHATTAN  AV.  Adams  Point,   1  w  of 

Euclid  av  fm  Van  Buren  n  to  Palm  av 
MANILA,   3  w  of  Shattuck  av  fm  65th  n 

to  Bkly  City   line  x  6601  Fairview 
MANILA  AV,  fm  352  45th  1  w  of  Broad- 
way  n   to   Hudson   and   College   av   and 

thence    to   Ross   x 
*4501  45th  *5101  51st  *175  Clifton 

•4901  49th  wl25  Cavour    *251  Hudson 

MAPLE,    Alden.    1    e   of   Telegraph   av   fm 

48th  n   to  Claremont  av  x 
*49th  e50th  wSlst  eMiles  av 

MAPLE,     Piedmont     ne     of     Union     and 

Prospect  av  fm  McAdam  nw  to  Acacia 
MAPLE    AV,      3d    e    of    Peralta      av    fm 

School    ne    x    Texas,    Maine,    Vermont, 

Jersey,    Delaware 
MARION    AV,    Allendale,    2    n    of    Penni- 

man   av  fm  Star  av  e  to  Liese  av  and 

Florence  av  x  Lorenzo  av 
MARION  AV  or  51st  AV,  Melrose,   1  e  of 

Bay    av    fm    E-14th    n    to    Vicksburg    x 

*Foothill  boul  *Ygnacio  wMelrose 

MARIPOSA    AV,    Boehmer    Ranch,    Bklyn 

Twp,    n    of    County   Road    No    1365    and 

Lion   Creek   fm  High   nw   to   Central  av 

and  thence  to  Redwood  av 
MARIPOSA,    1    e    of    Oakland    av    fm    156 

Santa   Rosa   av    n    to    Oakland   av    and 

MARKET,  8  w  of  Broadway  fm  901  1st  n 

to  Aileen  and  Adeline  x 
*601  1st  *1501  21st 

e652  2d  el550  Lydia 

*701  3d  *1601  22d 

e752  4th  el650  Athens  av 

*S01  5th  *1701  24th 

e826  6th  el702  Mead  av 

*S51  7th  el750  Milton 

e850  West  wlSOl  26th 

*901  8th  elS02  27th 

e951  9th  el850  Alcia 

*1001  10th  *1901  28th 

el051  11th  *2001  30th 

*1101  12th  *2001  San   Pablo   av 

ell51  13th  *2051  31st 

•1201  14th  *2101  32d 

el'51  15th  *2125  Brockhurst 

»1301  16th  *2150  33d 

el351  17th  *2201  34th 

•1401  18th  *2251  35th 

el451  19th  *2298  36th 

el502  20th  »3601  36th 

House  Nos  same  as  street  Nos  fm  36th 

to   37th   and    Aileen 

MARLIN,   Toler  Heights,   Elmhurst,   n  of 
Mountain  View  av  fm  Hillcrest  av  e  to 

MARSHALL,    Golden    Gate,    1    w    of    San 

Pablo  av  fm  1152  55th  n  to  59th  and  fm 
61st  to  Peabory's  Lane  x 
5501  55th  62d 

5S01  Stanford  av  63d     ' 

5802  Powell  64th 

MARTIN,      fm     275    Claremont     av    w    to 

Ayala  av  s  of  Forest 
MARTIN,  High  Street    Ter,    Bklyn    Twp, 

1  e  of  High  fm  Rose  av  n  to  Charles 
MARTIN,    Leona   Heights,    1   w   of  Hunt- 
ington  av  fm  bet  High  and  Huntington 

av  n  to  High 
MARY,  Fitchburg  1  e  of  Lockwood  School 

bldg  fm  Stanton  s  of  S  P  Co  R  R  n   to 

E-14th    x     S     P    R    R.     Clay,     Webster. 

Warren,    Spencer,    Rudsdale 
MATHER,     fm    4401    Piedmont    av    w    to 

Broadway  x 
*152  Piedmont  av         *251  Gilbert 
•176  Howe  *275  Terrace 

*202  Montgomery         *302  Broadway 
*225  View 
MAYBELLE    AV,    Westall    Tract,    Bklyn 

Twp  1  w  of  High  fm  Hopkins  n 
McADAM,  fm  5102  Broadway  ne 
McCALL,    2    e   of   Grove    fm   57th   to    60th 

x  58th  and  59th 
M'CLURE,   e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  29th  n 

to   Orchard 
M'COURTNEY.    e    of    Telegraph   av   n    of 

41st,    see  High 
M'ELROY,  W  Okld,  w  of  Wood  fm  Chase 

n  to  9th 
M'KINLEY   AV.    Peralta  Heights    3    n   of 

Brooklyn  av  fm  Chicago  av  e  to  4th  av 
x202  Chicago  av  *352  Capell 

*252  Athol  av  *402  Alma 

*275  East    Oak  *452  Jones 

*302  Spruce  *502  4th  av 

MeLEAN,    Melrose   Heights,    2    n   of   Fen- 

niman  fm  Monticello  av  w 
MeMILLAN   AV,    Claremont    e   of   College 

av  fm   Lawton  av  n  to  Bay  View  av 
MEAD  AV,    fm  1001   San   Pablo   av  sw   to 

1702  Market  opp  24th 

SOS   San    Pablo   av 
MEADOW,    former    D.    Fruitvale,    6    n    of 

Foothill  boul  fm  Redwood  rd  e  to  Har- 
rington av 
MEDFORD  AV,  Elmhurst,  fm  Jones  av  e 
MELROSE    STREET     (former    Boulevard 

av)     Melrose   Heights,    fm   Courtland   av 

e   to  Vicksburg,    2   n    of   Foothill   boul   x 
Patterson   or   45th   aWhittier  or  4Sth  av 
Deering  or  46th   av    Bay  or  50th   av 
Bryant  or   47th   av      Marion  or  51st  av 
MELROSE    HEIGHTS    S    P    Electric    Lo- 
cal   Service    Station    Bond    ne    cor    Bel- 

levue    av 
MERA    Fruitvale,   2  n  of  Foothill  boul  fm 

Liese  av  e  to  Steinway  av  x  Griffith  av, 

Alma  av.    Rosedale  av 
MERCHANT,    bet   57th   and   58th,    see  Ar> 

MERCHANT.   Melrose,    1   n   of   E-14th   fm 

Dieves   Lane  e 


MERRILL    AV    or   37th    AV,    Pruitvale,    1 

w  of  Liese  av  fm  Lane  n  to  n  of  E-14tli 
901  Lane  1301  Wash- 

1001  Lloyd  ington 

1101  Warren  1401  E-14th 

1201  Putnam 

MERRIMAC,   bet  27th   and   28th  fm   Tele- 
graph av  w  to  1838  Grove 

501    Telegraph    av 
MESA    AV,    Piedmont   Park,    e    of  Vernal 

av,  fm  Pala  av  to  Moraga  av 
MIAMI   COURT.    E   Okld   Heights,    1   n   of 

Hopkins  fm  Elston  av  e 
MICHIGAN    AV,    5    nw    of    Jones    av    fm 

E-14th     ne    to     Sunnyside     x    Orchard, 

Plymouth,   Laurel  and   Elm  streets 
MIDVALE  AV,    Allendale,   w  of  Redwood 

rd    fm    Ohio    n    x    Idaho,    Kansas,    Cal- 
ifornia,   Arizona,    Wisconsin 
MILES  AV,   1  e  of  Claremont  av  fm  e  s 

Maple  and  476  51st  ne  to  College  av  nr 

Shatter  av  x 
wlOl  Maple  *175  Clifton 

el02  51st  w225  Hardy 

ell4  Avon  "251  Hudson 

*116  Cavour  *301  Forest 

MILLBURY,   E  Okld  Hts,   see  E-38th 
MILLS,  n  of  E-14th  fm  Seminary  av  e  to 

MILLS    AV,    1st    e    of    Seminary   av    opp 

Mills  College  fm  First  n  x  Second  and 

Third   to   Seminary  av 
MILTON,    fm    1101    San    Pablo   av   sw    to 

Market,    1752    Market 
MILTON,    Dimond,    2    n    of   Hopkins    fm 

Lincoln  av  e  to  Laguna  av 
MJ.NA,    Fitchburg,    1    w    of    Fitch    av    fm 

Stanton  n  to  E-14th  x  S  P  R  R 
Clay  Warren 

Webster  Rudsdale 

MINA   AV,    Allendale,    e   of   Liese   av   fm 

Penniman   av   n    to   Liese   av  x   Angelo 

MINNESOTA     AV,      Fruitvale,      2     w     of 

Liese  av  fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Helen 
MIRAMONTE  AV,   Piedmont  Park,  se  of 

Vallecito    av    fm    Piedmont    av    ne    to 

Magnolia  av 
MIRANDA,    n    of   56th   fm    201    Claremont 

av  w  to  Vicente  x  Ayala  av 
402  Claremont    av       420  Ayala  av 
MIRA  VISTA  AV,    Pleasant   Valley,    2   w 

of  Grand   av  fm   Elwood   av  n  to  Valle 

Vista  av 
MITCHELL,  e  of  26th  av  fm  Foothill  boul 

n  to  E-22d 
1502  Foothill  boul 

MONTECITO  AV.  Adams  Point,  1  e  of 
Harrison  fm  Grand  av  n  to  Lee  x 
Park  View  av 

MONTECITO  AV,  Piedmont  Park,  n  of 
Vallecito  av,  fm  Piedmont  av  and  Mag- 
nolia av  w  to  Blair  av  x  Oakland  av 

MONTE   VISTA   AV,    fm    4002    Piedmont 

av  e  to  Oakland  av  x 
sFairmount   av  sWalsworth   av 

MONTELL.  fm  3900  Piedmont  av  e  x 
Glen  Echo  Creek 

MONTGOMERY,    2  w  of  Piedmont  av  fm 

202   41st  n  to  St  Mary's  Cemetery 
4101  41st  4301  John 

4201  Ridgeway   av      4401  Mather 
MONTTCELDO  AV,   Melrose  Heights,   5  e 

of  High  fm  Bellevue  av  n  to  Birdsall  av 
wcienn  av  wPenniman  av 

wWalnut  av  wVirginia   av 

wStuart  av  wMcLean 

MONTMORENCY.  Elmhurst,  3  se  of  Jones 

av  fm  Pearmain  sw  to  S  P  R  R  track. 
MOOR   PARK.    Stonehurst,    4   e   of  Bart- 

lett  av  fm  Hortense  av  ne  to  Apricot 
MORAGA  AV,   Piedmont  Park,  n  of  Park 

Way    fm    Bonita    av    e    x    Vernal    av. 

Mesa  av,   Monte  av  and  Pala  av 
MORAGA    ROAD     of     Piedmont     av     fm 

Grand   av    to    Piedmont     Heights     and 

continued    by    Thorn    rd    x    Loop    line 

Vernal  av  and  Blair  Park 

Okld.   se  15th  av  fm  E-28th  ne 
MORSE     AV,     Peralta     Heights,     fm    102 

Newton   av  n   to  Brooklyn  av 
MOSS  AV,   fm    Glen     Echo     Creek     and 

Richmond    av,    e    of    Piedmont    av    to 

Vernon  x 

1  Richmond  av         100  Walsworth  av 
Woodland  av         150  Oakland   av 
50  Fairmount   av 

fm   Richmond  av  and   Glen   Echo  Creek 

w  to  Telegraph  av  x 

Richmond  av         352  Diamond 
Piedmont  av  402  Shafter  av 

Howe  426  Webster 

302  Broadway  452  Ruby 

MOSS  AV,  Highland,  4  w  of  Oakland  av 

6700    E-14th    fm   n   of   W   P   R    R    track 

ne  to  Foothill  boul  x 
Garden  Dowling 

E-14th  Atherton 

Orchard  Blanche 

Plymouth  Franklin 

Laurel  Private  Road 

Elm  Kleber 

MOULTON,     fm    401    Claremont    av    and 

60th   st   n   to  Alcatraz   av  x   60th,    61st, 

62d  and  63d 
MOUNTAIN    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of 

Highland    av    fm     Wlta.     Highland     and 

Piedmont    avs    ne    to    Sea    View    av    x 

Daisy  av  and  Terra  Bonne  av 
MOUNTAIN    VIEW    AV,    Elmhurst,    2    w 
of  Jones  av  at  No  7300  E-14th  and  fm 
Second  st  ne  to  Tolter  Heights  William 
st  x 
First  Sunnyside 

E-14th  Almond 

Hawthorne  Hillside 

Walnut  Foothill  boul 

Chestnut  Grand    av 

Cherry  Scott 

Orange  William 


MYRTLE.    1    w   of   Market    fm    1st   n    to 

30th  and   San  Pablo  av 
601  1st        901  8th        1301    1601   l'2.1 
701  3d  1001  10th    1401  18th    1701  24th 

801  5th  1101  12th  1451  loth  1801  26th 
851  7th  1201  14th  1501  21st  1901  28th 
NACE,   Piedmont,   fm  Howard  av  3  w  of 

Oakland  av  n  and  by  right  angle  w  to 

Lake  av  1  n  of  Howard  av 



NAPIER  AV.  3d  w   of   Broadway  fm   Pied- 
mont av  e  to  Richmond  av 
NEVADA  AV,  Dimond,  bet  Prospect  and 

Peralta  av  fm  Chicago  av  n  to  Hopkins 
NEVIL,   Fruitvale,   1  s  of  Glen  av  7  n  of 

Foothill    boul     fm    Harrington   av   e   to 

Liese   av 
NEW,  W  Okld,  1  w  of  Pine  fm  9th  s 
NEWTON   AV,    Peralta  Heights,    fm    1525 

4th   av   n   to   Prospect   av   1   e   of   Lake 

Shore  boul  and  av  x 
*201  4th  av  102  Hanover  av 

"175  Athol  av  Wesley  av 

swl52   Lester  av  2  Brooklyn  av 

nlOl  Morse   av  Cleveland 

NEY   AV,    N   Fitchburg,    1    n    of   Foothill 

boul  fm  Yoakum  a  ve  to  Fitch  av 
NICOL    AV,    fm    3002    Fruitvale    av    e    to 

Peralta  av  opp  Olive  x 
nChampion  nTaylor  PI 

NINETEENTH,  fm  1401  Jackson  nr  Lake 

Merritt   w    to   Market    fm   Adeline   w    to 

Union  and  fm  Kirkham  w  to  Peralta 

•200  Jackson 
•252  Alice 
•302  Harrison 
*352  Webster 
•402  Franklin 
•452  Broadway 
'502  Telegraph   av 
•601  San  Pablo  av 


650  Grove 

*  701  Castro 

*  751  Brush 

*  801  West 

*  S51  Curtis 
*1152  Adeline 
•1352  Kirkham 
•1402  Cypress 

.     E    Okld.     fm     952 

E-12th    and    Harbor   Water    Front 

E-29th  and  14th  av 
♦1102  E-12th  *1652  E-23d 

*1202  E-14th  '1702  E-24th 

•1252  E-15th  *1752  E-25th 

•1302  E-16th  1802  E-26th 

*135"  E-17th  wl851  Wallace 

•1452  E-19th  el852  E-27th 

•1502  E-20th  el902  E-28th 

*1552  E-21st  W1951  14th  av 

•1602  E-22d  el952  E-29th 

NINTH,    fm   the   Estuary   and   951   Fallon 

w   to  Market  and  fm  Kirkham   to   S   F 

Bay  x 

100  Oak 
150  Madison 
200  Jackson 
250  Alice 
300  Harrison 
350  Webster 
400  Franklin 
450  Broadway 
500  Washington 
550  Clay 
600  Jefferson 
650  Grove 
700  Castro 

750  Brush 

S00  West 
1350  Kirkham 
1400  Cypress 
1450  Center 
1500  Chester 
1550  Henry 
1600  Peralta 
1650  Campbell 
1700  Willow 
1750  Wood 
1800  Pine 
1850  Cedar 

NINTH  AV,  fm  452  E-lOth  n  to  E-28th 
1001  E-lOth  1301  E-16th  1551  E-21st 
1051  E-lltn  1351  E-17th  1601  E-22d 
1101  E-12th  1401  E-lSth  1651  E-23d 
looi  E-14th  1451  E-19th  1701  E-24th 
1251  E-15th  1501  E-20th 
NOBLE,  Seminary  Park  2  n  of  E-14th  fm 

Nutley  av  e  to  Baker  x  Seminary  av 
NORTH,    1    s    of   Alcatraz   av   fm    School 

e  to   6351   Colby 
352  Colby  402  School 

NURSERY    AV,    Alta   Vista,    n    of    Stuart 

av   fm  Kingsland   av  ne   to   Birdsall   av 

NUTLEY    AV,    1    w    of    Seminary    av    fm 

5602   E-14th   n   to  Foothill   Boul  x 
eWilliams  wSamia 

eOrion  eElizabeth 

eNoble  'Portland 

wE-16th  'Trask 

wE-17th  eDewson 

wPasadena  'Fairview  way 

wFark  eBond 

•Harmon  'Foothill  boul 

eOak  av 
OAK,    7th    e    of    Broadway    fm    102    3d    n 

to   Lake  x 
701  3d  825  6th         951  9th      1101  12th 

751  4th  851  7th      1001  10th    1151  13th 

801  5th  901  8th       1051  11th    1201  14th 

OAK      GROVE      AV,      Boehmer      Ranch, 
Bklyn      Twp,      n    of    Redwood     av    fm 
Leona  av  w  to  Reserve 
OAK  GROVE  AV,  Claremont,  e  of  Clare- 
mont    av    fm    Forest    ne    to    College    av 
opp   Pagoda 
OAKLAND    AV,    fm    1900   Harrison    n    of 
4th    and    Bay    Place    at   junc    of    Wals- 
worth    and    Fairmount    avs    n    to    Wita 
av,    Piedmont   Park,    x 
*298  Vernon  Heights  'Sunnyside  av 
•402  Pearl  'Linda  av 

e452  Perry  wHoward  av 

*502  Santa  Clara  av     *Grand  av 
'552  Moss  av  wGreenbank 

t-602  Santa  Rosa  av     ePeralta  av 
W651  Bayo  Vista  av     'Montecito  av 
e702  Mariposa  av  Hillside  av 

w751  Monte  Vista  av    Bonita  av 
e        Short  'Vernal  av 

*S01  Olive  av  Wita  av 

OAKLAND  AV,  Highland,  Elmhurst, 
6900  E  -14th  3  e  of  Saratoga  fm  Per- 
alta st  n  of  W  P  R  R  track  n  to  x 
Fifth.  Third.  Second,  First,  E-14th, 
Orchard,  Plymouth,  Laurel,  Elm, 
Blanche  and  Franklin  sts 
OCCIDENTAL,  w  of  Adeline  fm  n  of 
Arlington  n  to  Bkly  City  line  x  59th, 
Stanford  av,  60th  and  61st 
OCEAN    AV,    Stock    Yards    fm    6451    San 

Pablo   av  w   to  Landregan   av 
*1152  Marshall  1452  Green 

1252  Vallejo  1552  Landregan  av 

1352  Doyle  av 
OCEAN     VIEW     AV.      Broadway       Ter, 
Piedmont,    e   of   Thomas   av    fm   Grand 
av   n   to   Charles   x   Florence 

OCEAN    VIEW    AV.     Rock    Ridge    Park, 

fm   Broadway   to   Hays   av 
xProspect  av  Bellevue 

Allston   av  Acacia 

Brookside  av  Valley  Road 

OHIO,   Allendale.    5   n   of  School   fm   Per- 
alta av  to  Redwood  rd  x 
Maple  av  Laurel  av 

OLIVE.  Elmhurst,  6  ne  of  E-14th  fm 
Grand  av  se  x  Orchard  av,  Mountain 
view  av,  Bay  View  av,  Jones  av,  War- 
ren av  and  Hilton  av  to  Ivy  av 


OLIVE  AV  or  52d  AY,  Melrose,  2  e  of 
Bay  av  fm  E-14th  n  to  Wentworth  av 
and   Bond 

OLIVE  AV,  Piedmont,  fm  Lake  av  x  801 
Oakland  av  se  to  Sunnyside  av 

OLIVER  AV,  East  Lawn,  2  e  of  Semi- 
nary av  to  E  14th  x  Tevis  and  Taylor 

ORANGE.  1  e  of  Oakland  av  fm  1902 
Harrison  opp  June  of  Falrmount  av  ne 
to  Perry  x  ePerkins 

ORANGE,  Elmhurst,  5  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Grand  av  se  to  Kipling  av  x 

*Ivey  av 
•Homer  av 
•Calaveras  av 
•Virgil  av 
•Kipling  av 


•Orchard  av 

*Mtn   View  av 

•Bay  View  av 

•Jones  av 

•Warren  av 

•Hilton  av 

ORANGE    AV,    2    e    of    23d 
E-24th   n   to    E-27th 

ORCHARD,  1  n  of  29th  fm  Glen  Echo 
Creek   w   to   Telegraph   av   x   Brook 

•402  Broadway  450  Webster 

476  Summit 

ORCHARD.  Elmhurst,  1  w  of  Jones  av 
fm  Railroad  av  s  of  S  P  R  R  track  s  to 
Jones  av  x  Walter  av 

ORCHARD  AV.  Fitchburg,  1  e  of  Yoa- 
kum av  fm  Thomas  av  n  to  Krause  av 

ORCHARD.  Highland.  1  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Hawley  av  se   to   Grand  av 

Snell  av 
Moss  av 
Saratoga  av 
Walter  av 

E-14th    fm    E-14th    ne   x 

Highland  av 
Oakland  av 
Fifth  av 
Michigan  av 
of  Jones   av 

PALMETTO,  Dimond,  1  s  of  Hopkins  fm 
Champion  e  to  Boston  av 

PALOMA  AV,  E  Piedmont  Heights  2  e 
of  Lake  Shore  av  fm  Mandana  boul  n 
to  Lerida  av  x  Santa  Ray  av  and  Cal- 
mar  av 

PALO  VISTA  AV,  5  e  of  Seminary  av 
fm  E-14th  s 

PAMPAS  AV,  High  St  Ter.  1  n  of  Hop- 
kins fm  e  s  Acacia  s  Lily 

PARK  or  28th  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  Park  av 
and  Alameda  Bridge  at  Tidal  Canal  to 
E-14th    x 

eStewart  wE-9th 

•Valdez  wE-lOth 

•Chapman  wE-llth 

•Boehmer  *S  P  R  R 

•Warder  *E-12th 

eDivision  wW  P  R  R 

PARK.  Golden  Gate.  1  e  of  San  Pablo 
av  fm  1052  n  to  Arlington  and  Stanford 
av  x  *54th,  *55th.  *Aileen,  *57th  and 
eDarlington;  house  Nos  corresponding 
with  street  Nos 

PARK  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  Alameda  Bridge 
Tidal  Canal  and  Stewart  n  to  E-12th 
and  23d   av  x 






wood  rd  v 




LANE,     Allendale,     fm    Red- 
to  Midvale  av  s  of  Redding 
ninary    Park.    2    n    of    E-14th 
fm   Nutley  av   to   Baker  av   x   Seminary 
ORRAL.     Fitchburg.     1    n    of    E-14th    fm 
Renwick   av    e    to    Yoakum    av    x    Gor- 
don   av 
OSCAR.     Elmhurst,    2    s    of    Railroad    av 
and   S  P  R  R  fm  Berlin  nw   to   Louisa 
Ann   x   Clark   st 
OVER.   Allendale,    5   e   of   Redwood   rd   fm 
Suter    n    to    Porter;    also    see    Liese    av 
fm  Glen  av  n  to  Penniman  av 
PACIFIC,    W    Okld.     3    s    of    7th     fm    751 

Peralta  w  to  Wood 
1620  Peralta  1702  Willow 

1652  Campbell  1740  Wood 

PAGODA,    Claremont,    1    n    of    Shafter   av 

fm  College  av  ne 
FALA    AV,     Piedmont    Park,    s    of    Park 
Way  fm  Vernal   av   to   e   of  Pala   av  x 
Mesa  av  thence  n  to  Moraga  av 
PALM.  Fruitvale,  1   n  of  Foothill  boul  fm 

2101   Peralta   av   w 
PALM    AV.    Adams    Point.    2    n    of   Grand 
av    fm    352    Perkins    ne    to    Euclid    av    x 
sStaten  av  sManhattan  av 

PALMER   AV.   Beulah   Park,   fm   junc   of 
1  1  tli  av  and  Hopkins  s  to  E-32d 

2  Stewart 
e  52  Glascock 
wlOl  Ford 
el02  Valdez 
el52  Chapman 
w201  Canal 
e202  Boehmer 
e252  Warder 
w301  Shasta 
PARK    AV,    El 
R  R  right  of 
to  Emery  S 

e302  E-9th 
W401  Frederick 
e402  E-lOth 
\v501  Dennison 
e502  E-llth 
w601  Railroad  av 

•  23d   av 

•  E-12th 

•  W  P  R  R 
eryville,    n    of    Santa    1 
ay  fm  4105  San  Pab  av 

Co  Sta  x 

1402  Holden 

1451  Horton 

1502  Hubbard 

1552  Halleck 

Emery  RR  Sta  S  P  Co 

n  of  E-14th 

1101  San   Pab   av 

1151  Emery 

1202  Watts 

1251  Harlan 

1302  Haven 

1352  Hollis 

PARK   AV.   Seminary  Park 

fm    Nutley  av   w 
PARK    PLACE,    w    of    San    Pablo    av    fm 

27th    n    to   Market 
PARK     VIEW     TERRACE.     1    e    of    Bay 

Place  fm  Grand  av  n  to  Montecito  av 
PARK  WAY,   E  Okld,   fm   362   E-Sth  n   to 

E-lOth  x  901  E-Sth,  951  E-9th 
PARK  WAY,  Piedmont,  E  of  Ricardo  av 
fm  Arroyo  av  and  O  T  Con  Ry  mak- 
ing horseshoe  curve  se  to  Dracena  av 
on  O  T  Con  Ry  and  thence  e  on  O  T  Con 
Ry  to  Vernal  av 
PASADENA  AV.    Seminary  Park,    5    n   of 

E-14th    fm    Nutley   av   s 
PATTERSON  AV  or  45th  AV,  2  e  of  High 

fm  E-14th  n  to  Henry  x  w  Bancroft 
•Bond  eMelrose 

•Foothill    boul  eEllen 

eYgnacio  eHenry 

PEABODY'S     LANE,     Stock    Yards,     fm 

6475  San  Pablo  av  w  to  S  F  Bay  x 
•1102  San  Pablo  av     Doyle  av 
sll51  Marshall  Green 

sl251  Vallejo 
PEACH,  nr  Stonehurst.   3  se  of  Jones  fm 

Russell   to   S   P  R   R    truck   x 
Pippin  Pearmaln 


PEACH,  nr  Toler  Heights.  9  ne  of  E-14th 
fm  w   of  Mountain  View  av  e   to   Jones 
av   x   Bay   View   av 
PEAR,    Elmhurst,    2   se  of  Jones  av  fm  S 
P  R  R   track   ne   to  W  P  R   R   track  x 
Pearmain  Pippin  Russet 

PEARL,     1     n     of     Fairmount,     fm     Fair- 
mount  av  e   to   Orange   x 
*  52  Fairmount  av      *102  Walsworth  av 
*152  Oakland  av 
PEARL,  Galindo  Tr.  fm  2602  Peralta  av  e 

to  Redwood  rd  x  Bray  av 
PEARMAIN,    Elmhurst,    1    ne    S    P    R    R 
track    fm    Jones    av    se    x    Prune,    Pear, 
Montmorency,     Peach,     Tartarian,     and 
Apple    and    S    P    R    R    track    to    Stone- 
FELADEAU     AV    (late    5th    st),     Emery- 
ville,  2   e  of  S   P  Co  R  R  fm   Powell  n 
to    62d 
PENNIMAN    AV,    Allendale    fm    Redwood 

rd   e    to  Monticello  av  x 
sJones  "Liese  av 

sAbbey  nMina  av 

sShort  nWilson  av 

sViola  *High 

sOver  *Vernon  av 

PERALTA,  W  Okld,   fm  1619  3d  and    1620 

Pacific   n   to    San   Pablo   av   nr   38th    x 
e647  3d  *1601  22d 

w751  Pacific  el602  Cvpress 

wSOl  Atlantic  *1701  24th 

•829  5th  *1S01  26th 

^•836  Lewis  el820  Kirkham 

*  851  7th  *1901  28th 

*901  Sth  W1901  Hannah 

*951  9th  W1951    Hellen 

wlOOl  10th  e2002  30th 

W1051  11th  W2051  Louise 

•1101  12th  w2101  Hollis 

*1151  13th  *2102  32d 

•1201  14th  *2120  Union 

W1251  15th  W2151  Haven 

*1301  16th  «2200  34th 

*1351  17th  w2201  Harlan 

(1352  Center  w2301  Watts 

*1401  18th  W2351  Emery 

el451  19th  «2400  San    Pablo  av 

•1501  20th 

PERALTA,    Elmhurst,    2   w   of   Jones    av 
fm  Railroad  av  s  of  S  P  R  R  track  s  x 
Walter  av  to  Jones  av 
PERALTA,    Highland,    5    s    of   E114th    fm 

line  of  Saratoga  av  se  to  Kinsell  av  x 
Walter  av  Highland  av 

Oakland  av  ^ierthier     av 

Brooklyn  av  Fifth  av 

PERALTA  AV,  Boulevard  Hts  see  Cleve- 
PERALTA  AV,   or  33d  av,   1   e   of  Fruit- 
vale  av  fm  Foothill     boul  n  x 
*2001  Foothill  boul       e2902  Olive 
w2101  Palm  *3000  School 

w2201  Orchard  Pleasant 

e2300  Galindo  *School 

W2401  Bellvue  eTexas 

c-2402  Salisbury  wPIeasant 

w2501  Belmont  nwProspect 

e2600  Pearl  eMaine 

W2601  Hyde  eVermont 

•2700  Davis  wChicago   av 

w2801  Lynde  eDelaware  av 

w  Bona  wHopkins 

Forest  '  eldaho 

w2901  Nicol  av  wMadaline 

PERALTA  AV,  Piedmont  Park,  s  of 
Vallecito  av  fm  Vallecito  av  nw  to 
Oakland  av  x  Fairview  av 

PERKINS,  Oakland  Heights  fm  202 
Orange  se  to  Bellevue  av  s  of  Grand  av 

*176  Orange 
*252  Adams 
•276  Jayne 
n302  Warwick 

n352  Palm 

"402  Van  Buren 

e         Belmont 

*  Grand   av 

*  Bellevue  av 

PERRY,   Oakland  Heights,     fm    452    Oak- 
land av  e  to  Lake  Park  av  e  of  Grand 
av  x 
"152  Oakland  av  n352  Crescent 

si  76  Orange  *402  Vanuben 

•202  Vernon  s        Laguna 

n252  Chetwood  *         Grand  av 

n302  Jean  *        Lake   Shore   av 

PERSIMMON,    nr  Allendale   2   w  of   Red- 
wood  av   fm   Davis   n   to   School   across- 
Lynde,  Glen  av  and  Forest 
PETERSON.   E  Okld,   1  e  of  Park  or  8th 

av  fm  Stewart  n  to  Division  x 
Glascock  Chapman 

Valdez  Boehmer 

PIEDMONT   AV,    fm    2102    Broadway    opp 
Hawthorne    av    and    St    Mary's    College 
ne    to    Grand    av    and    Mountain    View- 
2300  Randwick    av      4002  Monte  Vista  av 
2400  Croxton  av  4050  Glen  av 

3000  Napier   av  4101  41st 

3650  Westall    av  4102  Eleth    av 

3700  Warren  4176  Linda  av 

3750  Moss  av  4203  RidgeM'ay   av 

"790  Laurel   av  4301  John 

3802  Rio  Vista  av       4302  Echo    av 
3900  Montell  4401  Mather 

4001  40th  4402  Grand   av 

PIEDMONT  AV,  Jessie  fm  n  of  Linda  av 
PIEDMONT  AV,  Piedmont  Park,  nw  of 
Dale  av  fm  Grand  av  ne  to  Magnolia 
and  Busby  Dall  avs  June  s  of  Piedmont 
Ter  x  Fairview  and  Vallecito  avs  also 
fm  June  of  Magnolia  and  Monteeito  avs 
to  June  of  Highland,  Mountain  ana 
Wita  avs  x  Hillside  av,  Bonita  av. 
Vernal  av,  Wita  av 
PINE,  W  Okld,  fm  1802  Atlantic  n  to  16th 

803  Atlantic     923  Chase         1151  13th 
825  5th  971  9th  1201  14th 

851  7th  1001  10th  1351  15th 

S77  Goss  1051  11th  1301  16th 

901  8th  1101  12th 

PINE.    Elmhurst,    5    w    of    Jones    av    fm 

Second  ne  to  E-14th   at  7251 
PINE.  Melrose,  se  Tenth  Melrose  fm  Bay 

av  to  Vine 
PIPPIN,    Elmhurst,    2   s   of  W   P  R   R  Tr 
and  also  2  n  of  S  P  R  R  Tr  fm  Jones 
av  se  x  Prune,  Pear,  Peach,  Apple  and 
S   P   Stonehurst  R  R 
PLEASANT,    fm    3102   Fruitvale    av   e   to 

Boston  av  x  Champion 
PLEASANT    AV,    Alta  Vista,    fm    Stuart 
av  ne  to  Birdsall  av 

PLEASANT  VALLEY  AV,   see  Grand  av 

PLEASANT  WAY,  Fitchburg,  s  of  Foot- 
hill boul 

PLEITNER  AV,  nr  Allendale,  1  e  of  Per- 
alta av  fm  Ward  n  to  Maine  x  School 
and    Texas 


PLUM  Stonehurst,  2  se  of  S  P  Stone- 
hurst  R  R  Track  I'm  W  P  R  R  Track 
and  Hortense  av  to  E-14th  x  Biggereau, 
Royal  Ann,   Graff  ian  and   Pontiac  sts 

PLYMOUTH,  Highland,  2  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Hawley  av  se  x  Snell  av.  Moss  av 
Saratoga  av,  Walter  av,  Highland  av, 
Oakland  av.  Fifth  av,  Michigan  av  to 
Grand  av 

POE.  or  44th  av,  1  e  of  High  fm  E-14th 
n   to   Bancroft 

POIRIER,  bet  61st  and  62d  fm  Shattuck 
av  to  Dover 

POMONA  AV,  of  40th  av,  2  e  of  Liese  av 
fm  Lane  n  to  x 

900  Lane  1201  Putnam 
1001  Lloyd  1301  Washington 
1101  Warren                   1401  E-14th 
POPLAR,  W  Okld,  fm  1352  1st  n  to  30th 

and  Peralta 
601  1st  1001  10th  1501  20th 

701  3d  HOI  12th  1601  22d 

S01  5th  1201  14th  1701  24th 

S51  7th  1301  16th  1S01  26th 

901  Sth  1401  18th  1901  28th 
PORTER.   Allendale,   4  n   of  Penniman  av 

fm   Redwood    rd    e    to   Charles 
sJones  "Lenox  sOver 

sAbbey  sViola  »Edson 

PORTLAND,    Seminary  Park,   s  of  Foot- 
hill boul  fm  Central  av  w  to  Nutley  av 
PORTLAND    AV,    Peralta   Heights,    n    of 

Chicago    av,    fm    Athol    av    se    to    1625 

4th   av 
175  Athol  av 
POST,     Fruitvale,     6     s     of     E-14th      fm 

Wheeler  av  or  35th  av  e   to  Merrill   or 

36th  av 
POWELL,    Golden    Gate    and    Emeryville. 

1    n    of    Stanford    av    fm    5801    Marshall 

w  to  S  F  Bay 

nl402  Hollis 
nl452  Green 
"1502  Pelladeau   av 
1552  Landregan   av 

nil  52  Marshall 

nl202  Fremont 

nl252  Vallejo 

nl302  Beaudry 

nl352  Doyle    av 

PRENTISS  AV,  fm  1S51  Peralta  av  w 
trds  Fruitvale  av  with  angle  n  to  Davis 

PRIVATE  ROAD,  ne  of  of  Fitchburg 
s  of  Kleber  st  ff  Fitch  av  se  to  Moss  av 

PROSPECT,  Dimond,  4  e  of  Fruitvale  av 
fm  Peralta  av  and  Pleasant  to  Hop- 
kins x  Chicago  av 

PROSPECT   av,    Peralta   Heights,    2    n   of 
Brooklyn   av   fm   Lake   Shore   boul    and 
Lake  Shore  av  junc  e  to  4th  av  x 
1  Lake   Shore  av     275  E  Oak 
41  Newton  av  302  Spruce 

102  Capital  351  Capell 

124  Wesley   av  401  Alma   av 

202  Chicago  av  451  Jones 

252  Athol  av  501  Fourth    av 

PROSPECT  AV,  Rock  Ridge  Park,  1  e  of 
Broadway  fm  Ocean  Ariew  av  s 

PRUNE.  Elmhurst,  1  se  of  Jones  av  fm 
Elmhurst  S  P  Co  Depot  ne  to  W  P  R 
R  track  crossing  Pearmain,  Pippin 
and  Russet 
PITTNAM,  2  s  of  E-14th  fm  1202  Fruit- 
vale av  e  to  High  x  Passett.  Brandon, 
Tevis,  Wheeler,  Merrill,  Liese  av,  Fre- 
mont.   Pomona.    Temple   and    Fulton   av 

QUARRY,    Laurel   Grove,    see    Maple   av 

QUIGLEY.    Allendale, 
av    fin    Redwood    rd 
Lenox    and    Edson 
RACINE.    1    e    of    Shattuck    av    fm    5801 
Telegraph  av  n    to   Alcatraz   av  x   59th, 
60th,   61st,  62d,  63d,  house  Nos  same  aa 
x   st  Nos 
RAILROAD  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  E  Valdez  to 

601  Park,  av  x  Kennedy 
RAILROAD   AV,   Elmhurst,  s  s   S  P  R  R 
Tr  fm  Jones  av  w  to  Louisa  Ann  across 
Orchard,   Peralta,   Berlin,   Clark 
RAILROAD     AV,     Fitchburg,      11     n     of 
E-Hth    I'm    Yoakum    av    e    to    Fitch    av 
x    Harriet    av,    Alice    av,    Van    Alstine 
av,    Anita   av 
RAILROAD  AV,  Park  Place  s  of  Rose  av 

fm  Maiden  Lane  to  Tompkins  av 
RAMONA    AV,    Piedmont    n    s    O    T    Con 

Ry   fm   Montecito   av   e   to   Bonita  av 
RAND    AV.    Piedmont,    w    of   Lake    Shore 
av  fm  Cheney  av  ne  to  Cottage  nr  Ohio 
x  Wickson  av  and  w  Folkers  av 
RANDOLPH  AV,  Fourth  av  Ter  e  of  14th 
av  fm  Hopkins  n  to  Hampel  and  thence 
to  Benton 
RANDOLPH  AV,  Melrose  Heights,  3  e  of 

High  fm  Virginia  av  n 
RANDWICK  AV,  fm  2302  Piedmont  av  e 

to   Richmond   av 
RANSOM,  Fruitvale.  1  w  of  Liese  av  fm 

Carrington  n  to  Flora  x  Santa  Rita 
RAYMOND   .Elmhurst.    7    s   of   E-14th   fm 
lines   of   Saratoga  av   se   x   Walter  and 
Highland  avs 
REDDING.    Allendale,    6    n    of    Penniman 
av  fm  Redwood  rd  e  to  Charles  x  Lenox 
and  Edson 
REDWOOD  AV,  or  35th  av,  3  e  of  Fruit- 
vale av   fm  E-14th  n  to  Foothill  boul  x 
eHyde  wElm  or  wTobler 

REDWOOD  ROAD,  e  s  Peralta  Creek  and 
3    e    of    Fruitvale    av    fm    Foothill    boul 



wl  la  vis 







*Glen   av 

wForest  "Kansas 

eAUendale    av  .^California 

wPenniman  eHarbor  View 

el'enniman  wArizona 

eHagerman   av  wWisconsin 

REGENT,  5  e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  Alca- 
traz av  n  to  Bkly  City  line 

RENWICK  AV,  Fitchburg,  2  w  of  Yoa- 
kum av  fm  E-14th  n  to  Orral 

RHODA  AV,  Dimond,  w  of  Peralta  av 
fm  Chicago  av  n  x  Hopkins,  MadaHne 
and  Carmel 

RICARDO  AV,  Piedmont  w  of  Montecito 
av  fm  Blair  av  to  Arroyo  av  and  O  T 
Con   Rj 

RICH,  Aklen,  1  e  of  Telegraph  av  fm  42d 
to  Webster 


RICHFIELD     AV,     East     Lawn,     1     e     of 
Seminary   av   fm   n   to   E-14tn   x   Tevis 

and   Taylor 
RICHMOND    AV,     e     of    Broadway    and 
Piedmont    av    nr    Glen    Echo    Creek   fm 

Orchard  av  n  to  Moss  av  x 
wRandwick  av  wWestall  av 

wCroxton   av  wWarren   av 

wNapier  av  *Moss    av 

RIDGE   AV.    Claremont,    e   of   College   av 

fm  Bay  View  av  n  to  Shafter  av 
RIDGEWAY    AV,    fm    4203    Piedmont    av 

w   to  Broadway  x 
*152  Piedmont   av       *252  Gilbert 
*176  Howe  *276  Terrace 

*202  Montgomery         *298  Broadway 
RIO  VISTA  AV,   fm   3802   Piedmont  av  e 

to  Piedmont  av 
ROBERTS,    Upper    Fruitvale,    bet    Davis 

and  Lynde  fm  Peralta  w 
ROBLET  TERRACE,  1  e  of  Piedmont  av 

fm  Montell  n  to  Monte  Vista  av 
RONADA  AV,  fm  126  Monticello  av  sw 
ROSAL  AV,  E  Piedmont  Hts,  n  of  Viona 

av  fm  Lake  Shore  av  e 
ROSE,  Fitchburg,  2  e  of  Lockwood  School 

bldg   fm    Stanton   n    to    e    14th   x    Clay, 

Webster,    Spencer,    Warren    and    Ruds- 

ROSE,    fm    5951    Howell    opp    Yolo    w    to 

Racine  x 
402  Howell  502  Telegraph  av 

452  Canning 
ROSE  AV,   1  e  of  Piedmont  av  fm  Echo 

av  ne 
ROSE    AV,    Leona    and    Park    Place,    fm 

High  nr  Hopkins  n  of  O  T  Con  Ry  e  to 

Seminary    av    ne     of    Mills    oCllege    x 

Orchard,   Tompkins  av  and  Prespect  av 
ROSEDALE  AV,  Fruitvale   (former  Rail- 
road  av),   3   e   of  Liese   av   fm   Foothill 

boul    n    to    Auga    Vista    x    San    Juan, 

Mera,   Carrington,   Santa  Rita 
ROYAL,    Stonehurst,    5    e   of   Bartlett   av 

fm    Hortense    av    ne    to    Apricot    se    of 

Moor  Park 
RUBY,    1    w   of  Webster   fm   Moss   av   to 

40th  x  *2752   Moss  av,   *3802  38th 
RUBY,   Leona  Heights,   nr  Beulah  School 

3  w  of  Tompkins  av 
RUBY,   High   Street   Ter  Bklyn   Twp,   2   n 

of    Rose    av    fm   High    se   x    Martin    to 

Huntington  av 
RUDSDALE,  Fitchburg,  1  s  of  E-14th  fm 

Mary    e    to    Fitch    av    x    Rose,    Henry, 

Cora,   George,  Jessie,   Charles  and  Mina 
RUSSET,  Elmhurst,  s  s  W  P  R  R  Track 

fm  Jones  av  se  to  Apple  x  Prune,  Pear 

and  Peach  sts 

SALEM,    Emeryville,    e   of   San   Pablo   av 

fm  1092  43d  to  45th 
4301  43d 
SALEM,  Golden  Gate,  e  of  San  Pablo  av 

fm  Alcatraz  av  n 
*6401  Alcatraz  av 
SALINGER  AV,   1  e   of  Fruitvale   av   fm 

Orchard  n 

SALISBURY,  2  n  of  Foothill  boul  fm  2400 
Peralta  av  e  to  Bray  av  and  fm  Bray 
av  e  to  Harrington  av  x  Redwood  rd 

SAMPLE.  Seminary  Park,  s  of  FoothilB 
boul  fm  Central  av  e  to  Nutley  av 

SAN     CARLOS     AV,     Piedmont,     sw     of 
Montecito  av  fm  Oakland  av  nw  to  Blair 

SAN  JUAN,  Fruitvale,  n  of  Foothill  bout 
fm    Harrington    av    e    to    Rosedale    av   x 
Liese  av  and  Alma  av 

SAN  PABLO  AV,  fm  Broadway  and  14th> 
n  to  Alameda  County  line,  through 
Emeryville,  Golden  Gate  and  West 

East  Side—  West   Side— 

200  16th  1  14th 

402  18th  101  15th 

300  17th  203  16th 

502  19th  301  17th   and   Clay 

552  Williams  401  18th 

602  20th  501  19th 

618  Grove  601  20th    and 

652  Hobart  Grove 

702  Jones  705  21st 

800  22d  801  22d 

902  23d  821  23d  and 

1002  24th  Brush 

1102  25th  901  Isabella 

1152  Sycamore  952  Athens  av 

1202  26th  1001  Mead  av 

1300  27th  1101  Milton 

1402  28th  1201  27th 

1442  29th  1401  28th 

1602  30th  1501  Market 

1702  31st  1601  30th 

1804  32d  1701  Myrtle 

1S52  Brockhurst  1801  32d 

1902  33d  1825  Filbert 

2002  34th  2001  34th 

2102  35th  2001  Linden 

2202  36th  2201  Chestnut 

3702  37th  2201  36th 
3802  38th  and  Apgar    3901  Adeline 

4102  41st  4001  Peralta 

4302  43d  4101  Yerba  Buena  av 

4502  45th  42  A  Park  av 

4702  47th  45M  45th 

4752  48th  4701  47th  ' 

5302  53d  5501  55th 

5402  54th  5851  Stanford   av 

5502  55th  5901  59th 

5602  62d  6101  61st 

5702  Aileen  6201  62d 

5802  57th  6301  63d 

5852  Stanford    av  6401  64th 

5902  59th  6451  Ocean  av 

6002  60th  6475  Peabody's  Lane- 

6102  61st  6501  65th 

6202  62d  6601  66th 

6302  63d  6701  67th 

6402  Alcatraz  av  3035  Haskell,  Bkly 
6502  65th 
6602  66th 
6702  67th 
SANTA    CLARA    AV,    fm    502    Fairmount 

av  e  to  Grand  av    *252  Chetwood 

•  52  Fairmount  n301  Elwood   av 

102  Walsworth  *302  Jean 

152  Oakland   av  352  Crescent 

s202  Vernon  402  Van  Buren 

SANTA  FE  AV.  fm  5301  San  Pablo  av  w 
to   Race   Track 

1101  San   Pablo   av 

SANTA  RAY  AV.  E  Piedmont  Heights, 
1  e  of  Lake  Shore  av  fm  Rosal  av  x 
Viona  av  thence  circles  to  Calmar 
thence  ne  x  Palmona  av  n  of  Mandana. 


SANTA  RITA,  Fruitvale,  4  n  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Harrington  av  e  to  High  x 
Ransom  av,  Liese  av.  Griffith  av,  Alma 
av,  Rosedale  av,  Hastings  av  and 
Steinway  av 
SANTA  ROSA  AV,  fm  602  Oakland  av  e 

to  Jean 
•152  Oakland   av  202  Vernon 

176  Mariposa  252  Chetwood 

SARATOGA  AV,   Highland,    3   w   of   Oak- 
land  and   at   curve   of  and   at   No    6750 
E-14th   st   fm   Fifth  ne   to   Frankiln   x 
Third  E-14th  Laurel 

Second  Orchard  Elm 

First  Plymouth  Blanche 

SAUNDERS,  1  n  of  Foothill  boul  fm 
Sausal  Creek  Fruitvale  av  x  Cherry  av 
and  Rutherford 

SAUSAL,  fm  1452  26th  av  e  trds  27th  av 
and  fm  Sausal  Creek  e  to  Fruitvale  av 

3000  Sausal  Creek 

SCENIC  AV,  Dimond,  2  n  of  Hopkins  fm 
Lincoln   av   e   to   Laguna  av 

SCENIC  WAY,  n  of  Foothill  boul  fm 
Seminary  av  e  to  Eureka  av  x  Hum- 
boldt av 

SCHILLER  AV.  nr  Toler  Heights,  e  of 
Jones  av  fm  Sunnyside  n  to  Harriman 

SCHOOL,  fm  3102  Fruitvale  av  e  to  Red- 
wood rd  x 

nChampion  *Curran  av 

sCapp  nMaple    av 

nBoston    av  nLaurel  av 

sCuthbert   av  sPersimmon   av 

•Peralta   av  sLemon  av 

♦Pleitner  av 

SCHUEY  AV,  see  26th  av  fm  E-24th  to 

SCHUYLER  PLACE,  Dimond,  s  of  School 
fm  Capp  e  to  Cuthbert 

SCOTT.  Grand  av  Hts,  e  of  Vermont  fm 
Weldon   n   to  Fairbanks  av 

SCOTT.  Toler  Heights  Elmhurst,  2  e  of 
Foothill  boul  fm  William  se  x  Marlin, 
Mountain  View  av,  Grand.  Jones  and 
Taylor  av  s 

SEA  VIEW  AV,  Crocker  Ter.  Piedmont,  e 
of  King  av  fm  LaSalle  av  n  to  Lincoln 
av  and  Mountain  av  x  Farragut  and 
Union  avs 

SECOND,  fm  651   Oak   w  to  Market 

101  Oak  451  Broadway 

151  Madison  501  Washington 

201  Jackson  551  Clav 

251  Alice  601  Jefferson 

301  Harrison  651  Grove 

351  Webster  701  Castro 

401  Franklin  751  Brush 

SECOND,  Elmhurst,  2  s  of  E-14th  fm 
Saratoga  av  to  Brooklyn  av  x  Walter 
av,  Highland  av  and  Oakland  av  and 
fm  Kinsell  av  se  x  Pine.  Mountain 
View  av,  Elmhurst  av.  Wall,  Bay  View 
av,   Merchant  and  Jones  av 

SECOND,  e  of  Mills  College  2  s  of  Sum- 
mit av  fm  Seminary  av  se  to  Gibson 
av  x  Mills  av.  Stratton  av  and  Simp- 
son av  2  n  of  Foothill  boul  at  Gibson  av 

SECOND  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  102  E-lOth  n 
to  E-16th 

1001  E-lOth       1101  E-12th       1231  E-15th 

1051  E-llth       1201  E-14th      1275  E-16th 

SECOND   AV,    Claremont.    see   Shatter  av 

SEMINARY  AV.   11  e  of  S  P  Co  Melrose 

Depot  fm  S  P   Co  main  line  n  to  Rose 

av  ne  of  Mills  College  x 
•Tevis  eFortune  Way 

•Taylor  wBond 

*E-14th  'Foothill  boul 

•Orion  wWalnut  av 

•Noble  eScenic  Way 

eVirginia  eFirst 

wHarmon  eSecond 

wElizabeth  eThird 

eMiller  eMills  av 

wTrask  eSummit   av 

eFairview   Way  eFourth 

SEVENTEENTH,   fm   1351   Franklin  w  to 

Market  and  fm  Kirkham  w  to  Wood 
400  Franklin  800  West 

450  Broadway  1350  Kirkham 

550  San  Pablo  av       1400  Cypress 

and  Clay  1450  Center 

600  Jefferson  1500  Chester 

650  Grove  1600  Peralta 

700  Castro  1650  Campbell 

750  Brush  1700  Willow 

SEVENTEENTH    AV,    fm    852    E-12th    to 

Independence   Square  and  fm  E-19th  to 

1102  E-12th      1502  E-20th 
1202  E-14th      1552  E-21st       1655  E-23d 
1252  E-15th      1602  E-22d 

SEVENTH,  fm  the  Estuary  water  front 
and  851  Fallon  w  to  S  F  Bay,  W  Okld  x 

50  Fallon  1050  Linden 

100  Oak  1100  Chestnut 

102  S  P  Co   Sta  1150  Adeline 

150  Madison  1201  Magnolia 

200  Jackson  1250  Union 

250  Alice  1300  Poplar 

300  Harrison  1350  Kirkham 

350  Webster  1401  Cypress 

400  Franklin  1450  Center 

450  Broadwav  1500  Chester 

464  S  P  Co  Sta  1502  S  P  Co  Sta 

500  Washington  1551  Henry 

550  Clay  1601  Peralta 

600  Jefferson  1601  Lewis 

650  Grove  1651  Campbell 

700  Castro  1702  Willow 

750  Brush  1751  Wood 

800  West  1S01  Pine 

900  Market  1851  Cedar 

950  Myrtle  1901  Bay 

1000  Filbert 

SEVENTH,  Elmhurst.  7  s  of  E-14th  fm 
Kinsell   av   se 

SEVENTH  AV,  Highland.  Elmhurst,  1  e 
of  Oakland  av  fm  Laurel  n  x  Elm  and 
Blanche  to  Franklin 

SHAFTER  AV,  2   w  of  Broadway  fm  402 

Moss  av  n  to  Ross,  Claremont  x 
3751  Moss  av  4901  49th 

3801  38th  5101  51st 

4001  40th  w  51  Avon 

4101  4lst  ioi  Cavour 

4201  42d  175  Clifton 

4301  43d  251  Hudson 

4401  44th  SOI   Forest 

4501  45th  501  College    av 

4S01  48th 

SHAFTER  AV,  Allendale,  3  e  of  Redwood 
rd  fm  Fruitvale  boul  n  to  Harbor  View 
x    Kansas,    California    and    Wisconsin 

SHASTA  AV,  E  Okld.   fm   401  King  ne  to 

Park    av 
1002  King  1102  Kennedy 

1052  E   Valdez  1152    Paris    av 



SHATTUCK  AV,  fm  502  45th  and  4501 
Telegraph  av  n  to  Alcatraz  av  and 
Berkeley  City  line  x  streets  fm  45th  to 
66th,  house  Nos  according  with  x  street 

SHELL,  MOUND,    E    Okld,    4   w   of   Park 
av  fm   Frederick  to   Livingston  x  Den- 
501  Frederick  551  Denmson 

SHERIDAN  AV,  Piedmont,  e  of  High- 
land av  fm  Grand  av  n  to  Terre  Bone 
av  x  Lincoln  av 

Foothill  boul  fm  23d  av  to  Bray  av 

SHOREY,  W  Okld,  n  of  Goss  fm  901 
Pine  w  to  S  F  Bay 

1802  Pine    1826  8th       1852  Cedarl902  Bay 

SHORT,  Allendale,  3  e  of  Redwood  rd  fm 
Glen  av  n  to  Penniman  av  x  Allendale 

SHORT,  fm  Oakland  av  nr  Monte  Vista 
av  e  to  Grand  av 

SIMPSON  AV,  e  of  Mills  College,  4  e  of 
Seminarv  av  fm  First  to  Fourth  to 
Summit  av  x  Second.  Third  and  College 

SIXTEENTH,    fm    2    Telegraph    av    and 
1301  Broadway  w  to  Pine  and  S  P  R  R 
500  Tel  av  1100  Chestnut 

529  San   Pablo   av     1150  Adeline 

550  Clay  1200  Magnolia 
600  Jefferson  1250  Union 
650  Grove  1300  Poplar 
700  Castro                     1350  Kirkham 
750  Brush  1400  Cypress 
800  "West  1500  Center 

900  Market  1600  Peralta 

950  Mvrtle  1650  Campbell 

1000  Filbert  1700  Willow 
1050  Linden  1750  Wood 
SIXTEENTH    AV.    fm    802    E-12th    n    to 

E-16th   Independence    Square   x 
1101  B-12th      1201  E-14th       1251  E-15th 
SIXTH,  fm  the  Estuary  and  826  Fallon  w 

to  Market 

50  Fallon  450  Broadway 

100  Oak  500  Washn 

150  Madison  550  Clay 

200  Jackson  600  Jefferson 

250  Alice  650  Grove 
300  Harrison  700  Castro 
350  Webster  750  Brush 
400  Franklin                   800  West 

SIXTH,  Elmhurst,  6  s  of  E-14th   fm  Kin- 
sell  av  se 
SIXTH,  Emeryville,  see  Green 
SIXTH  AV,  fm  302  E-Sth  n  to  E-19th  x 

901  E-Sth  1201  E-14th 

951  E-9th  1251  E-15th 

1001  E-lOth  1301  E-16th 
1050  E-llth  1351  E-17th 
1101  E-12th  1401  E-18th 
SIXTH  AV.  Highland.   2  e  of  Oakland  av 

fm  Laurel  n  x  Elm  and  Blanche  sts  to 
SIXTIETH,   fm   401   Claremont  and   Moul- 
ton  w  to  Racine  and  fm  Shattuck  av  w 
to  San  Pablo  av  x 

251  Claremont  av         552  Racine 

252  Moulton  602  Shattuck  av 
355  Colby  625  McCall 

402  Howell  665  Brown 

452  Canning  702  Dover 

551  Telegraph  av  S02  Grove 

S51  Genoa  950  Lowell 

852  Adeline  1026  Idaho 

900  Stanford  av  1076  Herzog 
925  Occidental 

SIXTY-FIFTH.  1  n  of  Alcatraz  av  fm 
Dana  to  Telegraph  av 

SIXTY-FIRST,  fm  Moulton  n  of  Clare- 
mont av  w  to  Peladeau  av.  Emeryville,  x 

101  College  av  1001  Baker 

102  Claremont  av       1076  Herzog 

252  Moulton  1101  San   Pablo   av 

352  Colby  1152  Marshall 

451  Canning  1202  Fremont 

475  Telegraph  av       1251  Vallejo 
501  Racine  1302  Beaudry 

601  Shattuck  av         1351  Doyle  av 
701  Dover  1401  Hollis 

901  Occidental  1451  Green 

1001  Lowell  1501  Peladeau  av 

SIXTY-FOURTH.    Emeryville  and   Golden 

Gate,  fm  San  Pablo  av  w  to  Landregan 

1101  San  Pablo  av        1352  Doyle  av 
1151  Marshall  1451  Green 

1251  Vallejo  1552  Landregan  av 

SIXTY-SECOND,     fm    501    Claremont    av 

and  501  College  av  w  to  Racine  and  fm 

Shattuck  to  Dover  and  fm  nr  Occidental 

to   Landregan   av,    Emeryville 

101  College  av  1076  Herzog 

102  Claremont  av       1101  San  Pablo  av 
252  Moulton  1152  Marshall 
352  Colby  1202  Fremont 

451  Canning  1251  Vallejo 

475  Telegraph  av       1302  Beaudry 
501  Racine  1351  Doyle  av 

601  Shattuck  av         1401  Hollis 
701  Dover  1451  Green 

901  Occidental  1501  Peladeau  av 

1051  Lowell  1551  Landregan  av 
1001  Baker 

SIXTY- SEVENTH,      fm    w     of    Dana    to 

Shattuck  av  x  Raymond  and  fm  Mabel. 

Bklv.  w  to  Landregan  av 
xinr.2  Mabel  Green 

1101  San   Pablo  av    Landregan  av 
SIXTY-SIXTH,      fm    w    of    Raymond     to 

Shattuck  av  and  fm  Mabel,  Bkly,  w  to 

Stock  Yards  x 

1052  Frieda    Lane        1102  San  Pablo  av 
1092  Helen   Court  Green 
SIXTY-THIRD.    1   n    of  Claremont   av  fm 

College     av   w    to   Dover   and     fm   e   of 
Lowell  w  to  Landregan  av.  Emeryville,  x 
*101  College  av  *1000  Baker 

•252  Moulton  nl026  Idaho 

*351  Colby  nl076  Herzog 

n400  School  "1102   San  Pablo  av 

*500  Telegraph  av       *1151  Marshall 
*550  Racine  1252  Vallejo 

•600  Shattuck  av  1352  Doyle  av 

•700  Dover  1452  Green 

•950  Lowell  1552  Landregan  av 

SLOANE.    Seminary    Park    s    of    Foothill 

boul  fm  Central  av  e  to  Nutley  av 
SNELL  AV,   Highland.    Elmhurst.    1  w   of 

Moss  av  fm  Garden  n  x 
Buena  Ventura  Plymouth 

E-14th  Laurel 

Orchard  Dowling 

SPENCER,  e  of  Fruitvale  av  fm  Lynde  n 
SPENCER.    Fitchburg.    3    s   of   E-14th    fm 
Marv  e  to  Fitch  av  x  Rose,  Henry,  Cora, 
George,   Jessie,   Charles  and  Mina 


SPRING,  Emeryville,  s  of  40th  fm  Ade- 
line ne. 

SPRING,   nr  Canning,   see  Howell 

SPRUCE,  2  w  of  Alma  av  fm  Cleveland  n 
to  Clinton  x 

252  Cleveland  352  McKinley  av 

302  Prospect  av 

ST.  GEORGE'S  COURT,  bet  3d  av  and 
Athol  av  fm  E-18th  n 

STANFORD   AV,    Emeryville    and    Golden 
Gate,    fm    901    61st    and    Genoa    sw    to 
Shell  Mound  S  P  R  R  Sta  x 
902  Occidental  1202  Powell 

952  Lowell  1252  Vallejo 

1001  Los  Angeles         1302  Beaudry 

1002  59th  1352  Doyle  av 
1051  Park  1402  Hollis 
1101  San  Pablo  av       1452  Green 
1152  Marshall  1592  Peladeau 
1201  Fremont 

STANLEY  or  51st  AV,  Melrose,  5  e  of  S 
P  Co  Depot  fm  Tenth  n  to  E-14th  x 

STANLEY  AV.  Seminary  Park,  1  e  of 
Seminary  av  fm  E-14th  n  to  Noble  x 

STANLEY  PLACE,  fm  352  Fail-mount  av 
e  to  Walsworth  av 

STANLEY  ROAD,  Toler  Heights.  Elm- 
hurst,  e  of  Stearns  av  5  e  of  Foothill 
boul  fm  Grand  av  to  Wise  av  to  XYZ  av 

STANTON.  Fitchburg,  s  of  S  P  Co  right 
of  way  fm  Mary  e  to  Fitch  av  x  Rose, 
Henry,  Cora,  George,  Jessie,  Charles 
and  Mina 

STAR  AV,  Allendale,  3  w  of  Liese  av  fm 
Marion  av  n  to  Suter 

STATEN  AV,  e  of  Perkins  fm  Palm  se  to 
Bellevue  av  x 

*Van   Buren  "Grand  av 

wBelmont  *Bellevue  av 

ST  CHARLES.  Melrose  Hts.  5  n  of  Foot- 
hill boul  fm  High  to  Bryant  av  x 
*Courtland  av 

STEARNS  AV.  Toler  Heights,  Elmhurst, 
nw  of  Grand  av  fm  William  se  to  Wise 
av  x  Grand  av,  Jones  av  terminus 

STEWART.    E    Okld    fm    Park    and    Park 
av    nr    Alameda    bridge    on    n    s    Tidal 
Canal  to  Fruitvale  av  x 
Petersen         Derby  Lancaster 

STOW  AV,  Peralta  Heights,  e  of  Wesley 
av  fm  Wayne  av  to  Newton  av 

STRATTON  AV,  e  of  Mills  College  3  e  of 
Seminary  av  fm  First  to  Summit  av  x 
Second   and  Third 

STEINWAY   AV,    Fruitvale.    1   w    of  High 

fm  Foothill  boul  n   to  Santa   Rita   x 
wMera  *Carrington 

STUART  AV  (including  former  Fleming 
av),  Melrose  Hts  and  Alta  Vista,  1  s  of 
Penniman  av  fm  High  e  to  Monticello 
av  x  Vernon  av  and  fm  Kingsland  av 
e  to  Central  av  x  Pleasant  av  and  Birtl- 
sall  av 

SUMMER.  Emeryville,  n  of  38th  fm  juno 
of  Adeline  and  San  Pablo  av  one  block  e 

SUMMIT,    w    of    Webster     fm    28th    n    to 

1900  28th  2000  Orchard 

1931  29th 
SUMMIT  AV.  Park  Place,  ne  of  Prospect 

av  fm  Carson  se  to  Summit  drive  x 
Glen  Road  Cunningham 

SUMMIT    AV.    e    of    Park    Place.    Bklyn 
Twp.  n  of  Harrison  av  fm  Mills  av  e  to 
Bryant,   x   Stratton   and   Simpson  avs 
SUMMIT    DRIVE,    Park    Place,    terminus 

of  Summit  av  and  Cunningham 
SUMTER,    Piedmont,    w    of    McAdam    fm 

Dale  and  Anderson  n  to  Clifton 
SUNNYSIDE,   Elmhurst,   fm  Fifth  av  7  n 

of  E-14th  se 
xMichigan  av  Hilton  av 

Grand  av  Ivy  av 

Orchard  av  Homer  av 

Mountain  View  av     Calaveras  av 
Bay  View  av  Virgil  av 

Jones  av  Kipling  av 

Warner  av  Schiller  av 

SUNNYSIDE  AV.  Piedmont,  n  of  Olive  av 
fm  Lake  av  se  to  Grand  av  x  Oakland 
SUNNYSIDE  AV.  East  Oakland,  E  of  23d 

av  fm   E-24th  n   to  E-27th 
SUNNYSLOPE.  fm  Jean  to  Grand  av 
SUNSET  AV,    Fruitvale,   w  of  Peralta  av 

fm  Lynde  n  to  Bona 

SURRHYNE,  Watts  Tract,  w  of  Gladding 

SUTER,  Allendale,   n  of  Penniman  av  fm 

Redwood    av    e    to   Wilson    av    x    Lenox. 

Edson,    Charles 

SYCAMORE,    fm   1001   Telegraph   av   w   to 

1152    San    Pablo   av 
*502  Telegraph  av      *602  Grove 
TAFT   AV,    Claremont,  fm  270   College   av 
bet  Manila  and  Lawton  av  ne  to  Broad- 
TALCOTT    AV.    E    Okld.   n    of  E-16th    fm 
1320  23d  av  ne  to  26th  av  and  continued 
by  Foothill  boul 
•1156  23d  av  S1301  Adeline  or  26th 

nll82  E-17th  nl302  Lawrence 

•1202  24th  av  nMitchell 

MJ.M    25th  av  S1351  Julia  or  27th 

nl250  Cameron  nl352  Court 

nl276  Carroll 
TALLANT.  2  s  of  Foothill  boul  fm  Sausal 

Creek  e  to  1351  Fruitvale  av 
TARTARIAN,    Elmhurst.    .",   e   of   Jones   av 

fm   S  P  R  R  track  ne  to  Pearmain 
TAYLOR,    East   Lawn.    1   s   of   E-14th    fm 

Belvedere  av  to  Jackson  av  x 
Seminary  ;iv  Richnield  av 

Oliver  av  Baker  av 

TAYLOR  AV,  Toler  Heights.  Elmhurst.   e 
of  Jones  av  fm  Foothill  boul  n  to  Scott 
x  Derby 
TAYLOR  PLACE.   3  e  of  Fruitvale  av  fm 

Nicol  av   n   to   Schuyler  pi 
TAYOR  TERRACE,   w  of  Brush  and   San 

Pablo  av  fm  23d  n 
TELEGRAPH  AV,   fin    L301   Broadway  and 
502   16th   n   to   eitj    limits   ami    thence    to 
Uhlversltj    of  California  Grounds 
wl  16th  w203  1  st  li 

c2  Broadway  »302  19th 

M  '   17th  w356  William 


•400  20th 

e501  21st 
w502  Hobart 
w551  Jones 

»601  22d 

•1201  28th 

•1302  29th 

el408  Orchard 
wl411  30th 
W1505  31st 

*610  Key  Route  Ry  el502  Hawthorne  av 
*700  23d  wl607  32d 

*801  24th  W1701  33d 

w902  25th  »1802  34th 

wlOOl  Sycamore  el902  Edwards 

el002  26th  wl903  35th 

*1101  27th  e5200  Claremont  av 

•1102  27th  *6400  Alcatraz  av 

wlll5  Merrimac 

fm  36th  st  to  67th  st  house  nos  are  in 
accord  with  x  street  nos 
TEMPLE  AV  or  41st  AV.  2  w  of  High  fm 

Putnam  n  to  E-14th  x  Washington 
TENTH,   fm  the  Park  and  1001  Fallon  w 
to  Cedar  x  1000  Filbert 

50  Fallon  1050  Linden 

100  Oak  1100  Chestnut 

150  Madison  1150  Adeline 

200  Jackson  1200  Magnolia 

250  Alice  1250  Union 

300  Harrison  1300  Poplar 

350  Webster  1350  Kirkham 

400  Franklin  1400  Cypress 

450  Broadwav  1450  Center 

500  Washington  1500  Chester 

550  Clay  1550  Henry 

600  Jefferson  1600  Peralta 

650  Grove  1650  Campbell 

700  Castro  1700  Willow 

750  Brush  1750  Wood 

800  West  1800  Pine 

900  Market  1850  Cedar 

950  Myrtle 
TENTH.   Melrose.   2  s  of  E-14th  fm  High 

e  to  Vine  or  53d  av  x 
Blaine  av  Calhoun  av 

Harrison  av  Bay  av 

Cleveland  av  Date 

Austin  av  Olive 

Jackson  av  Cherry 

TENTH  AV,   E  Okld,  fm  502  E-lOth  n  to 
E-28th  x 

1001  E-lOth  1501  E-20th 

1051  E-llth  1551  E-21st 

1101  E-12th  1601  E-22d 

1201  E-14th  1701  E-24th 

1251  E-15th  1751  E-25th 

1301  E-16th  1801  E-26th 

1351  E-17th  1851  E-27th 

1401  E-18th  1901  E-28th 

1451  E-19th 

TERRACE,    Piedmont,    1    e    of    Broadway 

fm  276  41st  n  to  Mather  x 

4201  Ridgeway  av 

TEVIS   or  35th   AV,   3   e   of  Fruitvale   av 

fm  Dane  n  to  E-14th 
TEVIS,  East  Lawn,  2  s  of  E-14th  fm  Bel- 
vedere to  e  of  Baker  av  x 
Seminary  av  Oliver  av 

Richfield  av 

TEXAS,  Allendale,  1  n  of  School  fm  Per- 
alta av   e   to  Maple   x   Pleitner  av   and 
Curran  av 
THERMAL,    Highland     2    nw   of   Moss   av 

fm  Dowling  ne  to  Atherton 
THIRD,   fm  the   Estuary   and   701  Oak  w 
to  Peralta  x 
50  Fallon  150  Madison 

100  Oak  200  Jackson 

250  Alice 
800  Harrison 
350  Webster 
400  Franklin 
450  Broadwa\ 

1050  Linden 
1100  Chestnut 
1150  Adeline 
1201  Magnolia 
1250  Union 

500  Washington  1300  Poplar 

550  Clay  1350  Kirkham 

600  Jefferson  1401  Cypress 

650  Grove  1450  Center 
700  Castro                       1500  Chester 
750  Brush                        1552  Henry 
900  Market                    1600  Peralta 

950  Myrtle  1601  Lewis 

1000  Filbert 

THIRD,  Elmhurst,  3  s  of  E-14th  fm  Sara- 
toga av  se  x  Walter  av.  Highland  av 
and  Oakland  av  to  Brooklyn  av  and  fm 
Kinsell  av  x  Elmhurst  and  Jones  avs 

THIRD  or  County  rd  No  1537,  fm  Semi- 
nary av  e  to  Foothill  boul  x 

'Mills  av  *Pol!ister  av 

*Strattan  av  *Chauncey  av 

♦Simpson  av  sChurch 

♦Gibson  av  sToakum  av 

*Royal    av 

THIRD  AV,  E  Okld,  fm  152  E-Sth  n  to 

951  9th  1201  E-14th 

1001  E-lOth         1251  E-15th 
1015  E-llth 

THIRD  AV,  Claremont,  see  Lawton  av 
THIRTEENTH,     fm     Lake     Merritt     and 

Fallon   and   1151    Oak   w   to   Market    ana 

fm  Kirkham  w  to  Pine 
101  Oak  701  Castro 

151  Madison  751  Brush 

201  Jackson  801  West 

251  Alice  1351  Kirkham 

301  Harrison  1401  Cypress 

351  Webster  1451  Center 

401  Franklin  1502'  Chester 

451  Broadway  1551  Henry 

501  Washington  1601  Peralta 

551  Clay  1651  Campbell 

601  Jefferson  1701  Willow 

651  Grove  1751  Wood 
THIRTEENTH   AV,    fm    East    Oakland    S 

P  Co  R  R  Sta  and  652  E-llth  n  to  East 

Okld  Heights  n  of  E-38th  x 
1051  E-llth  1801  E-26th 

1101  E-12th  1851  E-27th 

1201  E-14th  1901  E-28th 

1251  E-15th  2001  E-30th 

1301  E-16th  2051  E-31st 

1351  E-17th  2101  E-32d 

1401  E-18th  2151  E-23d 

1451  E-19th  Lake  View  av 

1501  E-20th  2201  E-34th 

1551  E-21st  2251  E-35th 

1601   E-22d  3600  Hopkins 

1651  E-23d  3700  37th 

1701  E-24th  3800  38th 

1751  E-25th  Hampel 

THIRTIETH,   fm  1305   Telegraph  av  w  to. 

Peralta  x 
502  Telegraph  av         1001  Filbert 
652  Grove  1051  Linden 

802  West  H01  Chestnut 

902  Market  1150  Adeline 

902  San  Pablo  av  1201  Magnolia 

951  Myrtle  1251  Union 

THIRTY-EIGHTH,    fm    3801   Broadway  w 

to  Adeline  x 
302  Broadway  376  Opal 

352  Diamond  402  Shafter  av 


♦  25  Webster  S02  West 

450  Ruby  902  Market 

475  Clarke  952  Linden 

502  Telegraph  av  Apgar 

652  Grove  Adeline 

THIRTY-EIGHTH  AV,  Fruitvale  av  se 
to   Liese   av 

THIRTY-FIFTH,  fm  1903  Telegraph  av 
w  to  San  Pablo  av 

502  Telegraph  av         802  West 

652  Grove  902  Market 

THIRTY-FIFTH  AV.  Fruitvale.  see  Tevis 
s  of  E-14th  and  Redwood  av  n  of  E-14th 

THIRTY-FIRST,  fm  1505  Telegraph  av  w 
to  San  Pablo  av 

502  Telegraph  av        802  West 

652  Grove  902  Market 

THIRTY-FOURTH  (including  former 
Plymouth  av  e  of  Telegraph  av  and 
former  B  street.  Watts  Tract,  w  of 
Peralta  st  to  S  F  Bay),  fm  2201  Broad- 
way n  of  its  intersection  with  Piedmont 
av  w  to  S  F  Bay  w  of  Beach  st,  Watts 
Tract,  x 
400  Webster  1252  Union 

451  Andover  1300  Peralta 

475  Elm  1300  Harlan 

501  Telegraph  av       1352  Haven 

651  Grove  1402  Hollis 
801  West  1450  Louise 

1001  Market  1500  Hellen 
1052  Linden                    1550  Hannah 
1052  San  Pablo  av        1600  Ettie 
1102  Chestnut                1650  Beach 

1151  Adeline  1700  Gladding 
1202  Magnolia  1751  Surrhyne 
THIRTY-FOURTH     AV,      Fruitvale,      see 

Brandon  s  of  Bray  av 

THIRTY-NINTH,  fm  3901  Telegraph  av 
w  to  Market 

•502  Telegraph  av      802  West 

•652  Grove  825  Lusk 

THIRTY-NINTH  AV,  Fruitvale,  see  Fre- 
mont av 

THIRTY-SECOND  (including  former  A 
st,  Watts  Tract),  fm  1601  Telegraph  av 
opp  Hawthorne  av  w  to  S  F  Bay  w  of 
Beach  st  x 

501  Telegraph  av       1300  Harlan 

652  Grove  1300  Peralta 

502  West  1350  Haven 
902  Market  1400  Hollis 
952  San   Pablo  av      1450  Louise 

1002  Filbert  1500  Hellen 
1052  Linden  1550  Hannah 
1102  Chestnut  1600  Ettie 

1152  Adeline  1650  Beach 
1202  Magnolia  1700  Gladding 
1252  Union                      1750  Surrhyne 
THIRTY-SECOND  AV,   see  Fruitvale  av 
THIRTY-SEVENTH,   fm   3701  Webster  w 

to  Linden  and  San  Pablo  av  x 
n426  Webster  802  West 

*502  Telegraph  av  902  Market 
*652  Grove  952  Linden 

THIRTY-SEVENTH    AV,    Fruitvale     (in- 
cluding Merrill  av).  fm  5  e  of  Fruitvale 
av  fm  Lane  n  to  Foothill  boul 
900  Lane  1200  Putnam 

1000  Llovd  1300  Washington 

1100  Warren  1400  E-14th 

THIRTY-SIXTH,  fm  3601  Webster  w  to 
Peralta   and   Magnolia  x 

426  Webster  1050  Linden 

502  Telegraph  av       1101  Chestnut 

652  Grove  1102  San  Pablo  av 

802  West  1151  Adeline 

902  Market  1201  Magnolia 

THIRTY-SIXTH  AV.  Fruitvale  (including 
Wheeler  and  Goldman  avs),  4  e  of 
Fruitvale  av  fm  Lane  n  to  Foothill 

THIRTY-THIRD,  fm  1701  Telegraph  av 
w  to  San  Pablo  av  x 

502  Telegraph  av         802  West 

652  Grove  902  Market 

THOMAS,  Fitchburg,  7  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Yoakum  av  w  to  Church 

THOMAS  AV.  fm  Orchard  e  of  Yoakum 
av  se  trds  Fitch  av 

THOMAS  AV.  Broadway  Terrace,  Pied- 
mont, e  of  Broadway  fm  Grant  av  n  to 
Prospect  av  x  Florence. 

TOBLER,  Fruitvale.  1  s  of  Foothill  boul 
fm  Bray  av  to  Goldman  av  x  Redwood 

TODD,  Fitchburg.  10  n  of  E-14th  fm  Yoa- 
kum av  w  to  Church 

TOLER  AV,  nr  Toler  Heights,  Elmhurst, 
2  s  of  Foothill  boul  fm  Warner  av  se 
to  Hilton  av 

TOMPKINS  AV,  Park  Place,  w  of  Fair- 
view  av  fm  Rose  v  e  of  Alice  n  to  Glen 

road   x  Daisy,   Orchard   and  Wilkie 

TOWNSEND  AV.  Fourth  Av  Ter,  2  e  of 
13th  av  fm  Wellington  ne  to  Everett  av 

TREMONT,  2  w  of  Shattuck  av  fm  65th 
n  to  Berkeley  city  line 

TRUMBULL  AV,  n  of  Walnut  av  fm  Cen- 
tral av  w  to  Kingsland  av 

TULIP  AV,  High  St  Ter,  1  n  of  Hopkins 
fm  Acacia  e  x  Lily 

TUNNEL,  south  of  Webster  street  bridge 
and  S  P  Co  R  R  tracks,  Alameda,  fm 
Webster  st  w 

TRASK,  nr  Seminary  Park,  fm  Monticello 

av  to  Seminary  av  x 
Beacon  Foothill  boul 

Cole  Central  av 

Ygnacio  Nutley  av 

TWELFTH,    fm  Lake    Merritt    and    1101 

Fallon  w  to  Pine  x 

50  Fallon  950  Myrtle 

100  Oak  1000  Filbert 

150   Madison  1100  Chestnut 

!00  Jackson  1150  Adeline 

250  Alice  1200  Magnolia 

300  Harrison  1250  Union 

!50  Webster  1300  Poplar 

400  Franklin  1350  Kirkham 

450  Broad wav  1400  Cypress 

500  Washington  1450  Center 

550  Clav  1500  Chester 

600  Jefferson  1550  Henry 

650  Grove  1600  Peralta 

700  Castro  1650  Campbell 

750  Brush  L700  Willow 

S00  West  1750  Wood 
900  Market 
TWELFTH,    Melrose,     I     3    of    E-14th    fin 

High  to  Bay  av  x 

Blaine   av  Austin  av 

Harrison  av  Ja<  kson  av 

Cleveland  av  Calhoun  av 


TWELFTH    AVE,     fm     602  E-lOth     n     to 

E-2Sth  x 
1001  10th  1251  15th  1451  19th 

1051  11th  1301  16th  1501  20th 

1101  12th  1350  17th  1551  21st 

1201  14th  1401  ISth  1601  22d 

TWENTIETH,  fm  Lake  Merritt  and  1501 

Harrison  w   to   Market 
Harrison  av  652  Grove 

352  Webster  752  Brush 

402  Franklin  802  West 

452  Bway  852  Curtis 

502  Tel  av  002  Market 

TWENTIETH     AV,,     E     Okld,     fm     1002 

E-12th  n   to  E-21st 
1101  E-12th  1351  E-17th 

1201  E-14th  1401  E-lSth 

1251  E-15th  1501  E-20th 

1301  E-16th  1551  E-21st 

TWENTY-EIGHTH,  fm  1901  Webster  and 

Broadway  w   to   Peralta 
451  Webster  1001  Filbert 

*452  Broadway  1051  Linden 

*502  Telegraph  av       1101  Chestnut 
•652   Grove  1151  Adeline 

11802  West  1202  Magnolia 

*S52  San  Pablo   av       1251  Union 
902  Market  1301  Poplar 

952  Myrtle  1652  Peralta 

TWENTY-FIFTH,    fm    1751    Webster   and 

Broadway  w  to   San   Pablo  av  x 
*452  Broadway  »452  Grove 

*502  Telegraph  av 
TWENTY-FIFTH   AV,    fm   1252   E-lOth  n 

to   E-27th 
TWENTY-FIRST,   fm  1551  Harrison  w  to 

Webster    and    fm     Broadway    including 

Hobart  to  Grove  and  fm   705   San  Pablo 

av  w  to  Kirkham 
*452  Broadway  *950  Myrtle 

*502  Telegraph    av      *1001  Filbert 
*652  Grove  *1050  Linden 

*652  San  Pablo  av       *1100  Chestnut 
*752  Brush  "1150  Adeline 

*S02  West  "1202  Magnolia 

"852  Curtis  *1252  Union 

*902  Market  *1302  Poplar 

TWENTY-FIRST    AV,    fm    1052    E-12th    n 

to  E-30th 
1101  E-12th  1451  E-19th  1701  E-24th 
1201  E-14th  1501  E-20th  1751  E-25th 
1251  E-15th  1551  E-21st  1801  E-26th 
1301  E-16th  1601  E-22d  1851  E-27th 
1351  E-17th  1651  E-23d  1901  E-28th 
TWENTY-FOURTH,     fm     1701      Harrison 

and   Bay  Place  w  to  San   Pablo  and  fm 

Market  w  to  Kirkham  and   Peralta 
301  Harrison  900  Market 

Bay  Place  950  Myrtle 

301  Waverly  1000  Filbert 
352  Valdez                       1050  Linden 

401  Webster  1100  Chestnut     • 
452  Broadway  1150  Adeline 
472  Valley                      1201  Magnolia 
502  Telegraph  av         1250  Union 

652  Grove  1300  Poplar 

TWENTY-NINTH,  fm  Walsworth  nr  Har 
rison  w  to  San  Pablo  av  x 

302  "Walsworth  av       502  Telegraph  av 
352  Fairmount   av        652  Grove 

402  Broadway  S02  West 
452  Webster 
TWENTY-SECOND,    fm   1601  Harrison  w 

to  Wood,   W  Okld. 
600  San  Pab  av  700  Castro 

650  Grove  750  Brush 

800  West  1200  Magnolia 
900  Market  1250  Union 
950  Myrtle  1300  Poplar 

1000  Filbert  1350  Kirkham 
1050  Linden  1600  Peralta 

1100  Chestnut  1650  Campbell 
1150  Adeline  1700  Willow 
TWENTY-SECOND   AV,    fm    1102    E-llth 

n  to  E-21st  x 

1001  E-llth      1251  E-15th       1401  E-18th 

1101  E-12th  1301  E-16th  1451  E-19th 
1201  E-14th  1351  E-17th  1501  E-20th 
TWENTY-SEVENTH,   fm   1101   Telegraph 

av   w   to    San    Pablo   av  x 
502  Telegraph   av         S02  West 
652  Grove 

TWENTY-SEVENTH  AV  (including  Julia 
and  Court),  fm  1352  E-19th  to  S  P  R  R 
and  fm  E-14th  n  to  Foothill  boul  and 
TWENTY-SIXTH,  fm  1801  Broadway  w 
to  Telegraph  av  and  fm  Grove  to  San 
Pablo  av  and  fm  Market  to  Peralta  av  x 
*452  Broadway  1001  Filbert 

*502  Telegraph  av       1051  Linden 
•652  Grove  1101  Chestnut 

11802  West  1151  Adeline 

*S52  San    Pablo    av     1202  Magnolia 
902  Market  1251  Union 

952  Myrtle  1301  Poplar 

TWENTY- SIXTH    AV     (in    Eden    Park 
Tract   and    including  Adeline   and   Law- 
rence and   Shuey  avs),   fm  300   Park  av 
and  1302  E-19th  n  to  E-27th 
*  951  E-9th  1351  E-17th 

*1001  E-lOth  1401  E-19th 

*1051  E-llth  1501  E-20th 

1101  E-12th  1601  E-22cl 

1201  E-14th  1651  E-23d 

1251  E-15th  1701  E-24th 

1301    E-16th 
TWENTY-THIRD,    fm   1651  Harrison   and 
Lake  Merritt  w  to  Brush,  West  and  San 
Pablo  av  x 
252  Waverlv  471  Valley 

302  Valdez  501  Telegraph    av 

351  "Webster  661  Grove 

451  Broadway 

TYLER,   or  53d   AV,   Melrose,    7   s   of  S  P 
Depot    fm    E-14th    s    fm    Twelfth    n    to 
UNION.    2  w   of   Adeline   fb   1202  1st  n   to 

34th   and   Peralta  x 
601  1st  1101  12th  1601  22d 

701   3d  1201  14th  1701  24th 

801  5th  1301  16th  1801  26th 
851  7th              1401  18th  1901  28th 

19(11  8th  1451  19th  2001  30th 

1001  10th  1501    21st  2101  32d 

UNION  AV,    Crocker   Tract,   n   of  Farra- 

gut  av,  fm  Crocker  av  se  to  Carrington 

av,  x  King  av  and  Sea  View  av 
VALDEZ,    1   e   of  Broadway  and  Webster 

fm  274   23d  n  to  28th  x 
1651  23d  1801  Bav  Place 

1701  24th  1887  28th 

VALDEZ,    Fruitvale.    2    n    of    Tidal    Canal 

fm    Park   av  e  x   Park   av,    *Fark   st  or 

28th   av,    *Peterson,    *Derby,    'Lancaster 

to    Fruitvale    av 
VALE  AV,  North  Allendale  w  of  High  fm 

Bavo   n   to  Cora  x  Leona 
VALLECITO    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    n    of 

Peralta  and  Fairview  avs.   fm  Piedmont 

av  nw  to  Blair  av  at  June 


VALLECITO    PLACE,    E    Okld,    fm    14th 

av  and  E-27th  to  n  of  E-28th 
VALLEJO,    Golden   Gate,    fm    1252    55th   n 
to    Ocean    av   x    5501    55th,    5801    Powell. 
5802    Stanford    av    and     59th.     61st,     62d 
63d    and    64th,    house    Nos   accord    with 
x  street  Nos 
VALLE  VISTA  AV,    w   of  Grand   fm   El- 
wood   av   n   to   Sunnyslope 
VALLEY,  1  w  of  Broadway  fm  476  22d  to 

1  22d  51  23d 

VALLEY  ROAD,  Rock  Ridge  Park,  fm 
Ocean  View  av  curving  to  Brookside 
VANALSTINE  AV,  Fitchburg,  2  e  of 
Yoakum  av  fm  n  of  Halliday  av  ne  x 
Railroad  and  Carlton  avs 
VAN    BUREN    AV,    n    of    Grand    av    fm 

Lenox  av   to   Santa  Clara  av  x 
•Lee  sBellevue   av 

♦Perkins  *Euclid 

•Staten   av  Perry 

nManhatten   av 
VAN    DYKE.    Peralta    Heights,    fm    1675 

Fourth  av  n  to  Brooklyn  av 
VERMONT,     Grand     Av     Heights,     e     of 
Grand  av  fm  Cottage  n  to  Fairbanks  av 
x  Weldon  av 
VERMONT,    ill-  Allendale,    fm    Peralta    av 
to  Redwood  av  at  2  n  of  School  x  Cur- 
ran   av,   Maple   av,   Laurel   av 
VERNAL  AV,    Piedmont   Park,    n   of  Bo- 
nita   av,   fm   Piedmont  av    w    to   Moraga 
road  x 
Vista   av  Blair  av 

Oakland  av 
VERNON,  Oakland  Heights,  e  of  Oakland 

av.  fm  Bay  Place  n  to  Monte  Vista  av 
100  Lee  502  Santa  Clara  av 

352  Perkins  552  Moss  av 

452  Perry  602  Santa  Rosa  av 

VERNON  AV,  n  of  Melrose  Heights  1  e 
of  High  fm  Walnut  n  x  Stuart,  Penni- 
man,  Virginia  and  Fairbanks 

VESTA,    Seminary    Park,    4    n    of    E-14th 
fm   Central   av   e   to   Nutley 

VICENTE,    e    of     Telegraph     av     fm     101 

Claremont  av  n    to   nr   59th   x 
125  55th  156  Ayala 

151  56th  201  Miranda 

VICKSBURG,  Melrose  Heights,  w  s 
Grammar  School  bldg,  2  w  of  Bellevue 
av  fm  June  of  Essex  and  Wentworth  av 
and  n  end  of  Dieves  Lane  nw  to  Con- 
gress av  x 
-Dieves   Lane  *Ygnacio 

•Wentworth  av  wMarion   av 

eEssex  wBay  av 

•Bond  wWhittier 

•Foothill    boul  xCongress  av 

VIOLA.  Allendale.  4  e  of  Redwood  rd  fm 
Glenn  av  n  to  Penniman  av  x  Allendale 
av  and   fm   Suter  n  to  Porter 

VIONA  AV.  E  Piedmont  Heights,  1  n  of 
Mandana  boul  fm  Lake  Shore  av  e  to 
Santa  Ray  av  and  fm  Santa  Ray  av  se 
to  Calmar  av 
VIRGIL  AV,  nr  Toler  Heights,  Elmhurst. 
fm  Sunnyside  6  e  of  Jones  av  n  to 
Foothill  boul  x 
Harriman  av  Longfellow  av 

Dante  av  Voltaire  av 

VIRGINIA   AV.    Melrose    Heights,    5    n   of 
Bellevue  av  fm  High  e   to  Monticell  av 
VIRGINIA.  Seminary  Park  n  of  E-14th  fm 

Seminary  av  se  fo  Baker  av 
VISTA  AV,  Piedmont  Park,  e  of  Oakland 
av.    fm    Hillside    av    n    to    Vernal    av    x 
Bonita  av 
VOLTAIRE  AV.   nr  Toler  Heights.     Elm- 
hurst. fm  Hilton  av  1  s  of  Foothill  boul 
ce  x   Ivy  av  and  Virgil  av 
WAKEFIELD   AV,    E    Okld.    fm    1751    23d 
av  nw  to  E-27th  bet  21st  av  and  Knox 
WALA  VISTA  AV,  E  Piedmont  Hts.   3  n 
of  Mandana  boul  on   Lake   Shore  av  fm 
Kenmore    av    e    x    Lake    Shore    av    and 
Arimo  av 
WALKER  AV.    e   of    Grand   av   fm  Lake 

Park  av  n  to  Fairbanks  av  x 
•Cottage  Weldon   av 


WALL,    Elmhurst,    3    w    of    Jones    av    fm 

Second  ne  x  First  to  E-14th  at  No  6351 

WALLACE    (former  Glen   av),   fm  E-24th 

to  19th  av 
WALNUT,    Elmhurst.    2    n    of    E-14th    I'm 

Grand  av  se  to  Kipling  av  x  . 
•Orchard  av  *Ivey  av 

•Mtn  View  av  'Homer  av 

Bay  View  av  "Calaveras  av 

•Jones    av  *Virgil   av 

•Hilton  av  'Kipling  av 

WALNUT  AV.  n  of  Melrose  Hts,  fm 
High  n  of  Glen  av  e  to  Monticello  av  x 
Vernon  av  and  fm  Kingsland  av  e 
Seminary  av  and  Foothill  boul  x  Central 
WALNUT   AV,    Elmhurst,    fm   7101    E-14th 

(San  Leandro  Road)    sw 
WALSWORTH     AV.     fm     Harrison      and 
Oakland    av    nr    Orange    and    29th    n    to 
Monte  Vista   av   x 
301  Harrison  452  Stanley  Place 

301  Oakland  av  502  Santa    Clara   av 

Frisbie  Place     '    552  Moss   av 
402  Pearl  602  Bayo  Vista  av 

WALTER  AV.  w  of  Oakland  av  fm  Grand 
av  nr  Greebank  n  x  Jerome   av 
"WALTER  AV.   Elmhurst.   1  s  of  Railroad 
av  and   S  P  R  R  Track  nw  x  Orchard, 
Peralta.  Berlin,  Clark  to  Louisa  Ann  sts 
WALTER  AV.  Highland.  Elmhurst,  1  e  of 
Saratoga    av    at    No    6S00    E-14th    st    fm 
Raymond  ac  n  of  W  P  R  R  Track  ne  to 
Franklin    x    streets 
Amelia  Second  Plymouth 

Peralta  First  Laurel 

Fifth  E-14th  Elm 

Third  Orchard  Blanche 

WARD,     nr     Allendale,     s     of    School     fm 

Pleitner  av  e  to  Curran 
WARDER,     s    of      E-19th     fm     252     Park 
av   te   Park   or  28th  av 


WARFIELD  AV,  2  e  of  Grand  av  fm  Cot- 
tage s  to  Wickson  av 

WARNER  AV,  Elmhurst,  1  e  of  Jones  av 
fm  Cherry  ne  Orange  and  Olive  sts  to 
Sunnyside  and  fm  Toler  av  to  Foothill 

WARREN,  fm  3702  Piedmont  av  e  to 
Richmond  av 

WARREN,  nr  Broadway  Ter  fm  Broad- 
way opp  Lawton  av  e  to  Prospect  av 
and  Alicia  x  East 

WARREN,  fm  Fruitvale  av  3  s  of  E-14th 
st  S  P  R  R  e  to  High  x 

nBassett  nLiese   av 

nBrandon  Fremont  av 

nTevis  Pomona  av 

nWheeler  Fulton  av 

nMerrill  av 

WARREN,  Fitchburg,  2  s  of  E-14th  fm 
Mary  e  to  Fitch  av  x  Rose,  Henry, 
Cora,  George,  Jessie,   Charles  and  Mina 

WARWICK,  Okld  Hts.  2  nw  of  Grand  av 
fm  302  Perkins  ne  to  Euclid  av 

WASHINGTON,  1  w  of  Broadway  fm  502 
st  n  to  14th  x 

601  1st  901  Sth 

652  2d  951  9th 

701  3d  1001  10th 

751  4th  1051  11th 

801  5th  1101  12th 

825  6th  1151  13th 

851  7th  1201  14th 

WASHINGTON,  Fruitvale,  1  s  of  E-14th 
fm  Fruitvale  av  e  to  High  x 

Bassett  Liese  av 

Brandon  Fremont    av 

Tevis  ■  Pomona  av 

Wheeler  Temple  av 

Merrill  av  Fulton  av 

WATER,  Harbor  Water  Front,  fm  551 
Webster  e  to  Broadway  s  352  Webster, 
402  Franklin  x 

WATTS,  Emeryville,  2  w  of  San  Pablo 
av  fm  Santa  Fe  Ry  n  to  47th  x  45th 

WAVERLY,  1  w  of  Harrison  fm  252  23d 
n  to  24th  x  1651  3d 

WAYNE  AV,  Peralta  Heights,  1  e  of 
Lake  Shore  boul  fm  102  Athol  av  n  to 
Wesley  av  x  Hanover  av 

WEBSTER,  2  e  of  Broadwav  fm  Harbor 
Front  and  5S1  Water  st  n  to  51st,  Alden 

551  Watei 

1200  14th 

601  1st 

1401  19th 

651  2d 

1501  20th 

701  3d 

1600  22d 

751  4th 

1651  23d 

SOI  Efn 

1702  24th 

825  6th 

1751  25th 

851  7th 

1801  26th 

901  Sth 

1901  Broadway 

951  9th 

1901  2Sth 

1001  10th 

1951  29th 

1051  11th 

2001  Orchard 

1101  12th 

2051  Central    av 

1151  13th 

2081  Hawthorne 

North   of 

36th    st   hr 

use   Nos   accord   with 

street  n 

ame  e 

wEdwards         *40th 








*Moss  av 






WEBSTER.  Fitchburg,  4  s  of  E-14th  fm 
Mary  e  to  Fitch  av  x  Rose,  Henry, 
Cora,  George,   Jessie,   Charles  and  Mina 

WELD,  Fitchburg,  4  n  of  E-14th  fm 
Yoakum  av   e   to  Fitch  av 


WELLINGTON,     Fourth     Av     Ter.     n     of 
Hampel    and    Key    Route    Ext    right-of- 
way  fm  13th  av  e  to  Everett 
WENTWORTH    AV,    Melrose    Heights,    1 
n    of    E-14th    fm    52d    av    or    Olive    and 
Bond    e    x   Vicksburg    and    Bellevue    av 
to  Central  av  n  of  Vesta 
WESLEY   AV,    Peralta  Heights,   fm   Lake 
Shore  boul  s  of  Brooklny  av  ne  to  Lake 
Shore  av  x 
Newton  Beacon 

Brooklyn   av  Excelsior  av 

Capital  Lake  Park  av 

Cleveland  Lake  Shore  av 

Prospect  av 

WEST.  1  e  of  Market  fm  780  6th  n  to  23d 
and  San  Pablo  av  and  fm  26th  to  47th  x 

851  7th 

901  8th 
1001  10th 
1051  11th 
1101  12th 
1151  13th 
1201  14th 
1251  15th 
1301  16th 
1351  17th 
House  Nos  above 

vale  av  fm  Post 

801  Post 

901  Lane 
1001  Lloyd 

1401  18th  2001  30th 

1451  19th  2951  31st 

1500  20th  2101  32d 

1526   21st  2151  33d 

1550  Lydia  2201  34th 
1601  22d  2251  34th 
1801  26th  2251  35th 

1551  27th  3401  36th 
1901  28th 
1951  29th 

6  accord  with  x  street 

36th  av.  4  e  of  Fruit- 
to  E-14th  x 
1101  Warren 
1291  Putnam 
1301  Washington 
of    Broadway    fm    282 
Mather  nw  to  Broadway  opp  45th 
WHITNEY,   1  w  of  Shattuck  av  fm  65th 

n  to  Bkly  City  line 
WHITTIER.   or   48th  AV,   Melrose,   2   e   of 
S  P  Depot  fm  E-14th  n  to  Vicksburg  x 
Bond  Ygnacio 

Foothill  boul  Melrose 

WICKSON,   Piedmont  n  of  Cheney  av   fm 

Rand  av  w  to  Walker  av 
WILBUR.    Dimond    5    n    of    Hopkins    fm 

Fruitvale  av  to  Laguna  x  Lincoln  av 
WILDA  AV.  1  e  of  Piedmont  av  fm  Monte 

Vista  av  s 
WIDKIE,   Park   Place,   Leona  n   of  Daisy 

av  fm  Tompkins  av  se  to  Fairview  av 
WILLIAM,  bet  19th  and  29th  fm  335  Tele- 
graph av  w  to. 552  San  Pablo  av 
502  Telegraph  av  5SS  San  Pablo  av 

WILLIAM,  Toler  Heights  Elmhurst,  n  of 
Marlin  and  Grand  av  fm  Hillcrest  av 
and  Jones  av  to  Wise  av 

WILLIAMS,  Seminary  Park,  1  n  of  E-14th 
fm   Nutley  av  e 

WILLOW,  W  Okld,  2  w  of  Peralta  fm  S  P 

R  R  yd  and  1702  Pacific  n  to  18th  x 
735  S   P   R   R  850  7th 

751  Pacific  871  Goss 

801  Atlantic  901  Sth 

327  5th  937  Chase 


971  9th 



1001  10th 



1051  11th 



1101  12th 



1151  18th 

WILSON  AV,    Allendale.    2   e   of    Liese   av 
fm   Penniman  av  n  to  Suter 

:  Chicago 

WILSON    AV,    Dimond,    4    e 
av  fm  Pleasant  n  to  Hopk 

WINSOR    AV,    E    Piedmont    Hts,    5    n    of 

Mandana  boul  fm  Lake  Shore  av   nw   1" 
Highland  av  nr  Grand  av 
WISCONSIN,    Allendale.    12    n    of    School 

fm  Maple  av  e  to  Edson  av  x 
Laurel  av  Magee  av 

Midvale   av  Lenox  av 

Redwood   rd  Shatter  av 

WISE    AV,    Toler    Heights,    Elmhurst.    se 

of    Jones    av    fm     Foothill     boul     ne     to 

Stanley  rd  x  Deri  y,   Scott,   William  and 

Stearns  av 
WITA    AV,    Piedmont    Park,    e    of   Vernal 

ay  fm  Amity  av  s  to  juhc  of  Piedmont. 

Highland    and    Mountain    avs 
WOOCESTER  AV,  Piedmont,  nw  of  Oak- 
land  av  fm   Vernal   n   to    Hardwick 
WOOD,  1  e  of  West  Oakland  S  P  Sta  fm 

1702    Pacific  n   to   20th 
752  Pacific        932  Chase  1151  13th 

802   Atlantic      971  9th  1201   14th 

826  5th  1001  10th  1251  15th 

852  7th  1051  11th  1301   16th 

873  Goss  1101  12th  1331  ISth 

WOODLAND  AV.  2  e  of  Piedmont  av 
mi  Moss  av  s  to  Kempton  av 

WOODRUFF  AV,   Fourth  Av  Ter.   33  c 
ilih    u    fin    .Millliury.  E-3Sth  n  to  Ham- 
It]  and  fm  Hampel  to  Benton 

YERBA  BUENA  AV,  Emeryville,  s  of 
Park  av  fm  San  Pablo  av  w  to  S  F  Bay 

TGNACIO,  Melrose  Heights.  1  n  of  Foot- 
hill boul  and  John,  Fremont  School  UhU. 
fm  45th  or  Patterson  av  e  to  Trask  w 
of  Central  av  x 

46th  or  Deering  av      Vickstaurg 

47th  or  Bryant   av       Congress 

18th  or  Whittier  av    Bellevue  av 

50th  or  Bay  av  Beason 

51st  or  Marion  av        Cole 

Melrose  st 

YGNACIO  AV.  Elmhurst.  e  of  Jones  av 
fm  Walker  ne   to  E-14th  at  No  7701 

YOAKUM  AV.  Fitchburg,  3  e  of  Lock- 
wood  School  bldg  fm  E-14th  n  to  Foot- 
hill  boul  x 

Orral  Vincent 

Favor  Krause 

Bissel  Halliday 

Flora  Herbert 

Weld  Todd 

Louise  Beck 

[.ink  wood  av  Railroad   av 

Arthur  Carlton  av 


YOLO,  n  of  59th  fm  Colby  w  to  Howell 

YORK,  Piedmont.  3  e  of  Grand  av  fm 
Cottage  n  to  Prince 

YOSEMITE.    now   Fairmount 



For  Names  too   late  for  regular  insertion,  removals,  etc., 
see  page  121. 


acct    accountant 

adv   . .  advertisement 

agt age"' 

agrl agricultural 

Ala    Alameda 

Alex     Alexander 

Andr    Andrew 

\nth    Anthony 

appr    apprentice 

Arch     Archibald 

assn   association 

conf    ...  confectioner 

contr contractor 

£or     corner 

co    county 

t    court 

clc  " creek 

Danl  ". Daniel 

dept department 

mer   merchant  S  or   s .south 

messeiifje.  |se   southeast 


N    or    n north 

ne        northeast 

n  s. . '. north  side 

nw    northwest 

opr     operator 

den"."..'......",    deputyopp     opposite 

d!spt  .     •■•.•di«ri.^^K 

pass    passenger 

Patk    Patrick 

phone telephone 


phys    physician 

pi    place 

acst      assistant  E  or  -. 

Aug  ...AugustU  s east    side 

aud   .'. auditorlBdw    Edward 

av  avenue  elec    electric 

Bklv  ".'■■■ .  .Berkeley  elev   elevator 

£  boards  eng. engine,    engineer 

bartndr    . . .  bartender  engr   eneTt^e^, 

Benj    Benjamin  expman  .expressman 

{?_.  J  h»tw<.™  Ferd     Ferdinand 

bet    between  Ferd     . . 

bkbndr    ..bookbinder|Fredk    ..    .Frederick 
bkpr   . . 

bldr     uufwiKiiriiYi    *  - 

bldg   building  gen    general 

Mk    ...... block  Geo   AGe?I^ 

alksmitii   .blacksmith  Gust 

.south  side 

w   southwest 

:pl     special 

ta   station 

stenogr.  stenographer 
gtereo  . .  .stereotyper 
supt    .superintendent 

surg    surgeon 

tchr    teacher 

tmstr    teamster 

tndr     tender 

tel   telegraph  or 


tel    opr telegraph 


p  6 .Post  Office | tndr   tender 

pres' ......  .president  ter terrace 

Srin       principal  Theo    Theodore 

rirof      professor  Thos    Thomas 

propr   proprietor  trans-     t 

.  Gustav 
implts     ..implements 

insptr    inspector 

instr    instructor 

ins    insurance 

jas    James 

Jos Joseph 

kpr    keeper 

lab    laborer 

lithogr  .    lithographer 


ch    machinist 

pub publisher 

R  M  S.. railway  mail 
real  est... real  estate 
rfgr     ....refrigerator 

repr    repairer 

r    residence 

ret    retail 

Rev    reverend 

Richd    Richard 



treas    treasurer 

upholstr  .upholsterer 

et    veterinary 

Washn  ..Washington 

W   or   w west 

w    s west    side 

whol    wholesale 

wid    widow 

Wm    William 

boul    boulevard 

brklyr    bricklayer 

Bway     Broadway 

carp   carpenter 

cashr    cashier 

Chas    Charles 

Chris    Christian 

civ  eng. civil  engineer 

clnr    cleaner 

ollt  clerk  ly 


sompositormnie.  .™""»"™™.» r~:"    qniicltti 

conductor  mech     .^^mechanic'golr     soliclto 

Robt    Robert  wkr    worke, 

rms     ..| rooms  wks     wor!i5 

.  .salesman  vd     >'a™ 

Saml    Samuel  1st     first 

'~d     second 

d       third 

"  urth 


fitti     sixth 


Aanonsen  Adelaide.       elk       Kahn       Bros, 

b    1203    Foothill    boul. 
Aanonsen  Antone    B.    master    mariner,    r 

1203     Foothill    boul. 
Aanonsen  A,    r   1112    E   l<th. 
Aanonsen  L  A.   watchman  S  P  Co.   b  l-'J.s 

Foothill    boul. 

Aaroe    Neils    (Tholeke    &    Aaroel. 

Aaron   Amelia,    stenog  Okld   Times,    r   621 

Aaron  Bertha    (wld    David),    r    621    9th. 
Aaron  David,    r    621    9th. 
Aaron  Ernest,  bkpr.  b  h21   9th. 
Aarons  Henry,     meatctr    F    Bs 

Son,    rms   1S09    Bassett 
Aarup  Chas.  boat  hldr  ^m  Cryer,  r  Ala. 
Aarup  John   J.    palntei 


1370    Brush 


















■mm.*  Carpet,  taken  up,  cleaned  and  relaid 

2006  EVERETT  STREET  Phooe  AUmed.  „       .^ 

1910      POI,K-HITSTEI)      CO.'S 




Oakland  Conservatory 

of  Music 

The  largest 
and  most 
DIRECTOR  equipped 
School     o  f 

Adolf  Gregory  Genu 


Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast 
203-05    TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner   Jackson 

Sunset  Oak.  4922— Home  A2922 

R,    Jr    (Abadie    &    Vesper), 
baker    French       Bakeries 

Abadie    Emil 

r    Bklv. 
Abadie      Jea 

Co,    b   811    Clay. 
Abadie    &    A'esrer    (E    R  Abadie   Jr,    G   F 

Vesper),    automobiles,    187   12th. 
Abate  Jos    P,    fireman    S    P   Co,    rms    91E 

Abbadie  Noel,    laundry,    1800    Chestnut 
Abbay  .las  N,  eng  S  P  Co,   r  877  Filbert 
Abbay  Wm    H,    dentist,    955    Willow. 
Abbey  Edgar  W,   elk  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co 

r   581    Sycamore. 
Abbey  The,    furn    rms,    524    13th. 
Abbott,      see    also   Abrott. 
Abbott  Albt    F,    elk,    r  718  A    20th. 
Abbott  Americus    M,    carp,    r   276    E    18th. 
Abbott  Annie   M    (wid  John),   r  4214  Glen 

av,    Ftvale. 
Abbott  Asa,     elk     Pac    Wcrodenw&re      & 

Paper  Co, 
Vbbott  Carl   H    (Fitzgerald   &   Abbott),    b 

Hotel    Metropole. 
Abbott  Cyrus   W,   mgr  R   W   Kinney   Co, 

r  Bkly. 
Abbott  Ernest    W,    painter,    b  .4214    Glen 

av,   Fruitvale. 
Abbott  Everett   W,    rangr  Okld   Collection 

Co,    b   718A   20th. 
Abbott  Mrs   E  R,    r  973   5th   av. 
Abbott  Frank     H  Jr,   printer,   r  6436  Re- 

A1ib9tA„Fred'    clk    Adolph    Hrornada.    Co, 

b   1187   E   21st. 
Abbott     Geo   B,   osteopath,   715   Sycamore. 
Abbott  Geo   F,    real    est,    957    Bway,    r   40 

Rose   av. 
A.bbott  Granville    D,    supt,    r    25    Crocker 

Abbott  Guy    E,     carp,     r    1916    Mountain 

View   av. 
Abbott  Harrie  O,   mngr  Adolph  Hrornada 

Co,    r  1187   E   21st. 
Abbott  Harris  F,  salsn,   rms  853  Jackson. 

4  o0',', Herbert    °.    s'Sn    writer,    b    Hotel 

St   Mark. 
Abbott  Hester      Beck,       osteopath,       715 

Abbott  Lucius   M,    r   2440   Randolph   av. 
Abbott  Saml    C,    r   464    37th. 
Abbro  Antone,    lab,    E    moss    av,    4    s    of 

3rd,    Elmhurst. 
Abel  Earl    H,    supt   Polytechnic 

b    223414    Adeline. 
Abel  Henry,    carp,    b   935    63d. 
Abel  .las   N,    foreman   Pac    Coast 

Co.    r  579    12th. 
Abell  Gerald     L,     :oomp     Okld    lEnquireR 

r    416    17th. 
Abels  Jos,   lab,    r  659   Kennedv. 
Abena  Chas.   lab,    b   Vincho  Abena 
Abena  Vincho,  gardener,  res  Kinsell  av 

1    n   of   Roosevelt   av. 
Aber  Louis,     propr    Hotel     Crellin,     Wash 

-    w   cor   10th. 
Aber  Melissa    (wid   Jehiel),    b   924    63d 



&   M 

Nester.      auto    driver   John    Breui 
Co,    rms   212<>    Elm. 
Abercrombie   Ralph   A,   r  691   E   27th 
Abernathy  Aug,    carp,    r    1552   3d. 
Abernethy    Belle   (wid    Louis),     r    7 

Abernethy   Edw,   livery,    832   28th 
Abernethy  Harry,   inspt  Suburban  L  & 

Co,    r  Bkly. 
Abernethy  Hazel,    student,    b    7    McClu 
Abernethy  Jos,    r    722    17th. 
Abernethy  Mrs  Rose,  r  722  17th. 
Abernethy  Wm    J,    grocer,    Market    s 

cor    35th,    r    91i    35th. 
Abildstedt  Ewald   J,    elk    T   C      Asmus 

1104    Campbell. 
Able  Mrs    Ida,    milliner     The    Angelus, 

<06    25th. 
Able  Marie    H,    trimmer    The    Angelus 

706    25th. 
Abney  Less,    tailor,    1715    7th. 
Abood  Elliott,    snoemkr.  2630   Redwood 
Aborell    Mrs    Caroline,    b    1031    59th. 
Aborell  Vela,    student,   r   1031   .59th 
Aboucaya  Htnry    N,    elk    Louis    Lagoi 

Co,    r  Ala. 
Abradovich  Geo,    lab   S   P   Co,    r-  1733   5i 
Abraham  Benj,     toilor    Lancaster    &    B 

hor,    r    909    16  th 

Abraham  Ira,     sec     and       mngr.     Lecki 

Abraham     Title     Co, .   r    6412     Benven 


Abraham  Solomon,    ell-,    b    1335    Mvrtle. 

Abramowski  Emma,     oik     H    G     Capw 

Co.    b    Hotel    Crellin. 
Abrahams,    see    also    Abrams. 
Abrahams  Barnard,    tailor,    r    1766    Sth. 
Abrahams    Israel,    elk,   b   1766    8th. 
Abrahams  Philip,    tailor    Saml    Citron, 

S    F. 
Abrahams  Ray,    seams,    b    1766    Sth. 
Ahrahamson  Abraham,    baker,    r    153   3d 
Abrahamson     Alex,         elk         Abrahams, 
Bros,    b   1154   Brush. 


H   A   Abrahamson,    Pres;    Henrv   Abri 

hamson,     Vice    Pres;    Julius    Abrah; 

son,    Treas;      David    Magnes,    Sec; 

Goods,    Fancy      Goods      and      Millin 

469-471       13th,     s    e      cor      Washlngto 

Phone  Okld  1636. 
Abrahamson   Bldg,   13th,    s   e   cor  Wash 
Abrahamson  Carl    J,    lab    S    P    Co. 
Abrahamson  Henry,       vice      pres      Abri 

hamson    Bros,    r   S    F. 
Abrahamson  Henry    R,    contr.    111    Laur 

Abrahamson  Herman,    bkpr    Abrahamsc 

Bros,      b   964    10th. 
Abrahamson  Hugo    A.     pres    Abrahamsc; 

Bros,    r   576    28th. 
Abrahamson  Jacob,     baker    Louis     Rot! 

enstein,    rms    272    Sth. 
Abrahamson  Julius,     treas       Abrahamso 

Bros,    r    1175    Madison. 
Abrahamson  Paul,    millhd    W   P   Fuller 

Co,    b    132   Warren. 
Abrahamson  Paulina     I.     (wid     Chas), 

132    Warren. 
Abrahamson  Mrs    Pauline,     r    964     10th. 
Abrams,     see    also    Abrphams. 
Abrams  Blodwyn    E,     elk    Kahn    Bros, 

1311    11th    av. 
Abrams  Christopher,    carp,    r   2810    Boeh 

Abrams  Ernest,    salsn    Kahn   Bros,    b  102; 

Abrams  Geo   A,    lab,    b    1311   11th   av. 


10131015  Broadway,  Oakland,  Cal.    KOHLER  &  CHASE,  fnc! 


tlarl  H.  NicKel  Co. 

Telephones:      OaKland     4-552  Home     . 

Real  Estate,  insurance,  Investments,  Designing  and  Building 

Suite     211 
OaKland  BanK  of 
Savings  Bviildir~B 
e     A     4052 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

irams  Gertrude,  seams  G  W  Mosbacher, 

3    1575   21st    av. 

irams  John,   brkmn,   r  617   E   16th. 

.rams  Mildred      C,      bkkpr        Redwood 

Vnfrs  Co,   r  1042  57th. 

irams  Pearl    M.     stenogr    Geo      Ingra- 

aam,   b   1311   11th  av. 

irams  Wm,   r  50  Vernon. 

,irams  Wm    J.    r   1311    11th    av. 

„...s  Z,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  r  561  B  11th. 
.rao  Manuel,  lab  The  Paraffine  Paint 
•2o,    T   1200    17th   av. 

ireard    Manuel,    shoemkr    Cahn.      Nick- 
Msburg  &  Co,   r  1160  Ocean   av. 
ureau  Manuel,    lab,   r  726   Lewis. 
Dreu  Alrhonse     D,     elk    J    G    Brick.       r 
S29    Chestnut. 

c„  Annie,    bkpr,    b   1009   E   22nd. 
ireu  A  nth    A,    plumber    W    R    Stulz,    b 
1009   E   22d. 

>jreu   \nt\\    P,    tanner   Brown    &    Adams 
Co,    r   98S   E    22d. 
oreu  Aug,    lab,    r   217    Hellen. 
ireu  Frank,    lab    S    P   Co. 
oreu  Geo   P,   elk  C   F  Darling   &   Co,   b 
1009    E    22d. 

Dreu  Gust,    ironwkr  Judson   Mnfg   Co. 
oreu  John   F,    lab,    r   1011    E   22d. 
Dreu  Jos,    lab   S      P   Co. 
Dreu  Jos    A.    mngr    Chester    F.    Darling 
&  Co,    b   1009   E   22d. 
oreu  Jos  E,   carp  Hogan   Lbr  Co,   1    9<o 

oreu"Manuel,    lab,    b    666    E   Valdez 

Dreu  Manuel,    lab,    r    rear   824    E    14th. 

Dreu  Manuel,    lab,    r    165    2d. 

Dreu  Manuel, lab,    r    40      Warder. 

oreu  Manuel  F,   r  1009  E  22d 

oreu  Virginia,    emp    Yosemite    End} . 

breu  Wm    V,    appr   Alwar    &    Peters,    b 

„  22d. 
brott,  see    also   Abbott, 
brott  Annie    (wid   Chas),   rMl      Avon. 
brott  Chas    P,    blksmith    3235    E    14th,    1 
1319  Bassett. 

brott  Kdw,  lab,  b  431  Avon 
brott  Mary  (wid  Andr  B;  Abrott  &  Mc- 
Kinnon),    r   Bkly.  ■ 

brott  Wm    (Brownrigg    &      Abrott),       r 

brott'  &"Mcl!innon    (Mary  Abrptt.    Michl 

McKinnon),    saloon.    1114    Stantord    av. 

Bihier  Jennie,    waiter,    471    9th. 

burn  Abraham,    miner,    r    ^0    Ta>  loi    pi. 

burn  John,    car    opr,    Leona    Chem    Co, 

r  Leona   av.    nr   Redwood    av. 

■cadi  my  of  Our  Lady  of  Lourdes,  E  ljtn 

-uaitino  Emilio,  lab.  r  578  45th. 
ecatino  Antonio,  lab.  r  736  45th. 
•coatta  Jos,   painter,    r  S18  Linden 

|e iks,,  Louis,    lab,    r    46od    V/est. 

ccomazzo  Luigi,     lab,        b    3S74     Shatter 

ccclssano  Ernest,    lab,    r   466    42d. 

chard  Mrs  Julia  A.  midwife,  865  Center. 

chard  Wm   L    (W    L      Achard    Co),    rms 

47SV.    10th. 

charu  W  L  Co   (W  L  Achard)    real  est, 

219    First  Natl  Bank  bldg. 

•hs  Alma,  elk  Hale  Bros,  b  o67  Jones. 
Chi  Anna,  elk  Hale  Bros,  b  567  Jones 
ehs  Elsa,    elk    Abrahamson    Bros,    b    567 

bhs  E  Oscar,  tailor,  339  Albany  blk.  r 
567    Jones.  rt        . 

cker  Frank,    molder   R   S  Young   Supply 
""58   23d   av. 

Oakland  Elevator  Co. 

Installations  ::  Repairs 

,  8th,  S.E.  Cor.  Webster  Phone  Oakland  3710 

Acker  Nicholas    A,    lawyer,    r    353    Euclid 

„cker  Valentine,    r    1258    23d    av. 

Acker  Wm.    meatctr   Grand    Central    Mkt, 

r    806%    Jefferson. 
Ackerman   Albt   H,    pres.    A   H   Ackerman 

Crockery  Co.   b  Key  Route   Inn. 
Ackerman  A    H     Crockery    Co,     Albt      H 

Ackerman,    pres,     2d    floor    Kahn    Bros 

Pept    Store. 
Ackerman  Chas    A,    painter,    r    823    Pine. 
Ackerman  Florence,  seams,   b  1393  12th. 
Ackerman  Fredk     A,     cond     S     P     Co,     1 

1393    12th. 
Ackerman  Geo    H,    carp,    b    296    Herman. 
Ackerman  Helen,   bkpr,   b  1393  12th. 
Ackerman  Henrietta    (wid    Howell   W),    t 

672   Apgar. 


Land  and  Mining  Attorney,  1603  Brush 
Phone   Okld    757S,    r   1327    Myrtle. 

Ackerman  John   Q,   carp,    b  J98   58th. 

Ackerman  Moses,  salsn,  rms  1315  Web- 

Ackerman  Oliver  B,  contr,   r  296  Herman 

Ackerman  Ruth,   laundrywkr.   h   1393  12th 

\ckerman  Wm  C.  comp  Tribune,  rms 
803   Clay. 

Ackermann  Chas  L,  b  3900  Bway. 

Ackus  Andr,   lab   S  P  Co,   r  1038  Chester. 

Ackerson  Peter,    r    1083    67th. 

Ackley  Frank  J,   eng,   r  S01%    Jefferson. 


Ladies'  Waists,  Muslin  Underwear 
Novelties  in  Children's  and  Infants 
Wear  963-965  Washington;  Phone: 
Okld  4038,  Home  A  5638.  (See  Classi- 
fied Ladies'  Furnishing  Goods.) 
Acme  Planing  Mill  Co  (Inc),  H.  N.  Woods 

pres   and   mngr,    A.    J.    Condon    sec;    65'. 

Washn.  , 

Acme  Restaurant,  218  San  Pab  av. 
Acosta  Frank,  lab,  b  716  Jackson. 
Acosta  Guido.  lab,  r  716  Jackson. 
Acosta    Sebastian    E,    lab    S    P   Co,    r    156. 

Acoust   Aug.    lab,    151   2d. 


James  M  Shannon,  Mngr  and  Resident 
Physician;  24th  av  and  26th  st;  Phones 
Merritt    83-84    and    17S.      (See    left    side 

Adair8 Arthur   B.   r  1810   46th  av. 

Adair  Lavina  (wid  Louis),  rms  1168  Jack- 

Adalld  Anthony,    tchr    St    Mary's    College. 
\dam  Chas.   tailor,  b  3004  Fruitvale  av. 
Adam  Mary,    phys  3(i»4   Fruitvale  av, 
\dam     Mel.  him,     shoemkr     3202     loothil 

boul     r   E    ISth    cor    34th    av. 
Adamina  Albt.    bkpr.    b   SIS   29th 
Adamina  Felix,  painter,  r  SIS  29th. 
Adamina  Felix  .1.   carpetlyr  Jackson   Furn 

Co     r    1120    Santa    Fe    av. 

\,!.i,i,in:i   Jos,   painter,   r  820  29th 
Adamina  Mary,  stenogr.  b  Ms  29th. 

^         n         i   B-^.  iZrr^  EMBALMER    AND 


225  TWELFTH  ST,  COR.  ALICE  (Pythian  Castle)     phones  <  °0fcffi777 


®  - 























hi  C 



B  M 



S  ^ 



%  y 



B  ^ 


3  ^ 

C/l     3 

D.  B.  HUNTER. 

Pre*,  and  Gen.  MlT. 
Main  Office  and  Yard 

Shattuck  Av.  &  Oregon  St. 

Berkeley,  Cal. 
Vel.  Berkeley  8 


Oakland  6622 
Home  A2250 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14.  1902 


Wharf  and  Yard  , 
South  End  of 
Webster  Street  Bridge 
Tel.    Berkeley  8. 

1910      POI/K-HUSTKI)      CO.S 

n'-mis    Thos    D.    vdman    S    P   Co,    r   1625 


Wamis   Abraham,   pedlar,   r   716   Jackson. 

I  Mams    Ada   L,    cashr   Stoll   &   Alexander, 

b  579  12th. 

Warns  Mrs  Agnes  (Henry  D  Durham  Co). 

b    857    Grove. 
Warns  Alvin  T,  barber  Sargent  &  Willis. 

r  290  9th. 
Warns  Anna,    nurse    Pfund-Dietz    Ortho- 

petic  Sanitarium. 
Warns  Mrs  Anna  M,  b  4286  Piedmont  av. 
Warns  Anson    I.    eashr    Wells,    Fargo    & 

Co,    r   593    33d. 
Warns  Antone.    lab.    r    710    Brush. 
Warns  Arthur  E,   conJ,  r  1715  Walter  ay. 
Warns  Arthur   L,    r  650   Oakland  av. 
Warns  Aug  J.   elk  Eernhard   &   Erickson, 

672   Apgar. 
Adams  Austin    F,    elk   The   Winedale   Co, 

r  1007  Oak. 
|  Adams  A  Maria  (wid  Saml),  b  4286  Pied- 
mont  av. 
Warns  A  E,   condr  O  T   Co. 
I  Adams  Benj,     leather    and     findings,     959 
Warns  Benneville   K,   pedlar,    r   531   33d. 
Warns  Bert,   salsn,   rms  1009  Oak. 
Adams  Bertram,    salsn    Pac    Coast    Can- 
ning Co,    b   1410   Filbert. 
I  Adams  Bros    (W    T    and    C    H),    painters 
573   40th. 
Warns  Carl  H  (Adams  Bros),   b  573  40th. 
Warns  Chas,  blksmith  Sohst  Carriage  Co. 
Warns  Chas,  supt,  b  945  Willow. 
I  Adams  Chas   A,    elk,    r  2011   48th   av. 
I  Adams  Chas   E,    miner,    r   1069   E   28th. 
Adams  Chas  H,  eng  S  P  Co,  b  1418  8th. 
Adams  Chas    L,    picture    frames    1122    23d 

av,    r  3248  Davis. 
Adams  Chas  L,   carp,  r  869  E  38th. 
Warns  Chas    L,   Jr,    plasterer,    r  1633    25th 

Adams  Chas  W,  died  Mar  10,  '09,  age  74. 
]  Adams  Claude    W,    mach    hd    S    P    Co,    r 

854   Jefferson. 
I  Adams  Clifford    D,    painter   Adams    Bros, 
b  573  40th. 

|  ADAMS  C  F  CO, 

H    A    Davis,    Mgr;    Installment    Goods, 
Ladies'    and    Gentlemen's    Clothing;    308 
Telegraph  av. 
[Adams  Daisy    (wid   Jas  D),    r  4431  Allen- 
I     dale  av. 
Adams  Danl  A,  driver,  r  683  32d. 
Adams  David    Q.    car  opr  O   T   Co,    r  1601 

Mountain   View  av. 
Adams  David    R,    r   515   33d. 
Adams  Ebenezer.      salsn      New      England 
'      Syrup    Co,    b    575    Hobart. 
Adams  Edson,   b   1350   Madison. 


Adams  Edw     C,     salsn    Zellerbach     Panel 

Co,  r  56  11th. 
Adams  Edw  S.  mining  eng,  r  1069  E  28th. 
Adams  Eliza   L    (wid   Fred),    r   666   21st. 
Adams  Elizabeth,   r  575  Hobart. 
Adams  Ellsworth,  artist  Tribune,   b  1315B 

Adams  Mrs  Emma,   968  Jefferson. 
Adams  Ernst,    propr   Hotel    Adams,    r   56C 

Adams  Eugene   J,    millhd   W   P   Fuller  & 

Co,   r  860y2    Filbert. 
Adams  E  Henry,   elk  Geo  Adams,   b  1166 

Adams  Farley  B,  engr,  r  561  E  18th. 
Adams  Mrs  Florence,  bLI  Mather  , Elm- 
Adams  Frank,    towerman   S    P   Co,    b   945 

Adams  Frank     C,     driver     Contra     Costa 

Lndry,  r  1147  Myrtle. 



s  43d  av  4  t 

4151    Piedmont 

Adams  Frank   E, 

Adams  Frank    E 

Adams  Frank   O,   marine  eng,   r  1819   Tel 

Adams  Franklin  H,   tmstr,   r  776  11th. 
Adams  Fred,  ctr  C  J  Twomey,  r  906  14th. 
Adams  Fred    E.    r   1165    Jackson. 
Adams  Fredk   A,    r   6205    Dover. 
Adams  Geo,  agt  Jackson   Napa  Soda  1266 

Adams  Geo,    expman,    b    1054    45th. 
Adams  Geo  K,    elk,   b   404   Oakland  av. 
Adams  Geo  Q,  mach  S  P  Co.  r  1711%  12th. 
Adams  Geo    S,    mngr   Adams    Jewelry   Co, 

r  1356   52d   av. 
Adams  Geo   T,    lab   S   P  Co. 
Adams  Geo   T,    driver  Geo   Adams,    r  151S 

11th  av. 
Adams  Geo  W,   salsn  Armour  &   Co,   rms 

1007   San   Pab  av. 
Adams  Geo  W,   salsn,    r  3860  E  18th. 
Adams  Gladys   G.   student,   b   69    Echo   av. 
Adams  Grace  (wid  Mark  F),  b  S16  36th. 
Adams  G  Wallace,   salsn,   r  526  66th. 
Adams  Harmon,    piano   tuner,    r  s  s   4th  A 

e  of  Jones  av,   Elmhurst. 
Adams  Harold,    salsn    Okld    Sash    &    Door 

Co,   b  404  Oakland  av. 
Adams  Hazel  B  (wid  Edw  H),  r  1009  24th, 
Adams  Helen  M  (wid  Thos  A),  r  999  10th. 
Adams  Henry   H,    r    1351    Madison. 
Adams  Herbert    A,     salsn    Maxwell    Hdw 

Co,   r  959   55th. 
Adams  Hope    H.    elk,    b   999   10th. 
Adams  Hotel,     Ernest    Adams    propr,    560 

Adams  Mrs  Ida  M.   rms  271  10th. 
Adams  Idella    M,    sec    Fabiola   Hospital,    r 

Adams  Jas,  agt,   r  945  Willow*. 
Adams  Jas  E,  elk,  r  668  Alcatraz  av. 
Adams  Jas   E,    pres   Brown    &   Adams   Co, 

r    S    F. 
Adams  Jewelry   Co,    Geo    S    Adams    mngr, 

978    Franklin. 
Adams  Mrs    Johanna    F,    b    264    11th. 
Adams  John,    metal   wkr,    r  1073    A   59th. 
Adams  John,   carp,  r  1172  Hopkins. 
Adams  John    F,    r  962    7th. 
Adams  John  J,   lab,   rms  535   24th. 
Adams  John  M,   phys  3777  Piedmont  av. 
Adams  John   M,    bkpr.   b   150   Hanover  av. 


I  will  furnish  for  $75,  Hearse, 
two  hacks, embalming, shroud 
and   cloth    covered  casket 

1305    FranKlin   St 


20  per  cent  Discount 


Publishers'  Price 

Smith  Bros- 

462=464  13th  St. 

Bet  Broadway  andJAfashington^ 

Atoms  Jos,  lab.  r  711 >  Brush. 
Adams    Jos,    meats    3209    E    i«n,    r 

Adams' Jos  F,  died  July  13  09  age  74 
Adams  Jos  I,    (Cogorno  &  Adams),   r  580 

^SX'mel""^  Adams.  bU 

,dBamsmKenneth    C,    city    editor   Evening 
Maii,   r  Hotel  Athens. 


^hvsician  and  Surgeon,  office  hours  2-4 

Skid  115S,  r  265  Lee,  Phone  Okld  3762 
Adams  Mrs  Lena    b  1607  9th  av 
\oams  i>;onarct  O,   cond   &  r  <~". 
Ada^Lorenzo  D    grocer  890  Hopkins. 

Adams  V°U1SV\w?ri  Vuw)     r  1055  Madi- 
AUams  Lucinda  (wid   t'.uw;,   i 

Adams  Lucy  A   (wid  Chas  E),  r  69  Echo 

AdamB  Luther  M.  cond  O  T  Co,  r  503  E 

Saa  BHAiff8&b«E  2  Sft  co 

r  4ul  Oakland  av. h  -,073 

Ydams  Oliver  M,  elk  Cal  Door  Co,  b  LWo 

r  398  Lawton  av. 


Investments    and    Securities,     214    First 
National  Bank  bids,  Pnone  Okla  2566. 
r  516  30th. 


b  522   E  24th. 
Adams  R  C.  carp  SB  00.  MUes 

Warns  Saml,  torcman  h  if  <-o, 
^dams  Mrs   Saml.   musician,   b  109  Miles 


Adams  Walter  D,  elk    r  683  32d, 

Jluns  Wesley,  coir  Hutchinson  Co,  r  255 
tdtmsVharvcs  Water  Front  110m  ft 
Ad"msiSWm,  tca?piSturgeon  &  White,  r 
Xns  Wm,  driver  Dennis  Scully,  rms 
862  Henry.  r         1371  5th  av. 

Adams  Wm  D,  cond  O  r  Co,  r  it  1 
\.l  ,m«  Win  H,  'aru.  r  685   L    '""i1-nakl.nti 
tdarns  Wm  W.  mining  eng,  r  46o  Oakland 

Vdams  W   Roy.   elk  Taft   &   Pennoyer 

999   10th.  student  Mills  College 

Ariamsen  Ertuli,   slJ,ae,'\..1,c  r^^ef, 
Adamsen  Olive.  studentJlil^C^Uege^ 

Adamsen  Rita,   student  Mills  College 
Adamsen  Mrs  Rita,  r  Mills  CoUege. 

Son  BcalW?rfirrem2a6n5  21  &   -   1» 

Ad^ms'o^Danl  ^canotrea,  Carruth  4 

aSEM^  fab  gAat  *  Pkg  Co. 


Adeline.  o  -p  To    r  937  Pop 

Adamson  Geo  V  ,  ens  S  r  u,  r 

Adamson  Margaret    r  100b  E  u.o. 
Adamson  Margaret,  elk  Okld  G  --  « 

AM^ot  hlk.  r  e  s  Wall  4  s  of 
JSi  R 'Sfcafopr  O  T  Co,  r  3017  Plelt 
derBeVssie    O,    stenogr   Ala   County    Ab 
*££?  Cafc'co!  W^nlunovlch  mgr, 
Jg^&ian  House.   «012  Adeline 


Ade'.s  M  D,   ladies'   tailor  636  l-tn, 
kelson   Albt.   jeweler  439  San  Pab  av. 
A&SJSS^b  H24  FiUiert. 

Elmhurst.  .„..„„ 

twins'   Marfon0  tSffiSr.    rms    I 

Ad'lX' Mmaph.Sclk  W  G  White,  r  5750  Ma 
ArttrUAlex.  elk  Saml  Dorman.  rms  8 
Adler  Chas  IT.  elk  T  C  Landregan,  b  5 
JUS^R  driver  Am   Biscuit  Co.    r 

Market.  ,, 

Adler  Julius,  junk,  r  3X1    W- 
taler    Margarette    (wid    Wm),    rms 

Ulviance   Saml   B,    carrier  ir   ■-., 


-    z-4  pi 


-  \  1  v-i    w 

'  s>  o  £" 

■"  0™  ?>  _J 

■rt  o 


Ta^onTFurniture  Co. 


519-525  Twelfth  St.       Oakland,  CaL 

GLOBE  ^  J1 

'"2    ..  °  <° 

«  «n  Jl   ''C   ,H 

53  ."t;  w 

J3  ro 

a-  *  «  as 

w  6  -S  "£  if 


3  -s 

OsenS  Hunter  Auto  Co. 

of  Oakland,  Incorporated 

Cor.  1.2:h  and  Jackson 

Oakland.  San  Francisco 


1910      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Every  Store  equip- 
ped to  take  care  of 
all  your  automobile 
wants,  with  acom- 
plete  shop  and  the 
&  HiintVi-,  no|icv 

Ads    Louis,     mol'der    Phoenix    Iron    Wks 

r  San  I.eandro. 
Advent  Christian  Church,  S15  33d 
Ady    J    Clement,    salesn   Zellerbaoh    Paper 

Co,  r  919  Magnolia. 
Aeby  John,  r  16s  Ayala  av. 
Aegidius  Peter,  r  2:J13  43d. 
Aeless  Victor,  lab,  r  164  5th. 


A.  P  B  Hennig  Propr,  Machine,  Elec- 
t,2ca!~?ncl  Locksmith  Work,  36S  10th 
—   Classified  Machinists). 





3  A 


Ira  J.  Prather  Mngr,  Windmills,  Pumps 
Pho^'okM"'  1St  S  W  COP  MadiSOn' 

Aertker  Rev  Victor  O  F  M,  rector  St 
Elizaoeth's  R  C  Church,  r  1531  34th  av. 

Aetna  Building.  1004  Bway. 


John  A  Beckwith  agent,  1070  Bway. 


™f.IJartforf  Conn)  Ross  C  Winslow, 
Dist  Mngr,  I,ife.  Accident  and  Liability 
Departments,  513  Union  Savings  Bank 
bidg,  Phone  Okld  1057. 

Afferk    Robt,    baker    5630    Grove,    r    362S 

Affleck  Robt  Jr,  driver,  b  3628  Grove. 
Afro-American     Real     Estate     Assn     an'l 

Jfol?  5,ureau  of  CaI>  J  B  Wilson  pies, 
819  V.    Chester. 

Agard  Alex  H,  searcher  of  records,  r  1503 

3:)th  av. 
Agard  Arthur  F,   tchr,  b  1331  Filbert. 
Agard  Sabra  L  (wid  Jos  J),  r  1331  Filbert 
Agassiz  Jas    B    (Cotton    Bros    &    Co),    241 

Bacon  bldg. 

Agee  Horatio  B,  r  4218  Suter 

-Aggie  Robt  T,   painter,   r  45  Franklin  av. 

K'r?oo^!i;d'  driver  Bemhard  &  Eriekson, 
r  923  5th. 

Agiler  Jas,  lab,  r  1305  Webster 

Agnew  David  R.  pres  Ckld  Meat  &  Pack- 
ing Co,  r  Bkly. 

Agivrw  Frank  J,  ins  agt  473  11th,  r  1785 
12th  av. 

Agnew  Geo  W,   rms  570   19th. 

Agnew  Louis  F,  elk  Detective  Bureau,  r 
4X4   24th. 

Aflnt?l  I1?05   J.    agt   R   D   Hunter   &    Co, 

b  575  8th. 
Agnew  Wm  P,  phys  205  Tel  av, 
A?0-°tmo    Nicholas,    Iab   oliva   &   Martini, 

b   680  Market. 
Agostinovich   Matthew,   elk  Mirko  &  Zim- 

lch.  b  1527  7th. 
Asrell  Albt,   elk  C  H  Schiveley,   rms   406 

Agrella  Antone,  lab,  r  1015  E  20th. 

in,'J-lci°S,e   J>   emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills, 

b  10.'.5  E  20th. 
Agrella  Manuel,  lab,  b  1015  E  20th 
Agrillo  Jennie  (wid  Jos),  r  S12y»  Brush 
Agrillo  John,   lab,   b  S1.2U,  Brush 
Aerillo  Josephine,   pkr,   b'SU'V,   Brush. 
Agrillo  Paul,   lab,   b  812^,   Brush. 
Agrimonti   Jos,    sausage  mkr     r   rear  733 

Aguiar  Mary  fwid  Anton),  r  1370^   5th. 
Aguilar  Antonio  A,  restaurant  S62  Clay 
Aguilar  A,  r  1305  Webster. 


Aguire  John,    bartndr  4501  B  14th 

rose  nr  47th  av. 
Ahbloin  Carl,  seaman,  r  3312  Lloyd  av       I 
Ahern  Anna  A,  stenogr  Wellman-Robbins 

Mer  Agency,   b  1168  19th. 
Ahern  Anna  E,  elk,  b  1614  17th. 
Ahern  Bridget  (wid  Miclil),  r  925  Pine 
Ahern  Danl  J,  insptr,  r  1168  19th. 
Ahern  Frank,  stage  hd  Bell  Theatre. 
Ahern  Grace  C,  elk,  b  1168  19th 
Ahern  Honora  (wid  Michl),  b  1568  7th  av 
Abern  John  J,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  1568  7th 

AheTa,1fVJ}?.Tine  T'  clk  H  c  Capwell  Co, 
D    lbl4    17th. 

Ahern  Mary  A,  cashr,  b  1614  17th 

Ahern  May  A,   ticket  agt  S  P  Co,   b  922 

Ahern  Patk,    watchman,    r   1614    17th 
Ahern  R,    rms   371   13th. 
Ahern  R  Frank,   city  jailor,   r  522  9th 
Ahern  Win      propertyman     Bell     Theatre 

rms   591   San    Pablo   av.  «»««, 

AlUberg  Axel,  bench  hand  Hidecker  Lbr 
Ahjers  G  Geo,  carp  S  P  Co. 
Ah  f r?  Wm^rhlpr  S  P  Co,  r  600  52d  av, 
A hiL  aX  i^C'  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  680  60th. 
*  ?ii  Adolph,  mstr  mariner,  b  615  61st. 
At  n  Annie  (wid  Andr),  b  615  61st. 
■^Jjr"  iul,',us  G-  mstr  mariner,  r  615  61st. 
AJ?  !n  S3   marine   eng,   b   615   61st. 

ah  iU  ™He  <wld  Nils)'   r  5872  Occidental. 
Ah  in  Victor,  mstr  mariner,  b  615  61st. 
Ahlstrom  Chas,    carp    S    P    Co,    r    E    19th 

sw  cor  19th  av. 
Ahlstrom  Mrs  Emily  C,  grocer  B  21st  sw 

cor  19th  av. 
Ahlstron  Peter    F,     eng    S     P     Co      r    20 

Howard,  Fruitvale. 
Ahrens,  see   also   Arends   and   Arens. 
Aliens  Albt   N,    tmstr.    b    1567   Linden. 
Ahrens  Danl,    b   3600   Tel   av 
A  In -ns  Deiderieh    N,    r   1567   Linden. 

«fn?  Frank.   bartndr  601  Webster,   rms 

3o4    1st. 
Ahrens  Geo   D,    driver   Motor   Parcel   Del 

Co,    b    1567   Linden. 

A1Are,£S  fi!Len  S'  bkpr  Arlett  &  Bingham, 

o    672   14th. 
Ahrens  Henry   F,    lab,    b   W  G   Hostetter. 
Ah   Wong    restaurant   814   Washn. 
Aick  ey  Chas,    cook,    r    3112    Elmwood    av. 
Aickley  Wm    C,   janitor  530    13th. 
Aiken,  see    also    Aitken    and    Akins. 
Aiken  Benj    R,    lawyer    957    Bway,    r    557 

Eldorado  av. 
Aiken  Edna    J    (wid    Nathan    J),    r    1061 

Aiken  Emily    (wid   Robt),    b   1669    9th. 
Al£?-Y,  Henrv    S,    bartndr    1574    7th,    r    939 

Aiken  Nelson    P,    r    1669    9th. 


Physician   and    Surgeon    1111    Washing- 
ton, Hours  1-3  P  M  and  7-8  P  M    Mon- 
™?f  •    Wednesdays    and    Fridays,    Phone 
Okld   4333;   r  3120  School   cor  Champion. 
Fruitvale,    Phone   Merritt   2834. 
A.ikjn  Robt  C,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  768  14th. 
Aikins  Victor    L,    plumber,    r   560    15th 
Aileen  The,    furn    rms    903  V4    Washn. 
Ainness  John,   helper  Roht  Dalziel  Jr  Co. 
Ainsley  Thos.    carp,    r   1474   3Sth   av 
Ainslie  Maude    E,    tchr,    b    3682    Fruitvale 

Alnsworth  Anna  (wid  Alfred  G),  r  676  62d 
Alnsworth  Bros    (Henry   C,    David    S    and 
Robt   L),    grocers    1062   Market. 





L II.  Clay  &  Co. 


Home  of  N.  Y.  Phoenix  We.tcheiter 

466  Tenth  Street,  Oakland,  Cal. 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


Ainsworth  David  S  (Ainsworth  Bros),  b 
1057  Market.  „. 

Ainsworth  Dorothy  E.  bkpr    b  116 <   E  -,,d. 

Ainsworth  Ellen  (wid  John).  r  l1,67,  Ji -"a; 

Ainsworth  Geo  R  B,  grocer  1701  12th,  r 
1025  Magnolia.  ,,„<,>     v, 

Ainsworth  Henry   C    (Ainsworth   Bros),   b 

Ainsworth" Mary  (wid  Henry),  r  3025  Per- 
simmon. .  ,     „  -r,.        _.     1AK7 

Ainsworth  Mary    E    (wid    Geo    R).    r   1057 
Ainsworth  Robt    L    (Ainsworth    Bros), 
AiSortfwm    P,    dep    City   Assessor, 
Air7Aug  A,  bench  hand  Burnham-Stande- 

ford  Co,   r  3200  Minna  av. 
Aitken,  see   also  Aiken   and   Aklns. 
Aitkin  Alfred    C,    salsn    Western    Finance 

Co,   r   6380   Moulton. 
Aitken  Andr  M,   steward  Hotel  Crellin 

AitkenAndr   N,    dep    County   Assessor 
Ai4tl9e0nTEdwaVJ.  bartndr  1114  'Stanford  av 

r  1001  56th.  1rt. 

Aitken  Ernest  G,  mach,   r  1130  E  lotn. 
A  tken  Geo,   carp,   r  4608   St   Charles 
titken  Geo    eT    e'mp    Cal    Cotton    Mills 

1074    E  16th.  .„„    17th 

Aitken  Hugh,    carp    S   P   Co.   r   1173    17th 
Aitken  Irma  J.   stenogr,   b   S,4   19th 
Aitken  Mamie    (wid   Louis)     r  2225  Bway 
Aitkens  Maggie,    fc .3600   Tel   av. 
Alton  Hugh  R,  r  616  19th 
Ajello   Prank,    ins    agt    13   Tel   a\, 

Aj^no'john  B.   lab.   r  1460  Moss  av.  E 

AtaSdh  Andr,  lab.  r  1038  Charter. 
Akerlv  Clarence,   elk,    b   1186    i-   '9tn. 
Xkerly  Jas   C   S.   phys   1155   Bway.   r   1074 

AkersGeo   A,    fireman    Eng   Co    11, 

Akins^see    also    Aiken    and    Aitken 
AkinsChas  H,  b  4X7   26th 
Akins  Edw,    real   est.    b   487   26th. 
Aklns  Rollo,    elk     b   817   Brush 
Akiyosh    Jutro    Co,    grocers   ^J    8th- 
Akutagawa  Henry    conf _  311 7th 
Aladdin  Apartments,    1101    1st   av. 
Alameda,  see    also    Almeda. 
Alameda  Antone,   lab,   r  739  E  33d. 
Alameda  Antone,    lab,    r   1406   E    10th. 

COUNTY       AB 

Phones:  Oakland  2537,  Home  A  2537 

Holding  Brick  Buildings  a  Specialty 


House  Moving  and  Rigging 

1747  Adeline  St.  Oakland,  Cal. 




Harrv  L  Holcorab,  Pres;  Wm  H  Waste 
Vice-Pres-  John  McCarthy,  Sec  and 
Mngrf  426  10th,  Phones  Okld  455,  Horn 


C*   W    Borchert    Sec,     632     13th,     Phone 

*S5ssa Ecard  of  K,u,cation> 


a£S£  8S£  Citizen       West      Coast 


w   s   Franklin   bet    4th    and   5th,    Phone 
Okld   417.  

ALAMEDA       COUNTY       IN- 

Wm  A  Clark  Supt,  se  of  San  Lean- 
dro Road  nr  San  Leandro  Junction 
Phone  Merritt  153. 

Alameda  County   Jail,  see    County   Jail. 

Alameda  County  King's  Daughters    Home 
for     Incurables     Mrs     Matilda     pi  own. 
pres;    Mrs    K   J    Simmonds,    supt:    S 


Miss  Claire  C  Cushing  Librari 
house,    Phone   Okld   847. 


r  C  Volberg,  Pres;  C  P  Hoag;  Seer 
Miss  H  L  Kruger,  Asst  Sec;  Clay  nw 
cor  16th,   Phone  Okld  8500.  i 

Alameda  County  Medical  Association.  M 
L   Emerson    sec,    22   Delger    bldg. 

Alameda  County    Milk    Dealers     Assocla- 

AlamedaCoumfpianing  Mills  Assn,  FH 

Oates  sec.  209  Albany  wit. 
Alameda  County    Receiving   Hospital    (inj 

sane   dept),    w   s    Franklin    bet    4th   and 

Alameda  County    Society    for    the    Study 
AS "prevention    of    Tuberculosis,    Ken- 
neth   A    Millican,    pres;     Bertha    Knox, 
sec;   320   1st  Natl  Bank   bldg. 
Alameda  Domingo     lab    Judson   Mnfg   Co 

Alameda^orence  E.  b  1406  E  10th. 
Alameda  Ceo.  lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Alameda  Jesse,  painter  S  P  Co,   rms  icoo 

Alameda  John,   lab    r  45   Warder. 
Alameda  Jos,   elk,   b  1269  E  11th 
Alameda  Jos.    driver,    b    1056     W 
Alameda  Jos.    boilermkr.    r   1534    ..4  1. 
Alameda  Jules,  iron  wkr  Judson  Mnfu  c  o. 
Alameda  Jules,    shoemkr    r   1715  Atlantic, 
Alameda  Leopold,    emp    Cal    Co  t on    Mills. 
Alameda   Manuel,    lab     r   1319   ..0th  av . 
Alameda  Mariana,  b   1409  45th  av. 
Alameda  Marion,    lab,   r  121.9   E  lltn. 

A         eda   Mrs   Mary,   b  »«»   «aui    ft    Co 
Alameda  Mary,    emp    Levi   Stiauss   &.   i-o 

h  San  Leandro. 
Alameda  Mary.  D    b   1406   K ,m 
Alameda  Minnie   E,  b   14 



J    A    Osterdock),     2006 

meda.     Phone    Ala    39. 

Alameda    Soda     Water     C 

Rarnert  sec.   409  K  12th. 
Alam.  da  Wm    L,    lab   Judson   Mnfg   Co. 

16  Chapman.  „„,„,  «,  Mark    rr 

Alary  Alfred,   waiter  Hotel   St   M»rK,    n 

900%  Washn. 

SaturdayEEvening  Post 


C  71  71  1/  F   PICTURES  -  -  FRAMES 

\~J    /»    71    t\    U      WHOLESALE     -     -     RETAIL 

130  1910      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 


II  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROAD-WAY 

Alas  James,   lab   S   P  Co,   rms  814  Wood. 

Alassarl  Nicholas,    tailor,   r  592  58th. 

Alasia  John,  lab  S  P  Co,   r  1442  5th. 

Alasia  Pasquale,   lab,   b  1442  5th. 

Alaufeseyite    Products    Co,    W    E    Reed 
mngr,    mining  1115   Bway. 

Alaux  Mrs   Ceranie,   furn   rms  513   8th 

Alaux  Mrs  Maria  L,  furn  rms  1772  7th 

Alavis  J  C,  lab,  rms  501  7th. 

Alback  Henry    E,   driver   Western   Heavy 
Hardware  and  Iron  Co,  b  1049  57th 

Alback  Wm  J,  ship  carp,  b  1049  57th 

Albagnes  G,  rms  818  Bway. 

Albany  Block,  125J  Bway. 

Albara  Peter,   cement  wkr,   r  s   s   3d  3   e 
of  Jones  av,  Elmhuist. 

Albasio  Camillo,  propr  Central  Okld  Hard- 
ware Co,   r  4869  Tel  av. 

Albee  Herbert  J,   lab,   r  1229   21st  av. 

A  bee  Pearl,    student   Mills   College. 
>,?1oHarry'   porter  Key  Route  Inn,   rms 
345  Sycamore. 

Albena  John,  rms  528  l£th. 

Albera  Tina,    emp    Cahn,    Nickelsburg    & 

A1,b,e7/^1„f,red'  Pa'nter  T  H  B  Varney,  r 

1216  E  21st. 
Alberg  Anna  (wld  Jas  H),  r  1216  E  21st 
Alberg  Axel,   mill  hand,  r  1013  61st. 
£!£erg  U?r,rv  M'    carP>   b  ]216   E  21st. 

£e{?,«Ni£1SoR'  Plumber  R  Dalziel  Jr  Co, 

B   1-16   E  21st. 

«5KF    Rasmus    H,    fireman    S    P    Co,    b 

1216   E   21st 
Alberger  Wm'  R,   r  224  Pala  av. 
A  bers  Geo   W,    millman,    b   765    18th 
A  bers  Rose  (wld  Anth).  r  3224  Chicago  av 
Albers  Vv  m,  hardware  6817  E  14th,  b  1221 

43d   av. 
Albert  David  L,  broker,  r  272  Santa  Rosa 

A1iboe.'ut  John'  bartndr  H54  Washn,  rms  616 

Albert!  Domingo,    scavenger,    r   1727   14th 
Albert]  John,  lab,   r  145  Miles  av 
Alberts  Albt  E.   painter,   r  671   4th 
Albertson   Fredk,   seaman,   b  1532   32d 
Albertson  Henry  G,    bkpr,   b  65  Montecito 

Albion  The.   furn   rms  410  7th 

Alborell  Anth  L,  trav  agt.  r  5661  Genoa. 

A  born  Lottie  C,   b  2S50  Redwooa   rd. 

A  born  Robt  C,  r  2S50  Redwood  rd. 

Albrecht  Emil  H.  barber  John  Tisch  Co  r 
79  Laurel  av.   Piedmont. 

A!brec,ht  Eva  M  (wid  Fred),  rms  632  18th 

A  k     ' '  w  ?.ust'  musician,  r  619  El  Dorado! 

Albrecht  Martin,  real  est,  r  Central  av  n 
w  cor  Walnut. 

Albrecht  Paul  R.  emp  Pac  Manifolding 
Book  Co.  b  1108  Cameron. 

Albright,   see  also  Allbright 

Albright  Aaron,  r  w  s  Redwood  av  3  s  of 
California,    Leona   Hts. 

Albright  Mrs  Elizabeth  B,  r  3215  Salis- 

Albright  Fannie    T    (wid    Geo    W), 

4th  av. 
Albright  Frank,    treas   Hammer-Bray   Co, 

r  S  F. 
Albright  Henry  K,   grocer  1949   Union. 
Albright  James  O,  salsn,  r  2901  Atwell  av 
Albright  J  W,  mngr  real  estate  co,  r  3985 

Piedmont   av. 
Albright  Violet  K,  musician,  b  1310  4th  av 
Albright  W  Duncan,  salsn,   b  1310  4th  av 
Alburg  Aug,    laundrywkr,   r  585  40th. 
Alburn  Geo  W,   r  1935  Linden. 
Alcatraz  Hall  861  Peralta. 
Alcorn  Philip   E,   tmstr,   r  1361   13th  av. 
Alcorn  Robt  R,  plasterer,  r  4800  Congress 

Alcove  The,  furn  rms  870  Bway. 
Alden  Byron  W,   salsn  F  Carnes  &  Co.   r 

1498  66th. 
Alden  Byron   W  Jr,   whol  meats  65th  cor 

Bay,   r  5650   Fremont. 


(H  E  Alden),  Real  Estate  and  Mining 
Brokers  1003%  Broadway;  Phones  Okld 
5247,  Home  A4509.  (See  Real  Estate 

Alden  Danl,  elk,   b  1498  66th. 

Alden  Edw,  tmstr  B  W  Alden  Jr.,  b  1498 

Alden  Free  Reading  Room  5190  Tel  av. 
Alden  Gust,    butcher   F    Carnes    &    Co     r 


Bay  City  Well  Works 

Well  Drillinc,  Bonis  "i  Pomp  Work 

Imbwi  u4  Skis 

r*rk  An.  ft  H«i..  St.,  I— yrih 


(The  Alden  Co),  b  Hotel  Crellin. 
Alden  Isaac  R,  died  Nov  24,  '09,  age  83 
Alden  John  R,   bkmn   S  P  Co,   r  1418  9th. 
Alden  J  R,   painter,  b  1193  45th. 
Alden  Victoria    (wid    Eugene    B).    r    1216 

Tel  av. 
Alder  Albt,    salsn,    r  70   6th 
Alder  Chas   W,    salsn,    b    1617    13th   av. 
Alder  Farm    w    s    upper    Redwood    rd      1 

mile   n   of  school. 
Alder  Frank  W,  elec,  r  1221%  E  22d 
Alderman  Eva,   trimmer  C  C  Chapman,   r 

545   18th. 
Alderman     Hubert    P,     chauffeur,    b    160 

Athol  av. 
Alderman   Phillips,   r  160  Athol  av. 
Aldersley  Mrs    Margaret,    r   661    31st 
Aldersley  Ruth,   b   661   31st. 
Alderson  Annie,    tchr    Longfellow    School. 

b  579A  22d. 
Alderson  John  C,  piano  mover,  2214  Chest- 

OAKLAND     'L.. 




LESTER'S  CARPET  HOUSE  Car"ets "Mattings -Rugs •-Linoleums 

p." „  "  ,,  ""'  '  ,,UU01-  Cold  Medal  Steam  Carpet  Cleaning  and  RenovaUng  Works 
Phones:  Oakland  4184,  Home  A4184  -  -  S5G  CLAY  STREET 
AT  612  SECOND  STREET        -         -         -  PHONES:    OAKLAND  2034.  HOME  A3334 

Maxwell    A.  A.    $  675.00 
"  I.         1050.00 

"         Roadster  1725.00 

(Detachable  Tonnean) 
"  E.  1650.00 

F.  O.  B.  Oakland,  Cal. 

OAhli  1 

CI  1  V 

Maxwell  Automobile  Agency 

A.  C.  HULL.   Prop. 

192-194  Twelfth  Street 

Telephones:  Oakland  3628,  Home  A  1332 
DIRECTORY      1910  131 

Alderson  Mabel,  stenogr  J  J  Allen,  b  579A 

Aldon  Elma.   stenogr,   r  624   17th. 

Aldrieh  Abble   P,    r  1336  Myrtle. 

Aldrich  Abby  S   (wid  Wm),  r  580  Jones. 

Aldrieh  Albt  M,  switchman,   r  905  Filbert. 

Aldrieh  Caroline    (wid   Marvin   L),    b   1317 
:     22d   av. 

Aldrich  Chas.     tmstr     Hutchinson     Co,     b 

|     5798   Adeline. 

jAldrich  Clara    E    (wid    Alfred    L),    b    905 

i     Filbert. 

|Aldrieh  Scofield,    phys    623    16th. 

lAldrich  Elsia   E,    elk,    b   580   Jones. 

JAldrich  Fred,   agt,   rms  1817   50th   av. 

Aldrich  Hugh    S    (Aldrich    &    Gentry),    r 

I    623   16th. 

lAldrich  Jas  H,  lawver  906  Bway,   rms  416 

lildrichjob  W,   eng  S  P  Co,  r  1364  9th. 
lAldrich  Lucius  A,    b   1336    Myrtle. 
lAldrich  Otis  A,  cond  O  T  Co,  b  491  Cavour 


,    (Hugh    S    Aldrich,    Wm    H    H    Gentry), 
Attomeys-at-Law    53-55    906    Broadway, 
'    Phone   Okld    2652. 
Udridge,   see  also  Alldredge. 
Udridge  Elizabeth    Q    (wid   John),    r    1427 
I   Filbert. 

\ldridge  Geo  W,  r  1715  12th  av. 
Udridge  Hereward   H.    gasmkr   Okld    G   L 
i   &  H   Co,    r  1427  Filbert. 
Udridge  John   T,   gasmkr  Okld  G   L  &   H 
I  Co,   r  1427   Filbert 
'Uelf  W,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  680  60th. 
lUegria  Louis  G,   elk.   r  5945  Colby, 
jtlessio  Frank,   elk,   r  618  E  12th. 
Mexakis   Peter,    elk,    rms    421   12th. 
Mexander  Abraham,   r  407  Walsworth  av. 
Alexander  Alex,    b   rear   1003   22d. 
silexander  Andr,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  1761  Goss. 

;xander  Arch  A,    phys   1155    Bway,    r  9th 

i  nw  cor  Oak. 

.Jexander  Arthur,    elk    Henry    Alexander, 

b  971  Grove. 

Jexander  Arthur  P,  elk  W  Harry  Camp- 
bell  Co,    r   468    29th. 

Jexander  Barnard,    elk,    r  n   s  E  14th   nr 

Kinsell  av. 
i-lexander  Chas,    driver    Bay    Citv    Flour- 
I  ing   Mills   rms   Clay  cor  1st. 

lexander  Clyde,    elk   Goldberg,    Bowen    & 
;  Co,  b  530  20th. 

lexander  Dean    W,    bkpr,    b    3665    Fruit- 
.  vale  av. 
i  lexander  D  Porter,  r  418  Pacific  av. 

lexander  Earl,    student    Polytechnic    Bus 

Col,  b  1325  Alice. 

lexander  Earl    G,    elk,    b    1250    Franklin. 

exander  Edith,  tchr,  b  361  Warwick  av. 

lexander  Eldo   plater,    b    1614    47th    av 

lexander  Ethel,    elk    Hale    Bros,    b    1306 

51st  av. 

lexander  Ezekiel,      master       mariner,      r 

1250  Franklin. 

lexander  Fermor,    tchr,    r  Josephine  cot- 
tage,  Cottage  av  nr  4th  av. 

lexander  Florence,      lndrywkr     Excelsior 

Laundry,    b   842    Isabella. 

'0e*ander  Frank   R    (Stoll    &   Alexander), 

871  Washn. 

lexander  Geo,  lab  Hutchinson  Co,  r  46th 

cor  Adeline. 

exander  Geo,   candy   mkr  Selby  Bros,    r 

1416  Brush. 

lexander  Geo   W,   eng,    r   3665   Fruitvale 



Merchant  Tailors 

Washington  St.,  near  Fourteenth  St. 

Pnonei:   Oakland  4630.  Home  A  2630 

Alexander  Gussie,    elk    Kahn    Bros, 

Alexander  G  A,  lab,  rms  207  2d. 
Alexander  Harry,  lab,  r  1306  51st  av 
Alexander  Henry,    shoes    917    Bway, 

Alexander  Henry,    lab,    rms    960    5th. 
Alexander  Hugh  S,   waiter  S  P  Co,   r  1667 

Alexander  Jas,  elk  S  P  Co,  b  831  34th. 
Alexander  Jas  J,  mach  Parke  Mach  Wks 

b  530  20th. 
Alexander  Rev  Jas  M.  r  361  Warwick  av. 
Alexander  John    A,    carp    S    P   Co,    r    107; 

Alexander  John  H  C,   compiler  Polk-Hus- 

ted   Directory  Co,   b  3400  Champion. 
Alexander  John  W,  trav  agt,  r  88  Hamil- 
ton   PI. 
Alexander  Julius    C,    r   526    9th. 
Alexander  J  Willis,   carp,   r  1314   7th. 
Alexander  Leona,    b   1217   Webster. 
Alexander  Lillian     M     (wid     Thos     W),     r 

530  20th. 
Alexander  Manuel,   emp  Cal   Cotton   Mills. 
Alexander  Marion   G,    bkpr   C   H   Wood,    b 

1009   35th  av. 
Alexander  Martha   E    (wid    Saml),    r  1006 



Alexander  Melvin  W,  died  Mar  24,  '09,  age 

Alexander  Minta  (wid  Robt),  r  572  Apgar 
Alexander  Mitchell,   comp,   r  17S6  25th   av 
Alexander  Oliver,     elk     Okld     Phonograpl 

Co,  b  1786  25th  av. 
Alexander  Mrs  Pauline,  bazaar  n  s  E  14th 

nr  Kinsell  av,  Elmhurst. 
Alexander  Selig  H,  brkman,  r  1013  8th  av 
Alexander  Wallace   M,   s   King  av   ne   coi 

Union   av. 
Alexander  Wm,    b   960    53d. 
Alexander  Wm    H,    janitor    John    C    Fre- 
mont  High    School,   r  1614   47th   av. 
Alexander  Wm   H,   janitor,    r  946   36th. 
Alexander  Wm    S,   plumber,    r  3082    Belle- 

Alexander    Wm  W,  chalrmkr,  r  1009  35th 

Alexas  Thos  (Alexas  &  Co),  rms  828  Bway 
Alexas  &    Co    (Thos    Alexas,    Geo    Chlllos 

Felin  Pappas),  restaurant  826V-  Bway. 
Alferitz   Henry,   r   4229   Terrace. 
Alflors  John  (Alflors  &  Chlentsos),   r  1100 

23d   av. 
Alflors    &    Chlentsos    (John    Alflors,    David 

Chlentsos),   restaurant  1100   23d  av. 
Alford  Bert  O,   driver  Okld  Ice   Co,    b   404 

Alford  Duane  E,  lather,  r  1017  Castro. 
Alford  John    H.    lineman,    r    1444    Linden. 
Alford  Mary     E     (wid     Wm     R),     r     1832 

Alford  Nellie,  rms  409  8th. 
Alford  Sidney,   b  2901  Atwell   av. 
Alfrod  Garfield,    lab,    rms   738    Harrison. 
Alfs  Carl    J,    see    and    treas    Washington 

Brewing  and   Malting  Co.   r  938  Linden. 

C.  S.  ENTLER~Coal,Wood,  "X" 


W2  FIFTY-FIFTH  STREET      Telephones:  Piedmont  2522,  Home  H6719 


da  I 

*&  i 

m  S3    ° 




1         fD 


M  3 

S3  n 

w  M 



w  *—# 



>     2 

M   \V 


i    I     I   CO 

M    JV 

n  g£co 



r  ft>    < 
>  C3L  < 

5  *    PI 

UC    s 







thing for 


Main  Office  and  Yard 
r int  and  Oak  Stl. 

,     R   H.    Nash,   Mgr. 


Branch  Yard 
E.  12th  and  17th  Ave. 

Tel.   Oakland   1820 
Home   A-2141 


1910      POJ-K-HTJSTED      CO.'S 


^Lp.  Co. 



OAK  560 









Alfs  Frank,    basketmkr    T    J    O'Leary,    r 

1069  27th  av. 
Alfs  John,  lab  S  P  Co,   r  1347   51st  av. 
Algarva  Jesse,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Algeo  Geo  T,  meats  3804  Piedmont  av. 
Algeo  Jas  H,  auto  repr  4488  San  Pablo  av. 
Algeo  Nellie,   b  960   41st. 
Alger  H   B,    train    despatcher  S    P   Co,    r 

Algren  Chas,  driver,  rms  404  Tel  av. 


A    B    Blum,    Pres;    L   M    Lasell,    Vice- 

Pres   and   Mngr;   L  W  Lasell,   Sec;   1773 

Grove,    Phones  Okld   2496,   Home  A5496. 
Alher     Christina     wid     Richd),     rms     955 

Alho  Jos  C,  barber  102  Louise,  r  1619  16th. 
Alho  Mrs  Mary  L,   died  July  12,   '09,   age 

Alho  May  L,  student,  b  1619  16th. 
Alison,  see   also  Allison. 
Alison  Arch,   joiner   S   F   Co,   b  1302    10th. 
Alison  Mrs  L  B,   propr   The  Imperial.    41b 

8th.  „   . 

Alivera  John  F,  lab,  b  1944  Union. 
Aljets  Albt,    meatctr   Ralph   Asher,    r    820 

Aljets  John  W,  b  S20  33d. 
Alkus  Fred,   b   69   Monte   Vista  av. 
Alkus  Harry  L,   mngr  Wm  Smith,   r  4220 

Terrace.  , 

Allaf  J  Rudolph,  mach,  r  329  Park  av,  E 

Allaf  Mrs   Mary,   notions  327  Park   av,   E 

Allamprese  Donato  T,  grocer  923  5th. 

Allan,  see  also  Allen  and  Allyn. 

Allan  Harry,    shoectr,   b   805    11th. 

Allan  Wm,   contr  3445    Salisbury. 

Allan  Wm  Jr.   carp,   b  3445    Salisbury. 

Allara  Angelo,  cook  419  14th,  r  1124  Kirk- 
ham.  _.  . 

Allard  John  W.  tmstr  Bay  City  Flouring 
Mills,   r  755   Jefferson. 

Allard  Mabel,    cashr,    b    755   Jefferson.  Chas  F,   mech  eng,  r  1117  Linden. 

Allardt  Emma  (wid  Geo  F),  b  1127  Lin- 


Asst   Cashr   Oakland   Bank   of   Savings, 
1127   Linden. 
Allbright,  see  also  Albright. 
Allbright  Albt,     glasswkr    Hooper,    Dom- 

brink  Art  Glass  Co. 
Allbright  Fredk,    miner,   r  968    Chester. 
Allbright  Julia,   rms   9th   nw   cor   Oak. 
Allbright  Kate,    elk,    b    968   Chester. 
Alldredge,  see    also    Aldridge. 
Alldredge  Fred    M,    elk    S    P    Co,    r    810 

Allec  Jean,  dyer  1245  Bway,  rms  504  15th. 
Allen,  see  also  Allan    and   Allyn. 
Allen  Albt  A,   artist  503  34th,  r  468  same. 
Allen.Alberton  J,  piledriver,  r  1222  34th  av. 


Rector    St    Paul's    Episcopal    Church,    r 

314  Grand  Av,  Phone  Okld  8334. 
Allen  Alex   Jr,    elk,   b   314    Grand    av. 
Allen  Alice  H    (wid  John),    b  637   54th. 
Allen  Alice    M    (wid    Fred    C>,    dry    goods 

4875  Tel  av.  ,  , 

Allen  Alma,   student  Polytechnic  Bus  Col, 

b  1424   Franklin. 
Allen  Anna  L,  asst  J  E  Henderson,  b  1300 


Allen  Annie  A   (wid  Jas),   r  629  Tel  av. 

Allen  Archie  B,  eng,  b  909   E  15th. 

Allen  A  Thos.   mngr  W  U  Tel  Co  16th  st 

depot,  b  1031  Li  lden, 
Allen  Barnard  K,   carp  Taft  &  Pennoyer, 

r  477  45th. 
Allen  Benj    E,    brkman,    rms   1454   9th. 
Allen  Carl  G,   lab,    r   4327   Montgomery. 
Allen  Chas,  painter  S  P  Co. 
Allen  Chas,  carp,  r  1313  51st  av. 
Allen  Chas  A,    blksmith,    r   Thomas   av   5 

n  of  23d. 
Allen  Chas  H,  carrier  P  O,  r  628  44th. 


Wholesale  Coal  210  Oakland  Bank  of 
Savings  Bldg,  Phone  Okld  891;  r  115 
Lake,    Phone   Okld  1069. 

Allen  Clarence   R,    b    1430   Linden. 

Allen  Dan!  C,  barber,  r  765  Clay. 

Allen  David,  tel  opr  S  P  Co,  r  856  Athens 


Allen  David  C,  elk.  r  1S62  Valdez. 

Allen  De  Witt  H,  lab,  r  Merchant  ne  cor 
1st,   Elrnhurst. 

Allen  Edith  M,   music  tchr  1234  Tel  av. 

Allen  Edw  J,  blksmith  Treadwell  &  Rob- 
erts, b  Thomas  5  n  of  23d. 

Allen  Elijah,    miner,    b    1019    53d. 

Allen  Mrs    Elizabeth,    r   620    17th. 

Allen  Elizabeth     (wid    Gideon    T),    r 

Allen  Elizabeth    (wid   Isaac),    b    1222    34th 

Allen  Elizabeth   A    (wid   Thos   H),    b   4318 

Allen  Ella,    b    637    54th. 
Allen  Ellen   (wid   Hosea).   b  677   E  28th 
Allen  Emmett    J,    fireman    S    P    Co,    b    18 

Mien  Ernest,   window  dresser   Hale  Bros, 

rms  1006  Jefferson. 
Allen  Ethel,    bkpr    Singer     Sewing    Mach 

Co,  b  804  16th. 
Allen  Eva.    asst    cashr   Washington    Mar- 
ket, r  571   8th. 
Allen  E  Fay,   tel  opr,  b  483  44th. 
Allen  E  Grace,   printei,   b  009  10th. 
Allen    Florence,      stenogr      Okld      Cream 

Depot,   b   1410   15th. 
Allen  Frank,    elec    Home    Tel    Co,    r    78S 

Allen  Frank  E,    printer  1150   Bway,  r  e  ! 

Henry    7   n  of  Warren. 
Allen  Frank   H,   r   371   Lee. 
Allen  Frank  V,  r  526  Tel  av. 
Allen  Fred,   lab.    b    832    Linden. 
Allen  Fred  C,  died  Dec  20,   '09,  age  42. 
Allen  Fred  C,   carp,   r  468  34th. 
Allen  Fred  S,   eng.   b  909  E  15th. 
Allen  Geo,    r    854    Athens   av. 
Allen  Geo,   rms   525   8th. 
Allen  Geo,   blksmith,   r  1113  34th. 
Allen  Geo  A,   driver,  b  Thomas  av  5  n  0 

Allen  Rev  Geo  B,   suot  Auxiliary  Churcl 

Assn.   r  515  E  23d. 
Allen  Geo    H,    baker    821    Linden,    r    143 

Allen  Geo  K,   mining,   r  2021   Grove. 
Allen  Gertrude    E,    tchr    High    School, 

2003   Summit. 
Allen  Green,  barber  John  Tisch,  rms  257j 

Allen  Harold,  rnis  543   Sycamore. 
Allen  Harrison    H.    car  opr   O   T   Co,   rm 

1358  3d  av. 
Allen  Harrv    F.    plumber    21    Chapman. 
Allen  Hattie,   cashr  C  J  Heeseman    (Inc, 
rms  1563  Myrtle. 



Office,     503  Fourteenth  St.  q  phonks 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY     .1910 

Mien     Mrs    Hattie,     matron     Ye     Liberty 

Playhouse,    r   S75    27th. 
Ulen  Helen  W.  b  314  Grand  av. 
Vllen  Henry,   elk.   b  736  Filbert. 
Ulen  Herbert  F,   elk,   r  841  32d 

U.-S0  l^cknurft  ^  *UPt  PuUma"  C"'   '' 

UCo1,Irai«^inEr20tthr    P°,ytechnic    Bus 
lien  Jas,   porter  s"  P  Co,  rms  1S32  Ade- 
illen  Jas,  elk,  b  1975  West. 
Ulen  Jas  B,   rms   23d  nw  cor  San   Pablo 

Self  /aS    B'    d8P    County   Assessor,    r    18 

illen  Jas  G,   r  1325  Jackson. 

illen  Jas  J,   farmer,   r  637  54th 

illen  Jas   W,    rms   917   Jefferson 

i  len  Joel  B,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  616  E  22d 

.lien  John,    elk,   rms  371  Tel  av 

.lien  John   E,    eond  S   P  Co,    r  1710   10th. 

Ben  John  H,   tmstr,   rms  1013  Castro. 

School"^   |k'ly.tChr      CentraI      EVenhlS 

oen  ,Joi.1,",  J'   lawyer  1014  Union   Savings 

Bank   bldg,   r  1160   Alice. 

lf?!iJ0hnn.?'.h!pr   Golden    Gate   Planing 

Mill,  r  1041  Arlington  av. 

lien  J,   porter   Pullman  Co,   r  S16  Union 

u'i-lf^b   clk  United   Cigar  Stores  Co, 

D  1/62  5tn. 

lien  Leonard,  brkman  S  P  Co,  r  675  30th 

lien  Leonard      M.      mach      Parke      Macli 

Wks,    r  Bklv. 

lien  Lester.M  elk   Tribune,  b  3215   Lloyd 

lien  Lewis,  lab,  b  832  Linden, 
lien  Lotta  E,  b  468  34th. 
lien  Louis  W,  elk,  b  1004  10th 
1  en  Mrs  Louise,  r  814  Filbert. 
lien  Luther  W,  contr  958  8th. 
lien  Mae  C,  chief  opr  P  T  &  T  Co  b  6°9 
Tel  av. 

lien  Margaret,    b    1289   Jackson. 
Hen  Marie,    tchr  Fruitvale    School   No   3 
rms  953   Madison. 

Hen  Marion  A  (wid  Lat  B),  b  1289  Jack- 
lien  Mary  (wid  Ersl<ir.e),  b  2051  Linden. 

i??oftSary..C'    cashr    c    J    Heeseman,    b 

15b3   Myrtle. 

lien  Mason  E,  sash  and  doors  3215  Lloyd 


lien  May   (wid  Thos  J),   b  736  Filbert 

len  May  L  (wid  Lewis),  r  812  15th. 

en  Merritt.    carp   200   Avala  av. 

len  Michael,   r  539   25th. 

'"90  QQiU°n    H'    colr    Flsher    Lb''    Co.     r 

len  Myrtle  A.  seams,   b  620  17th 

len  Napoleon    B,    condr   S   P   Co,    r    1139 


Jen  Odis  D,  bootblk  G  J  Turner,   b  4451 


Jen  Orrin    C,    died    May   18,    '09,    age    56. 

len  Orrin    E,    salsn    Koenig    &    Kroll     r 

156  24th. 

'len  Orrin  H.  eng  S  P  Co,  r  1762  5th. 

■en  O  S,  flagman  O  T  Co.   r  575  13th 

len  Preston    D,    elk    Smith    Bros,    r    812 

,en  Reginald    H,    dentist    651    E   14th     r 

504   10th  av. 

en  Richd    R,    printer,    r   3699    Fruitvale 


fen  Robt  F,  boilermkr,    r  483    44th 

I  en  Robt  M,  elk  S  P  Co,  r  6661  Tel  av 

en  Roy    E,  gateman    S    P    Co,    r    3215 

Joyd  av. 

Darrow-  Hughes  Co. 




1056  Broadway       Phone  Oakland  583 

salsn    Pacific    Fuel    Co, 

Allen  Saml 


Allen  Saml  M,   r  909  E  15th. 
Allen  Sarah  F  (wid  Oliver  P),  r  1234  Tel 

Allen  Thos  J,  elk  County  Recorder,  r  1410 

Allen  T  P,   truckman  S  P  Co,   r  1762  5th 
Allen  Virginia   C,   b   1862   Valdez. 
Allen  Wallace  L,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  565  56th. 
Allen  Walter  B,    bkpr,   r  1975   West 
Allen  Walter    E,    sec    Tropical    Fruit    and 

Transp    Co,    r   Ala. 
Allen  Walter   H,    elk    E   V   Rideout.    r    15 

Allen  Walter  P,      waiter  S   P  Co. 
A    e",  w?>Lter,  Si,  ens  s   P  CO.    r  1684   8th. 
A    p      w!  uert    &  carp'    r    1207    Chestnut. 
ADenpoTllbbUr620^7thhOSt,er    °,Ud      Cream 


The  Leading  Piano  Dealers.  Pianos 
Sold,  Leased,  Rented,  Moved  and  Re- 
paired at  Lowest  Rates,  1105  Washing- 
ton and  510  12th.  Phone  Okld  2037. 
?,/='»«  135-153  Kearney  and  217- 
225    Sutter. 

Allen  Wm,    eng    Yosemite    Lndy,    r    16: 

Allen  Wm,    driver,    b    1056    13th    av. 
Allen  Rey    Wm      C.       pastor      Reformed 

Presbyterian    Mission,    r    209    E    10th 
Allen  Wm    C,     constable,    309    E    12th      r 

1432   35th  av. 
Allen  Wm  E   (Allen   &  Son),  r  Ala 
A    en  Wm   E  Jr    (Allen    &    Son),    r  Ala.      i 
Allen  Wm  J,   car  opr  O   T   Co,   rms   1112 

2d    av. 
Allen     Wm   P,    b   1053  Williow 
Allen  Wm    T,    brkmn    S    P    Co,    r    G67    F 

Allen  Willis  L,   cond   O  T   Co,   r  490   4Sth 
Allen    &    Son    (Wm    E    and    Wm    E    Jr)' 

promoters,    5    Bacon    bldg 
Allendale    Hall,    Allendale    av    nr    Short 
Allendale        M    E    Chapel,     Allendale    av 

cor   38th   av. 
A  Mender  Louise    (wid   Wm)    b   300   2Sth 

"o)d»sthWm'  clk  Taft  &  Penn°ye^'  ' 

Allensby  E<iw,    b    1367%    Market 
Allesandro  Chas,    lab    Jiidson    Mn'fg    Co 
Allessio  Bracci,     pedlar,     r    1601     Brush' 
Allett  Gordon    C,    lab    S    P    Co     r    1422 1 
Uth.  ""  '  Aug  C     (Allgewahr     Bros  Co) 

r  5bl  34th. 
Allgewahr      Aug      C      (Allgekahr        Bros 

Co),   r  561   34th. 
Allgewahr  Louis,  r  561  34th 
Allie  John,    r    914    Kirkham. 
Allie  John    L,    baggageman,    b    911    Kirk- 
Allie  Mary,    comp,    b    914    Kirkham 
Allie  Matilda     A        lndrywkr       Antiseptic  I 
Lndry    Co,    b    914    Kirkham  ' 

Alliger  E    E.    millhd,    rms   1061   Campbell. 




For  Sale  By 
All  Grocers 


Office  and  Works 


Grove  St. 

Saturday  Evening  Post 




Telephone  Merritt  580     3324  EAST  FOURTEENTHJT. 
1910     POI.K-HUSTED     CO.'S  ' 

Allinger  Christian,    r    4790    Shattuck    av. 
Allinger  Sarah    F,    drcssmkr,    4790    Shat- 

AUinge^Wm,    bartndr,    b    4790    Shattuck 

Allison,  see     also    Alison. 

Allison  Benj   F,   lab   S  P  Co,    r  1271   1-th 

AlHson  Benj  F,  tchr,   r  G57  Vernon, 
t     so"  Mrs  Bertha  E,  b  1379  8th  av. 
Allison  Chas   H,    r   34 
Allison  Edmund   L,    bkpr,    r   3.6   Bellevue 

av'      TT     „.    t     <=ni=!Ti     b    316    Oakland 
Allison  Henry    J,    salsn,     o 

AlUson  Leslie,   b   34   Brookside 
Allison  L,   mach   S  P  Co,  r  1712 ""• 
Allison  Nellie   A,    milliner,    b    172      Atnoi 

Amson  Peter   B,    carp,    r   rear   114    Eleth 


M     Berrill 







Amson  Rufus,   appr  United   Iron   Wks, 


ij'i'!    «an    Pab   av. 
Alison  Stephen  H,  r  6430  Harmon  ct. 

flSSS  S  MM«  ft- - 

dorado    av. 
Allman  Geo,  b  3600  Tel  av. 
Allman  Sophie,    tailor    Alois    Kovarik,    b 

Allmot   fofG1- Plumber,   r   1505   Mitchell. 

A,^VAF,GbLamSn?'P  r4!3]„g  ^»h- 
Alvn    see    also    Allan    and    Allen. 
AUyn"  Burton    C,    con tr     320    Isabella. 
Allyn  Wm,    millhd,      r  1040  Filbert 
Allyn  Wm   H     carp,    r   2020    Market. 
Almas  Mrs    Hattie    C,    b    664    o6th. 
Almeda,  see    also    Alameda^         -pptersen 
Almeda    Joaquin,    driver    Wm      Petersen, 
b    1406    E    10th  „  Ma<niolia. 

Almeno  Jule,    millman.    r    j.035    Magnolia. 

Almerda  Antone     lab     b  J39E   S»a. 

Aln.iro    Mary,    Wks   Excdslor   Lndry. 

Almpanos  Geo,    pool,    834    Bway. 

Almquist  Axel    W,    carp     r   478    43d 

Almquist  Leonard,    condr  O    1    CO,    r  w 
1th    av    2   n    of    Franklm.  .   . 

Almqufst  Keinhold.       janitor      Physicians 
hide    r  17   Fairview  av. 

Alonso  Manuel,   painter,   r  w    s   urani 
AlPenau°Antone,    elk    Puget    Sound    Oys- 
Alperr  A0' a/ vice  '  pres    Standard    Brass 
AlptrStNlthCa°nieri,SprJs      Standard      Brass 

Casting  Co,   r   S   F  ■p„r,.jsn     r   811 

Alsop  John,    driver   W   H   Parnsn,    r 

Washn.  .... 

Alston  Chas,   b   918   16th. 

lllton"  John'  C      ook16rh759   Campbell. 
Atatrom  Arthur.    ^  bellman      Key      Route 

A^Vo^-U^'ms,   901*   Wash 
Alta   Vista   House,    furn   rms,    86 

Altendorf  Jewell 

rms   474   9th. 
Altendorf  Julius,    r    1206    28th. 
Altendorf  Mrs  Mabel  L,   bkkpr  C  M  Ber, 

rill,    rms    474    9th.-  ,  ' 

Altenheim    German    Old    P»P'f„™1)j 

n    s   Hopkins   bet   Stevens   and   14th   av 
Altenhoff   Wm,    blksmith   Doak   Gas    En! 

Altenhoff  Wm,  blksmith  T  Dahl  &  Co, 

1355   53d  av. 

Althausen  Christina    (wid    John), 

Althausen    Geo,   b   1085    56th. 
Alihausen  Joel,   gateman   S  P  Co,  b 

Althausen  John,    elec,    b    1085    56th. 
Althof   Charlotte   I    (wid   John   A).    t>   »< 

AUnof"  Lansing   W,    draftsmn,    b   932    Fi 

Altlan'd  Peter,    eng,    r   3312   Viola. 
Altman  Benj,    rms    1™™™**;    av 
Altman  Carl,    lab,    b    1563    21st    av 
Altman  Carolyn,     music     tchr,     15bJ     -i 



Altman  D  Jos    dairy    262  E   17th 
Altman  Fred    C,    elk,    b    156o    21st    av 
Altman  Hazel,     student     Mills     College 
Altman  Heinrich.    rms   1116   Bwaj. 
Altman  James    J,    elk    The    Hopkins    Q 

r   1563    21st    av.  _ 

Altman  Saml  M,  b  262  E  Lth 
Altman    Zachariah,    bartndr    Stock   Tar 

A  Umayer  Berthold,   r  1312  Webster. 
Altmeyer  Herman,   nailer  Okld   Box   1'3 

AUo^'Burr    D.    dist    supt   Int.    Protectl 

Assn,    r   1008   Wheeler. 
Alton  Wm  H,   carrier  P  O,  r  518  55th 
Altona  Theo   (Theo  Altona  Co),   r  Ala. 
Altona  Theo  Co  (Theo  Altona.  Mrs.  A 

Mitchell)   books.   310   San   £?*>   f-R  , 
Alva  Manuel,    cooper    Pac    States    Rel 

Alvara  JosfSt  r  ss  4th  2  w  of  Jones 

iiSSS?  Henry  V,   lawyer,    r  662   34« 
Alvarado  Peter   H,    ironwkr,    r   4228   F 

Alva?es"cabral   John   R,    eng,    b   1529 

Alvares-Cabral   Louisa   M    (wid    John) 

Aim"* Jos"  R.   lndrywkr,   r  630  52d. 
Alvarel  Mrs  Mary,  b  248  Harlan 
Alvares  Wm,    elec    Western    Elec    Co 

248    Harlan.  TTeeserl 

Alverez  Adam   D,    elk     C     J     Heeser 

Inc),  b  23d  nw  cor  San  Pab  av 
Alvarez  Frank   E,    millhd   W   P   Fullei 

Co    b  1160   Ocean  av.  j 

Alvarez  Jos  M,  rms  23d  nw  cor  San  Pal 
Alvarez  Manuel,    died    Dec    6th.    09- 

Alvare.  Wm   J,   lab,    b    1160   Ocean    a 
Alvaron  E   R,    cond    O   T   Co    r   s« 
Alvers  Eustace,     asst    ydmstr    S    J 

Alverson  Mrs'  Blake,  music  tchr,  1221 

Alverson  Emma   B    (wid    Robt   B) 

Alverson  Myrtle,    elk    Taft    &    Fennc 

Alverson  Robt  B.   died   Oct    1909    ag< 

Alverson  T   B.   b   Key   Route   Inn.       I 

Alverston    Mrs   Mary,    dressmkr,    rmsf 

San   Pab   av. 

Alia     vi»w*    aav—  ~~,    -____ , . - 

Reo  and  Stoddard-Dayton  Automobile 

»*'     |_.    LOOS    &    CO. 


n_:    Oakland  5507,  Hon.,  A4507*     TWELFTH  AND  JACKSON  STREW 




462-464  Thirteenth  St. 

B*t  Broadway  and  Waianftaa  Su 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

res  Annie   E.    elk,    b   222   Hollis. 
res  Antone  V,   eondr  O  T  Co,   r  s  s  1st 
!    e    of   Jones    av. 

res  Arthur,    student,    b    222    Hollis. 
res  Mrs    Delia,    r    222    Hollis. 
res  Domingo,  driver,   b  1516  34th. 
res  Frank,    emp    Okld    Rattan    Co,      b 
027  E  11th. 

res  Frank,    baggageman    S    P      Co,      b 
163  E   17th. 

res  Frank  J,   mach,   b  222  Hollis. 
res  Geo  A,  drayman,   1516  :;4th. 
res  John,   driver  L   H  Humphrey,    rms 
.572    Bway. 

res  John,    lab,    r   1006   3d. 
res  John,    lab,    r   n    s    Walnut    2    E   of 
rones   av. 

Pes  John    J,    tmstr,    r    1470    20th    av. 
ves  John     M,     hlpr       Paraffine       Paint 
3o,    r   5745    Fremont, 
ves  Jos,    lab,    r    354    Wood, 
ves  Jos    J,    driver    W    T    Sagehorn,     r 
566    Lydia. 

ves  Lena,    hlpr   Pae    Manifolding    Book 
2o.    b    222    Hollis. 

ves  Manuel,    lab    Am    Creamery    Co,    r 
560    34th. 

ves  Manuel,   lab  S  P  Co,  r  709%   Ches- 

ves  Manuel,  rigger,  r  1104  3d. 
ves  Manuel,  lab,  b  1006  3d. 
ves  Heine,   b  1006  3d. 

ves  Wm,    hlpr  Western   Elec   Co,   b   222 

ves  Wm    A,    barber    1425    34th,    b    1343 

.vez  Frank,  lab,  r  1069  27th  av. 
Ivin  Danl,    r  Orchard   av  sw  cor  2d  av, 

[vis  Antonio,     farmer,    r    Roosevelt    av, 

[vis  Arch  G,  salsn  Hausr.hildt  Music  Co, 
b  Jas  Hazlett. 

Ivis  Ethel  F,  stenogr  Stearns  Motor  Car 
Co,  r  S  F. 

Ivis  Jas    expnian,  1214  23th. 
[war  Jos  A   (Alwar  &  Peters),  r  1064  E 

Iward  Freeze   C,   delicatessen,    1407    13th 

maden  Mrs  Eliza  B,  b  919  Union, 
maiden  Ralph  J,  cond  Pullman  Co,  r  919 

mador  Mrs  Edith,  rms  715  Sth. 
tuador  John,  r  1091  67th. 
mador  Juedo,  ink  mkr,  rms  715  sth. 
mador  Marble  Co  The,  D  E  Collins  pre3, 
G  S  Lackie  sec,   4493   Fiedmont  av. 
iradriaga  Atonacio,   lab,   r    1121  Grove, 
man  Delbert  J,  tmstr,  r  14ri3  25th  av. 
man  Engelbert,   farmer,   res   Redwood 
av  1  n  of  Hopkins. 

man  Harry,   conf,  rms  40S7  San  Pab  av. 
mann  Danl  E,   carp,   b  1353   11th  av. 
mann  Frank,  r  1353  11th  av. 
mann  Wm  E,  r  268  23d. 
mano  Mrs  Hida,  Indies   tailor,  315  7th. 
mano  M,   tailor.   317   7th. 
mara  Manuel,  lab  S  P  Co. 
maral  Antone,  lab,  b  665  3d. 
maral  Frank,    lab    Cal    Cotton    Mills,    r 
718   Market. 

maral  Frank  Jr,   emp  Cal   Cotton  Mills, 
b  718  Market. 

maral  Jos,  tmstr  J  J  Kennedy,  r  665  3d. 
maral  Manuel,  tmstr,  b  718  Market. 
maral  Manuel,  barber  475  Sth. 
maral  Peter,    miller   Hay   City   Flouring 

Real  State.  CompanV 

1214-1216   BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Aniaral  Virginia,  en.p  Cal  Cotton  Mills 

718    Maiket. 
Amaro  Jos,  cement  wkr,  r  637  Kennedy 
Amaro  Manuel,    eng    Okld    Pottery    Wks, 

r  1130  F.   12th. 
Annrifio  Giuseppe,     stonectr,     r     w     sid 

Thomas   av  1  s  of  Prospect  av. 
Amauric  Aug  J,   florist  233  Oakland  av. 
Amauric  Mrs   Ida,    delicatessen,    233   Oak- 
land av. 
Amblow  Lewis  G,  waiter,   b  M  J  Cozine 

Ambrogi  S,  clnr  Pullman  Co. 
Ambrose  Agnes,    student,    b    688   24th. 
Ambrose  Anton  A,   bootblk  421  12th,  r  7a 

Ambrose  Edw  C,  pres  E  C  Ambrose  &  Co, 

r  83ii  55th. 
Ambrose  E  C   &  Co    (Inc),   E  C  Ambrose 

pres,    Alex    Hutchison    vice-pres,    G 

Jepson  sec,  grocers  951  Washn. 
Ambrose  Frank,  saloon  701  Franklin,  r  i02 

Ambrose  Geo   L,    helper   W   B    George    & 

Co,   b  754  Brush. 
Ambrose  Gertrude,  b  68S  24th. 
Ambrose  John,  lab  Evergreen  Cemetery. 
Ambrose  John    B,    wiper   S    P   Co,    b   754 

Ambrose  Louis,    cement   wkr,    r  1333   4Sth 



Ambrose  Manuel,   lab  Sunset  Lumber  Co, 

r  702  Webster. 
Ambrose  Manuel,  grocer  701  Webster. 
Ambrose  Mary  (wid  John),  r  688  24th. 
Ambrose  Mary   <wid  Manuel),  b  1078  63d. 
Ambrose  Marv  L,   b  698  Svcamore. 
Ambrose  Thos,  ong  S  P  Co,  b  151S  9th. 
Ambrose  Wm,   stamper  Cahn  Nickelsburg 

&  Co.  b  754  Brush. 
Ambrose  Wm  M,  elk.  r  6441  Duncan. 
Amedee  Catherine      (wid     Peter),      r     S64 

Amedee   Rmilv    E,     rcpr    Rosenthals    Inc, 

b  864  Henry. 
Amedee  Geo   P,   porter  H  C   Capwell   Co. 

r  950^   Peralta. 
Amedee  John,  porter,  r  S64  Henry. 
Amfilio  Saml,   bootblk  426  11th,  r  4S1  Ho- 

American   Baptist  Missionary  Union,   Rev 

A  W  Rider  Pac  Coast  sec,  S06  Bway. 


John   C  McDermcd.   Distributor,   521-523 
7th,  phones  Okld  1046,  Home  A1046. 


R   D    Hunter   &   Co   Agts,    rooms    72-73 

473  14th,  Phone  Okld  1050. 
American     Broom    Factory,     Louis    Lock 

mgr,   72S  2d. 
American  Can  Co  (8  F),  J  M  Young  mgr, 

Powell  cor  3d. 






05  rj 









rn  — » 

-<  — » 






S.  &  F.  R.  GRAY 


PHONES:  OAKLAND  2541,  HOME  A1433 

369  12th  St.,  Opp.  Hotel  St.  MarkiB 

19)0      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 


j  «*5  CM         U  MARINE,  STATIONARY,  PUMPING 


!      H  Dennison  and  King  Sts.  Cast  Oakland 


At  23d  Ave.  Station        Phone  Merritt  140 

American  Creamery  Co  (Inc),  Joaquin  A 
Silveira  pres,  Silas  H  Baker  see,  15th 
sw  cor  Cypress,  branch  1608  8th. 


E  G  Folger  Mngr,  1062  Broadway. 


Eric  F  Hultberg  mngr,  812-818  Chest- 
nut. Phones  Okld  22S,  Home  A4228.  and 
1254  Broadway.  Phones  Okld  226,  Home 
A4226  (see  adv    and  classified  Dyers). 


F  J  Fabiano  Mngr,  465  8th. 
American  Foresters'  bldg,  1124  Clay. 
American    Fuel    Co    (see   Victor-American 

Fuel   Co). 
American   Hotel,   Hurll   &   Pollard  proprs, 
207  2d. 

American   Institute    of   Banking-    (Oakland 
Chapter),  Kenneth  A  Millican  pres,  G  L 
Downing  sec,  512  12th. 
American  Machine  &  Electric  Works  (1  E 
and  A  A  Wise),  756  Franklin. 

American  Plumbers  Supply  Co.  A  J  Brad- 
lev  mngr,  Franklin  se  cor  3d. 

American  Portable  House  Co,  U  J  Arm- 
strong mngr,   1266  Bway. 

American  Restaurant  (Minos  Petrakis, 
Geo  Sottero),  209  2d. 

American  Rubber  Mnfg  Co,  Arch  Borland 
pros,  W  E  Griffith  sec  and  mngr,  s  s 
Park  av  bet  Emery  and  Watts. 

Amerieh  Jos,   wiper  P  P  Co,   r  9S5  Pine. 

Amerio  Ettore.  cook  461  10th,  r  4638 

Amerio  Mrs  M.  emp  New  Method  Laun- 
dry,  r  4698  West. 

Amerio  R,  lab,   b  71  McAdam. 

Amernian  Chas  F,  car  repr  S  P  Co,  r  3741 

Amernian  Louise  J,  tchr  Garfield  School, 
b  534  33d.  , 

Ames  Catherine  A  (wid  John  P),  r  202, 

Ames  Elsa,  seam,   b  1132  Adeline. 

Ames  Fred  D,  sals  Okld  Furn  Co,  r  2039 

Ames  Ceo  F.  dentist,  b  535  31st. 

Ames  Geo  H,  salsn  S  F,  r  6438  Regent. 

Ames  Henrv  D.  acet,  r  6('fi  E  23d. 

Ames  Herbert  H,  ear  opr  O  T  Co. 

An-es  .las  H,  sec  Claremont  Country  Club, 
b  1132  Adeline. 

Ames  John  W,  elk  Okld  Wooden  Ware  Co, 
r  1121  4th  av. 

Ames  Mrs  Marie,  rms  205  Tel  av. 

Ames  Martha  (wid  Josiah  P),  r  1132  Ade- 

ies  Saml  R,  car  opr  O  T  Co. 

es  Walter,   r  2909  43d  av. 

esburv  Anna,   tchr'  Peralta  School. 

Amlin  Thos,    emp    Home    Tel    Co,    r   3  Ml 

B,  Frtvl. 
Amner  Wm  B,  maoh  Keystone  Motor  Oat 

Oo,   r  2276  Market. 
Amnizzi  Antone,  lab,  t  716%  Market.     !■' 
Amnizzi  Jos,  lab,  r  716%  Market. 
Amos  Frank,  lab.  r  558  3d. 
Amos  Jos  A,   porter  Pullman  Co,   r  661  if. 

Amos  Josephine,  rms  S61  27th. 
Amos  Marv  C,  nurse,  1017  Chestnut. 
Amos  Mary  C   (wid  Geo  W),  b  S58  32d. 
Ampuero  Mrs   Bessie  M.    r  1507   Bway. 
Amricevich  Vincent,    lab,   b  172S   Sth. 
Anuden  Walter  C,   creamery  3307  E  14tli 
Amsler  Herman,  plumber,  r  667  35th. 
Amvot  Chas,   messr  Athenian  Club,   b  56 

Anaclerio  Francisco,  lab,  r  966  3d. 
Anargyros  Cigarette    &    Tobacco   Co.   J  1 

John   pres,    J   H  Herring  vice-pres,    "" 

Anargyros  mngr,   556  10th. 
Anargvros  Geo,     mngr    Anargyros    Cigar 

ette  &  Tobacco  Co,  r  Hotel  St  Mark. 
Anargyros  Narzy,  died  Oct  14th  09  age  3i 


Jos   W   Kramm   Mngr,    Steam   Beer 
Porter,     Shattuck    av,    cor    49th,    Phon 

Piedmont  1746. 
A   O   U  W  Degree   of  Honor,   Mrs   Ida 

Brooke  grand  recorder,  r  1467  Castro. 


Jas  B  Merritt  Sec,  1233  Madison. 
Ancion  E«a  V,  tchr  Horton  School,  r  S  I 
Anderfuren  Chas,  pattern  mkr,  r  S62  Ai 

lington  av. 
Anderfuren  Wm    J,    pattern    mkr,    r 

51st.  .       „    ■ 

Anderfuren  Wm  J,  mngr  Empire  Patter 

Wks,  r  666  51st. 
Anderson  Adam  C.  carp  S  P  Co. 
Anderson  Adolph  E,  seaman,  res  Micni 

gan  av  2  s  of  E  11th. 
Anderson  Adrlph  P,  insptr.   r  642  4"itn. 
Anderson  Albert,    elk,   661   E   2gth. 
Anderson  Alot.    master   mariner    SPG 

r  1306  38th  av. 


Traveling   Representative    R   L    Polk 

Co,   906  Bway. 
Anderson  Albert  E,  elk,  b  2130  Adeline. 
Anderson  Albt    G,    deckhand    S    P    Co, 

2130  Adeline. 
Anderson  Albt  G,  mill  hd,  r  2416  Isabelli 
Anderson  Albertina,    elk    Jensen    Bros, 

234  Clairmont  av/ 
Anderson  Alex,  r  1161  E  15th. 
Anderson  Alex,   elec,   rms  1302  12th. 
\nc>rson  Alex  H.  piper,   r  1120  Campbe: 
Anderson  Alex   W    (Low   &    Anderson), 

1202  E  22d. 
Auderson  Alfred,  lab.  b  190SU,  Grove. 
Anderson  Alfred     H.     master    mariner, 

101S  10th  av. 
Anderson  Alfred   J.    teller   First   Nation 

Bank,  r  S  F.  i 

Anderson  Allie,    driver  Pae  Coast  L   &  . 

Co,   r  753   Market. 
Anderson  Amanda    (wid    Jas    S),    r    ol 


Anderson  Anders,   carp,  b  15 1 7  Bway. 


Saturday  Evening  Post 







405  Twelfth  St. 


Sunset.  Oakland  341 
l0°":     ■     •     Home,  A  4341 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

Person  Mrs  Andrea,  r  1322  2~)th  av. 

ierson  Andrea,  r  119  Clark. 

ierson  Andr,  lab,  r  Albany. 

ierson  Andr,  ear  opr  O  T  Co,  rms  211 

I  16th. 

Ierson  Andr,   lab.    rms  404  5th. 

ierson  Andr,    cutter    J    J    Andersen,    r 

248  Filbert. 

Ierson  Andr,   deckhand   S  P  Co,  r  13i3 

th  av. 

person  Andr,     emp    Am    Rubber    mnfg 

lo,  r  1056  45th. 

ierson  Andr,    lab,    b   1555   Park    av. 

Ierson    Andr,     lab,     b    25     Park    av     E 


ierson  Andr,  car  repr,  r  1013  6th  av. 

Ierson   Andr,    lab,    r    rear   560    63d. 

ierson  Andr,   rms   265  10th. 

Jerson  Andr,    emp    S    P    Co,    r    1700% 


ierson  Andr,    lab,    r    939    Willow. 

ierson  Andr,   car  repr.   r  9S7  Willow. 

derson  Andr  B,   deckhand,   r  2130  Ade- 


ierson  Andr,   carp,    r  1196   E  22d. 

derson    Andr    F,    b    1011    Pine. 

derson   Andr   H,    carp   Hutchinson    Co, 

46th    cor    Adeline, 
iersen  Andr  J,  grocer,  E  16th,  n  w  cor 
6th  av. 

derson  Andr  M,  driver  Theo  Gier 
Vine  Co,  r  w  s  Yoakum  av  1  n  of  Bis- 

Jerson  Andr   P,    lab.    r    1052    E    16th. 
ierson  Andr    P,    blksmith    1337    43d   av, 

1024    Fruitvale    av. 
derson  Andr    P,    car    opr    O    T    Co.    r 
85    Hardy. 

derson  Anna,  b  101S  36th  av. 
derson  Anna,    tchr,    b   401    Vernon, 
derson  Anna    S     (wid    Swan),     b     1121 
1    21st. 

derson  Annie,   b   666   Alcatraz   av. 
derson  Mrs    Annie,    r    124    11th. 
derson  Anton    S,    condr  O   T  Co,   res 
irehard   av    3    s   of   Oak. 
ierson  Antone    H,     storekpr.       r      1S23 

dersen  Antone  T,  painter,  r  223  Boyd 

ierson  Arch  B  (Anderson  Pros),  r 
,60   E   14th. 

derson  Arch    B,    b    5303    Tel  av. 
ierson  Arthur,    elk   Union    Oil      Co   of 
lal,   b   4S5  Hardy. 

ierson  Arvil,  elk  Calden  &  Bray,  b 
:42    Croxton    av. 

ierson  Aug-,    driver,    b    528    E   12th. 
ierson  August,    lab    S    P    Co,    r    1847 

Jerson  Aug  A,  carp,  r  1038%  Chester, 
iersen  Aug,    mastermariner   S   P  Co,    h 

59    5th    av. 

ierson  Aug   F,    carp,   b   1512   22d   av. 

ierson  Augusta,    r  982   E   14th. 

ierson  Augusta,     waiter,     140       Clare- 

lont  av. 

ierson  Aurie    J,    elk,    b    1140    E    21st. 

ierson  Axel,    emp    S    P    Co,    r    1323  y. 


Ierson  Axel,   carp  S  P  Co.  r  1066  59th. 

Ierson  Axel   F,    elec,   r  4214   Terrace, 
.ierson  A,     truckman    S    P    Co,    r    941 


Ierson  A   F,   err.p  Sunset  I.mbr  Co. 

Ierson  A    H,    emp    S    P    Co,      r      1120 


Ierson  A   M,    fireman    S    P   Co,    r   1761 

Carnegie  Brick  and  Pottery  Co. 

FIRE   BRICK  and 

Adams  Wharf,  Foot  Madison  Street 

Phones:   OiVlud  79.  Home  A 1079 

Anderson  A   Peter,    miner,    r   1439    E   18th. 
Anderson  A    T,    emp    Excelsior    Lndy. 
Anderson  A     W,     studt     Polytechnic     Bus 

Col,    b    1230    High. 
Anderson  Bethune   D,    r   1557    8th. 
Anderson  Bros     (Wm    J,     Thos      Jr      and 

Arch    B),    dairy,    35th    av. 
Anderson  B       Estelle,       tchr         Highland 

school,   r  Ala. 
Anderson  Carl    (W    Johannsen      &      Co), 

r   5530   Tel  av. 
Anderson  Carl,    carp,    r   739    E   37th. 
Anderson  Carl  A,    carp,    r  460   Jean. 
Anderson  Carl   A.    carp   Alex    Thomson,    r 

14    Wayne    av. 
Anderson  Carl     C,     mariner     S     P    Co,     r 

969   5th  av. 
Anderson  Carl   E,    vocalist,    b    194S   Union. 
Anderson  Carl    G,    cond    O    T    Co,    r    1279 

5th   av. 
Anderson  Carl  M,   dressctr,   r  1000  7th. 
Anderson  Carl   M,    lab,    r   120   6th. 
Anderson  Carl    M,    deckhd,    r   930    5th    av. 
Anderson  Carl    O,    messr,    b   828    18th. 
Anderson  Caroline,    cashr    Kahn    Bros,    b 

1203    Foothill    boul. 
Anderson  Chas   A,    bkmn    S   P   Co,    r  1053 

Anderson  Chas,   rms    825   Chester. 
Anderson  Chas,    carp,    b    1196    E    22d. 
Anderson  Chas,    driver,     r    1003     57th. 
Anderson  Chas,     1639%     Market. 
Anderson  Chas  A,  elk.  r  409  Miranda. 
Anderson  Chas    A,    hlpr    S    P    Co,    r    1053 

Anderson  Chas  A,   lab,   r  1455  Linden. 
Anderson  Chas   A,    condr    O    T    Co,    b    477 

Anderson  Chas   A,    coir   Okld    Enquirer,    r 
479    38th. 

Anderson  Chas    C,    salsn,    r    2813    Peralta 
av,    Frtvl. 
Anderson  Chas   C   Jr,    elk,    b    2S13    Peralta 

av,   Frtvl. 
Anderson  Chas    F,     camentwkr,       b      1011 

Anderson  Chas   G.    tailor,    r   407    Nicol   av. 
Anderson  Chas     H,     ydman     S     P     Co,     r 

3609    Washn. 
Anderson  Chas    H,    switchman,    rms    150S 

7th  av. 
Anderson  Chas    J,    lab,    r    1790    12th   av. 
Anderson  Chas    J,     mstr    mariner,     r    199 

Claremont   av. 
Anderson  Chas    W,    carp,    b    1512    22d    av. 
Anderson  Chas   W,    lab,    r  267   5th. 
Anderson  Chester,    b    1437    E       18th. 
Anderson  Chris,    lab,    r    2834    35th    av. 
Anderson  Chris,    carp,    r    1075    E    23d. 
Anderson  Christ    E,    pottery,    1333    E    9th. 
Andersen  Christian   L,   condr   O   T   Co,    r 

776  46th. 
Anderson  Mrs.    Christina,    r    85    Valley. 
Anderson  Christopher     M,     carp,     V     1462 

Anderson  Mrs   Clara   A,    r  670   38th. 
Anderson  Clarence,   vet   surg,    r  3614   Ga- 








Leonard  &  Williamson  -  -  Real  Estate 


m\2  East  Fourteenth  Street,  Oakland,  CM 

Phone  Merritt  767 


1910      POIjTC-HTJSTED      CO.'S 

Office    with    BROCK    CO.,    2121    Shattuck    Avenue 

Phone  Berkeley  1404 

BUILDERS'  EXCHANGE,  550  Eighteenth  St.,  near  San 

Pablo  Aye.     Phones:  Oakland  366,  Home  A  4366 


General  Contractor  —  Concrete  Work  of 

Every  Description 
No  Job  Too  Small,  No  Contract  Too  Large 

Residence  Phone  Berkeley  5616 

©8   L 

Q£  ■ 

Anderson  Clarence    S,    brtndr,    858   Wash, 
718  9th. 

,  Anderson  Cornells,    elk,    b    1004    E   19th. 
Anderson  Cornelius  A,   carp,   r  3161   Elm- 
wood  av. 
Anderson  C,   cond  O  T  C  o,   r  776%   46th. 
Anderson  C,    driver,    rms    404    Tel    av. 
i  Anderson  C    Alfred     (Wolbold,     Anderson 

&    Stornbs),    r    409    Miranda. 
j  Anderson  C    Allen,    student,    b    479    38th. 
Anderson  C    Harry,    b    2310    Mitchell. 
I  Anderson  C  F,   lab  S  P  Co,   r  936   Union. 
Anderson  C    J,    master   mariner   S   P   Co, 

r   199    Ciaremont   av. 
Anderson  Danl    H,    rms    7    04    Tel    av. 
Anderson  Dora,    b    826    34th. 
Anderson  Earl    b    1437    E    18th. 
|  Anderson   Edith  A,   elk,   b   199   Ciaremont 

Anderson  Edw,    sailor,    r   1200   7th. 

Anderson  Edw  B,  printer,  r  2025  Minne- 
sota av. 

Anderson  Edw  C,  driver  O  G  Newhall 
Co,    b    142    Croxton    av. 

Anderson  Edw    F,    carrier    P    O,    b     1011 

Anderson  Edw  J  (Anderson  &  Clarkson), 
b    5434    Dover. 

Anderson  Edwin,  carp,   b   3212  Farnam. 

Anderson  Eliza   (wid  Jasper),  b  819   Mad- 
Anderson  Elizabeth   (wid  Geo  W),   r  1674 

\nderson  Elizabeth  (wid  John  R),  r 
l'6«y2    Grove. 

Anderson  Elizabeth  (wid  Jonas),  r  Iil9 

Anderson  Elizabeth  (wid  Wm),  r  S37 

Anderson  Ella  M,  tailor  Alois  Kovarik,  r 
1719    Chestnut. 

Anderson  Ella  R,  elk  Okld  Cream  Depot, 
r   Ekly. 

Anderson  Ellen,    b    570   E   22d. 

Anderson  Ellen   (wid  Andr  C),   r  952  54th. 

Anderson  Ellen  (wid  Peter),  952  Mag- 

Anderson  Elma 
Frtvl.  _      „ 

Anderson  Emanuel  C,  miner,    r  w  s  Snell 

av    10    n    of    E    14th. 

Anderson  Emil  J,   cigarmkr  L  D  M  Cigar 
Co,    r    1634    Adeline. 
I  Anderson  Emile,    lab,    b   Emily    Anderson. 

Anderson  Emllv  (wid  Nils),  r  w  s  Mar- 
tin   1    n    of    Ruby,    Leona    Hts. 

Anderson  Emily,  companion,   b  359  Lenox 

Anderson  Emery  C,   carp,   r   1534  Adeline. 

Anderson  Emma    (wid    Louis),    r   613    9th. 

Anderson  Emma,   tchr,   r  1213   Market. 
I  Anderson  Emma,    stenogr,    b    230    Vernon. 

Anderson  Enga   (wid  Ch&s).   r  674%   27th. 

Anderson  Ernest,    rms  630   E   12th. 
I  Anderson  Ernest,    mach,   b   143   Hellen. 
I  Anderson  Estelle     (wid    Martin)     b      1156 

Anderson  Etta  M,  elk,  b  1534  Adeline  l 
Anderson  Florenee  V,  elk.  Ii  1534  Adel.n 
Anderson  Frances  X,  waiter,  r  675  45t 
Anderson  Frank,  rms  4112  San  Pab  a 
Anderson  Frank  H,   pianist  Gem  TheEK 

b    1722    Myrtle.  P^ 

Anderson  Frank   D.    blksmith,    r   1643 

av.  '  m 

Anderson  Frank  M,  bkpr,  rms  409  8th. 
Anderson  Frank  It.  brkmn,  b  931  Apgi 
Anderson  Frank    R,   lab,    r   1002   Fruitvs 

Andf  rson  Frank  V,  moved  to  Sacramen 
Anderson  Frank    W    (Anderson      &      M 

thias;    Anderson    &    Son),    b    1029   A3 

Anderson  Franklin  P,   eng  S  P  Co, 

Anderson  Fred,    lab,    r   n    s   Harrison 

6    w    of   Baker   av. 
Anderson  Fred,   elk,   b  1302  Jackson. 
Anderson  Fred,    chauffeur   Barton    Step 

erson   Co,    r  19th   n  e   cor  Tel  av. 
Anderson  Fred,    mach,    b    1056    3d. 
Anderson  Fredk,    mach,    b    1053    Center. 
Anderson  Fredk,     sec     and     mngr    E. 

Blaekman    Co.    r    Harrington    nr    Set 

inary  av. 
Anderson  Fredk    F,    elec    Pullman    Co, 

2675    3Sth    av.  

■  S 


Garland  Line  of  Pumping  Goods 

Vacuum  Cleaners  and  Household  Specialties 

Phone  Oakland  4083. 
1010  Franklin. 

2111     Peralta 

Anderson  Fredk   J,    carp,    r    4830    Tel   1 
Anderson  Fredk  N,   salsn   S  Anderson, 

653    Aileen. 
Anderson  Geo    (T    Anderson    &    Son) 

822    52d. 
Anderson  Geo.  carp,  r  s  s  2d  2  e  of  w 

nut  av,  Elmhurst. 
Anderson  Geo,  fireman  S  P  Co,  1056  3d 
Anderson  Geo  A,  pressman  Okld  Enqu 

er,   r  1162  Santa  Fe  av. 
Anderson  Geo    B,    elk,    r   426    61st. 
Anderson  Geo    E,    carp,    d   1196   E   22d. 
Anderson  Geo  J,  car  repr  S  P  Co,  r  : 

Anderson  Geo  M,  emp  S  P  Co,   rms  1 

Anderson  Geo  N,  mariner  S  P  Co,  r  A 
Anderson  Mrs  Gerda.  rms  S26  Madison 
Anderson  Mrs   Gertrude,    r   524    9th. 
Anderson  Gones,     awningmkr,     r    5307 

Anderson  Mrs    Grace,    r    653    Aileen. 
Anderson  Mrs    Grace,    rms    764    Lydia. 
Anderson  Grover  L,  brkman,  r  1007  Pi 
Anderson  Gus,    carp,    r   1412    Castro. 
Anderson  Gus,  rms  520  IStli. 



Chas.  Hoffman  &  Co 
Importers  of  human  HAIR 

Theatrical  and  Masquerade  Costumeil 

Phones  Oak.  58)6,  Home  A3714 
476  THIRTEENTH  ST.,         Cor.  Washingtoj 

Rat  Ruts 
Silk  Portletes 
Couch  Covers 

Berkeley  Rug  Works 


Dugs  Made  Fl 




Stair  Carat 




OAKIjAND     city     directory 

Lnderson  Gust,  eng.  r  3119  Belleyue. 
Anderson'  Gust,   pile  driver,    b    |3E    Unlfr. 
Anderson  Gust,    boilermkr,    r   1407    Chest- 
Anderson  Gust   E,    carp,    r   1432    Filbert. 
Anderson  G  U  brkman   S   P  Co,   b   3d  nr 

Railroad    av.  .       TT  _^ 

lnderson  Hannah    J    (wid    Henry    O),    r 

1140   E  21st. 
Anderson  Hans,   gardener,   r  1407   bth. 
Anderson  Hans,    lab,    r    Highland    av    sw 

cor    Blanche.  _„ 

Anderson  Hans,    barber   410   6th,    rms   721 

Jefferson.  ,       „,.„     „     T  . 

Anderson  Hans,    sec    Eureka    Mill    &    Lbr 

Co,   r  2111   Peralta  av. 
lnderson  Hans,   carp,   r  3225   School, 
lnderson  Hans,  seaman,  rms  1264  10th  av 
lnderson  Hans  C,   oiler,   r  1715  12th. 
lnderson  Hans  E,  seaman,  r  469  Oakland 

lnderson  Hans   N,    driver  Anchor   Brew- 
ery,  r  224  Ayala  av. 
lnderson  Harry,    condr,    r   1232    4th    av. 
Anderson  Harry,    carp,    r    3141    Hopkins, 
lnderson  Harrv,  blksmith,  r  1654  19th  av. 
lnderson  Harry,    student,   b  2675   3bth   ay. 
Anderson  Harry  L,  teller  First  Natl  Bank, 
1    r   5436    Dover. 


'    Mngr  S    Anderson,   r  1123   2d   av. 


Complete  OFFICE  and  HOUSE 

FURNITURE  Both  Phonts 

Cash  or  Credit 

N.  E.  Corner  12th  and  Clay. 

M  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROADWAY 



Anderson  Henry,   lab,    rms   507   6th. 
lnderson  Henry  F,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer. 

rms  805  16th.  „,     ^  „    ., 

Anderson  Henrv  M,  watchman  First  Natl 

Bank,    rms    912    33d.  „nnJ 

Anderson   Herbert   J,    mining   eng,    b   1004 

Anderson  Herman    A,    carp,    r    560    59th. 
Anderson  Herman  L,  painter,  r  6130  Dover 
Anderson  Herman   T,    mach.   r  522   18th. 
Anderson  Hugh    M,    lab    O    T    Co,    r    1031 

Anderson  H,  condr  O  T  Co,  r  163  E  17th. 
Anderson  H  A,   hlpr  S  P  Co,  r  2236  Mar- 

Anderson  H  C,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  1607  7th 
/Anderson  H  J,  marine  eng  S  P  Co,   r  78r 

Anderson  H    T,    fireman    S    P    Co,    r    807 

Anderson  Ida,    student    Mills    College. 
.Anderson  Inez   I   (wid   WmD),   b   1232    4th 

Anderson  Mrs  Is 
Anderson  Jacob. 

ibel.    r  4F 

r  4   Pair 


ihis  DIRECTORY  is  always 

pr.-.tfd  ...  .-r  job  Printing  Dept. 


Anderson  Jacob    C,    lab    S 

Anderson  Jas,    lab    Pac    States   Refineries. 

Anderson  Jas.  r  101S  Aileen. 

Anderson  Jas,    pres    Nielsen    &    Anderson 

Co,  r  3109  Hopkins. 
Anderson  Jas,    student,    b   1436    38th   av. 
Anderson  Jas,   tmstr,    b   1916   Linden. 
Anderson  Jas,    carp,    b    2675   3Sth   av. 
Anderson  Jas,   rms  660  25th. 
Anderson  Jas,   fireman,    r  5S7  Watts. 
Anderson     Jas    A    (Anderson    &    Mathias; 

Anderson  &  Son),  r  1029  Adeline. 
Anderson  Jas   E,    elk,   b   822  Arlington   av. 
Anderson  Jas  F,  condr  O  T  Co,  r  50  Clare- 

mont    av. 
Anderson  Jas  G,   b   1724   Adeline. 
Anderson  Jas   G,   mach   rms   2605  35th   av. 
Anderson  Jas  G.  carp,  r  1436  38th  av. 
Anderson  Jas    H,    contr   306    Magnolia    av. 
Anderson  Jas  Harlow,  ins  agt,  r  577  31st. 
Anderson  Jas    O,    painter    r   704    E   36th. 
Anderson  Jas  W.  barber  s  s  E  14th  1  e  of 
Wall,   r  n  s  Chestnut  2  w  of  Mountain 
View   av. 
Anderson  Jane  (wid  Hiram),  b  1825  Fruit- 
vale   av. 
Anderson  Jerome,    oiler    Okld    G    D    &    H 

Co,  r  1056  3d. 
Anderson  Jessie   (wid  Andr),    r  921    Kirk- 
Anderson  John,     carp,     r     4309     Glen     av, 

Anderson  John,   carp,   r  805   16th. 
Anderson  John,    elk,    r  3S2S  Ruby. 
Anderson  John,   contr  856   34th. 
Anderson  John,    eng.    r   935    Wood. 
Anderson  John,   gardener,   r  3776  Howe. 
Anderson  John,    horseshoer    1684    Alcatraz 

av,  r  556  20th. 
Anderson  John,    lab,    r    355    Orchard. 
Anderson  John,   lab.   r  1354   16th. 
Anderson  John,    marine    eng    S    P    Co,    r 

1679  11th. 
Anderson  John,  millhd  Zenith  Mill   &  Dbr 

Co,    r   168    8th. 
Anderson  John,   painter,    b   4170   Glen   av, 

Anderson  John,    shoemkr    1364    52d    av. 
Anderson  John,   tailor,   r  1416  14th. 
Anderson  John,   waiter   S   P  Co. 
Anderson  John    A,    deckhand    S    P    Co,    r 

1264  7th. 
Anderson  John  A,  carp,  r  1180  18th. 
Anderson  John    A,    master    mariner    S    P 

Co,  r  1721  33d  av. 
Anderson  John  A.  car  inspr,  r  1233  43d  av. 
Anderson  John   E,    tmstr.    r  163   E  8th. 
Anderson  John    E,    deckhand    S    P    Co,    r 

1792  24th  av. 
Anderson  John    F,    restaurant    s   s   E    14th 

5  e  of  Wall. 
Anderson  John   G,    r  828   18th. 
Anderson  John   H,   contr  1180   18th. 
Anderson  John   H,    painter    417n    Glen    av, 

Anderson  John    J,    merch    tailor    163    lnth. 
r  767  13th. 




42  SAN 

Our      Trimmed 
Hats  are  Be- 
witching and 

They  are  the 
Products  of 
Skilled  Milli- 
ners,  who     are 
Posted  on  Every 
Hat  Fancy  that 
Dame  Fashion 

The  Best 

Ideas  From 
Paris  and 
America  '  s 
Metropoli  - 
tan  Fashion 
Cent  ers 

Beauty  and 

Style  that 
Rivals    the 
Stores  in 
New    York 

We  Save  You 

Come  in  and 

Talk  It 




""".iKKJ   1252  Wtbster 

The  Cars  of  Fame 





Surety  Bonds 






OAKLAND    1990 
HOME   A1990 





1910      POIiK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Oakland  Conservatory 
of  Music 

The  1  argest 
and  most 
DIRECTOR  £  q  u  i  p  pe  d 
School     o  i 

Adolf  Gregory 


Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast. 
203-05    TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner    Jackson  I 

Sunset  Oak.  4922— Home  A2922 

Anderson  John  N,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  lull 

Anderson  John  M,   ship  carp  S   P  Co. 

Anderson  John  P,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  234 
Claremont  av. 

Anderson  John  W,   b   828   ISth. 

Anderson  John  W,  elk,  res  George  2  s 
of  B   14th. 

Anderson  Jos,  cabinet  mkr,  rns  1710 

Anderson  Jos  S.   r  1825  Fruitvale    av. 

Anderson  Julius,  carp,  b  1004  E  19th. 

Anderson  J,  car  repr  S  P  Co.  r  1674  At- 

Anderson  J  A,  emp  S  P  Co.  r  19011  47t'\ 

Anderson  J  G,  deckhand  S  P  Co,  r  735 

Anderson  Knud,  piano  tuner,  r  1639  Mar- 

Anderson  Mrs  Laura,   r  931  Apgar. 

Anderson  Louis,  waiter,  mis  1375  Frank- 

Anderson  Louis,   emp   S  P  Co,    r  1880  7th. 

Anderson  Louis  G,  eng  Domestic  Lndry 
Co,   r  977   Aileen. 

Anderson  Lucy  H  (wid  Wm  H).  r  783  58th 

Anderson  Ludwig,  painter,  b  223  Boyd  av. 

Anderson  Mabel,    elk,    b   1455   Linden. 

Anderson  Mabel   E.    tchr.,    b   661    E   28th. 

Anderson  Mae  O,   seams  S  P  Co. 

Anderson  Maggie,    b    837    Grove. 

Anderson  Magnus,    elk,    b    1322    25th   av. 

Anderson  Magnus  A,    pilot,    r  246    Mather. 

Anderson  Manuel,   tmstr,   b  935  Wood. 

Anderson  Mary,   milliner,   mis   1673  Grove. 

Anderson  Mary  (wid  John),   b  917  Peralta 

Andeson  Mary  (wid  Thos),  r  1018  36th  av. 

Anderson  Mary  C,  Peniel  missionary,  r 
w  s  Thompkins  av  1  n  of  Rose  ave 
Leona   Hts. 

Anderson  Mary  E,  student  Polytechnic 
Bus  Col,   b  426   61st. 

Anderson  Maybell,  stenogr,  b  440  Laguna 

Anderson  Mrs  Metta,   r  2675  3Sth   av. 

Anderson  Metta  K  (wid  Louis),  r  495  38th 

Anderson  Mildred,    b   871   27th. 

Anderson  Mina  L,  elk,  b  921  Kirkham. 

Anderson  Morris,  porter,  r  912%   Fine. 

Anderson  M,   ydman  S  P  Co,   r  1560  8th. 

Anderson  Mrs.  Nellie  C,  furn  rms  1316 
Fruitvale  av. 

Anderson  Nellie  E,  stenogr,  b  1721  33d  av. 

Anderson  Nels  G,  carp,   r  S16  Myrtle. 

Anderson  Nicholas  P,  letter  carrier,  r 
322  61st. 

Anderson  Niels  P,  driver  C  H  Nor,  rms 
1665  7th. 

Anderson  Niels  P,  contr,   r  532  42d. 

Anderson  Nils,    carp,    r   1512   22d   av. 

Anderson  Nils  O,    carp,    r  794  46th. 


Vice-Pres  Antiseptic  Laundry  Co,   r  822 

Anderson  Olaf,   miner,   r  1510  23d  av. 

Anderson  Olaf  A,   eng,   r  1056   3d. 

Anderson  Olaf  I,    master   mariner,    r 
25th  av. 

Anderson  Ole,    carp,   r  3212   Farnam. 

Anderson  Olga  A,  elk,  b  1721  33d  av.        1 

Anderson  Olga  J,  elk,  b  234  Claremont  a4. 

Anderson  Oscar,    millhd,    b    3212    FarnarrL 

Anderson  Oscar  A,  fireman  S  P  Co,  rmt 
1732   9th. 

Anderson  Oscar  J,  millhd  W  P  Fuller  & 
Co,  r  3212  Fairmont. 

Anderson  Otto,  mach,   rms  371  6th. 

Anderson  Otto,  painter  C  J  Doehring,  t 
1018    36th. 

Anderson  Otto  A,  marine  eng  S  P  Co,  j 
636   44th. 

Anderson  Otto  E,  millhd  Piedmont  Plan- 
ing Mill  Co,  r  1708  11th. 

Anderson  Otto  F,   eng,   r  2218  Magnolia. 

Anderson  Paul,   carp,   b   409  38th. 

Anderson  Paul,    driver,    r    85    Valley. 

Anderson  Pearl,  hairdresser,  rms  271  10th 

Anderson  Peter,   foreman   S   P  Co. 

Anderson  Peter,  cellarman  Theo  Giet 
Wine  Co,  res  Baker  av  2  n  of  Virginia 

Anderson  Peter,  elk,  b  1053  Center. 

Anderson  Peter,    lab,    r   2123   Chestnut. 

Andersen  Peter  (Andersen,  Rasmussen  & 
McCulIom),   r  1823  Goss. 

Anderson  Peter,  plumber,  b  2310  Law- 

Andersen  Peter,  drygds  553  Tel  av. 

Anderson  Peter,   carp,    b   1948   Union. 

Anderson  Peter,    carp,    rms    S52    Washn. 
Anderson  Peter  A,  lab,  r  17  Prentiss  a. 

Anderson  Peter  A,   insptr  city,  r  642  47th 

Andersen  Peter  M,  plasterer,  r  rear  4S0< 

Anderson  Peter  W,  real  est  229  First  Nat 
Bank,    r   440   Laguna. 

Anderson  Pierce  G,  millman,  b  e  s  Bwaj 
1  s  of  Warren. 

Anderson,  Rasmussen  &  McCulIom  (Petei 
Anderson,  John  Rasmussen,  Albert  Mq- 
Cullom),   restaurant   857   Pine. 

Anderson  Regina    C,    grocer    4S30    Tel    av 

Anderson  Robt,    student,   b   1053   Center. 

Anderson  Robt  A,  elec,  r  291  Claremont 

Anderson  Robt   M,    mach   S   P  Co,   r 

Anderson  Robt  S,  appr  Davis-Elfin  Op- 
tical  Co,   b   806   Tel   av. 

Anderson  Ruth  E,  bkpr,  b  142  Croxton  av 

Anderson  R  S,   repairman  S  P  Co. 

Anderson  Lena,   lndrywkr,   b  1657  14th. 

Anderson  Mrs   Sophia,   r  5530  Tel  av. 

Anderson  Susie,   lndrywkr,    r  946  Union. 

Anderson  Svend,    elk,    rms   S26  Madison. 


Carpets,  Rugs,   Linoleums  and  Matting! 

405   13th,   Phones  Okld  42,   Home  A3042 

r  1004  E  19th,  Phone  Merritt  2755.     (Set 

left  top  lines.) 
Anderson  Tarold   (T  Anderson  &  Son), 

822  52d. 
Anderson  Thos,   carp,  r  822  52d. 
Anderson  Thos     Jr     (Anderson     Bros), 

1227  10th   av. 
Anderson  Thos     A,     r     35th     av,     Leom 


Anderson  Theo  F,   carp,  r  240  College   av! 
Andersen  Thorvald,  music  tchr,  r  578  20th 
Anderson  Tillie,    student   Mills   College. 
Anderson  Tina,   bkpr,   b  495  38th. 
Anderson  T     &     Son     (Tarold     and     Geo) 

contrs  822  52d. 
Anderson  Victor,    painter,   b  2675  3Sth  av<' 

K0HLER  &  CHASE,  Inc. 


1013-1015  Broadway,  Oakland,  Cal.     



hone  Oakland 

larl  H.  NicKel  Co. 


Oahland  BanK. 
Savings  Buildi 
Telephones:     Oahland     4-552  Home     A     4952 

Real  Estate,  insurance.  Investments,  Designing  and  Builtiino 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

derson  Victor  A,    foreman,    b   9S7    Wil- 


idersen  Victor,   tchr,   b   1240   Filbert. 

iderson  Viggo,    tailor    John    Johnson,    b 

.018  36th  av. 

derson  Viola  R,  tchr  Longfellow  School, 

1  670  38th. 

iderson  Walter,  b  1455  Linden. 

iderson  Walter  H,    draftsman    Starbuck 

k  Wilde,  r  Ala. 

iderson  Walter  H,   elk  First  Natl  Bank, 

j  1017  Tel  av. 

.derson  Walter  M,  collarmkr  Holt  Horse 

dollar  Co,   r  115  Hellen. 

iderson  Wm,  bridge  bldr,  b  1674  Atlan- 


iderson  Wm,    r   1025    Bassett. 
iderson  Wm,    watchman,    r   218    Hellen. 
iderson  Wm,   plumber  1103   23d  av. 
iderson  Wm,    horseman,    r  528  Watts. 
Iderson  Wm  A,   carp,   r  756  Market, 
iderson  Wm    E,    contr    142    Crexton    av. 

derson  Wm  J   (Anderson  Bros),  r  35th 


MR.  &  MRS.  J.  S.  McCOWN'S 

Academy     of    Dancing 

Central    Hall.    419   12th  St. 

Socials  Every  Wednesday  &  Saturday  Eveg's 

Classes  Every  Monday  Evening,  8  to  12 

Private  Lessons  by  Appointment 



iderson  Wm  J,  porter  S  P  Co 


iderson  Wm   J,   b   935    Wood. 

iderson  Wm  L,  livery  1368  Bway. 

iderson  Wm   L,    mach,    r   1555   Highland 

av,  Elmhurst. 

iderson  Wm  L,  tmstr,   r  n  s  Hopkins  2 

w  of  43d  av. 

liderson  Wm 

(iderson  Wm    R,    metal    wkr, 

lington   av. 

iderson  Wm    W,    contr,   r    4*51    Crescent. 

Ederson  W  J,   oondr  O  T   Co. 

Iderson  &  clarkson 

(Edw  J  Anderson,  Geo  Clarkson),  Auto 
Painters  175  12th.  (See  Classified  Auto- 

iderson  &  Mathias  (Frank  W  and  Jas 
A  Anderson,  Manuel.  R  Mathias),  real 
est  1506  7th. 

iderson  &  Son  (Frank  W  and  Jas  A), 
real  est  1506  7th. 


I'ndertaker    and     Embalmer     225     12th. 

{See  right  bottom  lines.) 

ldon  Harvey,   mech  eng,   r  689  27th. 

ldrade  Frank   A,    elk    P  O,    r   Hayward. 

ldrade  Kermo,  lab  S  P  Co. 

ldrade  Louis,   lab   Judson    Mnfg  Co. 

ldrade  Manuel,     barber    959    E    14th,     r 

1020  E  20th. 

adrade  Manuel,  carp,  r  205%  3d. 

adrade  Manuel  S,  expmen  9SS  E  31st. 

ldrade  Wm    J,    porter   Wells,    Fargo    & 
r  San  Leandro. 

idraini  John,  lab,  r  w  s  Thomas  av  2  s 

of  Frosoect  av 

idre  An'th.  millhand  Cal  Standard  Plan- 
ing Mill  Co,  r  Bkly. 
idre  Antone,  lab,  r  1S54  Shorey. 

j  Jos  F,  tanner  T  W  Corder.   r  Bkly. 
idre  Leon,    died  Dec  26,   '09,   age  45. 
idre  Mary   (wid  John),   r  Bay    View   av 

cor  Orange, 
idre  Sordi.   lab,  r  1143  65th. 
idreana  Henrv,  baker,  b  617  48th. 
idreasen  Andr,    lab,    r    1622    Bridge    av, 

idreasen  Hans,  lab,  b  1622  Bridge  av 
idreck  Fred,  bottler,  rms  5632  Tel  av 
idree  Elizabeth,  emp  Excelsior  Lndry 
ridree  Herman,  pipeftr,  r  436  E  17th. 
idree  Herman  A  Jr.  appr,  b  436  E  17th 
(idree  Jessie,    emp    Excelsior    Lndry. 

X    g 

%  £ 

'     S3 

M     TO 

Andreen  Carl  M,  piano  repr,  r  196  Ridge 

way  av. 
Andres  Dorothea    (wid    Jos),    r    551    Alca 

traz  a  v. 
Andres  Fred    O,    glovectr   F   H    Busbv, 

Clay  and  9th. 
Andres  Stephen  R   S,    flagman   O   T  Co, 

1151  Myrtle. 
Andresen  Aug,  horseshoer  1907  San  Pablo 

av,  r  1010  28th. 
Andresen  C,    elk,    b    1139    Chestnut. 
Andresen  Ernest,    bartndr    6399    Tel    av 

585  65th. 
Andreson  Harold   S,    ship   carp   S  P  Cc 

1003  57th. 
Andresen  Peter     F,      elk      Landregan      & 

White,   r  1087  62d. 
Andretlch  Peter,  lab  S  P  Co.  r  1723  Goss. 
Andrew  David,      poultry     3630      Vermont, 

Laurel  Grove. 
Andrew  Elizabeth   (wid  Wm).   r  779    12th. 
Andrew  Kenneth  J,  carp,  r  744  E  36th. 
Andrew  Philip,   lab,   r  738  33d. 
Andrew  Robt,  lab  Sunset  Lbr  Co,  r  1253% 

Andiew  Wm.    barber   6459    San   Pablo    av, 

r  Bkly. 
Andrew  Wm  A,  eng.   r  1184  18th. 
Andrew  "Wm  A  Jr,   elk,   b  1184  ISth. 
Andrews,  see  also  Andrus. 
Andrews  Abram,    b   1146    Adeline. 
Andrews  Mrs    Alice,    music    tchr   1364    5th 

Andrews  Alice  J,   music  tchr   434   65th. 
Andrews  Mrs     Amanda     C     (Andrews     & 

Young),   rms  578  16th. 
Andrews  Amelia  (wid  Robt).  b  910  E  16th. 
Andrews  Mrs   Anna,   emp   Mills   College. 
Andrews  Birdie   E.    b   9S    Frisbie   pi. 
Andrews  Chas   B,    organ   bldr,   r  434    65th. 
Andrews  'Mara,   elk  Par-  M  unfolding  Hook 

Co.   r  Bkly. 
Andrews  Clarence,    elk,    b   4S0    Edwards. 
Andrews  C.  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  1368  8th. 
Andrews  Dorothy,  stenogr,  b  2139  Adeline 
Andrews  Edw  S.   r  1146  Adeline. 
Andrews  Ella,    seams    Geo    Mosbacher, 

1125  15th  av. 
Andrews  Ethel,   stenogr  Dudley    Smith,   1 

1146  Adeline. 
Andrews  Eugene    L,    real    est,    rms    12C 

12th  av. 
Andrews  E  L,  rms  1165  Washn. 
Andrews  Frank  J,  barber,  r  910  E  16th. 
Andrews  Frank  S,  receiving  teller  Central 

National   Bank,   r  Bkly. 
Andrews  Geo,  lab,   r  679   30th. 
Andrews  Geo  W.  carp,  r  s  s  Sunnyside  1 

w  of  Jones  av. 
Andrews  Gust,    restaurant    659    22d,    rms 

670  22d. 
Andrews  Guy  H.   elec  7221   E  14th.   r  Bay 

View  cor  Sunnyside  av. 
Andrews  Hannah    M    (wid   Jas    H).    b   98 

Frisbie  pi. 
Andrews  Harry    B,    tailor    217    Tel    av,    r 

472  23d. 
Andrews  Harry  E,   elk  S  P  Co,  b  838  Isa- 


Saturday  Evening  Post 







D.  B.  HUNTER, 

Pre*,  and  Geo.  Mgr. 
Main  Office  and  Yard 

Shaituck  Av.  &  Oregon  St. 

Berkeley,  Cal. 
Tel.  Berkeley  8 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14.  1902 


Wharf  and  Yard    j 
Sooth  E..d  of 

Webster  Street  Bridei 

Tel.    Berkeley   8.  j 


a  Specialty 










>    - 

i— *  b 

(jrJ     N 






Phone  Merrill  440 


1910      POLK-HUSTEO      CO.'S 

Andrews  Harry  F,  lab.  b  910  B  16th. 
Andrews  Herbert   C,    elk.    r  559    10th. 
Andrews  Mrs    Ina,    dressmkr    472    23d. 
Andrews  Isabel,    b   1020  Madison. 
Andrews  Jas,  died  Jan  28,   '09,  age  70. 
Andrews  John,  tallow  mkr  Grayson-Owen 

Andrews  John  A,  painter,   b  514  24th. 
Andrews  John    E,    mach    S    P   Co,    r    1327 

52d  av. 
Andrews  John  R,   r  514  24th. 
Andrews  John  R,   carp,   rms  716   10th. 
Andrews  Jos,    lab,    r   S69   Arlington   av. 
Andrews  J    Ella    (wid   Jas),    r   949%    36th. 
Andrews  Mrs   J   W,    milliner  Hale   Bros,  r 

1522   Franklin. 
Andrews  Lee    E,    ydman    S    P    Co,    r    S3S 

Andrews  Louis,    barber   Wm   Bloomheart, 

b  Grove  nr  7th. 
Andrews  Louis,   lab,  r  1017  E  15th. 
Andrews  Louis  C,   r  1477  38th  av. 
Andrews  Louise    (wid    Christian),    r    1318 

39th  av. 
Andrews  Luke,  b  3600  Tel  av. 
Andrews  Mrs      L,      demonstrator      Singer 

Sew  Mach  Co,  r  1477  38th  av. 
Andrews  Manuel,  barber,  r  1020  E  20th. 
Andrews  Martha  R.  tchr.   b  98  Frisbie  pi. 
Andrews  Mary   (wid   Robt).   b   1368   8th. 
Andrews  Mrs   Marv,   rms   1267   12th  av. 
Andrews  Marv  H  (wid  Geo  W),  r  1258  8th. 
Andrews  Mary    J     (wid    Wm    S),    r    3739 

Andrews  Mary  L,   r  698   Sycamore. 
Andrews  Oren  W,    r  4395   West. 
Andrews  Paul,   cook,   r  5719  9th. 
Andrews  Richd,   elk,   rms  803   Clay. 
Andrews  Robt  H,   millhand,   r   1253%   Jef- 
Andrews  Rosa,    tchr    Bay    School,    b    34D 

Warwick  a  v. 
Andrews  S  M,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  5725  Vin- 
Andrews  Saml  R,   r  1024  E  23d. 
Andrews  Wm  A,  lawyer  957  Bway. 
Andrews  Wm  G,  bartendr  1050  Bway,  rms 

516   17th. 
Andrews    &    Young    (Mrs    A   C   Andrews, 

Minnie  W  Young),  corsets.  606  14th. 
Andricevich  D,  waiter  529  16th. 
Anlrich  Geo.   cook   467%   10th. 
Andris  V.  clnr  Pullman  Co. 
Androse  Naable,  lab,   r  w  s  Hawley  av  4 

n  of  Garden. 
Andrus,   see  also  Andrews. 
Andrus  Mrs  Ida  M,  seams,   b  1717  13th. 

Andrus  Jessie,  stenogr.  b  1048  47th. 
Anestasio  Manuel,  rest,  r  3524  E  14th. 
Angel  Anton,  coppersmith  S  P  Co,  b  1715 

Angel  Carson  A,  trav  salesn,  r  219  Wals- 

worth  av. 
Angel  John,  lab,  r  1715  10th. 
Angel  Simon   X.   produce   511  11th   and  45 

E  10th,  r  w  s  Seminary  av  3  n  of  E  14th. 
Angel  Wm  V,  hoilermkr  S  P  Co. 
Angeles  May,   wks  Excelsior  Lndry. 
Angeles     Millie,  wks  Excelsior  Lndry. 
Angell  Arthur,  elk.  b  654  26th. 
Angeli  Giuliano,  grocer  1S01  Grove,   r  654 

Anqeli  Louis  J,  elk,  b  654  26th. 
Angeli  Lucy,  b  654  26th. 
Angeli  Wm  (Wm  Angeli  &  Co),  r  394  45th. 
Angeli  Wm  &  Co   (Wm  Angeli),   produce 

317   11th. 

Angelo  Geo,     miller     Bay     City     Flou 

Mills,  r  1510  Eagle  av. 
Angelo  Jos,  lab.  r  1466D  3d. 
Angeleni  Ferd,    foreman    Cal    Fruit    C 

ners'  Assn,  r  612  Filbert. 
Angelini  Nicholas,   lab  Leona  Chem  C 
Angelintti  Salvator,    lab    Cal    Fruit    C 

ners'  Assn,  r  t56  Myrtle. 
Angell  Ellsworth  J.  carp,  r  270  60th. 
Angell  Ellsworth  R,  carp,  b  270  60th. 
Angell  Ernest    S,   cashr   Geo   W  Austin, 

477    29th. 
Angell  Lawrence  H,  carp,   b  270  60th. 
Angelo  Gulsoppe,  lab,  r  728%  45th. 
Angelo  Maedely   (wid  Jos),   r  833  Marke 
Angelo  Merciali,  lab,  b  446  Avon. 
Angelo  Michl,  r  5407  Dover. 
Angelo  Michl,  restaurant  1107  San  Pab  a' 
Angelo  Peter,   lab  J  A  Furtado. 
Angeloni  Jos.   lab.  r  3631  Georgia. 
Angeloni  Nazzareno,   miner,   r  3559  Idah> 
Angelns  S,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  1730  Pacific. 


Morris    Stein    propr,    The    Big    Store   0 

the  Avenue.     Ladies'   Cloaks,   Suits  arj 

Shirt  Waists,  Millinery  and  Hair  Dresf 

ing,    583-5    San     Pablo    av    and    1474. 

Grove,  phones  Okld  1272  Home  A2407. 
Angelus  The,  furn  rms,  1055  Webster.    " 
Anger  Louis  A,  cond,  b  932  Peralta. 
Anger  Robert  N,   eng  Okld   B  &  M  Co, 

Angermuende  Wm     C,     musician,     r    ret 

4r>S0   Dover. 
Angle  Wm,  elec.  rrns  S02  Madison. 
Anglin  Henry    E,     architect,     rms    Hot 

Anglin  Warren    E,    marine    eng,     r 

Highland   av. 
Anglo-Pacific   Development  Co,   moved  1 

S  F. 
Angus  Hal,  actor  Ye  Liberty  Play  Hous 

r  Hayward. 
Angwin  Henry  R,  student,  b  1427  Marke 
Angwin  Jas  A,  r  1427  Market. 
Angwin  Mabel  C,  stenogr,  b  1427  Marke 
Angwin  Wm   S,   lawyer  969  Bway,   r  141 



Chas  Kahler  Mngr,  3d  nw  cor  Cypres. 
Anink  Simon  G,  metal  wkr  Dirk  Van  Er: 

r  1406   11th. 
Anink  Wm  E,  elk,  b  1406  11th. 
Anker  Gutenherg  II,    elk,    r   1403   26th  a- 
Ankerson  Geo    P,    gardener,    r   3124   Eln| 

wood   av. 
Ann  Stone  Apts.  1575  Webster. 
Annabell  Apts.   570  24th. 
Aninla   Frank,   sailor,    r  w  s  Clara  9  s  '. 

Walter  av, 
Annand  Esther,  bkpr,  b  1021  24th. 
Annand  Margaret    E,    bkpr   Eastern   Ou 

fitting  Co,   b  1021   24th. 
Annand  Saml   K,  civ  eng,   r  1021  24th. 
Annand  Svlvia,  bkpr  Motor  Parcel  Del  O 

b  1021  24th. 
Annett  K»t>'erine,    elk   Edw    Belle-Oudrr 

b  538  Williams. 
Annett  Wm,  r  53S  William. 
Annis  Mrs   Dorothy,    emp  E  A  Wright, 

1021   Aileen. 
Annis  Geo  B.  salsn,  r  2664  38th  av. 
Annis  Roy,   draftsman,   b   1042  57th. 
Annofsky  Anna  (wid  Henry),  r  2920  Shot 
Annuzzo  Angelo,     bootblk    Antonio     Rot 

sctto,   r  455  Clav. 

Heating  and  ventilating  Systems  installed 

SHEET     METAL     WORK     OF     ALL     KINDS 

George   W.   Schmitt    Heating    and    Ventilating    Co, 

P...,n.....n3sse'     1160   WEBSTER    STREET      Phone    Ho«  a      -:  e  - 

lose  Leaf  Books,  Card  Indexes 


462-464  Thirteenth  St 

Bet.  Broadway  and  Wuhinftoa  St 

1214-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

onson  T 


Duero  Mrs  Bessie,   r  1507  Bwf 

rys  Clarence,    elk   The   Wiley 

^ro  John   J,    chf   c!k   roadmaster   S   P 
'o,  r  1836  Adeline. 

seer  Rev  Nils  P.  pastor  St  Paul  s 
widish  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church, 
10th  nw  cor  Grove. 
,el  .laeob  C,  miner,  r  4525  av. 
sell  Frank  W.  foreman  Okld  Harbor 
development  Co.  -^ 

sell  Wm,    elk   J   W   Rooch,    r   De  Fre- 
nery  Wharf,  ft  5th  av. 
selmi  Albert  W,  meats  1167  14th,  r  l-io 

seimo  Guiseppe.    lab    Okld    Paving   Co, 

>   71    McAdam.  Mr„n 

;slvn  Milton,  callboy    b  lobO  8th 

slvn  Mvnard,  switchman,  r  1560  8tn. 

:s!vn  Ravmond.   flagman,  b  lobO  Sth. 

Eon  Albert,   r  207   Moss  av 

<son  Chris,  sausage  mkr  C  Band  &  Co. 

■  569  8th. 

,son  Ella  (wid  Carl),  r  207  Moss  ay. 

istedt  Edwd  J,  engr.  r  1496  Market. 

istey  Tracy  J,   carp,   r  62-  "d-  _, 

ites  Wm    H,   pres   Western   Casket   Co, 

r  Des  Moines.  la. 

sthonv  Ada  D,  b  1610  Sth.  . 

pony  Alice,     elk    Womans    Excnange, 

fcms   6S3   24th.  1,„1    Antrim  Howard  D,  messr,  rms  550  2oth. 

-ithony  Asa  S,  elk  Hogan  Lbr  Co,  r  15-1  |  ^^Vnrr-oli    Peter    ( Antroccoli    &    Diotats 

Arton  Peter    N,    solr    Simon    &    An 


Antone  Mrs  EsQue,  r  1742  Filoert. 
Yrtone  Frank    A,     sheet    metal    wkr 

Eway,  r  3918  E  15th. 
Antone  Frank    J,    appr    F    A    Antone 

391S  E  15th. 
\ntone  Jessie  A.  elk.  b  S2o  loth. 
"\ntone  John,  lab,  r  1223  21st  av. 
Antone  Lulu,  b  R91S  E  15th. 
Antone  Manuel,  lab  S  P  Co.  „„,.,,.«, 

\ntone  Stephen  J.  fixture  nngr,  r  S2o  loth. 
Antonio      Mrs    Caledonia    I,    cook,    r    l'6o 

Antonio  Manuel,  iron  wkr  Judson  Mnf; 

Antonuccio  Chas  J.  plumber,  r  4230  Suter 
Antonuccio  John    J,    bkpr,    b    317%    Nicol 

Antonuccio  Joseph,  plumber,  r  317%  Nicol 

Antonuccio  Marie,  much  tchr,   317%  Nicol 

BthonyEarl  E.  brkmnr  1139  Adeline, 
ithony  Edw  H.  phys,  b  1610  Sth. 
lthony  Ira  R,  lab  Hogan  Lbr  Co,  r  101, 

^rTjulio.  elk  Crane  Co,  b  2012  Bway. 
nthony  .las.  carp,  r  1302  Jackson, 
nthony  L  H.  tallyman  S  P  Co 
nthony  Mabel  E,  phys.  b  1610  Sth. 
Sthony  Richd  L,  presser  H  C  Reed,  rms 
71S  17th. 


Antrim  rxu\\,ii'i  j--,  m«~,,  »~-" — -  -- — - - 
Antroccoli    Peter    (Antroccoli    &    Diotate), 

r  1324  Fruitvale  av. 
Antroccoli    &    Diotate    (Peter    Antroccoli, 
Guiseppe    Diotate),    fruits,    1324    Fruit- 
vale  av.  .  ,  ,.      ^„*„ 
Antunovi?h  Michael  D,  mngr  Adeline  Caf3 

Co     r  1052   7th. 
Antwater  Chas  J,   carp,  r  "V   Adeline. 
\r.twater  Chas  J  Jr.  carp,  b  61,   Adeline. 
Anzalone  Frank,  barber  5526  Tel  av. 
\pel  Aug.  musician,  r  3S64  Gro^  e. 
Apel  Paul    J,    cigarmaker   W   H   Davis,    r 

„.;    ritv  I  Apostle  Arthur,    marine    eng.    r   857    22d. 

Real  Estate  and  Insurance  Agent,   City       v  Fajth    Mission(    jos    H    Sparks 

and    Country    Property    for    sale,  „Loatis       ^astor    ;56   8th. 

Negotiated    at    low    rates,    room .    <4 .4,  «  |      1  Harry,   lab  S  F  Co         . 

,14th.  phone  Okld  1050  Home  A1941,  r  964    AP»|«  Qeo  j    expman-   r  192L.  Union 

l^th.  „  Appel  Regina  (wid  Kaspar),   r  542   39th. 

Ithony  Victorine  F  (wid  Albert  G),  r  A^pel  Jerusia,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer,  b 
InluVlooV  League.  Rev.  J  S  Thomas  Ap"|e?  Wm.^pkr  Bekins  Van  &  Storage 
^- mt    Oak    District,    Rev    T    H    Lawson       *&,,    r   184S   Myrtle.  .-on, 

supt  Northwestern  District,  94-95  Bacon    Appeldorn  Chas  A  (Appeldorn  &  Paul),  r 

Wl1S-  „^ 


P  L  Bliss  pres,  N  O  Anderson  vice-pres^ 
Mary  J  Dandy  treas,  George  W  Jessup 
sec  3960-3964  Diamond.  Phone  Pied- 
mont 514.     (See  Front  Cover.) 

Lntleman  Jesse,  elk,  r  1562  7th 

oitlpv  Luke  M.  mach  Kimball  Elec  Co, 
r  3609  Laguna  av.  „,,„, 

oitoine  Eva   (wid  Aug)     r  1742  Filbert. 

mtoline  Laura,  elk,  b  1S3-   .tn. 

intoline  Mary   (wid  Frank),  r  1S32  7tn. 

Lntoline  Pearl,  elk.  r  1832  7th. 

inton  Mrs  Clara  P.  tel  opr    rms  570  19th. 

Uiton  Mrs  Fannie,  r  212  12th. 

^nton  Fred,  umbrellas  o2o  16th    r    1- 1-th. 

^.nton  John  C.  eng  S  P  Co,  rms  1615%  Sth. 

inton  Louis,   elk  F  Anton    rms  829  Oak. 

Uiton  Maria  (wid  Aug),  r  835  Oak. 

Ynton  Nettie,  elk.  b  8'5  Oak 

Appeldorn  Chas  A  Jr,  agtb  756  Jefferson 
Appeldorn  Mrs   Emma,   r   756  Jefferson 
Appeldorn  Emma   K.    musician,    b    51   8th 


(Chas  A  Appeldorn.  Owen  Paul).  Proprs 

Mountain    Wine    Depot    479    7th.    Phone 

Okld  8456. 

Appell  Sadie   (Art  Exchange),   r -60S I  14th 

Appell  Sherman,    rectifier,    r    848    Athens 

Apperson   C   B  mach,  Doak  Gas  Eng  Co. 

b  965  Myrtle.  „  ,  , 

Appiarius  Henry  W.   r  629   Poi'-j«r-  ,.     0„ 
Apple  Mrs    Nellie    L.    nurse    1406    46th   a\ . 
\Dplebv  Jessie,    b    1S24    Tel    av. 
Appleby    John   H,    solr   Okld    Enquirer,    r 

Apple'dorn  Chas.  news  agt  Denison  News 











2000  SANTA 

Alameda  313 



Piedmont  364 
Home  A  1464 


Dealer  in 


Hay  and 



Oakland,  Cal. 





Telephones:  Oakland  4S5,  Home  A  44S0 



Dishes  Rented—Ice   Cream  Wholesale  and 

J2th  and  Alice  Sts.,  Oakland 

Applegate  Ivan  D,  stockman,  r  1226  E  24th 
Appleton  Chas  B,  bridgetndr,  r  5670  Mar- 
Appleton  Ralph,  carp,  b  715  60th. 
Appleton  Wm,   r  715  60th. 
Appleton  Wm  Jr,   mach,  b  715  60th. 
Appley   Arthur  A,    elk   E   C  Hahn,    b   1830 

Appley  Levi,    salsn,   r  1830   7th. 
Appling  Jackson  B,   eng  Eng  Co  10,   r  456 

Appling  Naomi   R,   b  456   25th. 
Aprahamian  Alex  I,   tailor  1200  Market    r 

909  16th. 
Vprahamian    Homer,    tailor    Lancaster    & 

Rehor,  b  909  16th. 
Aprahamian  Isaac,    ladies'   tailor  615   14th 

r  778   19th. 
\prott  Carstan,   gardener,   r  431  Avon 
Vpsey.   Mrs  Etta,   b  125  Rio  Vista  av. 
Vpted  Walter,    master   mariner,    r   1132   E 

Vram   Wm   F,   lawyer  202   Union    Savings 

Bank  bldg. 
Vrata    Angelo    (Arata    Bros),    r    4999    Tel 

Vrata  Bros   (Angelo  and  Michele),   saloon 

4999  Tel  av. 
Vrata  Frank,   Indrywkr,  b  7  McElrov. 
Vrata   John   G,    r   7   McElrov. 
Vrata  Jos,   lab,   r  1413   E  9th. 
Vrata    Michele    (Arata    Bros),    b    4999    Tel 

Araujo   Jessie   (wid    Manuel),   r   1553%    3d 
Arbach   Fred,    roaster  I   V  Ralph   &   Co,    r 

Arbren  Jos,  lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Arbuckle   Rosetta,    elk   Kalin   Bros,    b   3317 

E   14th. 
Arbuckle  Wm  F,  mining,   r  610  Aileen 
\rcado    Hotel;    see    Hotel   Arcade. 


F  M  Teass  Propr,  Toilet  Articles.  Sta- 
tionery and  a  General  Line  of  Druggist 
Sundries.  20th  sw  cor  San  Pablo  av 
Phones  Okld  2586.  Home  A1215 

Areata   Hotel   551   Franklin. 

Arceneaux  Florence,  student,  r  1225  Per- 

Arch    Pharmacy    Co,    17th    se    cor    Wood 

Archambault  Arch,  elk  Barton-Stephen  J 
son,   b   3017  Persimmon. 

Archambault  Edwin  A,  blksmith  A  A 
Sicotte,    r    3017    Persimmon. 

Archambault  Edw  R,  elk,  b  3017  Persim- 

A~c„1?Sm,bault  Ka*e,  emp  E  Lehnhardt.  b 
3017  Persimmon. 

Archambault  Wm  H,  elk,  b  3017  Persim- 

Archambault  Geo  E  (Archambault  &  Mcv 
Allister),  r  3936  Howe. 

Archambault  &  McAllister  'Geo  Archam- 
bault, C  A  McAllister),  grocers  4108 
Piedmont  av. 

Archamble  A  J,   route  agt,   Ii  1052%  7th 

Archbald   Frank  W.   eng,   b   1052   Lulu   av. 

Archbald  John  R,  watchman,    r  1052  Lulu 

Archdale    Edw.    orderly    Merritt    Hospit 
Archer  Austin  E,  carrier  P  O,  r  1667 

Archer  Chas  E,  contr  1447  36th  av. 
Archer  Claude  E,   coir,   b  1447  36th  av. 
Archer  Edw  C,  painter,  r  1148  7th. 
Archer  Rev    Francis    M,    r   1937    Steinw, 

Archer     Jas   D, 

Archer  Lawrence 

Co,  r  472  Jean. 
Archibald  Belle,    steno: 


surveyor  W   P  Ry, 

bkpr   Hammer-Br. 
;r,    b    175    Kempti 

Archibald  Mrs  Jennie  C.  notary  1255  ... 
Archibald  Robt  A,  vet  surgeon  1724  We 

ster  and   market,   meat  and   milk  insp' 

r   65   Montecito   av. 
Archibald  Saml   D,   elk.   b  1122   E   22d 
Archibald  Wm    P,    mngr    E    V    Rideout, 

3617  Fruitvale  av. 


475   11th,    Phone   Okld   7644. 
Ardizzi    E   C,    cashr   Owl    Drug   Co.    b   6' 

Ardley  Fannie,   tchr,   b  5214  Dover. 
Ardley  Harry  M.  civ  eng,  b  5214  Dover. 
Ardley  Henry  T,   r  5214   Dover. 
Ardley  Marcia  S,  tchr,   b  5214  Dover. 
Ardoin    A,    cook   1156   Bwav,   r   658   Castr 
Arellanes  C.  rras  Hotel  Merritt. 
Arena    Frank,    barber   1161    Jefferson,    rn 

674  17th. 
Arena    Jos    (Arena    &    Rubino), 

7  th. 
Arena  Jos  L,   shoes  663  Bway,   r  909  Fi 

Arena  Louis  L,   tailor  317%   E  12th. 
Arena  R   S,   fruits  1764   Tel  av. 
Arena   Salvador,   saloon    661    Bway,    r   6! 

Arena    &    Rubino     (Jos    Arena,     Chf 

Rubino),  whol  wines  1161%   7th. 
Arends,   see   also  Ahrens. 
Arends    Henry    V,    plumber    E    14th 

Henry,  res  Henry  3  n  of  Spencer. 
Arendt,  see  also  Arndt. 
Arendt  Emil,  r  312  5th. 
Arens  Mrs  Mary  G,   died  Apr  30,   '09, 




Arey  Elisha  C,  condr  S  P  Co. 
Arey  Harry  B.  eng  S  P  Co,  b  1215  12th. 
Arey  Jas  T,   foreman,   r  67S  Aileen 
Arey  Lizzie  F   (wid  Jas),   r  1215   12th. 
Art's  ten  Alfred  E,   brkman  S  P  Co,   r  161 

Arfsten  Benj.  r  1909  Steinway  av. 
A  listen   Ella  E.  student,   b  1666  12th. 
Arfsten   John   T,    student  Polytechnic   Bi 

Col,    b    969    Jackson. 
Arfsten  Knudt  E.  carp,  r  1666  12th. 
Arfston  Adolf,   lab   S  P  Co. 
Argano   Eda,    b   1247    Moss   av,    Fitchburg 
Argano  Elvida,  b  1247  Moss  av,  Fitchburg 
Argano   Jos,    lab,    r  1247    Moss   av.    Fitch 

Argenti    Antoine,    shoemkr   95S    Castro 
Argilla  Manuel,  emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills. 
Argiropolas    Antonio,    emp    S    P   Co.    r 

1715    Atlantic. 
Arice   E.   lab   690  Market. 
Arice  Jos,  lab,  b  623  Chestnut. 
Arilla   Manuel,    lab    S    P   Co. 
Arimoto  Mark,   soda  dispenser  Owl   Drus 

Co,  r  569  9th. 
Ario  Carl,   r  1216  12th. 
Arita  H  J,    fruits   309A   7th. 
Arkenberg  Lawrenca,  solr,   r  26  Tel  av 
Arkinstall  John,  watchman,   r  1286  61st. 

hlFHI'^     HAID     <tTADF     HairDr^ne.  Cutting,   Shampooing, 
w,    M.r  K    <JiVKL       Manicuring.  Facial  Massage,  etc. 

Wl«r  Making-  and  dent.'  Toupee.  .  Specialty  All  Kind,  of  Co.metlc.  and  Perfume. 

t.l  31.      f«M74«  u?    FOURTEENTH    STREET 


Plumbing,  Steam  and 
Hot  Water  Pitting 

iphones:  Merrill  510,  Home  B1510       569  East  Twelfth  Street^Oakland  | 

OAKLAND      CITY     DIRECTORY      1910 


tailor   Healy    &    Wyms, 

son    Chas   I 

is  1016  Clay. 

son  Mrs  Maud,   r  771  14th. 

erg  Augusta  E,  nurse  672  14th. 

erg  Fritz  A.  tailor  1725  21st  av. 

itt     Arthur     (Arlett     &     Brigham),     r 


tt  Benj,  brklyr.  r  130  Linda  av. 

tt   Elizabeth,    tchr   Franklin   School,    b 

0   Linda  av. 

tt  Geo,   lab,    r  15S2   39th   av. 

■tt  Harry   B,   insptr,    r   1571   5th   av. 

itt  Percy  E,    moved   to   Portland,    Ore. 

:tt  Robt  G,   mngr  California  Ink  Co,   b 

9  Orange.  ' 

M  Wm  T,  bkpr  Sunset  Gro  Co,  b  13d 



Arthur    Arlett,    H    B    Brigham),    Con- 

•actors    269    Bacon    Bldg,    Phone    Okld 


ington  Hotel,   479   9th. 

ington  Hotel  Dining  Room,   Mrs.   John 

hay  propr.  ^ 

nand  Emile   C,    mngr   Jackson   Bros,   r 

52S   7th   av. 

nanini  G,    lab,    r   116   Miles    av. 

Tianino  Antonio,    driver   E   J    Parker,    r 

68  42d.  ,_n, 

manino  Frank  (Armanino  &  Co);  r  4703 

ihattuck  av.  .  . 

manino  Giovanni    (Armanino    &   Co),    b 

Tim    Sliattuck  av. 

manino  &  Co  (Frank  and  Giovanni  Ai- 

nanino),    saloon   4701    Shattuck  av. 

mant  Mary    L    (wid    Louis),    rms    1008 

mas 'Frank  J,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  1319  Camp- 
ma's  Jos,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1059  E  21st. 
■mas  Mary,   b  1319  Campbell 
■mbruster  Raphael,    car   opr   O    T    Co,    r 

:mel1i  Ma'nsor,     dry    goods    1465    7th,    i 
rmerVMor  E,  elk  S  P  Co,  r  1115  Chest- 
Hies  Chas  W,   r  1127   5th  av. 
rmes  Harry,     bkpr     Ransome-Crummey 

rrSesrM  Clayton,  eng,  r  BJ266th. 
rmijo  John   R,    optician,    b    1879    Valdez. 
rmistead  Henry     F,     lab,     res    Loma 

SftVBlrfha0.1  eEmJ4Cal    Cotton    Mills, 

rmitCa9BeSpVercyeC,  photogr.  r  1004  Tel  av. 
rmitage  Robt,   carp,   r  609  E  Valdez. 
.rmory  Hall,   466  20th. 
rmosino  Severino,   tmstr,   r  353   49tn. 
rmour  Adele  B.  elk.  b  879  Jackson 
rmour  Mrs  Antoinette,  presser  R  W  Til- 
ton,  b  561  Sycamore. 
.rmour  Edna,  elk  Hale  Bros,  b  879  Jack- 

jmo'ur  Geo  W,  mining,  r  879  Jackson 
Lrmour  Silvester  D.   trav  agt,   r  54b  -i.U  . 
.rmour  &    Co     M    H    Collor    mngr,    whol 
meats  358  11th. 
.rms  Chas,    elk.    r  537   30th. 
irmstrong  Alma    E    (wid    Percy),    r    1014 

Armstrong  Ambrose   J,   r  9-2    btn 
Armstrong  Andrea  A,  yd  mngr  Victor  Am 

Fuel  Co,   r  549  22d. 
Armstrong  Andr  A,  switchman,  r  610  Ad- 

\rmsfrong  Anita   M,    milliner,    b    549 i    22d. 

Armstrong  Arthur   G,    coir,    r  474   48th. 

Armstrong  Belle    (wid    John   H),   r  1843% 
i    Myrtle 

Armstrong  Benj.   lab,   r  1359A   Peralta 

Armstrong  Benj  F,  trav  agt,  r  135  Rand- 
wick  av. 

Armstrong  Caleb  R,  mstr  mariner,  r  1425 
6th  av. 

Armstrong  Chas,  carp,  r  952  28th. 

Armstrong  Chas,  salsn,  r  s  s  Orion  2  e  of 
59th   av. 

Armstrong  Clifford,  hostler  W  A  Smith, 
rms  1730  Webster. 

Armstrong  Edgar  M,  elk,  b  1359A  Peralta 

Armstrong  Edith  (wid  Jesse),  r  101E 

Armstrong  Edna,  bkpr  Mesmer-Smith  Co 
b  934  46th 

09  P9 

2  w 

wf.  to 

is    213    San    Pablo    av. 
(wid     Thoss),     r     1655 


Armstrong  Edw, 
Armstrong  Emma 

Highland  av. 
Armstrong  Mrs  Evelina  C,   milliner,  b  549 

Armstrong  Eveline    (wid    Albt), 

Armstrong  Francis  C,  r  931  46th. 
Armstrong  Frank,   rms   528   11th. 
Armstrong  Geo,  r  112  Bonita  ay. 
Armstrong  Mrs  Gertrude,  elk  Kahn  Bios, 
b  578  12th.  ,„„, 

Armstrong  Gottfried,      foreman,      r      4o-3 

Armstrong  Harry,    trav    agt,    r    137    Linda 

Armstrong  Hiram  T,  foreman,  r  5S9  Syca- 

Ar^'strong  Ida  E   (wid  Jesse   T),   copyist 

County  Recorder,   r  1015  Aileen. 
Armstrong  Jas  F,  marine  eng.  r  581.  1  aik. 
Armstrong  Jennie   L    (wid   Jas),    rms   913 

Armstrong  John  H,  horseman,  r  1035  60th. 
Armstrong  John   M.    r  868   Miljon. 
Armstrong  John  W,    r  939   Union. 
Armstrong  Kate  A,   b   392   Oakland  av 
Armstrong  Leon  D,   mech  eng,   r  511  41st. 
Armstrong  Leroy   E.   r   4227  Terrace. 
Armstrong  Mrs  Lucy  A,   b  46o9,.,5n0th-,oli_p 
Armstrong  L  D,   tmstr,   rms  2220  Ad.       e 
ArmstrongMargaret   E,    r   35th   av,    Leona 

Arasfrong  Mark  S,  searcher  of  records,  r 

Armstrong  Martin    lab,   r  221  Hannah 
Armstrong  Mary    (wid   Bradley   A),   b   952 

Armstrong  Mary  (wid  Wm)    r  969  Chester 

Armstrong  M    Gertrude,    elk,    b   589    Syca- 

Arnmsrter'ong  Richd  B,  broker,  r  19  Ruther- 
ford av.  ocn   „„.. 
Armstrong  Roy   B    carp     b  9o2    -Sth. 
Armstrong  Ruth   A     student    b   549    2-d. 
Armstrong  Saml   V,   trav  agt,   r  750   Oak- 

\rmstrong  T  Luzerne,  foreman,  r  121  8th. 
Armstrong  Urbane     J,      mngr     American 

Portable   House   Co,    rms  1266    Evay. 
Armstrong  Vonnie  L,  bkpr  Bushnell  Photo 

Armstrong4 Walter,    elk,   b   3657   West. 
Armstrong  Wm    H,    sheet    metal    wkr.    b 

1143V.  Myrtle.  , 

Armstrong  Wm   R,  lab,   r  412,   Lusk 
Armusther  Julius,    engr,    rms   560   uth- 
irnard  L    E,     musician,     rms    314%     San 

Ambei  Adolph,   coofc   r   2227  Chestnut. 

Arndt,  see   also   Arendt. 

Arndt  Edw  O,  r  2109  47th  av. 

Arndt  Emll,   r  312  6th. 

iSSI  a&JJ^Lflffftb  460  Vernon 




SaturdayEvening  Post 


Baldwin  Building  &  Investment  Co. "'  ™ 

5  _  ^  wi 

.  BALDWIN,  Maai* 
Office  Hours  10-12 

Phone  Berkeley  2195  Office  and  Mill,  2610  SHATTUCK  AVE.,  Phone  Berkeley  537 

1910      POL.K-HUSTED      CO.'S 

If  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 
1070     BROADWAT 

Arndt  Paul    E.    elec    motors    Sth    se    cor 

Webster,    r   Bkly. 
Arnesen  Arne,   tinner,   b  3646  West. 

Arnest.  see  Ernst. 
Arnest  Belle    G,    stenogr    Geo    H    Lee    & 

Son,  r  619  E  19th. 
Arnest  Belle,  stenogr,  b  619  E  19th. 
Arnest  Edwin  L,   real  est  466  10th,   r  570 

Arnest  Elsie    E,    elk    Royal    Creamery,    b 

570  19th. 
Arnest  Mrs  E  L,   propr  St  Francis  Apts, 

570  19th. 
Arnest  Henry  C,  policeman,  r  619  E  19th. 
Arnest  Leslie  B,  trav  agt,  b  619  E  19th. 
Arnett  Jesse,      condr     O     T     Co,     r     1173 

Arnett  John  O,  shingler,  r  1747  Filbert. 
Arnhart  Sterling   P,    contr,    r   1162    Brus.i. 
Arnheim  Walter   A,    salsn   S   N    Woods    & 

Co,  r  1302%  Clay. 
Arnheim  Wm  B,  rms  1303%  Clay. 
Arnold  Adam,    b  5857  Marshall. 
Arnold  Alma  P,    mngr  Nurses'    Directory, 

408  Oakland  av. 
Arnold  Arthur,    ydman    S    P    Co,    b    1055 

Arnold  Baxter,   carrier  P  O,  r  S43  33d. 
Arnold  Benj  E.  b  1431  38th  av. 


Physician     and      Surgeon     216      Central 
Bank    Bldg.    Hours    2-4    and    7-S    P    M, 

£F?Jie.n0£ld   4022:    r  957   Castro,    Phone 
Okld   4056. 

4-rnold  f/rulA'   civ  enS.   b  408  Okld  av. 
Arnold  Mrs  Fannie,   r  252   24th. 
Arnold  Francis  M,  died  Oct  28,  '09,  age  86. 
Arnold  Frank  B,  bartndr,  rms  1775  Grove 
Arnold  Frank  W,  r  s  s  Foothill  boul  2   e 

of   55th   av. 
Arnold  Geo  M,  brkman  S  P  Co,  r  1020  Sth 
Arnold  Geo  W,  cutter,  b  1557  Bway. 
Arno  d  Harriet  M,   nurse  408  Oakland   av 
Arnold  Harrison  G,   bkpr  Phoenix  Milling 

Co,  b  1435  Franklin. 

°J^  V?W   A'   verifier   S   F  Chronicle, 
r  408  Oakland  av. 
Arnold  Herbert  E,  carp,  b  1117  9th  av. 
Arnold  Jas,    tailor,    r   1557   Bway 
Arnold  Jas  A,   hlpr  Pas  Manifolding  Book 

L.O.     D    58.9     Sfflnfnrrl    a\r 

Arnold  Olive  M   (wid  Wm),  r  701  17th. 
Arnold  Ora  A,  nurse  408  Oakland  av. 
Arnold  Oscar  D,  r  408  Oakland  av. 
Arnold  Pauline,   b  428  34th. 
Arnold     Pierce  J,    elk,   r   1664   13th  av. 
Arnold  Wm    L,    elk,    b    957   Castro. 
Arnold  Willis     C,       elk      John      Mclntvi 

rms    f60    Peralta. 
Arnoldson  Tunis,    elk,   r   1112   E    17th. 
Arnot  Alex    R,    elk,    b   833   35th. 
Arnot   Helen   V,    hairdresser,   b   833    35t 
Arnot  John    Y,    stonesetter,    r  833  35th. 
Arnott  Thos,    b    S62    53d. 
Arnst,      see    Ernst. 
Arnstein,     Simon    &    Co,     Louis    Newbo 

mngr,    woolens,     460    13th. 
Aioney  Anth     (Muratas    &    Aroney)     ra 

S38   Jefferson. 
Aroney    Bros    (Leon    and    Peter),    restat 

rant,    903    Bway. 
Aroney  Jas,    waiter,    903    Bway,    rms    6J 

Aroney  Leon   (Aroney  Bros),  rms  525  8tl 
Aioney  Peter     (Aroney    Bros),     rms       9( 

Aronson    Albt,    seaman,    rms    1033    55th. 
Aronson  David    L,     mngr    Cahn    Nickels 

burg  &   Co.,   r  85  Fairmount. 
Aronson  Jas.    cigarmkr  Nelson    Cigar   C< 

r   1220  13th   av. 
Aronson  Julius,    cigarmkr,    rms    1220   13t 

Bay  City  Well  Works 

Well  Drilling,  Boring  and  Pomp  Work 

Wuiliuti  kti  Sb«» 

Park  At«.  ft  H.rt.a  St.,  EaurrUU 

££&£■  MARCUS.  Propriator 

W»w»li«»aita7l In.  imi  Wt»  JL,  UIUM 

Co.   b  5879    Stanford  av 
Arnold  Jeannette,   rms  635  14th 
Arnold  John  C,   lineman,  b  Clinton  Hotel 


Business  Mngr  Tribune  Pub  Co,    r  2432 

Oregon,    Berkeley. 
Arnold  J  P,  rms  406  8th. 
Arnold  Katie    M     (wld     Geo    H),     r    5221 

Arnold  Lizzie,   r  764  6th. 
Arnold  Louis,    musician    Bell    Theater. 
Arnold  Martha   A    (wld    Rawdon),    r    173S 

Arnold  Martin  F,   butcher,   r  924   °4th 

^r!?4.1K?™,&*hl9r  ?ac  Manifolding  Book 
Co,   b  58i9   Stanford  av. 

Arper  Geo    W,    r    564    Jones. 

Arps  Emil  G,  furn,  512  7th,  r  553  Eldo- 
rado  av. 

Arps  Wm  H,  baggageman,  r  1569  Lin- 

Arreola  Lydin,  nurse  Kings  Daughters 

Arri     Giovanni,   lab,    r  811   47th. 

Arrick  John,    bartndr.    481    9th 

Arri1oc^°lm'  hostlel'  Oakland  Lndrv  Co, 
r    1859    West. 

Arrillaga  Santiago,  music  tchr,  314  Pa- 

Arrillaga  Vincent,  music  tchr,  314  Pagoda. 

Arrouge  Catherine  (wid  Eugene),  r  561 
Sycan  ore. 

Arrouge  John,    lab,    r   1262    Ocean    av. 

Arrouge  John  P.  emp  F  E  Snow,  b  561 

Arrouge  Justin,  boilermkr,  b  561  Svca- 

Arrouge  Manuel,   tmstr,   rms  616  Bway. 

OAKLAND     zz, 





*    ^?»rk!=Tf:.^P,TOME:    OF    THE    LUMBER 
.    :  TRADE    AND    KINDRED    INTERTSTS   : 


aturday  Evening  Post 


OAKLAND",     CITY     DIRECTORY      1910  147 


is  J  Braun,  prop,   648  Jackson,  phone 
me   A17S4. 

vsmith  Geo    E,    broker,    206    El    Cer- 
1  av. 



Jtographers,         1116         Washington, 

mes  Okld   3203,  Home  H6620. 

psmith  W    H,       propr       Arrowsmith 

to    Studio,    r    6295    Shattuck    av. 

(a  Antor.e,   lab,   r  26  Boehmer. 

ja  Antone,  lab,  r  19  Boehmer. 

(a  Belinda    (wid      Manuel),      b      19 


Sxchange      (Sadie      Appell,      Gladys 

ipatrlck),   609   14th. 

he  Frank,   sawyer,   r  1301  46th  av. 

0  Manuel,    lab    Judson    mnfg    Co,    r 
ourn  Eva,    elk    Smith    Bros,    b    1430 

ourn  Sarah,   seams,  r  507  6th. 

aurn     Wm  T,  bkmn  S  P  Co,   r  1430 

Fred  V,   messr.   b   685   25th. 
;-*eo    V.    prop    Okld    Carriage    Mnfg 
r   685   25th. 
3eo    w.    hlksmith      Okld      Carriage 

1  Co,   b   685   25th. 
l-farriet    M,    b   685    25th. 

llonJoyr  ^.thlpr  okld  Carriage   mnfg 
pu    680    25th. 

Isador,    foreman   Howe   &  Wlnches- 
Ir   1022   San    Pab  a  v. 
'  Ernest  S,   civ  eng,   r  480  41st. 
'  Frank    C,    sign    writer,      r      1755 
Geo  F,  coir,  42  Blake  blk,  r  525% 

Otto,    delicatessen,    527    San    Pab 
•    1T39    Filbert. 

Wm,   cook,   r   1501    Saratoga  av. 
Wm,   waiter,   r  1734   7th 
Wm    S,    bkmn    S    P    Co,    r    987% 

'Frank,  sawyer  Okld  Box  Factory. 

is    Chas    A,    vice   pres   Bayle,    La- 
Co,    r    S    F. 
O,    emp    S   P   Co. 

Antone,    lab,    r   19    Boehmer. 
Antone,    contr,    26    Boehmer. 
Frank,    carp,    r    1210    20th    av. 
Jessie    (wid    Manuel),    1553    3d. 
1   Timothy,    Stillman    Capitol    Refg 

Jas,   watchman,   rms   617   14th 
he     furn    rms.    825%    San   Pab    av. 
1   fcebastiano.    lab,    r   582   45th 
n  Adolph,    lab,    r   3216   Washn' 
a  H  A,    mach  Doak   Gas   Eng   Co, 

:    Co,    gen    mdse,    411    7th 

Bklvrl'    C'k    DodRe-    Sweeney    & 

CoD«(niction  Motors       Repairs        Fixtures      Supplies 

Berkeley  Electric  Company 

M.  C.  YARNELL.  Mgr. 

offic«  Residence 

2123  CENTER  ST.     BERKELEY     2919  L0R1NA  ST. 

Phone  Berkeley  5075 

comp    Tribune,    r    616 
N     Wood     & 

Henry,     presser 

3C  Grove. 

German,    r   911C    Grove 

John,     mlillhd     Reliance     Mill 


1  R  D,    r    114    Kemnton   av. 

Ann.    b    415    E    16th. 

As,h.  Ferd     tmstr    P    Lefevre    &      Co,      r 

10/1%    5th. 
Ash  Ferd  F  Jr,  lab,  b  1571  %   5th 
Ash  Frank    E,    eng,    rms    738    Harrison. 
Ash  Franklyn,    tmstr,    rms    738   Harrison 
Ash  Geo,    elk.    rms   738   Harrison. 
Ash  Rev   Geo  O,   r   3211    School. 
Ash  Harry,    lab,    b    1480   38th   av. 
Ash  Julia  (wid  Wm),  r  1480  38th  av. 
Ash  Nellie    M,    elk    J    C    Meyer,    b    1480 

Ash  Norton,  elk  S  P  Co,   r  725  Alice. 
Ash     Mrs  W  L,   b  Hotel  St  Mark. 
Ashbaugh  Bella     (wid    Geo),     furn      rms. 

1118    Brush. 
Ashbury  John,   printer,   rms  616   12th. 
Ashby  Mary    (wid  John),    b   2120  Adeline. 
Ashcom  Thos    D,    coir    Okld    Enquirer,    r 

968    62d. 
Ashcraft  Irving    M,     ins    and    notary,     8 

Blake    blk.    r    564    Apgar. 
Ashcroft  Thos,   elk   L  B  Morris,   rms  322 

Ashelman  Alva  D   (Ashelman  &  Harter). 

r   505    18th. 
Ashelman  &  Harter  (A  D  Ashelman,  C  C 

Harter),     notions,     1181     Market. 
Ashenfelter    Mrs    F    C.     librarian    Chris- 
tian   Science     Free    Reading    Room. 
671    37th. 
Asher  Alice,   nurse,    r  2515   E  23d. 
Asher  Eugene,    driver    Union    Ice    Co, 

177    10th. 
Asher  Harry,    peddler,    r   59    6th. 
Asher  Harry   C,   peddler,   b  416   3d. 
Asher  Jetta   (wid   Saml),    r   80   6th. 
Asher  Louis  L.  fruits  Free  Market,   r  572 

Asher  Ralph,    meats,     1274    Market. 
Asher  Walter  G.   fireman   S   P   Co.    r   943 1 

Ashford  Hattie    (wid  Alonzo),    r   1504    5th 


Advertising    Mngr    Jackson     Furniture 

Co,   r  9th  n   w  cor  Oak. 
Ashland  Julia    C,    maid    Hotel    St    Mark 

rms    6581    Herzog. 
Ash'ey  Mrs     Blache,     music       tchr,       1633 

12th   av. 
Ashley  Catherine     S     (wid     Joel     G),       b 

1247   Center.  '* 

Ashley  Chas    H.    rms    101S    Jefferson. 
Ashley  Chas   R,  earn,  r   1247  Center. 
Ashley  Frank   S.   lab   S   P  CO,   r  160   7th 
Ashley  Geo.    r    1633    12th    av. 
Ashley  Herbert  M,   elk,   r  5707  Dover 
Ashley  Lillio   W    (wid   Geo),    r   S7   Hamil- 
ton   pi. 

Ashley  Lucius    A,    r    3227    Milton. 
Ashley  Walter    O.     car    opr    O    T    CO      1 

380     E    18th.  '    J 

Ashlook  Geo    W,    eng.    r    960    Chestnut 
Ashman  Wm    T.    messr,    1-  5983   Grove 
Ashton,  see    also    Aston. 
Ash  ton  Arthur,   appr   M    W   Hodkins    Co 

rms    510    9th. 

ern  Heavy  Hardware  &  Iron  Co.  *  4Mn£™4Jt. 

2r'%'  Jobbers  in  Carriage  Materials,  Hardwood  Lumberjron  and  Steel 
hk^uV242     All  Kinds  Mill,  Machine  Shop  and  Blacksmith  Supplies 


Copy . 

Harry  C. 






Tel.  Oakland  2751 
Home  A2S75 


Esterly  Construction  Co.,  Inc.  I  ^undationj 


1910      POLK-HrSTliI>      CO.'S 

mngr,    Russell    Creamery, 

Ashton  Jas 

776    10th. 

Ashworth  John,    b    6598    Tremont. 
Asker  Fred,    mach,    r  1506   41st  av. 
^klund  Hannah,    r    593    66th. 
Asman  Ulrich  H,    elk  Wells  Fargo   &   Co, 

r   Bkly. 
Asmus  Carl,   cooper,  r  3812   Rhoda  av. 
Asmus  Francisco,    b    3812    Rhoda    av. 
Asmus  Theo   C,    grocer,    1638   12th,    r   1104 

Asmussen  Inge,     stenogr    Dist      Atty.       r 

Asmussen  Albert  T,  elk  P  O,  r  Hayward. 
Asmuth  E,   cond  O   T   Co,   rms   172  Athol 

Aspen  Edw,   carp   S   P   Co. 
Asptrn  Chas,    tmstr    M    French,    rms    oOS 


i*  <: 

As'pern  Harry   J,    tmstr,    rms    600   E   12th. 
Aspinwall  Mary     A     (wid.    Wm),     b     303:. 

Foothill    boul. 
Asplund  Chas    R,    pressman,    r    862    53d. 
Aspnita  Anth,     tmstr     John     Tierney,     b 

4501    Bway.  TT         _ 

Assalena  Claude  L,   floormngr  H   C   Cap- 

well   Co,    b    Lincoln   av. 


Beni    H    Pendleton,    Pres;    Mrs    Frances 

B  Lemon,    Sec;   James  P  Taylor,   Treas, 

room   9,   808   Broadway. 
Astarinhart  Frank,    clnr    A    Guengard,    b 

1769    drove.  .  • 

Asterlin  C  W,    salsn    The  Wiley    B   Allen 

Co,   r  Rust.  ■.+»», 

Astine  Chas  J,  draftsman  S  P  Cq,  r  l?ol 

Chestnut.  '«■'«**  o<;r 

Astley  Arthur  V,    rodman    S   P   Co,   r   265 

Aston,  see    also    Ashton. 
Aston  Josephine,    rms    535    24th. 
Aston  Sidney,    steward,    r    3409    Washn. 
Astor  Mrs    Auvergne    L,    phys,    334    How- 

Astor  House    The,    furn    rms,    860    Clay. 
Vstoria    The,    furn    rms.    906    Washn. 
Astrue  Chas  J,  civ  eng,  b  1331  Chestnut. 
Astrue  John    C,    sawhantl   S   P   Co.  , 

Astrue  John  C,  mach  hand  S  P  Co,  r  1331 

Asumas  Leonard,   r   775   60th. 
Asvitt  Anth  W,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  w  s  Bay 

View  av  1  s  of  1st. 
■\s\  itt  Manuel,    driver,   r  840  59th. 
Atchinson  A  W,  gardener  St  Mary's  Col- 
Atchison,    Tooeka    &    Santa   Fe   Ry,    J    J 
Warner  genl  agt  1112  Bway,  L  W  Pot- 
"   t  and  pass  agt  40th  and  San  Pab 

Athans  Addiocio  (wid  Mark),  r  462  Ho- 

Athans  Eluirydice  M,   bkpr.   b  462   Hobart. 

\thans  Milton,  elk,  b  462  Hobart. 

Athearn  Florence,  elk  F  J  Lewis  &  Co, 
b  1929  Hastings  av. 

Atheau  Kjjank  H,  erap  S  P  Co,  r  1016  Lin- 


John    B    Jordan    propr.    1304    Broads 
(See  Hotel   Dept.) 
Athens   Realtv   Co,    J   S   Myers   pres, 

Atherstone  Emma  B,  student,  b  585% 
Atherstone  Ethel   N,    draftsman,    b   cl 

Atherstone  Tom  E,  elk,  b  5S5%  2od. 
Atherstone  Thos  S,  real  est,  r  5S5%  23 
Atherton  Allison,  sheet  metal  wkr  11  n 
ziel  Jr  Co.  r  *61  Myrtle.  J 

Atnerton  Almon   T>,    salsn   F   F   Porte 

Atherton'  Juliette,    student   Mills    Coll 
Atherton  Lee    W,    foreman    Clayton 
vertislng  Co,  rms  568  17th.  ,  J 

Athey  C  A,  planer  Sunset  Lbr  Co,  b 

and   College   av.  

A  they  Wm  E,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  1211 

Atken  Edwin,   salsn,    r  1001   56th. 

Atkindale  The,   1226  Bway. 

Atkins,    see  also  Adkins. 

Atkins  Alburtis,  r  970  E  20th 

Atkins  Chas    F,    dep    Oakland    Poun 

w  s  Baker  av  1  n  of  Orion. 
Atkins  Corum,   carp,  b  1041  65th. 
Atkins  David  F,   inspr,  r  4269  Gilbert 
Atkins  Elsie,    nurse   705   Kingston   av. 

Atkins  Frank  S,  horseshoer  li36  Web 
r  w  s  George  2  s  of  Spencer. 

Atkins  Geo  H,  b  705  Kingston  av. 

Atkins  Henry;  r  776  Kingston  av. 
Atkins  H  Norwood,  died  Nov  26  09  aj 

Atkins  Mrs    H   Norwood,    r    (05   Kmf 

Atkins  John  J,  musician,  r  914  B  Vist 
Atkins  Julia  A  (wid  Jas),  r  915  Wo 
Atkins  Martin,  lab,  rms  715  Webster 
AtkJns  Sylvester  P,  pedlar,  r  25  Deif 
Atkinson,  see  also  Adkinson. 
Atkinson  Belle  C,  b  947  4th  ay. 
Atkinson  Bion,     painter    W    B    Lanf 

603V.   18th. 
Atkinson  Geo.  r  947  4th  av 
Atkinson  Geo  W,  elec,  r  173  E  9th.     , 
Atkinson  Gilbert  W,    studem,    b   429' 

Atkinson  Harry  M  (Henry  I  Atkins 
Co)     b  429  Vernon.  " 

Atkinson  Henry  T  (Henry  T  Atkins 
Co),  r  429  Vernon. 

Atkinson  Henry  T  &  Co  (Henry  "I 
Harry  M  Atkinson),  planing  mill  i 

Atkinson  John  W,   elk,  b  166  Santa 


Edw   E'.igs   pres,    J    P   Edoff   vice-pres, 
G    C    3 'avis    sec.    W    L    Johnson    mngr, 
Athenian  Club  bldg,  14th  nw  cor  Frank- 
lin, phone  Okld  102. 
Athenian  Club  b'.dg,  14th  nw  cor  Franklin 

Atkinson  Richd,   elk.     b64  11th. 
Atkinson  Robt  H,  elk.  b  429  Vernon 
Atkinson  Sarah   (wid  Reeves),  r  132 

Atkinson  Thos  E.  acct.  r .318  2 2d 
Atkinson  Wm  J.   tmstr.  b  617  E  16t 
Atkinson  Wm  J,   caip,   res  Midvi 

1  n  of  Arizona.  ' 

Atkinson  Wm  T,  elk  Santa  Fe,  b  Sa 

av   ne  cor  40th.  , 

Atlantic  House,  furn  rms,  956  Franl 


N  R  Harris  Mngr.  L  A  Moberrj, 
Mngr  and  Sec,  Mnfrs  of  Gas  Br 
11th  av  cor  E  9th.  Phone  Merritt 

\tlv  Percy  G.  glazier,  b  151  Athol  ! 

Atlv  Wm,  trav  agt.  i-  151  Athol  av, 

Atno  Jos,  lab.  r  2242  Peralta. 

Atte  Harrv.  porter  Stuart  &  Fig< 
17th  nr  San  Pab  av. 

.WILLIS  SHARPE  GoliuvedrsJ 

487  Fourteenth  St.,  Bet.  Broadway  and  Washington 


Ouhland  3578 


I OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

7thIlaUFien  Wm'      pressnian-      "us     1614 
i|rtiury  Cordelia  (wid  Alex),  r  1163  36th 

:erbury  Ophelia  A.  tehr,  b  1463  36th  av 
:erbury  -Wm  B,  sawyer  Judson  McCully' 

tenfe^etdrI|V'eWeIer    Rothsohi'd    * 


■f°?,£lp,heiis  A,  cigars  201  San  Pab 

TO^i^™'      (Attkiss0n     * 

■"££  fe(wi£ttkiSS°n'  JAyr6S)' 

(rater  Cortez,  lab,  b  Mary  G  Attwater. 

■rater  Mary  G  (wid  Chas).  res  RPn 

iick  av  1  n  of  E  14th. 

|iater  Clara  E,  elk,  b  1636  Sth 

filter  Dwight  M,  salsn.  r  1636  8th. 

rell  Mrs  Inna,  b  486  23d 

iell  Jos  M,  r  530  41st 

[Ml  Mattie  M  (wid  Robt  H),  b  1400  E 

bn  ¥*X  An'e,Ia  J-   r  1625  Myrtle, 
ood  Arthur  I.  r  1625  Myrtle 

?khamiff0rCl    F-    tmStr   S    F'    r   1019% 

!n,1  JP™esJ  S  '  V1**  Kirkham. 

rad  Ernest   E,   driver,   b   1019%   Kirk- 

«SlCheetw,Siddr,lratot   PhiIip   &  Phi»P- 

'od  SnhtrVRA'  ,C,k'J\54  BelIa  Vista  av. 
•Od  Robt  B,  olnr  G  Hofmeister,  r  612 


!nd  w£?k  st,enosr,   b  612  68th. 
tevSaav  *    pat,6rn   mkr>    b   « 

pd  Wm  W,  engr,  r  54  Bella  Vista  av 
-abelle,  elk  Kahn  Bros,  b  1560  West' 
;60eWest.  Paperh"^   P   N   Kuss    Co, 

Alfred  A.  mach,  b  1214  Sth 

frank  J,    bkpr.   b  1616   17th 

Homer,  oik,  b  1214  Sth. 

Jos    (Lammelin   &   Aubry)     r   1214 


Mrs     Marguerite 
ieh,   b  30   Tel  av. 
Marius,    moved   to   S   P 
Stephen    D.    elk    Berquest    Bros     r 
Mountain  View  av  ' 

1  n™"'™!3,  photosr-  r  w  s  Saratoga 
Jos  I„  earp.  r  S07  Grove. 
» TaJ n'P  E  ,LeIlnha.rdt.  b  807  Grove 
I  Ma    Ua'  T,°h'  ''  3030,-/2  Saunders, 
e  Maria    elk.   r  3030  Saunders. 
■  t  Gust,  elk,   r  609  39th. 

|dClu?e.ry  A'  meat  °tr  W  J  Lund' 
ed  Hyppolite,  r  1910  Tel  av 
num  Hall.  10th  nr  Camnbell'. 
ieh  reter.  hlpr  S  P  Co,  r  1723  Goss. 
r  Chas  L.  bottler  Okld  B  &  M  Co 

ard  A,  ins  agt, 
Bertha      (wid 

r  871  37th. 


i  Chas  L,  elk,  b  909  Chestnut 

I  Erma.  student,  b  28  Bay  pi. 

;  HenryL    actor,  b  909  Chestnut. 

Howell  B.  b  28  Bay  pi 

Karl   R,   elk  Harbor  Bank,  b  28 

h  Mary    I.    (wld    Ralph    H),    r    28 

AlRubvCh  Melvill°'      draftsman, 
Ansa  Jos.  bkpr.  r  5899  Valleio. 
Arga  Leon,  plumber,  b  5899  Vallejo. 
b  779  Apg"/6'    laundrywkr    N    Abbadie 

A rifprvV^rA  **arie'  Ia«ndrywkr  N  Abba- 

die,  r  779  Apgar. 
August  Alfred,  lab  S  P  Co 
August  Anton,  lab,  r  224%  Ettie 
August  Jos,   lab,   r  715  Center. 
August  Jos  W,  fireman  S  P  Co 
August  Thos,   ironwkr.  b  1340  35th  av. 
August  \incent,  lab,  b  715  Center. 
Augusta  Eva,  b  578  16th. 
Augustine  Antone,   lab,   r  622  Magnolia 
Augustine  Walter,   sign  painter  976  7th' 
Augustiny  Peter  F,  r  3127  High 
Augustus  Henry,  lab  S  P  Co 
Augustus  Joun  M.  baker,   r  2057  West 
Augustus  Jos    A,     colli-    Tribune,    r    1117 

Augustus  Ray  W,  pressman,  b  2057  West 
Augustus  Roy  L,  metal  wkr.  b  2057  West' 
Auhage  Henry,  rms  657  10tli. 

r  o£°Z?1  \   transfer  elk  R  M  S   (S  F), 
r  936   Chestnut. 
Aulettc  Frank,   mach,   r  766  Lvdia. 

7thavr°S  (W  C  and  V  L)'  grocers  I"" 
Aulin  John  B,  mstr  mariner,  r  1013  7th  av 
Auin  Victor  L  (Aulin  Bros),  b  1013  7th  av 
Au  in  Wm  C  (Aulin  Bros),  b  1013  7th  av 
Aull  John,   lab,  b  755  Grove 

Anlt   Tnhn'«h0Stler  S  K  Co'   r  S66  Chester 

Ault  John  S.  carp,  r  1218  7th 

Aune   Jas,    bicycles   521   16th, 'rms   346   Tel 

Aurley  Alvin.  mach  Scoville  Iron  Wks 
Aurora  Hotel  502  Park  av,  E  Oakld  ' 
Auseon  John    real  est  E  14th  nw  cor  59th 

av,    r  238   59th  av. 
Auseon    Leroy     real    est    E   14th    n   w   cor 

59th  av,   b  23S  59th  av. 
Auseon   Perry  H,    1357   24th  av 
Ausman  Wm  D.  salsn  M  A  Gunst  &  Co 

r  527%   Jones. 
Austin    Mrs   Alice,    b    129    Lester   av 
Austin    Arthur,    trav   agt.    r   1426    Tallant 
Austin  Rev  Arthur  C.  pastor  Golden  Gat* 

Baptist    Church,    r   1080   55th 

of  ?n.  ,?etty-   checker   Bowman   &   Co,   t 

953   Alice. 
Austin    Carl    B.    painter,    r  2102    Elm 
Austin    C.    carp    United    Iron    Wks,    r   230? 

Austin   Danl  E,   brtndr  418   7th 
AusV"  E,;>W,C'  tmstr  Victor  Am  Fuel  Co 

A13th  aEIizabeth    (wi(J    Ant"    C),    b    208f 

AbSt1060%ei7thG'   Clk  CaI  Wire  Cl0th  C0 

Ai,5iRn1^!'ank   G'    elk   Robt  Kuerzel,    rmt 
1116  Filbert. 

A"?t„in.Frank   p'  wood   turner  S   P  Co    i 
953    Alice. 

Austin  Fred  W.   cementwkr.   r  715%   11th 
Austin    Fred    H.    carp,    -    "-•"    "      ■ 






Dry  Colors 



Orchard  G  Scott,  Mngr;  2d  se  cor  Web- 
ster.    Phones    Okld    934.    Home 
Austin  Geo,   rms  371   13th 


Real   Estate   and   Insurance  1018  Broad- 
rv-ay;,'  ,"""'s   ,)kM    4S4-''   Home  A3132 

/IlLYf    VT I  ILL  lull   Loans  Negotiated     insuraicc 

elepHone    4-21  SAN      LEANDHO,     CAL. 


Phone  Oakland  4598 







DOlCOmb  Realti  C0„  IBC,  Inetor  o(  Capital 

SAN  PABLO  AVE.,  at  17th  Street 

Land  for  the  landles-  man.  Biz  value  buys. 
■LanU  paying  investments.  Sacks  of  fold  to 
ton  R?eh  Producing  acreage.  Farms  for  the 
thrifty.    Easy  payment  homes. 

Avela  Manuel,  butcher  Okld  Meat 









Austin    Harry    W,    mngr    Great 

Tea    Co,    r    455    Moss    av. 
Austin   Hattie   E,   nurse,   b   922   34th 
Austin   Henry  C,   mining,    b   2085   13th   a\ . 
tu?tin  Henry  R    acct.   r  2700  Peralta  av. 
Austin  IrlneB.   emp  Gordon  Syrup  Co. 

b  1060  E  17th.. 


Mngr  Macdonough   Bar  Inc     r   478 1  26th. 

l^tin  JonnVn^Bk  V  -d  »avG 

SWa  fwif/afR),  r  715%  11th 
Vustin  Olivia,  elk  Emma  Ilsen,  r  2085  13th 

vSrtln  Paul  S,  elec  eng,  r  rear  4980  Dove 


Dnn,   iTe+atP  1101   23d  av  and  361*;   foot 
WHBoul!  1461  High.  (See  Real  Estate 

VurtPniaml   P,   cement  wkr,   r   1301   51st 

Austin  Stafford  W  (W  A  Markley  &  Co), 

iTwver  1°66  Bway.  b  1352  Harrison. 
lffiCTte,    fab    Oakland    Pottery   Wks 

^usti0n0Thos17H;  barber  1817   Tel   av,   rms 
kustfn  Walter  H.  agt  Polk-Husted  Direc 

torv  Co    rms  1375  Franklin. 
Uustin  Walt™    P,   salsn  Geo  W  Austin 
Hotel  St  George. 
Uistin   Wm,    porter,    rms   1224   Mil. 

.ultin  w£   A922saC-  Columbia    Phono- 
graph   Co.   rms   957   Grove. 


Theo   Robertson.    Mngr   Storage   Batter- 
teries  159  12th.     (See  Classified  Automo- 

kutoeSStorage.    Renting   &   Machine   Wks 
Fred    H    Bender   mngr,    14.    1-th. 


Office'    and    Demonstration    Plant    1264 

iurmahcy-  Water     Power     Co,     Wm     " 
Thomas  sec,   959  Bway. 


Anderson    &    Clarkson    Proprs,    175   12th. 

(See  Classified   Automobiles.) 
Auxiliary    Church    Association,    Rev    Geo 

B   Allen   supt.    Lincoln   Hall 
Auzerais  John  L,  real  estate  1003%  Bway, 

Vvae.Vran'k.  lab,  r  1214  E  10th. 

Avalon  Hotel,  Wm  Harfst  Propr,  406  Tel 

A.van  Geo  W,  eng,  b  1260  10th  av. 
Avan   John,    r   277    College   av. 
tan  Wm  J,  foreman  S  P  Co,  b  ibid  mat, 

Avaneeotis    Nicholas,    lab    The    Paraffine 

V nl     ' '.    r  5S53   Sim  Pablo  avenue 
Avela  Antone  F.  lab.  r  652  Kennedy 

Avela  Manuel  M  (Garcia  &  Avela), 

Avela^Manuel  M,  grocer  5609  Grove, 
Avelar  Annie  (wid  Manuel),  r  1064  EI 
Avelan  Anth  A,   shoemkr,   b  1064 
Avelar   Jos   A   (Avelar  &   Peters). 

Avelar3 Jas  T,  cement  wkr    r  1346 
Avelar  &  Peters  (J  A  Avelar,  FJP 

plumbers  1115  13th  av. 
Avele  John,  lab   S  P  Co 
Avelino  Arthur,  cook  b  f  ^°- 
Ave  S?  Antone,  lab,  r  1319  60t  .  av. 
Avellar  Antone  C    r  1520  19th  av. 
\vellar   Frank,   lab,    b   1717    btn. 
Avella   Frank,    Ice   cream   mkr.   r  I 
14th,    Elmhurst. 


r   J   Craker  Propr,   1031   San  Pal 

Phone  Okld  3277. 
Avenue  House,  furn  rms  1-9  ban 
Xvenul  Stables,  Tel  av  cor  24th. 
Averell    Herbert   E,    mining,    r    3231 

A^elf-Rebecca  («  r  679 
iveril!  Christina  T  (wid  Wales),  1 

Avery  EdwE,  salsn  M  T  M.nne 
AveWrankH,  osteopath  305  Un 

Avery  Mrs   May,    r   lJ1»fk„1f1sth 
ivprv   The     furn   rms   512%    8th.  ■ 
iverv  Walter   I,   elk  Goldberg.   E 

Co.-  b   1315A  Market 
Avery  Warren,  elk    b  131 _5 A   Man 
Avignone  Elvira,  cashr  Cal  t  run. 

Av1?aSnFrankFiab  The  Paraffine  I 
Av^a9J3oh^bderiver  W  T  Sageho, 
AvW&ur.  lal -rms  1563  3d. 
Avilla  Frank  S,  deckhand  S  P  < 
AvtllfSos  P.  lab,  r  w  s  Mercha; 

-     Elmhurst.  _   , 

Jos   S,    watchman    S    F   I 

Avto'ohks  R.  mngr  Moore  Mot( 
Avlia  Frank,  lab    rms  1275 ,14th 

A^eirod    Danl.    cabinetmkr    R 

r  700  34th.  .    _  I 

Axelrod  Milton  conf 3611  San 
Axelson  Emil.  lab  S  PUJ  «" 
Axelson  Victor  carp,  b  420? IHe 
Axley  Wm  A,  driver  W  G  Man, 

Ax"teUeEugene  H,  gateman  S  P 
37th    av. 








462-464  Thirteenth  St. 

B*L  Brotdway  tad  Wuhnftoa  St« 

OAKLAND      CITY      DTKECTOKY      1910 

:ell    Mary    T    (wid    Walter    M),    r    1403 

rth  av. 

lell    Thos,    elk    Bowman    &    Co,    r    973 


:on  Fred  R,  dentist,  r  19  Monte  av. 

:on   Wm,   r  1015  43d. 

i    Louis,     metalwkr    Henry    Sparman, 

lis    842    Franklin. 

da  Wm,   miner,   r  w  s  Loma  Vista  av 

1  n  of  E  14th. 

lellotte  Jas  H,  r  463  E  11th. 

len  Thos,   tanner  T  W  Corder,  r  Bkly. 

len  Thos  Jr,  eng  T  W  Corder,  b  Bkly. 

sr,  see  also  Ayre,  Eyer  and  Eyre. 

jr  Edw  A,  wagon  mkr,  b  1184  Foothill 


:r  Ethel  C,  tchr  Emerson  School,  b  597 


:r  F  F,  condr  O  T  Co,  r  1827  Tel  av. 

ir  Gertrude,    tel    opr,    b    1184    Foothill 


I  Mrs  Hattie  G,  tchr  Franklin  School, 

ins  115  11th. 

fc  John  C,  seaman,   r  5621  9th. 

pr  Mary,    lyndry    wkr   Domestic    Laun- 

R   Co,    b  1827   Tel  av. 

kr  Milo  C,  solr,   r  421  Apgar. 

r  Minnie    (wid    Edw),    r    1184    Foothill 


>r  Richd    B.    pres    Piedmont    Construc- 
|0n  Co,   b  953   8th. 

r  Washington  K,  elk  Pac  Manifolding 
bok  Co,  r  Bkly. 

!r  Winfleld  S,  eng,  r  1636  19th  av. 
rs,  see   also   Ayres,    Eyers   and   Eyres, 
rs  Arch,   hlpr  S  P  Co,  r  853  Campbell, 
rs  A,   hlpr  S  P  Co,   r  1619  Woolsev. 
rs  Chas  H,  searcher  of  records  Stock- 
'  &  Holland  Abstract  Co,  rms  752  13th. 
rs  Ethel  F,    b  770  15th. 
ts  Floience,   nurse,   b  3059  35th  av. 
rs  Frank    H,    asst    sec    Wickham    Ha- 
ms Inc.   r  Stowe  av  nr  Newton  av. 
rs  Frank  M,   lab,   r  1814   47th  av. 
■rs  F  F,   condr  O  T  Co,   r  1827  Tel  av. 
rs  Henry,   condr,  rms  1827  Tel  av. 
rs  Jas  D,   carp,  b  472  23d. 
rs  Jas    H,    driver    Eng    Co    5,    r    339 
pant  av. 

John   E,   plumber,   r  461   58th. 
rs  Mary  E,   r  263  62d. 
rs  Nellie   (wid  Alonzo),   b  1081  53d. 
rs  Pearl,    bkpr    Hammer-Bray    Co,    b 
0  Tel  av. 

rs  Ransome  G,  carp  J  H  Swift,  r  1210 

rs  Saml,   carp  S  P  Co. 
rs  Sarah  E   (v/id  Michl),  r  770  15th. 

"\   foreman  S  P  Co,  r  1702  8th. 
rs  Wm   S.   r  1059  Castro, 
fs  Wilson  D,   blksmith  3109  35th  av,  r 
59  same. 

ens  Alfred  J,  elk,  b  3216  Palmetto, 
ens  Alice,    b   3216   Palmetto. 

ns  Eugenia  (wid  Paul  J),  r  3216  Pal- 


>.ns  Leona,   milliner,   b   3216   Palmetto. 

ms  Paul  A,   carp,   r  2426  Isabella, 
fard  Richd,  lab  Pac  States  Refineries, 
4860  Crittenden  av. 

8  Fred,  driver  Union  Oil  Co  of  Cal,  r 
i  57th. 

ar  Clarence  A,  elk,   r  3609  Rhoda  av. 

ar  Ira  A,   carp,   r  3646  Rhoda  av. 
iar  Verna  O,  b  3646  Rhoda  av. 

,  see  also  Ayers,   Eyers  and   Eyres. 
Chas,    stationery   312!l   Boston   av. 

s  Calver   B,   bkpr  M  W  Hodkjns   Co, 

'297  Lawrence. 

Real  State.  Company 

1214-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones,  oak.  328  Home  A  3328 


Dentist  Room  409  Phvsicians'  Bldg, 
1111  Washington.  Hours  9-12  A  M  and 
1:30-5  P  M,  Phone  Okld  3521;  r  1205 
Oak,   Phone  Okld  2662. 

Ayres  Eliza  J  (wid  Humphrey),  r  1713 

Ayres  Eva  M,  sec  Anti-Saloon  League,  r 
1676   Waverly. 

Ayres  Fannie  C  (wid  Wm  C),  r  2702  Sun- 
set av. 

Ayres  Frank  W,   r  825  Isabella. 

Ayres  Irvin,  pres  Cal  Trona  Co,  r  1205 

Ayres  Irving  W,   lawyer,   b   1205   Oak. 

Ayres  Jas  H,    driver,   b  339  Grand  av. 

Ayres  Mrs  Jennie  M  (Attkinsson  & 
Ayres),    r   1226   Bway. 

Ayres  John  T,   ylman,   r  1670  8th 

Ayres  Mary  J  (wid  Jas  I),  tchr  Clawson 
School,    r  1676   Waverlv. 

Ayres  Ruth  M,  bkpr  Osen  &  Hunter  Auto 
Co,  b  185   15th. 

Ayres  Mrs  Sarah  J,  b  192  E  16th. 

Ayres  Sidney,   actor,    r  339   Grand   av. 

Ayres  W  Fredk,  framemkr,  b  2702  Sun- 
set av. 

Ayton  Lyle  McK,   elk.   b  756  14th. 

Ayton  Thos   J,   janitor,    r  756   14th. 

Ayton  Thos  J  Jr,   plumber,   b  756  14th. 

Azero  Jas,   lab,    b   179   3d. 

Azevedo  Anton,  driver  Am  Creamery  Co, 
rms  479   29th. 

Azevedo  Anton  J,  grocer  669  E  17th,  r 
667  same. 

Azevedo  Anton  P,    contr  67  Hannah. 

Azevedo  Anton  T,  meatctr  Obediah  Neue- 
baumer,  b  667  E  17th. 

Azevedo  Antonio  C,   r  1470  5th. 

Azevedo  Emma,  elk,   b  1364  Campbell. 

Azevedo  Frank,  emp  Am  Rubber  Mnfg 
Co,    r   806    E    14th. 

Azevedo  Louis,  elk  Schwartz  Bros,  r  512 

Azevedo  Manuel,    barber  512   5th. 

Azevedo  Manuel  J,  plumber,  b  667  E  17th. 

Azevedo  Mary    (wid  Jos),   b   1426   46th   av. 

Azivedo  Manuel  P,  grocer  822  Willow,  r 
1364  Campbell. 

Azmon  Henry,  waiter  S  P  Co. 

Azmon  Henry  W,  elk,  r  1322  Harrison. 


(Ricardo     A    S    Encarnacio.     J     Fontes. 

Marianne     Soares),     Concrete     and     All 

Kinds    of    Concrete   Work    236    Moss    av. 

Phone  Piedmont  851.      (Sec  Contractors' 

Azukizawa   Chas   H,   bkpr,    r   41st   av   sw 

cor  Washn. 
Azveda  Alphonse.   lab,   b   S06  E  32d. 
Azveda  Antone,    lab,   r  806   E  32d. 
Azvedo  Danl,    tmstr    Henry    Cowell    Lime 

and  Cement  Co,  rms  Bway  sw  cor  2d. 
Azvedo  Manuel,  hodcarrier.  r  137  Hannah. 
Azvedo  Jos,   lab,  b  1524  32d. 

RE  A  D    TH  E 





















3  H 

r.  -  &D     x 

o  I  i-i    b 

v  x 

aturday  Evening  Post 



Acetylithe  Portable  Lamps 

Acetylithe  Generators  for  All  Lighting  and  Cooking  Purposes 


1910      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 







■  t  Your  Home 
nl  the  Hospital 

For  One 


a  Month 

We  Own 




Santa  Clara 


Alameda,  Cal. 




Dennison  and  King  Sts.  East  Oakland 

At  23d  Ave.  Station        Phone  Merritt  140 

Baab  Charles,   died  Oct  6,   '09,  age  53. 
Baaser  Ferd,    butcher,   r  n   s   65th  2   w   of 

Baaser  Gust,   butcher,   r  n  s  65th  3  w  of 

Babb  Chas  E,   eng  S  P  Co,   r  1118  Wood. 
Babb  C  A,   coir,  r  1825  Wakefield  av. 
Babb  Geo  W,   bkpr,   r  491  29th. 
Babb  Mrs  Isabel,  janitor  Grant  School  An- 
nex,  r  780  22d. 
Babb  Margaret   H,    elk   H    C    Capwell   Co, 

b  158  15th. 
Babbino  Antone,   tmstr,  b  811  Brush. 
Babbino  Frank,   r  811  Brush. 
Babbino  Jos,    lab    Cal    Wire    Cloth   Co,    b 

811  Brush. 
Babbino  Katharine,   elk,  b  811  Brush. 
Babbino  Louis,    lab,    b   811    Brush. 
Babbitt  Cora,  lndry  wk.r  Excelsior  Lndry. 
Babbitt  Herman  B,  conf  1st  sw  cor  Bway, 

r  1558  11th  av. 
Babbitt  Leon,    tmstr  Buswell  Paint  Co,   r 

916   Grove. 
Babbitt  Leon  C,  plumber  P  J  Kolich,  rms 

916  Grove. 
Babbitt  Leslie  W,  elec,  rms  916  Grove. 
Babbitt  Lucinda.    b    197S    Webster. 
Babbitt  Lucius  L,  farmer,  res  Jones  av 

opp  1st,  Elmhurst.  . 

Babbitt  Mrs    Sarah    E.    b    L    L    Babbitt, 

Babcock  Albt  W  G,   baker,   r  s  s   Edgerly 

2   e   of  Central  av. 
Babcock  Mrs  Alice  E,  b  1723  12th. 
Babcock  Allen  H,  elec  eng,  r  146  Lake. 
Babcock  David    L,    student,    b    3710    Glen 

|  Bach    Jensen    J,    janitor    First    Nat   Baf 
r   Berkeley. 
Bachelder  Carl   A,   r  545  Hobart. 
Bachelder  Horace  ■  W,    solr,    r    5919    Cai 



Lawyer,    906   Bway,    r   Bkly. 
Bachelet    Philippe,    cementwkr, 


Bacher,  see    also    Baker    and    Becker. 
Bacher  Chrillis  P  J,    elk    P   O,    r  Ala. 
Bachman,  see  also  Backman,   Beckman 
Bachman  Chas,    mssr      Thorsted      Flo! 

Co,    b    4456    Piedmont   av.  i 

Bachman  Elizabeth  C  (wid  N  Lafayetti 
857    Fall 

Bachman  Harry  F,  stenogrL  b_857  Fallc 
Bachrach  Beatrice    H, 

Bachrach  Henri    I,     tra 


stenogr,     b     S 

v    salsn,     b    S 

itenogr    Com 


Babcnck  Geo     R,     city    elec,     519    15th, 

1004    E    28th. 
Babcock  Lafayette  M,   r  544   31st. 
Babcock  Nellie    G    (wid    Henry    C), 

Claremont    av. 
Babcock  Oliver    F,    painter,    3428    E    14th. 

r    3710   Glen   av,    Fruitvale. 
Babcock   Sanford     P.     draftsman    Okld    G 

L  &   H   Co,    r  467   Oakland  av. 
Hancock   Stephen    G.    solr,    r   4473    E    14th. 
Babcock  Wrn    J,    coir,    b    467    Oakland    av. 
Babies'  Nursery    (Ladies'    Relief  Society), 

393  45th 
Babros  Jos,   elk  J  Seulberger,  r  Bkly. 
Babros  Paul  (Eureka  Wire  Wks).  r  Bkly. 
Babue  Edw  S,  mngr  Claremont  Creamery. 

r  527   Jones. 
Babue  John  T,   marine  eng.  r  1198  59th. 
Babue  Margaret   (wid  David),   b  1338  Fil- 
Baccica  Rebagliati.  lab,  r  rear  657  Myrtle. 
Baccus   Benj,    baggageman   S   P   Co.    r    1 09 

Baccus  Wm  J.  contr    r  721  Franklin. 
Bacetti  G.  lab,  b  71  McAdam. 
Bach  Ferd.   r  1525  Franklin. 
Bach   Frank,   gardener  3217   Boston   av. 

We  Deli- 

Bachrach  Marguerite     -, 

Clerk,    b    S    B    Bachrach. 
Bachrach  Simon   B,    ins     and     loans, 

Bway,    r    Foothill    boul    bet    47th 

48th   avs.  ,,..■—  n\ 

Bachrodt  Elizabeth       (wid    Hugo       < 

1442  E  18th. 
Baehtel,  see    also    Bechtle. 
Bachtel  Elmer  L,   elec  Pac  Tel  &  Tel  t 

r  4824  Tel  av. 
Back,  see  Bach. 
Back  Wm  B,  plasterer,  r  5301  E  12th, 
Backman,  see  also  Bachman,  Beckrn, 
Backman  Mrs  Helen   (Backman   &   GaS 

gher),   res  Loma  Vista  av  18  n  ol 

Backman  &  Gallagher  (Mrs  Helen  Ba\ 
man,  John  Gallagher),  grocers,  " 
Loma  Vista  av   18   n   of  E   14th. 

Bacigalupi  Aug,    lab,    b    71    McAdam. 

Bacigalupi  Frank  A,  salsn  S  F  Prod 
Co,    r   1675    14th.  -      ,<■ 

Bacigalupi  Frank    E,    elk,    r    Iil3    lltl 

Bacigalupi  Guadalupe  (wid  Frank), 
1312    Bassett. 

Bacigalupi  John,    b    6604    Tremont. 

Bacigalupi  Stephen,  driver  Buffalo  E 
tling   Co,    r   962B   3d. 

Backess  Sarah    E    (wid    Chas    E),    b 

Backman,  see    also    Beckman. 

Backman  Albt,  tmstr,  r  Howe  1  s  of  4 

Backus,  see    Baccus. 

Bacon,   Annie    G,   b   370   E   16th. 


B   C   Soule,    Mngr,   e   s  Washington 

11th   and   12th. 
Bacon  Eliza   (wid  Wm  T),  b  1328  E  1 
Bacon  Geo,   foreman   Okld  Dock  &  Wi 

house  Co,    r  1855   13th  av.  . 

Bacon  Geo   H,    foreman,    r    1S55    loth 
Bacon  Georgiana    E,    exchange    opr 

bune,    r    1903    45th    av. 
Bacon   Gilman   W.   auditor  Franklin  I 

of    Ala    Co,    r    562    37th. 
Bacon  Helen    T,    b    315    Orange. 
Bacon  Herbert    W,    lab,    r    1328    E   lOt 
Bacon  John,    emp    Coast    Mnfg    &    Su] 

Co.    Fitchburg. 
Bacon  Jos    V,    coir    Peoples   Water   C 

315    Orange.  ■  „ 

Bacon  Julia  F  (wid  Jas  H).  r  370  E  1 
Bacon  Laura  W   (wid  Truman  F),  r 

School,    Fruitvale. 
Bacon  Lizzie,    elk.   b   132S  E   10th. 
Bacon  Lois  S  (wid  Geo),  r  1903  45th  a 

in  Oakland  J-  LEWIN,  Manager  Phone  Home  B  1 


.     2406  SANTA  CLARA q  AVENUE  J 

We  give  One  Yea,'.  Sub.cnpt.on.  to  any  U.e  °ur, *"*'""' ^'ou,  premium  Offer       I 


C.    Grosjean    Propr. 

37  TWELFTH    ST. 

ii.kphones  O-Kl.AN-n  86.80     HOME  A  8C80 

Domestic  and  Imported  Wines  and  Liquors 

Family  Trade  a  Specialty   Member  Qiamlwr  of  Commerce 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

of  Hopkins, 

eon  Mary   E    (wid   David),    r    1222    12th 

con  Robt,    printer,    r    993    57th. 

con  Theresa    (wid    Danliel), 


con  Thos.  res  Acacia  2 

,eona   Hts. 

con  Waltr,  news  agt  Denison  News  Co. 

con   Wm   S,   b    455   Walsworth  av. 

con  Wm   W,    salsn.    b   926   Chestnut. 

con  W   Sherman,   Cen   Pac   Motor  Sup- 

ly  Co,  r  Ala. 

larello    Pietro,    shoemkr,    3961    Tel    av. 

3874   Shatter   av. 
Ideley  Herbert    F,    elk    W    F    &    Co,    b 
177   E    20th. 

ideley  Mary    J    (wid    Wm),    r    1177    E 

ler  Christian,   cabinet   mkr.    r  1375   Ir- 
Ing   av. 

Igett  Mack  H,    barber,    360   9th. 
lger  Thomas    N,     civ     eng,     17     Bacon 
idg,    r    Bklv. 

Igiey  Mrs    Clara    D,    r    220    12th. 
Igley  Raymond    R,     fireman    S    P    Co 

1657    11th. 
lgley  Wm    O,    contr,    r    303    Lee. 
lie  Jos   H.   marker,    r   1635   Magnolia. 
[lie    Mrs    Marie,    b    1248    61st. 
lino  Chas     (Izetti    &     Badino).     r    Ala. 
lino  Louis     (Benedetti     &     Badino),     r 
(.5    11th. 

loglio  L,    lab,,  b    71    McAdam. 
tuini   Lorenzo,   lab   S   P   Co.' 
kwin  August    Jr.       patternmkr      Union 
jas    Eng   Co,    r   S  F. 
(win  Louis     J,     foreman     Union       Gas 

ngine    Co,    r    Ala. 

Bder,  see    also    Bender. 

nder  Chas    L.    prof    St    Marys    Col,    b 

iminary  av   4    s   of  Harmon. 

nder  Chas    P,    r   Seminary    av    4    s    of 


nder  Clarence  R,  acct,   r  4822  Foothill 


nder  Mrs.    Lena,    r    1416    50th    av. 

r,  see    also    Bahr,     Bair    and    Bare 

P  Emma,   tailor,  r  726  15th. 
Ernest  A,    bkpr,   r   1191    19th. 
Fred   L,   supt,    r  1409   10th  av. 

r  Louis,    driver    Theo    Gier   Wine    Co, 


I  Nelson   J,   mach   Berg   Cycle      Auto 

lpply    Co,    rms    Leith   apts. 
lalim  F,    lab    Leona    Chem    Co,    r    53d 
and    E    10th. 

$>y  Geo  H,   druggist   C   T  Mentz,   rms 

)    Filbert. 

?ett  WinHeld  S,   acct,   r  2350  Mitchell. 

?ett  Winfield    S   Jr,    elec,    r    1456   35th 

F<?1  „Ed   P.  auto  repairing,   515   16th,   r 

iO    Madison. 

las  Theo,     elk     Lekas     &       Co.       rms 

ray    n    e    cor    10th. 

ey  Doris    E,    student    Mills    College. 

ey  Edw.    butcher   Okld   Meat    &   Pkg 

ey  Mrs  Elizabeth,  b  862  Henry 
ey  Mabel,  elk  Kahn  Bros,  r  Ala 
rey  Percy    (Keith    &    Baglev),    r    Ali> 

E<   l*,rr,ie,t   (wid   Jas)-   r  17i5  Market. 

ni  Adolph    sawyer  A  B  Weeks  &  Co. 
Ini  Carlo,  lab,   r  1100  54th  av. 

ni  David,  lab,   b  71  McAdam. 

Ini  F,  lab,  r  5322  E  10th. 

'"'  Jlllius.    barber  Angelo   Orsolini,    b 

7  C  1-  rtvale. 

cooley,  langworthy 
&  McCarthy 



Bagnera  Giuseppe,    shoemkr    4535%    Shat- 

tuck  av,   r  609  46th. 
rsagues  Joaquin,    lndrvwkr,   r  818   22d 
Bahls  Elizabeth    (wid    John    F    W),    r   942 

Bahls  Herman  H,  r  950  Linden. 
Bahls  Richd  W,   r  360   Perkins. 
Balioric  Miclll,    tailor  Lancaster  &   Rikor. 

r  6Mi  23d. 
Bahr,  see  also  Baer.  Bare. 
Bahr  Helen,  b   15S   E  11th. 
Bahr  Margaret  (wid  Wm).  r  458  E  11th. 
Bahr  Peter,  draftsman  Atlas  Gas  Eng  Co. 

b  45.S  E  11th. 
Bailar  Clarence. U,   elk  Vernon  Failing,    b 

534  52a. 
Bailar  Elsie  F,  cashr.  b  584.  62d. 
Bailar  Wm  H,  carp,  r  584  62d. 
Bailey,  see  also   Bavley. 
Bailey  Mrs  Alice,   b  1135  Honkins. 
Bailey  Alice,  bknr.  t  657  10th. 
Bailey  Alice  J.  tailor,  b  761  14th. 
Bailey  Mrs  Belle.  D,  b  729  53d. 
Bailey  Caroline,    student  Mills  College. 
Bailey  Chas,  pantryman,  rms  1639  Myrtl 
Bailey  Chas   C,    foreman   Western   Casket 

Co,  r  86  litis. 
Bailey  Clias  E.  bkpr,  r  752  61st. 
Bailey  Clara   E,    tchr  High   Sehool,    b   460 

Shafter  av.    .  *■ 

»ng  S  P  Co.  r  1177  Sth. 
ronwkr,  b  4790  Tel  av. 
fireman    S    F    Co,    b    S31 

Bailey  Dtnl  C 

Bailey  K,\\\    .T. 
Bailey  Elcena, 

Bailey  Elizabeth    N     (wid    Wm),     b    1917 

Bailey  Emily  K,   tailor,  b  761  14th. 
Bailey  Ethel,    emp    Curtain    Store,    b    S34 

Bailey  Etta  E  (wit!  H  J),  r  460  Shafter  av. 
Bailey  Frances,  elk  Hale  Bros,  b  551  20th 
Bailey  Fredk.  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  657  60th. 
Bailey  Fred   E,   millhand  Hodge  &  Collins 

Lbr  Co,  r  :!0S  E  19th. 
Bailey  Geo,  card  writer,  b  2039  23d  av. 
Bailey  Geo  A,  carp,  r  3622  Laguna  av. 
Bailey  G    E.    suure    hd    Ye    Liberty    Play 

House,  r  411  15th. 
Bailey  Harry,  lab,  r  rear  S53  40th. 
Bailey  Henrietta  (wid  Edw),  r  4700  Tel  av 
Bailey  Henry,   rms  207  2d. 
Bailey  Iva  F.  elk,  b  3758  Shafter  av. 
Bailey  Jas  D.  rms  375  10th. 
Bailey  John  C,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  363  Sth. 
Bailey  John  M,  coir,  r  6126  Dover. 
Bailey  Jones  A,  porter,  r  579  Kennedy. 
Bailey  Lillie    I:    (wid    Frank),    nurse.    SSS 

Bailey  Martha  (wid  Geo  R),  r  2039  23d  av. 
Bailey  Marv,  student,  b  6SS  24th. 
Bailey  Mary  (wid  Wm.,  r  2902  Atwell  av, 
Bailey  Mrs.    Mary    J,    r    761    14th. 
Bailey  Myrticse     (wid    Frank    A),    r    1513 

.".7th    av 
Bailey  Nellie,  stenogr,  b  3048  Saunders. 
Bail,  v  Reginald   E.   elk,   b   4790  Tel  av. 
Bailey  Roberta,    wrapper    Taft    &      Pen- 

ni. yer.    b    1117    Linden. 








— i    2 

°  s 

i—  2  > 



u  Q 

<  p 



Trade   Marks    and    Copyrights! 


Corner  Market  and  Third  Street; 

1010      POTK-HISTKD      CO.'S 





John  W  Baker,  Pres  and  Mngr: ;  Emm 
RaVer  Troas-  N  Rose,  Sec;  900  ba 
Pablo     av,     Phones     Okld     31S4,     Horn 

I  Bailey  Rosalba   G,   tailor,   b   76J    14th, 

I  Bailey  Rydie  F,   r  3758  Shatter av 

I  Bailey  stanlev  E.  Stenog,  b  398  E  19th. 

iBailev  Wm,  elk,  r  422B  Fullington. 

I  Bailey  Wm  H,  r  1369  Jackson. 

IBailhache  Nithols,  eng.,  res  Henry  1  n 

I     of  Warren. 

•  Bailie  I.yman  J,  plumber  S  P  Co,  r  1373 

I     9th 

iBaillaige  Robt.  lab  T.eona  Chem  Co. 

IBaily  Anna  M  (wid  Wilson  S),  551  20th. 

IBailv  Chas,  salsn,  b  551  20th. 

I  Bally  Frances,  elk.  b  551  20th. 

IBailv  Harrv  A,  plasterer,  r  1719  45th  av. 

IBailv  Mary  J   (wid  Elisha  I),   r  1723  19th 


Bain,  see  also  Bane. 

Bain  Chas  H.  elk,  r  24  Montieello  av. 

Bain  David  V,  blksmith,   r  5870  Vallejo 

Bain  Fred   B,   r  1263   27th  av. 

Bain  John   F,   emp  W   F  &  Co,,    r  322   E 

Bain  Margaret  (wid  John),  b  570  Hobart. 
Bain  Robt  B,  salsn,  r  1261  27th  av. 
Bain  Wm,   chauffeur  A  A   Moore,   r   fc>   *. 
Bainero  Augustino,   lab,   b  71   McAdam. 
Bainero    F,    lab,    b    71   McAdam. 
Baines  Chas,  cementwkr,  r  206  E  sth. 
Baines  Mrs    Ella,    r    1036    Union. 
Baines  Ralph,   carp,   r  3821   Ruby. 
Baines  Richd,    carp,    res    Lake   av   opp 

iBair,   see   Baer. 

Bair  Carrie,   died  Aug  26.   '09,   age  69. 
Bair  Dall.   news  agt  Denison  News  Co. 
Bair  Edw  L.  cond  S  P  Co,  r  2159  Market. 
Bair  Rev  Wm  R,   r  1719  Goss. 
Baird  Adam,    millman,    r    2204    Andoyer. 
Baird  Averv   J,    real    est   7243A    E   14th,    r 
w   s   Berlin    1   n   of  Oscar. 

Baird  Caroline  (wid  Ezra),  rms  1742  Grove 

Baird  Chas  M.    molder,   r  5881  Marshall. 

Baird  Geo    L,    bricklyr,   b   837    Isabe  la. 

Baird  Howard   H,    elk.    b    837   Isabella. 

Baird   Jackson   H,    b   1915   21st   av. 

Baird  Jas  M,   r  837  Isabella. 

Baird  James  M  Jr,   helper,  b  837  Isabella. 

Baird  John,    rms  514   18th. 

Baird  Margaret    W,    asst    Okld    Free    Li- 
brary,   b   2204   Andover 

Baird  Percival,   lab.    rms   1507   Bway. 

Baird  Wm,   rms  1461  Bway. 

Baird  Wm,  plumber,  rms  275  9th. 

Baird  Wm   F.   cashr,    r  419   Edwards. 

Baitx  Jos,    r   1248    61st. 

Haizl.-v  G  S.  hlpr  S  P  Co.  r  Alameda. 

Bajada  John,   cutter,   r  927   Myrtle. 

Bakar  Henry,   elk.    b   667   5th. 

Bakar  Max.   butcher,   b   407%    6th 

Bakar  Philip,   meats   407   6th.   r  667   5th. 
Bakenmeyer   J    M.    rms    1616   Tel   av. 
Bilker,    see   also   Bacher  and   Becker. 
Baker    Abel    W.    viee-pres    Okld     Pioneer 
Poda  Water  Co,    r   1676   Valdez. 


Baker  Albt  F,  carp  1216  Grove,  r  711  20t' 
Baker  Alberta  (wid  Geo  M),   r  s  s  Foo 

hill  boul   1   e  of  Central  av. 
Baker   Alfred   A,    tmstr    L   E   Bigelow 

213  San  Pablo  av. 
Baker  Allan  W,  asst  supt  S  P  Co,  r  Hot 

Baker  Andr  W,  elk  Pac  Coast  Borax 

r  520  Walsworth  av. 
Baker   Anna   B    (wid    Dayton),    rms    10 

Baker  Annie,  b  Beulah  Home. 
Baker  Mrs  Annie,  rms  832  West. 
Baker   Annie    L    (wid    Walter   A),    r 

BakereArcher,  elk,   r  311  Manila  av. 
Baker  Arthur,   r  1007   San   Pablo  av. 
Baker  Arthur  B,  b  3307  E  14th. 
Baker  Arthur  M,   elk  W  P  Fuller  & 

r   356   E  22d. 
Baker  Arthur  M  .shlngler,  rms  715  8tn 
Baker  Arthur  T,   elk,   b  580  33d. 
Baker  Augustine,  copyist  County  Reco 

er,  r  1119  11th  av. 
Baker  Avelena   (wid  Llewellyn  P),  r 

Baker  A  Frank,  livery  379  11th,  r  1072  8 
Baker    Bernice,     wrapper    Hale    Bros 

1007  San  Pablo  av. 
Baker  Beryl  W,  b  665  65th. 
Baker  Chas,  blksmith,  r  3009  Abbey. 
Baker  Chas,   delicatessen   Free   Mkt,   i 

608  17th. 
Baker  Chas,   lab,   r  262   4th. 
Baker  Chas,  lab,  rms  207  2d 
Baker  Chas  F,   banker,   r  86  Monte  V 

Baker  Chas  F.   mstr  mariner,   r  435  6 
Baker    Chas    W,    insptr    S    P    Co,    r 

Myrtle.  . 

Baker   Clifford,    porter   R   D   Nuxon, 

901%   Washn.  L 

Baker  Cyrus  M,  cabinetmkr,  r  1419  u, 

Baker  David  F,  driver  Truck  1  O  F 

Baker   Despard,   mach   United   Iron   V 

Baker  Dora  K,  died  Apr  16,  '09,  age  I 
Baker   Donald   R,    b   4   Oneida   apats. 
Baker   Edgar  R.    carp,    b   322   Howard 
Baker   Edith,    elk   E   P   Charlton   &   C 

Baker  Edw,  lab,   rms  153  E  10th. 
Baker  Edwin,   elk,   rms   1007    San   Pat 
Baker  Ellas,   bricklyr,   r   2136   Chestn 
Baker  Ella   (wid  Cornelius),   r  1(17   ( 
Baker  Mrs  Ellen  J.  b  1443  Linden. 
Baker  Elmer   F,    r   866   E   15th. 
Baker  Elmo  M,  asst  cashr  S  P  Co,  r 
Baker  Emma,  treas  Baker  Adv  Co,  11 

E    20th.  _ 

B-iker   Rev   Ernest  E,   res   mngr  We 

Finance    Co,    r  1353   Alice. 
Baker  Estella  C  (wid  James  E),  b  919 
Baker  Ethel,   elk,   b  975  Aileen. 

R  E  A  D    T  H  E 

Saturday  Evening  Posj 

EVERY    NEWS    STAND         , 




OAKLAND      CITY      OIKKCTORY      1910 

ter  Eugene  H,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  1487  11th 


ter  Floyd  F,  picture  opr,   b  865  Castro. 

ter    Frank,    blksmth   A    P   Anderson,    r 

)9  Abbey. 

ter  Frank   S.    r   1092    Lulu    av. 

ter  Frank  W,   propr   City  Hall    Stables 

31   15th,   r  525   same. 

pr   F    E.    cashr    Standard    Gas    Engine 

io,   r  Alameda. 

leer  Geo,   rms  S64  Washn. 

leer  Geo,  bkpr,  r  6611  Tremont. 

ter  Geo,  elk,  rms  1007  San   Pablo  av. 

ker  Geo  E,  lab,   r  6614  Manila. 

ter  Geo  F.  blksmith  S  P  Co,  r  1478  5th. 

ter  Geo  W,   died  Apr  20,   '09,   age  63. 

ter  Mrs  Geo  W,  b  691  Fairmount  av. 

ter  Gilbert  Y.  driver,  1,  866  E  15th. 

Iter  Guv   E,    student,    b  665   65th. 

ter  Gwyn  H,   elk  Santa  Fe,   r  873  38th. 

ter  Hannah  B,   b  539  Merrimac. 

fter   Harrv   C,    driver   W    C    Amsden,    b 

807    E    14th. 

ker  Harry  C,   trav  agt,   r  1051  56th. 

ker  Harry  L,  lawyer  906  Bway,   b   1318 


ter  Hazel,  b  240  Mather. 

Henry  C,   agt,   r  1051  56th. 

Henry  M,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1466  12th. 

Howard,    emp    E   Lehnhardt,    b  776 


ter   Rev   Hugh,    pastor   Allendale    M    E 

hurch,    r    3037    38th    av. 

:er   H   C   Wm,   agt   Cal   Transportation 

o.   r  670  Apgar. 

cer  H   Franklin,    r  4   Oneida  apts. 

cer    Jas    B.    claim    adjuster    Santa    Fe 

oute.   r  3657  West. 

Iter  James  C,   treas  Okld  Roofing  Co.   r 
Ridgeway  av. 


{eneral   Agent   Wells,    Fargo   &   Co  1250 
iway,   r  821%   19th. 
er    Jas    W,    acet    People's    Water    Co, 
121    Laurel   av. 
ker  Jane   (wid  Geo),  r  749  8th. 
ker  Jay  E,  coir,  r  949  36th. 

Jeremiah,    elk    American    Hotel. 
Jewett    A,    salsn    Pierce    Hdw    Co, 
,_2   22d. 

Iter  John   B,    draftsman    S   P   Co,   b   356 
John   C,   expman  City  Hall  Park,   r 

John  W.   r  909  Adeline. 
John    W,    pres    and    mngr    Baker 
Co,  r  1222  E  20th. 
Jos,   delicatessen   809  Washn,    r  S5S 

Jos.   rms   658  6th. 

Jos  B,   editor,   r  1665  Webster. 


Bitor   Tribune,    r    1665   Webster. 

II  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 
1070     BROADWAY 


E,    spl    wr 




1665   Webster 
Baker   Judson    H,    lab. 
Baker  Julia,  r  467  6th. 
Baker   Laura,   seams,   b   1466   12th. 
Baker  Lee,   elk  American   Hotel. 
Baker  Leland  H,   wirewkr,   r  670  Apgar. 
Baker    Rev    Lewis    J,    pastor    South    Bkl: 

Baptist   Church,    r   665   65th. 
Baker  Lillian  R,   b  98E  E  14th. 
Baker  Lloyd   F.   b  865   Castro. 
Baker    Mrs    Margaret,    r    4096    West. 
Baker  Mark  S,  contr  1115  36th. 
Baker  Martha  D,   tchr  Cole   School,   b   38 

Baker  Martin,    blksmith    W    W    Hamelin 

rms  818  Bway. 
Baker  Mary,  com'  665  29th. 
Baker  Mary   E    (wid   Oscar),    b   w  s   Mosi 

av    nr    Dowling. 
Baker  Maude    (wid  Alpheus),   r  1092   Lull 

Baker  Maurice    C,    chauffeur,    r   1807    Lin- 
Baker  Max   G,   b  s  s   Foothill   boul   1   e  o 

Central    av. 
Baker  May   Belle,   elk  Kahn   Bros,   b   2131 

Baker  Melville    C,    elec,    r    Bway    se    CO 

Baker  Millicent    H,     acct    Union    Saving: 

Bank,  rms  532  Jones. 
Baker  Nellie,   b   1119   11th   av. 
Baker  Orrin  V  Jr,  lab.  b  176  Athol  av. 
Baker  Otis,    rms    404    5th. 
Baker  Rio  D,   elk  S  P  Co,   r  Bkly. 
Baker  Rives    M,    salsn    Wickham    Haven 

Inc,    r   1312   Webster. 
Baker  Robt   S.   druggist  Bowman   &  Co, 

326  Manila  av. 
Baker  Roy,  waiter,   b  705  Henry. 
Baker  Roy   B,   elk   Oakland   Bank  of   Sav 

Ings,   r  Bkly. 
Baker  Rush  D,  coir,  r  356  E  22d. 
Baker  Rush   D   Jr.   foreman,   b  356   E   22d 
Baker  R,   elk,   rms   661   20th. 
Baker  Saml,  pedlar,  b  1913  Union. 
Baker  Saml  W,  tchr,  b  1676  Valdez. 
Baker  Sarah   (wid    Elton),    r  962   22d. 
Baker  Sarah  J   (wid  Orrin   V),   r  176  Athol 

Christian     Scientist      1207 


"  ign   Painters   and   Advertisers 






Baiter  Stella   G,    b   356    B   22d. 
Baker  Susan   (wid  Geo),   r    U8  Shui 
Baker  Sylvester   A,    mnfrs   agt,    c    : 

Baker  S    Pearl,    stenogr    Laymanoe 

Est    Co,   b  176  Athol   a\ . 
Baker  Teresa,     elk    S    Anderson,     h 



Waller  R, 




1252  Webster 

3      DO 

ft    — » 






■      <" 


















CO        • 


^mmm  u 

™      CD 


o  2. 


cu    o 


Manufactured  By 

&  Co. 

1611  Brush  St. 
OLklanJ.,  Cal. 

Telephone  Oakland  6009 

718  Golden  Gate 


Sail  Francisco,  Cal. 

Telephone  Franklin  4570 



Carpeti  taken  up,  cleaned  and  relaid 
2006  EVERETT  STREET  Phone  AUmuU  »       ALAMEDj 

1910     POIjK-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Oakland  Conservatory 
of  Music 

The  largest 

and     most 


DIRECTOR       equipped 

School     o  f 

AdOH    CPegOPg    Genuine 

3  Musical 

Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast. 

203-05    TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner    Jackson 

Sunset  Oak.  4922— Home  A2922 

Baker  Wesley   E,    painter,    r  948   35th. 
Baker  Wesley    J,    painter,    r   322    Howard 

Baker  Wm,    eng,   rms  4087   San   Pablo  av. 
Baker  Wm  C,   carp,   r  480  45th. 
Baker  Wm  B,  elk,  r  5125  Shattuck  av. 
Baker  Wm  H   (W  H  Baker  &  Co),  r  1565 

5th  av,   Elmhurst. 
Baker  Wm  T,  vice-pres  W  W  Tucker  Co 

Inc,  r  520  Walsworth  av. 
Baker  W  H  &  Co   (Wm  H  Baker),  engrs 

200   Blake   blk. 
Bakewell  Campbell  N,  elk,  b  1367  10th  av. 
Bakewell  Edith   M,   bkpr  Western  Casket 

Co,  r  Bkly. 
Bakewell  Edwin   T,   grocer   220   E   18th,   r 

1367   10th  av. 
Bakewell  Rev  John,  D  D,  rector  Emeritus 

Trinity   Church,   r  1219   Tel  av. 
Bakewell  John    Jr,    architect,    b    1219    Tel 

Bakewell  Thos  V,   lawyer,   b  1219  Tel  av. 
Bakewell  Walter  B,   teller,  b  1219  Tel  av. 
Bakken  Hans,  ship  carp,   r  6305  Idaho. 
Bako  John    J,     waiter    1520    7th,     r    1020 

Balagno  Chas,   lab,   r   487   51st. 
Balagno  Corando,    lab   Sunset    Lbr    Co,    b 

487   51st. 
Balagno  Peter,   lab,    b   487   51st. 
Balam  John     J,     organizer    Okld     Branch 

Socialist   Party  of  Cal,   591   22d. 
Balangero  Antonio,  lndry  wkr.  r  1030  45th. 
Balbo  Frank    C,    salsn    Del   Monte    Milling 

Co.   r  3820   Washn,   Pruitvale. 
Baleh  Eustis,  carp,  r  1376  9th  av. 
Balcom  Eunice  N    (wld   Raphel),    b   901   E 

Baldacci  Albt,    glove    etr    M    W    Hodkins 

Co,   r  1936  Union. 
Balderston  Thos    D,    saloon    Park    av    ne 

cor  S  P  R   R. 
Baldini  Julius,  lab,  b  1463  13th. 
Baldola  Saml,    carp     r   666   57th. 
Baldwin  Abner,    carp   S   P  Co,   r  613   18th. 
Baldwin  Alice,    dressn  kr    149    Lawton    av. 
Baldwin  Chas    A,    painter   S    P    Cd,    b   484 

Baldwin  Chas    A,    tmstr,    res    Vale    av 

1  s  of  Cora. 


G.     Vargas    Mngr,     Dealers     in     Pianos, 

Organs,    Music   and    Musical    Mdse    and 

Piano     Plavers     1075-1077     Clay,     Phone 

Okld  3668. 
Baldwin  Cora  E   (wicl  Ora).   r  1079  57th. 
Baldwin  Earl,    elk,    b   1431    35th   av. 
Baldwin  Ebenezer,    car    opr    O    T    Co,     r 

1431  35th. 
Baldwin  Ernest,    mngr   Natl   Coffee    Co,    r 

511   33d. 
Baldwin  Eugene,  lab,  rms  40S  13th. 
Baldwin  E.   brkman  S  P  Co,  r  1772   7th. 
Baldwin  Floretta    (wld    Ransom),    r    1101 

1st  av. 
"aldwin  Frank,    lab,    r   3211    Harrold. 

Baldwin  Geo  E,   real  est,  r  817  56th. 
Baldwin  Geo  H,   r  6130  Colby. 
Baldwin  Geo   W,    b   451   34th. 
Baldwin  Jas  P,   r  150  Kempton  av. 
Baldwin  John  W,  elk,   b  3044  Blossom. 
Baldwin  Mrs    Josephine     C     (Baldwin 

Hallahan),  r  113   San  Pablo  av. 
Baldwin  Lena   M,    cashr  Owl   Drug  Co 

1450  Linden. 
Baldwin  Leo   W,   piano   tuner,   r  1338 

Baldwin  Lester,   rms  408  13th. 
Baldwin  Mrs  Louise,   rms  541  24th. 
Baldwin  Lulu,    seams    Abrahamson    Bl 

b  72   San  Pablo  av. 
Baldwin  Margaret   F,    b   150   Kempton 
Baldwin  Martha   E,   b   150  Kempton   a\ 
Baldwin  Mrs    Mary     L,     r     1720     41st 

Baldwin  Milton   A,   agt,   rms  610   14th. 
Baldwin  Mrs    M    B,    seams   Hale    Bros 

1070    Jefferson. 
Baldwin  Orville,    card    writer    W    H    G 

lagher,   rms  1015%   Bway. 
Baldwin  Rachael  C  (wid  Alex),  r  1259 

Baldwin  Robt   O,    phys   1115    Bway. 
Baldwin  The,   furn  rms  525   8th. 
Baldwin  Rev    Thos,    r    3839    Foothill    b( 
Baldwin  Thos  E.   tmstr,   res  Acacia  ) 

of  Hopkins,  Leona  Hts. 
Baldwin  Vearne  C,   student,   b  490  26tr 
Baldwin  Wm    H,   shingler,   r  3556   Midv 

av,   Fruitvale. 
Baldwin   &   Hallahan    (Mrs   J   C  Baldn 

D  J  Hallahan),  milliners  113  San  Pa 

Balemi  John,   lab,  r  426  45th 
Rales  Carrie  W  (wid  David),  r  522  E  24 
Bales  David   W,    blksmith,    r   3547   Lau 

av,  Fruitvale. 
Balford  Andr,   contr  1799  Bway. 
Balich  J,  truckman  S  P  Co,  r  1733  5th. 
Balleiro  Aug,   lab,   r  1686  12th. 
Balitz  Paul,    janitor   1219    Bway. 
Balke  J  H.  eng  Pac  Manifolding  Book 

b  5863  Fremont. 
Ball  Byron,   bkpr   Okld   Bank   of   Savir 

r  1002  7th. 
Ball  Chester  H,  meats  1125  San  Pablo 

r  40   Mead  av. 
Ball  Edw,   lineman   City   Elec,    r   819   3t 
Ball  Elizabeth  T,  b  1261   Clay. 
Ball  Elmer,    elk    Sunset   Paper  Co,    r  2 

Ball  Eva  M.  elk.  b  3321  Forest,  Fruitv 
Rail  Evert  A,  brkman  S  P  Co.  r  1""" 
Ball  Frank  J.   driver  Eng  Co  8,   O 

1450  Filbert. 
Ball  Frank  L.  eng,  r  1060  54th. 
Ball  F   W,    emp   S    P   Co,    r   Golde 

Ball  Harry  H,   grocer  4871   Tel  av, 

Ball  Hattie  H.   r   1721   Filbert. 
Ball  Herbert    E,    driver    J    E    Greaney 

1450   Filbert. 
Ball  John   S,   cook   Cal  College. 
Ball  Louis,    pedlar,    r   s   s   Harmon    1   < 

Nutley  av. 
Ball  Lucv.  dressmkr.  b  4032  Piedmont 
Ball  Mrs  Mae  E.   seams,  b  16-62  8th. 
Ball  Margaret   (wid  Francis),   r  1261  CI 
Ball  Margaret  T.  elk  P  O.   b  1450  Filb< 
Tlall  Mary  J,  b  1261  Clay. 
Ball  Mav  E,  h  1450  Filbert. 
Ball  Michael,  lab  S  P  Co.  r  1717  16th. 


Chief   Engineer   Okld    Fire   Dept 

F  I 

i-  1 


1013-1015  BroVdv 

KOHLER  &  CHASE,  Inc. 

Music  and  Musical  Merchandise 

Harl  H.  NicKel  Co. 

Suite     211 
Savings  Bxiildi 
Telephones^     Oahland     4-552  Home     A     4952 

Real  Estate.  Insurance,  Investments,  Designing  and  Building 

OAKIAXl)      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

Sail  Richd  M,   coir,   r  562  E  12th. 

Sail  R   Bruce,   civ  eng.   r  871  53d. 

Sail  R  M,  gateman  S  P  Co,  r  1166  10th. 

Sail  Saml,    maeh,    rms   S14   Sth. 

Sail  Saml,  maeh  opr  Pac  Coast  L  and  M 

Salt  Silas   S,   notions  2904   3Sth  av,   r   4200 
;  Glen  av,  Fruitvale. 

Sail  Thaddeus,    r    3321    Forest,    Fruitvale. 
.Sail  Thos  M,  b  1261   Clay. 
Sail  Thornlv,  elk,  b  1S5  15th. 
ISall  Walter,    elk,     b    104    Glen    av,    Pied- 
i  mont. 

Sail  Wilfred    N,    timekeeper    Barber    As- 
phalt  Paving  Co,    b  567   23d. 
[Sail  Wm   B,    chauffeur   M    T    Minney   Co, 

r  917  Apgar. 
Sail  Wm  H,  carpet  clnr,  r  S55  22d. 
Isallach  Baptist,    lndry    wkr   A    Sayous,    b 
r807    27th. 
Sallagh  Geo  L,  maeh  Judson   Mntg  Co,  b 

874  5Sth. 
Sallagh  John  L,   molder,   r  874  58th. 
3allantyne,  see   also    Ballentyne. 
Sallantyne  Adeline  A   (wld  Wm),    bakery 

854   Jackson. 
Sallantyne  Chas  A,  painter,  r  3166  Davis. 
Sallantyne  Wm  H,  musician,  b  854  Jack- 
'Sallard  Adela   J,    seams,    b    1259    12th    av. 
Jallard  Alameda,    elk    Duana    Ballard,    b 

7  Lerida  av. 
jSallard  Anna,   authoress,   b   664   57th. 
Sallard  Arehie  M,  coir  O  G  L  &  H  Co,   r 

825  52d. 
Sallard  Chas    L,    asst   supt    Met    Life    Ins 

Co,  r  1259  12th. 
Sallard  Mrs    Clara   A,    moved    to    Marys  - 

ville,  Cal. 
:Sallard  Duane,  ins  927  Lerida  av. 
Sallard  Edw   L,    painter   Lowman   Jewell 

Co.  b  624  G2d. 
Sallard  Ernest,    candymkr,    b   3640   Idaho, 

Sallard  Edw  C,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  n  s  2d 

a  of  Jones  av,  Elmhurst. 
Sallard  Floyd  D,  carp,   r  624   62d 
Sri  Hard  Forest,   elk  Okld  G   L  &  H  Co,   r 
1033  Magnolia. 

;allard  Geo.   carp,   r  3640   Idaho.   Frtvl. 
Sallard  Ha  rile   R,   niillman.   b   624   62d. 
Sallard  Harry  S.  elk,  r  HI 2  57th. 
Sallard     Isaac   C,   ydman    S   P  Co,    r  1061 

3allard  Jas  G,  dept  mngr  The  Hub,  r  103 

Sunnvside  av,    Piedmont. 
Sallard  Jas  W    (Bush   &    Ballard),    r  1033 

Sallard  Jos  C,  carp,  b  55  Sth. 
Mallard  J  Sterling,  draftsman  United  Iron 

Wks.    r  55   8th. 
Jallard  O  Mav.  seams,  b  569  28th. 
Ballard  Richd  W.  eng.  r  1154  Union. 
Sallard     Rov  W.  cond.  b  55  8th. 
3all*uric  Jos.   lab  S  P  Co. 
3allenger  ,   see  also   Bollinger. 
Sallengi  r  Wm    L    see    and    mn-rr    Facifle 
Mantel  &  Tile  Co,  rms  229  Tel  av. 


Lawyer  305  Crocker  bldg,  S  F,  Office 
Phone  Douglas  701,  r  241  Hillside  av. 

Sallentyne,  see  also  Ballantvne. 

Sallentyne  Geo,   elk,  b  808  52d. 

Jallentvne  Geo  C,  car  oor  Key  Route,  r 
700   37th. 

iallentyne  Mav,  b  808  52d. 

iallentvne  Wm.  car  ODr  Key  Route,  r  80S 

eng   1 

Oakland  Elevator  Co. 

Installations  ::  Repairs 


Sth,  S.E.  Cor. Webster  Phone  Oakland  3710 

Ballestrem  Euphemia  M,  b  170  E  14th. 

Bailestrem  Valentine  C,  pressman  Cal 
Zeitung,  b   170  E  14th. 

Ballingall  Alex  C,  floorwalker,  r  19  Park 

Ballinger,    see    also    Bollinger. 

Ballingerlda.   elk,   b   1407V4    11th. 

Ealllnger  Wallace  A,  hdw,  r  669  37th. 

Ballington  Chas  H  (Ballington  &  Scott), 
r  280  9th. 

Ballington  &  Scott  (C  H  Ballington,  Wal- 
ter Scott;,  produce  713  Webster. 

Ballo  John,  lab,   r  107  Lawton  av. 

Ballou  James,    furn    rms  808    Franklin. 

Bally  Mrs  E,  furn   rms,  903%  W.ishn. 

Bully  Thomas,  painter,   5705  Adeline. 

Balmaln  John,  plasterer,  r  670  80th. 

Kalmas  Antonia  (wid  Rudolph),  r  725  Fil- 

Balmas  May  E,  labeler,  b  725  Filbert. 

Bnlmforth  Virginia  (wid  Ralph),  r  53b 

Balny  E  Jules,  bkpr  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 
r  Ala. 

Ealoni  Valenti,  lab  S  P  Co. 

Balthazar  Marian,  lab.  r  172  2d. 

Baltieh  Niekolas,  lab.  b  3758  Piedmont  av. 

Baluvich  Nicholas,  waiter  331  12th,  rms 
1454   Castro. 

Bamberger  Justin,  iry  goods  1462  7th,  r 
927  Magnolia. 

Bamfcid  Fredk  I,  asst  librarian  Oakland 
Fr-e  Public  Library,  rms  1220  Castro. 

Bamford  Geo.  student  St  Mary's  College, 
b  1225  Bway. 

Bemford  John,    bakery  801   Jefferson. 

Bamford  Marv   E.    r  621    E  15th. 

Bammann  Fred,  contr  1700  45th  av. 


Hardware,  Paints  and  Oils,  4519  E  14th, 
Phone  Merritt  86. 
Ban  M,  cleaner  Pullman  Co,  r  706  PeraJta. 
Ban  Thos,  emp  S  P  Co.  r  706  Peralta. 
Banahan  Ella   (wid   Michael),   r  1612   13th. 
Banchero  Frank,  leather  finisher,  rms  1069 

Banehio  Mrs   Christina,   r  759  Jackson. 
Banchio  Felix,  aopr  Ftauneder  Ornamen- 
tal Iron  Wks,  b  759  Jackson. 
Banehio  Frank    (Banchio   &   Betteneourt), 

r  659  E  31st. 
Banchio  F.  marine  fireman  S  P  Co. 
Banchio  Geo,   tmstr.   b   759  Jackson. 
Banchio  John,   bartndr.   b  659  E  31st. 
Banchio  Mary,    elk,   b  759  Jackson. 
Banehio    &    Betteneourt    (Frank    Banehio, 

John  Betteneourt),  saloon  612  Bway. 
Bancroft  Chas  E.  viee-pres  Breed  &  Ban- 
croft Co  (Ine),  r  Bkly. 
Bancroft   Evelyn   H,   student,  b  1940  .Sum- 
Bancroft  Harlow  P.  sec  Breed  &  Bancroft 

Co   Unci,   r  1910  Summit. 
Bancrrft  Helen    D.    student,    b    1940   Sum- 
Bancroft  W  B.  real  est  204  Oakland  Bank 

of  Savings  bldg.   rms   1229   Fianklin. 
Band  Chas  (C  Band  &  Co),  r  1032  58th. 




OAKLAND  1777 


32  e 

OB  ~ 

H  2! 

ft  O 


™  " 

0  s 

































w  (ji 

225  TWELFTH  ST,  COR.  ALICE  (Pythian  Castle)     ™ohes{  «*«#»» 

0.  B.  HUNTER, 

Pre.,  and  Gem.  H|T. 
Main  Office  and  Yard 

Shattuck  A*.  (  Oreien  St 

*  Berkeley.  C«l. 

Tel.  Berkeley  8 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14.  1902 


Wharf  and  Yard       I 

South  End  of 
Webster  Street  Bri.ft  I 
Tel.    Berkeley   8.  ' 

l'JIO      POIiK-HUSTEI)      CO.'S 

466  Thirteenth   Street,  Oakland 

Stores  also  in  San  Francisco.  Sacramento, 
Stockton,  Fresno  and  Vallejo 

Oakland  6622 
Home  A2250 

Band  C   Ai   Co    (Chas  Bund,    Wm  J   Storm 

Jr,  meats  5851  San  Pab  av. 
Band   IvJw.  baker,  b  5x21  San  Pab    i\. 
Band  Frank,  baker,  b  5S21  San  Pab  av. 
Band   Fred  A,   driver,   r  6107  San  Iran  av. 
Band  Fritz,    driver,   r  5821   San   Pab  av. 
Band  J  M,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  r  837  Isabelle. 
Band  Stephen,  bakery  5S21  San  Pab  av. 
Band  Stephen  W.  plumber,  r  1065  60th. 
Band  Wm,  '.lumber,  r  1059  60th. 
Bander  J,    elk   Taft    &    Pennoyer,    r   111  in- 

indie  Fredk   J,    b   1303   8th. 
^andle  Geo  E,   elk.   r  563  23d. 
Bandle  Louis,  mach  S  P  Co,  b  1303  8th. 
Bundle  Mary  (wld  Fred),  r  1393  8th. 
Bandmann  Emma,  b  Altenheim. 

mds  Frank,  bkpr,  r  HIS  Brush. 
Banducei  August,      lab     Mountain    ."View 

Bar.dv  Emma  E  (wid  Aaron  A)  asst  W  S 

Porter,  r  1258  8th. 
Bandy  Geo  L,  elk.  b  1258  8th. 
Bane,  see  also  Bain. 
Bane  Bernice,  b  516  11th. 
Bane  Bessie,   seams,   b  320  21st. 
Bane  John  L,   earn,   r  332  Taft  av. 
Banevedes  Manuel  C,   lab,   res  Moss  av 

1  n  E  14th. 
Banfield  Bertha,    v-ks   Excelsior   Laundry. 
Bang  Harold,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Bangle  Amos  L.   musician,    r  3712  Tel  av. 
Ramie  Edw.   carriage  painter  rear  801   F. 

12th,  r  1402  6th  av. 
Bangle  Eva.  b  1402  fith  av. 
3angle  Harry  W.  mining-  eng,  b  1402  6th 

Bangs  E  G.  b  118  9th. 
Bangs  Franklin  K.  ins,  r  118  9th. 
i  Banes  Franklin  V.  elk,  b  118  9th. 
Bangs  Geoffrev  Van  D.  student,  b  118  9th. 
Bangs  Irene   D,    asst    Okld   Free   Pub    Li- 
brary, r  US  9th. 
Banes  Jas,   cam,   rms  633  14th. 
|  Bangs  Julia  F  (wid  Benj  F),  r  2820  Fruit- 
vale    av. 

langs  J  H,   car  opr,  rms  1227  3d  av. 
Banion  John    L,    tmstr,    r    real    1570    17th 


F.  M  Gibson  Pres,  Chas  W  Fore  Viee- 
Pres  and  Mngr,  Geo  H  .lessen  Cashr, 
302  Sap  Pablo  av  ne  cor  17th.  Phone 
Okld  3997. 


r>  L  Westover  Pres,  R  W  Westover 
Vice- Pres  and  Mngr,  3120  E  14th.  Phone 
Merritt  190.  branch  4612  E  14th,  Ceo  J 
Krattiger  Mngr. 


Tien  Gier  Pres.  A  Kayser  Vice-Pres. 
G  E  De  Golia  Sec.  R  F  Crist  Cashr.  1225 
Broadwav.  Phones  Okld  2773.  Home 
A2826.  (See  Back  Bone.) 
Bankalarg  Paul,  tmstr  Okld  Box  Factory, 
r  1009  5th. 

Banker  Harry  B,  pres  Result  Lndy  Assn 

r   Bkly. 
Banker  J  B,  vice-pres  Result  Lndy  Assn 
r  Bkly. 


W    W    Garthwaite    Pres,    Henry    Roger; 

Vice-Pres,     J     Y     Eccleston     Vice-Pres 

W     B     Dunning     Trust     Officer,     J 

Thompson  Sec  pnd,  D  A  Bui. nor 

Asst     Sec    and    Asst    Treas,     .'22     12th 

Phone  Okld  56. 
Bankhead  Bessie  H  (wid  Wm  S),  r  5096V 

Tel   av. 
Bankhead  Ohas  O,  plumber,  b  606  45th. 
Bankhead  David,    eng    Judson    Mnfg    C 

r   1122   San  Pab  av. 
Bankhead  David    B.    fireman    S    P   Co, 

5621   9th,   Emeryville. 
Bankhead  Hugh,  2d  hand  furn  1669  Grov 
Bankhead  Hugh   M,    plumber,   b    606   45t 
Bankhead  John  W,  lab,  r  812  West. 
Bankhead  Malcolm   R,    tinner,    r  606   45t 
Bankhead  Mamie  I,  elk,  b  S12  West. 
Bankhead  Matthew  B,  molder,  r  S12  Wjas 
Bankhead  Milton,     student,     b     1122 

Pab   av. 
Bankhead  Robt   O,   molder  Empire   Fndr 

Co,  b  812  West. 
Bankhead  Mrs  Sadie,  r  606  45th. 
Banks  Anna  (wid  Wm),  r  1816  59th  a\ 
Banks  Claude    R,    miner,    b    e    s    Pleasan 

av  2  n  of  Louise  Melrose. 
Banks  Fred,    gardener,    101   13th. 
Banks  Shelton,    waiter   S    P  Co,    rms 


Bunks  Susie   (wid  Frank),  r  9o8  63d. 
Banks  Wm.  lab,  r  w  s  Snell  av  n>-  Garde 
Banks  Wm  F,  carp,  res  Pleasant  2  n  c 

Louise   Melrose. 
Eankson  Reinhold  H,   sub  carrier  P  O, 

Bannallack  Henry  J,  driver,  b  3206  Sihot 
Bannallaek  Rose,  seams,  b  3206  Sehoo 
Bannan  Wm,  broker  S  F,  r  1437  Han- 
Banner  T  I,  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  1772  9tl 
Bannister  Catherine,  seams,  b  812^  22t 
Bannister  Geo   W,    died   June    22.    09.    a§ 

Bannister  Harry,    elk,    b    719    6th. 
Bannister  Louis   H,    elk,    r   719    6th. 
Bannister  Louise    (wid    Geo    W),    r    81 

Bannnn  P'atk,   rms  1S23M;   7th. 
Bant  John,     shoemkr,     1144     Stanford 
Banta  Clare   W.    salsn,    b    1606    9th   av. 
Banta    David    D,    supt    Burnham    Standi 

ford,  r  1606  9th  av. 
Banter  Marv  (wid  John),  r  223  Hannai 
Bantovich  M,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  731  Clieste 
Banzhaf  Geo  W,  bakery,  r  213  Hillside  a 
Banzhaf  Elmer  T,  oils,  r  5S:  8  9th. 
Baptist  Frank,  tmstr,  b  14J.2  11th.  • 
Baptist  Mission  School,  316  5th. 
Baptista  Domingo  G.  lab.  b  16  Chapma 
Baptista  Gouvea,  lab.  r  16  Chapman. 
Baptista  Jos,  steamfitr,  b  1624  8th 
Baptista  Jose,  banker,  r  1401  9th  av. 
Baptista  Joseph  A,  cashr,  r  293  Mather. 
Baptista  Manuel,  paintmkr,  r  31%  Helle 
Baptista  Manuel     Jr,     paintmkr,     b     3*' 

Baptista  Manuel    B,    r    1624    8th. 
Baptista  Noah  G,   lab.   b   16   Chapman. 
Baptiste   Rev    Robt   K,    pastor   Portuguei 

Mission,    r    1361    19th    av. 


1305   Franftlin  Street      Phones-.  C 

two  hacks,  embalming,  shroud 
and    cloth    covered  casket 

Picture  Framing 

irtists'  and  Architects'  Supplies 

Smith  Bros. 

462-464  Thirteenth  St 

Bet.  Broadway  &  Washingtoi 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

Valeine,      waiter,      rms 


„.!  Mae  M,  r  574  17th. 
.raco   Albert,    elk,    b    2319    Adeline. 
,.raeo  Jos,    ironwkr,    b    2319    Adeline, 
raco  Mary   (wid  Vincent),  r  2319  Ade- 

.rashis  Peter,    conf,    1157    23d   av. 
.rattini  Anita,    elk,    b    922    3d. 
.rattini  Antone.lab,    b    922    3d. 
.rattini  John    L,    lab,    b    922    3d. 
.rattini  Louis,    lab,   r  922   3d. 
.rattini  Theresa(wid    Lawrence),    r    922 

rbagelata   Mrs  A.   seams   Taft   &   Pen- 
noyer,    r    1223    Peralta. 
.rbagelata  Dominga      (wid     Frank),      r 
S3   Tel   av. 

^rbagelata  Eugene,   lineman,   r  673  45th. 
rbagelata  Frank,    tmstr,    r   657    Myrtle, 
.rbagelata  Frank   R,    lab,    r   817   Castro. 
Iirbagelata  Jos,    lab,    b.  817    Castro 
..rbagelata  Louis,    metalwkr,    b    524    43d. 
irbagelata  Nicholas,    r    524    43d. 
irbano  Jos  A,  died  Jan  1,  09,  age  25. 
trbano  Louis,    barber,    958    7th,     r    1315 

.rbano  Mamie,   elk.   b   1315  Chestnut, 
irbaza  Aug,   btndr   802   Willow, 
irbazo  Manuel,     driver     H     A     Longfel- 
low,   r  Fitchburg. 
irbe  Marinus,    coir  Worden-Meeker   Co, 

irbeau  Mrs    Anna,    rms    814    Oak. 
irbeau  Ernest,    tailor,    843    Oak. 
irbeau  Felix  E,    foreman  Harry   G    vVil- 
liams    Co,    r    1025    60th.  ■ 

irbeau  Fredk,  lab  S  P  Co,  rms  814  Oak. 
irbee  Harry,    bkpr,    r    1665    13th. 
irbee  R,    porter    Pullman    Co,    r    S    F. 
irbejer  Luia,  lab  S  P  Co,   rms  706   Per- 

irbe'r  Alex,  plumber,    b  1017   34th  av. 
irber  Alfred,     solr     Polk-Husted    Direc- 
torv    Co,    r    1955    West, 
irber  Alfred    S,    cashr    Co    Tax    Coir,    r 

irber  Amy,    b    1017    34th    av. 

irber  Arthur    A    (Arthur    A    Barber    & 

Co),    r    3325    E    14th. 


Arthur'  A  and  Arthur  F  Barber),  Fu- 
I  neral  Directors  and  Embalmers;  Lady 
|A.ttendant;  Deputy  Coroner's  Office, 
1:3329    and    4520    E    14th,    Phone    Merritt 


1214-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Jarber  Arthur    F    (Arthur    A    Barber    & 
<|Co),    r   Seminary   av,    cor  Walnut,    Mel- 

Iarber  asphalt  paving 

CO  (THE), 

Frank    Buffum,     Supt,     237A-23S    Bacon 
Bldg,    Phones    Okld    4483,    Home    A3555. 
» rarber  Mrs    Bernice,    delicacies,    700    Tel 
av,   r  533   23d. 

irber  Chas     E,   elk.   r  4518   Bellevue   av. 
irber  Dorance    E,    carp,    r    533    23d. 
irbir  Edgar    H     (E    H    Barber    Co),     r 
[  Bkly. 


(E  H  Barber),   Stationers.  26  San  Pablo 
av.    Phones    Okld    3501,    Home    A1501. 
[irber  Edna  M.  elk  C  A  Dukes,   r  Ala. 

Barber  Edw   L,   inspt  U   S    Public   Health 
and    Hospital    Service,    r   Bkly. 

Barber  Geo,  lab  A  B  Weeks  &  Co. 

Barber  Geo   A,    elk    Arthur   A   Barber 
Co,    b    4520    E    14th.       •  •"= 

Barber  Geo  A,  marine  fireman  S  P  Co, 
r   1304   38th   av. 


County   Tax   Collector,    Court   House,    r 

Barber   Jennie    E    (wid    Chas    S),    r   3032 

Barber  Jos.    lab   Judson   mnfg  Co. 
Barber  Mabel    H,    tchr   Dewey    School,    r 

Barber  Mabel:  H,  b  Seminary  av,  n  w  cor 

Barber  Manuel  R.  grocer  620  5th,   r  Bkly. 
Barber  Martha    (wid    Alex),    b    1017    34th 

Barber  Phineas   S,    elk,   r  4295   Gilbert. 
Barbera  Eugene  H.  h  1179  8th. 
Barbera  Pasquale,    notary,    Hi 9    8th. 
Barbera  Rose,    seams,    b    1179    8th.    _ 
Barberi    Manuel,    ironwkr,    r    lo9i   34th. 
Barberis  Germain    (Barberis    &    Pagge)    r 
163    10th. 


(Germain      Barberis,      Antone      Pagge). 

Proprs   Barnum   Restaurant.   S46  Broad 

way.    Phones    Okld    610,    Home    ASblO. 
Barbica  Paul,    cooper,   r  1032   Chester. 
Barbieri  Revnold    F.    driver    Okld    Parcel 

Del,    r    55S    19th.  ■  _ 

Barbin  Philip,   car  opr  O   T   Co,   r  s   s   3d 

1    e    of    Jones    av,    Elmhurst. 
Barbolla  Allen,    r    1424    50th    av 
Barbor  John,    lab   Sunset   Lmbr  Co,    r   10 

Barbour  Edna   (wid   Eli),    r   590    36th 

Barbour  Francis,   hair  dresser.   30  Tel  av. 

Barb.. ur  Harry  J,  tchr  physical  culture. 
■  ill    Market. 

Barbour    Loran    E,    b    590    36th 

Barbour  Lydia  S  (wid  Corey),  r  1260 
Grove.  . 

Barbour  Mary  E,  mngr  Barbour  s  Ma- 
ternity Home  and  Infant's  Sanitarium, 
r   604    58th. 

Barbour's  Maternity  Home  and  Infant  s 
Sanitarium,  Mary  E  Barbour,  mngr, 
604    58th    av.  ■> 

Barbour  Raymon    E.    b    590    36th. _ 

Barbour  Reginald,   vulcamzer.   b  590   3(.tn. 

Barbour  Wm    A,    mngr,    r    1404    Harrison. 

Barbour  Wm   G,    elk,    r  1717    12th   av. 

Barbour  Wm    H,    b    1025    E    16th. 

Bareellos  Lawrence.  hostler  Central 
Creamery,   r  1416  44th  av. 

Bareerelli  G.  bkr  French  Bakeries  Co, 
b  811   Clay. 

Barehris  Geo,    elk,    r   1623    Michigan   av. 

Barclay  Amv   B.    stenogr,    b   1268   5th   av 

Barclay  Lavid  B,  ttereetyper  Evening 
Mail    r  2118  Adeline. 

Barclay  John,  lab,   r  1408  San  Pab  a\ 

Barclay  John,   lab,   rms   4425   Lyon  av 

!  Jackson  Furniture  Co* 


Oakland,  Cal, 

GLOBE  ..*  ..* 


a    «  Z 

-2  §£ 


-    Ft 


5       &H 

Osen  &  Hunter  Auto  Co. 

of  Oakland,  Incorporated 

Cor.  12th  and  Jackson 

Oakland,  San  Francisco 
San  Jose 



MOTOR    C*P« 

1910      POIiK-HUSTEP      CO.'S 

Barclay  John,    steward,    r  834    Athens   av. 
Barclay  John    ,>?,     drftsman     Stocker     & 

Holland   Abstract  Co,   b   834   Athens  av. 
Barclay  John    P.    porter    S    P    Co,    r    810 

Barclay  Julian   B,    bkpr,    rms   544   Hobart. 
Barclay  Millard  F.  raach  hand  Cal  Mill  & 

Mnfg   Co,    r   1268   5th  av. 
Barclay  Norman,    lab,    r    1311    53d    av. 
Barclay  Robt,   appr,   b   834  Athens  av. 
Bard  H   Jas,    blksmith    A   Andresen,    rms 

1907    San   Pab   av. 
Bard  W  H,  broker,  rms  9th,  n  w  cor  Oak. 
Bardell  Jas   C,    printer,    r   830   Center. 
Bardellini  Delos  A,  student,  b  4710  B  14th. 
Baradellinl  Emil,    agt    Met    Lift    Ins    Co, 

r  3663  Laguna  av. 
Bardellini  Jos,  bkpr,  r  582  41st. 
Bardellini  Mrs    Mary    L,    music    tchr,     r 

4710   E   14th. 
Bardenhagen  Claus,  lab,  r  1422  35th  av. 
Bardens  W  Geo,  elec,  r  619  55th. 
Bardges  Manuel,    lab,   r  717   E   34th. 
Bardo  Fredk    A,    salsn,    b    657    61st. 
Bardo  Levi,  cond  S  P  Co,  r  657  61st. 
Bardoli   Eugene,    tmstr. 
Bardoli  Geo,   lab  Judson  mnfg  Co. 
Bardoli   Quinta   (wid   Robt),   r  617   48th. 
Bare,  see   also   Bahr,    Baer. 
Bare  Mrs   Etta,    r   1303   Market. 
Bare  Henry,    driver  Mrs.    Johanna  Flynn, 

b   1303  Market. 
Bare  Luella,   asst  opr,   b   1303   Market. 
Barielles    Jacques,    butcher   Okld    Meat    & 

Pkg  Co,  r  1308  65th. 
Bareilles  John,   elk,   b   1308   65th. 
Barfleld  John  F,  rms  560  10th. 
Barg  Ernest  H,   insptr,  r  1105  Tevis. 
Bargas   Emanuel,   horseshoer  850   E   14th, 

r  1208  17th  av. 
Barges   Frank,   lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Bargiacchi  Frank  (Landucci    &Co),  b  1501 

Bargones  James  L,  dep  County  Assessor, 

r  Alameda. 
Bargston   A,   lab   Hogan   Lbr  Co. 
Barhyte  F  B,  salsn  Kahn  Bros,  b  724  14th. 
Barisich   Peter,    waiter   529   16th. 
Barker  A  C,  prin  Prescott  School. 
Barker  A  D,   rms  1705  Tel  av. 
Barker  Benj,  baker  672   26th. 
Barker    Chas,     housesmith    Judson    Mnfg 

Co,  r  148  Louise. 
Barker  Chas   R,   r   2217   Chestnut. 
Barker  Chas  U,   blksmith  People's  Water 

Co,    r  448  62d. 
Barker  Chas  W,  blksmith,  r  448  62d. 
Barker  Chas  W,   elk,   r  659   20th. 
Barker  Elsie   M,   copyist   Leckie-Abraham 

Title  Co,  r  Berkeley. 
Barker  Fredk,  molder  Judson  Mnfg  Co,  r 

395   Lawton  av. 
Barker  Geo,  elk,  b  1388  E  17th. 


Mngr  Hotel  St  Mark. 

Barker  Henry  O,  molder,  b  2217  Chest- 

Barker  Jas  L,  vice-pres  Oakland  Cotton 
Mills,   r  Berkeley. 

Barker  Jos,  elk,  r  1140  Myrtle. 

Barker  Jos,  eng,  r  871  55th. 

Barker  Jos  C,   eng,   r  671   54th. 

Barker  Jos  D,  tinner  DeLuchi  &  Shufelt, 
r  1114  8th  av. 

Barker  J  Harry,  salsn,  r  3901  Howe. 

Barker   Louis  A,    sec   Okld    Beer   Bottler 

Board  of   Trade,   r  1924   50th  av. 
Barker    Lucy    (wid    Alfred),    r    Bay    Vie) 

av  nw  cor  Chestnut. 
Barker  Mabel,   nurse,   b  920  16th. 
Barker  Mrs  Mary  E,  r  2217  Chestnut,     j 
Barker  May    (wid  Squire),   r  132  Hanna 
Barker  Ralph,   elk,   b  760  10th. 
Barker  Richd2  eng,   r  1234   E  24th. 
Barker  Roy  L,   b   13S8   E   17th. 
Barker   Ruth   E,   cashr  H   C   Capwell   i 

b  1114  8th  av. 
Barker  Squire,   died   May  11,   '09,   age 
Barker  Stephen,  r  920  16th. 
Barker  Timothy  L,  r  1119  Castro. 
Barker  Wm,    blksmith,   r   1635   24th   av. 
Barker  Wm  C,  autos  for  hire  1156  Bwa 

r  707   26th. 
Barker  Winnifred  W,  stenogr,  b  1114  8t 
Barkman  Carl,  trav  agt,  r  830  Tel  av. 
Barkman   Stanley,   porter   S   P  Co. 
Barkmeyer  Fred,  carp,  r  1417  35th  av. 


Real   Estate    1369   Frultvale    av,    b    1 

same,   Phone  Merritt  1804, 
Barla  Geo,  salsn,  r  3610%  Putnam,  Frul 

Barlascini  John,  saloon  603  San  Pablo  a 

r  660  20th. 
Barletta   J,    mach   Atlas    Gas    Eng   Co, 

S   F. 
Barlirca  Paul,  r  1032  Chester. 
Barlln    Jacob    J,    baker    1770    7th,    r    16 

Barlow  Albert    A,    foreman    People's    E 

press   Co,   r  596  37th. 
Barlow    Arthur    J.    mach    Standard      G 

Engine  Co,  r  S  F. 
Barlow  Cassius  U,  real  est,  r  1014  21st. 
Barlow  Emma  (wid  Richd),  b  698  Poiri< 
Barlow  Frank  T,  trav  agt,  r  525  Hoba: 
Barlow  Henry,   fireman  Eng  Co  11,   r  5 

Barlow  Henry  A,  driver,  b  596  37th. 
Barlow  Jos  A,  frame  mkr  356  12th,   r  5 


Barlow  Mary   (wid  Michael),   r  1376   34t 
Barlow  Mrs   Mary  E,   r  3040  Blossom. 
Barlow   May  A,    b   596    37th. 
Barlow  N  V,  cond  O  T  Co. 
Barluca  John,  carp,  b  1032  Chester. 
Barluca  Paul,   cooper,   r  1032   Chester. 
Barmettler  Jos,  bartndr  401  E  12th,  r  1 

Barnard,    see   also   Bernard. 
Barnard  Alex   C,   elk,   b  4191   Gilbert. 
Barnard  Alloron,  pub,  r  1753  23d  av. 
Barnard  Carrie  M,  b  535  36th. 
Barnard  Chas  S,  r  577  24th. 
Barnard  Fred,  elk,  r  1434  Tallant. 
Barnard    Fredk    T    (F   T   Barnard    &    Ci 

rms  1055  Webster. 
Barnard    F   T    &   Co    (Fredk    T   Barnari 

produce   353  11th. 
Barnard  Geo  B,  acct.   r  4191  Gilbert. 
Barnard    Grace,    tchr,    b    1374    Harrison 
Barnard    Leland    L,    cigars    650    Bway, 

Barnard  Lemuel  H,  bkpr.   r  534   33d. 
Barnard   P  W.    elk   S  P  Co.    r  Bkly. 
Barnard   Richd   H,   b  534   33d. 
Barnard  Wm  C,  r  37  Mesa. 
Barnard    Wm    E.    investments    17    Bac 

bldg,    r    1374    Franklin. 
Bernard  Wm   E,   student,   b  37  Mesa  a 

R  E  A.O    THE     • 

Saturday  Evening  Posi 


.  H.  Clay  &  Co. 


Hmi  of  N.  Y.  Pkocaiz  Wutclerter 

466  Tenth  Street,  Oakland,  Cal. 

OAKIiAND      CITY     DIRECTORY      1910 

rnardo    E.    hlpr   Okld    Meat    &   Pkg   Co. 
rnardo  Jos  F,   r  1770  Atlantic, 
rnatas  Louisa   (wid  Chas),   r  1073   56th. 
rneieh    Bernard    (F    Barneich    &    Son), 
>   1240   Fruitvale    av. 

rneieh  Frank  (F  Barneich  &  Son),  r 
.240   Fruitvale   av. 

rneieh   F  &   Son    (Frank  and  Bernard), 
neats  1240  Fruitvale  av. 
rner  Arthur  E,  elk  S  P  Co,  r  1213  10th. 
.rner   Theo,    hog    raiser,    r    1    n    of    3685 
Maple   av,    Fruitvale. 

.rnert  Abraham,  driver  Ala  Soda  Water 
lo,  r  1224  9th  av.  m, 

.rnert  Leon,   sec  Ala  Soda  'Water  Wks, 
*  Alameda, 
mes,  see  also  Barns. 

.rnes  Adele  E,  art  student,  b  1320  12th. 
irnes  Adelia  H  (wid  Douglas  G),  b  132C 

irnes  Albt  J,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  520  San 
Pablo  av. 

irnes  Alfred  J.   cook,   b  238   Lawton    av. 
irnes    Allan    McL.    dentist    Owl    Dental 
So,   rms  227   San   Pablo  av. 
irnes  Arthur  D.  lab  The  Paraffine  Paint 
Co,  r  140  Beach. 

irnes   Ben    B.    gateman,    r   1320   12th. 
irnes   Cecil   A,   janitor,    r  140  Beach, 
irnes   Chas   A,    porter,    r   140   34th. 
irnes  Mrs  Cynthia  J,  boarding  1346  51st 

irnes  C  W,  appr  Tribune,  r  S  F. 
irnes    Edw    C,    car   opr   O   T   Co,    r   5725 

irnes  Elmer,  engraver  w  s  Saratoga  av 
4  n  of  1st.  „  _     , 

irnes  Emma  J  (wid  Thos),  b  1016  Jack- 
son. „ 
irnes  Etta  V,  nurse,  b  454  E  18th. 
irnes  Fredk  H.  civ  eng,  r  1822  Tel  av. 
irnes   Geo.    elec.    b   238   Lawton   av. 
irnes   Harry  W,    carp,    r  64   Fairmont, 
irnes  Henry  C,  elec  S  P  Co,  r  1320  12th. 
irnes  Jas  H,  eng  S  P  Co,     rl709  Goss. 
arnes   Jas    L,    grocer   1827    Grove,    r   2024 

arnes' Jas  L.  mach  S  P  Co,  r  861  Willow, 
arnes  John  H.  lab.  r  238  Lawton  av. 
arnes  John  T.  mngr  Remington  Type- 
writer Co.  r  1374  Franklin, 
arnes  Josephine  M,  nurse,  b  454  K  ISth. 
arnes  Laurence  A,  barber,  r  1609% 
Myrtle.  , 

arnes  Marie,  student  Polytechnic  Bus 
Col,    b   306    12th. 

arnes  Milton  L,  solr  Prudential  Ins  Co, 
■  5260  Tel  av. 

arnes  Paul  E.  manf  agt.  r  134  Moss  av. 
arnes  Simon,  janitor,  rms  957  Campbell, 
arnes  Sterling  P.  butcher  Okld  Meat  & 
Pkg  Co,  r  6414  Salem, 
arnes  Mrs  Susan,  r  227  San  Pablo  av. 
arnes  T  Sturgis.  consulting  eng.  r  2065 
Hastings  av. 

arnes  Wm  C.  tillerman  Truck  1,  b  161 1 
Orange   Grove   av. 

arnes    Wm    H.    hdware    3743    E    14th,    r 
1617  Orange  Grove  av. 
arnet  Edw  J,  b  164  Santa  Clar  aav. 


Sheriff  Alameda  County,  Court  House, 
r  49   8th. 

arnet  John,   died  Nov  8,   '09,   age   74. 
arnet  John  Z.  carrier  P  O.  r  119  8th. 
arnet  Nelson,  student  St  Mary's  College, 
r  Berkeley. 

arnett  Ben.i,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer,  r  1330 
,  Myrtle, 
arnett    David,    r   1330    Myrtle. 

Phones:  Oakland  2537,  Home  A  2537 

Holding  Brick  Buildings  a  Specialty 


House  Moving  and  Rigging 

J747  Adeline  St. 

Oakland,  Cal. 

Barnett    David    P,    real    est    and    ins    1665 

24  th   av. 
Barnett  De  Warren  B    office  906  Bway. 
Barnett     Earl     S,     paperhngr    Borland     & 

Lemon,    r  3508  Forest,    Fruitvale. 
Barnett  Edw,  broker  472  10th,   r  80  Ham- 
ilton pi. 
Barnett    Edw,    elk    Schaerer    &    Lapp,     r 

Seminary  av   opp   Harmon. 
Barnett   Mrs   Eliza,    elk   Mrs   B   Barber,    b 

533  23d. 
Barnett  Ezra  A,  b  80  Hamilton  pi. 
Barnett  Geo  A,   carrier  P  O,  r  Baker  and 

Laurence,  Melrose. 
Barnett  Geo  E,   banker,   r  772  13th. 
Barnett  Henry  M,  carp,  b  1317B  Market. 
Barnett   Herbert,   b   80  Hamilton   pi. 
Barnett  H  Walter,  tmstr  Grayson  &  Owen 

Co,    b    1194    63d. 
Barnett    Isaac,    poultry    Free    Market,     r 

410  5th. 
Barnett  John  J,  elk  S  P  Co,  r  999  Chester. 
Barnett   Lily   (wid  Geo),    r  1154   Alice. 
Barnett   Mark    (Barnett   &   Meyerstein).    r 

827%    19th. 
Barnett  May.  bkpr  Geo  Mosbacher,  b  1330 

Barnett  Moses,  salsn  Rosenthals  Inc.   r  80 

Hamilton  pi. 
Barnett   Nels,  carp  rms  306  14th. 
Barnett    Norton,    student    St    Mary's    Col. 

b    999    Chester. 
Barnett  Ray,   fireman,  r  924  E  23d. 
Barnett  Robt,    chauffeur,    b    825    Isabella. 
Barnett  Rufus  P,   foreman   S   P  Co,   r  924 

E  23d. 
Barnett  Sherman   E.   waiter   S   P  Co. 
Barnett     &     Meyerstein     (Mark     Barnett. 
Chas      Meyerstein).      proprs      California 
Produce  Co,  421  11th. 
Barney  Chas  L,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  1723   Fil- 
Barney  Chas   Wm,    died   Nov   20.    '09,    age 

Barney  C   Edw.   shingler,   r  4826  Webster. 
Barney  Edw,   r  553    Alcatraz   av. 
Barnev  Mrs   Elizabeth,    propr  Leith   Apts. 

864   San  Pablo  av. 
Barney  Fred  N,  painter,  r  1109  E  lith. 
Barney  May     I     (wid      Michael     M).     r    2 

Boulevard  pi. 
Barnev  Thos    R,    phys    6    Playter    bldg,    r 
Bkly.  _       ,     _ 

Barnhart  Glenn    C.    adv    mngr    Frank    K 

Mott  Co,   b  Hotel  Metropole. 
Barnhart  Rev  John  M,  pastor  Grace  M  E 

Church,   r  82D  36th. 
Barnhart  Nelson     M.      painter,      rms     911 

Barnhart  Raymond  G,  printer,  r  1128  Fil- 
Parnhlll  Ora  H,    mngr  Western    Law   ami 

Adjustment  Co,    r  576  21st 
Barnhisel  Reed   W.    r   57.".    Mira   Vista    av. 
Barnhisel  Walter  H.  b  575  Mira  Vista  av. 
Barnlck  Jos,    boilermkr    S    P    Co,    r    SoO 

Willow.                                         „„„   _,., 
Barnickol  Edw,    elec  mach.    r   6b i    54th. 
Barns  Claude  C.  bkpr.   rms  659  23d. 


22  w 




Saturday  Evening  Post 





I  0 


467 14th  St.,  near  Broadway 

Factory,  509  Seventeenth  St- 

1910      POI  K-Hl  STED      CO.'S 

If  Vou  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 
1070     BROADWAY 

Barnum  Chas   D,    eng,    r  1669   13th. 

Barnum  Geo   F,   b   989   Center. 

Barnum  Louis  A,  miner,  r  107  Sunns-side 
av,   Piedmont. 

Barnum  Noah  F,  messr,  r  £28  36th. 

Barnum  Oscar  P,  trav  agt,  r  1513  Moun- 
tain View  av. 


Barberis    &    Pagge    Proprs,    846    Broad- 
way,   Phones  Okld   610,   Home   A3610. 
Barnum  Win   B,   car  opr  O  T   Co,   r  5512 

Shattuck  av. 
Baron,  see  also  Barron. 
Baron  Mrs   Marcella.   r  702  39f.h. 
Baron  Mary  J,   emp  R  &  J  Frisou,  b  1942 

Barossi  Jos,    porter   Osgood   Bros. 
Barovtas  B,   waiter   830   Washn. 
Barr  Carolyn  M,   tchr  Cal  College. 
Barr  Danl  J,  insptr  Okld   G  L  &  H  Co,   r 

719    6th. 
Barr  Eugene   B,    carrier   P   O,    r  115   Rio 

Vista    av. 
Barr  F  E,  emp  S  P  Co,  rms  ft  Wood. 
Barr  Hattie  C  (wid  Jas),  r  91  Miles  av. 
Barr  Isabella    (wid   Harry),   r   3813   Grove. 
Barr  Jas    V,    chalnman    O    T    Co,    b    1568 

Barr  John   W,   b   91   Miles   av. 
Barr  Jos.  painter,   r  1568  Grove. 
Barr  Minnie,    hlpr    Parafflne    Paint    Co,    r 

3813  Grove. 
Barr  Robt  A.  cond  S  P  Co,  r  1076  E  21st. 
Barr  Robt    M.     salsn    Rosenthals     Inc,     b 

1376A  Webster. 
Barr  Thos,    1120   8th   av. 
Barraelough  Nellie    A,    tchr,    b    321    Hill- 
side av. 
Barraco  Albt  I,  lab,   b  2319  Adeline. 
Barraco  Mary   (wid  Vincent),    r   2319   Ad- 
Barradas  Matthew  C,  barber  J  B  Rittler, 

r  San  Leandro. 
Barrall  Marv,   b  1161   E  15th. 
Barrangon  Emile,   musician,    b   187   Santa 

Rosa  av. 
Barrante  Frank,    pedlar   1075    32d. 
Barrassi    Rosa,    seams    Jos    Schroeder,    b 

891   Market. 
Barratina  Miss  A,  elk  H  C  Capwell  Co,  b 

922  3d. 
Barratt  Richd,    bartndr    1654    7th,    r    1120 

Barre  Chas  M,    agt,   b   375  16th  av. 
Barre  Jonathan,    b   1375   16th   av. 
Barre  Lyman  P,   carrier  P  O,   r  1375   16th 

Barren  Edw  A,   hlpr  Atlas   Gas   Eng   Co, 

b    578    E    16th. 
Barrell  Edwin    A,    watchmkr,    rms    328    E 

Barrell  H    Nelson,    bkpr    First    Trust    and 

Savings  Bank,   b   536  28th. 
Barrelle  Sarah  J  (wid  Oscar),  r  1227  11th 

Barrera  Eugene  E,  elk  James  Keller,  rms 

1278  5th  av. 

Barrere  Dorothea,    turn    rms   614    15th. 
Barreie  Jos,    driver    Bayle-Lacoste    Co, 

ft  63d. 
Barrero  Frank,    blksmith   S   P  Co. 
Barrett  Anthony  M,   bkpr,   r  1520   8th. 
Barrett  Antoinette  P  (wid  Geo  H),  r  12 

Barrett  Arthur  C,  trav  agt,  r  931  36th. 
Barrett  A  M,  rms  23d  nw  cor  San  Pab  ai 
Barrett  Belle   (wid  Geo  H),  r  1220  Grov< 
Barrett  Chas   (Stewart  &  Barrett),  r  HE 

23d  av. 
Barrett  Chas    T,    elk    Sunset    Lbr    Co, 

1153    23d  av. 
Barrett  Chas  W,  painter,  r  49D0  Congret 

Barrett  Cyrille,    blksmith,    r    1409    10th. 
Barrett  Dominick    W    (D    W    Barrett 

Co),    r  369   11th. 
Barrett  D    W    &   Co    (D   W  Barrett,    M  I 

Scribner),  saloon  371  11th. 
Barrett  Mrs     Elizabeth,     b    Beulah    Age 

Colored  Home. 
Barrett  Enoch  H,,   r  3882   Shal 

ter  av. 
Barrett  Edw,      bailiff     Dept      3,      Superic 

Barrett  Gertrude,   stenogr.  b  768  Lydia. 
Barrett  Harry,  meats  E  14th  nr  Grand  al 
Barrett  Herbert    W,    piano    tuner,    r 


Bay  City  Well  Works 

Well  Drilling,  Boring  and  Pump  Work 

Warcaaatcs  and  Skop 

Park  An.  k  Hartaa  St.,  EaunmB*  f- 
V  GEO.  P.  MARCUS.  Proprietor  ' 

2271  In.  1M1  St*  It,  ItfUII 

jbanett  Herman,     blksmith,     b    lobo    far 

Barrett  Hugh,  mach,  b  768  Lvdia. 
Barrett  Jessie  H,  cashr,  b  1409  10th.      . 
Barrett  John    F,    bartndr   851   Franklin. 
Barrett  Laurence   W,    elk,    r  639   61st. 
Barrett  Manuel  R,   lab,  r  764  Willow. 
Barrett  Mary  C   (wid  George),  r  3323  Al) 

bey,  Fruitvale. 
Barrett  Maurice,  marine  eng,  b  76S  Lvdif 
Barrett  Oscar  D,   seaman,    b   3882    Shafte 

Barrett  Patk  V,  elk,  b  S41  34th. 
Barrett  Richd,    lab.    rms   1120    Camnbell. 
Barrett  Richd,    mining,    r   768    Lydia. 
Barrett  Ruby,    elk  Barton-Stephenson   Cc 

b  528  12th. 
Barrett  Theresa,    dom,    b   Elliott   Burns. 
Barrett  Wm  J.   r  868  Madison. 
Barrett  Wm   W,    student   Polytechnic  Bu 

Col,   b  1379  Harrison. 
Barricks  James  P.  mach,  r  1446  9th  av. 
Barrie,  see  also  Barrv  and  Berry. 
Barrie  Lulu    (wid   Nelson    T).    b   290 
Barrie  Nelson  T,   carp,  r  290  28th. 
Barrie  Thos,    carp,    rms  622   19th. 


printed  BYT-r  Job  Printing  Dept 


Mattings  -  Rugs  -■  Linoleums  I 

Cold  Medal  Steam  Carpet  Cleaning  and  Renovating  Works 
Phones:  Oakland  4184,  Home  A  4184  -  -  856  CLAY  STREi;T 
AT  612  SECOND  STREET        -        -        -  PHONES:    OAKLAND  2034.  HOME  A33J4  ( 


Oakland  4184,    Home  A  4184 

laxwell    A.  A.    $  675.00 
"  I.  1050.00 

"         Roadster  1725.00 

(Detachable  Tonneau  i 
"  E.         1650.00 

F.  O.  B.  Oakland,  Cal. 


Maxwell  Automobile  AgenGy 

A.   C.   HULL,   Prop. 

192-194  Twelfth  Street 

''■'    Telephones:   Oakland  3628.   Home  A  1332 

DIRECTORY      1910  163 

rrie  Wm    (Robinson    &    Barrie),    r    440 
llaremont  av. 
rriet  Manuel,  lab  S  P  Co. 
rringer  Chester,   ins  agt,  r  1260  B  21st. 
rringer  Harry  D,   bkpr,   r  510  20th. 
rrington  Geo    C,    salsn,    r    6429    Regent, 
rroman  Mrs  Mary,   b  3900  Bway. 
rron,  see  also  Baron, 
rron  Bridget   (wid   Patk),   b   3311   Hop- 

rron  Chas  W,   cond,  rms  1220  9th  av. 
rron  Edw,     carp    Industrial    Home,     b 
601  Tel   av. 

rron  F    T,    cond    O    T    Co,     rms    Emil 
tichter,  Elmhurst. 

rron  Harry  T,    mach,    b   927    Filbert, 
rron  Irene  R,   milliner,   b  927  Filbert, 
rron  Mrs  Izura,   r  1515  5th. 
rron  Jas   G,    marine   eng,   r   820   Grove, 
rron  Louis,  news  agt  Denison  News  Co. 
rron  Minnie  I,  tchr,  b   300  Fairmount  av. 
rron  Patk,     lab,     r    Lucas    av    se    cor 

rron  Richd  E,  mstr  mariner,   r  927  Fil- 

rron  Mrs   Robt   L,    r   528    22d. 
rron  Saml,     meatctr     Robt    Vincent,     r 

rron  Wm,    meatctr   G   T    Loher,    r    575 

rron  Wm  N,   solr  Prudential  Ins  Co,   r 
t527    Lincon   av. 

rroni  Jos,   lab  Cal  Fruit  Canners'  Assn, 
•  711   Myrtle. 

.rros  J   T,   lab  Judson  Mntg  Co. 
,rros     Manuel,   lab,   r  1673  Pacific, 
.rros  Manuel  J,  cook  S  P  Co,  r  1661  5th. 
u-ros  Neba    G,    lab    S    P    Co,    rms    1763 

irros  Peter,    emp    Mme    Coin's    Lndry, 
rms   1598   Bway. 

irrow  Jerrold  L,  elk  W  H  Parrish,  r  838 

trrows  Edw  C,   r   n  s  Tompkins   av   1   e 
Dt  Orchard  av,  Beulah  Hts. 
irrows  Ella  J,  b  1067  Oak. 
trrows  Laura  M,   b  E  C  Barrows, 
irrows  Louisa  C  (wid  John),  r  1067  Oak. 
irry,  see  also  Barrie  and  Berry, 
irry  Ada    E,    elk    B    W    Windle,    r    1308 
33d  av. 

irry  Adolph,  r  1174  61st. 
irry  Bros    (David    and    J    H),    carriage 
painters  566  18th. 

irry  Catherine     (wid     David),     b     1022 

irry  David    (Barry   Bros),    r   1803    West. 
irry  David   F,   sewer  contr  665  65th. 
irry  Dora  (wid  Wm),  r  586S  Occidental. 
irry  Edw,    elk   E   P    Charlton    &    Co,    r 
1661  Grove. 

irry  Edw,   died  Sept   23,  '09,   age   75. 
irry  Mrs  Edw,   r  1012  Adeline. 
irry  Edw  A,  mach  hand  S  P  Co,  r  1061 

arry  Edw    B,    elk    P   T    Carroll,    r    2211 

arry  Edw    L,    elk    in    charge    Fruitvale 
Sta  P  O.  r  1315  34th  av. 
arry  Ephraim    A,    raa«h,    b   1113    Linden, 
arry  Frank,      chauffeur,      b     5868     occi- 

arry-  Frank,   student,   b   2211   Bway. 
arry  Jas,  bartndr  3342  E  14th. 
arry  Jas,  elk,  r  130S  33d  av. 
arry  Jas  P,  coir,  b  22H  Bway. 
arry  Jas  W,   bartndr,  r  1311  33d  av. 
arrv  Jane  (wi  1  Myron  S)    r  1113  Linden, 
arrv  John,  cement  •\kr,  res  Palo  Vista 
av  12  s  of  E  14th. 



Merchant  Tailors 

Washington  St.,  near  Fourteenth  St. 

Barry  John,   lab   Leona  Chem   Co,   r  Mel- 
Barry  John  H  (Barry  Bros),  r  2211  Bway. 
Barry  John  J,  bki  r,   r  873  Peralta. 
Barry  John  J,  mach,  r  556V4  Jones. 
Barry  John  J,   plumber,    r  1022  West. 
Barry  John  J  Jr,   elk.  b  556H  Jones. 
Barry  John  L,  hlpr  S  P  Co,   b  1017  Pine. 
Barry  Jos,  cement  wkr,  r  560  E  11th. 
Barry  Julia  (wid  John),  r  873  Peralta. 
Barry  Kate,  b  1022  West. 
Barry  Kate    (wid    Wm),    r   4810    Congress 

Barry  Margaret,   b  1006   5th. 
Bany  Mrs   Mary,    nurse,    13'6   Myrtle. 
Barrv  Mattie   A,    manicure  522    16th. 
Banv  Maurice   M,   salsn   Pierce  Hdw  Co, 
b  4'804  Cherry. 

Earry  M  Gertrude,    seams,    b   2211   Bway. 

Banv  Newton  H,   elk,   r  1012  Adeline. 

Barrv  Nora,   bkpr.  b  1017  Pine. 

Barrv  Peter,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  1017  Pine. 

Barry  Robt,  lab,   r  1631  Atlantic. 

Barry  Thos  E,   foreman,   rms   531   Hobart. 

Barry  Walter  B,  elk,  b  2211  Bway. 

Barry  Win,  gardener,   r  1627  Sth. 

Barry  Wm,  hlpr  Cal  Mill  &  Mnfg  Co. 

Barry  Wm.   salsn,   b  805  59th. 

Barrvnore  James  A,  plumber,  r  2151  Mar- 

Bairvmore  N.   rips   1007  S  u.  Pub  av 

Barsotti  Peter,  lab.  r  969  5th. 

Barstow  Amanda,   rms   1322  Harrison. 

Barstow  Elizabeth  R  (wid  David  P),  r  514 

Barstow  Wallace,    sign   writer,   b   514   23d 

Barstow  Wm  R,  elk,  b  514  23d. 

B  irt.ino  V,  Ibkmn  S  P  Co,  r  918  Adeline 

Bartehi  Geo,   rms   1113  Alice. 

Battel  Mrs  Angle,  b  833  Castro. 

Bartel  Ernest,  r  460  25th. 

Bartell  G  H.  car  oor  O  T  Co,  r  Elmhurst 

Bartoll  Henry,  upholstr  R  J  Hunter,  r  231 
Lawton  av. 

Bartell  Wm.  millhand,  r  1026  C3d. 

Bartelme   Mrs    Elizabeth,    r  686  25th. 

Bart,  line  Ferd   J    (Wood   &    Bartelme),    r 
341  Chicago  av. 

Bartels  Alfred,  carp,  b  3627  Grove. 

Bartels  Chas,  carp,  r  759  60th. 

Bartels  Chas  AV,  foreman,   r  1026  63d. 

Bartels  Dora   (wid  Wm),  r  3627  Grove. 

Bartels  Elizabeth      (wid     Henry),      r     75o 



Battels  Freak  B.    meats  3500   E   14th   and 

1316  Fruitvale  av,  r  458  36th. 

Bartels  Geo,    driver  Union   Ice   Co,  b   755 

Brush.   '  , 

Bait. -Is  Waldc  mar   W,    salsn    kalin  Bros. 

Ii  3(127  Grove.  . 

Bartels  Wm,   driver   Union    Ice   (  b,  b   7n5 


Mngr  Phoenix  Milling  Co,   r  Bkly. 
Bartels  "Wm    H.    foreman,    r   ::ni    Forest, 

Barter   Francos,    student   Mills   College. 

*&  § 
!  ST 

Hay,    Grain  and 
Poultry  Supplies 


12  FIFTY-FIFTH  STREET      Telephones:  Piedmont  2522,  Home  H 6719 






5  co 


11    5 


I*  B 

&>  z 

■<   m 


Main  Office  and  Yard 
rint  and  Oak  Sta. 
E.    H.   Nash,   Mgr. 


Branch  Yard 
R.  12th  and  17th  Ay*. 

Tel.    Oakland    1820 
Home  A2141     3j 

It!  I 

1910     POI-K-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Barth  Fred,  bartr.dr  362  7th,  rms  525  8th. 
Barlh  Paul,   maltster  Consumers  Yeast  & 

Vinegar  V'ks,   r  1356   26th  av. 
Barth  Paul  R,  lab,  r  3712  Mangel. 
Barthold  ,  see  also  Bartold. 
Barthold  Albert  H,   ironwkr  Judson  Mnfg 

Co,  b  1223  38th  av. 
Barthold  Caroline     (wid    Albert),     r    1223 

38th  av. 
Barthold  Bdw,    molder  United   Iron   Wks, 

b  1223  38th  av. 
Barthold  May  E,  grocer  1223  3Sth  av. 
Barthold  Robt  M,  tec,  r  6291  Shattuek  av. 
Bartholdi  Jos,  carp,  r  1073  E  25th. 
1  :.u  tholomew  Clarence    A,    master    mari- 
ner,   r  2222   46th   av. 
Bartholomew  Errcst    I,    min    eng,     r    564 


irtluilomew  Nettie  B   (wid  Oscar  M),  b 

1371  Harrison. 
Bartish  Henry,  agt,  b  e  s  of  Moss  av  4  n 

of  E  14th. 
Bartle  S  Jas,   dairyman  W  P  Burroughs 

r  610   Aileen. 
Bartle  Harriet    M    (wid    Frank),    b    1077 

Bartle  Harry,  opr,  b  915  37th  av. 
Bartle  Jean  S,   stenogr,   b  1077    list. 
Bartle  John  W,  lab,   r  915  37th  av. 
Bartle  Walter  T,  driver  P  J  Myers,  r  015 

~"th  av. 

Bartlett  Chas  E,  elk  P  O,  r  963  Grove 
Bartlett  Chas  S  M,  broker,  r  107  Echo  av. 
Bartlett  C,   trav  agt,   rms   1063   11th   av. 
Bartlett  Elmer  H,  tmstr,  b  1313  Brush. 
Bartlett  Emma    D     (wid     Pliny),     r    1311 

Bartlett   Ernest  J,  rms  715  8th. 
Bartlett  Ethel,    tchr  Piedmont  School. 
Bartlett  Flora  A  (wid  Jos),  r  1312  Brush. 
Bartlett  Francis   H    (Bartlett   &   Wilson), 

r  Ala. 
Bartlett  Grace   E,    nurse   1311    Franklin. 
Bartlet't  John,    elk,    rms   841    San    Fab   av. 
Bartlett  John  B,  dept  mngr,  r  186  Shatter 

Bartlett  J  L,   nti5  9th  nw  cor  Oak. 
Bartlett  J  Morsa,  r  1970  Summit. 
Bartlett  Mary    D     (wid    Chas:    H),     r    963 

Bartlett  Oscar  E,    mnfrs   agt    1313    Bway, 

r  317  Oakland  av. 
Bartlett  Pliny  V  S.  driver  Excelsior  I.ndy, 

r  1311   Franklin. 
Bartlett  Thos  J,   carp,   r  300S  Oapp. 
Bartlett  Thos   P,   phvs  963  Grove. 
Bartlett  Walter,  driver,  r  991  GOth. 
Bartlett  Wm  C,  cutter  D  C  Brown,  r  172 

Moss  av. 
Bartlett  Wm  H,   acct  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co. 

r  1717  King  av.    Frtvl. 


(F  H  Bartlett,  C  E  Wilson),  Attorneys 
and  Counsellors  at  Law,  rooms  23-24 
906  Bway,   Phone  Okld  5108. 

Bartlev  Benj  S  (Bartley  Bros),  r  997  San 
Pab  av. 

Bartley  Bros  (Benj  S  and  Wm  B),  gro- 
cers 997  San  Pab  av. 

Bartlev  Marv  (wid  Wm  H),  r  1311  53d  av. 

Bartley  Wm  B  (Bartley  Bros),  r  997  San 
Pablo  a  v. 

Bartley  Wm  N,  driver  W  F  Co,  r  1311 
53d  av. 

Bartley  Zula  A,  elk  Bartley  Bros,  b  997 
San  Pab  av. 

Bartlow  Mary  E  (wid  Wm),  r  656  Ken- 

Bartmann  Henry,  lab  S  P  Co. 

Bartmess  Lloyi  C,  eng,  r  IOCS  5th  av. 

Bartol  John,  tailor  3571  7th. 

Bartold,   see  also  Barthold. 

Bartold  Chester,  carp,   r  1109  36th  av. 

Bartold  Julia,   b  1109  36th  av. 

Bartolino  Louis,   lab,  b  71  McAdam. 

Barton  Aldrich,   b   563   Oakland   av. 

Barton  Andr  J,  furn  rms  275  E  12th. 

Barton  Benj,  r  1213  Market. 

Barton  Benj,    barber    John    Tisch,    r    524 

Ba.rton  Chas,    res    Stanley   av,    1    s   ot 

Barton  Chas    T,    pres    Barton -Stephenson 

Co   (Inc),  r  1923  Webster. 
Barton  Claude  B  (Barton  &  Davis),  b  55V 

Barton  Doris  E,   b  3400  Champion. 
Barton  Eugene   F,   b   557    27th. 
Barton  Frank  E,   agt  Met  Life  Ins  Co,  jj 

3400  Champion. 
Barton  Geo,  rms  440  San  Pab  av. 
Barton  Geo    C,    tchr    High    School,    r    1«J 

Locksley  av. 
Barton  Mrs   Georgia  E,  rms  306   14th.       I 
Barton  Irene  R,  b  3400  Champion. 
Barton  James  A,   carp,  b  G646  Whitney,    j 
Barton  John  D,  carp,  b  1319  7th. 
Barton  John    E,    agt    Met    Life    Ins    Co,   ij 

Barton  Katharine,    seams,    r  1624   17th.      | 
Barton  Mrs  Louise  S,  Christian  Scientist,) 

1387  Alice. 
Barton  Margaret   A    (wid    Tames),    r   664* 

Barton  Mrs  Sarah,  b  J62  26th   av. 
Barton- Stephenson  Co   (Inc),  C  T  Bartorl 

pres,    W   A   Stephenson   sec,    conf   llOSi 

Barton  Willanl  T,  r  503  Oakland  av 
Barton  Willard  T  Jr,  b  563  Oakland  av.    ] 
Barton  Wm  H,  acct  S  P  Co.  r  1105  E  25M 
Barton  &  Davis   (Claude  B  Barton,   Louir 

Davis),  architects  460  13th. 
Bartoni  Louis?   (wid  Jos),  r  18'3  Adeline 
Bartow  Benj,   barber,   ims  S24  18th. 
Bartow  Jos  A,    carp,   r  29C7   Abbey. 
Bartram,  see  also  Bertram. 
Bart  ram  Robt  W,  teaming1  365  Orchard. 
Bartsch  Johanna  (wid  Aug),  r  n  s  E  14tl 

2  e  of  Jones  av,   Elmhurst. 
Bartsch  Walter,    bartndr    1154    Washu,    1 

E  ]4th  nr  Jones  av,   Elmhurst. 
Baruch  Sidney,   elec  eng,   b  1302  Jackson 
Baruch  Simon,  r  4142  Howe. 
Barusso  Louis.   1.  b    b  71  Me\dam. 
Barusch  Harrv   (H  Barusch  &   Co),   r 

Barusch    H    &    Co    CHarry      and      Morrl 

Barusch,    Chas    Geiger)    Japanese    gdi 

222   San    Fab   av. 
Barusch  Morris     (H    Barusch    &    Co), 

689    33d. 
Barzeloffi  O,   lab.   r  1127  53rd  av. 
Bssalto  Giovanni,  lab.  b  71  McAdam. 
Baseasca  J.  ydman  S  r  Co.  r  126.1  7th. 
Basch  Abraham,    dyer    31    Tel    av,    r    47 

Basch  Emily   (wid  MorTis),   r  609  I8th. 
Basch  Frances,       elk    Kahn    Bros,    b    6 

Basch  Herbert  M,  tailor  Abraham  Basel) 

b    476    26th. 
Basch  Rose,    elk    Geo    Mosbacher,    b    60 

Basch  Jos,    elk  N   Gallagher  &  Sons. 
Baschab  Rev  Chas,  asst  pastor  St  Fran 

cis   de   Sales  church,    r  590  Hobart. 
Bascino  Jos,    lab,    r    1626    Linden. 


:  TRADE    AND    KINDRED    INTERTSTS  :    :    i 


ooh-Morgan  storage  &  Moving  Co. 


OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


;com  Elmer,      paperhngr      Borland      & 
emon,    r   523    San   Pab  av. 
icouert   Jos   B,    driver    Bayle,    Lacoste 
o.    b   ft    63d. 
iel   Chas,   r   S4G   Lydia. 
lemore  Essex,    waiter    S    P    Co.    r    718 

iford   Cramer,    salsn,   r  1194   E   22d. 
in  John    W.    barber    John    Tisch,    rms 
>7A   12th. 

ihford  Frances  A,  b  67  Santa  Clara  av. 
shman  Henry  B,  elk  P  J  Faletti,  r  124 
laremont    av. 

sham   Thos  A,   jeweler,   r  168   10th. 
jil  Chas,  plasterer,  r  860  Lydia. 
sish   Anton,   lab,   r  1013  Wood. 
■ss  Caro,   tel  opr.   r  4117   Terrace. 
as  C   M,   studt  Polytechnic   Bus  Col.    b 
06    12th.  _ 

is  Don  L,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  r  1140  Peralta. 
as  John  S  P.  moved  to  Seattle,  Wash. 
ss  Mannie,  driver  Saml  Parker,  b  476 

ss   Wm   D,    elk,    b    1716   Webster, 
ss  Wm   M,    waiter,    rms   1114   Willow, 
ssard  Thos,    eng    Cal    Cotton    Mills, 
ssegmana  Mrs   R.   seams  Taft   &   Pen- 
lover,    r   596    39th. 
ssett  Addison,    r   2012    43d  av. 
ssett  Albt    F,    cond    O    T    Co,    b    4806 
daple.  _ 

ssett  Annie  E,  bkpr,  b  3009  Pleitner  av. 
ssett  Aug,    lab,    rms    832    West, 
ssett  Bernard   H,   musician,   b   728   8th. 
ssett  Bessie    K,    stenogr,    b    820    14th. 
ssett  Blanche    I,    wrapper    Hale    Bros, 
)    820    14th. 

ssett  Carolyn  H  (wid  Jas  N),  r  728 

ssett  Chas  W,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  rms 
.04    E    12th. 

.ssett  Edw  D,  contr,   1002  Fruitvale  av. 
.ssett  Eli    G,    driver,    b    4806   Maple. 
.ssett  Elizabeth      C      (wid        Stephen), 
Iressmkr.    820    14th. 

issett  Ethel,     fctudt     Polytechnic       Bua 
Dol,   b   733   Center. 
issett  Grace,    tel    opr,    b    820    14th. 
issett  John    M,    eng    Beatsol    Silica    Co, 
r   612    6th. 

issett  Kathleen  S,  elk  Taft  &  Pen- 
noyer,  b  728  8th. 

issett  Laura  J  (wid  J  Frank),  r  669  8th. 
issett  Louise  R  (wid  Henry  D),  r  1443 

issett  Manton  E,  elk,  r  3009  Pleitner 

issett   Peter  I.    tmstr.    r   4806   Maple, 
issett  Virgil    E.    r    266    9th. 
issett  Walter  I,  musician,  b  4S06  Maple 
issett  Willard     K,     reporter     Okld     En- 
quirer,   r  509   E   24th. 

issett  Wm   H.    surveyor,    r   1725   Valdez. 
issutt  Wm    S,    local    mngr    Hogan    Lbr 
Co,  Fruitvale  branch,  r  S  F. 
assford  John  W,  salsn,   r  122S  2d  av. 
issford  L   P,    b    3762    Ruby, 
issick   Wm   R.    r   567    Oakland   av. 
assick  W   B,    r   Key   Route    Inn. 
issieux   Chas.    waiter,   rms   1114    Willow, 
assigman  Louis    (McBride      &      Bassig- 
man).    r    5C.9    39th. 
assilio  Harry,    fruits.    25    Tel    av. 
assish    Marco,    lab,    b    1013    Wood, 
asso  Jos,   lab  Sunset  Lmbr  Co.  b  673  3d. 
elsso  Mrs  Jos,  emp  Levi  Strauss  &  Co,  b 

603   3d. 

asso  Milio,    emp    Yager    Sheet    Metal    & 

Plumbing    Co.    r    722    Castro. 

Darrow- Hughes  Co. 




1056  Broadway       Phone  Oakland  583 

Basso  Tomaso,    lab.    rms    4530    Grove. 
Bastian  Carl,   elk   Taft   &   Pennoyer,   rms 

1479   Grove. 
Bastian  Catherine  (wid  Christian),  r  1821 

Bastian  Frank,  plumber,  r  835  Madison. 
Bast;an  Fredk    H,    blksmith    S    P    Co,     r 

1716    8th. 
Bastian  Geo    W,    lithogr,    r    535    Park    av, 

E    Okld. 
Bastiani  Annie   (wid   Peter),  r  962  7th. 
Bastin  Leonard,    elk,    r   813   61st. 
Baston  Sarah    E    (wid   Abner   F),    b    3625 

Dimond   av. 
Batcabe,    see   also   Betcabe. 
Batcabe  Bros      (Peter      and        Mitchell). 

meats   423    San    Pab   av. 
Batcabe  Mitchell     (Batcabe    Bros),    r    856 

Batcabe  Peter    (Batcabe    Bros),      r      856 

Batchelder  Aug   H.   cashr,    r   642   51st. 
Batchelder  Carl   A,    hardware,    r    545    Ho- 
hart.  _       .      '       , 

Batchelder  Cornelia    D    (wid   Saml   N),    b 

1S74    Valdez. 
Batchelder  Fred  C,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  s  s  of 

1st  av   1   w  of  Orchard  av,   Elmhurst. 
Batchelder  Frank     E,     painter,       r      1368 

Batchelder  G    C,     messr    C     J    Heeseman 

Batchelder  Idell    C.    stenogr    Am    Rubber 

Mnfg   Co,    b    Orchard    av,    Elmhurst. 
Batchelder  Jas  O,   detective,   r  613   19th. 
Batchelder  Nancy    E    (wid    Benj      P),      b 

1105    Jackson. 
Batchelder  Saml    S,    r    432    Edwards. 
Batchelder  Willard  J.  music  tchr,  430  Ed- 
Batchelor  Geo  H,  leather  goods,  1S6  12th, 

r    Bkly. 
Batchelor    Rev    Jas   A.    presiding   elder   M 

E   Church    South,    r   455    37th. 
Batdorf  Saml,     Studt       Polytechnic       Bus 

Col.    b   Bbly. 
Bate  Arthur,    elk   S   P  Co,    r  Ala. 
Bateaux    Pauline,    bkpr    Sunset   Lmbr   Co. 

b    2203   Fruitvale    av. 
Hateman  Addle,    rms    653    7th. 
Bateman  Chas    E.    carp.    3029    Short. 
Bateman  Flovd,    driver   Natl   Ice    &    Cold 

Storage   Co,    rms   460   2d. 
Bateman  Fox.     driver    Natl    Ice     &     Cold 

Storage    Co.    rms    460    2d. 
Hateman    Frank     T,     solr     Prudential     Ins 

Co,   r  1031   Filbert. 
Bateman  Frank   L,    phys   1031   Filbert. 
Hal. ■man  Fred    H,    pipe    fittr    S    P    Go,    r 

1124    16th. 
Bateman  Isaac    C,    vice    pres    and    mngr 

Fred  B   Haight  &  Co.    r   Ala. 
Bateman  Jos,   driver,    rms   831    Webster. 
Bateman  Marie    T,    milliner,    r    1031    Fil- 
Bateman  Perry,   reprman  S  p  Co,   r  1880 


No  More 


No  More 


No  More 

No  More 

(ft  9 

Cleans  and 




For  Sale  By 
All  Grocers 


Office  and  Works 






Telephone  Merritt  580     3324  EAST  FOURTEENTH  ST. 
1910      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Bateman  Solomon,  carp,  b  1201  Alice. 
Eateman  Wm  F,  salsn  P  B  Haight  &  Co, 

r   Alameda. 
Bates  Ada   M,    b    242   Vernon. 
Bates  Annie    (wid   Ephraim),    b  1601   34th. 
Bates  Chas,   lab,    rms   760   11th. 
Bates  Chas   A,    barber,    r   1534    Brush. 
Bates  Chas  D.  messgr,  r  1601  34th. 
Bates  Chas    D    Jr,    vice    pres    Piedmont 

Construction   Co,    r  349   Bellevue  av. 
Bates  Chas    R,     contr.     968    Jefferson. 

Bi^,esJ  Cvrus.  r  s  s  Scenic  av  1  s  w  of 
Ok  Id  av. 

Bates  Elizabeth    J    (wid       Walter    T)      r 

2S33    Persimmon. 
Bates  Emery  C,   bkpr,   r  576   66th 
Bates  Mrs    Emily,    r    2103    38th    av. 
Bates  Mrs    Frances    L.    1>    2407    Fruitvale 

Bates  Georgia   T    (wid  J  W),   r  720   14th. 

Bates  Gladys,  elk  Kahn  Bros,  b  2833 

Bales  Harry  J,  cond  S  P  Co,  r  1261  12th. 

Bates  John,  lab,   res  Rose  nr     Spencer. 

Bates  John  J.  msptr  S  P  Co,  r  109  1st 
av,    Elmhurst. 

Bates  Jos,    driver,    r    1166    64th 

Bates  Lyman  W,  coppersmith  S  P  Co 
r   S61   Chester. 

Bates  Marie,    elk,    b    2103    38th    av 

Bates  Mary  A  (wid  Chas  D)  r  242  Ver- 

Bates  Phyllis    I,    b    2833    Persimmon. 

Bates  Silas  H,  sec  Am  Creamery  Co,  r 
Hotel   Athens. 

Bates  Walter  L,  nurseryman,  2833  Per- 

Bates  Wesley  A,  lab,  r  7«6  7th. 

Bates  Wm,    carp,    b   2103   38th   av. 

Bates  Wm    C,    salsn,    r    3023    Champion. 

Bates  Wm    P,    porter,    r    761    Campbell. 

Bathe  Paul,    musician,    rms    409    8th 

Bathel  Paul,    musician,    rms    169%    9th 

Bather  Beatrice  B,  mngr.   b  278  E  11th' 

Bather  Fred,    mach,    b    278    E    11th 

Bathurst  Jos  A.  stairbldr  J  T  Carrier  & 
Sons,    r    3500    Boston   av. 

Bat  hurst  Lizzie  E  (wid  Angus),  r  3500 
Boston    av. 

Bathness  M  B,   mach  S  P  Co. 

Batiloma  Biroloma,  lab,   r  105  Shaffer  av 

Batista  Marguerite,    hlpr   E  Giovenone   & 

Batmale   Frank,    elk,    rms    504    15th 

Batt  Saml,    saloon    E    14th,    n    e    cor    Bav 

View  av.  * 

Batteate   Nicholas   J,   pedlar,    r   1715    Bav 

View   av. 

Battelle  Harry  T,  acct,    r  6423  Tel  av 

o,1,S?.ml'  raeats.  2535  Fruitvale  av, 
r  3151    Hyde. 

Battersbee  Fred  E,  millhand  W  P  Fuller 
&   Co,    r  Berkeley. 

Battersby  Wm  H,  'bartndr  473  11th,  r  Ala. 

Battes  Henry,  lab,   b  623  Bway 

Batteux  John  D.  elk  Code-Por'twood  Can- 
ning Co,    r   2203   Fruitvale   av. 

Battezatte  Francis,  lndrywkr  Mme  Coin's 
Lndry,   rms  1598   Bway 

Batti   Cirimele.   lab   S   P  Co. 

Battolla    Raeffaelle,    lab,    r   1370   E    11th 

Batumas    Geo.    lab   S   P   Co. 

Bauch  Theo,   saloon   1100  50th  av. 

Bauder  Christian,  cabtmkr  Met  Furn  Co 
r  955  E  17th. 

Bauder  Mrs  Emma,   r  2214  Chestnut. 

Bauder  Rev  Thos  J,  r  2214  Chestnut. 

Baudin   Clarence  P.   student,    r  666  31st 

Baudin  John  P,  insptr,  r  666  31st 

Baudin   Mae    E,    stenogr   Blake    &    Bilgei 

Co,   b  666   31st. 
Bauer  Adolph,   bartndr  12th  ne  cor  Web- 
ster,  r  1376  12th  av. 
Bauer  Adolph  Jr,  elk,  b  1376  12th  av. 
Bauer  Eda,   b  955  54th. 
Bauer    Frank    J,    elk    Meyer    Steinberg,    1 

567    22d. 
Bauer  Fred  C,   cable  splicer,   r  692   Syca 

Bauer  Jacob,  mach   Standard  Gas  Engine 

Co,    r   1428    45th    av. 
Bauer  John  C,  painter  S  P  Co,  r  1803  7th| 
Bauer  Jos,  benchhd  Burnham,  Standeforcl 

Co,  r  601  Bway. 
Bauer  Lizzie   (wid  John),   r  3157  Elmwooc 

Bauer  Louis  F,   elk  R  W  Edwards,   r  127: 

18th  av. 
Bauer  Louisa   (wid  Christ),  r  567  22d.      " 
Bauer   Mary    (wid    Emile).    b    579    63d. 
Bauer  Richd,   boilermkr  United  Iron  Wks 

r   955    54th. 
Bauer  Wm  H,  engr  Okld  Enquirer,  r  1242 

Bauerle  Adolph   H,   plumber,   r  518  44th.   I 
Bauerle  Otto,   plumber  A  H  Knoch,   b  511! 

Baugh  Jas  T,  carp,  b  Seminary  av  ne  coi1 

Fairview  av. 
Baugh    Jesse    E,    cook,    r   1103   Wood. 
Baugher    Edith     (wid    Ferry    H),    r    Sll^j 

Baughman    Clarence    O,    elk,    b   595   Chet> 

Baughman    Noble    H,    paints,    r   595    Chet- 

Baughman   Wm   J,   contr  1315   5th   av. 
Bauhaben  Jos,  propr  Union  Pacific  Lndrv. 

r  824   28th. 
Baulin    Estelle,    r    471    4th. 
Baum  Chas  H,   brass  finisher, 

cago  av. 
Baum     Philip,     millinery     227     First    Nat] 

Bank  bldg.   r  S  F. 
Baum  Rudolph    W,    phys,    r    47    Monteeito 

Bauman  John,  carp,  r  1073  14th  av. 
Bauman    John    U,    cellar    man    The   Wine- 
dale   Co.    r  846   Fallon. 
Bauman  Jos,   millhand.  r  5982  Grove. 
Bauman  L  P.  shade  mkr  Jas  Cahill  &  Co. 
Baumann    Annie    T    (wid    Adolph),    r    185 

Moss  av. 
Baumann    Chas,    architect,    r   70   11th. 
Baumann  Clara,   elk,   r  185  Moss  av. 
Baumann   Eric   J,    driver,    b   185   Moss   av. 
Baumann  Isadore,  meatctr,  r  1300  34th  av. 
Baumann    Lorenz.    lab,    r    125    Hellen. 
Baumbach  John,  waiter  1156  Bway,  r  1569 i 

Baumberger  Adolph,  mach.  b  1361  52d  av.' 
Baumberger   Barbara    (wid   Felix),    r   1361 

52d  av. 
Baumberger  Geo  W,  blksmith,  b  1361  52d! 

Baumgart    Wolfgant,     pres     Cal     Zeitung;! 

Pub   Co,    r  5820  Tel  av. 
Baumgarten  Jacob  ,r  814  15th. 
Baumgarten  Mrs  Jennie,   b  8H14    Bway. 
Baumgarten  Julian,  furn  rms  811%  Bway. 
Baumgarten     J     &     Co.     Geo     Rosenberg 

mngr,    woolens    1303    Clay. 
Baumgarten  Morris,  pedlar,  b  811%  Bway.  : 
Baumgartner  Aug  C.    r   330   Lenox  av. 
Baumgartner  J  Vance,  elk.  b  330  Lenox  av 
Baumgartner  Sera,   tchr  Lafayette  Gram-  j 

mar  school,    b  Berkeley. 
Baumgartner   Virgil    W,    elec    eng,    r    2709 

3230  Chi- 

Goodyear  Automobile  Tires 

W.  L.  Loos  &  Co.,  1 2th  and  Jackson 



Phones,  Oak.  6507 
Home  A-4507 

ORRECL..  II  Jy?  «*?* 

SmitH  Bros  nth  St. 


First  National  Bank  Building 

Telephone  Oakland  1  309 

Oakland,  Cal. 



J  fctationrre    ^    Stamping 

Smith  Bros 
462-464  13th  St. 


OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

aur     Harry,      student     Vander     Naillen 

school,    b   4939  Webster. 

aurman    Fred,    mach,    r   1556   Grand    av, 

fiS"cta-    J,    mngr    M    C    Schulze.    r 

au6sLCReinhold  E  dentist  306 .Oakland 
Bank  of  Savings  bldg.   r  1908  11th  av. 

autovich  Bardo,   lab   S   P  Co. 

lavo   Antone.   lab   S   P  Co. 

awden  Emily  A  (wid  Prank),  conf  1523 
46th   av.  • 

awolski  Martin,   deckhand    S   P  Co. 

:axley  Alfred   D,   elk,    b   3615  West. 

iaxley  Alice  V,  prin  Fruitvale  school  No 
3,    r  Fairlawn   apts. 

faxley    Chas    K,    elk    Hale    Bros,    b    3615 

la^leyFannie  A    elk  P  O.b  8615  West, 
iaxley    Fannie    E    (wid    John    W),    r   iblb 

(a^lev'Robt  M,   driver  Maxwell  Hdw  Co, 

iaVey^bster   TJ,    contr    2451    Woodruff 

Javier  Amelia  (wid  John),   b   3640   Helen, 

JaxTe'r 'clarence,    painter    b    1916    Linden. 
Baxter    Claude,    elec,    b    1075    59th. 
3axter  Mrs  Clela  F.  matron,  r  1251  C lav 
Baxter    David,      ydman,      r      3620      Helen, 

^xrtertVpavid   M.   contr.   r  1924   Summit. 

3axter  Edw,   lab  S  P  Co. 

Baxter  Edw   A,   foreman   S   P  Co,   b  A»w 

Helen,  Fruitvale.  ,,      .. 

Baxter  Edw  H.   salsn.   b  1419  Myrtle. 
Baxter   Frank    S.    student,    b    1419   Myrtle. 
Raxter  Fred    lab.  b  613  9th. 
Itxte?  Fred  L.  sec  and  treas  Cook  Grocer 

Baxter  Geo*  W.  painter,  b  1916  Linden. 

Baiter  Harold   K.    elk.   b   1419   Myrtle. 

Baxter  Jas.   r  1916   Linden. 

Baxter  Jas  C.  r  1358  10th  ay 

Baxter  Jas   M,    sale   stable  1064   6th   av,    r 

Raxter  Jas  P    rms  1374  11th  av. 

Barter  John  'hor^    aoer    r  3408   Putnam. 

Baxter  John  E.   carp,   r  8,5   59th. 

Baxter    John    T.    meatctr    Grand    Central 

Mkt.   r  1075   59th.  ' 

Baxter  Lester  S,  sub  carrier  P  O,  r  Hay- 
Baiter'  Louis,    porter   F   P   Henry,    r   125 

BfxtprMiss  L,  elk  Tatt  &  Pennoyer. 
laxter   Mabel    A.    bkpr,    b   135  i   10th   av 
Baxter  Mrs  Maud  E    grocer  5901   Ad.      u  . 
Baxter  Nellie  (wid  Marion  F),  r  916  Fer- 

Baxte'r  O  Reed,  architect    b  1251  Clay. 
Baxter  Robt  T.   salsn    r  328  Adams 
Baxter  Wm  N  D.  draftsman,  ti  1419  Myrtle 
Baxter  Wm   S.  acct,  r  1419  Myrtle. 
Bay   Cities   Electric    Co,    Walter  D  Vance 
mngr,   1760  Tel  av. 


Geo  A  Grav,  Pres;  F  B  Kerrick.  Vice- 
Pres-  Harrv  E  Gray.  Sec  and  Treas; 
33-35  Hannah.  Phones  Okld  1121  Home 
A5524.  (See  Classified  Laundries.) 
Bay  City  Flouring  Mills.  J  C  Westphal  & 
Sons  proprs.  Clay  nw  cor  1st. 


Francis   i  Matthews  Propr    Millwrights 

Engineers       and       Machinists.       695-099 
Washington  cor  3d.   Phone  Okld  1093^_ 



Phones.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Bay  City  Hat  Works,  C  C  Chapman  propi 

410  Tel  av. 
Bay   City   Storage   Co   850   Market. 


George    P   Marcus    Propr;    Well    Driller! 

and   Borers;    Park   av   cor  Horton,    Em- 

eryville.     (See  left  center  cards.) 
Bay  Edw  L,   expman,   r  1835  Union. 
Bay  School.  T  O  Crawford  prin,  San  Pal 

av  cor  62d.  ~       „ 

Bay  View  Hotel,  T  J  Gibhn  propr,  Bay  n 

Bayaview  The,  Mrs  Mary  Fairfield  propr 

i 'x" '\\L  7th 
Bayard  Otto,  painter,  r  4212  Suter. 
Bayer,  see  also  Boyer. 
Haver  Catherine,    stenogr,    b   769   61st. 
Bayer  Walter,    elk    Sobrero    &   Giambroni. 

b  Dimond  av  nr  Hopkins. 
Bayle    Albt,    bartdnr    4099    San    Pablo    av 

rms  4095  same.  n 

Bayle    Lacoste   Co,    John   Lacoste   pres     C 

A    Artigues    vice    pres,    BO    Rieser    se' 

and  treas,  whol  tripe   and  fertilizers,   fl 

Bayfe   lararTieather  clnr  Paul   Thereux 

r  Hayward. 
Bayles,   see   also   Baylis. 
Bayles  Abraham  J,  plasterer,  b  1528  Mar- 

Bayles  Eliza  L  (wid  Wm),  r  905  15th  av 
Bayles    K    W    Wheeler    (Bayles    &    Wash 

burn),    r  1528   Market. 
Bavles  Florence,     emp    Hammond,     Crane 

&  Hammond,   b  1528  Market 
Bavles  Ceo  E.  housemover  1410  37th  ay. 
Bay  es  Jane    E    (wid   Jos),    r  1528   Market 
Bavles     Josephine     J     E,     bkpr    Excelsioi 

Lndrv    1)    152S   Market. 
Bayles  J  &   Son    (Wheeler  Bayles),   hous 

Ba^^shl8   ciklfj  Miller,  r  1205  16tr 

Bayles  Wheeler  (J  Bayles  &  Son),   r  152. 

Batdes 6&    Washburn    (E    W    W    Bayles. 

Chas  Washburn),  saloon  6b  San  Pab  av. 
Bavless  Geo  J,    r   I960    Rosedale    av. 
Bayless  Mrs   Lillie,   elk   W   C   Amsden,    t 

3307  E  14th. 
Ravlev.  see   also   Bailey. 
Bnvlev  Alfred,  real  est,  r  24  Van  Dyke  av. 
Bavlev  Arthur,   bartndr  468    ftn. 
!   V  e'v  Arthur  N,   real  est.   r  1317  Castro. 
Bayley  Emma  E,   dressmkr,   b  1919  Mag- 

BaylevEmma    N    (wid    Chas    H),    r    191? 

Ba^Frank  L.   carrier  P  O.  r   mm 
Bayley  Harry   W,    plumber,    b    1919    Mag- 

Bavlev  Minnie  H,   r  1448  E  16th. 
Bav  ey  Nora  F  (wid  J  N).  b  491  2«th. 
Bayley  Wilson  S,   stock  raiser,  r  545  29th 
Bavlis,  see   also   Bayles. 
Baylis  K   E.   brkman   S   P  Co.  r  HMy. 
I  Bayliss  Henry  H.   carp,  r  1420  38th  a\ . 




2  pi 


o  ~ 


I  ""1 

1  J> 

CD  O 
























Saturday  Evening  Post 


SO     r      D      fD  AV  DAYTON  MONEYWEIGHT 
.    <X   T .    IV.    UiV/i  I         COMPUTING  SCALES 

=— == = =  SALES  AGENTS  : 

PHONES:  OAKLAND  2541,  HOME  A1433       369  12th  St.,  Opp.  Hotel  St.  Mark 
l«8  1910     POIiK-HUSTED      CO.'S 



Dennison  and  King  Sis.  Cast  Oakland 

Baylo  Mrs  Clara,  r  1128  Eden  Park  av. 

Baylo  John,   lab,   r  20  Warden. 

Bayly,  see   also   Bailey   and    Bayley. 

Bayly  Alfred  P,  vlce-pres  Cardinet  Foun- 
tain Brush  Co,  r  4095  San  Pab  av. 

Bayly  Blanche,  elk  Kahn  Bros,  b  6414 

Bayly  D  Harry,   wharfinger,   r  6414   Dana. 

Baynes  Chas  G,  elk,  r  1042  54th. 

Bazard  Silas,   cook   S   P  Co. 

Beach  Barna  S,  elk  Hall  Warehouse  Co, 
r  452   E   18th. 

Beach  Daniel  M,  powerman,  res  George 

1  n  of  Rudsdale. 

Beach  E  R,   dep  mngr  S  N  Wood  &  Co, 

r  1623  25th  av. 
Beach  Mrs  Fanny,  r  601  E  12th. 
Beach  Gardner  E,  agt,  r  920  Linden. 
Beach  Hattie  F  (wid  Aug  F),  r  1410  12th. 
Beach  Herbert  L,  real  est,  r  462  50th. 
Beach  Hiram,   r  539  41st. 
Beach  Jessie  M,   died  Mar  30,   '09,   age  68. 
Beach  Ranson    E,     r    110    Sunnyslde    av, 

Beach  Robt  C,  searcher  of  records,  r  4120 

Beachboard  Walter  W,    r  351   Lawton  av. 
Beachboard   Zachary  P,  b  351  Lawton  av. 
Beadle  Chas  F,   elk,   b  665   16th. 
Beadle  Geo  S,   r  189  Santa  Clara  av. 
Beagini  Archille,  hlpr  Jos  Pierotti  &  Sons, 

rms  623  Bway. 
Beakleay  Albert  H,   car  repr,   b  476   49th. 
Beakleav  Henry,    watchmkr,    r  47G   49th. 
Hcakleav  Stella  L,   tel  opr,   b   476   49th. 
Beakleay  Walter,   lab,    b  476   49th. 
Beal,  see  also  Bell  and   Behl. 
Beal  Catherine,    masseuse,   b  470  28th. 
Beal  Clyde  N,  sec  Central  Okld  Light  and 

Power    Co,    rms   906    Bway. 
Beal  John  E,   tmstr  Hodge  &   Collins  Lbr 

Beal  Kirk  S  (Beal  &  Royles),  r  670  22d. 
Beal  Robt   W,   cond.    r  580  55th. 
Beal  Wm,  elk  Jas  Lynch. 
Beal  &   Royles   (K   S   Beal,   John   Royles), 

machinists   707   Franklin. 
Beale  Chas,    lumberman,    r   s   s  Elmar   av 

2  e  of  Jones  av. 

Beales  Frank,    cement    wkr.    rms    272    4th. 
Beall  Carlton  H,   finisher   Meysel  &   Mey- 

sel,   b   2750  Chapman. 
Beals  Chas   E,    watchman   Pac  Coast    Lbr 

and  Mill  Co,  r  s  s  Vesta  2  e  of  Central 

Beals  Lillie   B    (wid   Wm    H),    rms    115814 

Reals  Mary  J   (wid  Thos),   turn  rms   1222 

Beals  Richd   B,   acct,    r  662   E  25th. 
Beam  Mrs   Sarah,  b  411   Euclid  av. 
Beamish  Percy,   pres  Western  Furn  Mnfg 

Co,   r  S   F. 
Beams  Ella    (wid   Humphrey   D),    b   826% 

Bean  Andr,   uphlstr,    r  412    65th. 
Bean  Herbert  D.  foreman  Osen  &  Hunter 

Auto  Co,   r  Ala. 

Bean  LeRoy,    mngr    Bean-Son    Co,    r    4132 

Bean  Lillian  M,  stenogr,  b  412  65th. 
Bean  Sadie  M,  stenogr,  b  412  65th. 
Bean-Son  Co,  LeRoy  Bean  mngr,  bicycles 

5th  sw  cor  Cypress. 
Beane  Laura,   stenogr,   rms  169%  9th. 
Beane  Morgan  G,  elk  Okld  Meat  and  Pkg 

Co,   rms  564  14th. 
Beaneck  Carl,  mngr,  r  109  8th. 
Beans  B  Frank,  r  298  Pagoda. 
Beanston  Lloyd,  elk,  r  4235  Howe. 
Bear  Mrs  Minnie  R,  r  1417  Brush. 
Bearce  Bessie,   elk,   b  1649   Linden. 
Bearce  Delia  (wid  Edwin),  r  1649  Linden. 
Bearce  Lloyd    A,    cond    O    T    Co,    r    1760 

13th   av. 
Bearce  Robt  E,   lab,   b  1649  Linden. 
Beard  Alice  L,    cashr  Ransome-Crummey 

Co.    r  569    25th. 
Beard  Anna,   b  569  25th. 
Beard  Thos  H,   lab,  rms  630  E  21st. 
Beard  Wm  J,  emp  Excelsior  Lndry,  b  594 

Bearden  Lawrence   A,    sawyer   Okld    Box 

Factory,  r  1322  E  27th. 
Beardslee  Mrs  Fanny   B,   r  715   18th. 
Beardslee  Oliver  G,  librarian  Book  Lovers' 

Library,   r  715  18th. 


Attorney  at  Law  605  Oakland  Bank  of 

Savings    Bldg,   Phone   Okld   430,    r   1302 

Beardsley  Edw  D,  mngr  Goldberg,  Bowen 

&  Co,  r  1719  Oakland  av. 
Beardsley  Geo,  r  1315  E  14th. 
Beardsley  Irving  W,   meatctr  J  C  Shears, 

r  518  15th. 
Beardsley  John  W,  elk,   r   852  Castro. 
Beam  Sadie   M,    stenogr    Cal   College. 
Bearsch    Elizabeth     E,      dressmkr     w     s 

Tompkins  av  1  n  of  Lee  av,  Leona  Hts. 
Bearsch  Henry,  barber,  b  Philip  Bearsch. 
Bearsch  Margaret,  b  Philip  Bearsch. 
Bearsch  Philip,   farmer,   r  w   s  Tompkins 

av  1  n  of  Lee  av,  Leona  Hts. 
Bearsley  Chas,    lawyer,    b    1302    Jackson. 
Bearup  Jas  W,  r  308  Fairmount  av. 
Bearwald  Jos,   stenogr,  b  5110  Dover. 
Bearwald  Ray   (wid   Mark),  r  5110  Dover. 
Bearwald  Rose,   stenogr,   b   5110  Dover. 
Beasley  John  D,  died  Apr  19,  '09,  age  81. 
Beatie  Clifford    C,    salsn,   b   1336    Adeline. 
Beatie  Earle   S,   dep  City  Treas  and  Tax 

Coir,  r  1205  West. 
Beaton  David,  emp  Am  Rubber  Mnfg  Co, 

b  1054  45th. 
Beaton  Mrs  Eva,   waiter  J  J  McBride. 
Beaton  E,    pressman    Am    Rubber    Mnfg 

Co,  r  1054  45th. 
Beaton  Fred   C,    ydman    S   P  Co,    rms   865 

Beatsol  Silica  Co,   P  J  De  Lasaux  mngr, 

ft  Jackson. 
Beattie  Frank   N.   driver,   r  428   Edwards. 
Beattie  Wm    J,    brkman    S    P    Co,    r   2162 

Beattv  Ann  E    (wid  Chas).   r  677   E  2Sth. 
Beattv  Belle   M.   proof  reader,   r  768   20th. 
Beatty  Bessie   A,    tchr   music   768   20th. 
Beatty  C   S,    messr  O   T  Co.   r   Ala. 
Beatty  David  L,  sec  Typographical  Union. 

r  5872   Grove. 
Beatty  Elizabeth   A    (wid    Chas),    r  677    E 

Beatty    Emelie   (wid  Wm  H).  r  1075  61st. 
Beatty  Emma  (wid   Wm  J),   r  518  24th. 
Beatty  Frank  W.   plumber,   r  302S   Abbey. 
Beattv  Jos  C,  trav  agt,  b  768  20th. 
Beattv  Nora  K.   nurse,   b  1505  Tel  av. 






t  F  P  \  I  R.S 


405  Twelfth  St. 

OXKI.WD      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


Smuet.  OikUnd  Ml 
>°°a:     ■  Horn*.  A  4341 


■atty  Wm   H    (Whidden    &    Beattyi,    r 
L075  61st. 

satty  Wm  J,  tmstr,  r  518  24th. 
>aty  Jas   G,   elk,   r   340   Alcatraz  av. 
;aty  Mary    (wid    Michael),    b   340    Alca- 
traz av.  ,  . 
;atv  Rose  E,   tchr  Dewey  School,   b   340  I 

Alcatraz  av.  ! 

iauchamp  Miss  A,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer, 

sauchamp' Louis  R,  elk,  b  T4  Echo  av. 
iauchamp  Paul  E,  gasftr,  b   U  Echo  av. 
eauchamp  Rose  (wid  Jos),  r  ,4  Echo  av. 
eaudry  Florence,  r  582   25th. 
eaudry  Geo  H.  r  867  Taft  av. 
eaudry  Isabella  A,    r  582    25th. 
eaudry  John  E   (Eeaudry  &  McA\oy),  r 
465   Moss   av.  _   „         ,         ■«. 

eaudrv  &    McAvoy    U    E    Beaudry,    Mrs 
J   C   McAvov),   undertakers   o56   lOtn. 
eauharnais  Sarah  A   (wid  Valentine  E). 
b  3019   Hopkins.  ■ 

eaumont  Chas   E,   r  3618  Galindo. 
eauregard  Lorenzo    R,     foreman,     r    720 

iluregard  Max   J,   emp   S   P  Co,   r  1809 

leauregard  Wm,  appr  Wm  Cryer,  r  Hay- 

jeauva'is  Kate  R,  tchr  Cole  School,  b  1315 
Franklin.  '  .,    „ 

ieaven  USA,   macb   S  P  Co,   r  11.1   E 

leaver  Chas  T,  carp,  r  3814  Porter, 
leaver  Jas,   r  n  s  1st  1  e  of  Oakland  av, 

Elmhurst.  . 

Seaver  Margaret  M,  rms  6o0  E  14th 
Jeazell  Blanche,    music    tchr    152    Newton 

3eazell  Cora  W  (wid  Jas),  r  152  Newton 

3eaazell  Mabel,    elk.   b   152   Newton  av 
feazley  Arlington  K,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  S  f 

Co  tanks,    Melrose. 
gecaris  G.   lab,    b   71   McAdams. 
Bechelli  Orlando,   poultry  Free   Market,    r 

1461  5th. 
Bechcr.  see  Becker. 
Bechtle,  see  also  Baehtel. 
Bechtle  Martin,  b  375  Stateri  av. 
Bechtle  Max,  auto  rpr,  327  9th.  . 

Bechtle  Max  Jr,   auto   rpr  Max  Betchtle, 

rms  327  9th. 
Beck  Albert  V,  fireman,  b  943  "fd. 
Beck  AWus  C,  surt  gas  wks  Okld  G  L  &. 

H  Co,   r  570  11th.  „_  _ 

Beck  Anna  E  (wid  Chas),  b  290  Lee. 
Bc-k  Chas,  carp,  rms  806  Madison. 
B^k  (has,  painter,   rms  912  Filbert 
Berk  Chas    truckman  S  P  Co,  r  923  P"*- 
Be.k  Chas    A.    student    Polytechnic    Bus 

Col,  fc  564  E  161h. 
Beck  Chas  C.  elk.  b  1339  Alice. 
Beck  Chas    E    (Okld    Commercial    Co),    r 

Beck  Chas  H,  hlpr  S  P  Co. 
Beck  Edith,   b  1339   Alice 
B.-ck  Edna  F,   lino  opr,  b  o64  E  16th. 

Beck  Edw,  r  290  Lee.  

Beck  Mrs   Estella  M,  salsn  Okld  Tmp  Co. 

r  714   17th.  nnn 

Beck  Eugene  B  Jr.  b  1339  Alice. 
Beck  EvI  G  (wid  Eugene  B).  r  1339  Alice 
Beck  Frank  G.  auditor,  r  663  35th. 
Beck  Frank  R  (F  RBeck  Co)    b  943  33d. 
feck  Frank  R  Co  (F  R  Be-k.  D  S  V/led- 

er),  machinists  904  Snn  Pab  av. 
Beck  Fred,  bak-r  4899  Tel  av. 
Beck  Miss  G,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer,  b  608 

Beck  Harry,   plasterer,  b  1034  E  21st. 
Beck  Harry  C.   fnstr.  r  714  1-fh 



Carnegie  Brick  and 

Pottery  Company 

Adams  Wharf,  Foot  Madison  Street  OaUuJ  79.  Hrec  AIS79 

Beck  Irene    W    (wid    Theoder 

13th  av. 
Beck  John,    baker    Clem    Martin 

E  14th. 
Beck  John,  tmstr,  rms  1167  oth. 
Beck  John  H,   ship   carp  S   P  O 

36th  av. 
Beck  John  P,   lab,  b  923  Pine. 
Bex*  Madison    H     (Oakland    Commercial 

Co),  r  Bkly. 
Beck  Mae,   stenogr,   rms    ,21  19th. 
Beck  Martin,  brklyr,   r  3517  E  14th 
Beck  Mary  S   (wid  John  C),  r  721  Jeffer- 

1   na   (wid  Jacob),   r  1610  9th  av. 
Beck  Peter,   hlpr  S  P  Co,   r  923   Pine 
Beck  Peter  Jr,    truckman   S  P  Co,    b   V£& 

Beck^Richrd  H,    salsn   United   Iron   Wks, 

r  Bklv 
Beck  Sarah  J    (wid  Miles),   r  943   33d. 
Beck  Stanford,    r  511  Hobart 
Beck  Thos,  clnr.  1152  San  Pab  av. 
Beck  Thos,  gardener,  r  1137  Filbert. 
Beck  Win  E,  real  est.  r  543  Tel  av. 
Beck  Wm  F,  elk.  r  525  520. 
Beck  Wm  H,  lino  opr,  r  o64  E  16tn. 
Beck  Wm  W,  furniture  3331  E  14th. 
Beckel  Mrs    Harriet,    vice-pres   Beckcl   & 

Prober  Co  (Inc),  r  1030  31st. 
BeVkei   Louis    G.    see    Beckel    &    Fresher 

Co  (Inc),  r  1030  31st. 
Beckel     &     Fresher    Co     (Inc),     Chas     %\ 

Fresher  ores.  Mrs  Harriet  Beckel  vice- 

f    :   ;'  ..:„  n  d^v<.i  =<v    Barbers    Sup- 







o ! 



















Fresher  ores,   m.ra  n<n "^t, ^"  ■,  v 
pre.    Louis  G  Beckel  sec,  Barbers'  sup 
plies,  381  12th. 

Becker,  see  also  Bacher  and  Baker. 

Becker  Adam,   baker,   r  1068  21st 

Becker  Aug,   cement  wkr    r  1219   7in  av. 

Becker  Chas.  elk,  r  657  6th. 

Becker  Chas  W.    -xpman.  r  121028th. 

Becker  Claire,    actress,    rms   9th    nv,     coi 

Ticker  Dora,   b  1C61  63d. 
leek"  Edw,   student,   rms   1402  Franklin. 
Becker  Ella,  furn  rms  800  Fruitvale  ay 
Becker  Eugene  W.  watchmkr    r  1061  63d. 
Becker  Frank,  lab,   b  1316  E  10th. 


Pres  Fred  Becker  Co,  r  1038  Adeline. 
Becker  Fred,    watchman,    rms    1230    Park 
av.   Emeryville- 


Fred  Becker  pres  Proprs  Grand  Cen- 
tral Market  908-916  Washington.  Phone 
Okld  1737?  and  City  Market  1  .h  be! 
Washington  and  Clay,  Phono  Okld  498-. 

Becker  Fredk  W.  designer  Hooper- Dom- 
brink    Art  Glass  Co.  rms  20o  Tel  a\. 

Beck™  Mrs  F,  auditing  elk  Hale  Bros,  r 
642  Alcatraz   av.        ..___.        ,     „.. 

Becker  Geo,   carp,   r  800  FVmrvale  a\. 

Becker  Geo  W,   bartndr  523 1   29th. 

Becker  Harold,  asst  mngr  Grand  Central 
'.    b   1Q38   Adeline. 






Saturday  Evening  Post 


Leonard  &  Williamson  -  -  Real  Estate 


Phone  Merritf  767 


3M2  East  Fourteenth  Street,  Oakland,  Cat. 

1910     POI,K-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Office    with    BROCK    CO..    2121    Shattuck    Avenue 
Phone  Berkeley  1404 

BUILDERS'  EXCHANGE,  550  Eighteenth  St.,  itu  San 
Pablo  Ave.     Phones:  Oakland  366,  Home  A  4366 


General  Contractor  —  Concrete  Work  of 

Every  Description 
No  Job  Too  Small,  No  Contract  Too  Large 

Resilience  Phone  Berkeley  5616 

iedttr  Jobn   E,    special  officer  S   P  Co,   r 

2015   Crosby   av. 
Becker  Julius     H,     sec     Western     Gas     & 

Power  Co,  r  S  F. 
Becker  Laura,    dressmkr,    h   800   Fruitvale 

Becker  Lena  C.   bkpr,   b  1068   21st. 
Becker  Louise,  dressmkr,  b  5701  Genoa. 
Becker  Louise,    nurse   800   Fruitvale  av. 
Becker  Mrs  Mae  E.  dressmkr  2015  Crosby 

Becker  Mrs  Mlary  A,   r  1210  28th. 
Becker  Paul  A,   mngr,  r  304  Pala  av. 
Becker  Peter   (Peterson  &   Becker),    r  220 

Becker  Philip,    watchman,   rms   1230   Park 

av,   Emeryville. 
Becker     Walter,    meats,    r  843   60th. 
Becker  Wim    H,    tartndr   473    11th,    r    5701 

Beckert  Edna  M,  r  854  Oak. 
Beckert  Gustav,  died  Apr  24  09  age  54. 
Beckert  Gustave  F,   elk,   b  854  Oak. 
Beckert  Herbert  H,  b  854  Oak. 
Beckett  Arthur  E,  cement  wkr,  r  828  37th 
Beckett  Ida    R     (wld    Benj    G),     b    814V. 

Beckett  John  P,  contr  319  63d. 
Beck  ford  Geo  H,  trav  agt,  r  w  s  Stanley 

av  2  s  of  Oiion. 
Beckingsale  J    E,    elk    Taft    &    Pennayer, 

r    Raymond   apts. 
Becklund  Akar,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Beckman,  see  also  Baohraun,   Baxkman. 
Beekman  A,    lab    Mountain    View    Ceme- 
Beckman  C  Adolph  H,  drug-gist  Wishart's 

Drug-  Store,   r  St  Paul  House. 
Beckman  Edw,    carp,    r  352   59th. 
Beckman  Henry,   lab.    r  1923  Alcatraz  av. 
Beckman  John,    hostler    Kemillard    Brick 

Beckman  Mrs  L,  manicure  464  11th.  r  S  F 
Beckman  Peter,  meat  ctr,  h  1923  Aleut  rass 
Beckman  Robt,  flagman  S  P  Co.  r  1st  cor 

Beckman  Wm.   mach.  b  1923    \!.*ictraz  av. 
Bcckmann  Adclf,  cil  refiner,   r  S25  34th. 
Beckmann  Ohas,   waiter,   rms  572  10th. 
Pec  kmann  Wm.   butcher,   r  1452   66th. 
Beckner  Minnie  G,  elk  Taft  &  Pennover, 

b   1219  Jefferson. 
Beckwith  Frank  A.  me'ssr,  r  525  52d. 
Beckwlth  Geo,    como    Piedmont    Press,    r 

813    13th. 
Beckwith  Geo  E.  printer,  r  813  13th. 
Beckwlth  Helen  L.  student,  b  1121  Tel  av 
Peckwith  Herbert,   brklyr,   r  1072   E   UTtl.. 


Insurance  and  District  Freight  and  Pas- 
senger Agent  Denver  and  Rio  Gi-\nde 
R  R  LVt.d  Gould  Lines,  307"  Broadway, 
Phone  Okld  3523,  r  1121  Tel  av..  Phone 
Okld  4242. 

Beckwlth  John  A  Jr.  elk.  b  1121  Tel  av. 

Beckwlth  Man-  A  (wid  Fleazer),  b  1269 
23d  av. 

Beckwith  Mrs    Matilda,    r    ltui    Prosn 

av.  Fruitvale. 
Beckwith  Melvinia   H    (wid    L    Frank) 

813  13th. 
Beckwith  Preston  R,  student,   b  1269 


Backwith  Ruth  E,  tchr  Grant  School,  rmr 

115  11th. 
Beckwith  Ward  M,   phys  1269   23d  av. 
Beconcini  Domenico,   bartndr,  b  1135  54tl 

Becraft  Clarence  H,   elk  McBroom   Bros- 

r  485  48th. 
Becraft  Nathaniel,  carp,  r  1184  E  21st. 
Bed  bury  .las  M.  lather,  r  21  Warder. 
Beddig  Wra,   mining,   r  3632  Fruitvale  av 
Beddig  Wm  Jr,  elk  P  O,  b  3632  Fruitval 

Bedding  Glenn,  waiter  1201A  7th. 
Beddoe  Rev  Benj  E.  r  1305  54  th  av. 
Bedford  Hattie  O,  tchr,  b  320  28th. 
Bedford  John  S,  solr,  b  320  28th. 
Bedford  Wm  H,   tmstr  W  P  Fuller  &  Co 

r  803   Brockhurst. 
Bedford  Willie,   elk,  r  320  28th. 
Bedmon  John  B,  meat  ctr,  r  1205  64th. 
Bednarz  Albert  A,  tailor  936  Tel  av. 
Bedoni  John,  b  3877  Grove. 
Bedoni  Mary  (wid  Louis),  r  3877  Grove. 
Bedros  M,   cutter  Ohas  Johnson. 
Bee  Antonio,  lab,  r  155  3d. 


Garland  Line  of  Pumping  Goods 

Vacuum  Cleaners  and  Household  Specialties 

Phone  Oakland  4083. 

1010  Franklin 

Bee  Prentice   T,   chemist,    r  4115   Hillsidi 

Bee  Theo  C,  assayer,  b  4115  Hillside  av. 
Beebe  Ambrose  M,  eigaxs,  r  193  E  12th. 
Beebe  Mrs  Ann  M,   r  109  Chase. 
Beebe  A  Byron,  died  Jan  6  10  age  70. 
Beebe  Carrie,   rms  535  24th. 
Beebe  Ohas   W,    asst   sec  Athenian   Club 

b  46  Monta  Vista,  av. 
Beebe  David  H,  elec,  r  199  Ridgway  av. 
Beebe  Edw    W,    elk    Central    Nat    Bank 

rms  3113   School. 
Beebe  Elizabeth  J  (wid  Jas),  r  632  47th. 
Beebe  Frank    M,    hay   and   grain,    r   311* 

Beebe  J  Grace,  elk,  b  3113  School. 
Beebe  Mrs  Mary,  r  1608  35th  av. 
Beebe  Smith,  real  est,   r  2222  Elm. 
,21  mshrdl    cmf    wshrd    shrd    shrdlu    hrd 
Beebe  Thos   J,   pedlar,    b   3635    Kansas. 
Beeby    Griffith    R,    sticker    hand,    b    382: 

Tel   av. 
Beeby  Lizzie   E   H    (wid    Robt   J),    b   382: 

Tel  av. 
Beeby   Robt   J,    mach,    r   122    Miles    av. 
Beecher  Aug,    elec,    b    Geo    Beecher. 

Chas.  Hoffman  &  Co. 
importers  of  HUMAN  HAIR 

Theatrical  and  Masquerade  Costumers 

Phones  Oak.  5806,  Home  A3714 
476  THIRTEENTH  ST.,        Cor.  Washington 

Berkeley  Rug  Works 


Rugs  Made  From 




Stair  Carpets 


THE    BEST  • 


tier  Christian     (wid    Geo),       b       1289 


tier  Geo,   elec,   r  w  s  Loma  Vista  av 

of  E  14th. 
le   Wm   H,    foreman,   r  204   E   10th. 
man   David  M,    carp,    r  810   20th. 
man    Henrv    W.    bkpr,    rms    113    8th. 
man  Pauline    E    (wid    Chas),    r    113 

Wm,    waiter    St    Marys    College. 

x  Nathan,  real  est,   rms  1162  Washn. 

l  Alice    (wid  Lewis   C),    r  537   31st. 

l  Myer    S,    carp,    r    3653    Laguna    av, 


lan  Reuben   W,    r  3611   Foothill  boul. 

lan  Sarah,    b    3611    Foothill    boul. 

lis  Chas   C,   r    1723    19th   av. 

y  Earl  L,   elk,   r  1092   E   25th. 

y  James  H,   r  516  Hobart. 

Bottlers'    Board    of    Trade,    508    6th. 

Edw,   lab  S  P  Co,  r  1649   Linden. 

John  M,  cigar  mnfr  1723  Market. 

Oliver  H,   trav  salsn,   r  1203  12th. 
B,    see   also   Biers. 
s    Almond    C,    carp,    2909    38th    av. 
s  Bessie,     elk     Kahn     Bros,     |>     1649 

s  Chas,   lab,   r  813%   Oak. 
s  Mrs  Margaret  E,  r  1410  Brush. 
s     Philip  I,   housesmith  Judson  Mnfg 

r   1207    55th. 
s  Stanton   W,    mach   Atlas   Gas   Eng 


omp/efc  OFFICE  and  HOUSE 

URNITURE  Both  Phones 

Cash  or  Credit 

N.  E.  Cor.  12th  and  Clay. 

'Sman  Chas  G,  architect,  b  1354  Cen- 

sman  Henry,  elk  Wetmore  &  Ham- 
.   r   1354   Center. 

■sman  Minnie  L,  elk,  b  1354  Center, 
■y  Benj  H,  nurseryman,  r  15  Watts, 
y  Lee    O,    nurseryman,    r    849    32d. 
ier  A  W,   ydman   S   P  Co,   r  571   8th. 
:le  Clarence     H.     phys       404       Central 
ink    bldg.    r   Bkly. 

:le  Jas  C,  boatbldr,  r  1643  Highland 
,   Elmhurst. 

:le  Louis,  boatbldr,  b  1643  Highland 
',    Elmhurst. 

tie  Stephen  E,  boatbldr,  b  1643  High- 
rid    av,     Elmhurst. 

irer  David    L,     carp,     r    n     s     1st    bet 
tld   and    Brooklyn   avs,    Elmhurst. 
fer  L   Kenneth,    treas   Oakland  Lndry 
),    r    5133    West. 

ver  Marguerite  J,  elk  Elmhurst  P  O, 
n  s  1st  bet  Okld  and  Bklyn  avs,  Elm- 

H  Vou  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROADWAY 

Begenisich    Milo,     bartndr    412     13th. 
Beger  Chas  F,   painter,   r  657  6th. 
Begovich  John,     cook,    r    172    10th. 
Beguhl    Raymond  F,   elk,    b   1452   11th   av 
Beguhl  Walter  A,  painter,  b  1452  11th  av. 
Behl,    see    also    Beal. 
Behl  Courtney,     metalwkr    'Yager    Sheet 

Metal  &  Plumbing  Cofl  r  918  Adeline. 
Behlmer  Herman,     driver    Washn     Brew- 
ery,  r  812  Kirkham. 
Behn,    see    Bean. 
Behneman  Fred  J,   r  365   Perkins. 
Behnke    Augusta    C     (wid    Chas),     r    943 

Behnke    F,    b    Altenheim. 
Behnke  Martin,    b    Altenheim. 
Behnken  Eva  A    (wid   John),    matron   Al- 
Belir  Walter  G  L,  produce,  r  292   22d. 
Behren  Fredk,    driver    Fredk    Schulze,    b 

876   8th. 
Behrend  Fred    C,    propr    Hotel    Vendome, 

955%    Washn. 
Behrend  Henry  W,   deckhand   S   P   Co,   r 

230   Helen. 
Behrendt  Frank,    millhand    Gustaff    Mnfg 

Co,    r   1229    Bway. 
Behrens  Anna,     studt     Polytechnic       Bus 

Col,    b    1222    Fruitvale   av. 
Behrens  Chas   J,    dry    goods,    1511    7th. 
Behrens  Emily,   elk   S   P  Co,    r  Ala. 
Behrens  Ferdinand   W,   eng   S   P  Co. 
Behrens  Gussie,   stenogr  Pac   Coast  Can- 
ning Co,  b  1511  7th. 
Bthrens  Henry,    rear    est    1222    Fruitvale 

av,    r  3221  35th  av. 
Behrens  Henry,     studt     Polytechnic     Bus 

Col,    b    1222    Fruitvale    av. 
Behrens  Henrv   T   Jr,    b   3221    35th   av. 
Behrens  May   E.    elk,    b    1511   7th. 
Behrens  Wm.    lab,    r   1011   37th  av. 
Behringer,    see    Berringer. 
Behringer  Rudolf  J,   foreman   Okld   Brew 

&    Malt   Co.    r    1723    Linden. 
Behrman  Claus    H,    meatctr    Grand    Cen- 
tral  Mkt,   r  Bkly. 
Behrman  Martin,  salsn,  r  1310  38th  av. 
Behrman   Wm.    tmstr,    rms   S10%    Alice. 
Behrmann    Mrs    Catherine,    b    Altenheim. 
Behrmann  Frank    E    (Behrmann    &   Jem- 

ison),    r   1617    35th   av. 
Behrmann  Helena     (wid    Henry),     r    2016 

Crosby    av. 
Behrmann  Henry,   elk,   r  rear  82  Maybell 

Behrmann  Henry    G.    watchman,     r    332S 

E    14  th. 
Behrmann    &    Jamison    (Frank    E    Behr- 
mann,   Wm   C   Jamison),    livery,    3229  E 
Behrns  Otto  H,  elk  P  O,  r  1364  Franklin. 
Beighle    Nellie,    phys,    713    Tel  av. 
Beilhes  Leon  F.   bkpr,   r  5301   Market. 
Beisler    Fred    W,    lab,    1)    1720    King    av, 


1252  Webster 

Phone  O.kUnd  194       Home  Phone  A4194 



42  SAN 

Our      Trimmed 
Hats  are  Be- 
witching and 

They  are  the 
Products  of 
Skilled  Milli- 
ners,   who     are 
Posted  on  Every 
Hat  Fancy  that 
Dame  Fashion 

The  Best 
Ideas  From 
Paris  and 
America  '  s 
Metropoli  - 
tan  Fashion 

Beauty  and 

Style   that 
Rivals    the 
Stores  in 
New    York 

We  Save  You 

Come  in  and 

Talk  It 


The  Cars  of  Fame 




O  ON 

re    =    °  w 



.5  c 


O  .2 

vi  ir 


R3     O 

.     -3 

£  a. 
■5  it- 


oc  o 

•  vo 
.  o 

o   o 

a.  C 

3  ft) 

S:  o 

to  »- 





1910      POIJi-HUSTED      CO.'S 

The  largest 
and  most 
School     o  t 

Oakland  Conservatory 

OT  MUSIC    mum  Gregory 


Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast. 

203-05   TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner    Jackson 

Sunset  Oak.  4922—  Home  A2922  _ 

Beisler   John    (Kronenberg    &    Beisler),    r 

1224    23d    av. 
Beits  Aug,    carp    S    P    Co 


Of    Bekins    Van    &    Storage    Co,    r    S61 

Meade   av. 


(Of  Oakland  and  San  Francisco),  Pack- 
ing Moving  and  Storing  Household 
OiK.'ds;  Reduced  Rates  on  Shipments  to 
and  From  the  Bast  and  South,  1070 
In'a.lway;  Phone  Okld  907.  (See 
right  and  left  top  corner  cards). . 

II  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 

Bekke  Ole,   carp,   rms  1927   Grove. 
Belcher  Fidelia    M,    nurse    Fabiola    Hos- 

Belcher  M,  milliner  Hale  Bros,  r  610  15th. 
Belcher  Raymond    C,    b    1143    Linden. 
Belcher    Mrs    Rena,    rms    4798    Tel   av. 
Belden  Bert  H,   b   481    38th. 
Belden  B   H,    eng   S    P    Co,    r   952    Poplar. 
Belden  Building    &    Investment    Co,    H    B 

Belden,    Mngr,    40    Bacon    bldg. 
Belden  Catherine,  died  Aug  25,  09.  age  80. 
Belden  Danl   F,    real   est,    r   B    15th   s   w 

cor  2d  av.  „  .    ., 

Belden  Edw  T,   bartndr,   b  1102  B   15th. 
Belden  Ella  D   (wid  Edw  E),  r  1326  12th. 
Belden  Estate  Co.  H  B  Belden,  mngr,   40 

Bacon    bldg.  . 

Belden  Frank,    carrier   P   O,    r   4160    Glen 

Belden  Harry  B,  mngr  Belden  Estate  Co, 
r    4991    Coronado   av. 

Belden  Herbert    B,    b    481    38th. 

Belden  Leo  V,  elk  Oakland  Bank  of  Sav- 
ings,   r    522    42d.  . 

Belden  Lulu  (wid  Theo  N),  r  1102  B  15th. 

Belden  Marvin   D,    bkmn,   r   324   B   8th. 

Belden  Randell  B,  studt  Polytechnic  Bus 
Col,    b    822    19th. 

Belden  Theo   N,    died   Feb    28,    09,    age   41 

Belden  Wm  A,   eng,   r  921  Adeline 

Bclet  Karl,  cabinetmkr,  Redwood  mnfs 

Belflls  Ernest  V,  lab,  b  605  46th. 

Belfils  Victor  H,    tmstr,    r  605   46th. 

Belfinger  Gus,    elk,   rms   1116   Bway. 

Belford   Frank,    r   500    24th. 

Belford  John,  fireman  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 
r  2148  Chestnut. 

Belford  Wm.    elk,    b    2148    Chestnut 

Beleeri  Chas.    cook,    b   90S    44th. 


Belgrano  Frank  N,   cashr  Italian  Popii 

Bank,   r  1062   7th  av. 
Belin  Frank,   lab,   r  814  Henry. 
Belin  Thos,    emp   S   P  Co,    r  735   Lewij 
Belisle  Hubert,  carp,  r  815  Filbert. 
Belivanis    Nicolaus.     waiter      Hotel 

Mark,    rms    104    12th. 
Bell   Abram   P,    eng,   r   917   Jefferson 
Bell  Adelaide   (wid  Jas),  r  64   11th. 
Bell  Alex  J,  rancher,   r  1114  E  16th. 
Bell  Alfred   A,    barber,   b   1455   Bway. 
Bell  Mrs    Anna,    rms    530   13th. 
Bell  Arnold,    salsn,    rms    314%    San 

Bell  Arthur  J.   lab,   res   Palo   Vista 

4   s   of   B    14th. 
Bell  Arthur   W,    acct,    r   614 
Bell  Austin    A,     tailor,    r 

Bell  Miss    A.    elk    Taft    &    Pennoyet 

937    San    Pab   av. 
Bell  A  W,   b   1271  Jackson. 
Bell  Bros,    Chas    J    Bell,    pres;    Perc; 

Bell,  vice  pres;  Jas  Bell  Jr,  sec;  pa 

ers,    1708    8th. 
Bell  Chas,    barber,    rms    2107%    Filbei 
Bell  Chas   C,    carp,   res   George 

E  14th. 

Bell  Chas  J,  pres  Bell  Bros,  r  1066  Wi 
Bell  Chas    L,    salsn,    r    4740    West. 
Bell  Chas   S,    brklyr,   r  4138  Hillside  a 
Bell  Clark  E,   ins,   r  470  B  21st. 
Bell  Danl   P,    bkpr,    r   2426   Piedmont 
Bell  Edith,    elk,    b   Wm    Bell. 
Bell  Edmund,    contr,    463    E    15th. 
Bell  E.lna  M,  nurse,  b  470  28th. 
Bell  Edw,   longshoreman,   b   1216  Woe 
Bell  Elizabeth    (wid  Thos),   b   627  E 
Bell    Eustic,    elk,    b    1302   Franklin. 
Bell  Fannie   (wid  Peter),  b  2642  Piedr 

Bell  Mrs  Fannie  B,  r  1312  38th  av. 
Bell  Frank,   car  opr  O  T  Co,   r  575  401 
Bell  Frank,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  Bkly. 
Bell  Geo,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  735  Lewis. 
Bell  Geo,    salsn,    rms   901A    Filbert. 
Bell  Geo  C,  carp,  r  1121  3d  av. 


Attorney   and    Counsellor-at-Law 
208-214    Syndicate   Bldg    1218    Broad' 
Phones    Okld    978,    Home    A4978,    r 
of  Oakland  av,  Phone  Piedmont  803, 
Bell  Harry  C   (J  F  Bell  &  Son), 


Physician    and    Surgeon    1168   Wasr, 

ton,  Hours  10-11  A  M.  2-4  and  7-8  ] 

Phone    Okld    2738;    r    134    Randwick 

Phone  Piedmont  4163. 
Bell  Harry    L,    meatctr   H    F   Munso; 

1175  E  22d. 
Bell  Harvey  H,   carp   S   P  Co. 
Bell  Henry,    tmstr    Redwood    Mnfrs    ( 
Bell  Hugh  J,  dep  bldg  insptr,   r  1014 
Bell  Ida  (wid  Wm),   r  5203  E  12th. 
Bell  Jas,    r    1710    Sth. 
Bell   Jas,   hoseman   Eng  Co   1,   r  883 

Bell  Jas.   lab,   r  1059   Dennison. 
Bell  Jas  Jr,  sec  Bell  Bros,  b  1710  8th 
Bell  Jas  F  (J  F  Bell  &  Son),  r  282  B 
BellJ  as   O,    driver,    r   SS3   Milton. 
Bell  Jas  H  K,   elk  R  M  S,  r  4525  Virt 

av.  _ 

Bell   John,    elev   opr   Taft   &   Pennoyi 

263  34th. 

2      KOHLER  &  CHASE,  Inc.    g 


J.C  C.  Fiicher 
Kohler  O 
Kohlcr  (3  C«mDb 

IV    Telephone  Oakl 

arl  H.  NicKel  Co. 

Suite     211 
Oakland  B.inK 
Savings  Buildi 
Telephones.     OaKland     4-552  Home     A     4-952 

Fct»»«v  incu^no^   investments.  Pesianino  and  F"«i<"n<j 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

ihn  J,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  b  138  Miles 

ihn   J,   foreman   W   F   &   Co,    r   949 

L  JOHN  T, 

Estate,    Insurance,    Notary    Public 
legraph  av.  Phones  Okld  263,  Home 
i;  r  1239  Linden, 
is,  tmstr,  b  33  Valley, 
is  H,  bartndr  851  Bway,  r  622  Aileen 
is  L,   elk  P  O,  r  4610  Grove. 

F   &    Son    (Jas   F  and   Harry   C), 
irs  1381  5th  av. 
jon  A,  elk,  r  1291  Alice, 
eslie    H,    sec    Borein    Water    Heat 
■  1378  9th. 

etha,  nurse  J  L  Bohamon. 
evi  V,  porter,  r  815  21st. 
ulu   E,   dom,   b   4907   Congress  av. 
artin,  car  clnr,   b  1779  5th. 
artlno,    cleaner   Pullman   Co,    b   935 

arvin  W,   lab  H  I  Atkinson   &   Co, 
315   14th. 
[rs   Mirinda.    washing,    res    Sara- 

av  5  s  of  E  14th,   Elmhurst. 

E,    coir  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co,   r  1302 

W,   doormkr,   rms  951  Clay, 
ptlcal   Co.   38   San   Pablo  av. 

H,    elk    Goldberg.    Bowen    &    Co,    b 

aul  B,   farmer,   r  1208  54th  av. 
ercy  S,    vice-pros   Bell    Bros,    r  1060 

B,  tel  opr  S  P  Co.  r  1010  Chester, 
eeinald.    coir    People's    Water   Co,    r 


obert.   salsn  Kahn   Bins,  b  564  14th. 
obt  J,  miner,   r  1011   3d  av. 
tanley  J.   mngr  Pae  Chemical  Co,   r 

heater,  Gus  Cohn  mngr,  36  San  Pab 

heresa,  stenogr,   b  1175  E  22d. 

hos  C,  r  414  Sliuey  av. 

hos  S.  photo  engr,  b  1121  3d  av. 

hos  W,  b  138  Miles  av. 

raylor  W,  lawyer  1218  Bway,   r  2010 

land    av. 

lysses  G,  cond.  b  611  63d. 

/alton  J.  r  627  E  37th. 

falter  W,  plumber,  b  1121  3d  av.- 

7m,   bartndr  611   E   12th,   r   1072    Sth 

7m,    miner,    r   1213   E    22d. 

7m,    solr.    r    1455    Bway. 

7m  B,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  Bkly. 

7m  D,  acct.   r  4240  Gilbert. 

Fm  H,  calker  S  P  Co.  r  1175  E  22d. 

Vm   H,    carp,    r   w  s   Charles   4    s  of 


Vm    S,    plumber   F  V   Humphrey,    b 


7   P,    elk    Taft   &    Pennoyer,    r    769 

ura,    salsn    The    Baldwin    Co,    rms 
.  Filbert. 

Vista  The.  furns  rms  413%  12th 
ly  Geo,  r  5th  av  ne  cor  Franklin 
ly  Henry,   r  3623  Peralta   av,    Fruit- 

,iy  Rosa   S,    maid  Hotel   St  Mark 


3  Wm  T,  carpet  cleaner,  r  HOS  Mar- 

mntain  Arthur,  cont,   b  1302  Frank- 

luntain  Frank,    cont.   b   1302   Frank- 

MR.  &  MRS.  1.  S.  McCOWN'S 

Academy     of    Dancing 

Central   Hall.  4-19  12th  St. 

Socials  Every  Wednesday  &  Saturday  Evee's 

Classes  Every  Monday  Evening,  8  to  12 

Private  Lessons  by  Appointment 


Bellegarde  Alice,  hlpr  Pac  Manifoldini 
Book   Co,    b   1248    63d. 

Bellegarde  Baptlste,  grocer  2237  Chest- 

Bellegarde  Dennis,  butcher  F  Carnes  & 
Co.   r  1248  63d. 

Bellegarde  Edw.   butcher,   b  1310  65th 

Bellegarde  Mrs  Katherine.  Indrywkr  Mme 
Coin's    Lndry,    r   1248    63d. 

Bellenger  Nelson,  elk  Henry  Cammes 
rms    803  Clay. 

Belle-Oudry  Edw  (Belle-Oudry's  Studio) 
r  Berkeley. 


(Edw   Belle-Oudry).    Photographers   1160 

Broadway  over  The  Forum,  Phone  Okld 

Bellerive  Edw.  secondhand  goods  5840  San 

Pab    av.    r   5791    Marshall 
Belleville     Harry    C,     messr    Central    Nat 

Bank,   rms  1395  Tel  av. 
Bellevue    Hotel,    Richd   Jones   propr,    4103 

Piedmont  av. 
Bellfils.    see    Belflls. 
Belli  Angelo    (L    Frances     Chini     &    Co), 

r  1022  3d. 
Belli   C.   deckhand   I 
Belli  Giovanni,    fish 


Belli  Lawrence,  died  Oct  21,  '09,  age  68. 
Helling  Knot,  seaman,  rms  1033  55th. 
Helling  Lena   L,    elk   Louis   Belling,    b    459 

Belling  Louis,   turn  and  stoves   715   Bwav, 

r  459  4th. 
Helling  Maximilian,   iunk  659  Madison. 
Bellingall    Cora   V.    b    1415    Filbert. 
Bellingall  Peter  W.  broker,  r  1415  Filbert. 
Bellinger,    see    Ballinger   and    Bollinger. 
Bellinger  Nelson  T,   mngr  National  House 

803    Clay. 
Bellino  M.  lab.  b  71  MeAdam. 
Bellis  Jane(    wid    Thos),    r   1609%    Myrtl 
Bellisen    Leontine.    dressmkr,    b    429    Moss 

Belllsle  A.    b   3600   Tel  av. 
Bellman  Robt  A,  roll  turner  Judson   Mnfg 

Bellman  Vincent,   elk,  r  3S04  Market. 
Bellmer  Fredk,   r  4420  West. 
Bellmer  Herman   T    (Ring   &   Bellmer) 

4420  West. 
Bello  Frank,  driver  Am  Creamery  Co,  r 

979    Market. 
Bellocq     Francis,     Indrywkr     Mme     Coin's 

Lndry.  b  421  22d. 
Bellocq  P,  cook  1156  Bway.  r  S  F. 
Bellocq      Pascal,      driver      Union      French 

Lndry,   r  563  25th. 
Belloeg   Jean    B.    driver   French    Bakeries 

Co,  b  811  Clay. 
Belloir   Alice,    elk.    b   1070   16th. 
Belloir  Peter,  messr.  r  1222  Chestnut. 
Bellrose,    see    also    Belrose. 
Hi'lliMse    Eugene    J,    car    opr    O    T    Co,    i 

5262   Tel   av. 
Bellrose  Louis,  car  opr  O  T  Co.  r  959  87tl 





















Phone    Merrill 

0.  B.  HUNTER, 

Pre*,  tod  Gen.  Mr, r. 
Main  Office  and  Yard 

Stiattuck  Ay.  &  Oregon  St. 

<-      Berkeley,  C«l. 
Tel.  Berkeley  8 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14.  1902 



Wharf  and  Ya 

South  End  if 

Webster  Street  Bi 

Tel.    Berkeley^ 


1910      POLK-HTJSTED      CO.'S 

Belitoft  Christian,  elk  H  J  Osther,   b  1075 

Belluomini   Elsie,   wrapper   A    Sehlueter   & 

Co  Inc.   b  S63   Lydia. 
Belluomini  Geo.   lab  S  P  Co,   rms  1508   3d. 
Belluomini    John    V.    lab    A    Sehlueter    & 

Co.  r  863  Lydia. 
Belluomini   Virgilea,   elk,    r  863   Lydia. 
Belmas  Antonia  (wid  Rudolph),  b  725  Fil- 
Belmingham  D  F.  brkmn  S  P  Co. 
Belmont    Apartments    3833    Tel    av. 
Belmont    Bella,    clairvoyant    1117    Washn. 
Belmont    Jas,     saloon     463     9th,     rms     572 

Belmont   Michael,    bootblk   530   16th,    r    il5 

Belmore   Mrs    Clara  M,    r   e   s   Palo   Vista 

av  7  s  of  E  14th. 
Belmore  Mark  T,  elk,  b  e  s  Palo  Vista  av 

7  s  of  E  14th. 
Belmore  Michael,   carp  S  P  Co. 
Below   B,   bkpr,   rms   856  Market. 
Belrose,  see'  also  Bellrose. 
Belrose  Wm   L,   salsn,   r  2222   West. 
Belser  Louise,   b  1532  Tel  av. 
Belser  Minnie,  elk  S  P  Co,  b  1532  Tel  av. 
Belser  Nettie,  b  1532  Tel  av. 
Beltink  Gus    S    (Beltink    &    Ritter),    r   583 



(G  S  Beltink,  G  P  Ritter),  Proprs  The 
Noble  Buffet,  Wines,  Liquors  and 
Cigars  403  14th  cor  Franklin,  Phones 
Okld  3579,   Home  A3579. 

Bern  Jos  P,  solr  Prudential  Ins  Co,  r  Ala. 

Bemenderfer  Wm,  elk,  rms  1451  Franklin. 

Bement  Geo,  painter,  r  w  s  Seminary  av 
1  s  of  Foothill  boul. 

Bemis  Chas  C,    r   1723   19th   av. 

Bemis  Edw  P,    purser,    r  3193   E  14th. 

Bemis  Herbert   B,   r  38  Monte  av. 


Pres  Sunset  Wine  Co,  912  Broadway,  r 
952  3d  av. 

Ben  Jan,   restaurant  307  2d. 

Ben  M.    truckman   S   P  Co,    r  832   Willow. 

Benard  Aug  F  Jr,   mngr,   r  1307  E  14th. 

Benard  Sallie  E  (wid  Edw),  r  3610  Wash- 
ington, Fruitvale. 

Benas  I,  elk  The  Hub,   r  S  F. 

Benasso  Angelo,   r  525  Petersen.  . 

Benbow  Chas  H.  student  Polytechnic 
Bus  Col,   b   84S  37th. 

Bendegard  Agnes  M,  stenogr,  b  926  Fil- 
bert. .  -„- 

Bendegard  Morton,  mstr  mariner,  r  9^6 

Bendel  Emil  H,  eng,  b  700  Alice. 

Bendel  Herman,   r  700  Alice. 

Bendell  Chas,  elec,  r  s  a  Trumbull  av  2 
w  of  Central  av. 

Bendell  Chas,  mngr  Masonic  Temple 
Assn  of  Fruitvale,  r  E  14th  sw  cor 
34th    av.  _         .,, 

Bendell  Maud  A,  stenogr,  b  s  s  Trumbull 
av  2   w  of  Central  av. 

Bendell  Morton,  glassctr,  b  s  s  Trumbull 
av  2   w  of  Central  av. 

Bendell  Thos,  elk,  b  s  s  Trumbull  av  2 
w  of  Central  av. 

Bender,  see  also  Baender. 

Bender  Chas,  meatctr  G  A  Rothamel,  r 
219  6th. 

Bender  Fred  H,  mngr  auto  storage,  rent- 
ing and  machine  wks,  r  224   Manila  av. 

Bender  John   V   (Hartman   &   Bende 

3127  Champion. 
Bender  John   W,    contr,    r  850B  56th 
Bender  Jos    H,    maeh,    r    264    Park 

Bender  Louis,    salsn    Western    Meal 

rms  713  Franklin. 
Bender  Winefred  A,  plumber,  r  1462 

toga  av. 
Benders  John,   carp,  r  w  s  Michigan 

s   of  1st,    Elmhurst. 
Bendit  Louis,   barber,   r  3612  West. 
Bendit  Moritz,    expman  3608  West. 
Bendit  Nathan,    plumber    3612   West. 
Bendixen  Thos  J,  r  3998  Adeline. 
Bendixen  Thos  J  Jr,  grocer  3998  A* 
Bendle  Albt  R,  mach,   r  1288  West. 
Bendle  Robt,   cond,  rms  207  Claremo 
Benedetti  Saml    (Benedetti    &   Badir 

1010%  Center. 
Benedetti  &     Badino      (Saml     Bene 

Louis  Badino),  saloon  315  11th. 
Benedict  C   &  Co  Inc,   Grace  Guest, 

John  Guest,  sec;  mnfrs  dress  shieli 

Benedict  Chas  G,  elk,  r  5210  Shattuc 
Benedict  Emma  V  A   (wid  Philip),  I 

1436  38th  av. 
Benedict  Hinda,     bkpr    Berg    Cycle 

Auto   Supply  Co,   r   2221   Bway. 
Benedict  Newton,  died  Nov  27,  '09,  a 
Benedict  Newton  Jr.  student,  b  415  E 
Benedict  Robt  H,   bkpr  Empire  Fnd 

r   1014    21st. 
Benedix  Paul,   lab   S   P  Co. 
Beneleit  Emil,  expman,  r  1452  38th 
Beneleit  Howard,  appr,  b  1452  38th 
Banenati  Antonio,    plumber,    b    1073 
Benetti  Jos,   carriage   painter,   r  120! 

Benevent  Gust,  lndry  wkr  Le  Protti 
Benevolent  and  Protective  Order  of 

416  14th. 
Benfeldt  Olga  (wid  Chas),  b  4195  L 
Benfey  Emma  (wid  Louis),   r  816  11 
Bengman  Louis,  bartndr  477  9th,  rm 

and  Tel  av. 
Benham  Herbert,   rms  1057  Alice. 
Benham  Jos      M,      pres     Puncture 

Auto  Wheel   Co,   r  1408  Castro. 
Benham  Robt    V,    cond    O    T    Co,    i 

Benhoff  Vesta  (wid  Geo  C),  b  1405 
Benjamen  Jos,  grocer  1310  53d  av,  r 
Beniamin  Chas  K,  stereotyper,  r  46] 
Benjamin  Mrs  Clara,  conf  802  Web! 
Benjamin  David,  pedlar,  r  810  We 
Benjamin  Edith  M,  seams,  b  903  L 
Beniamin  Edw  H,  mining  eng,  r  90,- 

Benjamin  E  Hewlett,  student,  b  90S 

Benjamin  Elie,   porter  501    7th. 
Benjamin  Elizabeth  C,  r  2223  Elm. 
Benjamin  Gertrude     A,     tchr     Long 

School,    b   100   Laguna  av. 
Benjamin  Jonas,  pedlar,    r  802  Web! 
Benjamin  Jos,  pedlar,   r  366  5th. 
Benjamin  Mary      (wid      Melvin),      I 

Benjamin  Philip  L,   lawyer,   r  174  4: 
Benjamin  Robt,   bartndr  902  Washn 

Benjamin  Stella,   r  913  Alice. 
Benjamin  Wm,   eng,   r  w  s  Grand 

Benjegerdes  Carl   L,    carp,   r  1069   E 
Benke  Peter,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Benkiser  Fred    W.     eellerman    Theo 
Wine  Co,  r  938  26th. 

George  W.  Schmitt         ««$•  ■M^wVaE "•,. 
Heating  and  Venti=         ^liil^ — •«    -«    •«    * 

.        .  *  -1160      WEBSTER       STREE 

lating  Co.   **    ±*    ^t 


ito  Supplies 



462-464  Thirteenth  St 

Bet  Broadway  tad  Waduafton  St*. 

OAKIvAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

iser  Henry    (Winkler  &   Benkiser),    r 

7  West. 

iser  Jos  G,  longshoreman,  r  1716  5th. 

;o  Peter,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  802  Wood. 

y  Saml  K,  boxmkr  Cal  Fruit  Canners' 

sn,  r  Ala. 

i  Mrs  Sarah  E,  b  31«  28th. 

lallaek  Henrv,    driver    Bennallack    & 

<ra,  b  3206   School. 

lallaek  John  H  (Bennallack  &  Mora), 

206  School. 

lallaek  &   Mora    (John   H   Bennallack, 

in  F  Mora),  meats  3517  Fruitvale  av. 

ler  Catharine  E   (wid  Fred  M),   r  777 

ler  Edw,   plumber,   r  4339   Adeline. 

ler  E  L.  eng  S  P  Co.  r  2224  6th. 

ler  Elwin,    eng,    r   581    Mernrnac. 

ler  Geo,   gardener,    r  3132  Belmont. 

ler  Harry,  ins,  r  418  34th. 

ler  Jos,    mach    United    Iron    Wks,    r 


ler  Wirtfield  A,  tchr,  b  581  Merrimac. 

lerscheidt  Adolph     G.      tinner     Yager 

,eet  Metal  and   Plumbing   Co,   r   1502 

(lerscheidt  Ernest    C.    foreman    Yager 
,eet    Metal    and    Plumbing    Co,    r    1030 

netthEleanor  V  V,  tchr  High  School/  b 

net' Mary  A   (wid  Thos).  r  932  8th. 
net!  P,    tailor   C    J   Heeseman   Inc,    r 

nett  Alfred  E,  carriage  painter,  r  115 

nett  Alfred    E,    foreman   Pac   Coast   L 

id  M   Co,   r  540  22d. 

nett  Alfred  H,   carp,   r   861   27th. 

nett  Alfred   H   Jr.    b    861    2ith. 

Sett  Andr  J,  trav  agt,  r  575  Fairview. 

Inett  Mrs  Ann  A,  b  3900   .Bway. 

mett  Asa  E.  ironwkr,  r  135b  lbth. 

iSett  A  B.  broker,  rms  9th  nw  cor  Oak. 

inett  Beban,  r  208  2d. 

mett  Bessie,   b   676%   27th. 

inett  Bernard,  r  177   3d. 

inett  Bernard,  meatctr    rms  516  9th. 

Inett  Bernard,      woodwkr     Pac     Coast 

uto  Top  Co,   r  14  Wayne  av. 

mett  Chas,  carp,  r  25  l.ynde. 

iSett  Chas!    driver   F   J    Getz,    r    Jones 

v  nr  Orange.  Elmhurst. 

inett  Chas,  gatekpr,  rms  1086  41st. 

inett  Chas.  tmstr,   r  163  E  12th. 

nett  Ohas'D,  bkpr,  r  2524  Fruitvale  av. 

nnett  C  A,  fireman  S  P  Co.  r  16538th. 

inett  Edw  A.  asst  supt  Barber  Asphalt 

>av  Co.  r  265  E  15th. 

nnett  Edw  W,  elec.  r  177%  3d. 

"Sett  Ella  U  student  Polytechnic  Bus 

!ol,   b  265   E   15th. 

nnett  Mrs  Ellon .nurse    b  19 1  6M   av. 

nnett  Emily  (wid  Chas),  "578  29th 

nnett  Evelyn  A   (wid  James  P),   i    43U 

nnett  Frank,   barber  J   B  Rittler. 
nnett  Fred,  b   523   20th. 
nnett  Geo,   b   3015   Barker         „_.,=„ 
nnett  Geo,   switchman    r  657  5k?m£?: 
nnett  Geo,  ydman  S  P  Co,  r  657  Mag 

nnett  Geo    C,    waiter    S    P   Co,    r   1225 

nnett  Geo  E,  brkman.  b  1665%  8tJ-...Rn 
nnett  Geo  J,  elk  Leon  Morrison,  r  1460 

nnetf'Geo   W    carp,    r  3620   Galindo. 
nnett  Mrs     Gertrude,     tchr     Piedmont 
ichool.  r  Bkly. 

*calT6tate  Company 

•Sol  tTOft  ABUTS  AM>  AOCTIOMttRB. 
1214-1216   BROADWAY.  OAKLAND 

Phones.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Bennett  Harry    H,    broker    Bacon    bldg, 

Madison  Apts. 
Bennett  Henry,  rms  36  Tel  av. 
Bennett  Henry  F,  carp,  r  1734  King  av. 
Bennett  Henrv  T,  storekpr  Okld  G  L  and 

H  Co,   r  2012  West. 
Bennett  Jas,  r  668  Poirier. 
Bennett  Jas,  died  June  30,  '09,  age  53. 
Bennett  Mrs  Jas.  grocer  1048  57th. 
Bennett  Jas   C,   eng.   r  675  32d. 
Bennett  James  T,  lab,  b  668  Poirier. 
Bennett  John,  r  147  Shafter  av. 
Bennett  John  D,  checker  S  P  Co. 
Bennett  John  H,  photo  engr,  r  160  Locks- 

3cnneUV'johi\  S,  b  1247  Adeline. 
Bennett  Jos,  elk,  b  1460  M.;rlle 
Bennett  J,  E  H  Percival  &  Co 
Bennett  J  Whitford,  civ  eng,  r  77i  Apgar 
Bennett  Mrs  Leona  C,  r  676%  27tn. 
Bennett  Lillian,  stenogr,  b  I'oo  El|tli. 
Bennett  Louis  A,  fireman,  r  1553  "h- 
Bennett  Martha,  stenogr,   b  3035  Plcitner 

Bennett  Mrs  Mary,  b  3900  Bway 
Bennett  Michael,   car  opr,   r  177%   3d. 
Bennett  Minton  C.  carp  S  P  Co. 

BenSe'tt  N,'  ?1aarm0ePrm0krTBCu°rnham  Stande- 

BenneU  Vlhe^kHale  Bros,  b  147  Shaf- 

Be'rine'tt'Orvil    J,    fruits    Free    Market,    r 

Benne5tthpete.r.  agt,  b  6007  Grove 
Bennett  Peter,  lab.   r  857 A  Myrt  e. 
Bennett  Peter,  tailor,   rms  612  ]Ztn. 
Bennett  Roger  W,   r  1055  8th. 
Bennett  Rutson  M.  barber  1712  7th. 
Bennett  Sidney,  elk,  b  1427  Myrtle. 
Bennett  Mrs  Sylvia  A,  r  861 ■  26th. 
Bennett  Theo  A,   tmslr.  b  430  49th. 
Bennett  Theo  E.  drugs  s  s  E  14th  1  e  01 
Walter  av,  r  Orchard  av  sw  cor  Sunny- 

Be'nnttfThos    (Bennett  &   Smith),    r  3248 

Be'nneU  Victoria  U   b  2524   Fruitvale 
Bennett  Virginia  C,   wrapper  Kahn  Bros. 

■Rennett  V  Rav,   r  3315  Abbey. 
BeSnVtt  Walter,  elk,  rms  86 15  San  Pab av. 
Beimel  t  Walter  A,  elk.  r  US0  S8th  av. 
Bennett  Wilson  S.  salsn,  b  1055  Mh. 
BeSSett  Wm,   lab.   2110  48th  ay 
Bennett  Wm  D,   elec.   r  S35 
Bennett  Wm  W.   "liner,   r  978   ..6th. 
Rennett  W  A.  cond  O  T  Co,  r  5b.;.!   IW  a\ 
:        ,      &   Smith   (Thos   Bennett.  Henri 
w  Imith)     nurserv  3248  Milton.   Frtvl. 
Be"neUs  Alice  S  (wid  J  O)    r  464  34th 
BeSnetts  Ann  O,  tchr  Grant  School,  r  464 

Be3nnhetts  Bert.       oik      Black's      Package 

Bennetts  Cha^  driver  Okld  Cal  Towel  Co 

t>jJ?Z&.8rhu  T>    elk,   r  3759  Shafter  av 
5enncH?  iJSly  (wid  Chas),   r_57S  29th. 












2000  SANTA 


Alameda  313 

Saturday  Evening  Post 


Piedmont  364 
Home  A  1464 



Dealer  in 


Hay  and 



Oakland,  Cal. 







1910      POIiK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Telephones:  Oakland  485,  Home  A  4480 


i»tm  and  ALict  »t».  OAKLAND 

Bennetts  Saml   C,    asst   oashr   State    Sav- 
ings Bank,  r  460  34th. 
Bennington  Gordon,  solr  West  Coast  Life 

Ins  Co,  irras  504  15th. 
Bennink  Emma  L  (wid  Adrian  W),  b  10111 

Bennison  Andr  B,  mining,  r  491  28th. 
Bennison  Andr  B    7r,  actor,  b  491  28th. 
Bennison  Catherine  L,  b  491  28th. 
Bennison  Edw  L,  actor,  b  491  28th. 
Bennos  Bell,  barber  Gust  Bennos. 
Bennos  Gust,  barber  419  8th. 
Benrimo  Saml   R    (Green   &    Benrimo),    v 

4093  San  Pab  av. 
Benschuetz  Maxwell,    waiter   412    13th,    r 

620  19th. 
Bense  John,    cigarmkr   Nelson   Cigar   Co, 

r  115S  Foothill  boul. 
Bensinger  Lucy   (wid  John  G),  r  962  7th. 
Benson  Alfred,  lab,  rms  409%  12th. 
Benson  Alfred,   lab,  b  1550  Carroll. 
Benson  Alma  S,  hairdresser  Diehl's,  b  587 

Benson  Anna    (wid  John),    r  1550   Carrol!. 
Benson  Anna,  dressmaking,  b  1550  Carroll 
Benson  Annie,    b  Ardley   av   cor   Hampel. 
Benson  Carl  B,  engr  Harry  Morton,  b  1S5 

Benson  Celia    M    (wid    Alanson),    r    1116 

Benson  Chas,  lab,  b  623  Bway. 
Benson  Chas,    master  mariner   S   P  Co,    r 

1131  e  17th. 
Benson  Chas  E,  r  215  Jayne  av. 
Benson  Charlotte  H  (wid  Henry),  r  1603 % 

Benson  Claude  G,  foreman  Gladding,  Mc- 

Bean  &  Co,   r  3444  Forest,  Fruitvale. 
Benson  Eliza  S  (wid  Albt),  r  1607  23d  av. 
Benson  Fred  C,  carp,  r  3645  Rhoda. 
Benson  Geo  A,  seaman,  b  1126  E  22d. 
Benson  Geo  M,  wheelwright,  rms  219  8th. 
Benson  Gilbert  B,  porter,  r  915  21s'. 
Benson  Gunnar,    barber    Eugene    Granet, 

b  2130  Adeline. 
Benson  G    D,    porter   Pullman    Co,    r   1451 

Benson  Helen,    student  Mills  College. 
Benson  H  B.  lab,  rms  201s  Union. 
Benson  H  U,   hlpr  Pac  Coast  L   ft  M  Co, 

r  946  Jefferson. 
Eenson  John,  lab,  r  n  s  Lawrence  2  e  of 

Baker  av. 
Benson  John    A,     mach    Keystone    Motor 

Car  Co,  r  729  E3d. 
Benson  John   T,   carp,    1219   Magnolia. 
Benson  Katherine  (wid  Frank),  lntlrywkr, 

b    489    48th. 
Benson  Louvina,    b   915    21st. 
Benson  Martin,   carp,    r  1171  19th. 
Benson  Mrs  Mary  E.  r  35  Portland  av. 
Benson  Maurice,  sausage  mkr  Grand  Cen- 
tral Mkt,  r  661  6th. 
Benson  Mrs  Meta.  b  3900  Bway. 
Benson  Nels     E,    'carp,     r    210     P;irk    av, 

E  Okld. 
Benson  Olaf    R.    carp,    b    210    Park    ay    E 


Benson  Ralph    W,    salsn    Hunt,    Hatcl 

Co,   r  768  21st. 
Benson  Saml,  waiter,  rms  1577  Bway. 
Benson  Swen,    meat   ctr  C   H    Schivc 

r  2202  Adeline. 
Benson    E,    masseur    1219    N 

Eenson  Urban,   elk.   rms  946  Jefferson. 
Benson  Walter,   r  928  34th. 
Benson  Wm,   elk,  b  1253  Jefferson. 
Benson  Wm  C,  lab,  r  120  Claremont  a 
Bent  Byron  D,  rate  elk  S  P  Co,  r  967 
Bent  Mrs  Minnie,   furn   rms,    479S   Tel 
Bent  Saml,  painter,   r  4798  Tel  av. 
Bente  Augusta  C,  elk,   b  562  32d. 
Bente  Henry,  r  562  32d. 
Bente  Henry   R,    elk   F   H   Busby, 

Bente  Wm  G,  bkpr.  b  562  32d. 
Benter  Amelia    (wid    Christopher), 

Benter  John  O.  elk,  b  229  Hannah. 
Benter  Wm,  salsn,  b  1352  Harrison 
Benter  W  C,  vice-pres  V  Wehe  Co 

13  Tel  av. 
Benthan  Swan,    meat  ctr,    r   4221   An| 

Bentley  Ernest,    elk   H   D    Samuel    Co 

Bentley  Frank   S,   printer,   r  161   8th. 
Bentley  Hall,  e  s  Peralta  av  1  n  of  H 

Bentlev  Lettie  E.   b  536  Sycamore. 
Bentlev  Lyle  M,  lab.  r  1270%  28th. 
Bentley  Mary  W  (wid  Benj  F),  b  161  ( 
Bentley  Ostrich     Farm,     Eugene     But) 

mngr,   E  14th  ne  cor  44th  av. 
Bentley  Warren    N,    elk    C    J    Heesen 

(Inc),  r  Ala. 
Benton  Ann  A  (wid  Joel),  r  1271  7th 
Benton  Bert,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Benton  Chas  V,  warehsman,  r  I860  8tl 
Benton  Edw  M,  elk  R  M  S.  r  909  E  ir 
Benton  Flora,  student  Mills  College. 
Benton  Geo  F,  elk  R  M  S,  r  819  15th. 
Benton     Mrs  Hattie,   furn  rms  915% 

Pab  av. 
Benton  Mary  F  E.  artist,  b  533%  16th. 
Benton  Mrs  Mary  P,   artist,   r  533%   1( 
Bentson  Olaf  R,  bench  hd  Burnham  Stt 

deford  Co,  r  210  Park. 
Bentz  Frank  E.  tailor,   r  1067  10th. 
Bentzen  W  R,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  129 

Pab  av. 
Benzinger  Rlchd.  druggist  Bowman  fz 

r  1219  Chestnut. 
Benzon  Ctias  C  F,  painter,  r  824  Popi 
Bequetle  Mrs  Margaret  A,  b  155  Athol 
Bequette  Peter,  mining,  r  155  Athol  a\ 
Bera  Giovanni,  lab  Leona  Chem  Ci 
Beran  Alma,   mail   teller  Cent   Nat  Ba 

r  S  F. 
Beran  Chris,  nrinter,  'b  112   Glen  av. 
Berandi  Jas,   lab,  r  5115  E  12th. 
Berchfeldt  F  Von,   salsn  Theo  Gier  V 

Co.  r  Ala. 
Bercke  Adolph.   bartndr  1542  Adeline. 
Bercovich    A   Co    (David    Bercovlch,    1 

Markovltz),  Junk  310  4th. 


Cigars  1073  Broadway,  Phone  Okld  1( 
rms  Touralne  Hotel. 
Bercovich  Bertha    (wid  Abraham). 


(Louts  and  Bert  Bercovich),  Wholes 
and  Retail  Cigars,  Pipes  and  Smok 
Supplies,  Broadway  se  cor  12th,  Phoi 
Okld  65,   Home  A3443. 


Hair  Dressing,  Cutting,  Sbampooic 
Manicuring.  Facial  Massage,  etc 

Wis  Making  and  dents'  Toupees  ■  Specialty  All  Kinds  of  Cosmetics  and  Perfume; 

Tii.o.«t.»»3i6  ho.i*4749  469    FOURTEENTH    STREET 


Plumbing,  Steam  and 
Mot  Water  Pitting 

hones:  Merritt  510.  Home  B1510  569  East  Twelfth  Street,  Oakland 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910  lTi 


Mendelson  Propr,  11th  se  cor  Wash- 
ton,  Phones  Okld  3528.  Home  A4168. 
Dvich  David  (A  Bereovich  Co),  1  916 

ovich  Edw,  pedlar,  r  725  Alice, 
ovlch  Harry  (H  &  S  C  Bereovich),  r 


arry      and      Samuel      C      Bereovich), 

nolesale  and  Retail  Cigars.  Tines  and 

lokers  Supplies,   9th  se  cor  Washing- 

I  Phonos  okld  25JJ  and  4H0. 

ovlch  John,  cook,  r  172  10th. 

ovich     Louis    (B    Bereovich    &    Co), 

1498  Market. 

ovich  Saml  C   (H  &  S  C  Bereovich), 

776%    Harrison. 

ovich  Wm,  elk  B  Bereovich  &  Co,  b 

18   Market. 

,row  Asa,   r  rear  4015  Tel  av.  b 


c    Chinn-Beretta    Optical     Co,     r    395 


f,    see    also    Burg. 

;  Aaron,   foreman  Fisher  Lmbr  Co,   r 

r     Adolph  A,    lab,   r  191   Bryant  av. 
;  A  Eugene  (Berg  Cycle  &  Auto  Sup- 
f  Co),  b  185  15th. 
r  Andr   G,    r   1448    Linden, 
j  Anna  C   (wid  August),   r  115  Monte 


lraished  Rooms  and  Lodging,   404  5th. 
5  Chris,    mattresswkr,    b    191    Bryant 

%   Cycle    &   Auto    Supply    Co    (A   Eu- 

sne   Berg),    163    12th. 

g  Chas.    hlpr    S    P   Co.    r    1727    Goss. 

g  Ellen   A    (Reavis    &    Berg),    b    1448 


g  Eric,    notions    3402    School. 

g  Fred,    candy    mkr    E    Lehnhardt,    r 


g  Fred   H,    grocer  196   College   av. 

g  Gertrude   T.   tchr.   b   81    Pearl. 

g  John,    b    1448    Linden. 

g  John,   barber  F  C   Compton,   rms   46 

an    Pab    av. 

g  Karl,    tailor,    r   618    15th. 

■g  Monti    J,   b    81   Pearl. 

g  Ole,   stevedore,   r  225   Greenbank  av. 

'g  Ole   E,    carp,    r   1521    23d  av. 

lg  Otto   H,    salsn,   b   w   s   Moss   av   nr 

•g  Randi  (wid  Andr),  r  1376  9th. 

•g  Regina  A,   trimmer  Reavis  &  Berg, 

1   1448    Linden. 

'g  Richd    E,    bkpr,    b    1154    Brush. 

■g  Ruth,    journalist,   b   81   Pearl. 

•g  Wm    M,    sec    Owl    Drug    Co,    b    81 

,-landorf  Miss    E,     elk    Tatt     &    Pen- 
oyer,    r   841    53d. 
-ge  Julius,    carp,   b   710   E   15th. 
•gen  Aug   S,    carp,    r   364S   West, 
•gen  Benj,    elk,    b    1330    5th   av. 
•gen  Benj    F,    lawyer,    1003%    Bway.    r 

irgen'dahl  Knut,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  3015 

Irgendorff  Carl  A,   elk,  r  841   53d. 
'  -gendorff  Frank,    mach.    r    562    65th. 


Bergenson  Frank,    mach.    b    1185    19th. 

Berger.    see    also    Burger. 

Berger     Adolph,   carp,   r  2220   43d  av. 

Berger  Mrs   Aegina,    r  886  Milton. 

Berger  Carl,    mach,    rms    831    Myrtle. 

Berger  Christian   G.    r   1619    35th   av. 

Berger  Edw.  appr  Sunset  Lmbr  Co,  rms 
717    Webster. 

Berger  Ella,    elk,    b    1150    10th  av. 

Berger  Florence  P,  b   388   E  20th. 

Berger  F  H,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  r  975  Cy- 

Berger  Garfield    M,    elk,    r    1180   E    17th. 

Beiger  Harry  W,  storekpr,  b  6646  Whit- 

Berger  Hattie  E,    nurse,   b   1505   Tel  av. 

Berger  Henry,    cabinetmkr  H    Schellhaas 

Berger  Jesse  A,   ins  agt,  b  1212  E  22d. 


Berger  Lillian   I,   r  1450   10th   av. 
Berger  Louis,    b    1338    50th    av. 
Berger  Madeline    S.    b    388   E   20th. 
Berger  Morris,     watchmkr    A     Katz 

rms  653   26th. 
Berger  Otto  A,   r  1969    Summit. 
Berger  Mrs    Regina,    b  886   Milton. 
Berger  Roy  E,   agt,   r  822   36th. 
Berger  Susanna  (wid  John)   r  38S  E  20th. 
Bergeron  Norman  D,  mngr  Sterling  Paint 

Co.   r  2112  West. 
Berbers  Jean,    lndry    wkr,    r  821    28th. 
Bergerson  John   T,   lndryman,    r  954   35th. 
Berges  Mrs  Alice,    b   2637   Fruitvale   av. 
Berges   Mrs   Annie,    r   538    6th. 
Berges  Edw  K,  phys,   4800   E  14th. 
Bergeson  F,   opr  Pac  T  &  T  Co. 
Bei Kevin  R    C.     druggist    Owl    Drug    Co. 
rms  953%   Washn. 

Beiggren  Arthur,    elk      C      J      Heeseman 
(Inc),    b    1125    Santa  Fe   av. 

Berggren  C    G,    mach    opr    Pac    Coast    L 
&  M   Co,   r  569   12th 

Berghof  Peter,    bartndr.    rms    622    19th. 

Hergle  F.  mach  S  P  Co,  r  1185  18th. 

Bergin  Geo    H.    blksmith,    b    1274    5th    av. 

Bergin  John    W.    mining,    r    1274    5th    av. 

Bergk  Aug.   pressman,   r  3623  Gallndo. 

Berglund    Anna    C    (wid    Hans),      b      22. 
Carmel    av.  _ 

Bergman  C.    appr    Doak    Gas      Eng      Co, 
rms   Chicago  House. 

Bergman  Oscar,    mach,    r   liii    &   »tn. 

Bergman  Theo,    carp,    b    .035    Myrtle. 

Bergman  Wm  A,  mining,   r  1227  1st  av. 

Bergmann  August,    tchr,    r   576    42d. 

Bergeugnon    Noel.    cook,    r    20    Commerce. 

Bergenlev  Felise,    lab.   r  1032   57th. 

Bergos  Herman,    waiter,    835    Bway. 

Berg.iuist  John,   carp,   r  w  side  Brooklyn 
av  3   s  of  2d,   Elmhurst. 

Bergson  Robt  O.  policeman    r  12, b  Tel  ay 

Bergsten  Oscar  P,    cigars   1502    7th,    r   801 

Barntrom  Albert    J.     mlllhnd    H    T    At- 
kinson   &    Co.    b    1120%    Center. 
Bergstrom  Chas  A.  brklyr.   r  2412  43d  aj 
Bergstrom  Fred,   deckhnd  S  P  Co,   r  Ala 
Bergstrom  John,    lab.    r    1120%    Center. 
Bergstrom  Julia,     landry     wkr,   b     1120% 

Bergstrom  Nils,   deckhnd   S   P   Co,    r   1140 

Bergstrom  Oswald,    deckhnd    S    P    Co, 













B  2 

Z-  TO 




Baldwin  Building  &  Investment  Co. 

LL1  Q 

d    § 


■—     <u 

"5  vj 

I  * 

s  o 

€  VJ 



CO    Q 



H.  W.  BALDWIN.  Mui 

Office  Hours  10-12  j 

Res.  Phone  Berkeley  2195 

Office  and  Mill,  2610  SHATTUCK  AVE.,  Phone  Berkeley  531 

1910     POSiK-HUSTED     CO.'S 

i  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROAD-WAY 

Berhyman  J  Wm,  tmstr  Chappel  &  Nel- 

Berich  Anton,   hlpr  S  P  Co,   r  1785  5th. 

Berich  John,  emp  S  P  Co,   r  708  Peralta. 

Bering  Belle    O,    stenosr,    b    941    Peralta. 

Bering  Hazel,    stenogr,    b    941    Peralta. 

Bering  Jas  E,   musician,   r  941    Peralta. 

Bering  John,    carp,    rms   616   12th. 

Bering  Wilson    J,    bkpr,    b    941    Peralta. 

Beringer  Chas  T,  ticket  elk  S  P  Co,  r 
1213    Bway. 

Beringer  Edmund,  cabinetmkr,  b  1045 

Berio    Ernest,    sawfiler,    r    1011A    7th. 

Berit  Jules,   r   416   2d. 

Berk  Georgine  L,  stenogr,  b  2028  Chest- 

Berk  Henry  P,  appr,   b  2028  Chestnut. 

Berk  Louise   (wid  Geo),   r  2028   Chestnut. 

Berkefeld  John  W,  chainman  County 
Surveyor,    b    227    Bonita    av. 

Berkefeld  Paul,    r    227    Bonita   av. 


Paints,  Oils  and  Glass,  House  and 
Fresco  Painter,  Dealer  in  Wall  and 
Building  Paper,  Room  Mouldings,  etc., 
E  14th  s  w  cor  Mountain  View  av, 
Elmhurst,  Phone  Connection. 

Berkeley  H   J    F,    547   34th. 

Berkeley  Rock  Co,  Jos  Rosenberg,  Mngr, 
215    Bacon    bldg. 

Berkenkamp  Russell  P,  draftsman,  r 
1263    22d    av. 

Berkhoff  Peter,  bartndr  212  San  Pab  av, 
ms  19th   nr  San   Pab  av. 

Berlin  Fdw  F,  mach  Standard  Gas  En- 
gine   Co,    r    3554    School. 

Berlin  Mrs  Emma  M,  mngr  Rice  Insti- 
tute Circulating  Library,  r  305  San 
Pab  av. 


Attorney  at  Law  and  Mngr  Electric 
Collection  Co.  409-410  Central  Bank 
bldg,  Phone  Okld  1782,  r  1525  Chestnut, 
Alameda,  Phone  Ala  1720. 

Berling  Geo  R,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  1215  Chest- 

Berling  Lena    (wid    John    L),    b    534    54th. 

Berling  Theo  B,   bkbndr,    r  1357   9th  av. 

Berlingen  Mathias,  farmer,  r  442S  West, 
erlock  Jos,   tailor,   1117   13th  av. 

Berman  Frank,  shoemkr  Jacob  Berman, 
rms    668    Harrison. 

Berman  Jacob,  shoemkr  404  6th,  rms  668 

Berman  Jos,   news  agt  Denison  News  Co. 

Bermilya  Abram  J,  porter,  r  1010  Ches- 

Bermingham,    see    also    Birmingham, 
srmingham  Jas    E,     carp,     r    306    Wals- 
worth  av. 

Bermingham  Saml.  marine  eng,  r  5480 

Bermingham  Thos  W,  carp,  b  4401  Tel 
Bermingham  Wm  J,  contr,  4401  Tel 
Bernadon  Anette,  wks  Excelsior  Lndi 
Bernadou    John    (Galan    &    Bernadou 


Bernadou  John,  lndry,  5691,  San  Pab 
Bernal  Jos,  lab,  r  1020  Fruitvale  av. 
Bernamayou  Josephine,  b  1246  E  14t 
Bernard,  see  also  Barnard. 
Bernard  Alfred,    hlpr   Pac    Coast    L    £ 

Co,   r  213  Hollis. 
Bernard  Belle,    laundress,    b   720    Che; 
Bernard  Edmond,    carriage    painter 

&  Evans  Co,  b  535  Park  av. 
Bernard  Elizabeth    C,    r    577    24th. 
Bernard  Gabrielle     (wid    Isidore),     r 

48th   av. 
Bernard  Jessie,   lab,   r   720   Chester. 
Bernard  Jos,    lab,    r   960    E    16th. 
Bernard  Jos  F,  grocer,  b  1770  Atlant: 
Bernard  Jos    H,    bldg   contr,    r   1027 

a  v. 
Bernard  Joseph   N,    lab,    r    1210    33d  a 
Bernard  Julia,    laundress,    b    720    Chei 
Bernard  J   H,   druggist  Bowman  & 

1401    Franklin. 
Bernard  Lemuel    H.    r    660    34th. 
Bernard  Lueien,  glasswkr,  b  1925  48th 
Bernard  Mamie,  laundress,  b  720  Che! 
Bernard  Mark,    barber    Thos   Vierra, 

Bay  City  Well  Work 

Well  Drilling,  Boring  and  Pomp  Wi 

Wartkeaiet  *mi  Sk*p 

Park  An.  ft  H.rt..  Si.,  E*«Triik 
GEO.  P.  MARCUS,  Proprietor 

rbmrMnitSll  Ik.  IMIHttiL.Mal 

Bernard  Raymond,     mngr,     b     1125 
Park  av. 
Bernard  Richd  H,  bkpr,  b  660  34tr. 
Bernard  Rolla,    Ins    agt,    r    1011    3 
Bernardasci     Albert,     bartndr, 

Claremont  av. 
Bernardasci    Mary    E    (wid    Andrj 
228    Claremont    av. 
Bernardini    Clementino,   lab,    r   603   48t 
Bernardo   Frank,   student  Polytechnic 

Col,    b   306   12th. 
Bernardo  Jacinto,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  720  CI 


Bernardo  Jos,  tanner  T  W  Corder,  r  B 
Bernardo  Jos  F,  grocer  755  Willow,   r 

Bernardo  Manuel,  gateman  S  P  Co,  r 

Bernardo  Wm  R,  lab  E  C  Gill,  rms  Fill 

sw  cor  28th. 
Bernatas  Louise  (wid  Chas).  r  1073  56t, 
Bernatot  Geo,  b  Altenheim. 
Bernays  Dudley  E.  real  est,  r  495%  2 
Bernd  Andr  (Bernd  &  Zimmermann) 
559   29th. 

this  Dl  RECTORY  is  alwayJ 

pwi-Sted  n.  im«    JOB    PRINTING    DEPtJ 



Saturday  Evening  Pos? 




OAKLAND      €ITY      DIRECTORY      1910  17!) 


dr      Bernd,     Gustava     Zimmerman), 
prs    The    Fashion    Saloon    14    Tel    av, 
,ne   Okld    3290. 
ir  Fred  A,  carp,  r  w  s  Charles  1  s  of 

ir  Geo.  driver  Grand  Central  Mkt,  r 

t   Henry    S.    mining,    r   1204   12th. 
lard    Christian    (Bernhard    &    Erick- 
),  r  Orange  se  cor  Perry, 
lard    John    C.    elev    opr    Union    Sav 
lk  bldg.   r  3127  Elmwood   av. 


iristian      Bernhard,      Geo     Erickson), 
icers.    San    Pablo    av    nw    Cor    38th, 
me  Piedmont  601. 
mrdt  Chas,  bkpr,  r  3690  Tel  av. 
hardt    Chas,    mngr    Electrical    Const 

r   830    Arlington, 
hardt  Wm,   elec,    b  3690   Tel  av 
hardy   John,    carp,    r  s   s   Lawrence    4 
f  Baker  av. 

hart  John,    fencebldr   S   P   Co. 
heim  Wm,   elk,   rms  1055  Webster. 
ler  Ralph  L,  painter,  r  858%   Isabella, 
ier  Robt  L,   painter,   r  856%   Isabella, 
is  Mrs  M.  cook  Union  French  Lndry, 
157   Isabella. 

stein     Abraham,      men's     furnishings 
6   E   14th. 

stein  Albt  I.  mngr  Goodyear  Raincoat 
,   r  Hotel   Metropole. 
stein    Emanuel   M     men's   furnishings 

Washn,  r  304  22d. 
stein    Ernest  M,    elk   E  M   Bernstein, 
104  22d. 

stein   Israel,   furniture   3907   E  14th,   r 
:  Maybelle  av. 

stein    Louis,    mngr    Cal    Loan    Office. 
L330  Alice. 

stein  Max,  billiards  5780  San  Pab  av. 
.steln    Sam!,    r   911    San    Pablo   av. 
istein    Saml,    wrapper    J    H    Lesser,    r 
I    Jackson. 

istein  Sarah  (wid  Adolph),  r  1047  55th. 
itsen  A  H.  brkman  S  P  Co,  r  854  Pine, 
istein    Edw   W,    millhand   W   P   Fuller 
itsen   Peter   M,   fireman,   r  2925   Boeh- 

itsen  Thorwald,   watchman   S  P  Co,   b 

!5   Boehmer. 

is  Wm,  emp  S  P  Co,  r  S13%  Campbell. 

luest    Albt     (Berquest    Bros),     r    1613 

fch  av. 

luest   Bros    (Albert   and   Nmder),   gro- 

rs  877   Washn. 

luest    Ninder    (Berquest    Bros),    r    152 

:hol  av. 

rello   Jos.    lab.    r   910   3d. 

-ey  Wm.    miner,    rms   860  Harrison. 

•e'yesa  Abe  E,  printer,   r  879  54th. 

rien  Eli  B.  contr,  r  823  19th. 

rien   Geo.    elk.    b   1566    Linden. 

rien   Leonard   B.    salsn.    b   823    19th. 

rien    Louis  F.   b  823  19th. 

rien    L,    elk    Taft    &    Pennoyer,    r    1566 


rien  Miner  F.  gateman  S  P  Co,  b  1566 


rien   Orville   B.    rms   823    19th. 

rien   Richd  C,  painter,  r  1566  Linden. 

rill  Calvin  M,  hardware  416  8th,   r  1116 


ringer  Clara  G.  r  2110  Peralta  av. 

ringer  Edmund,   elk  Hale  Bros,   r  1045 

Construction  Motors       Repairs        Fixtures       Supplies 

Berkeley  Electric  Company 

M.  G.  YARNELL.  Mgr. 

Office  Residence 

2123  CENTER  ST.     BERKELEY     2919  LORINA  ST. 

Phone  Berkeley  5075 

Berringer  Henry  J,  moved  to  Napa. 
Berringer  Ida  M,  b  2110  Peralta  av. 
Berrong  Jos  F,  salsn,  r  4471  Grove. 

Berry,   see  also  Barrie   and   Barry. 

Berry  E  Verne,  stenogr.  b  2079  Okld  av. 

Berry  Frances  J  (wid  John),  b  1302  Jack- 

Berry  Fred,   b  5S90  9th. 

Berry  Gerald   A,   lab.    b   M   C   Berry  Elm- 
hurst.  „    „ 

Berry  Granville  T   (Wallace   &   Berry),   r 
5957  Brown. 

Berry  Harold   R.    banker,    r  12  Bonita  av 

Berry  Harriet  (wid  Wm  C),  b  1449  Harri- 

Berry   Adolph.    r   1174   61st. 

Berry  Chas,   cook,    rms   271    10th. 

Berry    Chas    H    D,    porter    John    Tlsch,    h 
1710  14th. 

Berry  Chas  M.  coir,   r  153  Lester  av. 

Berry   David    W.    harness   mkr   San   Pablc 
av    sw  cor  38th,   r  933  Linden. 

Berry   Edw   L,    elk   in  charge   Fruitvale   P 
O,  r  1215  34th  av. 

Berry  Mrs  Ella  R.   b  6  Bonita  av. 

Berrv    Henry,    lab    Log    Cabin    Bakery,    r 
737'   8th. 

Berry  Herbert,   millman  Boulevard  Mill  & 
Lbr  Co. 

Berry  Jas  C,  b  555  24th. 

Berry  Jessie  V.  chemist,  b  1155  Jackson. 

Berry   John    V,    barber    John    Tisch   Co,    r 
917   Chestnut. 

Berry   Jos    C,    millman    Boulevard    Mill    & 
Lbr  Co. 

Berry  Jos  J,   r   2079   Oakland   av. 

Berrv  Laura  V,  copyist  County  Recorder 
b  555  24th. 

Berrv  Mrs  Margaret,   cook,   b  572   16th. 

Berry  Mrs  Margaret  M.  r  1563  Franklin. 

Berry  Mavin  C,  painter,  r  w  s  Walton  av 

Berrv  Matilda  (wid  Frank),  b  1948  Linden 

Berrv  Maurine.    b   1449  Harrison. 

Berry    Merle    L,     salsn     Realty    Bonds    * 

Finance  Co,  b  ''079  Oakland  av. 
Berry    Nina,     milliner    Newman    Colin,    b 

556  39th.  „„„„  _  . 

Berry  Perses  M  (wid  Aaron),  b  2020  Lin- 

Berrv  Raoul  (Chanteloup  &  Berry),  r  1012 

Berry  Robt.   solr.   r  1059  56th. 
Berry   Thos,    marker   New   Method    Lndry. 

rms  S  F. 

1!,.|  I  V      \V    1 e.      I'     5S! til. 

Berrv  Wm  C,   carp,   r  1434   45th  av. 
Berry  Wm  D,  boxmkr,  b  933  Linden. 
Berry  Win  E,  shlngler,  r  3815  Webster. 
Berry  Wm  F,   finisher   Peck  &   Hills  Furn 

Co,   r  1114%    Santa   Fe   av. 
Berry  Wm   M,   painter,   r   1657   23d  av. 
Berrv  Wm  S,  mach  People's  Water  Co,  b 

838   14th. 
Berrv  Zora,  r  51S    18th. 
Berryman    Flora,    student    Mills   Col. 
i;,.rs,'h   Carl,    caliiuetmkr.   r  1126  Chestnut 
Berser  Jus   H,   rms  :'.17  14th. 





estern  Heavy  Hardware  &  Iron  Co.  mc  420ninth4s2t. 

a.  nesbitt,  Mgr.  Jobbers  in  Carriage  Materials,  Hardwood  Lumberjron  and  Steel 
All  Kinds  Mill,  Machine  Shop  and  Blacksmith  Supplies 


2  uj  *  o| 

Esterly  Construction  Co.,  Inc.  Station, 


2136  CENTER  STREET      BERKELEY,  CAL.  ^^V  TTnr>c, 

PHONE    BERKELEY    ST  OlL/TO,       (j  [J  i\  DO 


1910      POLK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Bertelsen    Annie,    bkpr,    b    5305    Market. 
Bertelsen    Esther,    bkpr.    b   5305   Market. 
Bertelsen  Marie  (wid  Bertel),  r  5305  Mar- 
Bertelsen   Soren  J,   contr  4959  Desmond. 
Bertha  Benj  H,  cook,  b  1648  Filbert. 
Bertha  Edw  W,   waiter,   rms   1648   Filbert. 
Bertha  Geo  D,   porter  Pullman  Co,   r  1324 

35th    av. 
Bertha  Jas,  cook,  r  1648  Filbert. 
Bertha  Rose,   elk,    b   1648  Filbert. 
Berthold  Elsworth,  capt,  rms  953  Madison. 
Bertin  Leonce  J.  r  1730  Myrtle. 
Bertin  Paul,     uphlstr     322     Tel     av,     r    20 

Mead  av. 
Bertinette   Paul,   contr  470  42d. 
Bertiz  Albt  A,    elk   De   Lancey,    Espejo   & 

Co,   r  714  17th. 
Bertola    Anton,    grocer    1452    12th,    r    1072 

Bertola  Anton  J,   tmstr,  r  rear  274  Whit- 
Bertola    Erminia,    elk    Anton    Bertola,    b 

1072    Center. 
Bertola  Fred  (Gallo  &  Co),  b  2005  Peralta. 
Bertola  Jos   (Cuneo  &   Bertola),    r  Ala. 
Bertola  Jos,   lab  Cal  Fruit  Canners'  Assn, 

r  711  Myrtle. 
Bertola    Lillian,    student    Polytechnic    Bus 

Col,  b  1072  Center. 
Bertola  Mariano,  phys  Mills  College. 
Bertola    Rachelina,    elk    Anton    Bertola,    b 

1072  Center. 
Bertortl  Geo,  b  3563  Florida. 
Bertotti   Guiseppe,   lab  Aiwa  &  Martini,   b 

680  Market. 
Bertram,   see  also   Bartram. 
Bertram    Arthur   H,    lineman,    r   1128    63d. 
Bertram  Geo,  auto  repr,  b  742  Peralta. 
Bertram    Julius,    delicatessen    613    14th,    r 

619  14th. 
Bertram  Mary  (wid  Wilbur),  b  s  s  2d  1  e 

of  Kinsell  av. 
Bertram    Wm    F.    elk    Julius    Bertram,    r 

3425  Forest,   Frultvale. 
Bertrandias  Emil  B,  agt,  r  1700  10th. 
Berts    E   A,    hlpr   S    P  Co,    r   Bkly. 
Bertsch  Edw    C,    carp,    b    3818    Washing- 
ton,  Fruitvale. 
Bertsch  Johanna   (wid  Aug),  r  E  14th  nr 

Jones  av,   Elmhurst. 
Bertsch  Wm  H   (Gould   &   Bertsch),  contr 

2208  43d  av. 
Bertuccelli  Orest,  lab,  b  631  Filbert. 
Bertuccelli  Raphael,  lab,  r  631  Filbert. 
Bertuccelli  Recilla,   lab,   b  631   Filbert. 
Berugles  Nicolino,    shoemkr    953%    Clay. 
Bervonas  Anton,   foreman   S   P  Co. 
Berwick  Alex,   ironwkr,  b  1409  9th. 
Berwick  Edith  H,   artist,   b  1409   9th. 
Berwick  Edw  G.   ironwkr,  r  1409  9th. 
Berwick  Kate    M,    bkpr    W    H    Parrish,    b 

1029  Chestnut. 
Berwick  Mav  C,  bkpr,  b  1029  Chestnut. 
Berwin  Moses,    watchmkr,    r  S39   33d. 
Berzog  Chas,   waiter  Hotel  St  Mark,    rms 

540  Hobart. 
Bescop  Andr,  cabinetmkr,  r  211  Harlan. 
Bescou  Eugene,   watchman,   r  475  24th. 
Besel  Fred  J,  elk  Examiner,  r  461  22d. 
Beselini  John,   scavenger,    r   149   Miles  av. 
Besenthal  Ernest,    waiter   409    12th. 
Beshlitch  Dean,   grocer  1314   Fruitvale  av, 

r  3055  Blossom. 
Besmire  Edw  D,  bartndr,   rms  377  63d. 
Besoain  John  D.  elec,  r  rear  1001  Adeline. 
Besotti  Andr,   lab,   r  1556   63d. 
Besotti  John,   scavenger,   r  5862  9th. 
Besotti  Jos,    scavenger,    r   5862    9th. 
Besse  Alfred,    furn    rms    861%    Clay. 

Besse  Mary   (wid  Milton),   r  1808   41SMJ 
Bessen  Emilie,    phone  opr   S  P  Co.     1 
Besserer  Chas,   r  941  33d. 
Besserer  Chas    T,    window    trimmer,   I 

941   33d. 
Besson  Laura  C,  b  853  E  21st. 

Best  Chas  J,   mngr  Coast  Ore  and  O 

Co,   r  1143  Jackson. 
Best  Wm,   agt,   rms  1354  13th  av. 
Best  Wm   R,   plumber   1418   46th. 
Beston  Mrs  Margaret   J,   b   810   27th. 
Betancue  Jos  C,   rms  612  12th. 
Betancue    Jos   J,    mngr    Brotherhood 

dowment  Assn,  rms  616  12th. 
Betancue  Lizzie  C,  tchr  Durant  Schot 

487  26th. 
Betancue  Percy,   pressman  Pac  Manlf 

ing  Book  Co,  r  465  22d. 
Betcabe,  see  also  Batcabe. 
Betcabe  Jos,  driver  Jean  Cebollero,  b  ; 

Betchart  Antonio,    dairyman,   r   1023  I 

Beth  Abraham    Congregation,    764    Ha 

Beth  Eden    Baptist   Church,    w   s    Fil 

bet  7th  and  8th. 
Beth  Jacob   Congregation   Church,   Ca 

ne  cor  9th. 
Betheall  Villard,   bkpr,    r   1225   Linder 
Bethel  Frank  J   (Cross  &  Bethel), 

Bethel  Mission,  301  9th. 
Betmon  Emily,  hlpr  Pac  Manifolding  I 

Co,  b  1205  64th. 
Betmon  John    B,    butcher    Bayle-Lac 

Co,  r  1205  64th. 
Betmon  Louis,    Indry  6922   San   Pablo ! 
Betteher  Otto   F,   salsn   Houck   Paint 

r  1102   E   15th. 
Bettencourt  Antone,     barber     5835 

tuck  av. 
Bettencourt  Miss  E,   seams  Taft   &   I 

noyer,   r  San   Leandro. 
Bettencourt  Frank,   oils  1105   28th. 
Bettencourt  Geo    J,    carp,    r   3708    Pe 

man  av. 
Bettencourt  Harry,   lab,    b  612%    5th. 
Bettencourt  John,     driver    Henry     St 

beck,    r  442   38th. 
Bettencourt  John     (Banchio     &      Bet 

court),  r  1528%  Bway. 
Bettencourt  John,    deckhand    S    P 

315  E  16th. 
Bettencourt  John  J,  saloon  5833  Shatt 

Bettencourt  John  T,   b  442  38th. 
Bettencourt  Jos,  lab,  r  728  Chestnut. 
Bettencourt  Jos    A,     lab,     r    2896    Val 

Bettencourt  Jos    J,    creamery    5985 

tuck  av. 
Bettencourt  Lucy    I,    seams    Abrahan 

Bros,    b  315   E  16th. 
Bettencourt  Luzia  C   (wid  Manuel),  r 

Bettencourt  Manuel,   b  442  38th. 
Bettencourt  Manuel,  bartndr,  b  5833  S 

tuck  av. 
Bettencourt  Manuel  (Bettencourt  & 

r  1172  7th. 
Bettencourt  Manuel  E,  lab,  r  w  s  W( 

s  of  2d. 
Bettencourt  Manuel  J,   r  802  40th. 
Bettencourt  Manuel    J,    lab,    r    Bay 

av  opp  Peach,  Elmhurst. 
Bettencourt  Manuel  S,  r  1462   5th. 

F.  WILLIS  SHARPE  Golif^drsmi 

487  Fourteenth  St.,  Bet.  Broadway  and  Washington 

OAKLAND.     cX 

Phon.   O.hl.nd  3376 


aturday  Evening  Post 


OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


neourt  Manuel  S,  lab  Hogan  Lbr  Co, 

116  Marlon  av. 

neourt  Saml,  lab,  r  612%  5th. 

neourt  &   Leal   (Manuel  Bettencourt, 

:hony  Leal),  printers  1409  11th. 

s  Thos,   rms  829  Peralta. 

s  Benj  C,  solr,  rms  604   San  Pab  av. 

sy  Rose,     dipper     Barton-Stephenson 

b  862  20th. 

nan  Block,  E  12th  sw  cor  12th  av. 
<n  Frank  S,   buyer  Kahn  Bros,   r  935 

>n  Mrs  Mary  T,  b  935  Apgar. 
isso  Zeo,   lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
;  Chas  M,  painter,  b  1365  Bway 
i  Kdw,  comp.  b  662  Alleen. 
i  Ida,  dom  226  11th. 
i  Jos,  elec,  r  662  Aileen. 
i  May    M     (wid    Orrlngton),     r    1365 
rs  Chas,  lab  S  P  Co. 

Henry,  lab,   r  858  31st. 
5l  Alvln,   b  121   Laurel  av. 
ler  Chas    E,    asst    County    Surveyor, 
509  Wheeler. 

ile  Laurent,  bartndr  471  7th. 
•ih  Aged   Colored  Home,    Mrs   Harriet 
Davis   matron,    Beulah   Hts   nr  Mills 
ah  Chapel,  n  s  Alice   2  e  of  Orchard 

Beulah  Hts. 
ah  Park,  Hopkins  nr  14th  av. 
ah  Rescue    Home    (Salvation    Army), 
ce  nr  Mills  College, 
ah  School,   n   s   Tompkins   av   1   e   of 
mtington  av,  Beulah  Hts. 
ah  Station,  w  s  Alice  1  s  of  Rose  av, 
ulah  Hts. 

ie  Eugene,    driver    French    Bakeries 
.  b  811  Clay.  „ 

icher  Mrs    C     E,     robemkr     Western 
sket  Co,  r  908  Fruitvale  av. 
lemer  Chas,  bartndr  611  E  12th. 
ion  Bernard,    carp,    b    14    Wayne, 
in  Chas,  printer,  b  112  Glen  av. 
in  Dora  G,  stenogr,  b  3756  Howe, 
in  Eliza  J  (wld  Wm  H),  b  3756  Howe, 
in  Geo,  millhand  W  P  Fuller  &  Co,  r 
14%  Filbert. 

in  Mildred   M,   milliner  Rabt   Mott,   b 
56  Howe, 
sr  G  W,   mining,  rms  Hotel  Crellin. 

eridge  Helen 

801  37th  av. 

flagman  O 

r  5th  coi 

lab    Oliva    &    Martini, 


sridge  Wm,  mach,  r  801  37th  av. 

eridge  Wm  Jr.  appr,  b  801  37th  av. 

erly  Clifton    C,    clockmkr    Harry    Mor- 

n,   r  Elmhurst. 

erly  Douglas,  bartndr  1547  34th,  r  1632 


erly  Frank  L,  furn.   r  445  60th. 

erly  Jas,  lab,  b  1111  22d. 

erley  The,   furn   rms  958   Clay. 

ert  Carmileta,     lndry    wkr    Okld    Cal 

owel  Co,   b  1062  62d. 

ert  Lydia,   tel  opr,  b  1062  62d. 

ert  Reta,   died   Aug  20,   '09,  age  24. 

ert  Wm  L,   lab.   r  1062   62d. 

la  David,  lab  S  P  Co. 

ler  Mrs   Anna,    waitress   462   9th. 

ington  Chas.  eng,   r  950  Adeline. 

/all  Chas    G,    blksmlth    S    P   Co,    r   956 


/all  John    E.    blksmlth.    r   1460   12th. 

er  Wm   E.    elk.    r  2070   13th   av. 

non  Benj    P,    car    opr    Key    Route,    i 

6%   47th. 

Bevnon  D 


Beynon  John,    lab,   r   4098  Linden. 
Beynon  Thos  H,   foreman,   b  540  William 
Beyer  Floyd,    driver    Okld    Parcel    Del,    i 

316%   10th. 
Bezdeka  Ladislav,  tailor,  r  1458  Castro. 
Blaggi  Anton,  lab.  b  623  Bway. 
Biagini  Angello,    blksmlth   Jos   Pierotti   & 

Sons  Co,   r  24  Jones  av,  Elmhurst. 
Biagini  Guiliami.  blksmith,   r  s  s   4th  5  e 

of  Jones  av,  Elmhurst. 
Blalawski  Peter  W,  cigar  mnfr  w  s  Cora 

1  s  of  E   14th. 
Bialawski  Saml,  cigarmkr,  r  w  s  Cora  3  s 

of  Rudsdale. 
Bianchi  Mary,   elk  Jos   Cataldi,   b  1143   E 

Bianchi  Oswell.  horseman,  r  1074  47th. 
Bianchi  Sebastian,  lab,  r  5210  E  10th. 
Bianchi  Silvio,   ironwkr  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Bianchini  Michl  A,   bartndr  661  Bway. 
Bianchini  Oreste,  fish  Free  Market,  r  1673 

Blanco  Giovanni,   lab   Oliva  &  Martini, 

680  Market. 
Blanco  John,  lab,  r  677  3d. 
Bianco  Umberto,    gaswkr   Okld   G   L   and 

H  Co,   r  612%  5th 
Biani  Giuseppe, 

680  Market. 
Blare  Richd  M,  pres  Hotel  Metropole  Co 

r  Hotel  Metropole. 
Bias  Jos  A.   student,   b  978  E  15th. 
Bias  Manuel,   r  978   E  15th. 
Bibb  Orin  T,  tel  opr,  b  587  Merrimac. 
Bibber  Thos  B,  mngr  Excelsior  Lndry  Co, 

r  318  Tel  av. 
Bibbins  Chas  D,   r  392  Oakland  av. 
Bibblns  Chas  R.   r  521  Chestnut. 
Bibby  J    Win,    carp,    r   3227    Chicago   av, 

Bibby  Richd  J,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1798  19th 

Biben  Jennie  L,  baker  Oscar  Ring,  b  3200 
Foothill   boul. 

Bice,  see  also  Byce.  __  TO 

Bice  John,  hostler  S  P  Co,  r  877  Pine. 

Bichon  Gustave  (Bichon  &  Malllard),  r 
High  ne  cor  Rose  av,   Leona  His. 

Bichon  &  Malllard  (Gustave  Bichon. 
Henrv  Maillard),  proprs  Rose  Park  Ho- 
tel, High  ne  cor  Rose  av,  Leona  Hts. 

Rick  Wcslev  L,  elk  O  T  Co,  .r  3940  Ruby. 

Bickel  Emli  C,  grocer  4601  Congress  av, 
r  2301  46th  av.  .     . 

Bickel  Geo   F.   watchman,   r  195o  Union. 

Bickoll  Arthur    W,    printer,    b    4880    Web- 

Bickel'l  Mrs    Hattie    (Hattie    Blckell    Ptg 

Co),   r  4880  Webster. 
Blckell  Hattio    Printing    Co    (Hattie    and 

L  A  Blckell).   4880  Webster. 
Bickell  Lewis  A  (Hattie  Blckell  Ptg  Co) 

r  4SS0  Webster. 
Bickford  Edgar     H.     optometrist     Chinn- 

Beretta  Co,  r  Bkly. 
Bickford  Guy    L,    eng    Morrltt    Hospital. 

r  652  52d.  „  ,.     ... 

Bickford  Helen  E.  stenogr  Messmer  Smith 

Co,  r  Bkly.  , 

Bickford  Lulu,    nurse    St   Anthony  s   Hos- 

B&fcford  Wlnfred  C,  r  806  54th. 

Bicklng  Jos.  Ice  cream  mkr  E  Lehnhardt, 

b  166  E  11th.  _p 

Biiklls  Vincent,    lab,    r  1014   Wood. 
Riddle  Arthur    T,    dep    County    Recorder. 

r  Newark.   Cal. 

NDRtW  WntLlUN   LHosNegolHtcd     lisuraicc 




and  Wood 






Telephone     421 

SAN     LEANDRO.     CAL. 





















1910      POIjK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

Hardware  Dealers  Don't  Sell  Shoes 

For   land's   sake   consult  a  land   spec- 
ialist  when    about    to   seek   a    money- 
making   real   estate   investment. 
Holcomb  Realty  Co.,  Inc. ,  Investor  of  Capital 

SAN   PABLO  AVE.,  AT  17th  ST. 
Arc     Reliable     Ground     Floor     SPECIALISTS 

Biddle  Henry  C,  tchr  Horton  School,  r 
3k!  y. 

Middle  Thos  R,   moved  to  Honolulu. 

Biddle  Wm,  plasterer.  5701  Dover. 

Biddolph  Jas,  r  1118  11th  av. 

Bidwell  Anna  R  (wid  A'ansDn  O),  b  2S 
Bay  pi. 

Bidwell  ICarl,  driver  Am  Exr,  &  Storage 
Co,   b   S09  36th. 

Bidweil  Leolen  M,   tinner,   r!  3S27  "Viola. 

metier  Dorothy,    student    Mills    College. 

Biedenbaeh  Chas  L,  pres  Alameda  Coun- 
ty Board  of  Education,  Hall  of  Reco-raa, 
r   Bkly. 

Biedenweg-  Mrs  Eva,  tclir  Grant  School, 
r  Ala. 

Biedcrmann  Hans  E,  bartndr,  b  809  E 

Biedman  John  A,  sec  Pioneer  Wet  Wash 
Laundry  Co.  r  1341  63d. 

Rieghle  Mrs  Sarah  E,  r  1901  19th  av. 

Piel   Herman,    elk  Jas   Lynch,    b  551   34th. 

Bieleck  Ethel  J,  stenogr  Jackson  Furn 
Co,   r  Ala. 

Bieler  Ida,  b  1113  8th. 

Bielich  Michael  G,  poultry-  n  s  Quigley  1 
e  of  Charles. 

"Hielstein  Oscar  H,  lather,  r  ?30  Hollis. 

Bieri  John,  stableman,  East  Okld  Cream- 
ery   Co. 

Biers,    see   also  Beers. 

Biers  Carl  S,  foreman  Sunset  Tel  Co,  r 
S70  32d. 

Biers  Jennie    E     (wid    Chas    H),    r    4328 

em?    Sunset    Tel 


ir  Bay 

Pi?rs  J    Gordor 

4328  Lyon  av. 
Biettley  Joseph,  seaman,  b  864  20t 
Bietitley  Josephine     (wid     Justin), 

Biettlay  Rose,  elk,  b  S64  '20th. 
Big-elow  Allie,   bartndr  E  14th  ne  c 

View  av,   r  Jores  av,   Elmhurst. 
Bigelow  Bdw   C,    fireman,   b   1501%    8th. 
Big-elow  G  D,  mach,  b  L  M  Bigelow. 
Bigelow  G  R  hlpr  S  P  Co. 
Bigelow  Henry  A.   c;k   S  I'  Co,   r  960  Pe> - 

Big-elow  John  H,  mach  255  Bay  pi.  r  Sun- 

nyside  2  n  of  Jones  av,  Elmhurst. ' 
Bigelow  Judge  P,  driver  W  F  &  Co,  r  760 

Bigelow  Louis   E,   fuel   and   feed,    535    San 

Pab  av.  r  1422  Castro. 
Bigelow  Lucy  E.   r  1437  Chestnut. 
Big-elow  Lyman  M,  mach.  r  s  s  Sunnyside 

2  v,'  Jones  av,  Elmburst. 
Bigelow  Olive    K,    elk    Taft    &    Pennover, 

r  1501%    8th. 
Bigelow  Walter,  surveyor,  rms  864  Washn 
Bigelow  Walter  S,  carp,  r  1414  Filbert. 
Biselow  Ximemia  C    (wid   Chas   E),'  r  760 

Biggam  Jas   A.    cond   O    'I'   Co.    r  u   s   Or- 
chard av  1  s  of  Oak. 
Biggar  Mrs  Kaitherine  E.  r  6S1  25ih. 
Bigge  Henry  C.   bench  hd  Pac  Coast  L  & 

M  Co,   r  734  Magnolia. 

Biggei staff  Fredk,    tchr   Mills    Collaged! 
Biggerstaff  John   C,    carp  Clayton  Adjl 

tising  Co,    rms   622   Webster. 
Biggi  Giovanni    (G   Biggi    &    Co),    r  If 

Tel  av. 
Biggi    G    &    Co     (Giovanni     Bi£gi,    Mf 

Cuneo),  grocers  5597  Tel  av. 
Biggins  Mrs  Millie  E,  r  1339  52d  av. 
Biggs  Geo,  emu  S  P  Co,  r  737  14th. 
Biggs  Milton,   b  1702%   10th. 
;-;iggv     John,  b  137  Shatter  av. 
Bigham  John,  lab,  res  Murray  av 

E  14th. 
Biglcr  Robt,  carp,  r  1902  Adeline. 
Bigler  W  L,  elk  O  T  Co,  r  Williams,  J 

Bigler  W  W.  elk  O  T  Co.  r  2107  Filb 
Bigley  Wm  H,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  836  54  til 
Bigley  Winnifred    H,     cataloguer, 

Bignami  Celestine   (wid  Louis),  r  5 
Bignan.i  Dominiek,  architect,  b  564  22i 
Bignami  F   C,    carp    Board   of   Educat 

r  156  Clarcmont  av. 
Bignami  J,  hlpr  Robert  Dalziel  .Tr  Co. 
Bijou    Dream    Theater,    National    Anil 

ment  Co   prcprs,    1231   Bway. 
Bilderback  Frank  J,  carp,  r  409  4th. 
Bilderfoack  Jos,   carp,   rms   1086  41st. 
Bilger  Anson,    student,   b  407  Vernon. 
Bilger  Frank  W,   sec  Blake  &  Bilger; 

r  407  Vernon. 
Bilger  Marion,  student,  b  407  Vernon. 
Bilkev  J  H,  emp  S  P  Co. 
Bill  Chris,   lab,   rms  562  11th. 
Bill  Mrs    Clementine    E,    ins    ngt, . 


Bill  Eupinos,    pool   1686  7th.    r  1651   sa 
Bill  Geo   C,    baggageman   S   P   Co,    r. 

Bill  Jacob,  poultry,  r  w  s  Jones  av  1 

El  mar  av. 
Bill  Philip,  b  1385  12th. 
Bill  Mrs  Welcome,   r  1170  E  15th. 
Billestach  Catherine    (wid    Geo),    r 

Blllesbach  Thomas    J,    bartndr    4Y3    1 

r  1123  Tel  av. 
Billhardt  Paul,  upholstr,  rms  914  Caa 
Billimors  B  R,  stair  bldr,  rms  471  9th 
Billing  Annie  (wid  Chas),  b  3727  Quig 
Rilling  Elbrjdge  W.  elk,  b  750  61st. 
Billing  Wm  "H,  r  750  61st. 
Billings  Caro,  b  578  16th. 
Billings.   Mrs    Christina,    b   1553    Hlghl 

av,   Elmhurst. 
Billings  Jennie  F  (wid  Jas  F),  art  ne| 

work,    r  431  36th. 
Billington  Chas  H,   eng,   280  9th. 
Billington  Frank,    dept    foreman    Tribv 

r  Ala. 
Billington  Mrs  Frank  W,  b  S67  21st. 
Billington  G  Grant,  buyer,  r  284  9th. 
Billington  Robt,  mach  Tribune,  r  Ala.> 
Billis  Jas,  r  1024  45th. 
Billips  John    P,    elec    United   Iron    Wki 

30th  cor  Tel  av. 
Billips  J  H.  .rms  1705   Tel  av. 
Billis  Lottie,   music   tchr,   b  1024    45th. 
Billman  Maurice  C,   agt  Met  Life  Ins 

r    308    14th. 
Bills  Henrv  A,   meat  ctr  J   )3  Bills,  r  : 

F    15th. 
Bills  Jacob   B,    meats   121S   23d  av,   r 

E    15th. 
-Rills  John  H,   salsn,   r  -16S   Fairmount 
Bills  Rebecca,    tchr    Lincoln    School, 

961  Jackson. 
Bills  Welcome  R,  b  1170  E  15th. 
Bills  Wm  C,  bkmn  S  P. Co. 
Bils-e  Adolf,  r  5390  Tel  ev. 

6  months  old 
before  bottling 


Oakland  3 




462-464  Thirteenth  St. 

B*L  Brc>4<lw»r  *oJ  WuUmflw  SU 

OAKIiAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 



al  esSte  Actirrs  and  auctioneers. 

14-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

i.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Chester,   driver  Goldberg,   Bowen  & 

b  5390  Tel  av. 

Emil,  elk.   b  5390  Tel  av. 

Heribert,   b  5390  Tel  av. 

Ralph  O,  hlpr  Illuminated  Signs  Co. 

S9U  Tel  av. 

,in  Robt  T,   carp,   b  s  s  Williams   - 

'  Nutley  av. 

IG  CO, 

unroe  Mngr.  Cash  and  Package  Car- 
s  955%  Clay. 

■f  Adolph.  mngr  Electric  House  Ren- 
ting Co.  r  88  Hamilton  pi. 
jn  Ixiuisa.  dressmkr,  b  1102  10th. 
■r  Josephine,  seams,  b  1314;4  12th  av 
:r  Louis,  mach,  2114%  12th  av. 
■r  Louis      Jr.      wheelwright      Water- 
ise  &  Lester  Co.  b  1314%  12th  av. 
lo  Francisco,   lab,  b  71  McAdam. 
rd  Benj  H,  Student  Polytechnic  Bus- 
es Col,    r  Bkly.  . 
ird  Herman.       student       Polytechnic 
siness  Col,  b  564  11th. 
unsn  Jos  W,  lawver  1105  Union  Sav- 
s  Bank  bldg.   r  555  Eldorado  av. 
jam  Adelaide   A    (wid   Saml),    b    1131 
gnolia.                               _        _    _,        , 
ham  Bros    (Isaiah  W,   W  m   R  II  and 
zekiah),  contrs  37  Moss  av. 
ham  Earl  S.   b  1053  2d  av. 
ham  Eliza  P  (wid  S  L),  r  1053  2d  av. 
ham  Forest,   millman.   rms  541   22d. 
ham  Herbert  B,  plasterer,  b  744  o6th. 
ham  Hezekiah  (Bingham  Bros),  b  37 

ham  Isaiah  W  (Bingham  Bros),  r  37 
as  av.  , 

ham  Wm  H  (Bingham  &  Pycock),  r 
,4  Park  av.  „       „      . 

ham  Wm  R  H  (Bingham  Bros),  b 
Moss  av,  ■ 

ham  &  Pvcock  (W  H  Bingham,  Jos 
cock),  restaurant,  1314  Park  av, 

man  Louis,  bartndr.  rms  403  Tel  av. 
eim   Max,   editor   Calif  Zeitung,    r  30 

Elizabeth,  machine  opr,  b  1421  14th. 
,ard  Edith  (wid  Louis),  b  279  Park 
few    ter.  „„   „    . 

,ard  Jos,   court   reporter,    r   279   Park- 

lard  Morris,  salsn,  r  279  Parkview  ter. 

leweg  Abraham,    r   1532   Highland   av. 

ley    F   W.    eng   S    P   Co. 

is     Edw    H,    meats    S23    San    Pab    av, 

690   Sycamore. 

IB  Roy    B.    elk,    b    4294    Montgomery. 

is  Wm,    mach.    r    4294    Montgomery. 

isman   J,    cond   O   T   Co,    r   487    44th. 

icca    Wm.    student,    b    634    60th. 

'idi  Alex,    barber,    r    666    53d. 

idi   Salvatore.    porter,    r  916   5th. 

h,    see    also    Bureh. 

h  Alex  H,  studt  Polytechnic  Bus  Col 

Ala.     ■ 

Birch  John.    carp,    rms    1311    16th    av. 
Birch  Lizzie,    b    1262    26th    av. 
Birch   Lillian,   stenogr,   b   859   Madison. 
Birch   Raymond  C,   elk,   b  1262   26th  av. 
Birch  Thos,    contr,    859    Madison. 
Eircham    Elizabeth    L    (wid    Thos    S),    J 

1188    E    21st. 
Bircham  Maud  M,  stenogr,  b  1188  E  21st 
Birchville    Mining    Co,    John    A    Bunting 
pres;    J    F  Davies,    sec;    G9    Bacon    bldg 
Birik  Alex,    carp    S    P    Co. 
Bird  Benj   B,    r  734   62d. 
Bird  Chas    G,    sec    Pacific    Coast   Lbr    « 

Mill    Co,    r    476    36th. 
Bird  Chas   M,    carp,    b   1120   E   21st. 
Bird  Dana    V.    carp,    b    1120    E    21st. 
Bird     Frank  J.     carp,  r  125  Hannah. 
Bird  Frank   M,    elk,    b    1120   E    21st. 
Bird  Geo     F,     elk     Albin       Sutherland, 

19th    n    e    cor    Tel    av. 
Bird    Mrs    Helen,    r    327    Grand    av. 
Bird    Mrs   Jennie,    b    519    18th 
Bird  John    E,    rms    864    San    Pab    av. 
Bird  Peter    J.    lab    Judson    Mnfg    Co. 
Bird  Ralph    R,    missionary,    r    540    61st. 
Bird  R  J,   car  opr  O  T     Co.   r  371   13th. 
Bird  Saml   A,    salsn,    r   1607%    Myrtle. 
Bird  Wm    A,    carp,    r    1120    E    21st. 
Birdsall    Bailey   M,    real    est,    r    420    Shaf- 

Birdsall  J  B,  salsn,  rms  9th  nw  cor  Oak. 
Birdsell  Frank    L>,     driver,    r    266    Wals- 
worth    av.  n»iii-- 

Birkhofer   Herman   A.    appr   W   H   Miller, 

r    4149    Piedmont    av. 
Birkland    B.    bldg   contr     811    53d. 
Birkquist    Mary    A    (wid    Andr),    r    1014 

Jefferson.  . 

Birmingham,    see    also    Bermingham. 
Birmingham  Panl    F     brkmn.    r _  930 i     .th. 
Birmingham  James    F,    elk.    b    508    43d. 
Birmingham  John,   r  508  43d. 
Birmingham  Mildred     M,       stenogr      Hol- 

comb    Realty    Co,    r    Bkly. 
Birmingham  Wentworth    R,    miner,    r    lb' 

Brooklyn   av. 
Birmingham    Wilbert,    elk,    r  Hillsborougl 

cor   Bay. 
Birnbauni    Wm.    r  1056    2d  av. 
Birner   John,    driver,    b    513    24th. 
Birner  Jos,    lab,    r    513    24th. 
Birnholm   Henry    I,    seaman,    r    Baker   av 

n   w   cor  Orion. 
Birr  Herman    T,    mngr    Household    Loan 

Co,    r    3864   West. 
Birsinger    Alphonse.    b    575    »6th. 
Hirsinger   Chas,    cementwkr,    r  575    56th. 
Rirtrup   T. cond   O   T   Co,    r  628   47th 
Bisagno  Angela    (wid    Louis),    r    21    Moss 

Bisagno   Antonio,    r   1130  Kirkham. 
Bisazza    Ellen    (wid    Sperodiona),    r      916 

Bisbham   Josiah.    r   1023   45th. 
Bischof  Jos  ''..   l>   -'146  Grove. 
Bischof  Martin   T,    elk,   b    2146   Grove 
Bischoff  Chas    A,    salsn    F   J    Bischoff,    r 

Roslvn    Apts. 
Bischoff  Fred    J.    surg    insls    102    Tel    av, 

r  494   Moss  av.  . 

Bischoff  John  A,   contr,   692   Poirur. 
Bischoff  Leo.    mach,    1>    1119    19th. 
Bischoff  Michael    M.    fireman    Okld    O    L 

&    H   Co,    r    1119    19th. 
Bishop  Ada     A     (wid    John     N),       r      93c 

Chestnut.  _  , 

Bishop  Anna   (wid  Herbert),    r  384  WalS- 

Bishop  Anna   (wid  Patrick),  r  1053  55th. 

*  c 



g  4  _. 
-  -  Uj 


united  states 
'oomplete'epitome  of  the:  lumber 



0  i 

•*  c 

K     0 

•~  ft  I 


H    §2-3 




Acetylithe  Welding  Machines,  Acetylithe  Generators 
Acetylithe  Portable  Lamps,  Acetylithe  Out  Door  Illuminating  Plan 

1910      POLK-HUSTEO      CO.'S 


V.-.RIST.    ST  \Tl')N  \PY.    PIMPING 
..: .!  HObliNt   ESC1NLJ  Ex. 

Dtnnisorf  and  hin-j  Sis.  [a>t  Wdri 

Bishop  Artemese  (wld  Wm).  r  964  Castro. 

Bishop  A,   lab  Hogan   Lbr  Co. 

Bishop  Mrs  Carrie    (wid  Henry),    rms   180 

Bishop  Chas,    stereotyper   Okld    Enquirer, 

r  Bkly. 
Bishop  Edgar,    real    est    464    10th,    r    1165 

Bishop  Edw  J,   cond  O  T  Co,   b  890  30th. 
Bishop  Emma,   stenogr,   b  935  Chestnut. 
Bishop  F.    Elizabeth,    b    428    34th. 
Bishop  Frances  H   (wid  L  D).  r  428  34th. 
Bishop  Frank    C,     bkpr      State       Savings 

Bank,    r  Bkly. 
Bishop  Geo  L,    rms  ISO  8th. 
Bishop  Harriet,     etudt    Polytechnic     Bus 

Col,   b  384   Walsworth  av. 
Bishop  Harris,   reporter  Okld   Enquirer,   r 

1140  Adeline. 
Bishop  Harry,  eng,   r  w  s  Mary  nr  Clay. 
Bishop  Harry   W,    mgr   Ye  Liberty    Play- 
house,   r   1382   Alice. 
Bishop  Henry,    waiter   S   P   Co. 
Bishop  Herbert,     undertaker    Jas     Taylor 

Co,    rms    572    15th. 
Bishop  Homer,     cook    Elks    Club,     r    762 

Bishop  Howard,  decorator,  r  140  Olive  av. 

Bishop  Jas,   carp,   b  960  41st. 
Bishop  Jas    R,    carp,    b    1302    10th. 
Bishop  Jas  W,    lab,   r  575  Kennedy. 
Bishop  Jesse  A,   boiler  mkr   R  Dalziel  Jr 

Co,    r  827   Brush. 
Bishop  John  A,  dairy,  r  175  Kepton  av. 
Bishop  John  E,  cigars  468  7th,   r  890  30th. 
Bishop  Laura,    elk,    b   964    Castro. 
Bishop  Laura  (wid  Gene),   r  4372  Howe. 
Bishop  Lewis   H.   salsn  J  H   McDonald  & 

Co,   r  534   28th. 
Bishop  Lewis  T,   barber,  r  2140   Chestnut. 
Bishop   Margaret    (wid   Jas),   r  w  s   Mary 

nr  Clay. 
Bishop  May.    elk,    b    935    Chestnut. 
Bishop  Ralph    W    (Bishop    &   Wyruck),    b 

890   30th. 
Bishop  Retta,  elk  in  charge  P  O  sta  10,  b 

320  19th. 
Bishop  Robt,    rancher,    r   5650   Marshall. 
Bishop  Saml,    millman   Pacific   Lbr  Co. 
Bishop  Silas  S,   cement  wkr,    r  613B   17th. 
Bishop  Walter  J,  shingler.  b  575  Kennedy 
Bishop  Wilson,     ins    r    296    Harwood    av. 
Bishop  Wm,    solr,    rms    616    Bwav. 
Bishop  Willard    H,    lab,    r    208    E    8th. 
Bishop    &    Wyruck     (Ralph      W      Bishop, 

Homer    Wyruck),    shooting    gallery,    470 

Bisquer  Marcelinc.    lndrv    wkr.    b    416      E 

Bisschop  Jos   D.    plumber   S   P  Co,    r  3322 

Bistiani    Annie      (wid      Peter),      r      732% 

Bistorious    Albert,    r    674    17th. 
Bistorious   Bora   T,    elk  H   O  Capwell   Co. 

h   5?.6%   31st. 
'Jistrup  W.   cond   O  T  Co.   r  628  47th. 

Either    Lucy    E    (wid    Hartley    A), 

E   18th. 
Bittenccurt  John,  ferry  emp.  r  315  E 
Bitterman  Marie  (wid  Chas),  r  612 
Bitterman  Rudolph    C,    optician,    t 


Biven  Edwin  T,  elk,  b  916  Chestnu! 
Biven  Ila  M,  elocutionist,  b  916  Chef 
Biven  Jos    S,    asst    health    insptr,    1 

Biven  Millie  S   (wid  Fredk),  r  916  C 

Biven  F;aymond,  -slk   Okld  G   L  &  I 

b  916  Chestnut. 
Biven   Rasey  F,    mach,    b   916   Chest! 
Bixby  Chas   A,   druggist,    r  412   63d. 
Bixbv  Earl  R,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Bixby  Helen   T,   tehr,   b   412   63d. 
Bixby  Levi    S,    U  S   storekpr,   1470  I 
Bixler  David,   slsn   Warden-Meeker 

10  Lakeside  Apts. 
Ejcrke  Anton,  carp,  r  1215  51st  av. 
Bjork  Aug,  lab,  r  1616  Orange  Grov 
Bjork  Karl  G,  tailor,  1269  24th  av. 
Bjork  Lage,  tailor,  b  858  West. 
Bjorkman  Philip,  mach,  r  571  Fair 
Blabon  Chester   W,    draftsman,    i 

10th  av. 
Blachler  A   T,   lab   S   P  Co. 
Blachly  Marie,    nurse,    b    1446    E    17t 
Black  Alex   W,   mach  Sibbett  Mnfg 

664%   21st. 
Black  Arch   A   elk,   b   6509   Raymonc 
Black   Archbald   L,    surveyor,   r   737 
Black  A  M,   elk   The   Toggery,   r 
Black  A    W.    tchr   Okld    Conservato 

Music,   v   S   F. 
Black  Benj    (Laubensteln    &   Black), 


Black  Benj  E,  grocer  1600  8th,  r  160' 
Black   Chas   A,    chemist,   r  634   El 

Black  Elsie  M,  tel  opr,  b  3139  Grace 
Black  Frank   A.    fireman    S   P   Co, 

54th  av. 
Black  Frank  M.  cond  S  P  Co. 
Black   Fred   D,   b  218  12th. 
Black  Geo  W,  driver,   r  703   17th. 
Black    Geo    P.    porter,    r    1284    61st. 
Black    Gertrude,    stenogr,    b    671    53d 
Black  Glorvina  (wid  Josiah),   r  837  2' 
Black   Grace,    stenogr,    b  671   53d. 
Black  Hawk  Stables  563  7th. 
Black   Hazel,    b   664%    21st. 
Black  Henry  J,  painter,  b  837  29th. 
Black   Ida,   elk.   b  1460  Myrtle. 
Black  Jas  B,  b  634  Eldorado  av. 
Black  Jas  M,  stevedore,  r  2320  Mitci 
Black  Jas  T.  elk  R  M  S,  r  3139  Gract 
Black  Jas  W.  cond  O  T  Co.  r  359  Ore 
Black    John,    carp,    r   1086    61st. 
Black  John    L,    elec,    r  20   8th. 
Black  Jos,  junk,   r  1460  Myrtle. 
Black   Jos   C    (Black's   Package    Ston 

324  E  14th. 
Black  Julia  A  (wid  Saml  M).  r  515  I 

Black    Lena,    dressmkr   1083   Clay. 
Black  Lewis  C.   r  18   Lake   Shore  ap 
Black   Lewis  C   (Black's   Package  Sfc 

r  468  E  14th. 
Black    Lila,    stenogr    First    Trust 

Bank,    rms   Lake  Shore  apts. 
Black    Margaretta    (wid    Albert), 

Tel  av. 
Black  Marv  (wid  Jas  N),  r  3139  Gra* 
Black   Mary   E   (wid   Albert),    matron 

Cottage,  Cottage  Av  nr  4th  av. 
I  Black  May,  elk  E  N  Ewer,   b  664%  2 

We  Deliver  in  Ookl.n  J 

J.  LEWIN.  Manager 






We  tfive  One  Year's  Subscriptions  to  any  U*e  our  Superior  Grade  of  Products  and 

$1.00  Magazines  Fiee  advantage  of  our  Premium  Ufic 


C.    Grosjein,    Propr 


Oakland  ! 

Domestic  and  Imported  Wines  and  Liquors 

HOMR  A  8680       Family  Trade»Specia!ty    Member  Cbamber  ol  Commerce 

O.VKMND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

:  Myrtle   M    (wld   Fred   F),    1312   54th 

:  Oak  Development  Co  505  First  Natl 
lk  bldg. 

;'s  Package  Stores  Inc.  L  C  Black 
s,  J  C  Black  vice-pres,  M  B  Graham 
,  grocers  304  12th  av  and  1002  Bway. 
:  Percie  C  (Reed,   Black  &  Reed),   r 

I   Rod    C,    plumber  3515   Champion,    r 

t  Sand,    Gold    and    Platinum    Mining 
Inc,  Paul  Johnson  mngr,   ft  16th  av. 
c  Stewart,   cook   S   P  Co. 
c  Victor  D,  salsn,  r  1022  5th  av. 
c  Wm,   mngr  Laubenstein  &  Black,   r 

t  Wm  H,  mining,  r  680  33d. 

c  Wm   M,    b   2024   Brook. 

tadore    John    L,    salsn    Natl    Supply 

r   Bkly. 
taller  Geo  A,   trav  agt,   r  4140   Mont- 

jailer  Thos  F.  acct  Kirchner  &  Mante 
,  r  3793  Howe. 

tburn  Chas.  carriagemkr.  r  833  Castro 
kburn  Chas  E.  eng,   r  1422   10th. 
(cburn    Frank    J,    r   4423    E   14th. 
tburn    Jessie,    elk    Geo    Mosbacher,    b 
9   Kains    av. 
kburn    John,    waiter    S    P    Co.    r    1106 

kburn  Ravmond,  brkman,  b  1422  10th. 
kburn  "Walter  H,  switchman,  b  1422 

kburn  Wm.   b  1737   12th  av. 
kburn  Wm  T,  elk.  r  636  62d. 
kford   R  H.   student   Polytechnic   Bus 
I   b  133  Hanna. 

khart  I,illlan  M  (wid  John  H),  rms 
[3  8th. 

kedge  John  S,  ladies'  tailor  658  Tel  av 
kler  Arch  T,  carp,  res  Grand  av  3  n 
E  14th. 

klock  Wm,  saw  filer,  rms  474  9th. 
kman  Mrs  Amelia  L.   r  170   E   14th. 
kman  Annie  (wid  Saml),  notions  Free 
irket,  r  618  5th. 
kman  Christian,  died  Aug  31,  '09,  age 

ACKMAN  E  L  CO  (Inc), 

L  Blackman,  Pres;  F  O  Blackman, 
ce  Pres;  Fredk  Anderson,  Sec  and 
ngr;  Lumber  and  Building  Material 
31  E  14th,  Phone  Merritt  563. 
ikman  Ernest  L,.  pres  E  L  Blackman 
>,  r  4129  E  14th. 

ikman  Fredk  O.  vice-pres  E  L,  Black- 
an  Co,  r  4030  E  14th. 
ikman  Hall  E  14th  nr  High,  Fruitvale 
Ikman  John    lab,   r  828  Wood. 
;kman   Martha,   died   Jan   25,    '09,   age 

ikmar  Ransom  C,  grocer  3980  Pled- 
ont  av. 

3kmer  Geo,  rms  23d  nw  cor  San  Pab  av 
Ikman  Bernard  L  (Matches  &  Black- 
ore),  res  Baker  av  1  s  of  Foothill 

ikwell    Amanda,    seams,    rms   618    18th. 
ikwell  Geo  W,  cleaner,  r  405  E  11th. 
ikwell  Hazel  L.  elk,  r  405  E  11th. 
ikwell   Irwin,    anpr   United   Iron    Wks, 
766    4th. 

ikwell  P  J,  truckman  S  P  Co,  r  766 

ikwell  Retta  B,    elk.   b   405   E   11th. 
ikwell  Robt  J,   molder.  b  766  4th. 

cooley,  langworthy 
&  McCarthy 


2140   CENTER   ST.       BERKELEY 


Alice,    tenr,    b    iM    park    vi 

Blackwood  Loretta  E,  b  330  Park  View 

Blackwood  Rebecca,  died  Sept  28,  '09,  agt 

Blackwood  Richd  H,  r  330  Park  View  ter 

Blackwood  Rlchd  H  Jr,  hlpr  Pac  Mani- 
folding  Book   Co,    b   330   Park  View    ter. 

Blackwood  Robt,  pressman,  b  330  Park 
View  ter 

Blackwood    Ruby,    elk,    b   330    Park   View 

Blacow   Florence   L.,    stenogr  Okld  G   L,   & 

H  Co,  r  1389  Harrison. 
Blacow  Robt  A.   asst   County  Expert  Hall 

of  Records,  r  Centerville,  Cal. 
Bladell  Richd.  carp,   b  935  63d. 
Blaes,   see  also  Blais  and   Blaess 
Blaea  Ernest,  glovemkr  M  W  Hodkins  Co. 

Blaess    Fred    j]    sign    writer    Al    Wood    & 

Bro,   r  854  34th. 
Blaikie   Andr  J.   bkpr.  b  129  Chase. 
Blalkie  Ellen  (wid  Geo  W).  r  129  Chase. 
Hlaikie  Geo  W,  fireman,  b  129  Chase. 
Blain  Jay  W,  b  68  12th 
Blain    Leta,    elk    People's    Express    Co,    b 

Blain   Mrs  Minnie,  furn  rms  440   San  Pab 

Blaine  Robt  E,  eng  Acme  Planing  Mill  Co. 

rms  855  Washn.  . 

Blaine  R  M,  student  Polytechnic  Bus  Col. 

BlairVgnes  A  (wid  Jas),  b  152  E  18th 
Blair    Chas    M,    propertyman    Ye    Liberty 

Play  House,   r  1016  12th. 
Blair  Cyril,  pumper  S  P  Co    r  817  Myrtle. 
Blair  Cyril  H  Jr.  fireman,   b  817  Myrtle. 
Blair  Florence  E.   r  117   Vernal  av 
Blair  Fredk  A,   steward,   r  817  Myrtle. 
Blair  John  N.   moved  to  Santa  Rosa. 
Blair  Virginia  A,  nurse,  b  2035  Minnesota 

Blair  Wm  J.    tmstr,    b   152   E  18th. 

Blair    Wm    W,    dep    Supt    Streets,    r    3711 

Leighton.  , 

Blais    see  also  Blaes  and  Blaess. 
Rials' Henrv.   salsn.   r  102S   10th. 
Blais   Wm   H.    treas    Standard   Warehouse 

Co,    r  1028   10th. 
Blalsdell.    see    also   Blasdell 
Blalsdell   Grace   H,    asst   P   A   Mariotte,    I 

Blalsdell   Lucinda   C    (wid    Sabine    W),    i 

665    E    26th.  ■  „„,, 

Blalsdell  Robt  M.  elk  P  CV  r  665  E  26th. 
Blake   Alfred   E.   dentist,   r  5204   Genoa. 
Blake   Alice  M.  maid   Hotel   St  Mark,    rmi 

264  11th.  4     , 

Blake  Alice  S,   r  Key  Route   Inn. 
Blake    Anson    S.    pres    Blake    &    Bilger    Cl 

and  Okld  Paving  Co.  r  2231  Piedmont  ;n 
Blake  Arthur  E.  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1065  Oak 
Blake    Block   1065  Washn. 
Blake    Block    Annex    516    11th. 
Blake  Chas  E,  mngr  Carpenters    Club  101 

Clay.    ^___ . 



aturday  Evening  Post 








>  C3 

u  {-^ 

0  ■ 

r        3: 

y>      so 

-<  »>  3. 

5  3=^ 
>  «  o  g 
Z        s"s 





ft  <  x 

Trade   Marks    and    Copyrif 


Corner  Market  and  Third  Str< 

1010      POI>K-TTUSTED      CO.'S 




Blake    David,    train    dispr    S    P    Co.    r    403 

E   11th. 
Blake  Edith  F,  bkpr  Trans  Bay  Land   Co. 

b  129  Rio  Vista  av. 
Blake  Mrs  Edna,  mis  322  San  Pab  av. 
Blake   Ernest,   carp,   rms  670  22d. 
Blake  Francis  A.  painter,  r  43  Emerson. 
Blake  Geo,  rms  S03  Clay. 
Blake   Geo   L.    musician,    r   682   E   28th. 
Blake  Harold   .1,   gateman,    r  1054   Market. 
Blake  Jas  K,  piano  tuner,  b  1155  Jackson. 
Blake  John  J.  mngr  Charles  Lyons,  r  S  F. 
Blake  John   R,    raach,   b   600  Jean. 
Blake  Levi  B,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  3811  Washn. 

Blake  Llewellyn,  plumbing  534  24th. 
Blake    Mrs    MAG.    rms    528    11th. 
Blake  Mav.  elk.  b  651  Cvpress. 
Blake  M  K   Estate  Co,  H  R  Havens  pres, 

8  Blake  blk. 


Real  Estate,  Insurance  and  Loans,  No- 
tary Public,  All  Kinds  of  Legal  Blanks, 
Old  No  3206.  New  No  3306  E  14th; 
Phone    Merritt   580,    r   3300   E    14th. 


Mngr  Fruitvale  Hardware  Co,    r  3324    E 
Blake  Porter  H.   mach    r  1600   40th  av. 


Sec   Kohler  &   Chase   (Inc).   r  Ala. 
Blake  Robt  W,  draftsman,  r  1461  50th  av. 
Blake  Wm,    waiter,    r   956%    5th. 
Blake  Wm   H,   painter,    129   Rio  Vista  av. 
Blake  Win   S,   carp,   rms  670  22d. 


A  S  Blake,  Pres;  F  W  Bilger,  Sec  and 
Treas;  E  T  Blake,  Supt:  Quarry  Opera- 
tors and  Building  Mateiial  Dealers,  311 
Oakland  Bank  of  Savings  bldg.  Phone 
Private  Exch   S66,   Home   A2S66. 


R.   Roy  Read  Agt,    906  Broadway. 

Blake  *  Moffit  Law  Library,  C  Fitzger- 
ald,   librarian,    rm    SS,    906    Broadway. 

Blakelee  Dr  Geo  E,  died  Dec  7,  09,  age 

Blakeley  B.    fireman    S    P   Co.    r  Bkly. 

Blakeley  Howard,  tmstr  Chappell  &  Nel- 
scn.    rms    1643    Bway. 

Blakely  Alfred    W,    plumber.    586    Jones. 

Blakely  Ella,     nurse.    S06    13th. 

Blakely  Rollin  A,  driver  Peoples  Ex- 
press  Co,    rms   573   Jones. 

Blakely  Walter  E,  mtr  repr  Okld  G  L 
&    H    Co.    r   102   7th. 

Blakelv  Wm  T,  plasterer,  r  3137  Or- 
chard,    Fruitvale. 

Blaker  Chas  H.  master  mariner  S  P  Co, 
r   1212   E   21st. 

Blakeslee  Marv    V    <v::&      Jos), 

Blaicoh   Florence,    stenogr,    rms   1389  I 

Blakemore,    see-  also    Blackmore. 
Blakemore  Jas   B,   janitor  Lincoln   sel 
I       r    719    19th. 

]  Blanc,    ser>    also    Plank    and    Blanck. 
Blanc  Justin,    furn    rms,    537    8th. 
Blanch  Marie,   r  479  6th. 
Blanchard  Addison    L,     carp,    r    1625 


Blanchard  Adrien   F,    bkpr,    r   703   391 
Blanchard  Aug  D,    b    4216   Webster. 
Blanchard  Bert,    musician,    r    687    E 
Blanchard  Chas    N,    r    550    35th. 
Blanchard    C    Edw    (Natl    Supply    Co 

1021    Peralta. 
Blanchard  F.thel    G,    elk   L  Hilscn,    r 


Blanchard  Eugene,    musician,    b    1S74 
Blanchard  Fanny    (wid    Jerome),    1 

E    11th. 
Blanchard  Ferd    E,    sec    Oscar   Lun 

543    39th. 
Blanchard  G,    rms    371    loth. 
Blanchard  Geo,    foreman   Standard  W 

house    Co,    r    374    E    33d. 
Blanchard  Grace  E,  elk,  b  1053  Perah; 
Blarchard  Henrietta,     music     tchr, 

Blanchard  Julius   I.    elev   opr,    b   70; 
Blanchard  Louise  (wid  Aug),  r  4216  A? 

Blanchard  Montague  F,  elk,  r  Grand 

r>    cor    Orange.    Elmhurst. 
Blanchard  Mrs   M   E,    tchr   Mills   Col! 
Elanchard  Roy    C     (Natl    Supply    Co 

570B    62d. 
Blanchard  Sidney  C,  contr,   575  Mira 

ta  av. 

Blanchard  Walter  H,  acct,  r  4215  Ten 
Blanchard   Wm    E,    condr   S   P   Co,    r 

Blanchard  Wm    E,     switchman    S    P 

r    1374    Sth. 
Blanck,   se«  also  Plane  and  Blank. 
Blanck  Geo    A,    bartndr    1720    7th,    r 

Bland  Wm   L,    waiter,    mis   1674   Sth. 
Blandino    Francisco,    tarter,    r    5S7    - 
Blandow  Wm,    contr,   c  s    Lilly  av  1 

Tulip   av,    r   same,    Leona   Hts. 
Blank,    see    alsc    Blanc    and    Blanck. 
Blank  Aug.    molder,    r    660%    7th. 
Blank  Bernice,     elk    Smith     Bros,     b 

Blank  Chas,   music   tchr  A   T    Stewai 

Blank    Geo   A.    millman   Pacific   Lb 

1010  7th  av. 
Blank  Gus,    molder   United    Iron   Wrt 

660W.  7th. 
Blankart  Otto,  music  tchr,  1319  10th 
Blsnkfirt  Theresa,  tchr  Cal  College 
Blankenhack  Then,     mcatctr    O    C    " 

hall    Co,    rms    577%    16th. 
Blankenship  D,    fireman    S    P    Co, 

Blankenship  Dell,     elk    Albin    Sutherl 

r    HOi    Wood. 
Blankinsliip  Geo,     lab     S     P     Co, 


Blankenship  Geo   A,    elk,   b   1102   Woe 
Blankunship  Lena     E     (wid     John.   B 

1102    Wood. 
Blankenship  Louise,     cashr     Albin     S 

erland,   b  1102  Wood. 






OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

ou  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 
1070     BROADWAY 

nkonship  N,  opi   Pac  T  &  T  Co,   Mer- 
tt    Exchange. 

nkenship  Wm     H,     shoe      ctr      Cahn, 
iokolshurg    &    Co.    b    644    12th. 
sdel,    see   also   Blaisdell. 
sdel  I-Tarrv    V,    ticket    agt    XI    P    R    R 
0  1116   Bway,    r  1976   Summit, 
sdel  Henrv    G.    oiler    Okld    G   L   &   H 
0,    r    466    B    14th. 

sdel  Louis    C,    soil-,    b    1976    Summit, 
sdel  Lome,    eng,    r    2400    Lawrence, 
ie  A  L,   condr  O  T  Co. 
ss  Ernest  M.   foreman,   r  1071   Center, 
tt  Julius,   master  Mariner,   r  946  Mag- 

It  Max,    lab,    b    946    Magnolia, 
tt  Nicholas,    plasterer,    r   1205   39th  av. 
tt  Rose,    milliner   B   P   Coakley,    b   946 

nehlield  Chas    O    D,    publisher,    r    1544 
Ith    av. 

uert  Otto    F,    lab,    r   1062    Campbell, 
nri  Jos,    lab,    r    rear    1165    7th. 
uveldt  Geo,    cook    H    C    Olsen,    r    Di- 

welt  Anna   La   V,    tchr   M    T    &    D    S 
ty  school,   r  Bkly. 

yney  Wm    L,     window    trimmer    Owl 
tug    Co,    r    1929    Grove, 
zer  Ernest     S,     glass     cutter,     r     1746 

zior  Alfred,    tmstr  Girard   Piano   Co,   r 
!20    Adeline. 

rlsoe  Jeff    D,     saloon    474    13th,     r    228 
an    Pablo    av. 

echer  Chas,    lineman    Okld    G   L    &   H 
0,    r   452    50th. 

leke  Henry,    r    2033    31th    av. 
nnerhassett  Edw,    b    1836    Oakla.nd    av. 
nnerhasset  Harmon,  eng,    rms   957   8th. 
rcher  C  H,  lineman  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 
452    50th. 
sn.h  Louis     r    770    20th. 
sser  Albert    W,     switchman,     rms     571 

ssing  Chas   V,    eabinetmkr   S   P  Co,    r 
iO  Cleveland    av. 

ssing  Chas  V,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  6S2  12th. 
•ssing  Clarence     B.     mach     Atlas     Gas 
fig  Co,   r  556V,    E  14th. 
Bsing  Josephine  E,  elk  Hill  &  Seller,  b 
50   Cleveland   av. 

ssington  Henry,     carp,     b     1504    Sth. 
then  Chas,     millhand     Zenith     Mill     & 
.br    Co. 

Btethen  Eugene    O,    salsn.    r   1032    Lind. 
Blethen  Howard    W,    millman,    r   948   Ap- 

Rl'lhen  James    E.    died    June    23,    09,    age 

Blr-uel  Laurence    E.    student,    b   220   Athol 

Bleuel  Maurice    T,    irav    agt,    r    220    Athol 

Eg i  r' 


■I  Maurice    Jr,    student,    b    220    Athol 

Blewer  Jas,      oiler      Leona      Chem    C 

Leona  av  nr  ?5th  av. 
Blewett,  see  also  Bluett. 
Blewett  Amelia    (wid    Chas).    r    1926 


'AKLAND      sr„".« 



Blewett  Fredk    C,    mach    A    W    Buck,     r 

1926    Union. 
Blewett  Wm.    photogr,    b    17    Moss   av. 
Blewitt  Wm    Jr,     mach    Union    Gas    Eng 

Co,    r    554    38th. 
Bhgh,    see    also    Blv. 

Bligh  Geo,    lab   Judson    Mnfg    Co,    r   S    F. 
Blint  Arthur,     molder,     b     1000     Aileer. 
Blint  Hugo,    molder,    b    1000   Allsen. 
Blint  Louis,    molder,    r    li'OO    Aileen. 
Bli«-s  Albt    F,     painter,     b    1077    2d    av. 
Bliss  Clarence    V,    solr,    r   1S24   Tel   a  v. 
Bliss  Pave,    bartndr  1156   Bway,   rms   The 

Bliss  Geo,   car  opr  O  T  Co,   r  463  Rose. 
Bliss  Isabella    I.    (wid    Eugene),     r    1020 

59  th. 
Bhss  Jas    A,    insptr,     -    608    17th. 
Bliss  John   A,    r   1902    Tel   av. 
Bliss  Mary  (wid  Penj  B),   b  1420  39th  av. 


Pres  Antiseptic   Laundry  Co,   Real   Es- 
tate,    Insurance,     Notary     Public       and 
Loans,  468  11th,  r  3901  Ruby. 
Bliss  S  A.    gateman   S   P   Co,    r  1008   9th 

Bliss  Sarah    (wid    Theo),    r    1309    West. 
Bliss  Stephen    A,    cigars    1033    13th    av,    r 

1372    13th     av. 
Bliss  Theo  F.   musician,    r  707    20th. 
Bliss  Wm  P  G.  adv  agt   t65  Sth.  r  735  Sth. 
Blith  John,  lab,  res  Mary  nr  Clay. 
Blitzskv  Isaac,    pedlar,    r   111   5th. 
Blixt  Gustave,    hlpr    S    P    Co. 
Blocli,     see    also     Flock. 
Bloch  Louis,    b    127    2d. 
Block  Albert    E,     stevedore,     r    1107    54th 

Block  Chas    A,    master    mariner,    r    100'5 

3«th   av. 
Block  Henrv,   salsn,   res   Grant   av   5   n 

of    B    14th. 
Block  Herman,    elk    United    Cigar    Stores 

Co,    r    1S4S    Piedmont. 
Block  Herman    G.    brklyr.    r    147    Law  ton 

Block  Ida,    elk    Cosgraves,    b   1400  Myrtle. 
Block  Jos.    pedlar.    1460    Myrtle. 
Block  J,    shoemkr    Cahn,    Mckelsburg    ft 

Co,   r  Ala. 
Block  Peter,    elk.    r    1042    57lh. 
Blockburr.  J   T.    elk   Bekins   Van   &   Stor- 
age   Co,    r    1702    Market. 
Bloles  Harry.     n.'W.s     agi      D-nison     News 

Blodget*   Bertha     stenogr    Peoples    Water 

....    i.    :•;   <:    Blodgett,    Elrahurst. 
Blodgetl  C    Lj  nn,   trav  agt,   r  342   I  !hl.  a 

...    av,    E    Okld. 
Bl  ■■  ':■.(  I   Kllis   a.    lab,    r   .'    s   Mess   av   7th 

s    E    14th,    Elmhurst. 
Blodgi  if    Elsi  '    L    tchr,    b    120    E    ISth, 




5  £2 

in    co 

CD       DJ 


in    m 




CD     o. 

r     i 

3    oo 
in    — i 
























CD        • 



■HIM  ■ 

=   i? 


o      S- 


-n   r* 

o>    o 



J2    -n 


3    « 


t » 


i.  ° 





3      =3 

n    ca. 


lanufactured  By 


&  Co. 

1611  E 

rush  St. 

Oakland,  Cal. 


lakland  6009 

71S  Golden  Gate 


San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Telephone  Franklin  4970 




Carpet i  taken  up,  cleaned  and  relaid 
2006  EVERETT  STREET  Phone  ALmed.  3«         ALAME 

1910      POIiK-HtTSTEB      CO.'S 




























Oakland  Conservatory 

The  largest 



nf    Mucir       DIRECTOR      |J!hJoiPodf 

01  IVIIISIC    Adolf  Gregory  Genuine 

M  i 

Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast. 
203-05    TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner    Jackson 

Sunset  Oak.  4922—  Home  A2922 


Potter  Co, 

gett  Frank  W.   bkp 
'39?    20th. 

Blodgett  Freeman     M,     piano     tuner,     120 
E    ISth. 

Blolgett  Freeman   R.   salsn  The  Wiley  B 
Allen    Co,    b    1X0    E    ISth. 

Blodgett  Lorenzo  D,  real  est  1108  E  15th, 
r   1104    sar>.e. 

Blodgett  Newton  A,  pedlar,  r  5580  E  14th. 

Blodgett  Rose   A.    bkpr   L   D   Blodgett,    b 
1104    E    15th. 

Blodgett  Sydney  J,  metalwkr,  b  E  G  Blod- 

Blodgett  Wm  M,   lab,  b  E  G  Blodgett. 


Scalp  and  Facial  Massage,   Shampooing, 
Manicuring,      Rooms     3-4     Playter     bldg 
.  1219  Broadway.   Phone  Okld  3154. 
Bloemer    M    Rose,     bkpr    Union    Savings 

Bank,  b  528  Jones. 
Bloes  Jos  B,  elk  Kirehner  &  Mante  Co,  r 

2449   34th   av. 
Blohme  J  Henry,  architect,  b  1327  7th  av. 
Blois    Brvant    B,    asst    mngr    East    Shore 

Lumber  Co,   r  52   Bella  Vista  av. 
Blois  Elkanah,  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1505  Vicks- 

Blots    Johnson,    pres    East   Shore    Lumber 

>,    r  1944   11th. 
Blois  Milton    L,    sub   carrier   P  O,   b   1215 

Foothill   boul. 
Blomberg    John,    seaman,    rms    616    Bway. 
Blomberg  Robt  L,  ship  carp,  r  1418  Brush. 
Blomberg    Walter    M    C,    plumber,    r    1418 

Blomberg   Walter,    lab    Hammer-Bray    Co, 

b  1418  Brush. 
Blome    Herman,    mach,    r   Saratoga   av   ne 

cor  Elm. 
Blomquist   John,    carp,    r   2032   Union. 
Blonck  Geo  A.    bartndr.    r  922y2    Pine. 
Blondin  Ernest,   lab,   r  4S50  Crittenden  av. 
Blondin  Louis  D,  dentist  205  Tel  av. 
Blondy   Jos,    shoemkr   C    J    Seeman,    r   737 

Blonger    Ollie.    student    Polytechnic    Bus 

Col,   b  1167  Castro. 
Blood  Charlotte  L  (wid  Warren  H),  r  1175 

Blood  Delos  M,   acct,   b  976  E  29th. 
Blood  Edw  B,   elk,  r  1165  Washn. 
Blood    Hardy   C.    tmstr   Western    Elec   Co, 

r   250   Hellen. 
Blood  Harry  W.  b  S30  33d. 
Blood    Perley    P,    tmstr    Piedmont    Paving 

Co,   r  Dimond. 
Blood  Wm  F,  mining  eng,  r  976  E  29th. 
Bloodsworth    Jesse,    janitor,    r    4911    Con- 
gress  av. 
Bloom,    see   also   Blum. 
Bloom  Amy  K,   elk.  b  1054  3d. 
Bloom    Besse,    b   569   63d. 
Bloom  Chas  H,   plumber,    b  1786  9th 
Bloom  Claude  F,   elk  C  T  Peterson, 

Bloom    Claus,    elk,    r  662   Apgar. 
Bloom  David,   elk,  b  273  4th. 

Bloom    Farley   V,    painter    Sohst    Carrl 

Co,  r  919  24th. 
Rloom  Geo,  r  919  24th. 
Bloom   Georgia   H,    elk,    b   1054    3d. 
Bloom   Geo  W,   safe   repr  750  Webste, 

1054   3d. 
Bloom  Herman,   capmnfr,   r  883   55th. 
Bloom  Jacob,    elk   Cal  Jewelry  Co,   r  „ 
Bloom   Jacob,    cutter  Chas  Johnson,   r 

Bloom  John  E.  grocer  1300   San  Pablo 
Bloom  Mrs  J.   seams   Taft  &  Pennoye 

1300   San  Pablo  av. 
Bloom   Margaret,    elk,    rms  1105   Alice. 
Bloom   Mollie   E,    elk  Crescent  Corset 

b    1105    Alice. 
Bloom   Peter  A.   salsn.   r  569   63d. 
Bloom    Wolf,    grocer    750    Harrison, 


Bloome  Geo  A.  elk,  r  641  Fairmont  ai 
Bloomer  John,   elk  Pacific  Lbr  Co, 

Bloomer  Minta  M,   elk  Hale   Bros, 


Bloomfield  Alton,  waiter,  b  1649  36th 
Bloomheart  Wm,  barber  3894  San  Pat 
Blore  Harry  W,  painter  W  A  Blore,  - 

Blore   Thos  W  .painter  W  A  Blore, 

nr  13th  av.  ,     , 

Blore    Wm    A,    painter    3840    Clark. 
Bios   Jas    A,    molder,    r   1112   Dennisoi 
Blose  Harry  K,  carp,  r  5017  Bellevue  i 
Bloskunskev  Jos.   brklyr.    rms   875  Wa 
Bloss  Edna  C.  stenogr  Waterhouse  & 

ter  Co,  b  1067  Oak. 
Bloss   Ethel   N,    elk   Ala  County   Abs 

Co,   r  1067  Oak. 
Bloss   Jas.    lab   People's  Water  Co. 
Bloss    Oscar   F,    salsn,    rms    198   Ayala 
Blote   Edw    R,    eolr   People's  Water   ( 

349    Chicago    av,    E   Okld. 
Blote   Frank  W,   coir  Grand   Central 

b  270  Park  View  ter. 
Blote  Martin  C,   elk  People's  Water  < 
665   16th. 

Blote  Wm  E.  r  270  Park  View  ter. 
Blount  Mazie,   cash  girl  H  C   Capweli 

rms   864   Washn. 
Blowers  E  J.  marine  eng,  rms  927  37' 
Blowski    Alfred    A,    student,    b    121" 

Blowski  Camille  E,   music  tchr  1216  1 

Blowski   John    S,   supt,    r  1266  Magno 
Blowski   Thos,   carp  S   P  Co,   r  1216 

Blucher  Clarence,  elk,  b  1366  5th  av. 
Blucher  Edmund  T,  carp,  b  1366  5tl 
Rlueher  Fred,  elk  S  F  Call,  h  1366  5t 
Blucher  Fred  L.  bkpr.  b  1366  5th  av. 
Blucher  Geo  H,  r  1366  5th  av. 
Blue  Marion  M.  elk.  r  527  36th. 
Bluett,  see  also  Blewett. 
Bluett  Jas.  waiter  S  P  Co. 
Bluett  John  F,  r  540  Williams. 
Bluett  Wm.  b  540  Williams. 
Bluett  Wm.  lab.  r  902  24th. 
Blum,  see  also  Bloom. 
Blum  Henry,   baggage  master,  r  li04 


Blum  Jesse  (I  Brooks  &  Col,  r  5396  G 
Blum   John,   grocer  1321   43d   av. 
Blum    M.    bkpr    People's  Water   Co, 

Blum  Otto,   student,  b  1321   43d  av. 


J    E    Goldstein    Mngr,    1015V2    Broai 

(See    Classified    Adv    Distributors.) 

Pliimnnn    Mev.    r  7   Prenti<=«   av. 


1013-1015  Broadway,  Oakland,  Cal.  KOHLER  &  CHASE,  Inc 


Oakland  BanK  of 

k.arl  H.  NicKel  Co. 

Telephones.     Oahland    4552  Home     A     4952 

leal  Estate,  Insurance,  Investments,  Designing  and  Building 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

tnn    Sigismund,    music    tchr,    r    3159 


lerg   Abraham,    meats    731   Webster, 

0  3d. 

>erg    Bernard,    umbrella    repr    1122% 

:    Danl     (Whitehead     &     Blume),     r 

i  Henry  G.   r  108S  67th. 
in  Saml  J.   gen   mdse   1776   Tel  av. 
:nstiel  John,   carp,    b  1507   38th  av. 
instiel  Theo.   carp,   r  1507   38th  av. 
inthal   Chas.    bkpr.   b   169   9th. 
■nthal   Flora    (wid    Abraham),    r    169 

inthal   Harry,    comp   Tribune,    r  1390 


inthal  Julius,   coir  560   24th. 

;rt    Albert,    painter    523    45th. 

:rt  Walter,    mech  Kahn   Bros,   b  523 

ited  Edw,  bartndr  1156  B»ay,   r  483 

itein   Nathan,    tailor,   r  812   36th. 
itein  David  S.  tailor,  r  959%   Myrtle. 
k  Bros  (Carl  E  and  John  F),   meats 
E  12th. 
k   Carl   E    (Blunck    Bros),    r    511    E 

k  John  F  (Blunck  Bros),  r  1063  10th 

on    Flora,    elk    E   Lehnhardt.    r   Ala. 
on  John  C,  elec,  r  2211  Adeline, 
on  Maude,   elk  E  Lehnhardt.    r  Ala. 
all  Amanda  M  (wid  John  W),  dress 

■  628    17th. 

see  also  Bligh. 

eander  A,  b  5201  Shattuck  av. 

Irs  L  A,    elk  Howell,    Dohrmann   Co. 

!01   Shattuck  av. 

e  Margaret  R.  tchr  Lafayette  Gram- 

■  school,    b   1216   West. 

er  Chester  A.   r  69S   34th. 

waite    Edw,    rms    1652    14th. 

se  Beni.  car  opr  O  T  Co.  r  486  51st. 

Mrs  Alice,  b  1075  60th. 

1  Iter,  fitter  Manheim  &  Mazor,  r 

vrd   of   education 

J  McClymonds  Supt  and  Sec,  Fourth 
r  Central   Bank   bldg. 

1rd   of   education 

i  W  Frick  Supt,   Hall  of  Records. 
I  of  Fire  Underwriters  of  The  Pacific. 
J    Torney    representative,     212    Okld 
lk  of  Savings  bldg. 


l    opp    Washn. 


F  Fawcett  Sec,   City  Hall. 


B   Fawcett    Sec.    Citv   Hall. 


B  Fawcett  Sec,  Citv  Hall. 

ard  of  supervisors 

U    of    Records. 

Oakland  Elevator  Co. 

Installations  ::  Repairs 


8th,  S.E.  Cor.  Webster  Phone  Oakland  3710 

Boardman  Ashton  H.  elk,  b  5942  Racine. 
Boardman  Blanche      (wid      Jos),      r    120C 

Boardman   Clifford   H,    b  Hotel  Metropole 
Boardman  Jos,  elk,   r  1257  11th  av. 
Boardman  Jos  B,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  469  48th 
Boardman     L    Edgar,     asst     cashr    Unior 

Savings    Bank,    b   Hotel    Metropole. 
Boardman     Mrs     Mary    V,     tchr     Prescotl 

school,    b    663   35th. 
Boarman    Thos    M,    elk    Zellerbach    Papei 

Co,    r  Ala. 
Boas  Adolph   E,  elk,  r  720  10th. 
Boas  Bertha  B.  elk,  b  720  10th. 
Boas  Geo,  elk,  b  720  10th. 
Boas  Leon,  elk  Louis  Reis,  b  720  loth. 

Boas  Pearl,  elk,  b  720  10th. 

Boas  Pincus,    r   720   10th. 

Boasberg     I    R    (Boasberg    &    Co),    r    S12 
471  h. 

Boasberg  &   Co   (I  It  Boatberg),   real   est 
19  Bacon  bldg'. 

Boban  Mary   (wid  Jacob),    b  1611  13th. 

Bobb  Chas  A,  coir  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co,   r 
1S25  Wakefield  av. 

Bobb  C  E,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  St  Julian. 

Bobbitt  Walter,   tmstr,   b  1531  Curtis. 

Boberg  Joseph  A,  painter,  r  43SO  Howe. 

Bobcnizer  Herbert   E,  elk.   b  135  12th. 

Bobet  Adolph  L,  foreman,  r  559A  59th. 

Bobet  Jas,   plumber  691    34th. 

Bobolett  Geo,  pedlar,  r  76S  Willow 

Boeardo  Antone,   lab,   b   71  McAdam. 

Bocca  Antonio,   lab,  r  1059  14th. 

Bocca  Lulu  L,   elk.   b   1059  14th. 

Bocca  Matilda,  b  837  30th. 

Bocca  Theresa  A,   elk,  b  1059  14th 

Bocca  Vincent,  r  S37  30th. 

Boceoni  Colombo    (Scarpulla   &    Boceoni). 
rms  715  Myrtle. 

Bock  A   j,  policeman,  r  S7NiI  Piecmont  av 

Bock  Carrie   (wid  Chas),   r  2786  Piedmont 

Bock  C  H,  capt  police,   r  487V4  37lh. 
Boek  Geo   (Cozzens  &   Bock),   r  S07  Alice. 
Bock  Ida,  stenogr.   b  587  35th. 
Bock  J,   eleanr  Pullman   Co. 
Bock  L.   waiter  1156  Bway,  r  Ala. 
Bock  Llizzie    (wid  Alolph).   r  807  Alice. 
Bock  M,  linen  carrier  Pullman  Co. 


Merchant  Tailors  465   ltth.   Phone   Okld 

4615,   r  5S7  35th.     (See  Front  Cover.) 
Bock  Miina,    elk    H  C   Capwell    Co,    b    587 

Bockelmann  Pauline   (wid  John  II).  r  517 

Bocklin  Christian  <~1,   gardener,    r  560    ilo- 



bartndr,    rms   277   10th. 
,     optician    Chinn-Berotta 

G    (Will    &    Bode),    rms    8Si 




( OAKLAND  1777 





5C    _ 

























TWELFTH  ST,  COR.  ALICE  (Pythian  Castle)     phones  { °0™7V 

D.  B.  HUNTER, 

Pre*.  and  Gen.  Mrr. 

Main  Office  and  Yard 

Shattuck  Av.  &  Oregon  St. 

Berkeley,  Cal. 
el.  Berkeley  8 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14,  1902 



Wharf  and  Yard 

South  End  et 

Webster  Street  BrM 

Tel.    Berkeley  ' 


1910      I'OLK-HUSTEl)      CO.'S 

,  Boae  Max   W,   cutter  Zuver  Bros   &   Da- 
vidson, b  766  21st. 
Bode  M    W,   slot    maclilnes    810    Bway,    r 
S  P. 
I  Bodell  Jas  H,   driver,   r  739  Market. 
!  Bodell  Jas    W.    driver    Howell-Dohrmann 

Co,    r  763   17th. 
I  Bodell  C  Jane   (wid  John),  r  714  10th. 
I  Bodell  John,    tmstr   C   H   Butler  &   Co,   r 

52  9th. 

|  Bodem  Mathew,   grocer  E  14th  cor  Rose. 
Bodem  Michl,  elk  Mathew  Bodem,  b  same 
Boden  John,  carp,   rms  714  20th. 
Bodge  Mrs   Rae,    rms   514   22d. 
Bodie  Chas    (McKeever   &    Bodie'',    r  1143 

E  15th. 
Bodin  Frank,  osteopath  821  571  h. 
j  Bodin  Frank    X,    locksmith    E    C    Wake- 
land,  r  821  57th. 
Bodin  Walter  J,    reporter   S  F   Chronicle. 

821    57th. 

Bodin  Wm,   plasterer,   r  249  Haven. 
Bodie  Foster  S,    b   4248   Gilbert. 
Boe  Harvey  O,   b  784  8th. 
Boecker  Etta  A,  M126     E  14th. 
Boecker  Fred    W,     long'shoreman,    r    1126 

E  11th. 
Boecker  Henrv    F,     mech     dentist    H    W 

French,  b  1126  K  14th. 
Boecker  Lulu,    b   1126  E  14th. 
Boeckman  Henry  J,   meat  ctr  G  A   Roth- 

amel,  rms  371  Tel  av. 
Boedefeld  Franz,  r  1024  35th  av. 
Joedefeld  Paul    H,    fireman    S    P    Co,    r 

Ocean  View  Hotel. 
Boedefeld  Robt   T,    rms  1070   Jefferson. 
Boedeker     Jos  F,  contr  1796  34th  av. 
Boege  Amandus,   restaurant  60a  Park  av, 

1260   E   10th. 
Boeger  Morris,  brewer,   r  217  Boyd  av. 


See    and    Mngr    Pacific    Home    Building 
Co    952    Broadway,    Phone    Okld    3670,    r 
Boehme  Albert  G,  salsn,    r  812   58th. 
Boehmer  Alovsius  J,   r  1367  E  11th. 
Boehmer  Frark  C,   carp,   b   1052  2d  av. 
Boehmer  Fred  C,  master  mariner,   r  14  E 

Boehmer  Fred  M.  waiter,  r  1466  Chestnut 
Boehmer  Henrv  M,  b  1052  2d  av. 
Boehmer  Mrs  Julia,  r  1367  E  11th. 
Boehmer  Matthew,   r  1052  2d  av. 
Boehmer  Minnie,   elk,   b  1367  E  11th. 
Boehmer  Michael    F,    waiter    412    13ith,    r 
1466    Chestnut. 

ioehmer  Philip  C.  plumber,  r  206  E  11th. 
toehmer  Rav,    elk    Owl    Drug  Co.    r    1367 

E   11th. 
Soehmer  Rosalie    (wid    Matthew),    r   1052 
2d  av. 
>oek  Chas   H.   printer,    b  1664   Webster. 
!oek   Frank   J,    tchr  High    School,    b    1664 
|  Boek  Helena   C    (wid  Herman   E),    l    1005 
Boek  Herbert  C.  cement  wkr.  b  1005  Pine 

Boek  Louisa   C    (wid  Chas),    r  10b4   W 

Boeker  Etta,  emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills. 
Boeker  Fred,    lab    Hodge    &    Collins 

Boeker  Lewella.   emp  Cal   Cotton   Mill 
Boell  Mrs    Julia,     emp     E    Lehnhardt 

Boell  Alfred  B,   r  681  E  27'th. 
Boell  E  A,   caro,   rms  409  8th. 
Boell  Edward   A,   supt,    r  1123  Poplar. 
Boell  Fred  W,  millman,  r  466  Moss  av 
Boell  Victor   A,    cashr,    r   1226   Union. 
Boener  Fred  J,    elk   C  M  Rosenberg, 

516  11th. 
Boenner  Jos  F,  roach    Standard   Gas 

gine  Co,  l    5207  E  12th. 


F  G  Nopel  MngT  Homeopathic  Phan 
cists    and    Druggists    Hospital    Suppi 

Toilet    Articles    and    General     Sund, 

401  12th,    Phone   Okld  2942. 
Booss  Danl,   carp,   r  1259   52d  av. 
Boess  Fred,  cook,  r  1259   52d  av. 
Boetteher  Carrie,     matron     Marion     ( 

tag*",  Cottage  av  nr  4th  av. 
Boeflche.r  Otto  F,  foreman,   b  1102  E 
Boettger  John  C,  musician,   r  917  56th 
Boettiger  Constance,  died  Mar  6  09  ag 
Bootto  Mrs   Mary  A,    conf  1038   Union 
Boffa  Olga,   shoemkr  Cahn  Nickelsbur 

Co,  b  Ala. 
Boean  Ohas.  horseman,   r  1058  56th. 
Bogard  Anna(   wid  Wm  J),    b   596  35t 
Boge  Annie   (wid  John  K),  r  3012  Cap 
Boge  Harry  K,  student,   b  3012  Capp. 
Boger  Mrs  Margaret,   r  1506  5th. 
Bogerding  Henry  P.  elk,  b  860  34th. 
Bogert  Mrs  Annie  C,  r  824  Myrtle. 
Boggero  Cando,   lab,   b  71   McAdain. 
Boggaro  John.  lab.  b  71  McAdam. 
Boggero  Louis",    lab,    r  Thomas  av   3 

Boggs  Edw   M,    civ    eng    O    T    Co,    t 

Oakland  av. 
Bogle  Edgkr  T,   adv  agt.    r  931  Aileen 
Bogle  Hilda   (wid   Fredkh   r  1162   Per 
Bogle  John   H.    lineman   O   G   L  &  H 

r  772%    14th. 
Bogue  Mamie,    emp    C    Lehnhaint, 

Belian  Edw  F,   carp,  b  4390  Tel  rv. 
Bohan  Eleanor  F,   stenogr.  b  4390  Tel 
Bnnan  John  J,   horseshoer.  b  4390  Tel 
Bohan  Jos.   lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Bohan  J  M,  lab  Hogan  Lbr  Co. 
Bohan  Kate,   r  1413   18th. 
Bohan  Katherine.      milliner      Mrs 

T'iyon.  b  4:190  Tel  av. 
Bohan  Maria  (wid  Johnl.  r  4390  Tel 
Bohan  Michael  J.  painter,  b  4390  Tel 
Bohan  Patk    L,    blksmith    225    Sth,    | 

Napier  av. 
Bohan  Robt  W,  horseshoer,  b  4390  Te 
Bohan  Walter  D,  nllc  P  O,  r  4390  Tel 
Bohannon  Carrie    A,    bkpr,    b    14   Prer 

Bohannon  D,  maeh,  r  156  John. 

Dr.  J.  L.  BohaniM 

Treats  Cancers  or  Tumors  in  f 
One  to  Four  Minutes,  Cancers 
the  TONGUE,  Mouth  or  any 
of  the  Body.  Cures  Guarantee< 
Money  Refunded.  140  Claren 
av,  Oakland.    Phone  Piedmont  2 


I  will  furnish  for  $75,  Hea 
two  hacks,  embalming:, shnj 
and   cloth   covered  casket 

.Klin  Street      Ph 

;Sl   OahUnd  4045  Hoi 


20  per  cent  Discount 


Publishers'  Price 

Smith  Bros* 

462=464  13th  St. 

Bet  Broadway  and  Washington 

OYKL,ANT>      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

lannan  Willis  G,  puib,  r  14  Prentiss  av. 

lie  Freak  W,   diemkr,    t>  1045   55th. 

lemian  Billiard  Hall  (T  P  Dorgan,  FC 

orbett,  G  B  Starr),  462  12th. 

imansson  Wm    L    (Otis    &    Bohmans- 

>n),    rms   465    10th. 

ilin  J  M,   rms  501  7th. 

in  David  E.   mach,  b  S52  19th. 

in  Eugene  H.   bknr.  b  1313  7th  av. 

in  Frank  L,  elk  F  B  Krauss,  r  117  Sth. 

in  Julius  A,  r  1313   7th  av. 

in  Louis,     tmstr     Bay     City     Flouring 

:ills,   r  117   8th. 

in  Ralph  E,   elk,  b  1313   7th  av. 

inet  Bros   (John  and   Wm),   bakers  731 

id  1815   Tel  av. 

met  John    (Bonnet  Bros),   r  539   42d. 

met  Philip,   elk,   r  731  Tel  av. 

met  Wm  (Bohnet  Bros),  r  1813  Tel  av. 

ini  Fredk,  meatctr  F  B  Bartels,  r  1109 

Id  av. 

irer  Fred,  carp,  b  1263  66th. 

xer  John,   butcher  Okld  Meat  and  Pkg 

0,  r  1251  64th. 

irer  John  E,   soapmkr,  r  1263  6Gth. 

xer  Peter,  carp,   b  1263  66th. 

xous  Louis,   elk,   b  1319  Grove. 

ch  Nicholas,  lab  S  P  Co. 

as,  see  also  Boise  and  Boyce. 

as  J   W,    certified   public  accountant  of 

ew  York,   Hotel  Athens,  r  same. 

Hot  Chas    L,    draftsman,    r    77    Orange 


rman  Aug,  brewer,  r  975  63d. 

se,  see   also   Boies  and   Boyce. 

se  John,    stockkpr,    r    4133   Hillside    av. 

sson  Geo  G,   turnkey  Ala  County  Jail, 

712B  6th. 

avert  Emilv  C.   elk,  b  809  Castro, 
svert  Jos  J,   lab.   b  809   Castro. 
3vert  Jos   U,    tmstr,    r   809    Castro, 
svert  Margaret    M,    elk,    b    809    Castro, 
avert  Mary,   b   809   Castro. 
:mann  Stephen,   r  2011  Harrington   av. 
;ros  Bertha  (wid  John),  b  1029  26th  av. 
in  Jas,    painter    Lowman-Jewell    Co. 
m  Wm.  elk  Hale  Bros  (Inc),  r  Ala. 
ind  Stella  M,   elk  P  O,   r  50  11th. 
wider  G  Raymond  (G  R  Bolander  Co), 


inder  G   R   Co    (G   R   Bolander),    cabi- 

3t  mkrs  13  Park  av,  E  Okld. 

;e  Danl  H,  letter  carrier,   r  128   Mon- 


=e  Harry,     cigars     962     Bway,      r     816 


2e  Harry  H,  elk.  b  128  Montell. 

2e  Wm  J,  trav  agt,  b  128  Montell. 

1  Carl  W,    carp,   b  2040  Minnesota  av. 

1  Frances,   b  2040   Minnesota  av. 

i  Jacob  H,   carp,   r  2040  Minnesota  av. 

i  John   L,   carp,   r  974   Cypress. 

)LD  JOHN  L, 

ropr   The   Villa    Saloon,    1200   Fruitvale 

I    Phone    Merritt    467;    r    2018    Minne- 

ita  av. 

1  Rose,   elk,  b  2040  Minnesota  av. 

Jen  Wm  H.   porter,   r  S13  Union. 

■ierl  Dominic,   carp,  r  3  Palm. 

smi  John,    lab    Mountain    View   Ceme- 

Iry,  r  426  45th. 

■>n  Annie,  waitress,  b  576  20th. 

as  Agnes,   seams,    b   1826   Myrtle. 

;s  Arthur,   bartndr,  r  518  10th. 

tea  Walter,   bartndr   811   Bway. 

jisworth  Britton,  r  3600  Putnam,  Fruit- 


n  Chas,  carp,   r  961   14th. 

ng  Geo  W,  promoter,  rms  9th  nw  cor 


var  Wm   T.   messr,   r  817   Chester. 



1214-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones,  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Bolla  Bernardo,  lab  Cal  Fruit  Canners' 
Assn.   r  1022  3d. 

Bolla  Frank,  lab  Rainier  Mill  and  Lbr 
Co,  r  691  26th. 

Bolla  Giacomo,  bartndr  598  Bway.  rms 
552  same. 

Bolla  John,   baker,  b  925  3d. 

Bolla  Raphelo,    baker,   b   925   3d. 

Bolla  Sabastrano,  lab,  r  5733  5th. 

Bollenbacher  Bertrand  D,  grocer  5772  Ad- 

Bollin  Fredk,  carp,   b  1029  34th  av. 

Bollinger,  see    also    Ballenger. 

Bollinger  Jas  M,  b  Edw  L  Tappin,  Elm- 

Bollinger  Otto  N,  solr  Polk-Husted  Di- 
rectory Co,   906   Bway. 

Bollinger  Lawrence  H,  carp,  r  1705  Bway. 

Bollis  Thos,    hlpr,    rms  468%   13th. 

Bollman  Chas  M,   r  77   Bayo  Vista  av. 

Bollman  Mary  J    (wid  David),   r  118  12th. 

Bollo  Jos,  lab  Rainier  Mill  and  Lbr  Co, 
b  691  26th. 

Bolly  Cymon   P,  molder,  r  1079  E  24th. 

Bolman  Brent   A,    tmstr,   r  rear  912   21st. 

Bolmer  Fred  H,  r  1734  Linden. 

Bolroski  Anton,   tmstr,   rms  1009A  Castro. 

Bolt  Eva  (wid  Alpheus  E),  b  Jones  av  se 
cor  2d. 

Bolta  Tillie,  lndry  wkr,  b  3140  Foothill 

Bolta  Winnie  (wid  John),  r  3140  Foothill 

Bolte  Herman  F,   jeweler,   r  Ala. 

Bolten  Harry  A,   r  1466   44th   av. 

Bolter  Martin  J,  cement  wkr,  r  Henry  se 
cor  Warren. 

Boltev  &  Lobav  Drs,  Clarence  B  Putmar. 
mngr,   1353  Bway. 

Bolton  Alex,   elk,   r  1059  Brush. 

Bolton  Edna,  bkpr,  r  826  14th. 

Bolton  Geo,   mach,   r  826  Aileen. 

Bolton  Geo  H,  elk,  b  S26  Aileen. 

Bolton  Jas  B,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  3222 
Chicago   av,   Fruitvale. 

Bolton  Mrs  Louise  P.   r  1059  Brush. 

Bolton  Margaret  (wid  Richd),  r  1426  35th 

Bolton  Marie  M,   elk  P  O,   b  392   20th. 
Bolton  Mrs  Obera,    b  1529   23d   av. 
Bolton  Richd   J,   expman   City   Hall   Park. 

r  546  William. 
Bolton  Richd   K,   jeweler,   b   1426   35th   av. 
Bolton  Thos  M,   r  392  20th. 
Bolton  T  L.  emp  Home  Tel  Co,  r  :i'.>2  20th. 
Boltz  Clyde  H.   mach  S  P  Co,  r  966  Mar- 
Boltz  Michael,    baker   Hugo   Brunecki  r.    !> 

516   30th. 
Boltz  Peter   S,    salsn,    r   rear   3814    Penni- 

man  av. 
Bolza  Wm.    r  905   Madison. 
I:. unan.   see   also  Bowman   and   Boyinan. 

i]    an  Olga  C,  r  1661   19th  av. 
Bon    Marche    Stores,    B    \V    Wlndle    mngr. 

dry   goods   s  s  E   14th  5  e  of  Bay  View 

av,   Elmhurst. 
Bon   Marie    (wid   Chas  A),    r  3699  Tel   av. 

ackson  Furniture  Co, 

9-525  Twelfth  St.       Oakland,  Cal. 

GLOBE  j»  o* 


































5  >JD  jo 



o   »«   «   c 

OsenS  Hunter  Auto  Co. 

of -Oakland,  Incorporated 

Cor.  12th  and  Jackson 

Oakland.  San  Franciaco 

San  Jose 

S  ^  *   «S   % 

"S  g  fi  S  -od 

2  6-5 

y     <Q 






•?  3  . 
S  w  z 
°  *  z 





Bvery  Store  equip- 
ped to  take  care  of , 
all  your  automobile 
wants,  with  a  com- 
plete shop  and  the 
Osen  &  Hunter.  Policy 


1910      POIiK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

♦>      *^  a 

♦»  •« 

CO  *i   .j 


W     «   £  be 
™     w    s    o 

v*  aj  »        w 

>♦  bit-1     c 


Marie     F     Eddy     Propr,     Best     French 
Mixed    Candies,    Ice    Cream    and    Cornu- 
copias,  Laces,   Ribbons,    Stationery,   No- 
tions, Etc,  E  14th  nw  cor  Ivey  av,  Elm- 
Bonacich  Andr,   cooper,  b  1465  5th. 
Bonacich  Domonic,    molder,  b  1465  5th. 
Bonacich  Frank,    cooper,    b   1465    5th. 
Bonacich  Lorenat,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Bonacich  Nicholas,   malder,  b  1465  5th. 
Bonacich  Peter,  lab,  b  1465  5th. 
Bonaclna  A,  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  S25  Cedar. 
Bonait  Lee,  opr  S  P  Co,  r  1685  Sth. 
Bond  Arthur  J,   salsn  Western   Meat   Co, 

r  554  25th. 
Bond  Edna    F,    cashr   Kahn    Bros,    b    712 

Bond  Edw,   agt,    r   4712   Bond. 
Bond  Edw    C,    ydman    S    P   Co,    r    1521^ 

Bond  Frank  G,  cement  Iyr  672  E  34th. 
Bond  Geo,  mach,  r  1185  Foothill  boul. 
Bond  Geo,  rms  371  13th. 
Bond  Hewitt,  elk  S  P  Co,  b  554  25th. 
Bond  John  A,  ac  :t,  r  504  Wickson  av. 
Bond  Lorinda,   cashr  H   C   Capwell  Co,   b 

1070  Jefferson. 
Bond  M,  rms  371  13th. 
Bond  Raymond   A,    asst   undertaker  Danl 

Andker,  r  554  25th. 
Bond  Stewart,  marker,  b  554  25th. 
Bond  S  F,  emp  Excelsior  Lndry. 
Bond  Wm   T,    brklyr,    r  345   38th. 
Bonde  Eleanora     (wid    Nicholas),     b     879 

Bone  Amelia  (wid  Wm  H),   r  866  Aileen. 
Bone  Benj  T,  acct,  b  £66  Aileen. 
Bone  Ellen  (wid  Danl),  r  1735  11th  av. 
Bone  Emily  B,  b  866  Aileen. 
Bone  Richd,   trav  agt,  r  916  37th. 
Bone  Racheal  A,  died  May  23,  '09,  age  30. 
Bone  Robt,   carp,   b   1735   11th   av. 
Bone  Saml,  plumber,  rms  5840  San  Pablo 

Bonebrake  Rufus  H,   mach  S  P  Co,   r  915 

Bonelli  Constantino,   lab,    r   627   46th. 
Bones  Saml  G,   cond  S  P  Co,  r  Bkly. 
Bonesteel  Chas  A,   phys,   res  Grand  av 

cor  Louise. 
Bonesteel  Helen  L,  stenogr,  b  1154  Brush. 
Bonestell  B    A,    fireman    S    P    Co,    r   950 

Bonestell  Edgar   C,   broker  3   Bacon  bldg, 

r  816  11th. 
Bonestell  Luke,   printer,   r  1127   Santa   Fe 

Bonett  Allan  W,  lab  Eagle  Box  and  Mnfg 

Co,  r  920  Bway. 
Bonetti  Emil,     window     dresser     Taft     & 

Pennoyer,   r  970  26th. 
Bonetti  Jos,    lab    Mountain    View    Ceme- 
tery,  r  169   Claremont  av. 
Bongard  Gideon    S,    mach    Standard    Un- 
derground Cable  Co,  r  458  50th. 
Bongivanl  Chas,  emp  S  P  Co. 
Bonham  Albt,     student     Polytechnic     Bus 

Col,   b  1808  Market. 
Bonham  Earl    W,    brkrran    S    P    Co,    rms 

1620   8th. 
Bonham  John   N,   plumber  434  9th,   r  1808 

Bonhote  Wm  C,  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  1201A 

Boni  B,   pedlar,    rms  660   6th. 
Bonich  Jos.    emp    S    P    Co,    r    740    Willow. 
Bonifield    Saml  H.   metal   wkr,  b   609   39th. 
Ronino  Fulvio.   nhys  590  7th. 
Bonkofsky  Frcdk,  millhand,  r  999  60th. 


Bonne   Alexis,    lndry  wkr,  r   1904  Adelin 
Bonneau  Thos  S,  r  1914  11th  av. 
Bonneksen  Lars,     tmstr    Remillard    Brii 

Co,  r  2143  Adeline. 
Bonnell  Benj    E,    mach    Franneder   Orni 

mental  Iron  Wks,  r  545  34th. 
Bonnell  Delbert    H,    metal    wkr 

Bonnell  Dow    L,    bkpr   Maxwell   Hdw   C 

r  545   34th. 
Bonnell  Emma  (wid  John  N),  r  545  34i 
Bonnell  Henry,  searcher  of  records, 

Alcatraz  av. 
Bonnell  Willard  T,  mach  Frauneder  Or 

amental  Iron  Wks,  b  545  34th. 
Bonnelucq      Jean,      lndrywkr,      rms 

Bonnemart   Edwd,   drftsman   County   Sl- 

veyor,  r  179  Vernon  ter. 
Bonnemort  Chas  N,  surveyor,  r  955  Jac 

Bonnemort  Eva  M,  musician,  b  955  Jac 

Bonnemort    Margaret    (wid    Chas). 

Bonner   Anth,    comp   Jordan   Printing   ( 
r  710  43d  av. 


Sec   Oakland    Brewing   &    Malting   Co, 

415  Walsworth   av. 
Bonner  Jos,   mach,  r  710  43d  av. 
Bonner  Louis,  fireman  Eureka  Mill  &  I 

Co,   r  710   43d  av. 
Bonner  Lydia  A,  died  June  9,  '09,  age 
Bonner  Richd   W,   carp,    b   1728   13th. 
Bonner  Wm,  helper  Robert  Dalziel  Jr  < 

b   710   43d   av. 
Bonner  Wm,  r  1728  13th. 
Bonnett   Emma  L,  hairdrsr,   b  142  Loci 

ley  av. 
Bonnett  John  G,  mach  hand  S  P  Co. 
Bonney  Anth   L,   elec,   r  324   Grand   av. 
Bonney    Mrs    A,    elk   Mrs    E   W    Hogan 

324   Grand   av. 
Bonney  Danl  A.   mngr,  r  829  58th. 
Bonney  Edwin  J,   miner,   r  1929   Chestn 
Bonney    Jessie    (wid    Arthur    A), 

Bonney6  L  L,   caller  S  P  Co.   r  2224   6 
Bonney  Ransome  K,  b  5619  9th. 
Bonney  Susan  S  (wid  Wm),  b  1929  Che 

Bonney  Wm  T,  eng,  r  3448  Galindo. 
Bonn!    Alexisc,    emp    New   Method    Lnd 

b    1905   Adeline. 
Bonny  Jennie  (wid  Frank  L),  rear  r 

Bonorcino  Andr,  cementwkr,  r  4191  Mo 

Bonsack  Danl  W,  tinner,  r  918  Alice. 
Bnnsaek   Grace   F.   seams,    b   918   Alice. 
Bnnsall  Harriet  (wid  Geo  W).  r  1077  41 
Bonsall  Isaac  E,  elk,   r  1071   67th. 
Bonsfield  Danl  J,  died  June  7,  '09,  age 
Bontan  Leonard,  carp,  r  666  Sycamore. 
Bonter  Geo  A.  porter,  r  S6S  Willow. 
Bontrager   Albt    E,    eng,    r   4964    Corom 

Bookbinder  Mrs  Kate,  b  408  5th. 
Booker  Benj  W,  barber,  rms  471  Sth. 
Booker  Geo  E,    r   1650   Waverly. 
Booker  Herbert,   elk  E   P  Charlton    & 

r  460  Rose. 
Bookhout  Nella   (wid  Jos  I),   r  330  24tl 


Oliver  G  Beardslee  Librarian,  1110  CI 
Phone   Okld   2990. 
Boole   Wm   A,    r   38   Vernal    av. 


;  TRADE    AND    KINDRED    INTERTSTS   :    :; 

H.  Clay  &  Co. 


Home  of  N.  Y.  Phoeoix  Westchester 

466  Tenth  Street,  Oakland,  Cal. 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

en    Sophus,   phys   1194    E    23d,    r  1701 

spect  av. 

ler  Geo  A,  mnfrs  agt,  r  611  Fairmont 

B  Belle  (wid  N  I),   r  526  Tel  av. 

b  Henry  W,   drftsman   Mervy-Elwell 

r  Berkeley. 
B  John  B,   carp,   r  1469  8th. 
nan  Mrs  Lorena  M,  tel  opr  Tribune, 
!2  Montell. 

I    Beatrice,    elk,    b    2140    Chestnut, 
l    Arthur    P,     elk    Booth    Fredericks 
ilty  Co,  b  595  33d. 
l    Barth    B,    dep    County  Recorder,    b 

i  Chas      S,      pres      Booth-Fredricks 
Uty    Co,    and    vice-pres    United    Iron 
:s,   r  920   16th. 

i  Edw,  tchr,  r  1214  Harrison, 
l  Elizabeth  H   (wid   Wra),   r  943  Ar- 
rton  av. 
i    Elmer,    appr    United    Iron    Wks,    b 

i   Frank  W,   cementwkr,   r  830  Alice. 
1   Fred   E,    carp,    r  n   s   Chestnut   1   e 
Mountain    View    av. 
h-Fredricks  Realty  Co,  C  S  Root  pres, 
j  Fredricks  vice  pres,  510  10th,  branch 

0  E   14th. 

h  Judd.   carp,  b  833  Castro. 

h  Leonard  H,  mngr,  r  896  55th. 

h   Lloyd,    rms   476   51st. 

h  Martin  F,  r  Rudsdale  ne  cor  Cora. 

h  Roy,  elk.  rms  1207  Grove. 


b    Oakland      Times,      rms      20      1003% 

Dadwav.    r    1379    10th    av. 

h    S    Eden,    b    n    s    Chestnut    1    e    of 

tuntain  View  av. 

h    Thos,    sec    and    mngr   Thos    Booth 

,  r  4278  Howe. 

h  Thos  Co,  Thos  Booth  sec  and  mngr 

.teing  wks  1370  Bway. 

h  Win    driver  E  L  Swan. 

h  Wm  C.  real  est  s  s  E  14th  1  e  of 

,y  View   av.    r  Mountain   View   av   sw 

•  Foothill  boul,   Elmhurst. 

h    Wm    H,    elk    Mrs    Grace    Hanby,    r 

16  7th. 

h   Wm  W,   hostler,    rms   409%   12th. 

hby  Mrs  Meta,   r  Altenheim. 

sma  Wm   (Brown   &  Bootsma),  r  943 


>e   Adam,    plasterer,    r   854   61st. 

je  Mrs    Marie,    music    tchr  854   61st. 

ident  Co,  17th  se  cor  Wood. 

luglio  Pietro,   lab  S  P  Co. 

>a  Alex    S,   grocer  1120   Center. 

>a    Victor,    driver    Jas    Taylor    Co,     r 

)  16th. 

;hert     Mrs     Carl,     stenogr     Okld     En- 

trer,    r    1719    Valdez. 

ihert    Carl    W,    sec    Alameda    County 

lti-Japanese   League,    r   S40    16th. 

ihert  Freeman  S,  truckman  S  P  Co,  r 

!  Pine. 

ihert    Harry,    pres   Monte   Santa   Wine 

1  r  154  8th. 

I'.hert  Wm,  coir  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co.  rms 

L  15th. 

:on   Geo.    died   June    7,    '09,    age   85. 

lanaro  Jos,  elk.  r  559  Kennedy. 

lanaro  Jos   Jr.   lab,   r  1256   E  15th. 

lanaro  Lena,   emp  Cal  Cotton   Mills. 

lanaro  Mary,  elk,  b  559  Kennedy. 

lanaro  Peter,  emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills,   r 

8  Kennedv. 

lelais  Jos.  cook   3123  Hopkins. 

lellini  Edgar,  r  3663  L-ismia  av.  Fruit- 


Phones:  Oakland  2537,  Home  A  2537 
Holding  Brick  Buildings  a  Specialty 


(louse  Moving  and  Rigging 

J  747  Adeline  St. 

Oakland,  Cal. 

Borden    Chas    W,    carp,    r    3808    Glen    av 

Borden  Helen,   student  Mills  College. 
Borden  Henry  F,   carp,   r  879  Milton. 
Borden  Mrs  Laura,  b  S39%   San  Pab  av. 
Bordenave  Albt   (Tansey  &  Bordenave), 

662  38th. 
Bordenave   Bernard   (Maison  de  L'Opera) 

r  662   38th. 
Bordenave  Jennie,   bkpr,   b  2827   Boehmer 
Bordenave    John     B,     cellarman,     r     282 

Bordenave  Peter,  foreman,  r  6604  Tremon 
Bordesis  Jos,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Bordoli  G,   lab,   r  193   Bryant  av. 
Bordon  Chas,    carp,   r  w  s  Stanley  av  4   s 

of  Noble. 
Bordwell  Fredk  A,   eng  S  P  Co,   r  Ala. 
Bordwell  Geo  O,  auditor,  r  5312  Shattuck 

Boree    Chriss,    cook    H    C    Olsen,    r    Elm- 
Boreham  Robt  G.  artist,   r  1166  12th. 
Borein   Mrs  Anna,   r  4325  Lyon  av. 
Borein  Chas  A.  machine  opr  Central  The- 
ater,  rms  2019  West. 
Boren    Frank  H,    tchr  High   School,    r  10? 

Linda  av. 
Borg    Emil    N    (Borg    &    Higgins),    r    433' 

Borg    Jessie    (wid    John),    b    71S    Market. 
Borg  Louis  L.  emp  S  P  Co.  r  1358  15th. 
Borg  &    Higgins  (Emil  N  Borg.   Llewellyn 

K   Higgins),    barbers   468   9th. 
Borge   Geo,   lab,   b   736   Chester. 
Borge  Jos.  barber,   r  964  New. 
Borge    Jos   M,    lab   Hunt,    Hatch    &   Co.    r 

736   Chester. 
Borge  Louis,  lab,  b  736  Chester. 
Borge    Rose,    raach    opr    Calm    Nickelburg 

&   Co,   b  736   Chester. 
Burger  John  G.  waiter,  r  1106  E  17th. 
Burger  Louis  W.  real  est.  r  207  Bonita  av 
Rnrgerding    Henry,    boxmkr,    r   860    34th. 
Borges    John,    painter,    r    S2S    30th. 
Borges  Jos.   barber  1818  7th.    r  1964   New 
Borgeson  Chas  J.    r  971  Willow. 
Borgeson  Clarence  J,   student,   b  971    \\  11- 

Borgeson   Patrice  C,   tchr  Grant  school,   r 

971  Willow. 
Borgeson   Signeld   K,    student,    b   9il    \\  il- 

Borgfeldt   Christian,   liquors,   r  867   55th. 
Borgfeldt   R    E   Lee,   drftsman.    r   816    53d. 
Rorghelli    John,    r    495    42d. 
Boigogno    Marcello.     blksmith,    b     .1     M.- 

Boring   Perry   J,   bldg1  contr  rear   S25   53d, 
Boris  Niokolas,  lab,   r  1810  Atlantic. 
l;<  liss    Isador   (Rnriss   *    <'<>>.    "'   1"<-   7th. 
Borland  Agnes  (wid  Archie),  r  1926  Sum- 

2  W 

fcwlar.a  Alex       J.      pressman 
Press,    r  966   21st. 


R  E  AD    THE 

aturday  Evening  Post 






£.  i    ^ 


_  0> 












-      0K 


i  n 


<*   A 


~  i^i 

v>r  W 


S  2  7* 

►n  w  * 


pi  0 

o     S       M 


S    o      *■ 


B3     A 


S  J\  JX  K  Jr  PICTURES  -  -  FRAM1i 

\J    T\    l\    m\    U      WHOLESALE     -     -     RETA 

19  1 

1910     POLK-HUSTED     CO.'S 

If  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROAD-WAY 

Borland  Alice   C,   stenogr  Geo  W  Austin, 

r    1510   West. 
Borland  Annie,   died   Mar  9,   09  age   50. 
Borland  Arch,      pres     American     Rubber 

Mnfg-  Co,  r  1925  Summit. 
Borland      David    C    (Borland   &    Lemon), 

1401    Franklin. 
Borland  Florence  A,  stenogr,  b  1510  West 
Borland  Florence    E    (wid    Wm),    r    1510 

Be  Hand  Geo  N,  elk,   b  1510  West. 
Borland  Mrs   Louisa,    dressmkr,    rms   3S13 

Tel  av. 
Borland-Nilson    Press,    J   B    Leavitt   pres, 

0  R  Nilson  vice-pres,    B   L  Nilson  sec, 
printers  362  LOth. 

Borland  Thos,  rms  3S13  Tel  av. 
Borland  Wm  J,  b  1925  Summit. 
Borland    &    Lemon    (D    C    Borland,    J    F 

Lemon),    wall    paper    and    painters    406 

13  th. 
Borman  Karl,  brasswkr,   r  878  l'Hh. 
Bormann  Albert,   meat  ctr,   r  £21  3d. 
Bormann  Henry,  carp,  b  221  3d. 
Bormann  Louis,  b  Altenheim. 
Born  Louis    E    (Born    &    Kovacevich),    r 

270    11th. 
Born    &    Kovacevich     (Louis    Born,    Jos 

Kovacevich),   restaurant  417   13th. 
Bornai  Mary,    b  73.3  Rami    av. 
Bornecke  Julius,    blksmith   1102    23d   av. 
Bornberg  Tressie    C,    bkpr    Braley    Grote 

Finn  Go,  b  IStiS  Franklin. 
Borneman  Fred,     elk     Webster    Elec    Co, 

r  S  F. 
Bornemann  Geo    C,    pres    Geo    C    Borne- 

mann  Co,   r  585  Eldorado. 
Bornemann  Geo  C  Co,   Geo  C  Bornemann 

pres  and  mngr,  Geo  T  March  vice-pres, 

Chas  H  Jenkins  sec,   Typewriters,   Clay 

nw  cor  11th. 
BornhauseiV  Elizabeth,     milliner,     b     1294 

Bornhanser  Fred,    millhand,    b   1294   63d. 
Bornholdt  John  H,  baker,  r  w  s  of  Michi- 
gan av  4  n  of  Elm. 
Bonistoin  Henry,   tailor,  r  173::   FiRert. 
Bornstein  Michael    D,    tailor,    r 

Borquin  Paul,    carrier    P    O,    b 

Rosa  av. 
Borree  Christian,    cook,    res 

1  n  of  Rudsdale. 
Borros  Nebol,   cook  S  P  Co. 
Borroughs  Rev  Joseph   N,    r  927  34th. 


Sec    and    Treas    Okld    California    Towel 

Supply  Co,  rms  927  34th. 
Borfch  Carl,   studfnt  Mills  College. 
Borscheid  Geo,   waiter,   rms  616  12th. 
Borst  Allen    T,    sec   John    A    Bunting   Co, 

r    Coa.linga. 
Borst  Daniel   G,    b   1374   Webster. 
Port  Lydia  A  (widow  Wm),  b  601  54'th. 
Bortell  Lotus,    b   7SS   59th. 
Bcrtell  P  -Clinton,  photogr,  r  788  09th. 
Borlhes  Edw,    rms   406   Sth. 


34    Santa 

Lucas    av 

Borton  Chester  C,  vice-pres  I  V  Raltl 

Co,  r  1457  5th  av. 
Bortree  David  E,   r  16S1  Vnldcz. 
Boruher  Elmer  J,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Borvaal  Lucy,    r   477    4th. 
Boscacci  Anton,    lab,   r   1263   7th. 
Boscacci  C,   wiper  S  P  Co,  r  1317  14tl 
B<  sencei  John,   pedlar,  r  1417  14th. 
Boscacci  Jos   J,    iron    wkr,    r   Waltei 

se  cor  3d. 
Boscacci  Ralph,  lab,  b  J  J  Boscacci. 
Boscacci  Silves>tro  A,  painter  S  P  Oc. 
Boscci  lienj,  lab,  r  1370  14th. 
Boscci  Jos,  lab,  b  1370  14th. 
Boschiaro  Paul,  lab,  b  71  McAdam. 
Boso'ike  Albert,  civ  eng,  r  334  Howar 
Boschke  Albert    L,    r    210    Sunnyside 

Boseo  Paolo,  tailor  4793  Tel  av. 
Boscoe  Amelia   (wid  Wm),   r  837  170 
Boscoe  Grace  A,   stenogr  Rosenthals 

r  S?.7  17th. 
Boscoe  Pearl    E.    bkpr    Goldberg, 

&  Co,  b  837  17th. 
Boscc-vich  Boso,  lab,  rms  1709  Atlant 
Boscovich  John  B,  bkpr,  r  1016  63d. 
Boscovich  Mitchel.  lab,  r  1709  Atlanl 
Boseow  Albert,    elk    Redwood    Mnfrs 

b   56  31  Vicente. 
Boseow  Emma,    r  996%   57th. 
Boseow  Fred,   glazier  Redwood  Mnfrs 

b  996%   57th. 
■pnecr.w  r,m.    .lied   June  09  aee  X5 

Bay  City  Well  Worl 

Well  Drilling,  Boring  and  Pump  W 

W*r«h*aMi  ud  Sbm 

Park  An.  *  H.ri..  St.  Eatrrrub 
GEO.  P.  MARCUS,  Proprietor 

tffll  ln.tMIMttSL.UI 

Boseow  Wm  A,  mngr  Redwood  Mnfrc 

r  996  57th. 
Boscus  Henry     (Boscus    &    Ronaldes 

409  8th. 
Boscus    &   Ronaldes   (Henry   Boscus, 

mille    Ronaldes),    proprs   Galindo   £ 

409    Sth. 
Bose  Frank,   porter  12th  ne   cor  Well 

rms   1114   Webster. 
Boskovich  Ben.),     emp     S     P    Co,     r 

Bcsnak  Bros    (Geo  and  John),   1156  I 

Bcsnak  Geo     (Bosnak     Bros),     rms 

Bcsnak  John     (Bosnak    Bros),     rms 

Bosnich  P,    cleaner  Pullman    Co. 
Bosquet  Albert,    carp,    p  964  ^astro. 
Bosquit  Dallas,   eng,   v  1774   10th. 
Bosquit  O   T,    studt   Polytechnic   Bus 

b   306  12th. 
Boss  Alvi.s,  grocer  1237  Peralta. 
Boss  Elizabeth,    elk,    b    1237    Peralta. 
Boss  Harvey,    porter,    rms    734    Henri 

P«.s    T-n     f      r    fi<">    Wil=T»'nr<  h    av. 


mill  IzVWll 



Mattings  -  Rugs  -  -  Linole 

Cold  Medal  Steam  Carpet  Cleaning  and  Renovating  f 
Phones:  Oakland  4184,  Home  A4184  -  -  85G  CLAY  STRE] 
AT  611  SECOND  STREET        -         -         -  PHONES:    OAKLAND  2034,  HOME  A 

dl   A.  A.    $  675.00 

I.         1050.00 

Roadster  1725.00 

lelacliable  Tonneau) 

E.         1650.00 

).  B.  Oakland.  Cal. 


Maxwell  Automobile  AgenGy 

A.  C.  HULL.   Prop. 

192-194  Twelfth  Street 

Telephone!:  Oakland  3628.  Home  A  1332 
DIRECTORY      1910  195 

team  Dve  Works  The   (J  A  Lockie 
,  3712  San  Pafo  av. 

Paula  M,  hkpr  Okld  Builders  Sup- 
!o,  r  Bkly. 
eLM.   emp   S   P  Co. 

Andr,   r  774  18th. 

Clinton,  pressman,  b  6003  Grove. 
;  Gottlieb,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  672  65th. 
ix  Charles,  waiter,  rms  1412  10th. 
Caroline,  b  4828  Tel  av. 
roseph  L,  barber  4826  Tel  av.  r 

Louise    (wid    Valentine),    seams,    r 
Hies  av. 

C    C,    pressman    Pac    Manifolding 

Co.  r  S  F. 

aester,   lab,  rms  1534  Brush, 
arvey,    porter   John   Tisch,    r   1455 

)hn   H,   janitor   Bacon   bide 


argaret.  b  1455  5th. 

Louis,  seaman,  r  1727  Atlantic. 

:  N   A,   flagman   O   T  Co,   rms   675 

Dental  Co,  1155%  Washn. 

Umbrella     Factory,     M     Feigen 
,    Umbrellas    and    Parasols    made, 
red  and  recovered,  408  13th. 
n  Chas  A,   mstr  mariner,   r  618   K 

n  John  P,   mstr  mariner,  r  1169  E 

:k  Birdie  E.  elk,  b  1103  Bway. 

St  Harry,   r  6424   Duncan. 

1  Tessie,    cik    Dale    Bros,    b    1837 

['Mrs   Charlotte,    r   1880   Market. 

I  Wm  H,   sawyer  Judson   MoCullv, 

7  Bway. 

th  Alfred  P,  civ  eng\  r  3637  West. 

th  Bernard,  elk,  r  623   61st. 

th  Josephine    (wid   Arthur),    b    623 

th  Robt  H,   creamery,   r  6290   Ra- 
th Robt   W,    elk,    b   C290   Racine, 
li  Giovanni,    engr    Fruit    Can- 
Assn,  r  ir.22  3d. 
o  Mbnuel,    lab    S    P    Co,    r    658    E 

lbrood  Jas,  plumber,  b  1104  E  23d. 
Frank   E.   elk.   rms  946   Myrtle. 
_Henry    E,    pres    Judson   Mnfg    Co, 

w  Mrs  H  S.  r  398  Van  Buren  av. 
ill  Edwin     D.     teller    Central     Nat 
,   r  679   Broekhurst. 
(11  Elizabeth    (wid    Richd),    b    1323 

ill  Ga.rnett,    elk    Sunset    Grr    Co,    b 

ill  Robt  C.  r  866  20th. 
dl  Robt    J,    motorman    O 
8th  av. 

.  Peter,   driver,    r  rear  512    list 
td  G  Andr.  r  316  28th. 
res,  lah  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
iobt,   lab  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
3  Robt.   r  Thomas  av  2  n  of  23d. 
Batista,    died    June   17   o9   age    IS. 
■  G,    driver  French  Bakeries   Co,    h 

•  Henrietta  W,  bkpr  Coaklev  Bros, 

•  Henry    A,     mst 






Merchant  Tailors 

Washington  St.,  near  Fourteenth  St. 

Pkonei:   Oitliod  4630,  Home  A  2630 

Botting  Eliza   (wid  E  G).   r  13'iS    lath  av. 
Botting  Mabel,  elk,  b  1328  49th  av. 
Botting  Minnie  M,  elk,  b  1328  49th  av. 
Bottlers  Protective  Assn  (Inc)  The,  Louis 

A  Barker  sunt,  508  6th. 
Botto  Joshua,    gardener,    rms   822   Linden. 
Botto  Louis,  driver,  r  915  5th. 
Bottoms     R   Lester,    cond    O   T    Co,    r  2 

Lake  View  Cottages. 
Botts  Jack  W,  carp,  res  Jones  av  5  s  of 

E  14th,    Elmhurst. 
Botts  Thos    C,    mech    Hogan    Lbr    Co, 

2921  Viola. 

Boubeer  B  F,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  1133  1st  av. 
Bouchard  E.    nurse    Fairlawn   apts. 
Bouchard  P,   gateman   S   P  Co,    r  910   6th 

Bouchard  Philip  P,   r  1310  39th  av. 
Boucher,  see  also  Bout2hei    and  Bowcher. 
Boucher  Frank,   stevedore,   b   1270  8th. 
Boucher  Grace,  b  209  13th. 
Boucher  John,   hlnr  S  P  Co,   r  1752  9th. 
Boucher  Jos   J,    boilermkr.    b   1270   8th. 
Boucher  Thos,     ydman,     b    1723     12th. 
Boucher  Thos   J,    ydman   S   P   Co,    r   1657 

Bo.icher  Thos    P.     propr    Oakland     Boiler 

Wks   657    Franklin,    r   568    SOth. 
Boucher  Victor,   bridge  bldr,   r  1109   San- 
ta   Fe    av. 
Boucree  Saml,     waiter,     rms     1364     9th. 
Boudreau    Adolard,    lab,    b    3132    Foothill 

Boudreau  Alfred    J,    carp,    r   3112    E   27th. 
Boueyic  Luea.    lab    S   P   Co. 
Bouhaben  John,    lndry    wkr,    r    12S0    62d. 
Bouhaben  Jules,    waiter    419    14th,    r    413 

Boulanger  Mrs  M  I,,  rms  215  12th. 

Bouldin  W,  hostler  S  P  Co,  r  1622  Lin- 

Bouldin  Wm,    lab,    b    S00   36th   av. 

Boullet  Geo.    lah    S    P   Co,    r   1418    15th. 

Boulevard  Mill  &  Lumber  CO.  W  F 
Lloyd,    mngr.    3600    Foothill    boul. 

Boulevard  Realty  Co  (Peter  Schrensen, 
Emil  Isaacson),  real  esta.te  and  insur- 
ance.    1501     Mitchell. 

Boullet  J,    bkmn   S   V  Co.   r  1418  15th. 

Boulogne  F,  mach  Union  Gas  Eng  Co,  r 

Boulton  Obera  (wid  David),  rms  1529 
2Sd    av. 

Bouquet  Cohn  Cigar  Co  (S  F).  2S  San 
.1'ab    av. 

Bouquette  Jacques,   poultry,   r  1203  63d. 

Bouras  Peter,     lab,     r    374    Campbell. 

Bourbeau  Jos,  foreman,  r  1137  Santa 
Fe  av.  Jos.  hlpr  Pac  Manifolding 
Booh    Co,    r    1037    Santa    Fe    av. 

Bourda  Peter,   Indrywkr,   r  3768   Diamond. 

Bourdase  Maria  (wid  Edward),  r  3431 

iiminii'se  Mary,    wks    Excelsior    Lmdry. 

Bourdieu  Edouard.  driver  .1    1'oulou,  r  SC 

hj.H  I 

?  E2 


Hay,    Grain  and 
Poultry  Supplies 

FIFTY-FIFTH  STREET       TeleDhones:   Piedmonf  2522.  Home  H6719 












•  • 

H     ntn 
ri  5?  to 


H   3 



->  o     J 

r  a>   t 
>  a.  < 

s  s    PI 


thing for 



Ap.  Co. 


OAK  560 

Main  Office  and  Yard 
Tint  and  Oak  Sts. 

E.   H.    Nash,  Mgr. 


Branch  Yard  ! 

E.  12th  and  17th  |J 

Tel.   Oakland    li 

Home  A-214J 


into    pout-misTED    co.'s 









Bourdon  Chas    E,    contr,    1771    21st    av. 
Bourgen  Pierre,    mach,    r   602    36th. 
Bourgeois  Arthur    J,     elk    Oakland    Pho- 
nograph   Co,    b    1525    40th. 
Bourgeois  Mrs  Jennie,  cook,  Merritt  Hos- 
Bourjohn  John,     fur    rms.    335    11th. 
Bourn  Eclw,     foreman     E     Lehnhardt,     b 

464    Moss    av. 
Bourn  Mrs   P  G,   stenogr  Wickham  Hav- 
ens   (Ino),    b   46*   Moss   av. 
Bourne  Emma    A     (wid    Geo),    b    e    s    of 
Michigan   av  1  s  of  Orchard.   Elmhurst. 
Bourne  Irwin    J    (Eberlein    &    Bourne),    r 
e  s   Michigan  av  1  s  of  Orchard,   Elm- 
Boii'-quln  Paul  A,   carrier  P  O.  r  34  Rose 

Bousfield  Harry,    lab,    res    Loma   Vista 

av,   2   n   of   R   14th. 
Boushey    Homer,    sec    Okld    Chamber    of 

Commerce,    b    Key    Route   Inn. 
Bousquet  Mrs  Bertha,  furn  rms  958  Clay. 
Bousquet,  Eugene,     propr    Capitol    Hotel, 

1021     Franklin. 
Bnutolie  Henry    A,    rms    1479    Grove. 
Bouterious  Alfred    A,    meats    182    7th,    r 

f!)5    60th. 
Bouterious  Angel,    butcher,    b    995    60th. 
Boutet  Louise    (wid    Louis),    r   w   s   Moss 

av    1    s    of    E    14th,    Fitchburg. 
Bouthillier  fins,     mach,     lms     302     10th. 
Bouton  Harrv,    elk,    r    957    Magnolia. 
Boutovich  Bardo,    lab    S    P    Co,    rms    70C 

Bouve  Claude  S,  calker  S  P  Co. 
Bouvier  Chas  F.  eng  Leona  Chem  Co,  r  6 

Leona    Hts    Cottages. 
Bouyssou    Benj      E.       {Piedmont      French 

Laundry    Co),    b   4910    Shattuck   av. 
Bouvssou  Emil    (Piedmont    French    Laun- 
•V   Co),   b    1910   Shattuck  av. 
zie'e    Ethel    V    (wid    Winfield    N),    b 
,6    Walsworth   av. 
Bnvenizer  Herbert  C,  elk  P  O.  r  135  12th. 
Bovenizer  Wm  F,   car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  1036 

E   21st. 
Boveroux   Geo  L.   r  365   Euclid  av. 
Bovio  John,    cook,    b   1102    7th. 
Bovo  Antonio,   mosaic  wkr,  r  1629%  Mar- 

Bovo  Modest,  mosaic,  wkr,  r  1625  Mar- 
Bow  Ta<  Wo  &  Co,  genl  mdse,  306  8  th. 

Bowbeer  Ben;*    F,    cond,    r   1133    1st    av. 

Bowcher,     see     Boucher    and     Boutcher. 

Bowcher  Jas    (J   A   Munro   &   Co),    r   Ala. 

Bowcher  Katherine  (wid  John),  res 
Murray   av    4   s    of   E   14th. 

Bowden  Jessie  B,  elk,  rms  13i5y2A  Bway. 

Hon. liter,  Win    E,    r    3217    Boston    av. 

Bowell  Clarence  E,  bkpr  Union  Savings 
Bank,    r  907    Filbert. 

Bowen  Albert    E.    janitor,    r    932    7th. 

Bowen  C    E,    rms    371    13th. 

Bowen  Chas,    elec    eng,    r    1075    65th. 

Bowen  Chas  R,  pres  Bowen  &  French, 
r   1439    Market. 

Bowen  Clara  C,  vice  pres  Bowen  & 
French,    b   206   E   12th. 

Bowen  Clvde   E,    pressman,   r   582   3dh. 

Bowen  Daisy  V  E,  tchr  Central  Evening 
school,   b   612  Merrimac. 

Bowen  Earnest  E,  cook,  r  n  s  of  4th  1 
e    of   Kinsell    av. 

Bowen  Elenor    M,    b    4906    Bellevue    av. 

Bowen  Emma  M,  furn  rms  529  San 
Pab    av. 

Bowen  Frenk   A,    r   601    54th. 

Bowen  Geo  E,  elk,  r  4906  Bellevue  i 
Bowen  Grace  M,  bkpr,  b  5S1  29th 
Bowen    Helen    S    (wid    Chas    A),    b 

Bowen  Henry    A,    sec    Bowen    &    Fre 

r  206   E  12th. 
Bowen  Howard  E,   pressman,   r  1937 

Bowen  Mrs  H   S,   emp  F  C  Walker, 

407   San   Pab  av. 
Bowen  Jas   B,    r   330   12th. 
Bowen  John,    r   118   12th. 
Bowen  John,   trav  agt,   r  1116  Adelin 
Bowen  John    AV,    r    s    s    Lee    av    1   I 

Tompkins    av,    Leona   Hts. 
Bowen  Lottie  E,   bkpr  A  J  Snyder,  t 

Bowen    Lulu    M,    elk    Bowman    &    C 

612    Merrimac. 
Bowen  Mantie   W    (wid   Horace),    b 

Bowen  Mary   E    (wid    Thos    W),      r 

Bowen  Mary   E,    elk   Hale   Bros    (In 

1524    23d    av. 
Bowen  Mattie   A   (wid   Eli),   r   2116 

Bowen  Percy  H,   tmstr  Burnham  Sts 

ford   Co.    r   1511   39th   av. 
Bowen  Robt    C     (Modesto-Merced 

Co),  b  663  Cameron. 
Bowen  Rov,    elk.    rms    540    38th. 
Bowen  Roy,   lab   S   P  Co,   r  3742  14tl 
Bowen  Victor   H,    painter,    111   Rio 

av.  . 

Bowen  Walter  M,  fireman,  r  1645  34* 
Bowen  Wm    M,     grocer    3742     E    141 
Bowen    &    French,    Chas    R   Bowen,   , 
C  C  Bowen,  vice  pres;  Henry  A  B< 
sec;   agrl   implts.    656   Washn. 
Bower  Abram,    salsn,    r    5318   Grove. 
Bower  Mrs    Effie,    r  792   59th. 
Bower  Geo,    b   1350   26th    av. 
Bower  Jas    C.    lab,    rms   1801    7th. 
Bower  Justine    (wid    John),    r    336    ( 

av,    Elmhurst. 
Bower  Robt,      cashr,      b      396    Gran 

Bower  Wm,    lab,   b   757    Brush. 
Bowers  Albert  A,  foreman,  r  2500  Pi 

av,    Fruitvale. 
Bowers  Ane    (wid    Chas   H),    r   585 

Bowers  Blanche  A,  tchr,  b  1136  Filb 
Bowers  Blanch  B,  elk  H  C  Capwell 

45!)    34th. 
Bowers  Chas,    elk,    1318    Jackson,      j 
Bowers  Chas   L,   station  agt,    r  113( 

bert.  _  , 

Bowers  Chas   S.   salsn,    r   585   Falrv 
Bowers  Ewing,  r  1416  39th  av. 
Bowers  Frank    F,    livery,    1200    47th 
Bowers  Geo   Y,    carp,   r   690   31st. 
Bowers  Henry,  elk  Tribune,   r  660  T 
Bowers  Henrv    A,     mach     Standard 

Engine    Co,    r  340   E   21st. 
Bowers  Henry    S.    r    533    66th. 
Bowers  Herbert    M,    civ    eng,    r 

Bowers  Jennie  (wid  Geo),  b  1908  19 
Bowers  John   E,   mech,   r  690   31st. 
Bowers  John  L,  Indrywkr  Okld  Cal 

Co,   r   909   San   Pablo   av. 
Bowers  J   Wm,    shingler,    b   3556   M 

Bowers  J  L,  elec  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co 

E    16th. 
Bowers  Mrs    Mary,    r   922    Chester. 


a  complete:  epitome  of  the  lumbi 
:  trade  and  kindred  intertsts 

(ton-Morgan  storage  &  Moving  Co. 

separat'e  locked   rooms1 

ffice,     503  Fourteenth  St. 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

pers  O  J,  baggageman  S  P  Co,   r  San 


vera  Mrs  Sarah  E,   r  690   31st. 

versmith  Chas  M,   elec,   b  1463  Castro. 

versmith  Edwin  P,  brklyr,  r  559  7th. 

versmith  Fred,    millwright  664   Washn, 

1463    Castro, 
versmith  Geo,    miner,     r    1463    Castro, 
versmith  Geo    A,     millwright,     r    16J7 
1th  av. 

versmith  Geo  A,  news  dlr  667  22d,  r 
337    24th    av. 

iversmith  .Tas,   carp,   rms   1673  Grove, 
versmith  John    E,    civ    eng    Piedmont 
'av    Co,    r    1463    Castro, 
versmith  Oscar,     lather,     b     559    7th. 
ves  James   M,    salsn,    b   1102   34th. 
sves  Jane,    grocer    1102    34th,    r    same, 
wes  John  R,   tmstr  W  P  Fuller  &  Co, 

8S7    Jackson, 
iv  es  John   E,    ins    27   Bacon   bldg,    r   24 
'av   pi. 

wes  Wm   F.,   bkbndr,   b  487   44th. 
wezer  Danl   H,    elk  Okld  Meat  &   Pkg 
'o,    r    Bkly. 

wie  Albert,  mach  S  P  Co,  r  S215  Put- 

wie  Lillian  M,  elk  Charton  &  Haffey, 
>  579%   20th. 

wie  Mary    (wid  David),   r  579%    20th. 
wie  Roberta,   nurse,   b  1505  Tel  -av. 


?res  First  National  Bank,  r  317  Grand, 
wles  Sophia  (wid  Wm  G),  res  Moun- 
;ain  View  av  2  s  of  Walnut,   Elmhurst. 
wles  Theo  M,  driver,  r  5805%  Dover, 
wley  Earl  E,   tmstr,  b  573  E  12th. 
wley  Harry  V,   tmstr,   b  573  E  12th. 
wley  Wm  H,   lab,    r  573   E   12th. 
wlon  Mrs  Christine,  r  1311  8th. 
■wlsbey  Edw  L,  elec  contr  3332   E  14th, 
:  1  Prentiss  av. 

wman,  see  also  Boman  and  Boyman. 
wman  A  O,   blksmith,    rms  619   14th. 
wman  Andr  J.   r  826  Jefferson, 
iwman  Chas  E,   waiter,   r  1414   10th. 
iwman  Chas  J,  elec,  b  2235  Magnolia, 
iwman  Emma  R   (wid   Chas),   moved  to 
Los  Angeles. 

iwman  Henry,  tmstr,  b  2235  Magnolia, 
iwman  Isador,  meatctr,  r  1300  34th  av. 
iwman  Jacob,  janitor  Taft  &  Pennoyer, 
r  Allendale. 

iwman  Jas  G,  lino  opr,  r  1809  Union. 
iwman  Jennie   R   (wid   Chas   H),   b   951 
Walker  av. 

iwman  Jos,    meatctr,    r    463    Hobart. 
iwman  Levi,   died   Sept   12,    '09,    age    62. 
iwman  Luis    A,    seaman,    r    3612%    Put- 
nam,  Fruitvale. 

iwman  Mary  (wid  Chas  A),  r  2235  Mag- 

iwman  Mrs  Mary,   rms  316  13th. 
iwman  Mrs  Mary,   rms  516  17th. 
iwman  Mrs   Sadie,  manicure,  r  1552  5th. 
iwman  Sanford,   r  1553  5th. 
iwman  Sarah   E,  died  Apr  26,   '09. 
iwman  Solomon,    b   1056    2d   av. 
iwman  Sylvester   F.   waiter  S   P  Co 
iwman  Wm   J,    treas   Bowman   &  Co,  -r 

OWMAN  &  CO, 

F  B  Taylor,  Pres;  N  A  Koser,  Vice- 
Pres;  R  A  Leet,  Sec;  W  J  Bowman, 
Treas;  Druggists,  Main  Store  1151-3 
Broadway;  Branches  13th  av  cor  E  14th, 
Oakland,  and  Shattuck  av  cor  Center, 

Darrow- Hughes  Co.| 




1056  Broadway   Phone  Oakland  583 



!    tUS 

Bowne  Alex,   driver,    r  1080   63d. 
Bowne  Emma  L,   stenogr,  b  813   57th. 
Bowne  Margaret,    emp    Home    Tel    Co,    b 

813    57th. 
Bowne  Margaret   W    (wid   Wm   S),   r   813 

Bowne  Wm,  blksmith,  r  575  66th. 
Bowolscki  Martin,   rigger,   b   1467   5th. 
Bowrie  Jas  E,  rms  1743  Grove. 
Bowser  A   Merrill,   architect   969    Bway,    r 

Bowtovich  Baldo,  lab,  rms  706  Peralta. 
Boyanich  Geo,  waiter  406  12th. 
Boyce,  see  also   Boise  and   Boise. 
Boyce  Edwin  H,  joiner  S  P  Co. 
Boyce  Frank,    mech   W  L   Loos   &   Co,   r 

1055  Madison. 
Boyce  Geo,  carp,  r  1276  64th. 
Boyce  John    B,    tmstr   Okld    G   L   and   H 

Co,  r  4133  Hillside  av. 
Boyce  Levy  A,  waiter  S  P  Co. 
Boyce  Maud  M,   elk   Cal   Creamery   Co,    r 

Boyce  Wm,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Boyd  Alex,    lab,    r   2408   35th   av. 
Boyd  Coy,   plumber  725  54th. 
Boyd  Edw   D,    salsn    Jackson    Furn   Co, 

862   19th. 
Boyd  Elizabeth  A   (wid  Theo  C),   b  559A 

Boyd  Ernest    E,    brkman    S    P   Co,    r    818 

Boyd  Fred  N,  mach,  r  1513  39th  av. 
Boyd  Grace,   elk.    b   1364%    12th. 
Boyd  Jas  M,   contr,  r  1112  Eden  Park  av. 
Boyd  Josephine    T    (wid   Harry),    r   986    E 

Boyd  Julia,  student  Mills  College. 
Boyd  Lee  A,   trav  auditor,   r  929  Adeline. 
Boyd  Louise  C,   b  985  E  15th. 
Boyd  N   Warren,   bkpr,   rms  564  14th. 
Boyd  Ralph,    elk    E    P    Taylor,     b    1364% 

Boyd  Revv,   tmstr  Dodge,   Sweeney  &  Co, 

r  1046  Peralta. 
Boyd  Ruth  A  (wid  Jos),  r  151  Lester 
Boyd  Thos   J,   grocer  5634   Tel   av,    r   6632 

Boyd  Wesley  M.   r  827  55th. 
Boyd  Wm    E,    carp,    r    2480    Division,    E  ] 

Okld  Hts. 
Boyd  Wm   H,   stableman,    r   1364%   12th. 
Bovd  Wm  T,  elk,   r  1364%   12  th. 
Boyden  J    M,    flagman    0    T    Co,    r    135( 

Boydston  Robt    A,    salsn    Rosenthals    Ine 

r  Ala. 
Boydstun  Doy   C,   elk  R  M  S,   r  174S   lltl 

Royenval  Camelia  II.  bkpr.   b  76  Echo  av 
Bovenval  Jos  R,  chauffeur,  b  76  Echo 
Boyenval  Mary   (wid  Herman),   r  76   Echo 

Boyer,  see  also  Bayer. 
Boyer  Adelard,   carp  S  P  Co. 
Boyer  Alex,    mach    Standard    Gas    Engine 
Co,  r  Ala. 


No  More 


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No  More 

Cleans  and 



For  Sale  By 
All  Grocers 

Office  and  Works 

Grove  St. 


Saturday  Evening  Post 





For .  .  . 














Telephone  Merritt  580     3324  EAST  FOURTEENTH  ST. 

1910     POIJC-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Boyer  Asa  C,   lab,   b  s  s  Williams  2  e  of 

Nutley  av. 
Boyer  Axel  P,   mach,  b  3134  Hyde. 
Boyer  Calvin,   lab  S  P  Co,   r  Bkly. 
Boyer  Chas    A,    elk   Taft    &    Pennoyer,    r 

1023  Tel  av. 
Boyer  Cletus  A,   carp,  r  1366  13th  av. 
Boyer  Earl,  elk  Sunset  Gro  Co,  b  630  15th. 
Boyer  Ernest  L,  repr  J  T  Chick,  r  1061% 

Boyer  Frank,   painter,  b  1362%   Campbell. 
Boyer  Hans   P,    mach    Standard   Gas   En- 
gine Co,  r  3134  Hyde. 
Boyer  Henry    C,    salsn,    rms   964   Adeline. 
Boyer  Irving',    mech,    rms    1258    Harrison. 
Boyer  Jas  H,  lawyer,  r  878  59th. 
Boyer  Paul,   porter,   r  752  Willow. 
Boyer  Philip   J,    car   opr   O    T    Co,    b   1366 

13th    av. 
Boyer  Robt  J,  cigars,   r  1153  10th. 
Boyer  Rev  Thos  A,  p.istor  First  Christian 

Church,   r  1697   Bway. 
Boyer  Wm  E,   mngr,  r  2408  Fruitvale  av. 
Boyerly  T,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  489  37th. 
Boyes  Edwin    J,    phys    304    Central    Bank 

bldg,   r  553  Oakland  av. 
Boyes  Ernest  B,  dentist  304  Central  Bank 

bldg,   r  1220   Jackson. 
Boylan  Edw   W,    salsn    Kahn    Bros,    r   469 

Boylan  Henry  A,  trav  salsn,  r  951  Myrtle. 
Boyle  Ann    (wid   Robt),    r  254   Hollis. 
Boyle  David   M    (Boyle   &   Lawlor   Co),    r 

1212  Union. 
Boyle  Edw  T,  ropeman,  r  920  E  15th. 
Boyle  Gertrude    (Mrs  T  Kanno),   sculptor, 
res    Fremont   av    5    s    of    Lincoln    av, 
Laurel  Grove. 
Boyle    Harry     L,     timekpr     O     T     Co,     r 

Charles  se  cor  Spencer. 
Boyle  Jas,    r   6401   Regent. 
Boyle  Jas,   rms  915%   San  Pablo  av. 
Boyle  Jas,    tmstr   Piedmont   Paving   Co,    b 
e  of  Lake  Shore  av  opp  Boulevard  way. 
Boyle  Jas   J,    housemover,    r   1601   Market. 
Boyle  Jennie  H  G,  tchr  Tompkins  School, 

r  564  Hobart. 
Boyle  John,  lab,   b  1212  Union. 
Boyles  Jos    J,    bartndr   66    San    Pablo    av, 

b   1601  Market. 
Boyle  M,   hlpr  S  P  Co,  r  1806  5th. 
Boyle  Mary   (wid  Neil),  r  1212  Union. 
Boyle  Maurice  J,   lab,   r  952    Pine. 
Boyle  Michl  J,  lab,   r  952  Pine. 
Boyle  Richd,    stableman    Hutchinson    Co, 

r  46th  cor  Adeline. 
Boyle  Timothy,   b  1446  5th. 
Boyle  &   Lawlor  Co    (D   M   Boyle,   Gerald 

Lawlor),   saloon   1319   Center. 
Boyley  Henry   A,    trav   agt,    r  951   Myrtle. 
Boyman,  see  also   Boman  and   Bowman. 
Boyman  Chas  J,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  721  39th. 
Boymeria  Pasquale,    baker    French    Bak- 
eries Co,   b  811  Clay. 
Boyne  Chas,    trav   agt,    rms  1166   Brush. 
Bovne  Cora   B    (wid   Horace),    elk,    b    619 

Boyne  Elizabeth,    b    815    21st. 
Bovnton  Alice  C,   furn   rms   310  13th. 
Boynton  Arthur  J,  elec,  b  1416  Grand  av. 
Boynton  Chas  A,   buyer,  r  4207  Howe. 
Boynton  8  A  &  Mrs  M  B,  illustrated  pos- 
tal cards  4207  Howe. 
Boynton  Chas  A  Jr,   elk,  b  4207  Howe. 
Boynton  Edw,   lab,   rms  756  7th. 
Boynton  Mrs  Fannie   M,    rms   310   13th. 
Boynton  Geo  W,   contr  1416   Grand  av. 
Bovnton  Mrs   Maria   B,    mngr   Cal   Postal 
Card  Co,  r  4207  Howe. 

Boynton  Philip    H,    gateman,    rms    476 

Boynton  Wesley    E,    printer,    r   3134 

Boynton  Wm  L,  gateman,  rms  476  E  11 
Boyrie  Harry    E,    pres   Western   Gas  a 

Power  Co,  r  S  F. 
Boys  Harry,   student,  b  4690  Shattuck 
Boysen  Andr    (Kinley    &    Boysen),    r 

Boysen  Andr    Jr    (Kinley    &    Boysen), 

866  Filbert. 
Boysen  Fred    L,    tailor    Chas    Johnson 

772    18th. 
Boysen  Ludwig  P,  r  589  Alcatraz  av. 
Boysen  Peter,   switchman,   r  1371   8th. 
Boysen  Thos,    mngr   H    Kleinlein,    r   : 

Piedmont  av. 
Boyson  Geo  M,   elk,   r  5409  E  12th. 
Boytana  Victor,   eng,   rms   918  Adeline. 
Bozeman  Jas,   horseman,   r  1044  55th. 
Braas  Manuel,  lab,  r  812   Campbell. 
Brabandt    Chas    W,    paper    ruler,    r 

Brabban    Dixon,    r    769    12th. 
Brace    Burton    B,    b    188    Moss    av. 
Brace    Fred,    lab,    b    657    6th. 
Brace    John   W,    r   188    Moss   av. 
Bracellis    Frank,    r    1494    67th. 
Bracellis     Wm,     hlpr     Judson     Mnfg 

b    1494    67th. 
Brachen    P,     boiler    washer    S    P    Co, 

Brachett  John   J,    mrne   fireman    S 
Brack  Geo.   bench   hd  Pac  Coast  L   & 

Co,    r    909    Clay. 
Bracken    J    Arthur,     elk    C    C    Coates 

1206a    7th. 
Brackett  Eugene,    notions    2537    Fruit\ 

ave,     r    same. 
Brackett  Lelia  C,   elk  S  P  Co,   r  Bkhj 


Propr      Great      Parisian      Dyeing 

Cleaning   Works,    r    593    59th. 
Brackett  Leonard    C,    mngr,    r    545 
Brackett  Nelson  K,   foreman,   r  576   Ff 

Brackett  Patk,   contr  6S5  30th. 
Brackett  P,    towerman    S    P    Co. 
Brackett  Ray   E,    bkndr   Pac   Manifold 

Book    Co,    r   5    Belvedere    pi. 
Brackett  Wm    K,     mngr    Wm    Cluff 

r    Alameda. 
Brackett  Wm   R,   policeman,    r   576   9tl 
Brackman    John,    tailor,    r    1718    48th 
Bracktle    Ambrose,    shoemkr,    349%    1< 
Bracktle    Wallace    S,    mnfg    jeweler, 

Brada    Mrs    Ella,    furn    rms,    558    19th. 
Bradbury    Andr   L,    mach.    r   679   57th 
Bradbury  Bros    (Ernest   T    and   Wilbe 

grocers,    1350   Market. 
Bradburv  Ernest    T    (Bradbury    Bros) 

822    19th. 
Bradbury  Frank   R,    painter,    r   3604 

nam,    Fruitvale. 
Bradbury  Fredk  H,  brklyr,  r  1517  37th 
Bradbury  Fredk    M,    mining,    r   rear 

Bradbury  Marcia      G,       tchr       Lafayi 

Grammar   School,    b    328    Grand   av. 
Bradburv  Theo,     elk     Bradbury     Bros, 

822    19th. 
Bradbury  Wilbert  (Bradbury  Bros), 

Braden  Eugene   B.    r  Key   Route  Inn. 
Braden    Jos,      butcher    TJ    M      Slater 

Braden    Louise,    r   Key    Route    Inn. 

Reo  and  Stoddard-Dayton  Automobile 

W.    i_. 

Phono:    Oakland  5507,   Home  A 4507 




462-464  Thirteenth  St. 

Btt  Broadway  and  Waaniaftaa  Sta 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

en  Winifred,    r   Key    Route  Inn. 

den    Wm,    lab.    r    1065    62d. 

dock    Asa   B,    b    5715    9th. 

der   Herman,    cook    967   Bway,    r   558 


ford    Abigail    M,    r    rear    462    4th. 

ford  Chas    O,    r    1074    12th. 

ford  Chas    T    (Bradford    &    Son),    r 

<   7th. 

ford  Edwin    J,    plumber    2418    Pied- 

nt    av. 

ford  Hubert    A.    cook    S    P   Co. 

ford  Le    Roy    A    (Bradford    &    Son), 

100    7th. 

ford  Mable,    bkpr.    b    215    Bay    pi. 

ford  Mrs    Mary,    rms    692    24th. 

ford  Matilda    (wid    Llewellyn),    r   215 

y    pl. 

ford  Mrs.    Milley    T,    r    6110    Colby. 

ford  Sarah  T   (wid  Alden  H),  b  3805 

geman    av. 

ford  Wm,    civ    eng,    r    1226    44th. 

iford  Wm    W,    elk,    b    623    10th. 

.ford  &  Son  (Chas  T  and  Le  Roy  A), 

ncers,    100    7th. 

Ihoff    Clarence      O,    supt      Walker    & 

adhoff,    r   5508   Market. 

Ihoff  Jos    E,    blksmith    6690    San    Pab 

,    r   Bkly. 

Ihoff   P  Frank    (Walker  &  Bradhoff), 

5502    Market. 

Iley  Mrs    Addie    E,    r    988    37th. 

Iley  Alfred    A,    salsn      Mesmer-Smith 

,    r   Ala. 

Lley  Anne  M,   tchr  Bay  School,   b  676 


Iley  Arthur    J,    vice-pres    and    mngr 

lion   Mach   Wks,    r   508   30th. 

Iley  Bros    (Chas      H    and      Wm    E), 

inters.    2027    West. 

Iley  Chas,     rms     589     22d. 

Iley  Chas   D,    woodwkr   Jos   E    Coch- 

n,   r  S.   F. 

lley  Chas   H    (Bradley   Bros),    r    2027 


lley  Clarence      R,       lineman,     r    1467 


lley  Cynda  M,  bkpr  Goldberg,   Bowen 

Co,    rms    Charlton    Apts. 
iley  Danl  H,   reporter  Okld  Enquirer, 
758    16th. 

iley  Eliza  (wid  John  T),  r  364  14th. 
llev  Elmer,  meat  ctr  A  W  Anselmi, 
1375    16th. 

iley  Ethel   elk,   rms   864   San   Pab   av. 
lley    F,    appr    S    P    Co,    r    1815    9th. 
lley  Florence  M,  elk,  b  676  Sycamore. 
Jley  Hiram    T.    r    364    14th. 
iley  Ida    M,    tchr      Mills      College,    b 
45   Jackson. 

iley  James,     waiter    Peter    Olson,     b 
olden,    near   race   track, 
ilev  Jas    E,    elk,    b    2027    West. 
Iley  Jos    R,    driver,    r    1064    Kirkham. 
Iley  Lawrence    H,    phys    1194    23d    av, 
1412    10th   av. 
iley    Margaret,    tchr    Garfield    School, 

1308    4th    av. 

Iley  Margaret,  music  tchr  1412  10th 

Iley  Margaret  A  (wid  Henry  L),  r 
)8    4th    av. 

ilev    Mary    (wid    Hugh),    r    1815    9th. 
iley  Mary    F.    b    364    14th. 
Ilev  Morris    G,    mngr    C    B    Cash    Gro 
id    Produce    Store,    r    676    Sycamore. 
Iley  Richd,   master   mariner   S   P   Co, 

Iley  Susie    M,    bkpr    Bowman    &    Co, 

1467    Castro. 



1114-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 
Phones,  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Bradley    Thos    M,    lawyer    70,    906    Bway 

b   1308    4th   av. 
Bradley  Warren   W,   starcher,   r  924   36th 
Bradley  Walter  H,    foreman,    r   1375    16th 
Bradley  Wm  E   (Bradley  Bros),  r  209  8th 
Bradley  Wm     T,     wagon      driver      police 

dept,    r   1145   Jackson. 
Bradley  Wm    W,    hlpr   Golden    Gate    Plan 

Mills,    r    925    36th. 
Bradley  Zeno,   supervisor  Pac   Tel   &   Tel 

Co,    b    1064   Oak. 
Bradner  Edgar   M,    b   1144    12th. 
Bradner   Geo   H,    elk,    b    1144    12th. 
Bradshaw  Benj.   molder  Judson  Mnfg  Co. 
Bradshaw  Elijabeth   (wid  John   E),   r  19^ 

Newton    av. 
Bradshaw  Mrs    Ellen    R,    r    3714    Market 
Bradshaw    Fredk,    grocer    1756    13th    av. 
Eradshaw  Jane    (wid   Timothy   P),   r  640: 

Harmon   ct. 
Bradshaw  Jos  A.    cashr  Met  Life  Ins   Co 

r    2819    Stewart. 
Bradshaw  Richd    H,    W    T    Bradshaw    & 

Co,    r   6419    Tel   av. 
Bradshaw  Thos,    mach    United   Iron   Wks. 

r  167  Newton  av. 
Bradshaw  Wm,   fence  bldr  S  P  Co. 
Bradshaw  Wm   J,    salsn,    r   2490    Brighton 

Bradshaw  Wm      T,      mngr        Illuminated 

Signs   Co,    r   6402   Harmon   ct. 
Bradshaw    Zella    E,    elk,    b    3714    Market. 
Bradshaw  W    T    &    Co    (Richd    H    Brad- 
shaw),    A     E     Skillicorn    mgr,     grocers, 

6401    Tel    av. 
Bradway  Frank   F,   cond,   r  1419   35th  av. 
Bradway  Raymond,    elk,    b    1419    35th    av. 
Brady  Alice  (wid  Jas),  r  55  Bayo  Vista  av 
Brady  Benj   G,   mach,   r  953  53d. 
Brady  Chas    F,    b    Hotel    Metropole. 
Bradv  Delia    S     (wid    Francis    S),    b    410 

E    ISth. 
Bradv  Edna  V.   cashr  De  Lancey,    Espej 

&    Co.    b    1748    Market. 
Brady  Edw    J,    eng.    r    1748    Market. 
Brady  Frank    J,    plumber,    r   950    Brush. 
Brady  Geo    P,    ins    1056      Bway,    r    1460 

Brady  Gertrude  M,   elk,   b   1460   Chestnut 
Brady  James,   baggageman  S  P  Co,  r  968 

Brady  James  G,  claim  agt,  r  1602  12th  av 
Brady  Jos    H,    cook,    r   684    25th. 
Brady  Martin  B,  cigar  mnfr,   1460  Chest- 
Brady  Mary  (wid  John  J),  r  1768  25th  av 
Bradv  Mary     (wid    Louis),     r    856    Brush  Michl.     b     566     E    16th. 
Brady  Michl.    lab,    b    753    Grove. 
Brady   Peter,    hlpr,    r   666   E   16th. 
Bradv  Philip  W,  civ  eng,  rms  937  Myrtle 
Brady  Terence    J,    plumber,    r   810   Castro 
Brady  Thos,    lab    Pacific    Fuel    Co,    r   412 

E   10th. 
Brady  Thos    L,    broker,    r    302    Moss    av 
Bradv  Wm    A,     contr.    3617    C    Fruitvale 
Bradv  Wm  H,    warehsmn   Oak   Furn   Co, 

b    118    6th. 
Brady  Wm    J   Jr,    r   6(1    Poirler. 


5  pi 






z  PS 

CO  O 








m  —j. 









S.  &  F.  R.  GRAY 


PHONES:  OAKLAND  2541,  HOME  A1433       369  12th  St.,  Opp.  Hotel  St.  Mar 

1910      POLK-HITSTEI>      CO.'S 


■  Brady  Wm    M,    plumber,    b    176S    25th    av. 
Brady  Wm    T,    r    278    9th. 
Braendlin  John    C,    stage    mngr,    r   151    E 


r  251  Wals- 


Braga   Alex,    grinder,    r    132' 
Bragdon  Jane  G   (vvid  Edw) 

worth   av. 
Bragdon  Roland  E,   student,   b  251  Wals- 

worth    av. 
Biagg  Agnes     M     (wid     Thos     B),     r    256 

Ridgeway    av. 
Bragg  Harold    D,    elk,    b    544    Sycamore. 
Bragg  Irvine     H,     vice-pres     Waterhouse 

&  Lester  Co.    r  S.   F. 
Bragg  Isaac,    lab,    r    1111    Campbell. 
Braia   Frank    S,    lab   The    Paraffine    Paint 

Co,    r   1362    Campbell. 
Brain    Mrs.    Annie,    r    2020    Chestnut. 
Brain  Fred  A,  plasterer,  b  2020  Chestnut. 
Brain  Gertrude,  r  1066  E  20th. 
Brain   Herbert,    brklyr,    r  907   E   21st. 
Brain  John  L,  carp,  b  318  E  17th. 

Thos,  brklyr,  b  2020  Chestnut. 
Claude,    brklyr,    b   1066    E   20th. 
Ernest,   plumber,    r   1066    E   20th. 
Braine  Geo,    brklyr.    b   1066   E   20th. 
Brain.;  Thos  E,   lab.   r  1066  E  20th. 
Braithwaite  E,  hostler,  Okld  Cream  Depot 

r  1652  14th. 
Brakebell  Ulvsses  G,  coir  C  F  Adams  Co, 

rms  544  18th.  ,       ^     L 

Braley     Geo     H.     vice-pres     Braley-Grote 

Furii  Co,  rms  Hotel  Metropole. 


Frank    H    Grote,    Pres;    Geo    H    Braley, 

Vice-Pres;    1358-1366    Broadway,    Phones 

Okld  1987,   Home   A2101. 
Brame  Walter,   elec  Century  Electric   Co, 

r  360  E  18th. 
Brammer  Geo,  elk.  b  185  15th. 
Brammer  Jas  F,   salsn  Landers   Shoe   Co, 

r  185  15th. 
Brammer   May,    elk,    b    185    15th. 
Branch  Abner,   janitor,    b  917   5th. 
Branch  Edna  O,  tchr  Swett  school,  r  Bkly 
Branch    E   H,    emp   S    F   Co,    r   Jones    av, 

Branch   Jos   R,    tmstr   Standard    Oil   Co,    r 

3912   Washn,   Fruitvale. 
Branch  Mrs  Louise,  r  1470  7th. 
Branch   Norman   E,   broker,    r  5234   Grove. 
Branch    Robt   H,    cook    S    P    Co,    rms    125 

Branrhlnl    Battista,    lab    S   P  Co. 
Branchini   Michel,    bartndr,    r   4316    Salem. 
Branco    Manuel    G,    millhd,    r    ISth    av    se 

cor   E   19th. 
Brand,  see  also  Brant  and  Brandt. 
Biand    Addie,     glovemkr    M    W    Hodkins 

Co,  r  4839  Webster. 
Brand   Albert  L,    elec,    b   1430   Adeline. 
Brand    Andr,    painter    P    N    Kuss    Co,    r 

1340  35th  av. 
Brand  Chas,  paper  bags  672  4th,  r  772  9th. 

Brand    Cornelia   F    (wid   John    G),    ' 

Brand  Edw,  elk,   b  1340  35th  av. 
Brand  Fredk,    salsn,   r  772   9th. 
Brand    Geo,    willow    ware    672    4th, 

Athol  av. 
Brand  Henry,  plumber,   r  4133  Howe 
Brand    John,    carp,    r   7835    Persimmoi 
Brand  Mrs  Mary  J,  r  717  5th. 
Brand   R,    bkmn   S   P  Co,   r  1424  8th. 
Brand   Robt,   r  1430  Adeline. 
Brand  Wm,   trav  agt,  rms  710  15th. 
Brand  Wm,    r  753   Grove. 
Brand  Wm.   mach,  b  717  5th. 
Brandau    Carl    E,    poultry    805    Washt 

3325  35th  av. 
Brandenburg   Jesse,    lab    S    P   Co, 

Brandes  Aug  R  F,  bkbndr  Okld  Enqui 

r    Berkeley. 
Brandes  Ernest  C,  r  117   Shatter  av. 
Brandes  Johanna  (wid  Fredk),  r  1405  I 
Brandes  Lydia,  elk  Bowman  &  Co,  r  |  J 
Brandeshagen  Henry,  r  486  Holden. 
Brandolo  G,   lab,   b  71  McAdam. 
Brandon  Jas  E,  lab,  res  Loma  Vistaf1 

14  n  of  E  14th. 
Brandon  Jos  P,  b  574  Jones. 
Brandon  Katherine,   r  579A  22d. 
Brandon  Roy  E  (Brandon  &  Watson  MP 

azine  Subscription  Agency),  r  2420  RJJ1 

some  av. 
Brandon  May,  b  J  E  Brandon. 
Brandon  Mignon,  tchr,  b  J  E  Brandon  I 
Brandon   Thales   P,   delicatessen   1109  i >' 

Pablo    av.    r    574    Jones. 
Brandon  Wm  M,  r  976  56th. 
Brandon  Wm  N,   r  118  Lynde. 


(R  E   Brandon,   H  H  Watson  Jr.) 

take   subscriptions  for  any  Magazinefc 

Paper   Published    in    the   World   at     t 

duced  Rates.  216  Oakland  Bank  of  S 

ings  bldg.  Phone  Okld  3786. 
Brandstetter    Katherine    (wid    Jos), 

83S   Alice. 
Brandt,    see    also    Brand    and    Brant. 
Brandt  Albert  U,  elec  Okld  G  L  &  H  i 

r  272  62d. 
Brandt  Alfred  F.  elk.  r  309  Kales  av 
Brandt  Andr,  agt,  r  1104  51st  av. 
Brandt  Anna  T>  (wid  Adolph),  r  1518  J, 

Brandt  Axel,  janitor,  r  153  E  19th. 
Brandt   Bertha  M,   b  577  62d. 
Brandt   Chas,    elk   Del   Monte    Milling    | 

r  Ala. 
Brandt  Cora  R,  b  463  Walsworth  av. 
Brandt   Danl   J,    carp   S   P   Co,    r   1121; 

Brandt   Fred,   litho   transferer  Pac   Mi , 

folding  Book  Co,  r  S  F. 
Brandt  Fredk  H.   carp,   b  577  62d. 
Brandt  Fredk  L,  sign  painter,  b  660  42i 
Brandt  Geo,  molder.   rms  335  E  12th. 
Brandt  Hans  P.  foreman  S  P  Co. 
Brandt  Helen   A,   b  463  Walsworth  av  , 
Brandt  Henry  B,  lineman  O  T  Co,  r  ' 

Brandt  Henrv  J.   elk,   b  1684  9th. 
Brandt  Herbert    S,    elk,    b    463   Walsw( 

Brandt  H  B,   runner  Hotel   St  Mark. 
Brandt  Irene,  nurse  Nanheim  Sanitarl 

b   1505   Brush. 


Saturday  Evening  Pos 






405  Twelfth  St. 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


Sun.el,  Oakland  341 
lones:     .     .     Home,  A  4341 


It   Josephine,   elk  Hale   Bros,    b  Wil- 

mina   Brandt. 

at  Lena  E,   elk.   b   577   62d. 

at  Lena  M  (wid  Fredk).  r  577  62d. 

dt    Lettie,    stenogr.    b    1684    9th. 

St  Mary  (wid  Fredk),  r  660  42d. 

dt   Maurice,    tailor,    r   463    Walsworth 

dt  Ola  (wid  Edw).  r  624  17th. 

dt    Oscar    F.    tnistr    Remillard    Brick 

r  2241  Adeline, 
dt    Otto    H.    agt,    r   2081   Webster. 
dt  Peter,  foreman  S  P  Co,  r  1684  9th. 
dt  Walter  P,   eng.    b  1684  9th. 
dt  Mrs  Wilhelmina,  res  Cora  1  s  of 
dt  Wm.   mach  Union  Gas  Eng  Co,    r 

'493  Edwards. 

C    (Peterson    Co), 

Adams  Wharf,  Foot  Madison  Street  ||U 

Pbonei:    Oakland  79.  Hone  A 1079 

Carnegie  Brick  and  Pottery  Co. 

FIRE   BRICK  and 

John  C,   signalman 
Lincoln   G,    salsn, 

S  P  Co,   r  6b 


r  4  Wayne  av. 
construction,     b 


d'tjen  Adelheid  (wid  John),  r  467  36th 

idtjen      Henry     ,mngr     Scott-Thieben 

s  App  Co,   : 

idtjen    John 


ligan  Lena,   b  970  Jefferson. 

lin   Mary   E,    copyist   County   Clerk,    r 

n   Lorenzo. 

iley  John  F,  grocer  2098  13th  av. 

nhall  Walter  O,  miner,  r  3635  Lincoln 

in  Robt  A,   carp,   b   3038   Saunders, 
in  Walter  S.  lawyer,   r  1400  E  14th. 
man,    see    also    Brenan    and    Brennan. 
man   Anna(    wid   John),    r  658   5th. 
man  John,   res  High  1  s  Rose  av. 
man   John  J.  lab,   b  1340  Powell, 
man  J  B,  plasterer,   rms  3994   Tel  av. 
man  Wm,  farmer  b  e  s  High  1  s  Rose 

nnock  J  C,  salsn,  r  426  E  15th. 

nnon  James,  eng,  r  511  6th. 

nsford  Wm  A,  cementwkr,  r  757  E  17th 

nson  Kemper  P,  agt  Met  Life  Ins  Co. 

1320   Fremont. 

nstetter  Geo  W.  carp,  r  612  47th. 

nstetter   J   Glenn,    car   opr   O   T  Co,    r 

7   E  18th. 

nt,   see  also  Brand  and  Brandt. 

nt  J,   cleaner  Pullman  Co. 

nt  Paul  J.  mach  Fruitvale  Garage  Co. 

3420  E  14th. 

rens  Henry,  elk,  r  1316  3Sth  av. 

sard    Thos',    lab,    r    w    s    Snell    av    nr 


sco  T,  wiper  S  P  Co,   r  1802   5th. 

sfield  Mrs  Florence,  furn  rms  265  12th 

shares    Herman    P,    instr    Polytechnic 

us  Col.  r  852  37th. 

sher  Caroline  (wid  Gilbert),  r  306  13th. 

sher   Chas   R,    bartndr.    r   1114    14th. 

sher  Robt  W,  died  May  27,  '09,  age  67. 

sher  Wm   S.   moved   to  Los  Angeles. 

sk  Carl,  hlpr  Reliance  Mill  &  Lbr  Co. 

sk  Paul  (Brask  &  Neilsen).  b  766  11th 

sk    Saml,    bicycles    1159    E    14th,    rms 

S76  24th  av. 

isk     &     Neilsen     (Paul     Brask,     Peter 

eilsen).   creamery  1293  Market. 

islan  Chas  A.   storekpr  People's  Water 

o,  r  1962  Hastings  av. 

issard   Mary,    emp   Cal   Cotton  Mills. 

iswell  John  F,  towerman  S  P  Co,  r  1028 


iswell    L   Frank,    eng,    r  1028   Union. 

itos    Louis,    lab    Sunset    Lbr   Co,    r    961 


itovich  Barnard,  stevedore,  r  1771  lltb 

itten.    see    also    Brittain.    Brittan    and 


itten    Miss  B.    elk  Taft   &  Pennoyer.    b 

78    57th. 

Braiton  Thos 

1124    16th. 
Brauer  Charlotte    (wid    Herman), 

E    19th. 
Brauer  Fred  J,   barber,   r  827  Market. 
Brauer  Julia    C,    bkpr   John   Breuner    Co, 

r    1174    E    19th. 
Brauer  Nelda,    tchr    Fruitvale    school,    t 

1174    E    19th. 
Brauer  Rose,   b   1174   E  19th. 
Braun,    see   also   Brown. 
Braun  Barbara  C,  student,  b  1131  Filbert 
Braun  Chas    J,     propr    Arrow    Mattress 

Factory,    r  1131   Filbert. 
Braun  Clarence    T,    mngr    L    S    Braun,    1 

6413    Harmon    ct. 
Braun  Francis    A,    clk(    b    1374    Harrison 
Braun  Jas  C,   elk,  b   1055  Peralta. 
Braun  John,     moved    to    S    F. 
Braun  Louis  E,   cashr,   r  1055  Peralta. 
Braun  Louisa   S    (wid   Mich),    curled    hair 

6551    San    Pab    av,    r   1131   Filbert. 
Braun  Martin,  lab,  r  4150  Lusk. 
Braun   Mary  R,    elk  Abrahamson   Bros, 

4150    Lusk. 
Braun    Mich,    cook,    463    7th. 
Braun  Nathaniel    H,    carp,    r  624    53d. 
Braun  Peter    R,    cook    867    Bway,    r    1013 

Braun  Philip    S,    elk    L    S    Braun,    b    1131 

Braun  Theresa   E.   b   4150   Lusk. 
Braun  Wm,     deckhand    S    P    Co,     r    966 

Braunstein  Eernard.  driver  Union  French 

Laundry,    r   SS6   Lydia. 
Braunstein  Marv,      stenogr      Abrahamson 

Bros,    b    823    Chestnut. 
Braunstein  Mrs    Leah,    r    823    Chestnut 
Brainstem  Samuel,      trav      agt,      b      S 

Braunstein   Simon,  .rnach,  b  S23  Chestnut. 
Brause  Fredk    W,    elec    Eleo    Const    Co, 

r  5598  Tel  av. 
Brause  Gust,     saloon,     5598    Tel    av. 
Brause  Helmuth    G,    bartndr,    b    5598   Tel 

Brawlev  John   E,   driver,   r  536%   3Sth. 
Bray  Albert,   driver  Austin  F  &  T   Co,   i 

Bray  Alonzo  W,   lab,   r  Rose  nr  Spencer, 
Bray  Alonzo  W   Jr,    tmstr,    b  A  W   Bray, 
Brav  Anth,    miner,    r   112S    E    14th. 
Brav  Chester,    plumber,    b    630    61st. 
Bray  Edw    M,    merch,    r    1260    28th    av. 
Brav  Elizabeth,    elk,    b    630    61st. 
Brav   Elliott  O.   elk  Archambeault   &  Mc- 
Allister,   r   4150   Hillside   av. 
Bray  Mrs  Eva  J,   Christian   Scientist,   384 

Bray  Geo    A,    carp,    res   Moss    av 
of   E   14th,    Elmhurst. 



z               * 






n 1 33 


















■     ■   m 




Z                       H 

o             o 


0                "> 





I             3 

>             P 

Leonard  &  Williamson  -  -  Real  Estate 


Phone  Merritt  767 


VtUEast Fourteenth  Street,  Oakland,  Cat. 

1910     POI;K-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Office    with    BROCK    CO.,    2121     Slwttuck    Avenue 

Phone  Berkeley  1404 

BUILDERS'  EXCHANGE,  550  Eighteen*  St.,  near  San 

Pablo  Ave.     Phones:  Oakland  366,  Home  A  4366 

„        F.  E.  NELSON 

General  Contractor  —  Concrete  Work  of 

Every  Description 
No  Job  Too  Small,  No  Contract  Too  Large 
Residence  Phone  Berkeley  5616 

pressman    Miller    &    Co, 

Bray  Geo 
117   8th. 

Bray  Geo    P,    eng,    r   1114    Campbell. 

Bray  Frank  A  (Calden  &  Bray),'  r  3772 
Piedmont   av. 

Bray  Hiram  U,  director  Harrington-Mc- 
Innis   Co,    r  712   39th. 

Bray  Howard  W,  vice  pres  Hammer- 
Bray  Co,    r   1259   27th. 

Bray  Jas  E,  carp,  r  55  Linda  av. 

Bray  Jas  E,  mill  hand,  r  w  s  Mina  1  n  of 
E    14th. 

Bray  Jas    T,    eng-   S    P  Co,    r   2104   7th. 

Bray  Philip    H,    butcher,    r   3081    Bellvue. 

Bray  Rich   T,   salsn,   r  5102  Shafter  av. 

Bray  Bobt   A,    r   319    Bonita   av. 

?ryTRu?seJJ  H>  press  fef,der  Harrington- 
Mclnms   Co,   b   715   10th. 

Bray     T  H,   fireman  S   P  Co,   r  Ala. 

Bray  Wm,  driver  Austin  F  &  T  Co  r 

Bray  Wm  B,  elk  Cherry  &  Co,  r  384 

Bray  Wm   H,    r   715    10th. 

Bray  Wm  H,  tmstr,  res  Rose  nr  Spen- 

Bray  Wm  J,   bkbndr,   r  1375   24th  av. 

Bray  W,   appr  S    P  Co,   r  Fitchburg. 

Brayton  Albert  P,   died   June   25,    09,   age 

Brayton  Alvin    L,    fireman    S    P  Co. 
Brayton  Edwin   L,    r  1259   Alice. 
Brayton  Ernest  R,  tmstr,   r  180  Ayala  av. 
Brayton  Mildred     (wUd    Albert),     r     1167 

Brazee  Albert,    tile   setter   Cal   Mantel   & 

Tile    Co,    rms    Stanley    House. 
Brazelton  Warren    B,     druggist    Bowman 

&    Co,    r   1155   Madison. 
1 '.lazier  Thos    E,    carp   S   P   Co. 
Brazil  Alvin,   hlpr  S  P  Co,   r  120  5th. 
Brazil  Ellen    M,    lndrywkr,    b    1063    62d. 
Urazil  Emily,    elk,    b    1063    62d 
Brazil  Joseph,  lab,  r  s  s  4th  8  e  of  Jones 

av,    Elmhurst. 
Brazil  Jos   (Brazil  &   Simas),   r  231   Hav- 
Brazil  Louise,    elk,    b   1063   62d. 
Brazil    Lucretia    D,    music    tchr,    120    5th 
Brazil  Manuel,    lab,    r    740    Peralta. 
Brazil  Manuel    S,    r   577    41st. 
Brazil  Mary   (wid   Jos),   r  1063   62d 
Brazil  &  Simas   (Jos  Brazil,  M  R  Simas), 

saloon    2303    Peralta. 
Urazill  Amelia    G.    tchr.    b    1078    63d. 
Brazill  Antone,    r    1078    63d. 
Brazill  Antone   Jr,    elk,    b   107S   63d. 
Brazil  Nellie     E,     stenogr     Judson    mints 

Co.    b    1078    63d. 
Brazley  A  K.  pumper  S  P  Co.  r  Melrose. 
Brazzo  Christopher,    lab.    r  5961   McCall. 
Breadeiove    Mrs    Alice    T,    b    570    32d. 
Brearty    Danl    F,    condr    O    T    Co,    r   495 

Brearty  Gertrude  L   (wid  Frank),   r  715 V» 

Brearty  Lawrence  S.   r  715VS.   11th. 

Brearty  Lila  G  (wid  Frank),  r  715^.  lit 
IVrcarty  Mary     E     (wid     Frank),     r     46 

Henry,   Melrose. 
Breazeale  Jedidiah   R,    lab    S   P   Co 

915   Filbert. 

Blfi°nQQt  <Pni2  S-   soIr   C   F  Adams  Co, 
6099    San    Pab   av. 

Breck  Angelotte    J    (wid    Saml),    r    200 
Summit.  ^ 

B9aS  Emma    J,    tchr    Hig-h    schood, 

2003    Summit. 
Breck  Frank    B,    chf    elk    car    repr    del 

S   P  Co,    r  825   Mather. 
Breck  Ivie,    phone    opr   Hotel    St     Mart 

rms    525    13th. 
Breck  Mary  H    (wid    Chas   E),    rms   170 

Tel   av. 


Af?J„Ca8hr   Oakland   Bank   of  SavingE 

r  16S  Santa  Rosa  av. 
Breckenfelder      Wm      (Breckenfelder 

Fleuti),   r  858  Adeline. 
Breckenfelder   &    Fleuti    (Wm     Brecken 

felder,   John   Fleuti),   saloon   1700  7th. 
Breekman    Andrew,    lab,    1822   50th    av 
Brede  Fredk,    b    3900    Bway. 
Bredlow      Herman,      locksmith,      r      580' 

Bredull  Mrs  Ninette  P,   r  1562  19th  av. 


Garland  Line  of  Pumping  Goods 

Vacuum  Cleaners  and  Household  Specialties 

Phone  Oakland  4083. 
1010  Franklin. 

Breech  Chas  S,  salsn  Eucalyptus  Tim- 
ber   corp,    rms    915%    Washington. 

Breed  Arthur  H,  pres  Breed  &  Bancroft 
Co    (Ino),    r   2071   Webster. 

Breed  Danl  C,   sec  Linda  Vista  Oil  Co, 

672    18th. 


Attorney  at  Law,  204  Oakland  Bank  of 
Savings  bldg.  phone  Okld  4700,  r  672 


A  H  Breed,  Pres;  C  E  Bancroft,  Vice 
Pres;  H  P  Bancroft,  Sec;  Real  Estate, 
Insurance  and  Investments  203-206  Oak- 
land Bank  of  Savings  bldg,  Phone  Okld 

Breedhoff,    see    Bradhoff. 

Breeding  Emery,    waiter   S    P    Co,    r    944 

Breeding  Volley  W,   bkpr,   r  1360  Market 

Chas.  Hoffman  &  Co. 
Importers  of  HUMAN  HAIR 

Theatrical  and  Masquerade  Costumers 

Phones  Oak.  5S06,  Home  A3714 
476  THIRTEENTH  ST.,        Cor.  Washington 

flag  Rugs 
Silk  Portieres 
Couch  Covers 

Berkeley  Rug  Works 


Rugs  Made  From 




Stair  Carpets 





a  Jas,    elec,    rms    1463    36th    av. 

a  Jolm,    cigar   mnfr,    865   Milton. 

a  Joseph   J,    salsn,    r   3S18    Washing- 

,    Fruitvale. 

l  Patk,    lab   S   P  Co. 

se  Bonnie    R,    exchange    teller    Cen- 

1  Nat   Bank,   r  1461   West. 

ie    Esther   L,    tchr    Fruitvale   school 

1,    b    1461    West, 
se  Julia,    tchr    Swett    school,    b    1461 


ser  Gustaf,    saloon    861    Franklin, 
srs  Carl    W,     meatctr    Fred    Becker 

r    4207    Washn,    Fruitvale. 
;rs  Chas  W,   carp,   r  1419   45th  av. 
;rs  Henry    F,    carp,    r    2409    Monti- 

0  av. 

ino  Louis,    lab,    r   114%    Miles    av. 

'   Edwin   J,    emp   W   F   &   Co,   b   S91 


ind  Thos,    tailor   592   20th. 

1  Bros   (Jos  and  John),   laundry  215 

ti  John    (Breilh   Bros),    r  213   E  16th. 
tl  Jos    (Breilh    Bros),    r    213    E    16th. 
ng  Adolph  J,  salsn,  r  710  14th. 
ing    Bros     (Oscar    F    and    Emil    J), 
Its    1475    8th. 


tmplete  OFFICE  and  HOUSE 

IRNITURE  Both  Phones 

Cash  or  Credit 

.  E.  Corner  12th  and  Clay. 

Ing  Emil  J  (F.reiling  Bros)  and  asst 
hier  W  Oak  Bank  &  Trust  Co,  r 
5   Sth. 

Ing  Oscar  F  (Brelling  Bros)  and 
s  W  Oak  Bank  &   Trust  Co,   r  1113 

lng  Edw,    lab,    r    2125    Elm. 

ling    Henry,    baker    1201    7th. 

ling  Steven,   painter,    rms  1506%   7th. 

zmann  Robt    J.    trav    agt,      r      180S 

n   av. 

,er  Maude  C,  elk  P  O,  r  Ala. 

ler  Rudolph,  tailor  423  Sth.  r  256  7th. 

iner  Alex,    elk   Sunset   Gro   Co,    b   762 


iner  .las   A.    sec   and   gen   mngr   Mc- 

iley-Perkins   Co,    b  Hotel   Metropole. 

"or  Jessie,     nurse,     806     13th. 
in,    see   Brennan   and    Brannon. 
Darger  Ernest  C,  carp,  r  1418  14th. 
it  Chas,    pipeftr   Capital   Refg  Co. 
eiser  Frank,  cigar  mnfr  611  San  Pab 

r  1062%   Oak. 
ran,  see   also   Brannan. 

s  DIRECTORY  is  always 

ntfd  »,  *„  job  Printing  Dept. 

If  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Right 
1070     BROADWAY 

Brennan  Chas,    bkbndr   Tribune,    r   Bkly. 

Brennan  Chas  H,  journalist,  b  143  Kemp- 
ton   av. 

Brennan  Esther  P,  elk  Ala  Co  Abstract 
Co,  r  115  Adams. 

Brennan  Florence  V  (wid  Wm),  r  876 

Brennan  Fred  J,  boxmkr  Griffln-Skelly 
Co,  r  Railroad  av  nr  Park  av. 

Brennan  Jas  J,   hlpr  553   Franklin. 

Brennan  Jas  T,  saloon  1050  Franklin,  r 
376%  11th. 

Brennan  John,  tel  opr  S  P  Co,  r  510  9th. 

Brennan  John  A,  tchr  Garfield  Evening 
School,   b   1452   Irving  av. 

Brennan  John  J,  elk  Okld  Shoe  House,  r 

Brennan  Matthew  J,  salsn,  r  4218  Web- 

Brennan  Michl  C,  r  143  Kempton  av. 

Brennan  Michl  J,  mngr  Brennan  Mer- 
cantile Agency,  r  32  Meade  av. 

Brennan  Mercantile  Agency  The,  M  J 
Brennan    mngr,   957   Bway. 

Brennan  Richd,  mngr  New  England  Syrup 
Co,  r  399  22d. 

Brennen  Edw,   rms   409   8th. 

Brennen  Mrs  Mary,  bkpr  S  P  Co,  rms  409 

Brenner  Barbara  (wid  Tony),  r  1703  35th 

Brenner  Caroline,   b  4098  Lusk. 

Brenner  Mrs  Ella,  b  2465  Division,  E  Okld 

Brenner  Jesse  H,  instr  Polytechnic  Bus 
Col,  r  1170  Madison. 

Brenner  Raymond  H,  dept  mngr  Hale 
Bros,   r  1055  Grove. 

Brensel  Wm,   hlpr,   r  522  17th. 

Brent  Fredk,    b  Altenheim. 

Brenum  Chas,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  1669  13th. 

Brenze]  Jos  A,  elk  311  11th,  r  38  8th. 

Brereton  Geo  V,    foreman,   r  1350  55th. 

Bereton  Mrs  Katherine  S,  Christian  Sci- 
entist 141S  Tel  av. 

Brerick  Ollie,   carp,   r  1109  34th. 

Bresee  Albt,  hlpr  Cal  Mantel  and  Tile  Co, 
r  Webster  House. 

Bresee  Mrs  Elma,   r  664   69th. 

Breshlorska  Louis,   junk,    r  677   27th. 

Breslin  John,   carp  S  P  Co. 

Breslin  Owen,   r  1271  Jackson. 

Bresnahan  Danl,   elec,   rms  1315  Webster. 

Bresnahan  John,  emp  Home  Tel  Co,  r 
1315   Webster. 

Bresnahan  Stephen  I,  elec  Westing- 
house    Elec    &   Mnfg   Co.    r   S    F. 

Bresnan  Margaret  (wid  Michl  I.  r  570  ISth. 

Bresnan  Mary   T,    elk,   b  570   18th. 

Bresnan  Patk,  emp  S  P  Co,   r  170S  5th. 

Bre'ssem  Robt  A,  mstr  mariner,  r  1671 
8th  av. 

Br.sslar  Esther,  milliner  Kahn  Bros,  r 

Bressler  Wm  A.   painter  Jas  Cahlll  &   Cn. 

Brethren  Church   The,    462   48th. 




42  SAN 

Our      rrimmed 
Hats  are  Be- 
witching ami 

They  are  the 
Products  of 
Skilled  Milli- 
ners,   who     aie 
Posted  on  Every 
Hat  Fancy  that 
Dame  Fashion 

The  Best 
Ideas  From 
Paris  and 
America  '  s 
Metropoh  ■ 
tan  Fashion 

Beauty  and 

Style  that 
Rivals    the 
Stores  in 
'New    York 

We  Save  You 

Come  in  and 

Talk  It 



fh«"'s  Ih^caVim   1252  Webster 





Surety  Bonds 






OAKLAND    1990 
HOME   A1990 

The  Cars  of  Fame 





188-190    TWELFTH    STREI 

A.  R.  DAWSON.  Manager 

1910      POLK-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Oakland  Conservatory 
of  Music 

The  largest 
and  most 
DIRECTOR  equipped 
School     o  i 

Adolf  Gregory 


Instruction  on  the  Pacific  Coast. 
203-05    TWELFTH    ST.,    Corner   Jackson 

Sunset  Oak.  4922— Home  A2922 

Bretonnel  A,  student  Polytechnic  Bus 
Col,   b  Bkly. 

Brett  Austin,  eng,   r  5018%  Dover. 

Brett  Jas  E,   mech  eng,   r  643  51st. 

Brett  John  A,  mach  S  P  Co,  r  747  59th. 

Brett  M,  hlpr  S  P  Co,  r  Railroad  Ex- 

Brettell  Anna  (wid  Jos),  r  s  s  Sunnyside 
1   w  of  Bay  View  av,   Elmhurst. 

Bretz  Bertha  M,  tchr,  b  2619  Foothill 

Bretz  Mrs  Emma  S,   r  2619  Foothill   boul. 

Breu  Jos,  lab,  r  1575  21st  av. 

Breuck  Henry,  gateman  S  P  Co,  r  1322 
E    10th. 

Breuck  Henry  Jr,  elk,  b  1322  E  10th. 

Breuer,  see  also  Brauer,  Brewer  and 

Breuer  Catherine  (wid  Herman),  r  1055 

Breuer  Edw  H,  driver,   b  1068  13th  av. 

Breuer  Geo  P,  meatctr,   b  1055  Wood. 

Breuer  John  (J  Breuer  &  Co),  r  1284 
67  th. 

Breuer  J  &  Co  (John  Breuer,  Chas 
Schmidt),  sausage  casing  ft  66th,  Em- 

Breuer  R  J,  lab  S  P  Co. 

Breuner,  see  also  Bronner,  Bruner  and 

Breuner  Mrs    C,    presser  Am  Dye   Wks. 

Breuner  Frank,  lab  Sunset  Lbr  Co,  r  1626 
Redwood  av. 


L  F   Breuner,    Pres;    O   F  Olson,    Mngr; 

Furniture,  Carpets.   Draperies,  Etc,  13th 

sw  cor  Franklin,   Phone  Okld  400. 
Breuner  Louis  F,   pres  John   Breuner  Co, 

r  Sacramento. 
Breusing  Henry  A,  printer  Okld  Enquirer, 

r  3621  Fruitvale  av. 
Brevick  Alveda,    tel    opr    Key    Route    Inn, 

b  1109  34th. 
Brevick  Annie,    tel  opr  Key  Route  Inn,   b 

1109  34th. 
Brevoort  Geo  H,   carp,  r  1137  51st  av. 
Brevoort  John    F    (Scriven    &    Brevoort), 

r  1328  51st  av. 
Brevoort  John  I,   eng  Okld   Mach  Wks,   r 

5208  E  14th. 
Brew  Jas  A,  lab,  b  1060  E  17th. 
Brewer,  see     also     Brauer,      Breuer     and 

Brewer  Allen    M,    mining,    r   1718   35th   av. 
Brewer  Anne  W,  tchr  High  School,  b  770 

Kingston  av. 
Brewer  Arthur,    bkpr    G    A    Rothamel,    b 

622  17th. 
Brewer  Catherine    (wid   Herman),    r    1055 

Brewer  Geo  P,    meatctr,    b  1055   Wood. 
Brewer  Clyde  H,  carp,  b  1718  35th  av.' 
Brewer  David  E,   eng,  r  2905  43d  av. 
Brewer  Edw,   rms  535  24th. 
Brewer  Elizabeth      (wid     Wm),      r     1350 

Brewer  Geo  M,  carp,  b  1718  35th  av. 

Brewer  John   A,    lawyer,   b    770   Kings 

Brewer  John  G,  lab.  b  613  9th. 
Brewer  John  H,  r  770  Kingston  av. 
Brewer  J  Scott,  mach,  b  171S  35th  ■ 
Brewer  Mrs      Lillian,      delicatessen 


Brewer  Richd   I,    elk,   r   1562   7th. 
Brewer  Robt  E,  elk  R  M  S,  b  1354  8th 
Brewer  Wm   E,    tmstr,   r  612  E  11th. 
Brewin  Peter,  carp  1463  7th. 
Brewington    Harvey    J,    real    est,    r 

Hillside  2  w  of  Mountain  View  av. 
Brewis  Alfred   N,   eng,   r  57  6th. 
Brewis  J  Bruce,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  3511  I 

Brewitt  Ellwood,   elk,  r  1207  Grove. 
Brewster  Chas  U,   engr,  r  1470  9th  av 
Brewster  Geo   W,   grocer   1127   13th  av 
Briare  Richd  M,  pres  Hotel  Metropole 
Bricelli  Antonio,  lab,   r  3957  Tel  av. 


Grocer  1000-1002   7th,   Phones  Okld  5 

Home    A2414. 
Brick  Walter  J,   r  1239  61st. 
Brickell  Henry  S,   real  est,  r  1510  Fra 

Brickman,  see   Brockman. 
Brickwedel  Eleanor    (wid    Henry),    r 

E  18th. 
Brickwedel  Grace    (wid  Geo),   b  Mrs 

Gray,    Elmhurst. 
Brickwedel  Lina,  cashr,  b  1442  E  18th 
Bridge  Alex,    car    insptr    S    P    Co,    r" 

Bridge  Chas,    emp   Cal   Cotton   Mills. 
Bridge  Dorothv,    student    Mills    Colleg 
Bridge  Edith   E   (wid  John),    r  19   53d 
Bridge  Hannah,    b  3003   Barker. 
Bridge  Joshua,    foreman,    r    3610    Lag 

av,  Fruitvale. 
Bridge  Lee  C,  lab  S  P  Co,  r  923  Wood, 
Bridge  Thomas,    farmer,    r  3003   Barkf 


Supervisor  Second  Ward,  r  2802  35th1 
Bridgeford  Thos  J,  salsn  Redwood  M 

Bridgeford  Thos    M,    carp    J    H    Swif 

Bridgeman  Wm  C,  lab  Judson  McCul 

3216  Boulevard,   Fruitvale. 
Bridgeman  Wm  C,   mach  hand  S  P  C 

Bridges,  see  also  Brydges. 
Bridges  Arthur  M,   bartndr  3627   San 

av,"  rms  514  15th. 
Bridges  A  H,  lab  S  P  Co. 
Bridges  Edith    (Miss    Ransoms    and    I 

Bridges   School),   r  321   Highland   a\ 
Bridges  F    O,     student     Polytechnic 

Col,   r  Ala. 
Bridges    Mrs      Harriet,      tchr      Fruit 

School  No  1,  r  2902  Atwell  av. 
Bridges  Harriett    W    (wid    Francis    E 

324   Nicol   av. 
Bridges  Henry   M,    saloon   3627   San   P. 

av,  r  817  37th. 
Bridges  Jas   M,   pres   Okld   Sunshine 

Co,    r   401    8th. 
Bridges  Jennie  L  (wid  Martin),  r  952  3 
Bridges  Marvin  H,  auditor,  b  646  Ver; 
Bridges  Printing   Co,    S    A   Bridges 

963  Webster. 
Bridges  Roy  B,   tmstr,   r  952  35th. 
Bridges  Sherman  A.  mngr  Bridges  Pr 

ing  Co,  r  1730  Linden. 

KOHLER  &  CHASE,  Inc. 


1013-1015  Broadway,  Oakland,  Cal.     

Larl  H.  NicKel  Co. 

Svrne     211 
OoKland  Banh  of 
Telephones.     OaKland     4-552  Home     A     4952 

Real  Estate,  Insurance,  Investments,  Resigning  and  Building 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 



igr   Heald-Dixon   College,   r   821   19th. 
ges  Wallace  B,  furn  rms  571  and  1120 
,   r  1730  Linden, 
gewater  Jas  B,  cook  S  P  Co. 
gman  Edw   C,    contr  230  Athol   av,    r 

gman  Edw  C  Jr,  coir  J  H  Macdonald 
Co,  r  230  Athol  av. 
gman  Elsel  M,  claim  agt,  r  972  35th. 
Igman  Harry    W,    salsn    Pierce    Hdvr 
l  r  830  22d. 

Igman  Robt  L,  r  17  Lake  Shore  Apts. 
Igman  Wm  C,  wood  turner  S  P  Co. 
Igman  Wm  C,  mach  hand,  r  3216  Mel- 
se  av. 

id  Mrs  Julia  A,   r  5424  Dover. 
id  Julian  A,  draftsman,   b  5424  Dover. 
n,  see  also  Bryan,  Bryon,*  Byrne  and 

■n  Agnes,  b  663  53d. 
■n  Ann   (wid   Jos  A),   b   663   53d. 
!r  Chas    N,    dep    County    Recorder,    r 
5  Perkins. 

•r  Kenneth  W,  elec,  r  6512  Wheeler. 
;r  Philip  M,   barber  805  E  14th. 
;rley  Geo,    whseman   Union   Oil   Co   of 

jsach   Wm,    pipeftr   Okld   G   L  and  H 
d,  r  2041  Magnolia. 

Jtzman  John  A,  solr,  rms  915^  Myrtle. 
;g  John,    carp,    rms    1375    Franklin, 
rgs  Albt   F,   uphlstr.   b   1627   Grand   av. 
jgs  A  L,   phvs   474    9th. 
5gs  Mrs  Cecelia  E,   b  762  4th. 
;gs  Cyrus   F,    tc  reman  Hodges   &  Coi- 
ns Lbr  Co,  r  1204  E  16th. 
Sgs  David  M,   foieman   Hodges  &  Coi- 
ns Lbr  Co,  r  857  E  12th. 
ggs  Mrs    Elizabeth,    seams,    b    36    Tel 

ggs  Emil,   elk,   r  w  s   Lucas  av  2  s  of 
I  14th. 
ggs  Francis  S,  lino  opr  Okld  Enquirer, 

2-,3  Tel  av. 

ggs  Fred  S,  rms  205  Tel  av. 
ggs  F  M,  .imp  S  P  Co,   r  1012  Peralta. 
ggs  Mrs  Hattie,  rms  205  Tel  av. 
ggs  Herbert  B,   salsn  Hodge  &  Collins 
ibr  Co,  r  857  E  12th. 
ggs  Jeremiah,  lab  S  P  Co.  r  H'59  Wood 
ggs  J    R,    studt    Polytechnic    Bus    Col. 

1302  Franklin, 
ggs  LeRoy  H,   died  Sept  15  09  age  68. 
ggs  LeRoy    H    Jr,    phys    524     Central 
lank  bldg,  r  600  Garland  av. 
ggs  Rev  Leslie  B,   moved  to  S  F. 
ggs  Lester,  mach  S  P  Co,  r  109  Miles 

iggs  Lester  R,   lab,  b  109  Miles  av. 
Iggs  Merle  O,   elk   Okld  G  L   &  H   Co, 

821  19th. 
[ggs  Mis    Nellie,     matron    Ye    Liberty 
'lay  House,  r  225  Tel  av. 
Iggs  Richd  S,   rms  415  E  16th. 
Iggs  Wallace   W,    mngr,    r   209    Vernal 

Igham  Edw,  brcklyr,  b  440  Perkins, 
igham  E?thel  L,   b  1414   Filbert, 
igham  Henry  A,  b  1414  Filbert. 
Igham  Henrv    B    (Arlett    &    Biigham). 
1  418  Perkins. 

igham   kuth  A,   elk,   b  1114  Filbert. 
Igham  Sydney  D,   carp,   r  2061   Grove, 
ight  Carrie,    music    tchr   A   T   Stewart. 
)  Bkly. 

ight  Harvey     L,      tootlilk,      rms     177.1 
ight  Henri  B,   died  Oct  17  09  age  40. 

MR.  &  MRS.  J.  S.  McCOWN'S 

Academy     of    Dancing 

Central    Hall.    419   12tH  St. 

Socials  Every  Wednesday  &  Saturday  Evee's 

Classes  Every  Monday  Evenine,  8  to  12 

Private  Wessons  by  Appointment 


elk    R    M    S, 

6  5  SI 

Bright  Herbert 

Bright  John,   meat  ctr  G  T  Loher. 
Bright  Jos  A  (Bright-Merrill  Co),  r  Bkly. 
Bright  Josephine     (wid    Henry),     r    81SM: 



(J  A  Bright.  R  M  Merrill),  Real  Estate 

and    Insurance    1232    Broadway,    Phones 

Okld  214,  Home  A3014. 
Briglia  Frank,  saloon  1456  7th,  r  842  29th 
Brigman  Martin,  rnstr  mariner,  r  674  32d. 
Brignolo  Margarino,  lab,  r  4930  Coronado 

Brill  Alfred  C,   cook,  r  1162  Union 
Brill  Bertha    M,    bkpr    Royal    Creamery, 

rms  1734  Market. 
Brill  Clara,  seams,  b  1016  Chestnut. 
Brill  Henrv.     watchman     Union     Saving; 

Bank,  r  1016  Chestnut. 
Brill  John   H,    salsn,    r  2494   Brighton   av 
Brill  Sophie,   seams,  b  1016  Chestnut. 
Brilliant  Manuel   M,   died   Sept   20   09  age 

Brillion  Anton,   lab  S  P  Co,   rms  1508   3d. 
Brin  Geo,    foreman  Unior.  Gas  Ens'  Co,   r 

Brin  John,   lab  S  P  Co. 


Eye,  Ear,  Nose  and  Throat  1169  Broad- 
way, Hours  1-4  p.  m.  Phone  Okld  486. 
Home  A24S6,  r  n  s  El  Cerrlto  av  1  e  of 
Oakland  av,   Piedmont. 


Oculist  and  Aurist  1169  Broadway, 
Hours  9-12  a.  in,  3-4  p.m.  by  appoint- 
ment. Phones  Okld  486.  Home  A2486; 
rasEl  Cerrito  av  1  e  of  Oakland  av. 

Brinckmann  Otto  H,  watebimkr  W  N  Jen- 
kins, r  119  7th. 

Brin. lie  Eliza  (wid  Wm).  r  617  E  Valdez. 

Brin. He  Thos  F,   lab,   b  617  E  Valdez. 

Brin. He  Wm  S.  boilermkr,  b617     E  Valdez 

Brindlev  Willis,   rms  534  25th. 

Briner  Peter  B.  carp,  r  520  8th 

Briner  Wm,  cookrman  Okld  Meat  &  Pkg 

Brinkham  Genevieve,  elk  Taft  &  Pen- 
nover.   b   6270  Racine. 

Brining  Chas  F,  insptr  S  P  Co,  r  1271 
9th  av. 

Brink  H  F  Co  (H  F  Brink),  saloon  133 
San  Pab  ov. 

Brink  Henrv  F  (H  F  Brink  Co),  r  Ala. 

Brink  Lorenzo  M.  cond  S  P  Co,  r  Ala. 

Brii.k  Sarah  A  (wid  Lamanson),  b  1S0S 
41st  av.   Fruitva'.e. 

Brlnkman  Ferdinand  C,  carp  S  P  Co,  r 
1555  8th. 

Brlnkman  Carl.   carp,   r  S6iA  Henry. 

Brinkmann  Dorothy,  died  Apr  8  09  age  96. 

Brinkmann  Hansi  mining  eng.  rms  1019 

Brinkmeier  Wm  A.  tailor  David  &  Lewis 
Jones,   r  50S   Sth. 





















Saturday  Evening  Post 

D.  B.  HUNTER, 

Pres.  and  Gen.  Mfr. 
Main  Office  and  Yard 

Shattuck  Av.  &  Oregon  St. 

Berkeley.  Cil. 
Tel.  Berkeley  8 

Hunter  Lumber  Co. 

INCORPORATED  NOV.  14.  1902 


Wharf  and  Yi 
Southed  of 

Webster  Street  Bride 

Tel.    Berkeley   8. 


1910     POIiK-HUSTED     CO.'S 

Brinning  Wm  H,  carp  O  T  Co,  r  646 
Vei  lion. 

Brinstad  Rev   Chas    W,    tchr   Cal    College. 

Brintall  Thos  M,  draftsman,  r  1575  Web- 

Briones  Caesario,   r  761  E  14th. 

Briones  Dolores  M  (wid  G  J),  r  1159  13th. 

Briones  Gabriel  G,  elk  Muller  &  Haas 
Co,   b  1459   13th. 

Brischoux  Louis,   r  1290  65th. 

Brisco  Frank  L,   lab,   r  rear  967  E  16tb. 

Brisco  Wm   M,    mstr   mariner,    r   627   61st. 

Briscoe  Felix,  solr  Prudential  Ins  Co,  r 
415   15th. 

Briscoe  John  E  (McMaster  &  Briscoe), 
r    589    24th. 


Dry  Goods.  Boots  and  Shoes,  1138  Stan- 
ford av.     (See  adv.) 


Golden  Gate  Station,  Oakland 

Dry  Goods,  Boots  and  Shoes, 

Men's,  Women's  and  Children's 



Brissell  Emma,  b  S600  Tel  av. 
BrisseH  Jas,   driver,   rms  1031   59th. 
Brisset  Arth  M,   elk.   r  5710  Marshall. 
Brisset  Louis  A,    elk,    b  5710  Marshall. 
Bristol  Henry,  driver,  r  5854  Dover. 
Bristow  Otis  C,  car  opr,  r  887  43d. 
Bistowe  John     W,     elk     C     J     Heeseman 

(Inc),   r  431S>4   Essex  av. 
Britchgi  John,  driver  Landregan  &  White 

r   BHy. 
Britner  Celina.    nurse  595  59th. 
Britner  Mrs  Emelie,   music  tchr,  595  59th. 
Britner  Lester,  elk,  b  595  59th. 
Briton  Jos,    emp    T   J    Fellow  Co,    r  Mel- 
Britos  Lawrence,    lab,    r  1120   52d   av. 
Britt  E,    waiter,    rms  1016  Clav. 
Britt  Nathan  N,  car  insor.  rms  655  E  33d. 
Britt  Walter    S,    pres    East    Side    Hdw    & 

Tool  Co,  rms  1186  E  21st. 
Brittain,    see    also    Brattan,    Brittan    and 

Brittain  J   Norman,    sec-treas  Brittain   & 

Co,    r   S   F. 
Brittain  John    C.    pies    Brittain    &    Co,    r 

214   Hillside   av. 

BRITTAIN  &  CO  (S  F), 

J    C    Brittain    Pres,    J   C   Doherty  Vice- 

Pres.  J  N  Brittain  Sec-Treas,  Hardware 

908  Broadway,  Phones  Okld  11S5.  Home 

Brittan  Frank  H,   r  1111  E  21st. 
Brittan  Ralph  H,  solr,  b  1111  E  21st. 
Brittan  T   W,   asst   supt   B   &   B   S   P  Co, 

r  16th  and  Adeline. 
Brittan     Sadie  G,    elk  Stocker  &  Holland 

Abstract  Co.   b  1111  E  21st. 
Brittingham  Elisha  F,   mfrs  agt  San   Pab 

av  cor  40th,  b  II  09  43d. 


Pres    Emeryville   Hardware    &    Tool   Co, 

r  1009  43d. 
Britton,    see    also    Brittain.    Brittan    and 

Britton  Arthur  T,   mach,    r  4706  Bond. 
Britton  Chas,   hlpr  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co,   r 

1130  Myrtle. 

Britton  Chas  G,  locksmith,   r   1302  52dl 
Britton  Emma  (wid  Wm  H),  r  1130  M|f 

Britton  Frank,   cement  wkr,   b  868  Lyd  '] 
Britton  Frank,   metr  repr  Okld  G  L  & 

Co,    r  1130  Myrtle. 
Britton  Grace,   elk   Excelsior  Laundry.ftl 

80S   Lydia. 
Britton  Jane   (wid  John),  b  12C0  firovefii 
Britton  Jennie,  b  3305  35th  av. 
Britton  Jennie  L,   cashr,   b  722  6th. 
Britton  John  A,  vice-pres  Okld  G  L  & 

Co,  r  ®  F. 
Britton  John   A  Jr,   elk,    b  116  Montice 


Britton  Mary   (wid  Patk),   r  868  Lydia 
Britton  Rose!    wid  Wilson),  r  iVtS  6th. 
Britton  Saml,    2d   hand    furniture   4011 

14th.  r  1C05  35th  av. 
Britton  Sarah   (wid  Wm),  r  1305  35th  s 
Britton  Wm  G,   r  800  14th. 
Britton   Vv'm   H,   died  Aug   17   00   aife  25fr 
Britton   Wm  J,  cement  wkr,  r  156:j  M,-r 
Britton  Wm    K,   brake,  lan  S'  P  Co,    r    i 

2d    1   w  of  Oakland   av. 
Britton  Wilson  L,  blksmith,  b  722  6th.  : 
Brizee  Lynwood  E,  emp  W  F  &  Co,  r  ifc 

I'.rizell  S;iml,   !ab  Judson  Mnfg  Co 
Brizoline  Natalie,     hlpr    Pac    Manifeldi' 

Book  Co,   r  Ala. 
Brizzaleri  Julia,  lnrlywkr  Domestic  LauJk 

dry  Co,   r  544  41st. 
Broad  Chas  E,  trav  agt,  r  3674  Market 
Broad  Chas  J,  student,  b  3674  Market. 
Broadbent  John,    missionary,    rms    600 

Broaddus  Ida  M,  nurse  1024   59th. 
Broadhead  Frank    R,    plumber    Jas    Ra  j 

kin   &  Sons,    r  1259  Webster. 
Broadie,    see    also    Brodie. 
Broadie  John    C,    salsn    Pierce    Hdw    C 

b  1020  Madison. 
Broadmoor    Improvement    Co.    C 

eroft  see,   206  Oakland  Bank  of  SavinFk< 

Broadwater  Chas    C,    mining    eng,    r    1 

Broadwater  Edw  S,  sec  U  M  Slater  (IniK 

r  498    26th. 
Broadwater  Fannie     E,     copyist     CduitE 

Clerk,   r  537  30th. 
Broadwater  Guy  L,   b  3900  Bway 
Broadwater  T    Guy    (Broadwater 

r  5874  Grove. 
Broadwater  Wm  E,  dentist  63  Blake  bl 

r  29  Fairview  av. 
Broadwater   &    Co    (T    Guy    Broadwate! 

printers   1055   Bway. 
Broadway  Arthur  T,   butcher,  r  3426  Ss  f, 
Broadway  Chilton   T,    lab,    b    34 

Broadway  Elizabeth   M    (wid    John   A),t 

3434  Pearl,   Frtvl. 
Broadway  John  H,  carp,  r  2-r07  34th  av. 
Broadway  Oil  Co.  D  C  Breed  asst  sec,  2JJ1 

Okld  Bank  of  Savings  bldg. 
Broadway  Thos,   lab  Reliance  Mill  &  L  ' 

Broadway  Wharf,   ft  Bway. 
Broadway  Wm  A,  carp,  r  3441  Davis 
Broadwell  Arch     (Broadwell     &     Clarke 

rms  360  Webster. 
Broadwell  &  Clarke   (Arch  Broadwell,  F, 

Clarke),   carriage  painters  364   7th. 
Brobeck  Hartford  T,   insp  O  T  Co,   r  4 

Broberg  Alex,   r  n  s  Weld  5  e  of  Yoaku 


Heating  and  ventilating  Systems  installed 

SHEET     METAL     WORK     OF     ALL     KINDS 

George   W.   Schmitt    Heating    and    Ventilating'    Co, 

Phone   Oakland  3556       1160    WEBSTER     STREET       Phonc    Ho«t  »    355. 

se  Leaf  Books,  Card  Indexes 
Typewriters  and  Supplies 


462-464  Thirteenth  St 

Bet  Broadway  and  Waahuftaa  St' 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

;rg  Eric,  ydmstr  S  P  Co,  r  522  Wals- 

th  av. 

:rg  Ernest  J,  asst  cashr,  r  6011  Dover 

:t  Cal  J.  foreman,  b  4186  Howe. 

it  Jas  L,  mining,  r  521  43d. 

hini  Anton,  b  950  Wood. 

hini   Peter,   lab,   r  950  Wood. 

lier   Felicien,    laundry    1223    7th. 

lies   Wm    O.    solr   Prudential   Ins   Co, 

'09  Delaware. 

:  Aaron  T.  b  E  14th  sw  cor  28th  av. 

;    Alex,    bottler    Okld    B    &    M    Co,    r 

I  Kirkham. 

:  Alfred  T.  lawyer,  r  630  Mariposa  av 

!  Chas,    bottler    Okld    B    &    M    Co,    r 

1   Kirkham. 

:  Claus  C,  student,  b  583  Apgar. 

:  Edw  W,  policeman,   r  1263  11th  av. 

:  Eva,   labeler  Bowman  &  Co,  b  1264 


c  Geo  W,   painter,   r  313S  Davis. 

c  Henry,    bottler  Okld   B   &  M   Co,   b 

1  Kirkham. 

t  Herbert  M,  mngr  Sunset  Tela  Co,  r 

IB  Castro. 

c  Isabel    (wid  John),   r  5S3  Apgar. 

i   Jas   H,    insptr.    r   355   College    av. 

c  John  C,  died  Mar  15,   '09,   age  44. 

c  Jos  N   (Brock   &  Lott),    r  1643   Fil- 


c  Mary  (wid  Jacob  W),   r  1264  Kirk- 


{  Paul  M.  local  mngr  Cal  Lithograph 

r  Berkeley. 
i  Tillie  (wid  John  C),   r  1126  23d  av. 
It   &   Lott   (Jos  N   Brock,    H   C   Lott), 
jeers   1002   24th. 

kenbrough   Franklin    G.    r   4405   West, 
khage    Chas    L,    elk.    rms    765    18th. 
khage   John  F,   r  765  18th. 
khoff  Alex  G,  cashr,  r  146  Lawton  av. 
kman  Isaac  H,  policeman,   r  5248  Tel 

kman  John  H  (J  H  Brockman  &  Co), 
ba  City. 

kman    J  H   &   Co    (John   H   and   Wm 
Brockman),  whol  butchers,  ft  Damon 

kman  Wm  H  (J  H  Brockman  &  Co), 

1009  Steinwav  av. 

kmann   John,    rms   S21  Market. 

know  Max,   r  2424  Peralta  av,   Fruit- 


kwav  Mrs  Susan,    rms  1358   3d  av. 

ek   Chas,    elk,    b  1302   Jackson. 

er  Edith,   elk.   b   1117   14th. 

er  Mary,  r  1117  14th. 

erick  Andr  T.  lab  S  P  Co. 

erick   Chas  W,   pres   Imperial  Garage 

:,   r  1026  Peralta. 

erick  Danl  J,  solr,  r  666  54th. 

erick  Ella  B   (wid  Maurice  J),   b  521 


erick  Harold   C,   elk   S  P  Co,   b  1026 

erick  John,  elk,  r  1527  Curtis. 

lerick  John  H,   auditor  Okld  Bank  of 

vings,   r  S  F. 

lerick  Louis  C.   elk  Moore  Motor  Sup- 

E   Co,    r   1026    Peralta. 

lerick  Michl  J,  gateman  S  P  Co,  r  566 


lerick  Wm  B,  plumber,  r  1230  Linden. 

lerick  Wm  C,  supt,  r  852  53d. 

lerick  Wm  F,   salsn,   r  3509  Prospect. 


lerson    Claus,    solr,    r   1460    Orchard. 

lersen  W  mE,  bkpr.   b  3720  Grove. 

lerson   Geo   C.    r  1032    55th. 

lerson   Henry,    lab,   r  346  Tel  av. 

lie,  see  also  Broadie. 

Real  Estate  Company* 

.  HtKLismt  Actnrs  ak>  auctionecrs. 

1214-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

Phones,  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Brodie  Annie  G.  bkpr,  b  1103  Frederick 
Brodie  Chas.  ironwkr,   rms  756  7th. 
Brodie  Geo.  tmstr  Cal  Cotton  Mills,  b  1103 

Brodie  Jessie,   stenogr   S   F,    b   6007    Shat- 

tuck  av. 
Brodie  John,   lab  Cal  Cotton  Mills,   r  1103 

Brodie   Lizzie  J.   emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills,   b 

1103    Frederick. 
Brodie  Louisa,   elk,  b  1103  Frederick. 
Brodien  Annie  M,   stenogr,    b  1025   53d. 
Brodien  Edw  B,  bkpr.  b  1025  53d. 
Brodien  Emma  J  (wid  Ben.i),  r  1025  53d 
Brodien   Otto,    miner,    b   1025   53d. 
Brodien  Walter  D,  b  1025  53d. 
Brodke  Hymian.  grocer,  r  2928  35th  av. 
Brodsgar   Geo    C.    plasterer,    r   2061    Stein- 
way  av. 
Brodt      Lincoln,      pres      Brodt      Separable 

Square    Co,    r   1919    Curtis. 
Brodt  Separable  Square  Co,  L  Brodt  pres, 

96  Bacon  bide:. 
Broehon  Wm  E.  lab  S  P  Co.   r  Bkly. 
Brogan   Fredk.   lab.   b  1510   9th. 
Brogden   Alvin   B.   druggist  Owl  Drug  Co, 

rms   1368  Webster. 
Brogden   Chas  H,   elk,   r   875   53d. 
Brokaw  Edwin  A,   carp,   r  1452  11th  av. 
Brokaw    Eliza    B    (wid    Henry    V),    b    940 

Brokaw  Gertrude,  tchr  Washington  school. 

r  S  F. 
Brokaw   Milton   J,    car   opr,   r   3204   Alice, 

Brombacher   Anna,    bkpr   D    M    Morris,    b 

604  57th. 
Brombacher  Herman,   printer,   b   604   57th. 
Brombacher   Johanna    (wid   Fredk),    r    604 

Brombacher  Mary,   b   604   57th. 
Brombacher    Otto    B,    elk   A    L    Jensen,    i 

604  57th. 
Bromley  Chas  W,  furn  rooms  571  Sth. 
Bromley  Clara  E,  b  830  56th. 
Bromley  John  L,  died  Nov  7.   '09,   age   88 
Bromley  K   Josephine,    r  93  Newton   av. 
Bromley  Marion,  tchr  Fruitvale  school  12 

r   4S3   28th. 
Bromley  Martha  M,   b  483  28th. 
Bromley  Ross   P,   real   est   304   Okld  Bank 

of  Savings  bldg,   r  386  34th. 
Bromley  Thos   L,    artist,    b   483    28th. 
Bromley  Virginia  L,   b  4S3  28th. 
Bromstead  Esther  (wid  Richd),  r  243  Ettie 
Bromstead   John   A,    ironwkr.    r  1580   34th 
Bromwell    Fannie    C    (wid    Louis),    r    953 

Bromwell  Mary  (wid  Percy),  b  953  Madi- 
Bronaugh  Frank  M,  grocer  530  Tel  av. 
Brondson  Ernest,   rms  1775  Grove. 
Broniscoe    Constant,    meatctr,    r   522    16th. 
Bronk  Theodore  F,  barber  A  J  Sllva,  rms 

853V6    Franklin. 
Bronkow,  see    Brokaw. 
Bronner,    see    also    Breuner.    Bruner    and 

Bronner  John,   brkman.  r  525  E  11th. 


•  TRAnr    iVKirk    kiKinRFO    INTERTSTS   : 










2000  SANTA 

Alameda  313 

Piedmont  364 
Home  A  1464 



Dealer  in 



Hay  and 



Oakland,  Cal. 





1910      POLK-HITSTED      CO.'S 

:  Oakland  485,  Home  A  4480 



Dishes  Rented— Ice  Cream  Wholesale  and 


12th  and  Alice  Sts„  Oakland 

Bronner  Jos  W,  bkmn  S  P  Co,  r  918  Poplar 
Bronner   Matthew   R,    asst    cashr   Central 

Bank,   r  918   Poplar. 
Bronson   Edw  D,   elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer,   r 

72   Monte  Vista  av. 
Bronson   Elizabeth   (wid  Howe  C),   r  1877 

Grand  av,   Elmhurst. 
Bronson   Helen   L,    bkpr   Pac   Mnfg   Co,    r 

822  34th. 
Bronson  Horace  H,   r  822  34th. 
Bronson  Lewis  P,  weighman,  r  1111  18th. 
Bronson   Malivine   C,    tchr.   b   1877    Grand 

Bronson    Margaret,   student,   b   24   Caper- 
ton    av. 
Bronson   Mary   E    (wld   Jas   C),   r   1190   E 

Bronson  Roy  A,  b  72  Monte  Vista  av. 
Bronson     Viviene,    bkpr    Henderson-Top- 

scott  Co,  b  1877  Grand  av,  Elmhurst. 
Bronstein  Harry,   tailor  M  Bock  1739  Fil- 
Bronstrup     Agatha     (wid     Wra),     r     1122 

Bronstrup  Alma  M,  b  1122  Wood. 
Bronstrup     Gust     A,     illustrator,     r     1122 

Bronx   The.   turn    rms    608   14th. 
Broock,  see  Brooke  and  Breuck. 
Broocks,  see  also  Brookes  and  Brooks. 
Broocks    Henry    F    W,    route    agt,    r    833 

Broocks  Wm  E,  car  repr,  r  909  Willow. 
Brooke   Mrs   Ida  J,    1467   Castro. 
Brooke   Rufus   B,    cond,   rms  Jones   av   se 

cor  2d. 
Brookes  F  W  Sydney,  adv  agt,  r  3211  Per- 

alta  av,  Fruitvale. 
Brookes    W    Ramsay,    draftsman,    b    3211 

Peralta   av,    Fruitvale. 
Brookhout  Wm,   brkmn   S  P  Co,   r  Ala. 


(Of    San    Francisco    Breweries    Ltd),    G 

H  Vollmer  Mngr,  E  14th  sw  cor  18th  av. 
Brooklyn  House,   1103   E  12th. 
Brooklyn    Investment    &    Loan   Assn,    J   A 

Webster  sec,   1122   13th  av. 
Brooklyn  Presbyterian  Church,   E  15th  sw 

cor  12th  av. 
Brooks,  see  also  Broocks  and  Brookes. 
Brooks  Alpheus  B,   purchasing  agt,   r  827 

Brooks  Alvinza  A.  b  M  Z  Cozine.  Elmhurst 
Brooks  Anna,   hairdresser,   b  3983  West. 
Brooks    Chas    S,    carp,    b   3632C    Fruitvale. 
Brooks  Chas  W,  mngr  Volunteers  of  Amer 

Relief  Dept,   r  594  Jones. 
Brooks  Clifton  E,  student,  b  576  Merrimac 
Brooks  Clyde  C,    salsn,    r  182  Vernon   ter. 
Brooks  David  P.  cook,  r  1811  Shorey. 
Brooks  D  L,  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  1558  8th. 
Brooks  Mrs  Elizabeth  L,  b  874  Milton. 
Brooks    Emma  F,    opr   Pac   T   &   T    Co,    b 

1561  14th  av. 
Brooks  Mrs  Eugenia,  r  818  Lewis. 
Brooks    F   W   A,    salsn    Wickham    Havens 

Inc,   r  3211  Peralta  av. 

Brooks   Frank  W,    bkpr  Smith   Bros 

Co,    r   409   Walsworth. 
Brooks  Giles,  b  594  Jones. 
Brooks   Gordon    F,    r  3793   Howe. 
Brooks   Helen   A,    tchr  Mills   College. 
Brooks  Ida  H,  tchr,  b  409  Walswortl 
Brooks  Israel    (I    Brooks    &    Co), 

Brooks  I    4    Co    (Israel      Brooks, 

Blum),   cleaners  and  dyers,  5396  G 
Brooks  Jas,    barbe    C    H    Leaner, 

Brooks  Jas.    earn,    r   3632    C.    Fruitvi 
Brooks  Mrs    Jas,    Matron    Kings    De 

ters    Home. 
Brooks  Jay  B,  sta  opr  Okld  G  L  &  1 

r    862    33d. 
Brooks  John,    painter,    rms    568   5th. 
Brooks  John  R,   cam.   r  1007   E  24th 
Brooks  Lawrence   D,   fireman   S   P   ( 

1558   8th. 

Brooks  Louis,  grocer  5930  San  Pab  a 
Brooks  Mary    P    (wid    Lafayette),    r 

12th    av. 
Brooks  Micager.    r    1520    Orchard. 
Brooks  Rev  Raymond  C,  moved  to  A 

Walla,    Washn. 
Brooks   Rease.lab   S  P  Co,   r  861  W 
Brooks  Saml,    r  1430   23d   av. 
Brooks  Thaddeus    R,    mngr,    r    555 
Brooks  Thos    W,    agt,    r    3903    Howi 
Brooks  Walter,    mech   Western    Elec 

hide    Co,    r    1312    Webster. 
Brooks  Walter    H,    cond    S    P    Co, 

Brooks  Warren  W,  carp,  r  1439  47th 
Brooks  Wm,    florist    605    46th. 
Brooks  Wm    E.     dentist    725    First 

Bank    bldg,    r   576    Merrimac. 
Brooks  Wm   I,   truck   bldr  S   P  Co, 

Brooks  Wm  R,   copyist  County  Rect 

r    853    Mead    av. 
Brophy   Chas,    appr.   b   2023   Magnoll 
Brophy  Chas,   presser  M  G  Rensling 

2023    Magnolia. 
Brophy  John    P.    contr.    3S10   West. 
Brophy  Jos  L,  driver  Goldberg,   Bow 

Co,  b  2023  Magnolia. 
Brophv  Margaret,  seams,  b  1456  35t 
Brophv  Nicholas,  carp,  r  2023  Mag: 
Brophv   Nicholas    Jr.    elk   F    B   Halg 

Co,    r   659    31st. 
Brophy  Mich,     lab,     b    761    Grove. 
Brophy  Patk    J,     contr.    2148    West. 
Brophv  Stephen  A,  hardware  1144  E 

r    1306    26th    av. 
Broques  Leon,     lndrywkr    Union     Fi 

Lndry,    b    857    Isabella. 
Brorsen  Rev    Andr,    r    828    34th. 
Brorsen  Willard    A,    elk    Smith    Br< 

828    34th. 
Brorson  Louis,    elk   S   P  Co,    r  1111 
Brprstrom  Thure,    car    opr,    r    726 
Brosin  Ephraim,   grocer  1052  14th, 

Brosio  Luigi,     waiter,    r    239%    Hail 
Brosio  Vincenzo,   cook,   r  142   Hollis. 
Brosnahan  Cornelius    H,    carriage 

12th   n  w  or  Madison,   r  1440  Frai 
Brosnan  Cornelius,    lab    S    P    Co, 
.    51th  av. 
Brost  August,    blksmith    Fisher    Lbi 

r   850    Madison. 
Brostrom   T,   car  opr  O  T  Co,   r  716 
Broswell  L  F,   eng  S  P  Co,   r  1028 



Hair  Dressing,  Cutting,  Shampoi 
Manicuring.  Facial  Massage,  (•' 

Wig  Makintr  and  Gents'  Toupees  a  Specialty  All  Kinds  of  Cosmetics  and  Perfur* 

rEL.  Oakland  31  f         „«  A  .7*9  469       FOURTEENTH      STR0 


Plumbing,  Steam  and 
Hot  Water  Fitting 

ephones:  Merritt  510,  Home  B1510  569  East  Twelfth  Street,  Oakland 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


therhood  Endowment  Assn  The,  Jos 
Betancue,    state    mngr,    957    Bway. 

thers  Mrs   Frances,    r   1772   9th. 

thers  John,    shipwright,    r    1772    9th. 

thers  of  the  Christian  School,  Broad- 
ay    and    32d. 

therton  "Walter    E,    carp,    r    1221    15th 


itovich  Benj,   lab  S  P  Co,   r  1771  11th. 

itt  John,    lab   S    P   Co. 

itznian  Thos    F,    mach    Standard    Gas 

higine    Co,    r    1450    Orchard. 

Sigh  Geo,  watch  repr,  r  e  s  Grand  av 
n    of   Oak. 

nigh  Robt  L,  elk  Saml  Hollingworth,  r 

209    33d    av. 

Higher  Henry  C,  mining,  r  s  s  Florio 
e   of  College   av. 

mghton      Bridget      (wid      Coleman),    r 

•122   15th. 

msseau  Kate,    tcbr   Mills    College. 

jvioh  I,,  elk   Taft  &  Pennover,  r  Bkly. 

jwen  Boren,    driver,    r    1548    Bway. 

Twer,     see    also    Brauer,     Breuer    and 


Dwer  Chas  C.   salsn  The  Wiley  B  Allen 

3o,    r   829y.    19th. 

swer  Henrv    J,    r    S10    13th. 

ower  Jennie  N   (wid  De  Witt),   r  S29% 


ower  John,    r   590    20th. 

ower  Louise,    stenogr    P    M    Walsh,    b 

L125    Adeline. 

■ower.,  Nellie     (wid    Jas),     bakery    1368 

ith  av. 

ower  Ross   J,    asst   div   suDt  Okld   G  1. 

&  H   Co,   r  Bkly. 

■own  Adelaide,     studt    Polytechnic    Bus 

Col,    b    936    "Willow. 

■own  Adella    (wid    Anton),    b    1610    14th. 

■own  Albt,   dept  sheriff,   r  627  Chestnut. 

•own  Albt  F,  elec,  r  5028  Grove. 

•own  Albt    H,    elk.    rms    774    11th. 

•own  Albt    J,    pres    Albert    Brown    Un- 

lertaklng   Co,    r   1392   "Webster. 

rown  AlDt   N,   carrier  P  O.   r  10S5   41st. 

rown  Albt   S,   eng   S   P   Co,   r   1418   9th. 


Albert  J  Brown,  Pres;  Amos  "W  Ev- 
ans. Vice  Pres  and  Mngr,  570-572  13th, 
Phone   Okld   16.  „,  , 

rown  Albt   W,   elk   S   P   Co,    r  Bkly. 
rown  Alex,    r    1520    Michigan    av,    Elm- 

rown  Alex,    delicatessen,    1022    24th. 
rown  Alex,    mach    Cal    Cotton    Mills,    r 
1309   E   16th.  „„ 

irown  Alice  M  (wid  Elmer  H),  r  1064 

(rown  Allan    (wid   Thos).   r  1708    5th. 
irown  Alonzo    F.     r    1435    50th    av. 
'.rown  Andr,   shoemkr,   714   Tel   av. 
Irown  Andr  C  'Andrew  Brown  &  Co),  r 

626   16th. 
irown  Andrew    &    Co    (Andrew    Brown), 

printers.    628    16th. 
Irown  Anna,   elk.    b   403   E   nth 
Irown  Anna  (wid  Nelson),  r  113  Glen  ay. 
irown  Annette  K   (wid  David  G),  b  1421 

21st  av.  ,    ' 

irown  Annie  F,   tchr  High   school,   b 

Caledonia    av. 
Jrown  Annie    B    (wid    David    G),    r    1607 

24th   av. 
Brown  Antone,   b   1523   20th    av. 
Brown  Antone  V,   contr,   69S  24th 

Brown  Arch    J,    lab,    b    2402    35th    av. 
Brown  Arthur,    r   Hotel   Metropole. 
Brown  Arthur  B,   lab.   r  rear  3120  Davis 
Brown  Arthur   "W,    mnfrs   agt,    r   586    22d 
Brown  A,    r   367    E    12th. 
Brown  Mrs      Belle     M,    clairvoyant,      921 

Brown  Bernardine    N,    opr    Pac    T    &    T 

Co,   b  672   41st. 
Brown  Bert    B,    detective    sheriff's    office, 

r    630    Chestnut. 
Brown  Bridget    M    (wid    Geo    W),    r    481 

Brown  Building,   47Svi  10th. 
Brown  Calvin    C,    driver   Brown-Rasmus- 
sen  Co,   r  1262   7th   av. 
Brown  Carl,    tmstr,  rms  517  19th. 
Brown  Carl  E,  elk  S  P  Co,  r  1212  Castro. 
Brown  Carl    E,    nurse,    r    726    16th. 
Brown  Carrie   B,   seams,    rms   4S8   36th. 
Brown  Cecil,    insptr,   r   5601   Genoa. 
Brown  Cevil,    b   1157   63d. 
Brown  Chas,   rms   946   Union. 
Brown  Chas,     rms    1052    Jackson. 
Brown  Chas,   appr  Sunset  Bbr  Co,   r  Ala. 
Brown  Chas,    appr,    b    1221    7th. 
Brown  Chas,    elec,    b   467    E   15th. 
Brown  Chas,    house   cleaner,    r   1211    51st 

Brown  Chas,   lab   Judson  Mnfg  Co,   r  275 

Brown  Chas,    miner,    r   3321    Viola. 
Brown  Chas.   painter,   rms  409%   12th. 
Brown  Chas   E.   r  1429   35th  av. 
Brown  Chas    E.    cook,    r  1760    12th   av. 
Brown  Chas    G,    bartndr,    b   S2S   Myrtle. 
Brown  Chas   H,    r   3231    Chicago    av. 
Brown  Chas  H,   elk,   r  3025  Abbey. 
Brown  Chas  H,  mining,    r  427   Moss  av. 
Brown  Chas  K,    supt,    r  831  Aileen. 
Blown  Chas  L,    trav    agt,    r      66      Santa 

Clara   av. 
Brown  Chas   L,    carp,   b   721   Hopkins. 
Brown  Chas   M,    elec.    b   3204   Putnam. 
Brown  Chas    O,    barber    5091    Tel    av,    r 
I      431    45th. 
Brown  Rev    Chas    R,    pastor    First    Con- 
gregational   church,    r    S22    22d. 
Brown  Chas  R,  r  2302  Mountain  View  av. 
Brown  Chas  T.   tmstr,   b  1911   Chestnut. 
Brown  Chas  W,    foreman    McKinley-Per- 

kins   Co,    r   S   F. 
Brown  Chester    H.    sec    Empire    Pattern 

Wkrs,    r   686   36th. 
Brown  Christina,    died    June    27,    09,    age 

"a  n 

1 1  o 

2"  PI 


E  to 





Brown  Clara   N.   seams,   r  1440  E  16th. 
Brown  Mrs  Clara  T.   halrwkr,  b  S29  34th. 
Brown  Clarence,    driver,    rms    473    59th. 
Brown  Clarence,     bkpr,     b     3S54    West. 
Brown  Clarence,   messr  H  C  Capwell  Co, 

b   666   6th.  ,,     , 

Brown  Clarence    C,    elec,    b    1315    Market. 
Brown  Clifford        E        (Brown-Rasmussen 

Co),   r  1262   7th   av.  „n„ 

Brown  Clifford    P,    elec,    r    726    19th. 
Brown  Clifton    E,    hay,    r    1260    7th    av. 
Brown  C   C,   caller  S   P  Co,   r  701   Syca- 

BrownC    I.    elk    cigar    stand    Hotel      St 

Brown  C    S,    studt   Polytechnic   Bus    Col, 

b    1.179    Harrison. 
Brown  C  W,   brkman  S  P  Co,   r  1371   8th. 
Brown  Danl  H,  patrol  driver,  rms  164  7th. 
Brown  David,      propr     Brown's     Theater, 

rms  868  Bway. 








y  Evenj 

rvrHV    MEWS    STAND 

3       S      • 

7> w,#        10 

o>    -o   an  00 

»'   ST- 

Saturday  Evening  Post 

Baldwin  Building  &  Investment  Co. H '.* 

BALDWIN.  Muxtr 
ice  Hoars  10-12 

Res.  Phone  Berkeley  2195  Office  and  Mill,  2610  SHATTUCK  AVE.,  Phone  Berkeley  537S 

210  1910      POIjK-HUSTED      CO.'S 

If  You  Must  Move,  See  That  You  Move  Rleht 
1070     BROADWAY 

Brown  David  K,  ins  agt  473  14th,  r  184 

Brown  Delbert  A,   painter,   r  410  66th. 

Brown  Delbert  L,  news  agt,  b  1315  Mar- 

Brown  Dorothy  M,  b  280  E  17th. 

Brown  D  Rodney,   rms  1752  13th  av. 

Brown  Dudley  C,  tailor  111  San  Pablo  av, 
r  1052  Jackson. 

Brown  D  J,  porter  Pullman  Co,  r  156S 

Brown  Earle  B.  salsn,  r  673  23d. 

Brown  Edgar  C,   foreman,   r  1474  11th  av. 

Brown  Edith,  fitter  Geo  Mosbacher,  r  724 

Brown  Edmund,  r  1267  Brush. 

Brown  Edw,    b    1249    Moss   av,    Fitchburg. 

Brown  Edw  C,  emp  Am  Rubber  Mnfg  Co, 
r  1474  11th  av. 

Brown  Edw  J,   tmstr,  r  726  11th. 

Brown  Edw  J,  driver  Grand  Central  Mkt, 
rms  767%  14th. 

Brown  Edw   L,   cond  O  T  Co,   r  489   49th. 

Brown  Edw  L,  grocer  3703  E  14th,  r  1419 
Pomona  av. 

Brown  Eliza  P.  b  1066  Market. 

Brown  Mrs  Elizabeth,  notions  1750  Wal- 
ter av,  Elmhurst. 

Brown  Elizabeth  (wid  Rufus),  b  2841 

Brown  Mrs  Ella,  b  3900  Bway. 

Brown  Ella  D  (wid  Sidney  O),  b  1455 

Brown  Ella   P,    phys  436   37th. 

Brown  Ellen    (wid  Thos),  r  170S   5th. 

Brown  Erie  M,  reporter,  b  852  33d. 

Brown  Erbe  M,  reporter,  b  852  33d. 

Brown  Ernest  C,  eng  Eng  Co  5,  r  881 

Brown  Eugene  J,  died  Nov  10,  '09,  age  64. 


Judge    Superior   Court,   Dept   5,    r   John 
ne   cor  Gilbert. 

rms    Park    av   ne    cor 


Brown  E 


Brown  E  S,   mach,   b  1171  E  21st. 
Brown  Fannie  E,   dressmkr,    r  530   13th. 
Brown  Mrs  Florence,  needlework  536  San 

Pablo   av. 
Brown  Florinne,   b   1389  Jackson. 
Brown  Forrest   E,    elk,    rms   1001   Adeline. 
Brown  Francis,  grocer  1473  7th. 
Brown  Frank,   eng,   b  1S16   Atlantic. 
Brown  Frank,    lab   Judson    Mnfg  Co. 
Brown  Frank,  lab,  b  1019  E  23d. 
Brown  Frank,   lab,  b  1360  West. 
Brown  Frank,  lab,  r  664  B  16th. 
Brown  Frank  A,   elec.  r  501  E  15th. 
Brown  Frank  E.   broker,   b  245   Dee. 
Brown  Frank    G,     foreman    Al    Wood     & 

Bro,   r  672  41st. 
Brown  Frank  L,   r  245   Lee. 
Brown  Frank  S,   carp,   r  4217  Nevil. 
Brown  Frank    T,    dentist    460    13th,    b    476 


-own  Fred,   painter,    r   2059   22d    av. 

rown  Fred  D,    cook   S   P   Co. 

Brown  Fredk  G,   carp,   r  1750   Walter  av 

Brown  Fred  H,   contr  carp  1429   35th  av, 
Brown  Fred   L,   mngr  Pierce   Cycle  Co,  1 

52   Vernon. 
Brown  Mrs    Freda,     bkpr    C    E    Long,    1 

1654%  7th. 
Brown  Freda,   seams,   b  162%   5th. 
Brown  Fredk  A,   elk   b   1366   Campbell. 
Brown  F    J,    lino    opr    Okld    Enquirer,    r 

S    F. 
Brown  F  P,  porter  Hotel  St  Mark. 
Brown  Gabriel,   emp   Cal   Cotton   Mills. 
Brown  Garnet  C,  elk  Taft  &  Pennoyer,  r  J 

1009  Castro. 

Brown  Geo,  carp,  rms  4087  San  Pablo  av.  « 
Blown  Geo,    restaurant  232   San   Pablo  av, 

r  687   18th. 
Brown  Geo  A,   blksmith,    rms  275   E   12th. 
Brown  Geo  B,   switchman,   r  1065   10th. 
Brown  Geo  C,  pharmacist,   r  1435   E  18th. 
Brown  Geo  E.  bartndr  466  9th,   b  658  8th. 
Brown  Geo  E,  salsn,  r  1027  35th  av. 
Brown  Geo  F,  tmstr,  r  s  s  3d  1  w  of  Elm-E 

hurst  av. 
Brown  Geo    F,    brkman    S    P    Co,    r    91lf' 

Brown  Geo  H,   carp,  b  435  Edwards. 

Bay  City  Well  Works! 

Well  Drilling,  Boring  and  Pump 

W&rehaue*  and  Shop 

Park  An.  ft  HcrtM  St.,  EawiTnl* 
GEO.  P.  MARCUS.  Proprietor  'Tipe 
fall!  2271  In  lUIUtili      (^B 

Km  Plraant  2271 

In.  1M  Mtk  It. 

Brown  Geo  H.   elk   Sunset  Lbr  Co,    r  Ala. 
Brown  Geo  H,   lab,  r  691  28th. 
Brown  Geo   H,    lumber,    r  5599   Genoa. 
Brown  Geo  H,  plumber,  r  432  37th. 
Brown  Geo  H,  tmstr  W  H  Parrish,  r  1475 

2d  av. 
Brown  Geo  L,   rms  676  18th. 
Brown  Geo  L,  r  1358  Alice. 
Brown  Mrs  Georgia  L,   b   4217  Nevil. 
Brown  Geo  R.  mining  eng,  r  1521  12th  av. 
Brown  Geo  W,   elk,   r   672   61st. 
Brown  Geo  W.   insptr  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 

r  1267  8th  av. 
Brown  Geo  W,  lab,   b  1723  Filbert. 
Brown  Geo   W,    mining,   r  1170   E  14th. 
Brown  Geo  W,  plumber,  r  2912   Salisbury. 
Brown  Gertrude    (wid    John),    r    372    C 

Brown  Gilbert  E,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r  1691 

Brown  Grace  E,  copyist  County  Recorder, 

r  36  Tel  av. 
Brown  Gus  W,  carp,  r  113  Glen  av. 
Brown  Guy  L,  appr,  b  1521  12th  av. 
Brown  G  W,  housemover,  rms  424  2d. 

OAKLAND     tz:. 









>0  RIO  VISTA  AVE.,  OAKLAND Buildings,  Vails,  Floors.  Valfcs 

OAKLANI>      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910  211 

>wn  Harold  E,  carp,  b  68  Montell. 

>wn  Harry,  b  1157  63d. 

>wn  Harry,  r  5891%   San  Pablo  av. 

>wn  Harry,     blksmith    Sohst    Carriage 

lo,    r  1239   63d. 

)wn  Harry,  carp,  r  692  34th. 

>wn  Harry,    elk    Frank    Perelra,    b    735 


>wn  Harry  C,   coir  W  U  Tel  Co,  b  572 


)wn  Harry  D,    painter,    r   1030    E   19th. 

>wn  Harry  D,  wagon  driver  police  dept, 

164  7th. 
>wn  Harry  I,   elk,   b  2017  Fruitvale  av. 
iwn  Harry  W,   trav  agt,   rms  Fairlawn 


iwn  Harry  W,  elk,  r  867   21st. 

>wn  Harvey  M,  elk,   b  1328  Filbert. 

)wn  Harvey   S,   r  1120  8th. 

)wn  Hazel,   cash  girl,   b  1366   Campbell. 

)wn  Helen,  stenogr  S  P  Co,  r  139  12th. 

)wn  Helen  G,   b   245  Lee. 

mn  Helen    L,    stenogr,    b    1140    Filbert. 

>wn  Henry,   coppersmith,   r  Peralta  av 

n  of  38th. 
)wn  Henry  A,   chauffeur,  r  403  E  11th. 
iwn  Henry  C,   r  435  Edwards. 
>wn  Henry   D,   eng,   r  1221   7th. 
iwn  Henry  H,   porter,   r  842B  West. 
iwn  Herbert  A,  elk,  r  534  39th. 
)wn  Herbert  C,  elk  P  O.  r  Bkly. 
)wn  Herbert  E,  contr  68  Montell. 
wn  Herbert   H,    ins   agt,    r   235   Moun- 
:ain  av. 

>wn  Herbiean  M  (wid  Frank),  b  476 

jwn  Herman,  bollermkr  S  P  Co,  r  1003 

awn  Horace  P,  vlce-pres  and  mngr  Pa- 
:iflc  Manifolding  Book  Co,  r  220  Alca- 
raz  av. 

3wn  Howard   W,    r  936  Willow. 
Dwn  Irving,   musician,   rms   531    24th. 
Dwn  Isabella  (wid  Jos),   r  1115  16th  av. 
3wn  Isabelle  L,  student,  b  1309  E  16th. 
awn  Jane,  b  596  36th. 
Dwn  Jas,   r  178   8th. 
awn  Jas,  cook  S  P  Co. 
Dwn  Jas,  plumber,  rms  1474  38th  av. 
own  Jas    B     (The    Fuller    Co    of    Oak- 
and),  r  2637  Ashby  av,  Bkly. 
own  Jas    H,    r    331   Vernal   av. 
Dwn  Jas  H,  r  511  23d. 
own  Jas  H,  elec,  r  154  E  16th. 
Dwn  Jas    H.    meatctr    Robt    Vincent,    r 
.412  West. 
Dwn  Jas   H   Jr,    student,    b   331   Vernal 


Dwn  Jas  W,  supt,  b  1386  Webster. 

own  Jason    D,    restaurant    426    15th,    r 

!75  E  12th. 

own  Jasper  S,  elk,   r  1247  Adeline. 

own  Jennie    (wid    David    P   H),    b    w    s 

Palo  Vista  av  7  s  of  E  14th. 

own  Mrs  Jennie,  rms  604  17th. 

own  Jesse  G.   rms  359  10th. 

own  Jesse    J,    brkman    S    P    Co,    r    911 


own  John,    elk.    rms   753   Sth. 

own  John,   driver,   b  1424   Chestnut. 

own  John,    ironwkr,    r   s    s    Lawrence   3 

v  of  Raker  av. 

iwn  John,   ironwkr,  h  31%  Hellen. 

iwn  John,   mach,   b  Clinton  Hotel. 

)wn  John,    messr    C    M    Simmons,    rms 

th  cor  Webster. 

vwn  John   B,   foreman,   r  49S  B  10th. 

iwn  John    C,    lab   Judson    Mnfg   Co. 

jwn  John  E,   ear  opr  O  T  Co,   rms  1379 

2th  av. 

iwn  John  F,   r  4792  Tel  av. 

iwn  John   G,    elec,   r  1654%   7th. 

Construction  Motors       Repairs        Fixtures      Supplies 

Berkeley  Electric  Company 

M.  G.  YARNELL,  Mgr. 

Office  Residence 

2123  CENTER  ST.     BERKELEY     2919  LOR1NA  ST. 

Phone  Berkeley  S075 

Brown  John   H.   porter   County   Receiving 

Hospital,  r  164  7th. 
Brown  John  H,   miner,   r  674   Apgar. 
Brown  John  M,  printer,  r  1804  23d  av. 


Asst    Genl    Mngr    and    Purchasing    Agt 

Oakland  Traction  Co,   r  585  Walsworth 

Brown  John   R,    car   opr   O   T   Co,   r  3042 

Brown  John  S,  r  198.  Santa  Clara  av. 
Brown  John  S,  vice-pres  Brown  &  Adams 

Co,  r  1067  Oak. 
Brown  John  T,  elec,  b  548  Alcatraz  av. 
Brown  John    W,    cond    S    P    Co,    r    1371% 

Brown  John  W,   b  3217   Palmetto. 
Brown  John  W,  elk,   r  824  34th. 
Brown  Jos    (Brown    &    Bootsma),    r    1421 

Brown  Jos,   elk,   r  858  Jefferson. 
Brown  Jos,    err.p   J   Hay    Smith   Co,    r  858 

Brown  Jos,   meats  209G  13th  av. 
Brown  Jos   E  H,   miner,    r  1438   E   18th. 
Brown  Jos  W,   carp,   r  7   53d  av,    Frtvl. 
Brown  Jos  W,   painter,   2467   E  15th. 
Brown  Josephine    (wid    Wm),    tel    opr,    b 

728  Chester. 
Brown  Josephine     (wid    Justin),     r    121S 

Brown  June  L,   b  4217  Nevil. 
Brown  J   Guv,    dentist   208   Albany   blk,    r 

6013    Cherry. 
Brown  J    B,    gkteman   S   P   Co,    r   1179    E 

Brown  J  H,  elec,  r  3d  av  cor  B  16th. 
Brown  J  H,  vdman  S  P  Co,  r  1221  7th. 
Brown  J  .1,   elk   Taft   &   Pennoyer,   r  Ala. 
Brown  J  T.   r  lGiJ't  Pacific 
Brown  Laura  C    (wid  Erasmus),   b  280  E 

Brown  Leander  A   (Hudson    &   Brown),    r 

1449    Chestnut. 
Brown  Lemuel    J,    condr   O    T    Co,    b    667 

Brown  Lemuel    P.    cabinet    mkr    Jaekson 

Furn  Co,   r  667  15th. 
Brown  Mrs  Lila,   r  1210  10th. 
Brown  Linda,    elk   Barton-Stephenson  Co, 

b  1247  Adeline. 
Brown  Lloyd   R,   b  3665   Piedmont   av. 
Brown  Mrs    Lou,    rms    4S6   Aleatr  iz    av. 
Brown  Louis,   shoemkr  Calm  Nickelsburg 

&    Co,    b    725    14th. 
Brown   Lucy   (wid  Ben.i),  b  555  B  28th. 
Brown  Lucy     (wid    Spencer),    r    438    Ed- 
Brown  Luther    A,    lab    Griffin-Skelly    Co, 

I.    1.9  !6    Union. 
Brown  Luther  A.  real  est,  rms  1167  32d. 
Brown  Luther  A,  salsn  Maxwell  Hdw  Co. 

r  542  Jones. 
Brown  L  D,  news  agt  Jvnison   News  Co, 
Brown  Manuel,  carp,  r  1019  E  23d. 
Brown   Manuel,     iron     wkr     Judson     Mnfg 

Co,   r   1028   E   20th. 
Brown  Manuel,   iron  wkr,   r  964  E  Kith. 

Western  Heavy  Hardware  X  Iron  Co.  *  420^1T. 

a.  nesbitt,  Mgr.  Jobbers  in  Carriage  Materials,  Hardwood  Lumberjron  and  Steel 
ONEHoMA,f  a*^242      AH  Wnds  Mill,  Machine  Shop  and  Blacksmith  Supplies 







Harry  C. 






Tal.  Oakland  2751 
Home  A2S7S 

Esterly  Construction  Co.,  Inc.  |  ^^ATION< 


2136  CENTER  STREET      BERKELEY,  CAL.      ^riPPC    riTDBS 

PHONE    BERKELEY    ST  '    ^  *■  fVlTOf      VjUKDu 


1910     POLK-HrSTED      CO.'S 

Brown  Manuel,    lab    The    Parafflne    Paint 

Co,   r   1647   17th. 
Brown  Manuel   E,    elk   H  N  Morris,   r  572 

Krowri  Manuel  G,  carp,   r  S»G2   E  14th. 
Brown  Margaret,   died  May  14  09   age  SO. 
Brown  Margaret    J    (wid    Geo),    r    1011A 

Brown  Marie    (wid   Chas),    b   179   12th. 
Brown  Marion    L    (wid    John    D),    r    20SS 

Oakland   av. 
Brown  Mrs  Martha,  rms  818  27th 
Brown  Marvin  M,  elec,   r  1514   9th. 
Brown  Mrs  Mary,   r  743  Peralta. 
Brown  Marv   (wid  Wm),  r  425  37th. 
Brown  Mary    (wid   Frank),   r   1366   Camp- 
Brown  Mary    (wid   Frank),    b  917   E  15th. 
Brown  Marv,   seams,   b   1366  Oanipoell 
Brown  Mary    C    (wid    Horace    F),    'b    1440 

E  16th. 
Brown  Mary  B  (wid  Geo),  r  721  Hopkins. 
Brown  Mary  P.  cashr  Womans  Exchange, 

rms   518   Jones. 
Brown  Mary    S    (wid   Leonard   D),    r  1220 

Brown  Mrs  Matilda,  pres  The  King's 
Daughters  Home,   r  566  29th. 

Brown  Matilda  E.  ores  Ladies  Relief  So- 
ciety,   r   566    Caledonia   av.      (29th) 

Brown  Matthew,   lab,   r  821  Magnolia. 

Brown  Mary    (wid   Chas),    r   735   Henry. 

Brown  May  E*  pub  stenogr  259  Bacon 
bids',  r  616  14th. 

Brown  Millie    (wid   John   D),   b  1672   11th. 

Brown  Mollie  (wid  Edwin),  b  5784  Vi- 

Brown  Morris,    flagman    O    T    Co,    r    189 

Brov.r  Morris  M,  iron  wkr,  to  139  Hellen. 


The  Hair  Specialist  of  Oakland,  Sham- 
pooing and  Scalp  Treatment,  London 
Method,   5X6  22d,   Phone  Okld  7337. 

Brown  Nautilla  G  (wid  John),  r  5  iS  Al- 
oatraz    av. 

Brown  Nellie,  bk.bndr.   rms  116   E  14th. 

Brown  Nelson  LeR,  ticket  agt,  r  772  11th. 

Brown  Norris,  salsn,  r  673  23d. 

Brown  N.    elk   Hale   Bros,    r   1366   Carmel. 

Brown  Oscar  F,   housemover,   r  760  4th. 

Brown  Oren  N,  carp,  r  5007  Webster. 

Brown  Orson  D,   r  1439  Filbert. 

Brown  Orson  D  Jr.  b  1439  Filbert. 

Brown  <itis   M,   caro.   b  5007  Webster. 

Brown  O  E,   eng  S  P  Co,  r  528  27th. 

Brown  Perrv  F,  civ  eng,  r  300  Park  View 
own  Pete,  lather,  rms  1436  Pomona  av. 

...•own  Peter  C,    r  132S   Filbert. 

Brown  Phosphate  Co,  Selby  Bros  agts, 
1057   Washn.  iT 

Brown  Ralph,  elk  Murray  &  Houriet,  h 
1328   Filbert. 

Brown  Ralph  G,   elk,  r  1067  16th. 

Brown  Ralph  W,  elk.   n  529  38th. 

Brown  Mrs  14  Amelia,  sanitarium  479 
Claremont    av. 

Brown  Randall  E,  fireman,  b  1315  Market 

Brown-Rasmussen  Co  (C  >:  Prown,  R  1 
Rasmussen),    fuel   and  feed   410   E  12th. 

Brown  Raymond    E,    carpet    lyr    Jackson 

Brown  Richard  A,  tile  setter,  b  1607  24th 

thrown  Robt,   elk,   rms  1743   Grove. 
Brown  Robt.  pliys,   b  3304  Putram,    Frtvl. 
Biown   Robt  J.  ship  carp,  r  2132  Chestnut. 
Brown  Roland  G,   r  13S9  Alice. 
Brown  Rose,   emp  Cal   Cotton  Mills. 

Brown  Roy   C,    elk,   b  1521   12th  ... 
Brown  R  E,  fireman  S  P  Co,  r  701  Syi 

Brown  R   H,    vice-pres   Oak'.ir.d  Meat 

Parking  Co. 

H   E   Dix 

Brown  Sadie,    millinei 

b  667  15th. 
Brown  Sadie   (wid  Wm),   r  S09%  Peral 
Brown  Sadie  K  (wid  Wm  W),  r  1140  I 

Brown  Saml,  b  3600  Tel  av. 
Brown  Saml,  r  1770  10th  av. 
Brown  Saml  B,  eng  S  P  Co,  r  910  Will. 
Brown  Saml  B,   r  w  s  Lincoln  av  2  rt 

Brown  Mrs  Sarah  A,  b  68  Montell. 
Brown  Schuyler   G,    contr   848   54th. 
Brown  Solomon,    dyer   419    7th   and    s! 

mkr  421  same,  r  162%  5th. 
Brown  Sophia  H   (wid  Andr),   r  488  3( 
Brown  Theater   David   Brown   propr, 

Brown  Theresa,   cashr   F   M   Fergnson 

sergeant    of   police 

4150   Lusk. 
Brown  Thornwald 

862    52d. 
Brown  Thos,   eng.  r  1253  E  10th. 
Brown  Thos  F,  lab,  rms  1474  38th  av. 
Brown  Thos  H,   state  police  officer,   r 

Brown  Thos  P.  r  3763  Shaft'-  av. 
Brown  Thos  W,  insptr,  r  1711  9th. 
Brown  Tyler,   janitor,    r  1682   8th. 
Brown  T  W  J,   truckman  S  P  Co,   r 

9  th. 
Brown  Velva  V,  bkpr,  b  1302  Franklin 
Brown  Virginia  A  (wid  Jos),  r  1360  W 
Brown  Virginia    E    (wid    Saml),    b    ■ 

Brown  V  Harold,  ins  agt,  b  172  11th. 
Brown  Walter,    lab,    b    1360    West. 
Brown  Walter,    porter,    rms    818    27th. 
Brown  Walter,  printr  Ands  Brown  & 

r  969  Jackson. 
Brown  Walter   E    (Brown   &   Jackson. 

1330  Alice.  „  „ 

Brown  Walter  L,  hostler  W  B  McCav 

r  1360  West. 
Brown  Walter  O,  rms  1479  Grove. 
Brown  Walter  R,  elk,  b  1725  9th. 
Brown  Willard    U,     restaurant    3904 

Pab  av,   r  942  43d. 
Brown  Wm,  rms  856  Brush. 
Brown  Wm,   bartndr  Leroy  dishing, 

1190    63d.  _  „.  „ 

Brown  Wm,  blksmith  S  P  Co,  r  5.5  6 
Brown  Wm,   carp,    r  1409  17th. 
Brown  Wm,  elk,   rms  589  22d. 
Brown  Wm,  floor  layer  Inlaid  Floor  C 
Brown  Wm,    lab   Judson   Mnfg  Co. 
Brown  Wm,    painter,    r  2402  Redwood' 
Brown  Wm  A,   r  2309   Fruitvcile  av. 
Brown  Wm  A,   cook,   r  1719  5th  av. 
Brown  Wm  A,   porter  Pullman   Co, 

Brown  Wm   A,    rms   359   10th 
Brown  Wm  C,  actor,  b  991  Campbell. 
Brown  Wm  C,  r  3138  Bellevue. 
Brown  Wm   F,   r  541   341h. 
Brown  Wm  F.  elk  Tribune,  r  1303  E  1 
Bvown  Wm  G.  concl  S  P  Co.  r  S69  34t 
Brown  Wm  G,  carp,  r  1315  Market. 
Brown  Wm    H,    hostler    S    P    Co,    r 

Chester.  „ 

Brown  Wm    H,    elk    E   L    Brown,    r 

35th  av. 
Brown  Wm  H,   r  1071   54th. 
Brown  Wm  H,  car  rpr,  r  1023  55th 
Brown  Wm  J,   emp   S  P  Co,    r  314% 
Pab  av. 

.  WILLIS  SHARPE  GolsiivedrSJ| 

487  Fourteenth  St.,  Bet.  Broadway  and  Washington 

OaKland   3578 

OAKLAND,    Cjf 


:  TRADE    AND    KINDRED    INTERTSTS   :    :    : 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 


i  Wm   J.    supt   Excelsior    T.ndry   Co, 
SO  Webster. 

i  Wm  J,   trcstr,   rms  110S  Wood, 
i  Wm  McG,  painter,   b  1521  12th  av. 
I  Wm  M,  eng,  r  974  Center. 

Wm  M,  phys,  r  1919  11th  av. 

Wm    M,    bootblk    W    H    Evans,    b 

Wm  O.  dep  Co  Clk  Hall  of  Records 

Wm  W,  tmstr,  b  913  12th. 

Zena  P,  stenogr  Hutchinson  Co,  b 

&  Adams  Co,   Jas  E  Adams  pres, 
I  S,   Brown  vice-pres,   Robt  Stewart 
r,  tanners  E  12th  cor  18th  av. 
i  &  Bootsma  (Jos  Brown,  Wm  Boot- 
),  saloon  1716  7th. 


E  Brown,   M  E  Jackson),   Real   Es- 
and      Insurance      1268     Broadway, 
ties   Okld    1362,    Home    A1362. 

)WN  &  McKINNON-H  E 
JRZON  (Inc), 

!  Curzon,  Pres;  Geo  Roeth,  Sec;  Mer- 
it Tailors  435  14th.  Phone  Okld  3558. 
le  Agnes  (wid  James),  r  568  E  20th. 
le  A,  emp  Home  Tel  Co,  r  S  F. 
le  C  L  J.  r  1411  Brush. 
le  Eythel,  bkpr  Hammer-Bray  Co, 

le  Florence   E,   asst  Okld   Free   Pub 
■ary,   b  438  Edwards, 
le  Geo  C,  mngr  Natl  Pharmacy  Co, 
35  E  18th. 

ie  Geo   F,   brkman,   r  911   Grove, 
le    Harry    R,    cashr    Code-Portwood 
ning  Co,   r  590  E  20th. 
ie  Henry  R,   elk,  b  231   Bonita  av. 
ne  Louis  B,  genl  mngr  Harry  G  Wil- 
is Co,   r  Berkeley, 
ne   Lucy   (wid    Spencer   C   J),    r   43 

ne  Margaret  (wid  John),  b  911  Grove 
ne  Ross  E,  mining  eng.  r  234  Perry, 
ne  Thos  H,  vice-pres  Wm  Cluff  Co, 

ne  Willis   E,   r  5784  Vicente, 
ne  Wm   F,   salsn  Frank  K   Mott   Co, 
108  Grove. 

ne  Wm  H,   carp,   r  340  45th. 
nell    Brownie,    tchr    Clawson    school, 
)4  Merrimac. 

nell  Chas  W,  elk  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 
S31   36th  av. 

nell  Edgar  D.   carp,   r  35  Warder, 
nell  Frank,   elk,   b  1353  Grove, 
nell  Geo,  r  635  54th. 
nell  Mrs  Louise  B.  r  504  Merrimac. 
nell   Mark   E,    stationer,    r  646    62d. 
nell  Walter  R,  elk,   b  1631  36th  av. 
nell  Wm  W,  emp  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 
631  36th  av. 

nie    The,    furn    rms    577    12th. 
ning  Geo  W,   bkmn   S   P   Co,    r  1781 
ning   G,    porter   Pullman    Co,    r   1731 

ning  Lucille,  stenogr  Weldon-Meeker 

b    1611    Todd,    Berkeley, 
ning    Wm    M.    Dep    Co    Clk    Hall    of 
lords    r  1049   Magnolia, 
nlee  Frank  W.   bartndr   463  9th,    rms 

iley  Edith  C,  tchr,  r  82  Frisbie  pi. 
nlie   Robt  G,    tinner,    r   1375   14th    av. 

Brownville  David  S,  mach  S  P  Co,  r  101 

Brownlow  Stephen  K,  waiter  S  P  Co. 
Brownrigg  Mollie  E,  seams,  b  545  31st. 
Brownrigg    Turner    J    (Brownrigg    &    Ab 

rott),    r    465    37th. 
Brownrigg    &    Abrott    (Turner    J    Brown 

rigg,  Wm  Abrott),  blksmiths  e  s  E  14tl 

nr  High. 
Brownson  Ray,  stableman  W  P  Burrough 

rms  5715  McCall. 
Brownsteln  P  A,  bkman  S  P  Co. 
Browse  Mrs  Helen,  rms  3621  Bway. 
Broyles    Wm    H,    porter    Pullman    Co,     l 

1428  E  9th. 
Brtuca  Lorenzo,   lab,  r  415   Cavour. 

Emma  B,  stenogr,  b  1513  9th. 
Bru  Helen  J,  stenogr.  b  1513  9th. 
Bru  Henry  J,  bkpr,  b  1513  9th. 
Bru  Inga  O   (wid  Howard),   r  1513  9th. 
Bru  Norman  P,   acct,   b  1513  9th. 
Bru  Olaf  H,  bkpr,   b  1513  9th. 
Bru  Peter  E,  b  1513  9th. 
Bruce  Alex  M,   mach,  r  1216  E  20th. 
Bruce  Amy  E    stenogr.   r  728  18th. 
Bruce  Angus  A,  carp,  r  1011  E  23d. 
Bruce  A.  emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills. 
Bruce    Barbara,    tchr   Emerson    school,    i 

Bruce   Carrie  L,   b  76   Bruce. 
Bruce  Chas  F,  salsn,  r  1053  Jackson. 
Bruce  David  A,  porter  S  P  Co,  r  805  Lin- 
Bruce  Florence  H,  b  1053  Jackson. 
Bruce  Henry,   r  1369   8th. 
Bruce  Jas  C,  solr  West  Coast  Life  Ins  Co 

r  Berkeley. 
Bruce  Jas    H,    printer,    b    4202     Glen     av, 

Fruitvale.  _,„, 

Bruce  Jennie,  emp  Cal  Cotton  Mills. 
Bruce  John  H  R,  driver  Eng  Co  3  O  F  D 

b  1653  7th. 
Bruce  John  R.  carp  S  P  Co,  r  1653  7th. 
Bruce  Percv  G,  salsn  The  Baldwin  Co,  r 

1063  Market.  „,  „    .    „ 

Bruce   Penelope,    phone   opr   Taft    &    Pen 

noyer.  b  925  60th. 
Bruce  Robt.  plumber,  r  1581  39th  av. 
Bruce  Robt.  waiter,  3892  San  Pablo  av,  b 

1056   Summers. 
Bruce    Robt    R,    plumber   S    P   Co,    b    3041 

38th  av. 
Bruce  Saml  J,  b  1053  Jackson. 
Bruce    Walter    D,    eng    S    P    Co,    r    1510 

Bruce  Wm,  ship  carp,  r  925  60th. 
Bruce  Wm  M,   r  4202   Glen  av,   Fruitvale 
Bruce   Wm   R,    lab,    r  1215    E i   21st. 
Bruchsaler  Karl,  elec  contr  2007  Fruitvale 

av,  r  Putnam  cor  Barrett. 
Bruck  Alois  T.  r  1332  39th  av. 
Brucker  Aug:,  supt  Delger  bldg.  r  6_0  i,tn 
Brucker   Henry,    plumber   J    B   Cruz,    r   E 

Bruckner   Eva.    clk,    b   1560    8th. 
Hiu.  kner    Gertrude,    clk.    b    1560    8th. 
Bruckner    Morris,    dry    goods    1624    ith,    i 

1560  8th.  „„  _ 

Bruel  Ligori.  butcher,  rms  836  Bway. 
Bruel    Louis,    lab,    rms    853V4    Franklin. 

Brudlewsky  Ferd,  cigar  mnfr,  r  5703  Shat- 

tuck  av. 
Brui'ck   Elizabeth,   nurse  1322  E  10th. 
Brueck    1  bin  v.    clk.   b   1322   E   10th. 
Brueck  Peter,  watchman,  r  1322  E  10th. 
Bruecker,    see   also    Brucker. 
Bruecker  August,   polisher,   r  873   E   24th 

IUKlW   YVULLiUN    Loans  Negotiated     Insurance 

Telephone    421  SAN      LEANDRO,     CAL. 










Dry  Colors 



Phone  Oakland  4598 

Dec  •   .   » 




For .  .  . 















1910      POT/K-HUSTKD      CO.'S 


BOlCOml)   Realty  CO.,  IBC,  Investor  of  Capital 

SAN  PABLO  AVE.,  at  17th  Street 

Land  for  the  landles"  man.  Big  value  buys. 
Large  paying  investments.  Sacks  of  gold  to 
loan.  Rich  producing  acreage.  Farms  for  the 
thrifty.   Easy  payment  homes. 

Bruecker  Henry  H,  plumber,  b  676  B  12th. 
Bruecker   J    Henry,    contr    676    E    12th. 
Bruecker  Louise  B.  elk.  b  676  E  12th. 
Bruener,    see  also  Breunner,    Bronner  and 

Bruener   Clement,    lab,    r  1626   35th   av. 
Bruener  Jos,   r  1626  35th  av. 
3ruenn    Adolph,    lawyer    234    Bacon    bldg. 

r  710    25th. 
Bruenn  Henry  H,  r  970  14th. 
Brugge   Chas,    mach   Neuman   Mach   Wks, 

r  S  F. 
Brugge  Geo.  draftsman,   rms  1753  12th  av. 
Bruguiere    Block    916    7th. 
Bruguiere  Camille  J,  pilot,  r  2047  Grove. 
Bruguiere    Mrs    M    A,    b    Hotel    Metropole. 
Bruietain   Saml,   wrapper,    r  3405   Putnam. 
Brum   Fred,   shoemkr  303S   Foothill  boul. 
Brumbaugh   Raymond,   bkpr.   r  3104  Maple 

av,  Fruitvale. 
Bruml  Arthur  B,  cigars,  r  540  18th. 
Bruml    Frances    B    (wid    Albt    N),    b    277 

Bruml     Jesse     E,     searcher     Leckie-Abra- 

ham   Title   Co,    r   277    Cleveland. 
Bruml  Oscar  C,  elk,  b  540  18th. 
Bruml    Simona    E,    b    540    18th. 
Brummell    Wade,     bartndr    828     Franklin, 

rms  427  9th. 
Brummer  Theo  H,  elk  S  P  Co. 
Brummond  Henry,  salsn  J  T  Moran,  r  832 

Brummond  Oscar,   appr  LTnited  Iron  Wks, 

b  832  Jackson. 
Brun  Fred  P.   shoemkr  3038  Foothill  boul. 
Brun   John,    tmstr,    rms  715  Webster. 
Brun  Mrs  Adele,  b  Kings  Daughters'  Hme 
Brundage  A,   emp  S  P  Co. 
Brune  Clara,  student  Polytechnic  Bus  Col, 

b   1014   3d. 
Brune  Herman  C,  shoemkr  417  San  Pablo 

av,    r   1014    3d   av. 
Brunecker    Hugo,     baker    and    restaurant 

1606  Bwav.   r  516  30th. 
Brunecker  Hugo  E,  driver  Hugo  Bruneck- 
er,   b    516    30th. 
Brunecker  Jos,   baker  Hugo  Brunecker,   b 

662   23d. 
Brunell    R.    appr    Okld    Enquirer,    r    1915 

Pacific  av. 
Brunelle    O,    tmstr   Remillard    Brick    Co. 
Bruner,  see  also  Breuner,  Bronner,   Breu- 

ner  and  Brunner. 
Bruner   Frank    P,    eashr   Century   Electric 

Co,    r    1375%  A    Bway. 
Bruner   Frank    P    Jr,    salsn    Century    Elec 

Co,  b  1375%  Bway. 
Bruner    Gertrude,    elk    Geo    Mosbacher,    r 

954  Center. 


Treas    AVhite-Wallace     Co    Inc.     r    2201 

Prince.    Berkeley. 
Bruner  J    L,   ydman   S  P  Co,   r  1625  13th. 
Bruner   Louis,    rms  860  Clay. 
Bruner  Louis  J,  switchman,   b  954  Center. 
Bruner   Morris    E,    lawyer    4526    E    14th,    r 

1427  51st  av. 

Bruner    Presley    M„    lawver    872    BwaV 

1427  51st  av. 
Bruner  Wm.    b    404    66th. 
Bruner  Wm   W,    civ   eng,    r   180   Pen 
Brunetti  John,    carp,    r  459   43d. 
Brunetti  Virginia,       emp      New      Me' 

Laundry,    b    459    43d. 
Brunhofer  Julius,   elk  Henry  Clatanoi 

1053    14th. 
Brunhing  Geo,   millman,   b   1158   San 

Bruning,    see    also    Brunning. 
Rruning  Fabian   H.   r  1021  Myrtle. 
Bruning  Harry    F,    studt,    b    1021    My 
Bruning  John   J,   trav  agt,   b  2096   El 
Bruning  Julia    (wid    John),    2096    Elm 
Bruning  Wm    H,    lab,    b    2096    Elm. 
Brunje   Bernhard    (Kracke    &   Brunje 

522    18th. 
Brunje  Dorothy,     elk    Abrahamson 

b    1615    Bway. 
Brunje  Harry,    driver    Kohler      Bros, 

1645  Bway. 
Brunje    John    A,    lndry    supplies,    i 

Brunjes  Fredk    H,    stoker    Eng   Co 

7ns   E  ltth. 
Brunjes  Henry,     janitor    Garfield    scl 

b    768    E   14th. 
Brunk  Wm    H,    meatctr,    b    3311    Bo 

Brunker  Arabella,    (wid    Fredk), 

12  th  av. 
Brunker  Clyde  W,  elk  Dodge,  Sweene 

COj    r    979    63d. 
Brunker  Edith,    b    979    63d. 
Brr.nker  Wm   T,    janitor   Emeryville 

trict  school,   r  979   63d. 
Brunn  Jens  C,   r  182   8th. 
Brunn  Jcs,    lab,    r   715   Linden. 
Brunn  Manuel,    shoemkr,    r   1522   BWI 
Brunner  Adolph    C,    elec,    b    911    1 
Brunner  Adolph    L,    bkor   A   Schluete 

Co    rinc),    b   911   14th. 
Brunner  Arthur   J.    photogr,    b    823    5f 
Brunner  Mrs    Cyntnia,    r    S23   53d. 
Brunner  Elsie,    tchr,    b    823    53d. 
Brunner  Louis,    driver   Okld     Cal 

Co,    r    860    Clay. 
Brunner  Hudolph   B,    mngr   Okld   Bill 

Parlors,    r    6C1    E    27th. 
Brunner  Henry  J,   civ  eng,   r  855  Art 

ton   av. 
Brunns  P   M,    hlpr   S   P  Co,    r  2S25 

Bruno  Geo,  elk.  b  137  Miles  av. 
Bruno  John,  lab,  r  137  Miles  av. 
Bruno  John  I,  grocer,  1204  54th  av. 
Bruno  Jos,  lab,  r  434  Avon. 
Bruno  Jos,  lab,  b  137  Miles  av. 
Bruno  Jos,  scavenger,  r  111  Miles  a 
Bruno  Jos,  tmstr,  r  115  Miles  av. 
Brunotte  Louis,  tailor,  r  1314  53d  8 
Brims  Fred  H,  r  930  44th. 
Brims  Geo  R.  lab,  r  1825  5th. 
Bruns  Howard,  bartndr,  rms  816  Cla 
Bruns  John  C,  r  1101  Adeline. 
Bruns  Mrs  May.  r  1367  Castro. 
Bri.ns  May  A.  b  030  44th. 
Bruns  Wm.      mngr      Henry     Wiekir>i 

966    Jefferson. 
Brunsen  Chas    B,    waiter,    409    12th. 
Brunshead  John,    iron    wkr    Judson    1 

Brunsl-ill  C  J,    elk,   b    1302   Franklin. 
Bnmsmann  Jas   M,    cond   O   T   Co,   r 

44  th. 







Hfedittng  3tttritatuitt0 

&tatiottrrH   ::    Stamping 

SmitK  Bros. 
462-464  13th  St. 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

ison  Frank    A,    trav   agt,    r   1006   Jef- 


ison  Martin,    r   657    22d. 

ison  Mary    (wid    Wm),    r    5S0    63d. 

ison  Wm  L,   millhand  S  P  Co,   b  5S0 


issen  Bernhard    C,    grocer    697    32d. 

istad  Hans,    carp,    b   710   E    15th. 

istad  James,    contr,   r  696   39th. 

iswick    Hotel,    £53%    Washn. 

:asio  Michael,    lab    S    P    Co. 

fhar  Evald,     lab    Sunset    Lbr    Co,     r 

.4    52d    av. 

ichini  Angelo,     grocer    16S9     7th. 

h  Geo  W,   tmstr,   r  w  s  Highland  av 

s   of   1st,    Elmhurst. 

:h  Helen    (wid    Wallace    P),    stenogr 

P    Whitney,    b    152    8th. 
h  Leslie    D,    glass    blower,    rms    SOI 

h  Williston   H,    carp,    rms    804    Mad- 

he*  Gerald,    studt    St    Marys    Col,    b 
13    E   20th. 

:her  Winnifred  (wid  Jos),  r  1727  13th. 
her  Wm  F,  foreman  Standard  Gas 
gine  Co,  r  1133  E  20th. 
lie  Marie,  elk  Associated  Charities, 
ila  Seward,  barber  R  D  Nixon,  r 
>   Clay. 

0  AV    H,    painter,    rms    630    E    12th. 

it  Mrs    Ida    M,    r    3771    Midvale    av, 

it  Joseph   R,    elk,    r  3771   Midvale   av. 
istar  Henry   J,    carp,    b   919   Linden, 
istar  Saml  E,   tailor,  b  919  Linden, 
istar  Wm    S,    carp,    r   919   Linden, 
star  Wm  S  Jr.   carp,   b  919  Linden, 
chy  Louis,    butcher,    r    664    27th. 
icevich    Steve,    lab,    r    1724    12th. 
schy    Andr,    tailor    228    E    ISth,    r   174 

schy  Louis,    r   174    E   14th. 
in,    see   also    Brunn. 
in  Annie    (wid    Hansl,    r   2825     Glas- 

in  Peter,    lab,   b   2S25   Glascock, 
in  Jas    C,    r    1S2    8th. 
izone    Bros    &    Co    (Louis      and      Jos 
uzzone,    Domingo    Parodi),    wholesale 
?etables,     2.S8     ?nd. 

zone       Domingo,       salsn       Bruzzone 
OS   &   Co,    r  Ala. 
zone  Emile,   salsn   Bruzzone   Bros     & 

1  r    Ala. 

izone  Frank,     studt    Polytechnic    Bus 

1,    b   709    Pacific   av. 

izone  Giobatta,    lab   S  P  Co,   r  Ala. 

izone  Jos     (Bruzzone    Bros      Co),      r 


izone  Jos    B,    slsn    Bruzzone    Bros    & 

I    r  Ala. 

szone  Louis    (Bruzzone    Bros    &    Co), 


izone  Madeline,    milliner   Sara  Wright, 


in,    see    also    Bryne    and    Bryon. 

in  Arch    W,    emp    Home    Tel    Co,    r 

10   18th. 

m  Arch    W,    elk,    b    1054    18th. 

>n  Bert    E,    bkpr    S    M    Friedman    Co, 

1054    18th. 

in  Charity,   died   Sept   22,   09,   age   84. 

in  Edw    B,    r    913    24th. 

n  Elijah    H,    farmer,    r   1268    Grove. 

in  Geo   W,    photogr.   b   1424   34th. 

in  Grover   C,    lab,    b   1428   34th. 


RealCtate.  Company 

1214.-1216    BROADWAY,  OAKLAND 

jnes.  Oak.  328  Home  A  3328 

Bryan  Herbert   T,    emp   Home   Tel    Co,    r 

Bryan  Homer,    eng,    b    950    Adeline. 
Bryan  Jas,     bartndr    Athenian    Club,      r 

Bryan  Jas,  metr  repr  Okld  G  L  &  H  Co, 

r   816    14th. 
Bryan  Jas   S,   elk,   r  1816   13th  av. 
Bryan  John,    lab    Hogan    Lbr   Co,    r   1379 

Bryan  Leola,    retoucher,    b    578    17th. 
Bryan  Louis,    waiter,     r    S26    Magnolia. 
Bryan  Mary  L  (wid  Arch  C),  r  1428  34th. 
Bryan  Metta  (wod  Worth),  b  1054  18th. 
Bryan  N,    lab   Hogan   Lbr   Co. 
Bryan  Otis    C,    real    est     b   698   Sycamore. 
Bryan   Patk   J,   lndrv  wkr,    b  13'<9  12th. 
Bryan  Wm,     r    216     E    9th. 
Bryan  Wm    B,    elk    P    K    Mott    Co,    b    76 


Bryan  Wm  C,  cement  wkr.  r  1123  E  16th. 
Bryan  Wm  W,  r  913  E  24th. 
Bryans  Pearl  L,  Tel  opr,  b  2310  Mitchell. 
Bryant  Ambrose,  b  428  36th. 
Bryant  Chas  P,  solr  International  Pro- 
tective Assn,  r  1820  43d  av. 
Bryant  Cyrus  H,  printer,  r  761  E  17th. 
Bryant  David,  cement  wkr,  r  347  10th. 
Bryant    Elwood    E.    studt    Vander    Nailen 

School,    r   Bkly. 
Bryant  Emma  E  (wid  Geo),  1016  10th  av. 
Bryant  Ernest  L,   mngr,   r  297   Herman. 
Bryant  Esther    M.    studt,    b    1820    43d    av. 
Bryant  Eubna   E,   stenogr,   r   3414   Cham- 
Bryant  Ferd,   r  5S7  63d. 
Brvant  Frank    H,     pipe    flitter,     rms    701 

Bryant  Gladvs,    studt,    b    428    36th. 
Bryant  Herbert  B,  cook  Nile  Club,  r  1524 

Brvant   Hubert,    real    est,    210    First   Natl 

Bank    hldg. 
Brvant  Jas,    carp,    r    593    18th. 
Bryant  Jas    F,    salsn,    r    428    36th. 
Bryant  Jos  E,   elk  L  D  Voice,   r  537  34th. 
Bryant  Kirk,    navigator,    r    1012    Wood. 
Bryant  Lloyd,   vaquero   Okld  Meat  &  Pkg 

Co,    b    Stockyards    Hotel. 
Bryant  Mabel    E,    b    761    E    17th. 
Brvant  Pearl,    stenogr,    b  428   36th. 
Bryant  Ralph,     elk    Hale    Bros,     b      1012 

Bryant  Robt,    elev    opr,    r    6451    Salem. 
Bryant  Robt    G,    driver   Union   Ice    Co,    r 

1317    44th    av. 
Bryant  Roll  a,    tmstr    H    G    Williams    Co. 
Brvant    Saml    H,    cement   wkr,    rms    127S 

5th    av. 
Brvant  Wm.    salsn,    b    Jas    Wylie. 
Bryden  Arthur  A,   coir,   r  rear  517  62d. 
Brvden  Mrs    Katherlne    L,    stenogr    W    E 

Rode,   r  1264   Webster. 
Brydges  Ada  C,  music  tchr  1G17  13th  av. 
Brydges  Henry   W,    cond   S   P  Co,    r   S    F. 
F.rydon  .lane    (wid  Robt),   b   142  Miles  av. 

R  E  AD    THE 

aturday  Evening  Post 










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» j.  Your  Home 
"l  the  Hospital 

For  One 


a  Month 

We  Own 




Santa  Clara 


Alameda,  Cal. 



Acetylithe  Portable  Lamps 

Acetylithe  Generators  for  All  Lighting  and  Cooking  Purposes 


1910      POLK-Hi'STED      CO.'S 



Dennison  and  King  Sts.  East  Oakland 

At  23d  Ave.  Station        Phone  Merritt  1  40 

Bryerley  Thos  A,  cond  O  T  Co,  r  489  37th. 

Bryon,  see   also   Bryan   and   Bryne. 

Bryon  Henry    H,    pipeftr    S    P    Co,    r    947 

Bryson  Mrs  Helen  E,  r  164  10th. 

Bryson  .las    J,    boilermkr    Oakland    Boiler 
Wks,    r   518%   7th. 

Bryson  J  L,  brkman  S  P  Co,  r  914  Chester. 

Bryson  Madge,   stenogr,    b   164   10th. 

Bubalo  Dusan,   waiter  455  9th. 

Bubusls  John,  lab  S  P  Co. 

Buchan  Geo,  plumber  J  B  Cruz,  rms  1822 

Buchanan  Alex,    cond    S    P    Co,    r   582    E 

Buchanan  Alex,   turn  rms  582  E  12th. 

Buchanan  Anna  E  (wid  Joshua  B),   b  316 
Oakland  av. 

Buchanan  Bernard,    gardener,    r   Magnolia 
sw  cor  Central  av. 

Buchanan  Edw  Y,   civ  eng,   b  1701   Fruit- 
vale   av. 

Buchanan  Harry   E,    shoectr   Cahn,    Nick- 

elsburg  &  Co,   rms  811   11th. 

Buchanan  Jas  G,  jockey,  r  2024  Brook. 

Buchanan  John,   eng,   rms  915%   San  Pab 

Buchanan  K  Philip,  brkman  S  P  Co. 

Buchanan  W    B,    turfman,    rms    591    San 
Pablo  av. 

Buchanan  Anna  H  (wid  J  B),  b  316  Oak- 
land   av. 

Buchanen  Philip  E,   bkpr,   b  316   Oakland 

Buche  Monte  C,   cook  S   P  Co. 

Buchenau     H     A,     capitalist,     rms     1165 

Buchenery  Harry  P,   foreman   S   P  Co,   r 

Bucher  Geo,  cabinet  mkr,  r  3409%  E  18th. 

Bucher  Leo,     glasswkr    Hooper-Dombrink 
Art  Glass   Co,   r  3409%  E  18th. 

Bucher  Theo  J,  nieatctr  Benj  Kaufmann, 
r  1321  33d  av. 

Buchi  Wm.    lithogr,    r   1146    62d. 

Buchholz,  see   also   Bucholtz. 

Buchholz  Aug,    r   2510   Peralta   av,    Fruit- 

Buchholz  Chas,    osteopath    1391    Fruitvale 
av,  r  3302  Davis. 

Buchholz  Lillian,     osteopath     1391     Fruit- 
vale  av,   r  3302  Davis. 

Buchholz  Millicent,    b   3302    Davis. 

Buchly  Mary  D   (wid  Leon),  r  1461  Bway. 

Buchman,  see  also    Buckman. 

Buchman  Arthur   C,   salsn   Kahn   Bros,    b 
2103   Filbert. 

Buchman  Ben    (Western   Barbers'    Supply 
Co),  b  970  18th. 

Buchman  Cecelia,    wrapper    Hale    Bros,    b 
970  18th. 

Buchman  Frances,   bkpr   Bernard  Lichtig, 

b  970  18th. 
Buchman  Harris,  tailor  406  6th,  r  970  18th. 
Buchman  Isadore    C,    kpr    Tribune,    r    806 

Buchman  Jeanette    H.    elk    Kahn    Bros,    b 
970  18th. 

Buchman  Meyer,   tailor  531  San  Pablo 

r  2103   Filbert. 
Buchman    Sadie,    aud    Abrahamson    I 

b  970  18th. 
Buchner  Jos,    meatctr  W  J   Cox,    rms   I 

Bucholtz,  see  also  Buchholz. 
Bucholtz  Alex,    tallyman    Rainier    Mill 

Lbr  Co,  r  3424  School. 
Bucholtz  Clemens   B,    elk   Rainier    Mill 

Lbr  Co,  b  3424  School. 
Bucholtz  Clemens     B     Jr,     piler,     h 

Bucholtz  Frank,    tallyman  Rainier   Mill 

Lbr  Co,  b  3424  School. 
Bucholtz  Walter,    elk,    b  3424   School. 
Buck  Else  M  (wid  Chas  H  P),  b  545  36 
Buck  E  Todd,  elk  P  O,  r  Ala. 
Buck.  Jos,   lab,   r  3895  Tel  av. 
Buck  Mrs   Julia    E,    b    406    Fairmount 
Buck  Robt  F,   ydman   S  P   Co,   r  1900 

Buck  R  1,  foreman  S  P  Co,  r  Bkly. 
Buck  Walter  E,    carp,    r   168   8th. 
Buckbee  Edna,    seams,    b   1682   9th. 
Buckel  C  Annette,  b  312  Mountain  av. 
Buckhardt  Edw  G,  emp  City  Cornice  W 
Buckingham  Albt    E,    printer   769    E   14 
Buckingham  Frank  DeC,   salsn,   r  634  6 
Buckingham  Mrs   Lillie,    b  634    6th. 
Buckingham  Ray,    millhand,    r   1005   M; 


Buckingham  Thos  N,  miner,  r  6015  Gro 
Buckland  Owen,    phys   411    Union  Savil 

Bank  bldg,   r  Mill  Valley,   Cal. 
Buckle  Benj  K,  bkpr,   r  6423  Hillegass 
Buckley  Addie,    dom   2271    Ardley. 
Buckley  Anna  L  (wid  Louis),  r  1374  W' 

Buckley  C,   car  opr  O  T  Co,   r  120  Cla 

mont  av. 
Buckley  Edmond  J,  car  opr  O  T  Co,  r 

Claremont  av. 
Buckley  Elizabeth,  tchr  Elmhurst  Sch< 

r  San  Leandro. 
Buckley  Frank   E.   elk,  b  S42  30th. 
Buckley  Harry,   plumber,   r  1243  Myrtlt 
Buckley  Howard,    emp  Western   Eleo 

hide  Co,   r  420   San  Pablo  av. 
Buckley  John  E.  mach,  r  480  28th. 
Buckley  John   P,   salsn,   r  5846  Dover. 
Bucklev  Juanita,    sec    Okld    Conservafc 

of   Music,    r   5846   Dover. 
Buckley  Lorenzo    S,    r   3655    Piedmont 
Buckley  Mrs  Marie,  r  1012   44th. 
Buckley  Mary,    res   Baker   av   nr   \ 

Buckley  Mary  D  (wid  Louis),  r  1461  Bw 
Buckley  Michl,    elk   E    C   Ambrose    & 

rms  806  Brush. 

Buckley  Patk  W,  bus  agt,  b  856  Bwaj 

Bucklev  Ralph,    metal    wkr    Yager    Sh 

Metal  &  Plumbing  Co,  r  1243  Myrtle; 

Buckley  Richd     F,     salsn     Kahn     Bros, 

S   F. 

Baker  av   nr 

Buckley  Sarah, 


Buckley  Thos  J,  plumber,  r  1012  44th. 
iliiikman,  see  Buchman. 
Bucknell  John  A,  died  Apr  26,  '09,  age 
Buckner  Chas,  carp,  r  917  7th  av. 
Buckner  David,  cook,  rms  1814  Goss. 
Buckner  Homer  G  H,  lino  opr,  r  727  1J 
Buckmum  Everett,    lab 


Buckmum  Harvey,    mach,   b    1657    11th, 
Bucks  Paul    R,    egg    candler    F  ' 

rms  cor  Sth  and  Harrison. 
Buckstuhl   John,   eng  Grand   Central  ft 

r  568  6th. 

We  Deliver  in  Oakland 


Home  B  1 

J.  LEWIN,   Manaeei 



We  give  One  Year's  Subscriptions  lo  l 
$1.00  Magazines  Free 

Grade  of  Products 



C.   Grosjean   Propr 

twelfth  ST.  Domestic  and  Imported  Wines  and  Liquors 

phones  Oakland  8680    HOME  A  86S0       Family  Tradea  Specialty    Member GiamhT of  Commerce 

OAKLAND      CITY      DIRECTORY      1910 

wald  Nathan,  solr  C  F  Adams  Co,   r 

Tel   av. 
waiter  Geo,    salsn   Wickham   Havens 
i  r  327  Grand  av. 

I  Edw  S,  bkpr,  b  115S  Railroad  av. 
I  Eleanor  M  (wid  Thos),  r  1158  Rail- 
id  av. 

1  Elizabeth   (wid   Thos),   r  1158  Rail- 
id  av. 

[  Fred,  gardener,  r  3639  Rhoda  av. 
1  Geo,   r  3639  Rhoda  av. 
I  John,  student  St  Mary's  College,   b 
8  Railroad  av. 

I  Thos  J,   boilermkr,   r   1158  Railroad 

le  Emil  F  F,   mariner  S  P  Co,   r  802 


le  Herman    F,    sporting   rep    Tribune, 

!77  10th. 

lell  Marshal,  driver  R  W  Tilton. 

je  May,    housekpr,   rms  407   12th. 

:her  C    E,    blksmith    Pac    States    Re- 


!hner  Paul  G  E.  boxmkr,  r  1062  Wood. 

ller  Fred  H,  lithogr,  b  1062  Oak. 

ller  Katie   (wid  Fred),  r  1062  Oak. 

ller  Otto,   brewer  Washn  B   &   M  Co, 

323  Kirkham. 

.  Emanuel    H,    cond    O    T    Co,    r    1S62 

;  Rosa   A    (wid   Fredk),    r  363   E  12th. 

[  Rosa  M,   b  363  E  12th. 

.  Wm  O,  b  1862  West. 

ah  Heights   Post    Office,    C   F   Parker 

stmaster.  Francis  sw  cor  Huntington. 

II  Adeline   J    (wid   Allen),    b   1369    13th 

11  Amy.    student    Mills    College. 

11  Mrs  Helen,  b  765  13th. 

II  H  R,   salsn  Union  Oil  Co  of  Cal,   r 


Ina  Mrs   Carrie,    b    10S8    65th. 

na  Vista   Apartments.    1411    Brush. 

rgermeister  H     Arthur,     coir,     b     3411 


rgmeister  Wm  S,  mining,  r  3411  Hop- 


rkley  J.    printer    760   Jefferson. 

rkley  Walter,   baker  701  Brush,   r  760 


se  Wm,    r  n  s  Hillside  1   w  of  Moun- 

in  View  av,   Elmhurst. 

ilica  Baldo,   deckhand  S  P  Co. 


mil  Heinrich,  Pres  and  Mngr;  Arthur 
ngelberg,  Sec  and  Treas;  Buffalo 
ohemian  Lager  and  Porter  751-757 
irpress,    Phone  Oakland  458   and  Home 

flngton  W  H,  sec  Grand  Central  Mkt, 

Cum  Frank,  supt  Barber  Asphalt  Pav- 

Ig  Co,   r  3725   Woodland  av. 

Cun  Wealthy   M    (wid   Marston),   b   644 


ord  T  K,   ydman  S  P  Co,  r  922  Mag- 


ton  Arthur,   elk,   rms  529   23d. 

ton  Harvey  M,    printer   Smith   Bros,    r 

!9  23d. 

ton  Wm  A.  pkr  Pac  Manifolding  Book 

o,  b  529  23d. 

;ston,  see  Buxton. 

teia  Anthony  S,  elk,  r  1529  22d  av. 

tier  John,   emp   Coast  Mnfg   &   Supply 

o,   Fitchburg. 

;gs  Grace  I,   (wid  Edw),  conf,  rms  230 

Icatraz  av. 

lac  John,   car   clnr  S   P  Co,   r  706   Pe- 


cooley,  langworthy 
&  McCarthy 


2140  CENTER   ST.       BERKELEY 


Buhl  Arthur,  brkman  S  P  Co,  r  1362  10th 

Buhl  Arthur,   elk,  r  1258  13th  av. 

Buhl  D,   driver  Goldberg,   Bowen  &  Co 
Cora  cor  Spencer,  Fitchburg. 

Buhl  Henrietta   (wid  Henry),   res  Cora 
nr  Webster. 

Buhl  Louis,    painter,   b  459   E  11th. 

Buhl  Nelson,   painter,    rms  116   E   14th 

Buhl  Theo,   driver,   b   Henrietta  Buhl. 

Buhler  Jos,  lab.   r  16  Warder. 

Buhler  Jo.s  Jr.  carp,  b  16  Warder. 

Buhler  Wm  R,   printer,   b  16  Warder. 

Buhman     Henry  J,  elk  S  H  Parks,  r  Lin- 
coln av  nr  Wilbur. 

Buhn  Frank  W.   signal  man  S  P  Co. 

Euhring,    see    Bering. 

Buhsen  Nicholas,     r    Delmer    nr    Lincoln 


J  H  Pedgrift,  Pres;  V  L  For.tin,  Sec;  550 
18th,  Phones  Okld  366,  Home  A4366. 


John  F  Towle,   Inspr,  City  Hall. 


F   H    Pratt   Sec     R   M   Harab   Bus   Agt, 

763  12th.  Phones  Okld  754,  Home  A3236. 
Building  Trades  HeadQiiarlers.  763  12th. 
Bu.invich  Frank,  waiter,  b  1038  Chester. 
Buker  Chaa    H,    tmstr    Fisher    Lbr    Co,    r 

263  4th. 
Buker  Harrison  M.   elk.  b  2631  4th. 
Bulen  Edgar   F,    fireman   S   P  Co,    r   2159 

Bulen  Geo  F.    r  1490  Webster. 
Bulencamp  Wm.  r  1391  Franklin. 
Bulger  Cecil,   b  915  Center. 
Bulger  Chas    E,    fireman    S    P    Co,    r    91a 

Bulger  Chas  P,  b  1713  10th 
Bulger  Frank    E,    cable    splicer,    b    1 

Bulge  i 


man,   r   919   Magnol 

foreman    S     P    Co 


..  Hugl: 

Bulger  John   M.    carp   S   P  Co. 
Bulger  Katherine    B     (wid    Patk).     r    915 

Bulger  Lawrence,    roadmastr    S    P    Co,    r 

919    Magnolia. 
Bulger  Miehl  F,  bartndr  861  Wood,  r  1713 

Bulgeir  Roy  L.  signal  man  S  P  Co,  r  915 

Bulger,  Thos   H.  carl)  ^  I'  Co. 
Bulger  Win.  math,   r  966  10th. 
Bulkles    C  H.   rms  420  San  Pali  av. 
Bulkley  Wilton,  p